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  1. Trublu4AU

    Playoff nightmare scenario

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if either Oklahoma or Wisconsin loses, Alabama is back in the playoffs. The winner of the ACC championship game is definitely in. They will leapfrog over Alabama(assuming Miami) if they win. Clemson is already ranked in front of Alabama so obviously if they won they are a shoein. The same is true for SECCG and Georgia if they beat us. That leaves only two spots that Alabama could slide into. They have to hope that either Oklahoma or Wisconsin loses. I just don't see Oklahoma losing to TCU. However it is still slightly possible. Oklahoma beat TCU already 38-20 which was pretty convincing. I expect that TCU will lose again. That really only leaves one option. Wisconsin going down to Ohio St. This in my opinion is something that could happen. The reason why is because Wisconsin has literally played no one all season long. As much flack as we gave Alabama for their terrible schedule this year, Wisconsin's is even worse. They have only played one ranked team all year and that was 3 loss Northwestern. The rest of their schedule has an overall losing record of combined opponents. So let's look at the implications of a loss by Wisconsin. That would mean 2 loss Ohio St. would be going head to head with Alabama over that final playoff spot. Wisconsin would be out with one loss because their schedule is simply atrocious. That means that only Alabama and Ohio St. would be vying for the final spot. Here's what the committee would need to consider. Ohio St. being a conference champ with two losses vs. Alabama not being a conference champ with only one loss. I think at the end of the day in that discussion Alabama would get the nod. Alabama's loss wasn't bad. Ohio St. got creamed twice. Now losing to Oklahoma like they did isn't too bad. Oklahoma is very good, but that loss to Iowa is just bad. I think they would give Alabama the nod here over Ohio St.
  2. I'm beginning to believe again. I've seen JS and I believe he is the real deal. I don't believe we're in for another JJ repeat. Unlike JJ, JS has played against more P5 competition including the likes of Oklahoma where he performed well enough to win had Baylor's defense showed up. I firmly believe the Heisman talk is real. We may have TWO Heisman candidates in our backfield in Pettway and JS. We are stacked at receiver with a highly rated receiving corp. Our O'line is going to be a monster. I think we're in for a great season this year now that we have the added dimension of the deep shot back.
  3. Trublu4AU

    Beating Clemson

    I'm about to get roasted on here as I normally don't post on this Auburn board. I just read. My posting style is pointed and I pull no punches. However, I don't resort to name calling just facts in my posts. Some don't like that but this does need to be pointed out to my fellow Auburn fans. Let me repeat I am not a sunshine pumper at all. I'll call a spade a spade. Having said that, there is no excuse for Auburn to be losing to this team. None. I could care less what Vegas says or what Clemson did last year. Auburn is the more experienced team and the more talented team and we're playing at home. Rivals Recruiting team rankings since 2012 which is the relevant time frame for this year's team(to include any possible 5th year seniors) 2012-Auburn 10 Clemson 14 2013-Auburn 9 Clemson 14 2014-Auburn 9 Clemson 13 2015-Auburn 7 Clemson 4 2016-Auburn 9 Clemson 6 Averaged recruiting ranking for 5 year span(5 year span chosen due to possible 5th year seniors on team for either team with 2016 class not being as important yet due to most being true frosh but counted anyways)- Auburn 8.8 Clemson 10.2 So according to Rivals during the last 5 relevant years as it pertains to recruiting, this year's team Auburn has slightly out-recruited Clemson by a little under two spots. For all intents and purposes Auburn and Clemson are even in terms of talent according to Rivals. Where did people get the idea that Clemson has out-recruited Auburn? They haven't! We have equal or better talent. And there is ZERO excuse for Auburn to lose to this team AT HOME. If we do lose this game, it's on coaching... period. The talent to beat these guys is there. If it's not getting done the coaches are responsible for not coaching our guys up. There is no excuse for losing to this team at home regardless of what they did last year in playing for the championship. How about another recruiting service? Scout recruiting rankings 2012-Auburn 8 Clemson 17 2013-Auburn 13 Clemson 12 2014-Auburn 8 Clemson 28 2015-Auburn 3 Clemson 15 2016-Auburn 9 Clemson 15 Average over 5 year span - Auburn 8.2 Clemson 17.4 Scout puts Auburn more in front of Clemson on the talent scale than even Rivals did. That's two recruiting services. So, just in case you think the normal recruiting services are junk or bogus, I'll throw in one that isn't based on hype just offers from schools. That way bias is lessened in case you don't like normal recruiting services giving bumps/drops etc. The name of the site is They don't go back to 2012 so we'll start with 2013. Team rankings 2013- Auburn 9 Clemson 12 2014-Auburn 11 Clemson 23 2015- Auburn 1 Clemson 6 2016 - Auburn 8 Clemson 7 4 year average- Auburn 7.25 Clemson 12 That's three recruiting services. Two standard and one off the wall. All three give Auburn the edge in terms of talent. Bottom line - I could care less what they did last year in the natty. Auburn has no excuse for losing to these guys on our home field come this fall. We are more talented, more experienced, and at home. If we do lose it's on the coaches not our players.