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  1. Pettway Declares for Draft

    Pettway's 770 yards in 4 games last season is one of the best stretches I've ever seen. As he leaves, I'm just left wishing we could've seen more. Understand the decision, but wish it could've ended differently. War Eagle!
  2. One of my favorite series of the game

    I LOVED this moment. Laughed my head off. I remember Gary saying that Gus was going to need to take a TO to give the defense time to rest because they were "absolutely gassed." Saban ended up taking a TO too. Awesome moment.
  3. Iron Bowl is gonna be so lit

  4. Iron Bowl is gonna be so lit

  5. Auburn vs Texas AM Predictions

    Auburn beats A&M more convincingly than the score will indicate. Auburn will move to around 10 with several teams ranked ahead going down this weekend setting up a 1 vs 10 matchup for UGA next week. Auburn - 45 A&M - 28
  6. No Excuse to not beat Texas A&M

    Or what about if Auburn wins out, beats UGA twice. Then chaos ensues ahead and 1 loss Alabama gets in the playoff as the 3 seed AND 2 loss Auburn gets in the playoff as the 4 seed. Auburn beats Alabama in the National championship. Then we ride off into the sunset as national champs with 2 wins over Georgia and Alabama. Talking about a dream scenario
  7. 2016 Week 1 Depth Chart (MERGED)

    Man I hope the DL lives up to the potential they have. First thing that stood out to me was all the depth we've got there! Wow!