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  1. One of my favorite series of the game

    I LOVED this moment. Laughed my head off. I remember Gary saying that Gus was going to need to take a TO to give the defense time to rest because they were "absolutely gassed." Saban ended up taking a TO too. Awesome moment.
  2. Iron Bowl is gonna be so lit

  3. Iron Bowl is gonna be so lit

  4. Auburn vs Texas AM Predictions

    Auburn beats A&M more convincingly than the score will indicate. Auburn will move to around 10 with several teams ranked ahead going down this weekend setting up a 1 vs 10 matchup for UGA next week. Auburn - 45 A&M - 28
  5. No Excuse to not beat Texas A&M

    Or what about if Auburn wins out, beats UGA twice. Then chaos ensues ahead and 1 loss Alabama gets in the playoff as the 3 seed AND 2 loss Auburn gets in the playoff as the 4 seed. Auburn beats Alabama in the National championship. Then we ride off into the sunset as national champs with 2 wins over Georgia and Alabama. Talking about a dream scenario
  6. 2016 Week 1 Depth Chart (MERGED)

    Man I hope the DL lives up to the potential they have. First thing that stood out to me was all the depth we've got there! Wow!