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  1. Any update on Moore? A lot of smoke coming from Mississippi State.
  2. Has Art Briles name been mentioned? Or is he still toxic?
  3. Has OP been interviewed recently by our guys? Or just the interview on Volsquest?
  4. What’s Leath’s perception around Auburn? I feel like I’ve heard/read he wasn’t well liked by a lot of people involved with the University.
  5. 1) Do we have more than one running back? 2) NCM hasn’t been on the field since the first half. Wonder if he’s upset due to lack of targets or being used in the offense.
  6. Why are we wasting NCM talent? He needs to get the ball, not block all the time.
  7. I am originally from the area Columbus area and just recently graduated from MSU, but getting a hotel would be hard this late. I would recommend Louisville, Tupelo, or West Point (depending on location). As for things to do in Starkville, be prepared for a massive crowd, it's Bulldog Bash this weekend. I know the cotton district will be packed, due to the free concert Friday night. As for places to eat Little Dooey, Resturant Tyler, Veranda, Stromboli's, Bulldog Burger, and the Bin. Two places that are hidden in the District are Commadore Bob's and Two Brother's Smoked Meats (BBQ). For breakfast Starkville Cafe or the biscuit shop, but be prepared for a long wait.