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  1. I think Borges is here to help with tendencies, but his biggest impact will be helping chip figure better ways to get kerryon and Bubba on the field together, or how to balance using both better(more even)
  2. LSU will be the tougher match up between the 2 choices only because we play in Baton Rouge im confident as of now we can beat both
  3. its not just bama in the way, 3 teams in the east UF, UGA and Tenn told silve not to move auburn to the east. Those 3 east teams are real road blocks
  4. 10 Wins every year With Division Championships mixed in consistently Top 10 Recruiting Classes. SO Basically i expect consistency
  5. Looking at the Clemson spring game, they are struggling on offense particularly at the QB spot. they have a lone way to go over the summer
  6. Willis and Barrett went live in the scrimmage
  7. He had a good scrimmage and as of now is clearly our second best qb from reports
  8. I hope he balls out at his next school. He deserves it
  9. I truly hope CCL can mesh his pass offense as with our run offense. Whole sale change isn't needed. The running part worked, the passing didnt
  10. i got k davis, slayton, and stove as top 3. with others rotating. this much talent is always a blessing
  11. Thank you. Higher ranking means greater perception and more room for mistakes during the season. people on this forum always cry about our perception in media nationally but when we get it, go all chicken little. top programs have high expectations
  12. he is struggling the student part of student athlete
  13. I don't understand some of the salt in this thread. i would welcome him back, Gus and Rhett didn't value him imput for improving the offense and low and behold a season later we have another oc hired to do what he wanted to help with when here.
  14. 1. TE - this position we need to build talent there since we are going to use it. 2. Safety 3. DT 4. CB 6. OL 7. DE 8. QB 9. RB 10. WR
  15. Not naive, unlike you i actually watch sports outside of CFB and Auburn and see how it works