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  1. CCslim

    Jamel Dean

    to be fair, that one hand lineback is playing on sundays and is a good player
  2. CCslim

    Can Kam Martin be "The Guy" in 2018?

    Short answer: YES He avg 6.1 ypc. Even running up the middle he just manages to get chunks of yards before contact. Everyone talks about size like it matters; 5'10 190 is plenty big. His fumblitist is the ONLY negative i have with him.
  3. CCslim

    depth in secondary

    Josh Jackson from Iowa last year was a coverted WR, Richard Sherman was too. it can work and I trust brown
  4. CCslim

    Malik Willis starter?

    After last years AD game you all thought our offense would be world beaters..:: Don’t take to much of anything from A Day ever, it’s a glorified vanilla scrimmage
  5. CCslim

    Malik Willis looks like a starter

    The fan base made a big deal about him last year also. nothing changed there
  6. CCslim

    Why did Holland leave early?

    The combine is where most prospects make their money college film is just extra
  7. I don’t care, that bowl game was meaningless the university will get paid either way snd why risk millions for those reason
  8. A good combine can help all of them. Harris or Kerryon would be a god send for my packers. Good hands and good pass blockers
  9. CCslim

    Season in review

    still learning after 5 seasons? Really now? We beat UGA and Bama so what? Im pretty sure they are both playing for a NC. We won 10 games but lost 4. The Gus tenure in a nutshell 2013 12–2 2014 8–5 2015 7–6 2016 8–5 2017 10–4 we were one game from losing 5 games again. He gets way too much equity for Cam Newton and 2013. He is super average. You want to win, the fans have to have a culture of demanding a win, not the pathethic culture i feel the fanbase gives off now. We should be 10 win and winning post season bowls on the regular.
  10. CCslim

    Official Postgame thread

    1 less loss than our average of 5! Improvement. I can’t get hype for the future we know exactly what 7 million got us. hopefully stidham goes pro and Willis takes over
  11. CCslim

    This is just the beginning

    Lol I can bump post from 2013 after we lost to FSU and it’s about the same. we will be back l, talent returning ect ect. ill wait and see
  12. It’s over but hey we beat bama and uGA once
  13. CCslim

    FINAL: Auburn 26 Alabama 14

    I’m here for crow stew because we going to the ship
  14. CCslim

    Question about Stidham

    He isn't going pro. Even if he did, I know what my eyes see in Willis. That's not a knock on Stidham in anyway, im just saying we will be in good hands.
  15. CCslim

    How Kerryon Johnson became touchdown machine

    his running style does look similar to le'veon bell, the way he changes direction effortlessly and catching the ball. Bell also didn't burst out until his junior season