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  1. Anatomy of an upset LSU pulled one of the three big upsets of the weekend. The Tigers joined Cal and Syracuse as unranked teams to beat top-15 teams. Here's a few numbers from the game: Auburn lost despite leading by as many as 20. Entering Saturday, AP Top-10 teams were 182-0 when leading by 20+ against unranked opponents over the last 4 seasons. Auburn scored 23 points and had 290 total yards in the first half. In the second, the Tigers scored 0 points and 64 total yards. Auburn has managed a total of 79 yards of offense int he 2nd half of its two losses (15 vs. Clemson and 64 vs LSU). from how sad is the last point
  2. IMO our biggest issue is our coach is playing "not to lose" instead of to win. We only played ONE running back yesterday because he did not trust the others. Did we throw into the end zone yesterday? I don't think he trusts Stidham to do so. If we continue to play not to lose we will do exactly that against MSU and LSU. Lord knows where we go from there.
  3. This times 10! My hate for Georgia rivals that for Bama. Our record against them the last 10 years is inexcusable. It is time for their comeuppance. I still have a piece of the hedge from 1985 and I hope their fan base feels as bad as it looks when we are done with them tomorrow
  4. Dennis Collier has already been mentioned. Byron Franklin was pretty good as well and as a bonus brought Buffalo chicken wings to the Supper Club! Kelsey Finch played for UT and still holds the record for the longest run from scrimmage. Lots of Sheffield kids end up transferring to Muscle Shoals much like Carlo and Dee Liner.