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  1. abw0004

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I’m tellin ya, it’s that BMW!
  2. abw0004

    Prediction- Players to take the next step

    Many very good choices here. Especially with Tega and Daniel Thomas. I will go with Jarrett Stidham. Last year he had a lot of rust to knock off. But his biggest issue was his footwork and foot placement when releasing the football. This shoulder surgery may have been a blessing in disguise because that is literally all he worked on in the spring. That pure focus and repetition will make it muscle memory. This will also position him to make the first correct step when stepping up in the pocket or escaping the pocket if our like does not hold up. This will help him with the draft. Very excited to see his progress, along with everyone else that was mentioned. Also looking forward to seeing dark horses emerge that no one knows about.
  3. A little late to the party there.
  4. abw0004

    OL Recruiting Question

    I do agree that it is relatively rare for a true freshmen OL to start. It certainly does happen, but usually due to no other choice. I would think a lot of times, especially in the SEC, the freshmen OL arrives and practices against the first or second string DL and says "Yeah I definitely need more practice." You can still say you will get every opportunity to start, and I truly believe the coaches are telling the truth when they pitch this. All you can do is give them the opportunity. After that it is the coaches decision to put the best players out there.
  5. abw0004

    Prayer Requested

    Sending prayers
  6. abw0004

    2019 4* DE Nathan Pickering

    Just out of curiosity, do you, Bird, E, and anyone else know each other outside of the forum?
  7. Wasn’t trying to make you upset E. You know how appreciative I am of your tireless work on this forum. Have a lot of respect for what you do.
  8. I don’t doubt anything you are saying, I guess it is just the perception of seeing the 5* rating since that sticks out, and then seeing it drop. But again, not doubting this is just a myth and that it has been busted. In this video, it was just frustrating as at the beginning they were saying 5*, and at the end of the same video, they bumped him down to 4*.
  9. They are all 5-stars, until websites see they commit/sign to Auburn and then they make them 4-stars. It’s so rediculous. It has to be a Georgia alum that runs those sites.
  10. For what it is worth, I believe Davidson was a 4 star. Three of those weren't really Auburn's fault. Duke, Jovon, and Dyer all had behavior issues that could not be fixed.
  11. Wait, did anyone notice in the SEC Country video of his commitment, before OP announced it said he was a 5*, and then after he announced it said he was a 4*? Who probably did that was the UGA reporter that was bugging the crap out of OP at the end of the video. That dude was trying to hard to make UGA come out on top.
  12. Anyone have the video of him committing? I would love to watch it
  13. Welcome to the Family! Excited to watch you grow.
  14. You very well know this forum can never stay on topic.
  15. abw0004

    2020 4* WR Kobe Hudson COMMITS TO AU (4/27/18)

    That hip thrust though... That is the true winner of the gif