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  1. There is an ostrich near me we can adopt. All we need to do is let it lose on the field and let it do a few laps. It has an alpaca friend that it is best friends with so he will have to come as well. Need to keep our animal selections diverse.
  2. Whoever decided Arkansas' bye week should be fired. I would be irate if Auburn's bye week was that early in the season. That is a set-up for failure right there.
  3. Per al.com: Nova, Auburn's beloved golden eagle, will not fly during pre-game events this upcoming football season due to a cardiomyopathy diagnosis, Auburn University announced today. Spirit, a bald eagle, will assume pre-game flight duties instead. Nova, also known as War Eagle VII, was recently diagnosed with a chronic heart disease by Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine faculty after a routine checkup revealed the 18-year-old eagle had an abnormal heart rhythm. Veterinary faculty, in consultation with the Cardiology Service in the Wilford and Kate Bailey Small Animal Teaching Hospit performed a CT angiography on Nova. The CT angiogram showed areas of significant constriction of his right brachiocephalic trunk, one of the large blood vessels near Nova's heart, as the cause of cardiomyopathy and arrhythmia, an irregular or abnormal heartbeat. "These areas of constriction can increase the systolic pressure of the heart so that Nova's heart has to pump harder to move blood around his body," said Oster. "This type of problem could have multiple causes, the most common of which in birds is atherosclerosis." Because of the risk of severe medical complications, veterinary medical staff decided that Nova should not be placed in situations that cause his heart to work harder than usual. Instead, the beloved eagle will rest comfortably in his enclosure at the raptor center and attend educational functions. "Vessels that are constricted, like those that are seen in Nova's scan, can have dangerous complications when put under increased stress from exercise," said Dr. Seung-Woo Jung, an assistant professor of cardiology in the Department of Clinical Sciences at the College of Veterinary Medicine. "This includes aneurysm or clot formation that could lead to vascular rupture, stroke, aortic thromboembolism or heart attack." Nova has been started on a combination of medications to prevent his condition from worsening. He is being monitored by raptor center staff and will receive examinations by Cardiology Service veterinarians.
  4. For me it matters when it is the same QB under a new center. There has to be chemistry. Same thing with the snapper, place holder, and kicker. They all have to gel well and trust one another. But for this year if it is in fact Stidham, its a new quarterback, so a new center would not be as big of a deal if Dunn wins he job. Don't get me wrong, I think Golson is good at center. So I will be happy either way.
  5. Link to a video? Interested in watching the interview
  6. That is what I am saying though and I do agree with what you said. I don't think he is the best player. I watched film of him at Florida State. I do not see Bell being better than James based off of that, or any of last year's back-ups. So if it is a toss up on who to start, I would vote to start a guy who has multiple years of eligibility left. I do see a case for Dunn to start, although I fully trust Golson at center. I think he plays really well there.
  7. This thread is not getting creepy or anything...
  8. You are kidding right? Braden Smith is our best offensive linemen and already has high draft grades for the NFL next year. Those two games you mentioned the line was not in stone yet, and no one knew what was going on with the different sets they were running. I really do not want Bell to start and I do not understand why we got him (outside of shoring up depth) He could not win the starting job on one of the worst offensive lines in the country last year. He will also only be here for one year, so we will be stuck with a problem of finding a starter next year. I would rather see one of our guys start that will be here next year, or the year after.
  9. I had a dream that I got a notification saying KJ was arrested yesterday. I woke up in a sweat freaking out wondering why a guy like him would get arrested. I immediately got on my phone looking at the schedule trying to figure out how many games we could afford to lose him. About 5 minutes later I realized it was only a dream. Man do I need to find a new hobby for the summer... You're killin me smalls.
  10. Hey we beat Georgia in both scenarios so I am happy
  11. I was at every home game and watched every away game on television. I had to leave one game early due to being sick, but I lasted as long as I could. I will stay for every game no matter what. I want the team to know I am with them through thick and thin. Same thing if OKC is getting hammered in a basketball game, as well as the Panthers. To give you a point of reference, in 2009 before the West Virginia game started, it was delayed for 2 1/2 hours. It really poured. I stayed in my seat and did not move while the other fans went for cover. Ruined a $500 pair of dress shoes (part of my pledge gear), but well worth it. I remember belting out Sweet Caroline with the remaining fans when the song came on too.
  12. Roc had maturity and dedication issues that you could see on the field. Kam Miller has not shown that. I remember one of the first practices he ever had last summer, he was taking reps blocking the DE's and had no issue throwing himself at these guys to protect the QB. A small guy with a heart like that, I would trust with my life. I am excited for him. I would have put Kam on this list. He was not ready last year. Gifted yes, but needed a RS year to learn more. Still has some work to do, but would now feel comfortable to see him out there this year. One player I am hoping to break out is Jason Smith. He has shown flashes of being a deep threat. Same for JFIII. We need to take advantage of his speed.
  13. Chad Kelly, Jalen Hurts, Baker Mayfield, Trevor Knight, Deshaun Watson were all pretty elusive quarterbacks. They all also did pop passes that makes it virtually impossible to get a sack.
  14. Although I hope this is true, it may also be an issue. It is like in 2015 with Mon Adams after Carl Lawson went down. He was double teamed every play and was ruled almost ineffective. Davidson will most likely be facing a lot of double teams, which should hopefully open the door for Holland on the other side. So I would not be surprised if his "stats" go down and the other three DL's stats go up due to this. Does not mean Davidson is regressing, but that teams are too worried about his abilities so an extra OL or RB is pulled to cover him.
  15. I don't know if I would call Williams inexperienced. He was out there a lot last year, and became one of the best DT's we had last year. Swain tailed off at the end of the year where he barely played, so he won't be missed as much. Lawrence had motivation issues from my understanding which is why he didn't play some games entirely. I do agree however we need at least one third stringer that needs to be ready to dive into the lineup if one DT goes down to keep up with the 10 man rotation RG likes.