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  1. You can always tell when Cox is at practice because you can always hear him yell during warm ups. For How I met Your Mother fans, he is definitely the "Woo Girl."
  2. I remember when he was a recruit that he had really good grades and was a fine young man outside of school so I would be very surprised if it was that. I do not think it is the right place to speculate or start rumors about his family's health issues, out of respect for him and his family. I know most of us would be upset if we heard other people talking about our family member's health status, especially if untrue. In time, we will know if he comes back to the team or not, and it might just be best to leave it at that, instead of gossiping about it.
  3. He wasn't very good the three years before Gus took over. Leading up to the 2009 season, everyone was upset that Todd was QB. He did not have a very good junior year.
  4. The story of Chris Todd, the most forgotten quarterback in recent Auburn history. Went from shoulder surgery, missing Spring practice to setting an Auburn record of 22 touchdowns in 2009. Fun season to watch for me. West Virginia game comes to mind. Coached up by, Gus Malzahn.
  5. And al.com
  6. Why in the world is Tennessee ranked? They lost everybody from last year, and they weren't even that good last year.
  7. I am glad to see all of the raves for Lawson. I was a little worried for him because I watched the combine yesterday and I am pretty sure the dropped every ball thrown to him in the on the field workouts. Knowing him, I know he was frustrated by that. I really want Lawson to succeed in the NFL. By far my favorite player I had the opportunity to watch at Auburn.
  8. You are picking and choosing your facts to suit you needs. Auburn has been terrible at basketball since before Jacobs was at Auburn. Auburn is not a school known for basketball, so it is a tall order to get a phenomenal coach, and phenomenal players to Auburn without cheating. It takes time to change that. Jacobs did the right thing in hiring a coach, and giving them enough time to turn it around before he pulled the plug and tried another coach. We are slowly becoming better and better, getting sustainable growth on the success track. Name another program that is not Alabama, and Clemson in the past 10 years that has been to the National Championship twice. The past three years have had circumstances that lead to those results. 2014 the team had given up by the time UGA and UA rolled around. 2015 did not have a good QB that was out of the coaches hands. 2016 we were severely hurt on all fronts. You are also forgetting other sports thatare on the rise like softball, baseball, equestrian has always been good, and track. You are also choosing to forget what else an actual AD does. Do you know what else he is responsible for? Have you even met the guy to know how competent he is? Also, when he went to Gus saying who he wanted as OC, he evenetally told Gus he trusted him and let Gus chose his man. That shows how much cohesion there is behind the doors for that trust instead of calling badge. It's like in the stock market, you are being way too narrow minded looking at only a few years in only a few segments saying the market has and will be terrible instead of looking broader. If it was your way, you would yank your stock (coach or AD) the second the market took a down turn, which is a terrible thing to do. Take a broader look at everything.
  9. Well looking how everyone is starting to jump on you and pointing out how you are wrong, yet you keep going the other way with no real facts, who really is blind here. Like lionheartkc told me a long time ago when I first got on this forum, you might want to quit while you are ahead so you don't end up with egg on your face. Not trying to be mean, but to prevent this from getting really bad.
  10. Here is why I am perfectly being fine being a sunshine pumper: Sunshine pumper (win or lose): Extremely proud to be an Auburn Tiger. Support my Auburn team(s) and everyone involved no matter what. Pessimist (win or lose, but in this case if we win): WE ARE SO TERRIBLE. EVERYONE SHOULD BE FIRED. I could do a better job! Ahhhhhh!!
  11. Looks like I am in the majority and you are in the minority if he was voted AD of the year. All of JJ's programs are trending up and those are facts, not opinions. For what it's worth, my post was not directed at you, although I can see why you think that.
  12. Only people on this forum can take something like our AD winning national AD of the year and somehow make it a bad thing. Like I said in my last post, you can't even be nominated for this award if your school has had probation, or been found lack of institutional control under your watch. Maybe we don't win every championship every year, but I would take where we are over being on probabtion for cheating to win it all.
  13. Something also to think about: an AD cannot even be considered for this honor if your program has been hit with probabtion, or has been cited lack of institutional control on your watch. Not bad.
  14. I am surprised no one has said "Every game is a must-win game next season for Gus." Some people are slacking after football season is over!
  15. I honestly do not think Daboll was a good hire. He did very poorly the few times he was an offensive coordinator. Yes, he does do pro-style offenses, which is what Saban wants, but he does not have the tools for a pro-style offense. The down-side to Lane leaving them was that he recruited spread offense guys for up-tempo. Stick Hurts in the pocket and not let him run, is asking for a potential disaster. The only upside, is recruiting where Daboll can walk into a recruits home with his Super Bowl rings on. I would put Daboll fourth, in my opinion of course.