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  1. Try opening it on your computer or laptop. I was able to open it on my MacBook Pro as well as my Windows computer at work. If not, I will try to find another way to post.
  2. I could see them eventually being intertwined. I could see this being true for collectives of donors pooling money to sponsor athletes. That will tie the university in since it isn’t one company sponsoring an athlete to push products or marketing. It is just a group of alumni.
  3. Although what I am about to say doesn’t necessarily apply to Greene, continuing to interview elsewhere and hopping jobs can have negative impacts. If a company is paying you to do a job and your mind is always occupied with your next interview it can lead to a premature exit. A good example of this in recent Auburn football history is former running backs coach Tim Horton. Having on your resume a history of jumping ship every year or two can deter a lot of companies from taking you too. That is something we look for actually when interviewing. Now, to play devil’s advocate on myself, there are some industries where this does not matter at all. Nursing is a great example. Another is the banking industry. The only way to move up it seems is to change companies. It’s like a merry-go-round.
  4. I feel like we deserve a pass on that one. Pearl has the program running smoothly and Tennessee really needed to throw everything they are worth at Phillips as he was the only good thing going for their class. Even with him, Auburn is still ahead of Tennessee in the rankings if I remember correctly. There is only so much money you have to be willing to pay an unproven high school kid before you see diminished returns on your money. I think Texas A&M will be the first to learn that.
  5. I was actually thinking about this thread this week. Here are a few more pieces of literature I might suggest those who are worried about today's market to read. These come from DFA (Dimensional Fund Advisors). It is probably the largest fund family you have never heard of as they do not spend money on marketing and you have to be approved by them to work and purchase their funds (I am one of those). Let me know if you have trouble opening or reading them. I am happy to email them to you as well. Bulls, Bears and Long Term Benefits of Stock Investing (DFA).pdf Rewarding Distribution of Stock Market Returns (DFA).pdf Do Downturns Lead to Down Years (DFA).pdf Stock Gains After Large Declines (DFA).pdf
  6. You will really enjoy it once you can get past some of the heavy accents making it difficult to understand 10% of the time.
  7. You just started watching Peaky Blinders, or just started the final season of Peaky Blinders?
  8. It is decent. I wouldn’t say it is amazing though. I’m more looking forward to Peaky Blinders’ final season Netflix as well as Westworld.
  9. Me too! But I am more into photography. Well specifically I run an Onlyfans page. Now that I think about it I don't like writing at all.
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