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  1. Just finished Haunting of Hill House. Definitely as scary as everyone said it would be, but I really enjoyed it.
  2. Tempted to put this in the music thread...
  3. Not a fan of DC continually changing the actors every other year. To me, the modern Batman is still Christian Bale. That trilogy is still the best version of Batman.
  4. What about the offense you saw yesterday up against UGA?
  5. Here we go again ladies and gentlemen! Auburn vs. Arkansas! This game has always had a little more meaning to me once Bret Belima snubbed the handshake to Gus Malzahn in his first year in 2014. We still control our SEC destiny. War Eagle! Also, for Comcast users, the game is on channel 233 if your CBS channel does not air it.
  6. ”To me, Auburn is not in Auburn, Alabama. Auburn is the people who care about Auburn. The people who love Auburn. Wherever they are, that’s Auburn. Auburn is in your heart. You play for it." War Eagle!
  7. I completely forgot that happened. Man how time flies. Anyways, I think we still win.
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