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  1. What I would define as bandwagon is a fan/person who attaches to a subject (topic of discussion, sports team, etc.) when the times are good. They have a need to be a part of the majority and do not like to be in the minority and would feel inferior if that was the case. They only have the allegiance to the majority. When the sports team is doing bad they are not heard from or they switch teams. When the topic of discussion makes a 180 degree turn, they flip or stay silent. For the simple term bandwagon for fandom, I would not dictate whether or not they attended the university. I would direct that definition to a sidewalk fan of not having attended the school, or possibly never even set foot on the campus/grounds. For example, I would put myself in the category of a sidewalk fan of the Panthers, being a fan of theirs but never having attended a game before. I would not consider myself a sidewalk fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder as I have attended games of theirs even though I do not reside in the city they represent.
  2. Do you own a Jeep? If so, what model and year?
  3. Wait, I thought my game thread was deleted @ellitor? So confused. If you guys kept it up all game we would have won! I will go ahead and claim that my win streak of basketball game threads remains active since this was not up during the actual game! We did not deserve to win. Only Purifoy and Okoro seemed to want to win. However, it is a little relieving we lost. We all knew it would happen at some point and now we can have a sigh of relief. It is like buying a brand new car, you are deathly afraid of scratching it, but once the first scratch happens you can start enjoying the car more. We still beat thUGA so I am a happy camper.
  4. I will add, every game thread I created last season during the tournament we won!
  5. Thought I would start us early! Let's get this done boys! War Eagle!
  6. I will have to respectfully disagree there. I do get what you are saying as there are some people like that, but not all. For example, I support Gus Malzahn. But you also know I love Bruce Pearl to death. I mean, I try to hype up that side of the forum just as much as this side of the forum. 😂
  7. Again, there were multiple times this has been referenced, and not just in this thread. If it were that particular post I would have addressed that poster specifically like I am with you right now. You or I are not one of those posters you see where they specifically do not quote a poster they are responding to and respond anyways hoping they do not see it or respond.
  8. Not really. There are posts in this thread alone referencing the SEC Championship Game. And they are some of the same people in other threads that have taken away from the Iron Bowl. I don't care which side of the fence someone is on when it comes to this topic, but choose one side and don't be hypocritical. If you apply that logic of why Alabama lost to Auburn, apply it to why Auburn lost the SEC Championship game. Just be fair in your assessment.
  9. Your maturity is still at its finest I see.