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  1. That actually worries me a little. Because it causes our bigs to make dumb fouls. We have a tendency to get into early foul trouble, and if we do that they will swarm. Need to stay loose.
  2. I thought it would be a good thread to start the week with a scouting report from those who follow college basketball closer than I do. Like our team, let's make sure we, as fans, are prepared on what to look for (match-ups, strengths, weaknesses, etc.). So I am calling on @cole256, @bigbird, @Gene Loblaw and anyone else that might have a good knowledge.
  3. I think that is your answer. Since we are excelling in basketball, all of our news outlets have been focusing on that
  4. Keep your head down boys. Don’t let up.
  5. I am very offended. Take that back! I'm only kidding.
  6. Better than in the middle of a work day. Imagine a man in a suit (minus a tie) sprinting out of a building because a partner of his knew the score and was trying to talk about the game with him. That was me yesterday. Now I can sit on my couch next to my aquarium and have a heart attack. #Lifegoals
  7. Want to know something funny? Alabama paid Avery more annually than Auburn pays Pearl. Always better to use smart money than lots of money.
  8. Want to guess what time I watched the Auburn game today?
  9. Thank you for everything Nick "Mr. Thunder" Collison.