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  1. Reuben Foster carted off of the field today with an air cast. Most likely done for the season. That is karma for the Redskins and Foster. He never should have been allowed to play anyways.
  2. Gotcha! I actually did not like this season all that much. I thought the contestants were pretty boring and the people who returned were just voted off immediately. Last season was pretty good though. The person I desperately want to return is Spencer from a few seasons back when Tony won. It is probably my favorite reality TV show of that sense of the word. I don't watch Big Brother, but I do watch Amazing Race. And no I didn't see it legitimately.
  3. I legitimately did not see that. If that was on Moore, that is really funny timing. I actually only use this forum for recruiting news. Either that or the al.com app as I get updates pushed through to my phone. By the way, definitely approve the gif of Kelly Wentworth from Survivor. I'm trying to catch up and watch the finale tonight if I can finish GoT.
  4. Huh? He had qualifying issues. It's above in the thread...
  5. Does anyone know how his qualifying is going? If I recall he was 50/50 on being eligible to enroll at Auburn.
  6. Not true at all: "Braden Smith can vouch for that. The recent graduate and likely NFL Draft pick next month credited Grimes with a lot of the development that turned him into a player who started 41 consecutive games dating back to his debut season in 2014 and finished the 2017 season with first-team All-America honors. When Smith, a former four-star recruit, arrived at Auburn as an 11th-hour signee out of Olathe, Kan., in 2014, he did so as physical specimen that, as he put it, 'didn’t really have any type of football technique' after playing in a Wing-T offense in high school. Grimes played a big part in changing that. 'That kind of describes him as a coach; really molding a player,” Smith said at Auburn’s Pro Day earlier this month. “He just really takes a big emphasis on building technique. Every day, start doing ‘the little things,’ he calls it. Work on your first steps on run blocking, on pass blocking, so really just taking it one step at a time, not trying to rush a guy and do too much. He’s a really patient coach and will get you right.'"
  7. To be fair, Grimes did say last spring the line was struggling.
  8. Good to see you back posting in the recruiting section!
  9. From what I heard we were looking for a big and tall WR to replace Slayton so Seth Williams would move back inside. The guy is 6’4”.
  10. Thunder could use him. Presti likes to draft athletes that can defend and they are the 23rd pick if I recall correctly. I agree with @Dual-Threat Rigby, not the Jazz. Their fans are the definition of bottom of the barrel. And that is coming from the players. They are known to be low class.
  11. This doesn’t sound like Jeremy Johnson at all. From what I read he was always the light-hearted one of the group, finding positives in everything. That was from his mother in an interview when discussing his decision to not transfer his senior year. Something else has to be going on that we need to understand before passing judgement.
  12. I believe it was Jay Jacobs and the boosters. More so for JFIII than Willis. Willis was because we had zero depth.
  13. The parallels to both are almost so identical that isn't even funny if you think about it. Both were signed last minute in desperation for Gus to please everyone. We were low in QB's both times and needed another DT QB. Both also appeared to have been determined to be QB at Auburn no matter what. Both are a run first player who can throw the deep ball, but not the most accurate. Both were praised early in their playing careers at Auburn. I might even venture out to say their personalities on the field appear to be the same. I think for these guys to go somewhere else and have another coach say "Your old coaches were right" makes them listen better. That's why they may be more willing to switch for people like Lane. Hopefully we have refined our skills in getting better quarterbacks and it appears that way since the signing of Jarrett Stidham. It wasn't that long ago people were saying we will never sign an elite quarterback. I hope I can say the same soon with the OL. This reasoning is part of the reason why I think the program is beginning to get back on he right path as our deficiencies are slowly being addressed.
  14. I think it is more of if the player is determined to go to the NFL or not. If that is in fact their lifelong dream, let's do what we can to put you in the best position to get there. Just because a person has played a position their whole life doesn't mean that isn't where they are meant to be. In Malik and JFIII's case, it isn't a quarterback in the NFL. It is like in business, there is a saying "Don't be afraid to make mistakes, but make them quickly, pivot, and learn from them." In this case, it may be a mistake to continue to run Malik as a QB when the NFL won't want him as a QB. It really boils down to, would you rather be a QB in college, or an NFL player? Malik made his decision. If you recall, Auburn actually was the only school that offered him as a QB. Virginia Tech wanted him as a DB, which makes sense with his length and speed.