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  1. Where is lionheartkc?

    I got him covered while he is taking a leave of absence. In all seriousness thank you for the update. I was worried something health-wise came up.
  2. Where is lionheartkc?

    @lionheartkc I haven't seen you post in a few weeks/months. Wanted to make sure you were still okay as I know you had a few health scares. Sending prayers your way!
  3. question about injuries

    A lot of pulled hamstrings. It really makes me question the strength and condition coach. Ankles there is not much you can do. Luckily (knock on wood) we have not dealt with many serious injuries that can cause players to lose whole seasons or their career.
  4. Name your method of protesting.....

    A year later and your signature picture still freaks me out.
  5. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    Now we are getting somewhere. This is the first time you have made a post where you bring substance to the conversation. All of this was in reaction to your trolling of me (you admit you are doing), which I had every right to defend myself. As an FYI, when I say "my man" that was not meant to be an insult or condescension. For reference, I say "how's it going my man" a lot to people. I actually never called you any names, just saying you were trolling people. The smart comment was in reference to you not bringing facts to the table and insulting my intelligence which makes no sense. You didn't seem like you were just "having fun" with those comments. You were very direct with what you said with no indication otherwise. It is also easy to understand why I would take it the way I did. I have had homophobic slurs thrown at me in this thread, among other things so it is hard to tell who is serious and who is having fun. Humble actually is a thing for me considering I am willing to admit mistakes and concede to others when their argument makes more sense. I also have only mentioned my business twice, once being that argument and the other explaining how I use it for my charity. However, I am more than happy to shake hands with you and walk away. I never enjoy arguments with any Auburn fan since we are on the same team. That is why I originally let your first comment go. I do have a lot more respect for you with your detailed response to me explaining your side and I do see how my first response could have been taken the wrong way (no sarcasm). If you wish to discuss further or want further clarification you can always PM me.
  6. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    Here is your first post. No substance, only trolling me. Notice I did not respond to this. I let it go, along with everyone else's posts. Notice anything similar to the post above? Exact same. You posted twice so someone would acknowledge you. The post was also responding to a joke between me an aujeff11, and you weren't involved. Continuing to troll here. Now you are starting to up your insults. Don't know why other than the fact that that is all you know how to do. Now that I challenged you for proof of the above comment, you could not come up with valid reasons or show me where your points are valid. All you could muster is this, upping your insult even more to attack my intelligence. But apparently I am smart enough to show you how to argue a side of an argument with facts to support the thesis. Boom goes the dynamite. I admit I made a mistake in my comments a few weeks ago that you are attempting to troll at. I publicly apologized to those involved (you weren't one, yet you seem like you still need to be involved I might add), and I deleted those comments as I was embarrassed to where those comments led. That is all I can do, out of respect for everyone on this forum to publicly to humble myself in the process. I don't really know what else you could possibly want, unless this is just the person you truly are.
  7. Kyle Davis (update)

    It is a shame. I wish him the best, and I hope he can pull himself together because he is a talented player with the size/skillset for the NFL. Onwards and upwards!
  8. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    Please explain how those two posts were disrespectful? I would love to hear that. And how self-aggrandizement is my thing? And how you weren't trolling? If you can do that, I will concede.
  9. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    In all seriousness, if you were legitimately asking, feel free to PM me as I know my thoughts/suggestions may open another can of worms.
  10. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    Walking in on the first day of the job:
  11. Name your method of protesting.....

    I know there was a thread about a petition to fire Gus or JJ or both. I can't remember. That is probably the best way to directly voice you concern without collateral damage. For me, people not attending goes back to last year during the Clemson game when our fans booed our offense. I know the fans were booing the play calling, but some players thought it was directed to them and they were getting booed because they did not get the play done like it was supposed to go. We need to support the players at a minimum however.
  12. Name your method of protesting.....

    Again that doesn't help anything. The local Auburn clubs do not have anything to do with Auburn sports. They are for Auburn alumni that do tailgates, charity events, and socials. You are hurting the wrong people here. You can be mad at JJ all you want, and you have your reasons. And that would still fall on the fans for not going because they weren't forced not to come. Auburn already got their money for the tickets and the donation required to get them. All it hurts is the players and our recruiting. I understand your frustration, but you need to channel it to the right places where you get the most out of your efforts.
  13. Name your method of protesting.....

    Here is the thing that you are forgetting. Season tickets are already paid for. Been paid for months in advance. Whether or not you go to games now doesn't matter as far as monetary gain is concerned for the university. So what are you really cutting off? Actually the only people you are now hurting is the small business owners in/around Auburn that are not employed by the university because you are now not shopping their stores or eating at their restaurants. So, like many before me have stated on this thread alone, not going to games in protest is not a good idea in the slightest.
  14. Name your method of protesting.....

    Not going to games is not the thing to do. I say that in defense of the players, not the coach. Remember those players are playing their hearts out, and risking the health of their own bodies to play for Auburn. Not going to a game is saying to them you could care less about them. Think it is hot sitting in those stands in September, the field is a lot hotter and humid. Tired after the game? The players are exhausted. Feet hurt walking to the stadium because your parking spot is 1/2 mile away? Sometimes those players have to be carted off the field too because they got hurt. The same message goes to the recruits as well. Find another way to protest without disrespecting the players.
  15. Something UGA did right

    UGA fans were/are enamored with that lego-piece haircut. That's where the magic is. Someone steal that hair piece and the mojo is gone forever.