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  1. abw0004

    NFL Thread

    As a fellow Panther's fan I have a genuine question: Do you feel this is Ron's fault or the GM's? For me, I believe the poor drafting and not going after OL's is what got us in this position and ruined Cam.
  2. I don't understand how Wade was investigated by the NCAA with a tape recording of him saying to pay a player, and he is already cleared. But when it comes to Auburn the NCAA is taking their time.
  3. Who was the coach when you first identified as an Auburn fan: Tommy Tubberville What was the cause of you identifying as an Auburn fan: Mother and god parents are graduates, but did not push Auburn. I was at an away game and there was a little girl dressed up in an Auburn cheerleader outfit. The opposing fans were heckling her, and the Auburn fans surrounded her to protect her from the noise. That Family is something I wanted to be a part of. What is your all time favorite Auburn moment or memory: So many memories as I was a student during the 2010 and 2013 runs. Obviously the Kick Six was big, but the West Virginia game in 2009. I was a pledge in my fraternity so I was in the block seating in my blazer and dress shoes. It poured for two hours, delaying the game and flooding the field. We didn’t leave our seats, ruining my nice dress shoes. We made a statement to our team we would not abandon them. They responded and won that game for us. War Damn.
  4. Where in Indiana are you from? We have a farm in Terra Haute. My father is from there and we have family in Vincennes as well as Indianapolis!
  5. Good morning all, I hope everyone has had the chance to recover physically and emotionally from Saturday and are able to be productive today at work. It is hard to believe this season is almost over. Time flies I suppose. With Thanksgiving around the corner I know everyone has a busy week ahead of themselves so let's dive in shall we? Atmosphere: This was well worth noting. The vibe in the stadium this time around was noticeably different. From the get-go, fans were in the stadium early and were loud. When our players took the field we cheered and when their players took the field we booed. We were loud almost every defensive snap. Many stood up on almost every defensive possession. That has yet to happen this year until Saturday. It honestly felt like one big party. A huge reason for that feeling was the video and audio staff... Video/Audio Staff: I do not believe I have ever made a specific point to talk about this crew. I will today however. I was extremely impressed with the job they did. By far, the best they have ever done in any game I have ever been to. Almost every defensive snap Auburn showed a small defensive hype video on the board that just got everyone riled up. Every other game it has been just the 3rd downs. Most of them we UGA clips too. Every song was just about perfect as well getting everyone hyped, and keeping us that way. There was a glitch in one of the pre-game hype videos but they are definitely forgiven. At halftime they even brought back the Takeo Spikes "Tick Tock" hype video. By far the best moment was when Georgia tried to play their fight song during warm-ups. When they did Auburn played a song over them. This made their band play louder to be heard so Auburn turned up the music. It was funny because Georgia just was not going to win that battled against our custom JBL sound system. They just weren't. That just made me so happy. Photographer: This is all worth mentioning that I/we continue to keep the Georgia student photographer in our prayers. That was a scary injury and to see an unconscious woman laying on the ground for that long really shakes you up. The stadium was dead silent. I am glad to see she will be just fine. Scary situation. Officiating: I will defer to those that watched on television the bad calls but in the stadium there seemed to be plenty. Our video staff did a great job of pointing this out on the video board and freezing the clip making sure the referees saw this. It was just appalling in the second half and reminded me of the LSU game last year. They just did not want Auburn to win. One or two bad calls I can live with and give the benefit of the doubt, but nothing went our way. Nothing. Bo Nix: I have been thoroughly impressed with Bo. This game he really did not look like a freshmen. Bo did not panic in the pocket when facing pressure and the only sacks he took were when the blitz came so fast there was no time to safely throw the ball away. Saturday he had a 60% accuracy with some balls dropped in there as well. He knew when to run, and those drives in the second half looked like he was calling the plays. He looked like a veteran out there. It will be fun to watch Bo in the Iron Bowl. Anders Carlson: I am no where near ready to throw in the towel on him. I do think we have put too much pressure on him with who his brother is and our expectation to have amazing kickers every single year. I also recognize that his typical snapper and holder were different again this game. I also wonder if his major in aviation is taking away too much of his time as well. I know you have to fly all of the time in that major. I have no idea, maybe someone else on here can speak to the time demands of such major. Outcome: I will not lie, this outcome really hurt. It really did. And we were just one play away, one dropped pass to a wide-open man from a big gain that would have kept our drive alive. I wish in the first half we just kept throwing it like we did in the second half. I also recognize that many on here are saying we only got yards because Georgia was in prevent defense. I do not find that be be true because we still riddled off big plays of of that type of defense built to stop those. In our last drive they should have come out of it and we were still having great success. This game definitely stung, but we still have two games left to enjoy. Gus Malzahn: Almost everyone on here are not on good terms with Gus. I understand that. I was also disappointed in the loss. I am still siding with the man however. Before you jump on me here is the reason why as I have said this before and posters seem to glaze over my reasoning. As long as our players support and fight for him, I will. Our players never once have given up on Gus. It would have been easy to give up when we were down 21-0. But they fought back into the game. I did the same with Tubberville and Chizik. If we do get a new coach, I will do the same with him as well. Auburn: You know, there is just so much more to Auburn than a win or loss. Auburn is not a football school, or basketball school. What makes Auburn so great are the people that enjoy wearing the AU. Our little college town attracts a certain type of people. One that does not mind having to fight for everything and I would not have it any other way. This is why we all have such a great bond, and are a family. We all look out for each other. We all enjoy yelling "WAR EAGLE" no matter where we are in the world. And when someone says that to you, you can't help but smile. Auburn's football is a byproduct of this amazing place. A loss will never affect my love for Auburn. Auburn men and women are what make Auburn special, not a sports program. Auburn is where I will be buried. Auburn is where I hope to see my future kids graduate from. Auburn is my home.
  6. UGA’s band started playing their fight song so Auburn turned up their music. The band got louder and so did our music. You will not beat our JBL sound system. Sorry.
  7. Hastings out of all knee braces today
  8. Marlon warmed up and looks to be fine. We are noticeably louder this game when the players came out. I do not see Whitlow with the running backs. Could be wrong.
  9. Here we are! Let’s do this boys! Get loud! Get angry! War Eagle!
  10. Thanks for doing that. My phone was messing up this morning and that was the best I could do.
  12. “There are very few places where you go (schools) when you go out and say two words to somebody, War Eagle, and it means everything. We care about what we do. We care about each other. We care about AUBURN.” For Rod Bramblett. War Eagle!!