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  1. @ToraGirl I didn’t want to quote the whole post due to the length, but I do agree with what you are saying and I think you and I are usually in the same page with everything. Good explanation too!
  2. Very well put. And I think this realization will pay huge dividends for our program moving forward.
  3. This will be one of the very few times I will disagree with you. In order for those things to happen, Gus had to develop into the coach to actively make those decisions. For him to realize his strengths and weaknesses as a head football coach. Gus Malzahn is the one who hired the assistant coaches to make those calls as he stepped back. All of the great strides this team has made goes back to Gus making the right calls as the coach.
  4. There are many other factors into why we have lost games than just throwing it on the coach. And others agree with me if they have voted him as one of the top 7 coaches for this year. I suppose we will just have to agree to disagree then. Personally I do not think he will win, although I will be ecstatic for him if he does. Just the honor alone for being a finalist is something to be proud of.
  5. I think the way I view it, and what I have said all season, is that we needed to give Gus the full season before judgements were made. We needed to see his whole body of work, because it is easy to get too excited or upset if view too closely over a one-game span. It is like the stock market. If you look at it just over a one day span, you would be flipping out every other day. But if you look at it over a one year span, you would be very pleased with the performance. If you look at Gus' tenure, he is steadily trending up, which is what you want to see. No plateau. He is learning from his mistakes and making the right moves. I believe the voters see this as well and rewarded him with the finalist position. We are finally being set up for long-term success, not just a flash in the pan. I am excited for 2018, that is for sure. And it all starts with the Peach Bowl!
  6. If you are implying that is what I said after the LSU game, it wasn't. Unless I am misinterpreting what you are saying. And you can't blame the SEC Championship game on Gus. There were a lot of factors into the outcome.
  7. It is fairly accurate with the general consensus being throughout the season what I said. It was safe to say there was a very small minority on this forum defending Malzahn over the course of the season.
  8. On to UCF

    I am surprised how cocky and rude the UCF fans are being on the Facebook Bowl Game event page. They have been good for one season and they start acting like Georgia fans.
  9. Wait I thought people on this forum said Gus Malzahn was a terrible coach... This must be a mistake. There is no way he deserves this since posters on this forum said he would never be a good coach and that he needed to be fired and was a waste of money. What does the rest of America say to those posters:
  10. Oh I am on the recruiting section almost everyday. I just rarely post here as I don't have much info to add, nor do I have a Twitter to follow these recruits. People on Facebook who make status' every 5 minutes annoy me, so I never saw the point in joining a social network that is dedicated to those people. How dare you.
  11. I see you using those The Office gifs. I approve.
  12. Most Wins last 100 seasons

    As long as Paul Johnson is their head coach, expect GA Tech to keep falling down that list. I desperately want them to fire that guy. They have such great opportunity to be a good football program with the talent surrounding them and a great academic school.
  13. 2018 5* QB Emory Jones (Ohio St.)

    Hey we don't know if Calvin had accuracy issues throwing the ball. You never know
  14. 24/7: Holland coming back

    I don't think you really pay attention to recruiting. We continually land high profile running backs. Asa Martin says hello. And we have also always had good depth with our running backs. Last year people seem to forget heading into the year we lost Peyton Barber, Roc Thomas, and Jovon Robinson. Once Johnson went down, Tim Horton was able to get Pettway ready in time for the whole season, having to convert him from HB. Fast forward to this year, we had our two starting running backs injured. We were then able to go to Kam Martin who held his own in the run game. Not many schools can function after their first two running backs get injured. It is unrealistic to expect the 4th and 5th string running backs to be able to perform like your star running back did.
  15. Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    Greetings from Alpharetta, GA!