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  1. It also depends on how well Trubisky does in his first year. If he tanks, scouts will be more cautious. This is similar when Florida State kicker Aguayo was drafted and did not start his rookie season well at all. That had to play into Carlson returning this upcoming year. Why not have White start all of the smaller games to keep the rust off, and keep Stidham healthy? 99.9% chance that will never ever happen, but just a thought. I would be very surprised if Woody is here come February 2018. With the depth chart the way it is, and the incoming players, honestly it would be in his best interest to transfer if his heart is set on QB. I never like to see Auburn kids transfer, but this is a strong possibility.
  2. I think for our WR's this year to go from good to great, hinges on KD returning to the team. I actually think Hastings will get the nod over Ryan Davis however. Nate Craig Meyers seems to be Stidham's go to guy as well, although that could be different if KD comes back. Unfortunately, I think it is one year too late for JFIII. I was not impressed with his technique or ball handling skills on A-Day. He just really seemed lost and needed last year to learn the WR. I am wanting to wait on Kodi. Last year was not a good test for him. Also, a lot of WR prospects are giving him praise since they can say "He was a WR here in this offense. He knows how to do it and win a championship." Very similar to Travis Williams having played here. I do like putting McClain behind KD on the depth chart. Good way to ease into actual playing time, and a very formidable back-up. I really hope Jason Smith puts it together in his final season too.
  3. The only thing I am not thrilled with is the grad transfers for the O-Line. I thought Golson did really well at center last year. He may not like center, but he is good at it. Now with Bell, I don't understand why we went out and got him. He lost his starting job at Florida State last year to an O-Line that was absolutely terrible. I really wish we spent our remaining scholarships on the safety position, or punter. Harrell did not really impress me like I hoped this Spring, so the jury is still out for him. I would like to give one of the Princes a chance at a starting position.
  4. Cannela just needs to add a lot of muscle. Cox is definitely a guy you want out there, and I still have hope for Harris. We also have Shenker arriving in the summer who is exactly the player Chip needs. Another wild card is Alex Medary, who is a incoming freshmen preferred walk-on and has known Herb Hand for a very long time. His father is a surgeon who saved Hand's life many years ago. Very cool story.
  5. I think we will not see a drop off from last year. The only thing that may cause that is if our offense is as good as I think we will be, the defense will be on the field a lot. As in, if we score fast and often like in 2013, the offense will not be on the field long to score. So the defense will be back on the field where conditioning will be tested. I think our linebackers played really well last year, and they all return (minus Neal). If there is some drop off on our defensive line, the linebackers can step up to fills those gaps. One player I think will explode is PJIII. He won Defensive MVP on A-Day, while only being 80% full speed. Pretty good if you ask me. Carlton Davis was on many islands last year, so it is easy for QB's to go after him like they did. I would not read too much into that. Dinson looks ready to rock and roll, and he is on my "player to watch" radar this year. Outstanding player. I am curious to see how Dean responds after his full recovery. I think Stephen Roberts will emerge as our best safety. Matthews does go for the hit, but is a good quarterback of the DB's. Every team has a depth issue in one area or another, and this year it just happens to be safety. I would rather it be safety than corner to be honest. In summation, yes we will be just as good last year, with an added benefit that we get to better ease ourselves into the season compared to last year jumping straight into the fire with Clemson.
  6. How about UGA? How did they perform?
  7. Horton said on Tuesday I believe that JFIII will be a gunner. Which is good for his skill set. He also alluded to using JFIII on trick plays for kick returns. Agree on KJ not being back there. I never really supported any of our top tier RB's returning kickoffs, just to keep them as fresh as possible. I do like Steven Roberts as a punt return man, and for kickoffs I like Kam Martin and possibly Barrett, who is coming in the Summer. Eli Stove is also intriguing, but if we lose KD, I would want to minimize risk to our star receivers. Ryan Davis could also be an option. I think he was the fastest player on our team until JFIII signed on.
  8. Like I said on the previous thread about this, the actual situation is none of our business, and very personal. We need to leave this subject alone and not speculate as it only makes things worse, especially over personal matters. Cannot blame anyone on this either. I wish KD the best, and hope to see him back at some point. I know he and his family love Auburn dearly. I agree with AlaskanFAN to lock this thread up out of respect for Kyle.
  9. I saw this briefly brought up in another thread, so I thought I would create a new one for discussion. For our opponents that we face this upcoming 2017 season, how did their Spring games look? I know the games do not matter much, but can provide some indication of where they are headed as far as players that are replacing those that left for the draft, offensive/defensive schemes, etc. I know the overviews for most of the teams and how the games went, but further details would help. Here are the teams we face this year that I am curious about: Clemson Mississippi State (ended early due to the vicious targeting penalty) Ole Miss LSU (game is April 22nd) Arkansas (game is April 29th) Texas A&M Georgia (game is April 22nd) Alabama (game is April 22nd) With many of these games curing this weekend, this may be an ongoing thread, but I thought it would be wise to go ahead and start it now.
  10. The only problem with waiting like that is another school can come along and hire him and do whatever it takes to keep him, then you miss out. It's a risk/reward with people like Gus Malzahn, Kirby Smart, Lane Kiffen, etc. For me, it is worth the risk with Gus. And I hope 2017 will show why my thinking is correct. He has made all of the right moves so far this offseason. Even some moves most people did not think could even happen.
  11. Well isn't that what Borges is for now? Helping us fix mistakes quickly and adjusting if Chip and Gus miss something down on the field? I know I am a huge Gus fan, but every deficiency we have bashed him for last year, he has managed to fix heading into 2017. Defense was terrible, and had a revolving door of coaches? Brought in Kevin Steele who said he would like to retire here and stay for the long term. Needs to be more of a CEO, and not micromanage everyone? Lets Kevin Steele go out and hire his own DB coach in Greg Brown. Need a QB guru who can air it out? Hires Chip Lindsey. Need another stud recruiter? Hired Porter. And lastly, Gus has the inability to adjust at halftime? Find an overqualified Al Borges who can do that. I think Gus has finally put the pieces together on learning his strengths, recognizing his weaknesses, and finding people who can take over those weaknesses. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was Saban. If you recall my thread about Saban's early coaching years, he was not successful for about 5-7 years. Looking forward to good days ahead of us ladies and gentlemen.
  12. Loving all of this . I might need to put on sunscreen when I view this thread...
  13. The 2014 Texas A&M game was the straw that broke the horses back. Auburn was still in contention until that game, and to lose the way they did through fumbling twice is what did it. I can try to find the players quotes if you would like. In 2015, Gus had no choice to play JJ. With all of the hype surrounding JJ, if Gus benched him it would have been polical suicide. It's the same reason why Gus rushed out to get JFIII, to make everyone happy. That is my only knock on Gus, but I credit that to Gus being a new coach. Gus is not like that anymore, evidenced by him telling Jay Jacobs that he wanted to choose his new OC, despite what everyone else wanted. In 2016, yes the play calling was a mess for the first 3 games, then was cleaned up. Everything after that was pure injuries. As to your original comment, I am a bit perplexed on why you avoid commenting on my posts. I know at the beginning we had disagreements (I remember we somehow started talking about your Auburn lineage), but as of the last few months I felt we were in agreement with everything. I suppose I could be wrong though. Unless it is because you are intimidated due to my dashing good looks. It happens.
  14. In an effort to reduce this post, I deleted your quoted content, but this is in reference to your post. 2014, the players just gave up. That is quoted from several players heading into 2015. They were expecting to go back to the NC, and when that did not happen they fit they had nothing to play for. 2015, you cannot coach laziness. JJ was known to be that, so if he did not care, not QB coach can teach him anything. Your reference to the 2016 Texas A&M game is skewed. JFIII came in the final minutes, when the game was already decided. That was no bad decision. That is like when basketball teams put in the second teamers when a game is out of hand to protect their starters. We fixed our TE issue by going out and getting two more tight ends, one being a primary pass-catcher in Sal Canella. Clemson does have talent, but so do we. We also have more game experience than their players. That is irreplaceable. This is no longer Gus' offense, as Gus has learned how to be an actual head coach. Also, Stidham did not look rusty in his A-Day performance. Like Gus or not, but you would not have a National Championship without him, or another run in 2013. We have had growing pains with him, as Saban did in his early head coaching years before Alabama. But Gus has put together a phenomenal defensive staff, and now has all of the pieces for a phenomenal offensive staff. You need to look at it as 2017 being a whole new year and an improved 2016 team. We have assets we did not have in years past. We now have quality depth, not flash in the pans. Statistically, every year we have signed less and less junior college transfers. Why? Because we have quality depth developing where they are not needed as much. Also, that's what guys like me are looking for in a post like yours. Facts supporting your position. What we don't like is when someone comes out of nowhere and bashes Malzahn with no substance. And I mean this last paragraph as a complement to your last post. I don't agree obviously, but I can respect it better than any of your other posts.
  15. I have not heard of this. I thought everyone loved him after his performance against Clemson last year. I know he fumbled on A-Day, but so did Kam Martin at the goal line. I hope that isn't true. I have high hopes for this guy as I have heard Stidham made Hastings his go-to guy.