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  1. Can you kick out a college like that? If so, how would that work? All of the schools line up Survivor style to vote a school off the island?
  2. Any percussionists on here? A few weeks ago I (finally) took delivery of my DW Collectors Series drum set. After I had a very lucrative December this was my reward to myself. I have wanted a DW drum set ever since I was a child and had it custom built to exactly how I wanted it, cost being a non-issue. This is a 1 of 1 where this color DW had never made before and I had to speak with the chief at headquarters in California to stain it how I wanted it. Why? My favorite color is blue, and my grandfather gave me his black drum set for me to learn on as a child. So I wanted to remember whe
  3. We will need to rename the SEC if we get all of these northern conferences.
  4. I’m not sure. I know there are baseball players here as well. I went to school with John Smoltz’s son and Chipper Jones used to live in my neighborhood.
  5. We need to maintain a foothold in Fulton and Forsyth county, which is about 30 minutes North of Atlanta on GA400. Specifically Alpharetta/Johns Creek. A lot of NFL players live and retire here so their kids go to school here.
  6. Excited to have you Damari! Welcome to the Family!
  7. Damn straight. We need more punters. Can never have enough depth there. P
  8. The problem is people rush to claim someone and then will not make another post the rest of the season. So why allow someone to claim a player when there is no intention of supporting that player?
  9. @ValleyTiger would it be possible this year for those actively using this thread and supporting their chosen guys to have a priority? The reason I ask is usually my first choice is always taken by those who don’t make a single post throughout the season.
  10. Hiking up one of the ski slopes in Vail. The type of pine that grows up here smells like vanilla if you get close to it (no joke).
  11. To inject a little comedy:
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