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  1. I have two torn meniscus currently and have had them torn for 4-5 years now. I powerlift on them too. Depending on how you tear it surgery may be pointless
  2. Sounds like a meniscus year
  3. I have always been in the camp that views it as extreme. I think it all comes in the context in if what they say comes off as aggressive. For instance, you are saying everything in the right context and it doesn’t come off that way. And you have to remember, for the last year or so the sunshine pumpers have been under a lot of fire as well. Personally a good example is AU64. It could be safe to say some posters are head hunting him. He does say the things you are saying, but never to anyone specific. Always to a mass so no one is singled out. Then you have posters responding to him, singling him out. There is one poster in particular who responds to every single post of his to belittle him. It just doesn’t seem right in my eyes. We are all on the Auburn team. It just all boils down to respect I think.
  4. No offense taken. But why would/should anyone be less of a fan? Just didn’t make any sense
  5. I have no dog in this fight. I was just hoping you could clarify your statement that we should be less of an Auburn fan on this site? Isn’t that the point?
  6. It is probably more so if wanting to protect Bo. One bad hit can end a season and why run it if the game is in hand easily. It just makes me think of Hall when he went down. In the stadium it looked rough until he walked off. Just not worth an injury against an opponent like this.
  7. “There are very few places where you go (schools) when you go out and say two words to somebody, War Eagle, and it means everything. We care about what we do. We care about each other. We care about AUBURN.” For Rod Bramblett. War Eagle!!
  8. You just had to say 2008 game and I knew what you meant.
  9. I hate that Marshall hasn't come back for any of the games yet. We even saw Tre Mason at a game when he was going through his mental struggles.