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  1. I received my first Pfizer COVID-19 shot yesterday. I intentionally went for Pfizer over Moderna as everyone I know who had a reaction, had Moderna. There is probably no scientific reasoning behind this though. Just a little arm soreness and the process was easy. I am 30 years old if anyone needed to know my age. I found that if you look for privately owned pharmacies you can get in quick. This is what I did and I scheduled my appointment to take place the next day.
  2. Al.com for the last two years has profiled an Auburn player going into the draft. Two years ago it was Deshaun Davis and last year it was Marlon Davidson. I will post each episode as they become available. Enjoy!
  3. I will be upset with him if Gurley chose Bama over us because we wanted Kessler more. So essentially we would have lost out on two guys because of Kessler.
  4. Career-high night for Isaac Okoro with 19 points, along with 3 rebounds, 3 assists, & 0 turnovers.
  5. I would love to see some packages with him on offense though like Ole Miss used Nkemdiche.
  6. Respectfully, I would have to disagree. I know you don't believe in God, which isn't my place to judge, but to say Christianity isn't the truth is extreme. In fact, Christianity doesn't answer everything. There many questions I will never have answered until it is my day to meet Him again. Now, like all religions, there are some people who take things to the extremes. The Bible does not try to answer every question, or deviate from the truth. It is how one interprets It. That may better fall in line with what you are referring to, and if you are then I would actually agree with yo
  7. If he is healthy for the season I like Capers, as well as Canion.
  8. I agree, but what I am saying is we are all painted with the same brush. An agnostic person seeing that person with a megaphone would associate that all Christians are like that, unfair or not. It is similar in my industry of estate planning. You have life insurance agents claiming they do what I do, but in the end all they are trying to do is sell a life insurance policy in any way they can. I get painted with that same brush and it is incredibly unfair. I think we would just need to agree to disagree on this point, which is perfectly okay. It kind of goes back to what I was sayi
  9. Honestly, it doesn't matter to me at all on the style of your church, as long as it appeals to you. I like diversity in the churches. That way there is something for everyone. I am not saying your church is wrong or the way you worship. I think we, as Christians, need to be less judgmental though. That is what I really believe is the main cause. The constant, "You are going to Hell if you do this, this, and this" is a turn-off for many. Instead of telling us what we are doing is wrong, show us how to be right. This is why I hated the megaphone preachers that were on Auburn's campus all
  10. I won't get into the political aspect as that is a whole other topic and not one that interests me as much so I will put that part aside. I am strictly talking about why many are falling away from church. What I am saying is from what I have believed and seen from my friends because I am that generation. The difference is I am the current younger generation where what I am saying is from personal experience of what I am looking for as well as people around me. I am living it. And to my original post, the style of music is only part of it. The sermons themselves are also critical. Yo
  11. I think a lot of it is due to many church's reluctance to change with the times in how the service is carried out. I grew up in a Presbyterian church where we sang hymnals. I don't like hymnals. When I attended Auburn I found Church of the Highlands and it renewed my desire to go to church since it has contemporary music and the services are about teaching love and hope. Many churches just do not want to change to appeal to the younger generation. This is why I believe Church of the Highlands is growing at an extraordinary rate each year, because they figured this part out.
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