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  1. Does Whitlow have schools that he is interested in transferring to? I haven't seen anything.
  2. Wow. It is hard to believe Big Kat is going to be a senior already. Time really does fly.
  3. Probably because we get so loud that the referees can't hear what Saban is telling them to do so they have to wing it.
  4. Inside The Factory with Ryan Russell
  5. My only question would be with the pressure in his face how would be perform. Burrow didn't flinch when faced with pressure. Flip it again and ask how Stidham would have done in LSU's offense vs. our defense in the Auburn-LSU game. We probably would have won. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Right now she is working 100 hours a week and she now has to reuse goggles and masks are going to run out this week. I tried to bring everyone pizza or coffee and I wasn't allowed to even come close. But she loves what she does. I just need to make sure I am on my best behavior after her shift or the conversation after is one to run away from.
  7. Well, if it makes you feel better I am in the same boat where I am only going to the grocery store. My girlfriend is an ICU nurse here in Atlanta, so she only deals with the COVID-19 cases on respirators. Since I have been around her the last few weeks I am staying at my home. Luckily I am able to work from home. So, if you ever get bored just PM me.
  8. Continuing to think about you and your mother Ellitor.
  9. I hope this helps provide you an escape, even for only few minutes. I will post each episode as they come available. Episode 1
  10. Prayers to your whole family @ellitor