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  1. Good for him. Happy to have Tutt back!
  2. Glad to see we are continuing to try to lock down this area.
  3. The team is going to miss Kristi. She was a great mother figure to a lot of the players. Guys like Marlon Davidson adored her. I hope Harsin's wife can do something similar for players that do not have a good home life.
  4. He doesn't say he is coming back yet though. Would need someone to confirm for me.
  5. Late to the party here, but I am glad to see we dominated the way we did.
  6. Need a stud recruiter for this position. The DL may very well be the most important position on defense.
  7. Good read for those interested: https://247sports.com/Article/College-football-transfer-portal-2020-numbers-stats-purgatory-147042840/
  8. What is this? Is it an alternative to the Senior Bowl?
  9. Sherwood always had the intention of going pro after this season. Shouldn't be a surprise on this announcement.
  10. Antwuan Jackson, Jr. being mentioned for the wrong reasons
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