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  1. Got pulled over for speeding on my way home from the game to Atlanta. The police officer and I then talked about how sad that game was. So I basically took two “L”’s tonight.
  2. He probably shows emotion on the 1st and 15th of every month (assuming those are his pay periods).
  3. I wonder if Harsin will blame the fans for this loss.
  4. Really fun game to be attending. First one this year honestly.
  5. Brandon Council starting center. Alec Jackson starting at guard.
  6. I have serious doubts we will fill the stadium. I hope I am wrong.
  7. Perfect weather today in Auburn for some football! Hope to pull out the win. Let’s get it done! War Eagle! #HardForHarsin
  8. These documents I think are also useful again in this atmosphere.
  9. Who is this abw004!? 😂 I’m just messing with you. Bonds and stock absolutely have an inverse relationship. That’s why with the market cooling you see a higher investment in bonds. It is correct that they both react to interest rates and inflation similarly, but that is where the similarities stop. And it’s not a bad thing either. You need something to prop up each other. That’s why you want to be properly diversified.
  10. I would need more information to give you better advice unfortunately. It would be against my CFP and my series 7 license rules of best practice to advise with little information. I will say, if you go into bonds, choose a bond fund, not individual bonds. Mutual funds are easy, but the load is expensive. ETF’s are better but need to be managed.
  11. If you are investing in fund families, DFA is a really good fund family I recommend looking into. A more well-known fund to look into is American Funds. It was started by an Auburn alum actually.
  12. There are too many unknown variables for me to say, which is the issue. I would need to know your risk tolerance as well as the rest of what comprises your portfolio. Because what you may be doing is overweighting what you have. I simply just do not know. It’s like asking me to call plays for LSU today without knowing who is on the team and their strengths/weaknesses. Have you done a risk profile before? If not, I would be happy to email you a quiz to take. It wouldn’t cost you anything. If so, just shoot me a PM.
  13. Are you looking to liquidate your investment portfolio to go into bonds or is this new money? Also, do you have an investment advisor helping you, or are you on your own? You really don’t want to overweight your portfolio with bonds, unless that is in accordance with your risk tolerance. Just remember, you cannot time the market. So what I would suggest if you are making this move is to dollar-cost average your intention over a certain period of time.
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