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  1. As always, thank you JMR! I liked Seth Williams’ play as well, however I hope Seth tones down his actions after the catch. I was surprised some of those were not flagged. Don’t stop, just tone it down a tad so no flags are thrown.
  2. Zakoby McClain changed his number on me last second (9) so it took me a second to find him on the field. Eight tackles (five solo) yesterday. Very solid performance. I expect big things in the UGA game Zakoby!
  3. I wouldn’t read as much into the games yesterday (including opponents). Teams returning more starters played better because Spring wasn’t as critical. I expect us only to get better on offense as our OL continues to gel. DL worries me a little bit depth-wise. I am not sure if we will face a better OL and maybe DL than we just did this season. I have always been happy we play UGA earlier and play LSU later now. UGA is always pretty bad at the beginning of the season, and LSU’s humidity and heat at the beginning of the season In Death Valley has always given us issues. Flipping those
  4. Something else worth noticing unrelated to gameplay was Malzahn’s attire honoring Pat Dye. Very classy move.
  5. I think that Tweet was a little harsh considering this was only the first game of the season. I liked DJ a lot last year even when playing hurt.
  6. Well, I think our defense did very well considering how short-handed we were on the DL for today. Kentucky’s OL and DL are one of the best we will face all year. With the win we should have confidence moving forward that we can handle the schedule. Just focus and clean up the mistakes. Need Big Kat to heal up. War Eagle!
  7. I know you can find it on Facebook Live if that helps? If you can’t find it on the radio
  8. Can someone properly embed this video? It’s the hype video Auburn released today
  9. “You fight it when it don’t look good. You fight it when everybody counts you out. You fight it when there’s no way that anyone thinks you can do it but you. You keep fighting and at some point you’re going to win it.” For Pat Dye. War Eagle!!
  10. Unfortunately I am not at the game in person with the COVID-19 measures affecting season tickets for non-students. However, that does not affect everything else I do, including this thread! Let’s get this win boys! War Eagle!
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