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  1. abw0004

    SEC Media Days

    If you actually watched the press conference Gus did, the whole segment was him explaining him being a good role model of a Christian coach, and that not cursing is involved with that. And yes there is a relationship... That is pretty common knowledge.
  2. abw0004

    SEC Media Days

    I never said there was a correlation in my original quote. I along with at least one other person wanted to see the meaning behind his/her comment about me admiring him being a good role model of a Christian coach.
  3. abw0004

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Just Cricket. In the contract was an exclusivity agreement, and a 2 year non-compete for any sport in the country of England. There are more juicy articles to write in Cricket anyways. You should hear some of those recruiting pitches made to recruits. It can get physical too. I heard two coaches had to box for the commitment of a 7 star recruit (they grade their guys out of 8 stars over there).
  4. abw0004

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I heard about that. Some Cricket team has hired him to cover their recruiting. Wish him the best...
  5. abw0004

    Malzahn remains in a pretty good position

    You both make good points, I was just trying to clarify for you. That's all I was trying to do. This is the good time of year for me so I try to keep the peace where I can . This week I had SEC Media Days , next week I got Shark Week 🐟, after that Last Chance U , and then Fall Camp ! Good time to be alive!
  6. abw0004

    Malzahn remains in a pretty good position

    This topic has been discussed on here before (I know because I created the topic ), but I think the point @Slammer1 was trying to convey was Saban has had more time to mold into the coach he is today than Gus, that many forget his other head coach stops before Alabama. That Gus' learning curve has been steeper as he immediately had to go up against the best of the best every year than slowly ramp up to it. Not a topic I want to rehash again, just trying to clarify for the both of you so it doesn't turn into an argument. Trying to help two gentlemen out!
  7. abw0004

    SEC Storied: Rowdy

    Just watched this last night. Really great story on him. To top it all off they had Michael Phelps talk about him as well. Had no idea Gaines was the announcer for all of Phelps' runs. Blew my mind.
  8. abw0004

    SEC Media Days

    What is that supposed to mean?
  9. abw0004

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    I agree with what you are saying. That doesn't mean I did not like him as a person which is what I said. I just hate it didn't work out. And that is pretty common that the wife stays behind. I don't mind paying a back-up more if Westbrook can rest more than 2 plays a game. I think Melo would have been a better fit if he could have accepted that he is getting older. The jury is still out on Schroeder for me. I know Hawks fans were really happy to get rid of him and thought they won the deal with the Thunder. I still think we need to resign Corey Brewer. I think he is a perfect back-up to Andre Roberson who likes to play fast.
  10. abw0004

    2018 Hype Video Thread

    "Let me tell you a little about Auburn. It will only take a second..." 43 days!
  11. abw0004

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    Sad to see Melo go. Outstanding and well-spoken man but it just didn’t work out. Now I just hope we find a way to get Brewer back.
  12. abw0004

    SEC Media Days

    My quick thoughts on all four interviews: Malzahn: It was nice to hear about why he never curses on the field and how he is trying to show how one can be a good Christian coach. Stidham: Very well spoken, nice to hear from him that his shoulder is 100% and that he will have more flexibility. Davis: The way he puts his team first always was well said. Nice to hear him talk about his high school injury and coming from Mobile, Alabama. Russell: I enjoyed hearing him talk about the importance of his education and how he really put a lot of thought into answering each question.
  13. abw0004

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Do you mind expanding on this just so I can have some clarification? I was lead to believe he was "turning heads."
  14. AUFamily Forum. Where your wildest thoughts come true. Anything can happen on this forum.
  15. He has been having motivation and drive issues as well. I have done all I can do from the sidelines to motivate him.