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  1. Bruce was following the refs around the court after the game livid. I am a little surprised how long he was trying to hunt them down. Fans weren’t too bad. Still prefer how Auburn promotes the atmosphere, biases aside. War Eagle always.
  2. I think this is the definition of low scoring.
  3. Don’t see Cardwell. Broome looks fully recovered.
  4. Unless I am looking at the wrong guy he is stretching. I could very well be looking at the wrong guy though but I am not sure who else that would be.
  5. Chance is warming up as we speak but I’m not sure that means he plays.
  6. Happy we blew out Georgia. I do wish we did that in the first match up as well. I hope to see a blowout of Tennessee on Saturday, partially because I will be there and don't want to deal with Tennessee fans still on their high from their football season.
  7. You are missing my point. You don't see scientists rolling around in exotic cars or have multiple houses. What they make from their salaries is a modest life, not the kind of money the fossil fuel industry is throwing at politicians to turn a blind eye. No one thinks they will be a scientist so they can make bank.
  8. I will be at the Tennessee/Auburn game on Saturday. I sure hope we show out.
  9. Why do people who believe in climate change need to be called cultish? That in itself is childish. There is nothing wrong in wanting to protect the planet and reverse the pollution and damage we are doing to it. Also, many need to realize those that are in support of ending climate change have nothing financially to gain from it. Those that support the fossil fuel industry have a lot of money to lose from it. You don't see scientists getting filthy rich from their research.
  10. I believe he is dealing with a lingering injury.
  11. Ah my mistake then. My bad @cole256
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