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  1. Any chance the G-League is going after him as well?
  2. Well, on the bright side, the last 4* WR we landed out of UGA's backyard was... Darius Slayton. I will take another kid like him any day.
  3. Where is Courtney Taylor now? I have never seen him return to Auburn games when the other three have. I know we would all love to see him again.
  4. So. If conferences are playing conference-only games, what will Notre Dame do?
  5. I won't contest that. 😂 As you probably know from my posts, I have to be at every home game. So it makes sense for me to have season tickets. Having season tickets also gives me the peace of mind knowing I have seats, and the same reasoning for my parking pass too. It is also fun to get to know who sits near you and to develop that friendship. If you have different seats each time by scalping tickets that can be difficult.
  6. That might be true for the upper deck in the "grey section." There you don't need prerequisites to buy seats. Any other color you do. All I know is the lower bowl there is a wait list. I know people around me that waited 15 years to get seats. Auburn (any university really) wouldn't have issues getting new season ticket holders in their lower bowl.
  7. Those are mini-seasons. It isn't a full season of tickets. For full season tickets there is a wait list, specifically for the lower bowl.
  8. I don't think Auburn is worried about that considering the wait list for season tickets. You want to keep your big donors happy if there is a season
  9. Well, we could go to team Kawhi Leonard with New Balance...
  10. If Auburn requires there be open seats between people some people will not get their season tickets. That means the lower-end donors probably won't get their tickets.
  11. I am not sure but I would assume they are not for sale since not all season ticket holders can buy their tickets yet
  12. "It's a spirit. It's family. It's my home. And once you experience it, you will never be the same."