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  1. Why not have more competition for the QB position? As it sits, we only have 3 quarterbacks on the roster. Do you really believe JG or Nix are not capable in this system? Even with all of the raving reports coming in?
  2. But that doesn’t have to do with their outcome of that season and my post. If anything, that just says they have an outstanding coach to beat the teams he did during the season. Wins over 2 top ranked teams and loses with 4 or less points to 3 other teams is pretty darn good. Saying something like they would lose to Troy is laughable and disrespectful to that team in how good they actually were.
  3. Last Chance U is now on Netflix which is another sign football is almost here...
  4. What makes you say that? Purdue beat both #3 Ohio State and #25 Iowa and lost by 3 points to Wisconsin, Missouri, and 4 points to #21 Northwestern. How so many people just discount Gus’ accomplishments and rail him for things out of his control so fast just boggles my mind. Everyone needs to be fair in their criticisms.
  5. You have to admit that was pretty funny.
  6. Not trying to sound rude, but why are you asking for a quote? When we ask you for quotes or statistics to back up a lot of your commentary you have not once produced any. You just ignore the request. And coaches go to others for advice all of the time. Usually their mentors. Same thing happens in business. That is what peer groups are for. To bounce ideas off of others to come up with the best solution. The best thing a boss or owner can ever do is have an employee under you or a peer at another company challenge your thinking and not be a "Yes-Man." That is what makes this forum so great. There are so many different points of view that someone else can catch something others have missed because they see it at a different angle.
  7. All videos are well worth watching. I was blown away on how well spoken all four of the players were and everyone seems to be on the same page. Even Malzahn seemed a little more lively. A little. Well worth watching all four videos:
  8. I don't project records. I can never bring myself to ever predict an Auburn team to lose. I always look for ways they can win. Same reason I never bet on Auburn athletics, takes the fun out of it completely for me as I am now wanting them to win for monetary gain. This is true, although I hope Dillingham will correct this.
  9. Good morning all, There has been much discussion about how brutal our schedule is without much diving into it. This morning I did just that to find ways we can navigate it. I am confident in my results with the silver linings. The key is to take it one game at a time. Look too far out and you get caught in a trap game or you get overwhelmed. Let's hear your thoughts! Key: Home - Away 08/31 - Oregon Ducks This is our first game. We have had all summer to prepare. Oregon is still rebuilding, so we have a decent chance of winning this outright. 09/07 - Tulane Green Wave First home game. This should be a game we can fix our mistakes from the first game and improve. 09/14 - Kent State Golden Flashes Second home game. This should be a game we can continue to fix our mistakes from the first game and improve. 09/21 - Texas A&M Aggies By the time we arrive at this game, we have had two weeks to prepare for Texas A&M. Texas A&M has only had one week to prepare for us as they played Clemson in week 2. 09/28 - Mississippi State Bulldogs This is a home game for us without three of their top players from the year before that gave us fits. We only have game week to prepare, but they are in the same position having just played Kansas State and Kentucky prior. This should be a very winnable game without it being close. 10/05 - Florida Gators This game is one of the most worrisome for me. A lot for Florida to play for in this one. They have lost the last three games to Auburn. Florida also has had a week to prepare for us as they played Townson the week prior. 10/12 - BYE WEEK Week of rest is always a good one. 10/19 - Arkansas Razrobacks Great tuneup for Auburn. Being an SEC team, never sleep on the Razrobacks, but we should win this fairly soundly. 10/26 - LSU Tigers This away game and the Florida away game are the two games that I do not like going into. I never believed in the LSU curse of Auburn not being able to win there. So playing in that stadium does not faze me more than any other away game. LSU is coming off of an away game to Mississippi State and having played Florida the week before. We should be fairly even with time to game plan. 11/02 - Ole Miss Rebels Home game. This could be a trap game if we sleep on them, but at home I still like our chances. 11/09 - BYE WEEK Critical timing of this bye as we get an extra week to rest and prepare for Georgia, at home. 11/16 - Georgia Bulldogs This game is at home. They do not scare me as much as other fans. They lost a lot of players to the draft the previous year. Georgia does not have a bye before us. They play Bryant's Missouri team. Advantage for Auburn. 11/23 - Samford Bulldogs Another home tune up for the next week. 11/30 - Alabama Crimson Tide Big game as always, but at home.
  10. Best thing for us right now. There is no way I would ship 1st round draft picks to another team just to unload CP. That guy is not worth it or the money he is owed. He creates so much drama in every locker room he goes. That is more of an outlier really. I have actually been very proud of our fan base since the Westbrook trade. All of our fans have been so supportive, understanding, and thankful of him. It really has put me in awe. Never seen this before. Told you! He is a really great team player.