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  1. You are missing my point. You don't see scientists rolling around in exotic cars or have multiple houses. What they make from their salaries is a modest life, not the kind of money the fossil fuel industry is throwing at politicians to turn a blind eye. No one thinks they will be a scientist so they can make bank.
  2. I will be at the Tennessee/Auburn game on Saturday. I sure hope we show out.
  3. Why do people who believe in climate change need to be called cultish? That in itself is childish. There is nothing wrong in wanting to protect the planet and reverse the pollution and damage we are doing to it. Also, many need to realize those that are in support of ending climate change have nothing financially to gain from it. Those that support the fossil fuel industry have a lot of money to lose from it. You don't see scientists getting filthy rich from their research.
  4. I believe he is dealing with a lingering injury.
  5. Ah my mistake then. My bad @cole256
  6. I am pretty sure you have at least insinuated he was your cousin. I don't think that's a bad thing though. If he is your family, hype him up! Peter Konz, four-year center for Wisconsin under Belima and starter for the Falcons as the 55th pick in the 2012 draft before he tore his knee up, is my cousin. I am proud of him just like you rightfully are of Mark.
  7. Just focus on the calves only. If you don't have calves, then you aren't really working out.
  8. Not as trendy as them lifting up their shirt taking selfies thinking they are ripped when they are really just skin and bones.
  9. Yes, BUT, was a poster installed in the locker room asking the players to get HARD for their coach like Harsin?
  10. This. I never got why people couldn't understand this concept.
  11. People are more likely to comment or leave feedback when things are going really well or really bad. It's the reason why you take online reviews of businesses with a grain of salt. The people motivated to post are doing so off of emotion.
  12. It's been said that Finley is looking to stay at Auburn this semester so he can graduate and then transfer out to play with his brother. To keep his scholarship he returned to workouts. I would expect him to transfer after spring ball. I am happy to see he has an emphasis on graduating.
  13. abw0004


    I don’t hate Deon or want him to fail. I understand what he was doing at Jackson with what he was saying. It’s similar to LaVar Ball and what he was doing. He didn’t care what kind of publicity it was, as long as it got eyes to his cause. I do think it’s odd though he won’t give boosters the time of day. Time will tell if that strategy will work out.
  14. Even if we hired him, he would have left in a second for UGA. I don't see Smart wanting to play Alabama every year for the rest of his coaching career. At UGA it's not guaranteed he will play Alabama each year.
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