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  1. No problem. Golf is super nice, so if he facepalms and it’s not obviously sarcastic then just ask him what’s wrong. Not at all. I just noticed a lot of NWALA Tiger’s questions are already answered on the Eagle’s Nest, despite those saying no information comes out of there.
  2. A lot of the answers to your questions are answered on the Eagles Nest. Sometimes we can't answer because the poster with the knowledge asked it not to leave that side of the forum. I know others have told you that it is not worth the $5 donation to have access, but all of the posters you have been asking about where they are, are over there.
  3. My understanding that if you are not married to the woman that the man can still run away? Is that incorrect?
  4. They use if before every home game to warm up as well.
  5. Like my view on guns, I have somewhat of an interesting stance on abortion, if anyone is willing to read my thoughts on here. I want to repeat what I said above that the law should not have been overturned, or allowed to be overturned. I think once the Supreme Court rules, it is law and in stone. I do not agree with abortion, unless it is rape or incest. I am in the belief that if it is not rape, sex is a choice and how safely you choose to go about it. Pregnancy is a consequence of it, which can be a wonderful thing. Too many people these days in general, do not want to take responsibility for their actions. NOW, having said this, I think the men need to be held at least financially responsible. You do not get the option to walk away from your baby. Just like I said above, sex is a choice the man also made and should be held accountable. So, if we take away abortion, we need to add a law to force the fathers to at the minimum financially support the baby and the mother. No more dead-beat dads. You don't get the choice to be a coward and run away.
  6. Maybe this is my ignorance, but I always had the train of thought that once the Supreme Court ruled on a subject it was set in stone and could not be overturned in the future. As a pro-life person, that is what I do not like, is that they undid the ruling.
  7. Typically I would agree with this but Etheridge and Caddy are the only reason we have the recruits on board that we currently have. Caddy is also the only reason Tank didn’t transfer. To Mikey’s credit, he is right that we have been negatively recruited against for many years now, but we’re still able to close on very good prospects. This is going to be a black eye if Harsin manages to push away a recruit whose legal name is our university itself. That’s about as bad as losing a certain LB recruit with Auburn tattooed on his forearm many years ago.
  8. I don’t want to repeat what others have said, but expand a little: A lot of posters won’t go on this side of the forum anymore, and will only post on the Eagles Nest. Some have left entirely, and in part due to some of the posters on this thread alone. It didn’t use to be this way, and I actually thought it would get better with Malzahn gone. With how our current 2023 recruiting class is going and our outlook for the season is projected, hopefully it will get better with the next coach. One can only hope. Edit: This is also the down period for the forum naturally anyways so expect it to be slow.
  9. It looks like Kessler was invited to the Draft tonight. Hopefully that means something good, but I hope this does not set him up for embarrassment like the NFL Draft can do to undrafted players in the first few rounds.
  10. Yes. I think we will have a better idea of where this season will turn out before four games to go however.
  11. As an OKC Fan, I would love to see him play for us.
  12. We just need to teach him to stay off of Twitter and not to create a burner account...
  13. It is disappointing to know that we are now at the point to where we are hoping UGA lands even better players so we can have the guys they ask to decommit because they aren't good enough. I thought we were killing it with recruiting for this class, or has the outlook changed that fast for us?
  14. I do think Holden at least gets the #2 spot, but I am biased. Outside of that, if we start losing big time, I could see Harsin getting desperate like Chizik did in his last year and start burning redshirts left and right to try and find some success somewhere. That is the non-biased side of me seeing how we could see Holden coming in.
  15. Well, it seems that it wouldn’t be unreasonable to ask you do a deep dive on the top 100 colleges as well so we can have a more accurate description. Could you do that by Monday please?
  16. Ah my apologies. I will remove it. That’s what I get for trying to be involved in a sport I don’t follow. 😅
  17. I was really rooting for you guys to win man. It was incredibly frustrating to see all of those unforced turnovers. It was dumb turnovers too. If they had been better focused and taken those turnovers away they are champions.
  18. I will also add to that and say he is a great role model off of the court too. Seems to be a great husband, father, and brother. I don’t think he has ever been in the news for a negative reason. Even when he is upset on the court, it really isn’t that bad. The worst thing he ever did was throw his mouthpiece.
  19. I do. I remember how lovingly she changed out his oxygen tanks. That is the definition of true love when I get to 90 years old.
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