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  1. Skip guns completely. Nunchucks. Ever seen someone try to jump a guy with nunchucks hanging off of his belt? Me either.
  2. Absolutely. I hope Japan knows I respect him and even though I don't agree with his choices (he probably wouldn't agree with all of mine) that doesn't mean I do not like him. In the end we are all still a part of the Auburn Family.
  3. So a few things. Zimbabwe is a corrupt country. They have a corruption scale of 20 out of 100, with 0 being the most corrupt on the scale. They are also the 26th poorest country in the world. So yes it would be suicide for the country not to drop the charges. They need the money and if they convict, they will lose all of that future money because more people will be afraid they will be thrown in jail. It goes back to my original statement with people of wealth taking advantage of poor countries and exploiting their resources. Your main argument is these countries allow this so it should be okay when these are very poor countries. And again, Cecil was not in a regulated hunting area. He was illegally baited out of a protected reserve with an animal carcass tied to a car. As far as sanctions, in July of 2015 the UN council passed a resolution in regard to Cecil's poaching. Not only that but Delta, British Airways, Lufthansa, and South African Airways all banned flying big game trophies on their airlines. I know this was not directed at me, but no I am not a vegetarian. I eat all meats except Veal or endangered animals. I doesn't bother me that you hunt either. Remember my entire family hunts and I used to deep sea fish until I had a change of heart once I got into the aquarium hobby.
  4. Where have I used WWF quotes? You are confusing me with icanthearyou. I am making claims there are not enough elephants. 14% of the population remains and the reason they are going into other territories is because they are being pushed out due to habitat loss. I even gave you sources, again not WWF (even though there is nothing wrong with that organization). Regarding Cecil, go look on Google. Palmer's crew tied a dead animal to a car and drove out of Hwange National 
Park, which is illegal. They then tried to make it look legal, which is also why his guides were arrested. Palmer has done this before in killing a bear in Yellowstone and then dragging it out of the park to claim it was legal. I don't hunt, no. I don't care if you hunt either. I just don't like it when people use reasons that hunting certain endangered animals is helping the population.
  5. There are different estimates on how many elephants are left, but in the grand scheme of how many there used to be (populations are down 86%), I think you can agree it is a fraction. Same with lions, down from an estimated 200,000 continent-wide a century ago to about 20,000 today. Whether it is farm land, or other animal habitat land, is semantics. The fact of the matter is why they are there in the first place and it isn't due to overpopulation. It is habitat loss. Regarding Cecil, I am not sure what to tell you. The chain of events can be easily found using a Google search. Every source says he was baited out of the park. I checked before I posted to be sure.
  6. I may not have been specific enough and that is my fault. The African elephants have been divided up into different sub-species. African forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis) is now listed as Critically Endangered and the African savanna elephant (Loxodonta africana) as Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. Before 2021, African elephants were treated as a single species, listed as Vulnerable; this is the first time the two species have been assessed separately for the IUCN Red List. The number of African forest elephants fell by more than 86% over a period of 31 years, while the population of African savanna elephants decreased by at least 60% over the last 50 years. Your argument in the first paragraph is misleading. Elephants are not overrunning farm land due to overpopulation, but more due to habitat loss. Elephants have no where else to go. This is mainly due to the palm oil plantations cropping up. Regarding Cecil, you forgot to mention one key point. Cecil was baited out of the protected Hwange National Park sanctuary. This in itself is illegal. The point I am making is if you make all of it photo safaris. It would be much more lucrative. If you completely remove big game hunting it would bring more money to they people that actually live there, and not the companies domiciled elsewhere. Most of the money does not reach the rural communities with big game hunting and the issue is not just here. Another interest of mine is climbing Mount Everest and the Sherpas see almost none of the $40,000 fee each climber is to pay for the chance to summit due to the foreign companies pocketing most of the money.
  7. For what it is worth it wasn't a MOD and it was from someone you trust (unless something has changed). I was wrong about his age. He is 55 (DOB: 08/09/1967).
  8. I did make a further edit just in case I did not submit it in time before you read it. I see your quote of me did not include it. The issue is there are only 45,000 African elephants left in the wild. That may sound like a lot, but it isn't on the grand scheme of things. They are also labeled as "critically endangered." You should not be hunting critically endangered animals. I can already tell you what pro-trophy hunters responses will be is that they only hunt old or injured animals of the group. If you want the biggest trophy though with the best rack, it isn't the old one you will go after though. If you look at pictures of their hunts it isn't the old either. You can simply let your eyes answer it for you. You can even see in his photos those are not the old animals. The only exception may be the Lion, however, like I stated above, if you remove the male, that pride he was a part of will fall apart. This was an issue when Cecil the lion was illegally poached a few years ago (I am NOT accusing Japan of poaching).
  9. Oh no. What I mean, is you can take one elephant. You can either receive $45,000 once (because after that the elephant is dead), or be a staple in reoccurring safaris that cost up to $1,500 per night. African Elephants live up to 70 years. That is where you see the money add up. 30 days of safaris is your breakeven point for that elephant assuming only one person per safari (usually 10 - 12 guests per safari).
  10. Without directly disclosing what was said on the Eagle's Nest, DS's people were very unorganized and didn't know what they are doing when it came to reaching out to Auburn. He is also getting up there in age. I want to say he is 63? It isn't too surprising with how relatively new Sanders is in coaching and I think that ship will right itself in time. I think Colorado is a great next step for Prime. If he kills it there then he will be at a premier school in no time. I think he is a great role model as well.
  11. Global Conservation Corps actually gets their funding through eco-tourism, not hunters. Their job is to show young africans growing up that eco-tourism is actually more sustainable and lucrative than big game hunting. 39 times more lucrative in fact. For example, the fee to hunt an elephant is $40-45,000. That same one elephant could bring in $1,600,000 over its lifetime through safaris. That is the funding and mission of GCC.
  12. No problem at all. Now before I begin, let me preface this by saying I am not against hunting for food. Everyone in my family hunts and I have no problem with that. I am a conservationist, but am also pragmatic. In some cases, culling is needed. In this case, it is not needed. The first item I would like to discuss is how this is helping the populations. You did bring up earlier how you go after males, which in theory can work, but not all species, especially lions. In the case of African lions, approximately 600 lions are killed every year on trophy hunts, including lions in populations that are already declining from other threats. When an adult male lion is killed, the destabilization of that lion’s pride can lead to more lion deaths as outside males compete to take over the pride. The source from this is National Geographic. Only 25,000 rhinos remain on this planet as well as 20,000 lions. Those numbers are extraordinarily low. Regarding monetary gain, I will use a quote from Dr. Naomi Rose taken from a HSUS blog: "Regarding the statement that trophy hunters do a lot for conservation, it’s true that some portion of some hunters’ fees goes to conservation in some countries, but it’s rarely the major source of conservation funding. Usually middlemen—commercial outfitters—take the lion’s share of sport hunting proceeds and local communities and conservation and management agencies get the dregs.” To further the point a study on the economic benefit behind lion hunting in Africa concluded that the suggestion that trophy hunting plays a significant role in African economic development is misguided. Revenues constitute only a fraction of a percent of GDP (3%) and almost none of that ever reaches rural communities. Here are a few infographics I found helpful as well:
  13. That is too easy on Harsin. Harsin didn't believe he needed to meet any of the coaches or players. That they needed to come to him and bow before his greatness.
  14. This isn't something to be proud of. It is taking advantage of impoverished countries where gangs control the majority of the hunting lands. Majority of the fees you pay do not go where they say it goes. One of my clients runs the Global Conservation Corps where their sole focus is to get to these kids before the gangs do so they aren't corrupted. It boils down to wealthy people preying on poor people to exhaust their few resources until it is gone.
  15. I wouldn't want him but I could see why we would still offer him.
  16. Yes there was. Spoke very poorly of Auburn too.
  17. Coaches Freeze and Williams meeting with Jeremiah Cobb at Derks in Montgomery
  18. Always hoped he would open up the Johns Creek/Alpharetta pipeline if we could show he can develop here. A lot of athletes live and retire here.
  19. Dude, please stop talking about Deon. I asked nicely a page back. Freeze is our guy.
  20. Guys/girls please don't bring Sanders into this thread. He has nothing to do with the university and is not our coach. All it does is bring more toxicity into another thread.
  21. Good morning all, As it is well known, this past few days has been a whirlwind. A lot of different emotions have come out from anxiety and exasperation of not hiring a football coach to when the moment finally arrived and we had our coach where many were disappointed. It appears we, as Auburn fans, are split on what to do from here. Do we support this coach? Do we lash out on social media? Do we simply just walk away from the university? In trying to stay in true fashion of how I handle my outlook on life I wanted to try to give my two cents. For you new posters, that is finding the positive and why we need to give Hugh Freeze a chance. Auburn Athletics in the modern era was built on second chances. Without us giving people second chances we would not be where we are standing today. Honestly, I think that is in credit to our roots as a university, where we have more churches than bars. Now I am not getting on some moral high horse here, but I really do believe that as Christians, you give grace and forgiveness when it isn't deserved. That you love others and not pass judgement when you expect to go to God and ask him not to judge you. Without these second chances, we would not have won our second National Championship. Remember, Cam Newton was charged with a felony. Not a misdemeanor. A felony. We gave him a second chance and I am glad we did. Not because of what he did on the field, but what he gave to us off of the field too. Remember Nick Marshall? He was also arrested and kicked out of Georgia. There are plenty of other players like this too like Tray Matthews, or even in-house like Stephen Roberts getting arrested for carrying a gun that wasn't his. They all asked for a second chance and deservingly received it. Heck, Bruce Pearl definitely was asking for a second chance. Remember how upset people were when we hired that guy? Many thought he didn't deserve anything. Well, Auburn being Auburn gave him just that, a second chance. Now we went from a program that Auburn tried to pay students to attend in Spirit Points to sold out arenas where students have to wait hours outside just to get a seat. Of course there are some offenses that you can offer forgiveness to but at the same time not give him a second chance. From what I have seen it is not to that level. Yes, Hugh Freeze paid players. Guess what, almost every powerhouse did that and they definitely do now with the NIL up and running. Yes, Freeze had a demon that he was dealing with in the form of prostitution. But again, that is not for us to judge and if his whole family has forgiven him and he has taken steps to eradicate that demon, it isn't anything to worry over. And yes, I have seen his messages to the sexual assault victim but that was very heavily vetted by our notoriously conservative compliance department and it was a non-issue to them. What I am not doing is excusing Hugh Freeze's past. I am not saying we forget about it and turn a blind eye. What I am saying is to give him a chance. What is most important is how our players and future players feel about him as our head coach. So far it has been very positive. Of course there will most likely be some transfers and some former players disapproving. After every coaching change there are transfers. Unless Hugh beats Harsin's insane record of >40 players transferring out, it is nothing to panic over. Hugh is serious about this second chance and I think we see it in his contract. Relatively speaking, Freeze is getting paid very little with a lot of clauses in there to allow Auburn to pull the cord if he even thinks about stepping over the line. One of those clauses is his inability to use social media. I think that is a great move. For those of you who attend Church of the Highlands, Chris Hodges does the same thing. He does not manage his social media to avoid any kind of potential temptation. His team handles it. Have any of you done something that makes you cringe just thinking about it? I have many of those. I am also really glad I have been offered forgiveness and I want to pay it forward to Hugh. I am excited for what the new day brings our program. Our fans and players deserve it. So, please consider giving him a second chance.
  22. If the players want to play then let's do it. I am always up for seeing our seniors play one more game. They deserve it.
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