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    If Malzahn returns

    Tre Williams was here for a full 4 years. His issue was more health related. He is super talented, and was the brain of our defense last year. But he just got injured often. Great Auburn guy and happy to have him here this year helping us in recruiting.
  2. abw0004

    If Malzahn returns

    We would lose commitments too. Some have already flat out said that is Gus leaves, they leave. The OP is a loaded question because naturally we are going to see more transfers due to the updated rules. It is happening everywhere.
  3. As always, thanks for your input!
  4. abw0004

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Unfortunate how things are turning out. I honestly have been okay with our play calls. I think for me, the missed catch by Davis and the missed catch (overthrow) to Boobie at the end of the first half is what did us in. It happens.
  5. abw0004

    Men vs #25 Washington

    This defense is really something. Can’t say enough about it. That’s the problem is the NBA is they only care about offense now. It’s nice seeing offense AND defense
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    Last Two Drives

    I was watching the Auburn Review show last night and a few things caught my eye to the point that I had to go watch the game itself. There were some things I did not catch while at the game. Of course there were the obvious items that everyone saw which were the pace the drives were run at and the receivers catching the 50-50 balls. One thing I did notice on the TV however was how locked in Stidham truly was. When he needed to step up in the pocket to buy time he did. Stidham has not done this all year. He looked confident and was going to make the throw no matter what. Not only that but our line did their job across the board to give Stidham that time. Maybe I am just in a really good mood today, but if that can carry over I really do think we have a shot in this game. If we bring back our tempo and wear out Georgia's young defense it will only pay dividends. This game means a lot to our Georgia natives on the team so I believe this team will be locked and loaded come gametime. We have the talent, just needed confidence, confidence that we now have. For reference, beginning at 2:22 on the video.
  7. abw0004

    All Things NBA Thread

    Have to give a shoutout to my OKC Thunder winning 7 in a row without two starters! Also need to recognize Carmelo Anthony for just being a genuinely good person. Dropped by the OKC locker room last night to tell everyone hello. Wish him well in Houston.
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    Tell me how we can beat Uga

    Test their defensive backs. If we play like we did in those last two drives on both sides of the ball in the Texas A&M game we win. I have watched all of the UGA games and they were not as impressive as they think they are. We can win this if we focus.
  9. abw0004

    Last Two Drives

    Are you saying @GwillMac6 is your cousin?
  10. abw0004

    My thoughts

    May be hesitant going to the rim due to the nature of how he got his shoulder injury last year.
  11. abw0004

    Stats from the last 3 games in Athens...

    I am willing to give 2016 a pass because our team was absolutely demolished injury-wise. 2014 the team really had given up. 2012 was 2012. Unfortunately I was at the 2014 game. Never have a good experience there due to their fans. It was to the point where we had to surround my mother trying to get to the car. I was at the Auburn-Georgia basketball game last season though. It was nice to watch Georgia lose to Auburn, in any sport. I have said it before in my own thread but I really believe we can win this.
  12. abw0004

    19 yards of Rushing

    Thank you for the post.
  13. abw0004

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    Need my man Dinson to bring that fire to the Georgia game to win it! Let's get it done this week! Stay locked in!
  14. abw0004

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    If I remember correctly Gus let Steele hire hire his own secondary coach. Was given the full freedom to do so and hired Brown.
  15. Good morning all, I hope this finds everyone in good spirits. It has been a while since I have had the opportunity to post this thread, and hard to believe I will only have one more in the regular season. For whatever reason I thought for the second home game in a row "It's too cold for me to get sunburned." Well, the joke is on me because I don't tan, I just straight up burn. You can see a clear imprint of where my sunglasses sit on my face. Let's get this week off to a great start. Military Appreciation Weekend: I believe this is a fine place to start. As most of you know, this game was the military appreciation game. In all honesty, every home game feels like a military appreciation game the way Auburn honors the military. It is a welcome sight and makes me proud of our outstanding ROTC program. This game was no different. Every break was honoring another veteran and was just a cool thing to be a part of. The Auburn marching band also played their part in honoring the armed services. Texas A&M's band was just a fun band to watch. It was very old school, and fun to watch since it just is not seen anymore. The precision required to pull off their sets is one that take a lot of practice. And of course you could not start this game without a flyover! Texas A&M Fans: From the beginning of their introduction to the SEC, Texas A&M fans has always been pleasant to be around. VERY loud, and this is an understatement, but respectful. How they synchronize their swaying between the third and fourth quarters is definitely something to watch. I welcome back their fan base anytime. Defense: This game was one that our defense really needed the offense to prop them up until they got their act together. Everything just seemed out of rhythm. They did step up in the fourth quarter when needed though. When everyone else seemed to have given up, the defense stood in defiance and would not give in. For those that questioned Steele this past week with his contract details, I will never understand that. Where Steele and his coaches have taken our defense from 2014 is so progressive it isn't even funny. The developmental side of the program is mind boggling. We have true freshmen out there playing like veterans. This is showing in our recruiting too. Pay Steele what it takes to retain him. Offense: Well there is not much else to say about this offense. The rush attack was simply not there. I was very pleased with how the offensive line bought time for Stidham to make the throws. I felt like they improved in this area, but did not improve in the run game. Tega next year should be a beast for us. I no longer watch him closely to see if he holds up because, to me, he appears to hold his own now. 4th Quarter: I feel like this needed it's own paragraph. Many had given up on Auburn. Fans were starting to leave. The air was just sucked out of the stadium. And then the interception happened. At that time I was still a little weary as the offense still needed to do something. All of the sudden the light kicked on for our offense. The engine turned over and redlined. Stidham looked like his old self and we just marched down the field, twice. Seth Williams' catch was near where I have my seats and it felt like it happened in slow motion. It appeared Seth knew the whole time he was catching it. It honestly looked like he was just catching a football in practice, that is was nothing. This guy is going to be a stud. It was a feeling I have not felt all year to be honest. It was a good feeling. That Auburn was not going to be denied. I walked out of that game feeling better than I have in a long time. Moving Forward: As I said in another thread, maybe it is the eternal optimist in me, maybe it is still the excitement I felt from the 4th quarter that has not quite worn off yet. I genuinely believe we can win the Georgia game, in Athens. Before you clutch your heart and feel like "This is it!" thinking you are having a heart attack, hear me out. I have watched all of Georgia's games this year. They have really struggled, and do not pull away until late in the game. LSU dominated them. Yes they did soundly beat Kentucky, but this Kentucky team also lost to Texas A&M. I can't describe it, but I just have a feeling this Auburn team will be ready for the task. And here we are, bowl eligible, and going into my favorite week of the year. I have had Georgia circled on my calendar all year. Those from Georgia will understand my plight against that school. It is time to put our best foot forward and see what we are really made of. And by the way, .
  16. I think that was the point... He was taking what you said literally as a joke. It's actually pretty funny
  17. abw0004

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    Oh I trust WDE 100% and have a lot of respect for what he says. And I have told him this. I was really referring to the fact that it wouldn’t be the best move to have Freeze employed in the SEC while Ole Miss is on probation. That would be the biggest kick in the face. While Ole Miss is on a ban, Freeze is carrying on in the SEC like nothing happened. But the ban would be up next season correct? So it would be a tad better.
  18. abw0004

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    Haven’t thought about it that way. Good post
  19. abw0004

    Georgia kickoff 6 p.m.

    Maybe it’s the eternal optimist in me, but in the stadium yesterday the 4th quarter was a different feeling. I don’t know how to describe it. I have not felt that all season. I knew no matter what we were going to win. Stidham seemed very confident and the offensive line did their job. I just have this odd feeling we will do just fine come Saturday.
  20. abw0004

    Georgia kickoff 6 p.m.

    I honestly think Georgia is beatable. If our confidence from the last two drives carry over we can beat them. I have watched all of their games this season and have not been impressed. Not saying we will win, but that it won’t be as bad as some think.
  21. abw0004

    Season Ticket Sales 2019

    @ChltteTiger, when I say the things I say, it’s not to rag on you. Just to help you. It doesn’t matter to me if you like or dislike a coach. That’s your opinion. It’s just that if you make multiple threads saying the same thing it can get tiresome. That’s why I suggested to just comment on other threads. It creates more work for the mods as well having to keep merging your threads with others to keep the clutter down.
  22. abw0004

    Season Ticket Sales 2019

    I have a feeling you are still in middle/high school. Not trying to knock on you at all when I say that. Just the way you talk and act does not give the impression that you are much older. Again not a knock.
  23. abw0004

    Season Ticket Sales 2019

    You actually did. It just shows you aren’t a person of your word if you make a statement like you did a few weeks ago and still continue to watch. For someone who is trying to call out someone else for coming out of the woodworks, you literally only come around when the times are bad. Did not see you post in the spring after after the Iron Bowl. People who have season tickets are usually there no matter what. And I can say these things because I am actually a season ticket holder. I was there in 2010 and 2013, but I was also there in 2011 and 2012.