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  1. Good morning all, I hope this email finds everyone in better spirits than Saturday night or yesterday for that matter. I also want to take a moment to say for everyone in the Auburn Family that was in the path of Hurricane Florence, you are in my prayers. I know the after-affects of the rain is the scary part, just like with Katrina, the damage came after the hurricane hit. Let's do this shall we? Weather: Man this sure was a hot one. It may have been the worst it has been that I have ever attended. Not only that but it was very humid. I was not sure if we were cheering harder for Auburn or the shade from the sun setting. Jordan-Hare Attendance: I have said this the past two weeks, and I am once again forced to mention it again. Auburn has not been able to fill it's stadium this year. Frankly, I don't know if we will this year. If a top 10 match-up didn't do it against Washington, and a top 15 SEC match-up won't do it, maybe nothing will. I suspect it might be that this season is the season that Georgia and Alabama are away games, so not as many bought season tickets, viewing our home schedule as a "down season." LSU: Their players really are the worst. Their players were intentionally trying to start fights, and taunted our fans. This was very apparent on kick-offs where they went straight to the student section and make a few gestures that shouldn't have been tolerated. Obviously this did not stop after the win. It is apparent seeing this in person and the off-season turmoil that Coach O has zero control over his team. Their fans really weren't that bad though, which was a little surprising. Officiating: I really am not upset with our coaching or players for this loss. I really do blame the referees for this one, which has been said here before. It is almost as if they said "Look LSU is going to win this game no matter what." Everyone in the stadium was furious the whole fourth quarter. I know you heard it on the TV as well as much as we were booing. A family friend sitting next to me at the game is a UGA graduate, and she even agreed the referees were costing us this game for no reason. I would really like to know how they graded out and I hope Malzahn submits a few plays to be reviewed. Freshmen: I do not know about you but these freshmen are really something. I remember when those on this forum were upset that Malzahn could not get a higher ranked class for 2018. Man he sure made us forget about any ranking we had and that star rankings are not everything. We have freshmen soaring in the depth charts, and that is not because we have zero depth or zero talent. In this game, I have to point out Mr. Shivers, or WORM. He will be a joy to watch in the years to come. Special Moment: I have always enjoyed seeing the lengths Auburn goes to in making someone feel welcome and loved in the stadium. They do what they always do in honoring our military (there was also a flyover this game). Auburn did something different Saturday. They brought a little boy on the field with his sister. Not over 10 years old. The announcer described that he had gone though 4 chemo treatments and is finally cancer-free. He is an avid Auburn fan and just wanted to see his team play. But that wasn't all. Next they asked him to look at the video board for a special announcement. What do you know, former Auburn punter, Kevin Phillips, was on the screen to say how proud he was and that he and his family were going to Disneyworld! To watch this little boy hug his sister our of excitement was well worth the heat and humidity we had to sit through. The family friend next to me who is a UGA grad whose son is in the ROTC program at Auburn said that moment officially won her over. Looking Forward: If you recall, at this time last year after the LSU loss, I made a thread titled "The World is Not Falling," and I caught a large amount of flak over it. So much so that the mods had to lock the thread. But it turns out, everything I said came true. After that loss, Auburn kicked it into gear and won out the rest of the regular season. We are 2-1, not 1-2 or 0-3. As of today we still have everything in front of us. We need to continue to improve, and continue to let these freshmen develop as they are showing really great potential. We are still ranked in the top 10 with many more statement games to come. For the Arkansas game, Auburn is asking fans to wear BLUE. Getting back on track started yesterday.
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    My Thoughts From the Stadium (LSU)

    I wouldn't say that. His players are also getting arrested, most recently for abusing women. Gus' players have not done any of that.
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    Attendance ... AU vs. LSU

    I noticed it too. Every single game so far fans have not showed out like they should have.
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    2018 Hype Video Thread

    Good afternoon everyone, As Big Cat Weekend has come to a close, and we are officially within 100 days until Auburn Football kicks back in, I felt the need to start up my annual Auburn football hype video thread again. Please feel free to post any videos you find so we all can gear up and get ready! A few ground rules: 1. This thread is only for Auburn Football hype videos. 2. No commentary will be allowed that derails the topic. 3. This is a fun, light-hearted thread so the bashing of any forum user, player, staff member, or coach will not be tolerated. @RunInRed got us started, so I will repost his video and will also add a few!
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    Redemption starts today. Let’s do this. War Eagle!
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    The Official Meltdown Thread

    That would have been my first guess since the two teams are so close together...
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    Player Departures 2018-19

    CEO of the Rockets
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    Player Departures 2018-19

    To put any worries to rest, I would like to declare I will return as a fan for the 2019-2020 season.
  9. Please share around so everyone knows what to wear! I was fortunate enough to have one of the Auburn retailers relay to me what Auburn told them what they are asking the fan base to wear for each game. And they are as follows: September 8: ASU- First home football game, no color September 15: LSU - All Auburn All Orange September 22: Arkansas - Creed 75th Anniversary Celebration and Wear Navy game September 29: Southern Miss - Homecoming & Parents Weekend, no color October 13: Tennessee - Stripe the Stadium (wear orange or blue by section) November 3: Texas A&M - Military Appreciation game
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    I know it's only been two games but...

    The perfect AUFamily thread. A little controversial, a little factual, and a lot of derailments. Is it Saturday yet?
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    LSU Visitor List & Thread

    Can we even fit this many people in the new recruiting lounge?
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    I know it's only been two games but...

    As always, thank you for your input.
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    I know it's only been two games but...

    I will say this: Each time we count a certain position group out, they end up being one of the best assets to our team. In 2016, it was the linebackers. In the 2017 it was the receivers. This year it is the offensive line. One thing I think would benefit us is what Ole Miss did against us in 2016. In that year, their offensive line was terrible, so they did a lot of bubble screens and pop passes. It worked against us. Thoughts? This is just the sunshine in me, but I do believe our line can continue to improve. They are doing well in pass protection and picking up blitzes fairly well. Our new usage of the TE will force defenses to stay on him and respect him. I still believe it can work.
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    I know it's only been two games but...

    Is that a ray of sunshine emitting from your orifice? Welcome!
  15. Good morning all, I hope this finds you all well on this September day. Another game, another win. Let's get started shall we? Toomer's Corner: I wanted to start out and say everyone involved in the shooting at the McDonald's Saturday night is in my prayers. I know one of those injured was an Auburn student. The scary part is I walked right by that group of people minutes before it all happened. I could tell something was not right so I had my date to the game walk around to get to the car as we usually cut through McDonald's as I am parked feet from there. I know this morning the shooter was found which was good but still never a good feeling knowing children were at Toomer's rolling he trees. Home Opener: As usual the day was a warm one. Luckily it was a night game so by the time I got to my seat I was already in the shade which was nice. By gametime though I was a little disappointed that the stadium was not full. It was not barren, but you could tell the stadium was not full. I do not really know what is happening as a top 10 match-up in Atlanta did not motivate Auburn fans to attend, and the season home opener did not motivate fans either. I hope the SEC opener against LSU will get more people to turnout, so we shall see. By halftime I noticed everyone had cleared out around where the recruits normally sit, with the exception of the recruits and not was not a good sight to see. Not an impression I would have liked to make. Hype videos: Everyone knows on this forum I am a connoisseur of hype videos. This year did not disappoint. SPOILER ALERT: If you wish to see the videos yourself, do not read this section. By far the best video this year was the inspiration video Auburn plays after our team takes the field. Mr. Takeo Spikes was the narrator and man did he deliver. The whole stadium was ready to run through a wall after his video. I just wish the ASU band knew when to stop playing as they played right through the video and they are pointed right at my section so it was hard to hear what he was saying. For those going this weekend, you are in for a treat! Injuries: These games always scare me to death. It is just a good way for a starter to get injured. I always think back to Joshua Holsey in 2015. We sure had a scare with Darrell Williams. It just isn't worth it to me for any starter to play for a long time. Even if that makes the score less of a blowout. Welcome Back!: Speaking of injures, welcome back Mr. Hastings and Mr. Stove. I noticed in the warm-ups Hastings was in full uniform, but I kept thinking "There is no way he will play. Dinson dressed out for the 2016 season and didn't play either." Next thing I see is Hastings running a fly for a deep ball. The last time I got that excited just to see him and Eli out there was when Carl Lawson returned for Ole Miss in 2015. Freshmen: Do we have a bright future or what? Our freshmen receivers are really something. I had the perfect angle on Anthony Schwartz's touchdown and initially Stidham overthrew him, but Anthony turned the NOS on and hit a new gear to catch that thing. It was good to see him, Harold Joiner, and THE WORM get their first touchdowns. Saturday will be a special day in their lives that will be forever remembered. One cool moment was when Worm got his touchdown, Deshaun Davis went up to him and was congratulating him for about 2 minutes. So happy to see how close this team really is. Back-ups: Malik Willis worries me with his progress. He still has time to improve, but if Stidham goes down we are in trouble. Bo Nix is going to make a strong push next year for the starting position. Outside of that our defensive side of the ball did really well. Our line held up well, and our secondary may be stronger next year than our defensive line. Joiner needs more looks for the wildcat in my opinion. It will also great to see Devan Barrett get that touchdown. He has faced a lot of adversity, and I was so happy to see him get the scoop and score. LSU WEEK: This is a big one for us! For those that do not know the history, whenever Auburn travels to LSU, typically it is a 3:30 PM game. LSU always makes sure we are on the side that is in the direct sun. They also never permit us to bring our cooling benches. This is why you see our players cramp often in that game. Now it is our turn to return the favor. This is why I am glad it is a 3:30 PM game. Bring it on! Auburn is also asking all fans to wear ORANGE to this game. Please spread the word. See you on Saturday!
  16. Thanks for pointing this out. I actually did forget. Honestly I would put Cord above Malik as of today.
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    Takeo Spikes Pregame Video

    It would have been better is ASU’s band knew when to stop playing.
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    Stadium noise

    I actually thought it was fine. It may be where you are sitting if you are closer to the speakers. Their 3rd down pump up shorts are really good and gets me hyped.
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    “Home. Every time I come back, it’s a ‘War Eagle.’ It’s a ‘Go Tigers.’ It’s a glass of lemonade. Rolling through College and Magnolia NEVER gets old. Who I am is deeply rooted in this place I call home. It’s a spirit. It’s family. It’s my home. And once you have experienced it, you will never be the same.” War Eagle!
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    ASU Game Tomorrow

    I always suggest to be in the stadium 1 hour beforehand. I have done that all my life and it never gets old. Marching band, eagle flying, hype videos... Even the starting lineup videos are great now!
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    What colors to wear for each game

    Exactly! Although Auburn has let the retailers know Gus will be wearing white tomorrow for what it's worth.