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  1. Brown 4th Tiger to enter draft

    So when all of the rest of your teammates don't hire an agent it makes it even more puzzling why Mustapha hired one.
  2. Bracket re-set

    I dont think we were at all. We just didnt come to play yesterday. Felt like watching Auburn again.
  3. **2018 Masters Tournament Thread**

    I just want an American to win. Since we have lost the last 2. To That guy, everyone hasn't heard from since and Serg...
  4. Purifoy eligibility

    9 games
  5. **2018 Masters Tournament Thread**

    I think Tiger will just make the Cut, I wonder how Jordan is going to do, I hope he wins. Phil is also getting hot at the right time.
  6. Purifoy eligibility

    When did the NCAA clear him anyway?
  7. Purifoy eligibility

    I am 99% sure its games
  8. Purifoy eligibility

    They way i understand it is that using this year schedule he would be back after 9 games which would be in Mid December
  9. Purifoy eligibility

    He will have to miss the first 30% of the year but after that he is good 2 go! "The Auburn president’s office just sent this to me. The NCAA ruled that Danjel Purifoy will regain his eligibility after the first 30 percent of next basketball season. Danjel is happy with the decision and excited for next season. "We worked diligently with the NCAA on behalf of both our student-athletes who were ineligible this season,” said Auburn President Steve Leath. “The process was arduous, but it was important that we do everything we could to put Danjel Purifoy and Austin Wiley in the best position to resume their Auburn basketball careers. We're happy for them and their teammates and coaches."-Brandon Marcello
  10. Was that CBP last game?

    I am not saying that he is going to be fired or reporting something crazy, I am just asking if the posters think that he will return.
  11. Was that CBP last game?

    Yeah, I assumed that the mods will go all Debby downer on my poll asking the opinions of the board.
  12. Was that CBP last game?

    Forde broke the whole FBI news.
  13. Was that CBP last game?
  14. Was that CBP last game?

    Due to the FBI investigation do you think that the university will fire him? I certainly hope not but a lot of the journalist covering this he is done and they see no chance he stays.
  15. Men vs. Clemson

    A Mack