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  1. weathergeakal

    Big 12 and SEC challenge

    Its a two-year rotation. so whoever is in the Top 10 in the SEC after this year will be in for the next 2 years.
  2. weathergeakal

    2019 3* TE Tyler Fromm commits!

    ok, so what do yall think the chances are that Jake Fromm transfers out of UGA and comes to Auburn with his bro in 2019?? also if he did transfer out would u want him? I was just dreaming in my head for a sec.
  3. Ew, Bama commit before him.
  4. I realize that now. Thanks
  5. Wait. He doesn't have a UGA hat on the table...
  6. Instate is huge this year, might be the best class we have had instate since I can remember.
  7. weathergeakal

    2018 NFL Draft

    Stunned the Holland might not get drafted..
  8. weathergeakal

    Brown 4th Tiger to enter draft

    So when all of the rest of your teammates don't hire an agent it makes it even more puzzling why Mustapha hired one.
  9. weathergeakal

    Bracket re-set

    I dont think we were at all. We just didnt come to play yesterday. Felt like watching Auburn again.
  10. weathergeakal

    **2018 Masters Tournament Thread**

    I just want an American to win. Since we have lost the last 2. To That guy, everyone hasn't heard from since and Serg...
  11. weathergeakal

    Purifoy eligibility

    9 games