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  1. During the college basketball trial it took a sudden turn to college football. And look who was mentioned.
  2. Scott Woodward is gonna become the new LSU AD. Wow please put article and link when posting info like this.
  3. Also. I have not seen him in any mock draft.
  4. So he can come back but it sounds to me like he is gone gone. Lets hope he reconsiders and comes back
  5. I stopped looking at game threads and just watching the game after the UK game. Your Welcome. 😉 What a game. What a team. What a coach.
  6. IMO, He will get them to relevance. Maybe like Florida where they will make the tourney but cant make a run.
  7. So is UNC. UNC did worse and nothing happened.
  8. Poor Kelly Bryant. Postseason Ban
  10. Move us up to #22 since that's where we started in 2010 😉