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  1. Thanks you ! When you see a team like GA playing sophomores with major success you have to ask why not at Auburn? It’s failure at recruiting, development & coaching and the HC holding position coaches responsible for their results or lack of results in this case.
  2. I’m not sure how we could regress so badly from last year, but glad we have Pearl.
  3. FSU is NOT a good gig, but the new HC inherited a rebuilding mess. FSU will probably allow 3-4 more years for the HC to turn it around. Gus will be in his 8th year and unlikely to see #9 for the mess he has created on his side of the ball. This was my point. The FSU gig offers more uninterrupted years of employment than Auburn.
  4. McGriff will get at least a 3 year gig at FSU. Auburn is likely a 1 year gig. If Gus actually survives 2019,Grimes and our 2020 OL scenario will end it. I hope McGriff comes, but understand if he sees FSU as a more secure move.
  5. Yep and the best years of Auburn FB are ahead of us per Gus.
  6. Wrong ! We missed on prime OL targets last year and this year and development of our OL has been poor. Guys playing this year were not getting it done against better competition. Whitlow did well but was a HS QB & surely not recruited to be “the guy” at RB. Serious luck here. Shivers did well for a Freshman. That is 2 RBs. All of these are facts so you might want to get it right.
  7. Just underwhelmed Gus put himself in a challenging spot by his performance and choosing to double down on himself instead of leaving with a reduced buyout. We are rebuilding at OL, QB & RB going into his 7th year instead of reloading. Our main competitors have a high energy buzz about their program. We needed to be in the top 10 just to stay in the game. On another note if the Pickens deal was dirty and Gus intends to be around beyond this year he needs to get with the NCAA. Looks like Kirby is trying to out-Saban, Saban. Emmert won’t touch Saban but Gus not his future replacement will be able to compete for SECC/NCs sandwiched between bookend cheaters. Reminds me of Dubose thinking he could continue the same s*** Stallings was doing after Stallings bolted . Stallings knew Spurrier, Fuller and others were tired of his act and were going to start calling him out with the NCAA. Dubose carried on Stallings work like an idiot and took the fall. Kirby’s needs to be put in his place ....if he is in fact cheating. War Eagle
  8. The Cain focus seemed negligent at best. Sure, I think he signs with us if Gus had produced this year and stayed off the hot seat, but Gus knew the challenge. Ga & Bama sign 5* RBs every year and we have not signed one under Gus. Hope Caddy can change that for us. All that said, if Gus does not address Grimes & OL recruiting no RB has a shot at consistently tearing it up. War Eagle !
  9. Is there any highly ranked potential surprise for us ? Just curious. I’m going to be pissed if we lose Pickens, but Gus has given our competition plenty to use against us. I doubt it will happen, but replacing Grimes after NSD with a quality OL coach would give me more hope and show growth in Gus’ part as a HC. I realize it is a tall task attracting quality assistants for what might be a one year gig, but only Gus can get himself out of the mess he created. War Eagle
  10. Wisconsin OL & RB coaches have a stable future. No way these guys risk that for a one & done season with Gus. Not happening.
  11. 2010 , 2013 & throw in 2017 if you have to. That is 3 double digit seasons where we were in the hunt. So 3 good seasons & 6 bad to mediocre ones. Flip that to 6 double digit win seasons with a couple championships (in the mix these 6 seasons) and 3 bad seasons and JH is full and money is pouring in for any investments needed. We have continued to have s*** leadership and going to games if you are outside the state is a minimum two night stay and expensive. While all of us have HOPE at the beginning of the season we have been conditioned to expect disappointment under Chizik & Gus unless you are ok with 7-8 win seasons. This impacts ticket sales.
  12. I have yet to see Gus make one proactive hire on his side of the ball to Improve his O staff’s performance. JJ forced Gus’ hand to replace RL. He picks O staffers like a High School AD needing someone coaching say Track & Field to pull double duty and fill a vacated girls volleyball position. How he can’t see the difference in talent, experience & performance of Steele’s assistants versus his is baffling.
  13. Gus is Gus and a 7-8 win HC with top 10 recruiting classes. What happens if he drops off to top 15-20 classes since developing players is a weakness? The SEC has not been at regular strength for several years. GA is now on a roll, TAM & FL will improve. LSU will improve mainly because of Coach O’s recruiting, not coaching. Both MSU & OM will improve some. My point is without major adjustments on the O staff 8-win Gus will become 6-win Gus if allowed to stay beyond 2019. The best managers hire more talented people than themselves or at least people that compliment their weaknesses Gus finally did this on D with Muschamp/Steele, but seems incapable of hiring O staff members that are as talented and qualified as Steele’s team. Gus wants yes-men that won’t challenge him, is not capable of attracting SEC caliber assistants or just weak at recognizing O staff talent. The Grimes, Hand, Grimes part 2 still infuriates me given how important that position is for the O to be effective. Gus seems incapable of evolving as a HC and most of his problems are on his side of the ball. Can you name any successful HC with this same issue ? I don’t see Gus making any proactive SEC caliber staff moves on O and think it is his only hope for being here in 2020. It’s probably too late anyway, but we shall see War Eagle
  14. The cost neutral moves are obviously a challenge. That said, we need a quality OL coach. Gus’ choices of Grimes, Hand & Grimes part #2 have been costly.