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  1. NCTiger1982

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    The hits just keep on coming. Great job Gus since we are so deep at RB and put all of our chips in Cain’s basket. I don’t think Bryant was the answer at QB, but if he asked Stidham for advice I can only image what that exchange was like if honest and open.
  2. NCTiger1982

    Chip Out As AU OC (thread title updated)

    Freeze is the only hope I have for next year. He is a bargain at any price and can teach Gus a few things. Let’s see what he can do. As much damage as our leadership has done with this Gus fiasco Freeze might be the best HC option we have when Gus is finally paid to leave. War Eagle
  3. NCTiger1982

    Get On Board

    Did anyone hear Roy Williams’ postgame interview after a loss last week ? When he said UNC stinks meaning himself as a HC and his team. He was pissed at himself, his team and it was absolutely KILLING him. He took the blame and I know practice at UNC this week is going to be hell. I just thought I would give anything for Gus to have that type of fire and self accountability. Before anyone brings up UNC cheating I’m not comparing compliance, I’m comparing COACHING. If you can find it online listen to it War Eagle
  4. NCTiger1982

    Get On Board

    Since when is a 10 win season a GREAT season ? We should consistently have 10/10+ win seasons if our fan base is serious about consistently being in the SECC/NC hunt ! Don’t give me history because Dye’s time with fewer games per season would have been in line. Our two biggest obstacles are severely lacking leadership which has come to the surface yet again (Gus retained) and too many in our fan base are satisfied with mediocrity and an occasional good season. Call bama dillisional, but while you’re at it add GA and LSU to the list and probably TAM now. It’s called program expectations. I would like to see us added to this list but our fan base can’t even come together to put pressure on our “leadership” to grow a pair and take the steps necessary to make us a championship contender. War Eagle !
  5. NCTiger1982

    Gus wins (Decison made)

    Leadership just showed they are NOT committed to SECC/NCs. The money and their egos rank ahead of what is best for Auburn. I can now see how JJ was a perfect fit for these guys and why JJ lasted so long making numbnut decision after numbnut decision. I have asked before, but how in the hell have our BOTs been so successful in biz ? The Auburn AD is big biz and if they make decisions in their own biz like they make for us in the AD I don't know how they have not imploded. I know they love Auburn but daaaaaamn ! JJ was loving Auburn to death and these guys are on a mission to finish the job.
  6. NCTiger1982


    I’m sure you guys heard the chant Georgia fans were yelling about Auburn during an ESPN session with Herb, Corso, Reece & Howard. Over the last 8 years or so Georgia fans have really ratcheted up their level classlessness. I don’t get their entitlement mentality or understand their high opinion of themselves. I can’t pull for bama, but was not real upset about bama beating them. On the recruiting front one more NC by bama ( should they win) does not make our HC’s job harder but GA winning an NC certainly would. I never thought I would hate a fan base as much as bama, but Georgia has closed a lot of that gap. I just don’t understand fan bases that can’t enjoy their own success and leave it at that. War Eagle !
  7. NCTiger1982

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    The “leadership” has handled this so poorly. I’m glad Lowder is not around , but at least the dude was committed to winning. He made mistakes during his dictatorship, but I never questioned his desire for Auburn to be a winner. All these BOTs have had their shot at being king for a day and failed to deliver jack as far as a championship HC in FB. Ego and money are more important than getting it RIGHT . The press is not Auburn friendly anyway and don’t need help getting ammo to trash us with 1) The damage to Auburn’s image is done with this recent Beverly Hillbillies clown show 2) The only thing that will restore it is a bigtime hire sending a message AU is committed to SECC/NCs. Anything less than a winner will be lipstick on a pig 3) I know all of the details of this can’t be shared , but the BOT, Prez & AD better be prepared to recap what actually happened here if they want one of the most intensely loyal fan bases in the NCAA to remain that way. They owe us the freaking truth. 49mil will look small in comparison to what’s coming the next 3-5 years if they screw this up. War Eagle
  8. If this new contract biz is true I am more pissed now than I was when hearing about 49 mil contract last year !The leaked info on Stoops to get leverage for a reduced contract shows me the BOT played the fan base. Their #1 focus is the MONEY. The money is more important than winning SECCs & NCs. This is going to cost Auburn a lot more than 49 mil over the next few years. It is fitting that we were TN’s first SEC win since we look to be fully committed to becoming the worst program in the SEC. The BOT are no better than JJ at mishandling contracts and hiring decisions. You guys are a damn embarrassment to us all ! How in the hell did any of you run successful businesses ? What a s&/% show War Eagle !
  9. NCTiger1982

    POSTGAME THREAD: AU 21 Bama 52

    Careful there...… will get ripped by the part of our fan base that is OK with 7 & 8 win seasons.
  10. NCTiger1982

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    To your point name one successful HC that CONSISTENTLY has or had problems on his side of the ball ? There is not one.
  11. NCTiger1982

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    Game decided and bama players balling out like it is in doubt. Expectations for being on the field are night and day.
  12. NCTiger1982

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    Sidham playing bama, LSU, GA and even a rebuilding FL would look better. It is coaching, player development, execution......that happens under SEC caliber assistants.
  13. NCTiger1982

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    Nice stop
  14. NCTiger1982

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    Took guts and need more of that
  15. NCTiger1982

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    Time for Gus to dig deep into the play books to find play #6