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  1. I remember several AU fans yelling "Watch Your Purse" to my wife as we walked around campus before the game. Great win and had a great trip back home LSU PURSE SNATCHING Louisiana Lightning Sticky fingers and fast feet made LSU senior flanker and co-captain Larry Foster a football star. Now those qualities might land him in jail. Foster was arrested last week for purse snatching after four other LSU students chased him into a bathroom. According to university cops, Foster swiped a purse from a female student at about 10:30 a.m. on Sept. 13 as she sat on the steps of Hines Hall on the campus's main quadrangle. Two bystanders pursued him about half a mile to the Music & Dramatic Arts Building, where two more students joined the chase. Foster ducked into a men's room. When he emerged and the posse confronted him, Foster identified himself, showing his driver's license to one of the students, and walked away. One witness found the purse--minus about $20--in the bathroom. University police charged Foster with felony purse snatching, which in Louisiana carries a mandatory minimum jail sentence of two years. He did not play in last Saturday's 41-7 loss to Auburn
  2. So sorry for your loss. Praying for you!
  3. Getting turned down by Napier and Clark should have opened the eyes of the PTB. If true, there are crack houses run better then this
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