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  1. I'll be at the game tonight watching Tank (#1 RB in the nation) as well as a couple of Auburn coaches
  2. see what i try explain about not only people on this site but fans in general, is that if you got nothing good to say about a coach or player keep it to yourself. coaches and players hear and see this stuff and you are only hurting the Auburn program that you say you love so much. one of my coaches favorite saying was......."It is better to be thought ignorant, than to open your mouth and erase all doubts"
  3. and you think RS players get reps? come on now
  4. it's the same thing, he sat out a year before coming to Auburn and he practiced with a high school team the whole time.....same thing, he was 2 years removed from high school before he came to Auburn so lets see what Bo's numbers are his third year out of high school
  5. yes he was, he sat out a year from Baylor to Auburn and took a RS
  6. yea but when Bo has a bad game it makes Gus a bad coach..............nice logic
  7. well well well you guys still want Cristobal........ he has lost to a true freshmen making his first college start and he just lost to a 5-5 ASU team with a QB that most say will be the #1 QB taken in the draft( oh by the way if Auburn had their schedule this year Auburn would be undefeated. ) I'll pass on Cristobal
  8. you are not are in your prime....I'm 45 One year during the spring I was in Arizona and my cousin came out to hang out with me....he played baseball in high school and college, was a pretty good catcher..... he wanted to hit against me and a two seam fast ball got away from me and hit him in the back just below the ribs.....couple days went by and I finally made him go to the hospital to get it checked out.....He had gangrene in his lung and a broken rib. they had to open him up and scrape the infection off his he has a U shape scare from his back to his stomach that looks like he was bite by a shark......That was in 98 and I still feel bad about it tho this day.
  9. I love Tubbs but his record against Bama would not look the same if he was coaching now, not with Saban at Bama. Tubbs had a 5-6 season and a 5-7 season while at Auburn Gus has not.
  10. Mikey, Gus could win the National Championship and some would still not like him.....It is what is is.....Gus is the only auburn coach that has coached in the national championship game TWICE but somehow he doesn't know what hes doing and is a bad coach
  11. yea we all know Gus and Cam is the reason Auburn won that National Championship
  12. so you are saying it's easier to win at Auburn than Oregon because of the talent Auburn has? please Oregon's schedule is a joke year in and year out , the only decent team they have played they lost and to that coach you say needs be fired If Mario is such a good coach he would have never lost that game to auburn this year. there were so many mental mistakes he made in that game
  13. Year Team Overall Conference Standing Bowl/playoffs Coaches# AP° FIU Golden Panthers / Panthers (Sun Belt Conference) (2007–2012) 2007 FIU 1–11 1–6 7th 2008 FIU 5–7 3–4 T–5th 2009 FIU 3–9 3–5 6th 2010 FIU 7–6 6–2 T–1st W Little Caesars Pizza 2011 FIU 8–5 5–3 4th L Beef 'O' Brady's 2012 FIU 3–9 2–6 T–8th FIU: 27–47 20–26 Oregon Ducks (Pac-12 Conference) (2017–present) 2017 Oregon 0–1 0–0 4th (North) L Las Vegas 2018 Oregon 9–4 5–4 4th (North) W Redbox 2019 Oregon 8–1 6–0 (North) Oregon: 17–6 11–4 Total: 44–53 National championship Conference title Conference division title or championship game berth So think this guy would win 10+ games in the hardest conference in college football? not happening, nothing against him personally I just don't think he has what it take to be a SEC coach
  14. He would get run out of town in the SEC........Anybody could win 10 games a year at Oregon