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  1. I've been a Auburn Football season ticket holder for 10 years........I use to get on this site a lot but over the years as I've gotten older, I learned that to be successful in life you have to stay away from the negative people ( you know the people that complain every day about some BS in their life....never realizing that they are the reason that things are bad in their life) so I get on here and there are still a lot of whiny so called Auburn fans.....I am an Auburn Fanatic and love my Auburn Tigers....I just don't get why so many Auburn fans think that someone is out to ruin the Auburn program.....I get it....with social media these days you hear a lot of negative stuff but if you just sit back and wait for the truth to come out it's never as bad as it seems. so during this holiday season why don't we be thankful for what we have and try to look at life and Auburn Football on a more positive note.... Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. people need to quit getting so butt hurt because a teenage kid decides to leave and go play football somewhere happens to every program around the country UGA has a highly ranked tight end that left the team this week.....happens to every program.....the media is not out to get Auburn....the sky is not falling....Auburn fans need to stop being "Chicken Little" and start looking at the positives......believe me if you do you will have a happier life.....War Eagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I got a question....... why would anyone think that Gatewood would be the starting Quarterback at Auburn when he wasn't even the starting QB in High school? Gatewood hasn’t had a lot of formal quarterback training and split time at quarterback as a senior at Bartram Trail High
  4. My brothers son tried out to walk on the baseball team on Monday, there were 16 players trying out, happy to say he got called Wednesday to come out and play Friday with the team. Hope he balls out today and makes the team
  5. Offense was awful awful awful that's all I got to say about this sorry a$$ game
  6. Their punter is out, he got hurt in practice this week
  7. I'm a glass half full guy but if Cadillac didnt win the heisman then I don't see KJ winning it I hope I'm wrong
  8. I hope we get back to the HUNH and Gus let's the guys loose would love to see us hang 60 on them get the confidence up and put a passing attack on film for the rest of teams on our schedule to have to prepare for, if for nothing else it will help with other teams not stacking the box on us I know if I was the coach and my job was on the line and I had the chance to get my teams confidence and give others teams something to think about, I would absolutely run up the score
  9. I'll be there 8 years and counting with season tickets
  10. I find it funny that a lot of people in here think Gus can't coach but I bet you loved him in 2010 and 2013 he didn't forget how to coach or he didn't forget how to properly evaluate his QB's over night he's been coaching a long time how many guys on this forum have been a coach at the college level and have coached in the sec have any of y'all coached in or won a national championship game we were playing for the national championship 2 times in 4 years have we ever done that before give him some credit, he will pick the right QB for Auburn to win