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  1. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Trump Nukes Iran Treaty

    I definitely didn't care for him nor his incredible lack of knowledge of the Gospel. His was a Gospel of fear and cheap grace. And power, money and policy making.
  2. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Trump Nukes Iran Treaty

    Yep. I have no retort. Stupid definitely is as stupid does. Trump and his voters exemplify that.
  3. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Trump Nukes Iran Treaty

    Sorry that you're definitely NOT up to speed with what is going on in that region. As Homer said, that is old info. You might like to try not getting your info from Pravda... I wouldn't trust Netanyahu, nor the Israelis as far as I can spit. And I can spit pretty far... Trusting the Israelis is like trusting a bammer not to claim 15 + Natty's...
  4. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Trump Nukes Iran Treaty

    And you just believe them blindly? The WORLD'S #1 abuser of Human Rights? The Top Apartheid State. You don't think that those buggers would hood wink you at all. Their word cannot ever be disputed. Yeah, and I have a bridge to sell you...
  5. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Trump Nukes Iran Treaty

    Gotcha. That's your opinion, but I trust it about as much as I trust any Southern Baptist preacher...and I don't trust Cult Leaders.
  6. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Trump Nukes Iran Treaty

    I have to ask, just who says it's a bad deal? Even Republicans here in Virginia and in DC do not agree with you. Most Military I have spoken with think it's a foolish move motivated by his campaign promise and that Israel has him by the balls.
  7. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Trump is not invited to McCain's funeral

    Honestly, I would hope you're right. But having spent my life in the midst of folks like that, I definitely doubt it. It's a different world they live in and they never come out of it.
  8. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Trump is not invited to McCain's funeral

    Both set me back a good bit. At that time, the early 90's, I made $25 per hour of waitering, and $30 per hour as a Captain. They were both good paychecks because our President was such a pain in the ass stickler about "How it looked." Never have I received a penny from either of those jobs. People don't get that this was small time. He has done it large scale for years. You can say all you want that he isn't what the "Media" makes him out to be. No, from first hand, he is much worse.
  9. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Trump is not invited to McCain's funeral

    When I moved to NYC. I started out Cater-Waitering and then as a Catering Captain. We worked two of his parties that he engaged us to cater, and was a boor at both parties, a loud mouthed braggart, then had the audacity, after they ate and drank EVERYTHING, to look us in the eye and tell us that what we served was "Sh&t" and that he would not pay the bill. He called the police on us and threatened to sue us, just because we asked him for the payment, and reminded him that the food and drink were good enough that he and his party had more than their fill. The man is an ass. He is a crook. And I don't need the media to tell me that.
  10. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Top 5 Pay = Top 5 Expectations?

    I don't disagree with you, but I think the biggest issue has been quality depth. Gus has done a decent job recruiting, and really, only decent, but he hasn't really recruited quality depth for the team, except on defense. Look at the situation on the OL this spring, and at running back the past two years, not to mention QB. When injuries happen on the Offense, this team flops, terribly. That is also due to coaching. Not having real back up plans for emergencies doesn't speak well of his ability to adapt and overcome in these situations. My question would be is he doing what the people that have hired him want? You have to remember, he doesn't answer to us, the Alumns and Fans. He answered to people who put up that $7 Million. Is the program on the rise? Is it getting stronger yearly? Is he winning? What is the national perception of the program?
  11. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Malik Miller a 'steady force'

    Didn't he have issues leaving the ball on the ground? Or am I mistaken? I'm with you: I hope he comes along and makes us forget Kerryon quickly.
  12. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    State of baseball team

    Thanks for this. I just wish we could talk football with this much analytical thought... I think we really don't get the building job that Coach Thompson has in front of him, and the disadvantage he has with scholarships compared to the other SEC schools. Patience. The guy will build a solid program.
  13. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    2018 NR Walk-On C Gabe Brinson commits

    Yeah, we have pretty easy jokes about West, By God, Virginia...like: "Thank God for illegal Secession"...:)
  14. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    2018 NR Walk-On C Gabe Brinson commits

    Yes Mikey, we are. Especially those of us that had the opportunity to leave Alabama FOR Virginia...;)
  15. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    2018 NR Walk-On C Gabe Brinson commits

    He is from NOVA...which is much better than Western VA or Southern VA academically...and football wise also. There's some good talent up here. Auburn would do well to check out the Richmond, Tidewater, and NOVA regions