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  1. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Gus donates 2 million towards Fball only complex

    Gus shouldn't have that kind of money. He has definitely fleeced this University.
  2. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Gus’ Ceiling

    Yeah, sorry about that. I'd really rather not be a Debbie Downer, but the same scenario, two years running...that smells.
  3. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    The refs in that game should tender their resignations

    And that comes down to coaching. Gus.
  4. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Gus’ Ceiling

    You're not the only one. That is just insane ignorance and stupidity on his part. And, might I add, arrogance.
  5. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Whitlow and Shivers

    That's the top 2 backs. BOOM!
  6. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    I know it's only been two games but...

    Y'know, even just two games into this, you are right. Maybe they grow and gel, and can be serviceable.
  7. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    I know it's only been two games but...

    So, just what the hell has Gus been doing? You don't win if you can't compete in the trenches. He recruited this, and now he gets $7 Million a year to have 9/10ths of a fantastic team. Damn. With just a serviceable OL, the potential of this team is amazing. What the hell was he thinking when it came to OL recruiting, E? So disappointing to learn this.
  8. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Liberty University visiting Auburn in Nov

    Just hope we utterly destroy and humiliate Jerry's Heretic's I absolutely cannot stand that man
  9. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    They have found the weakness on D And we can't power the ball
  10. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    They are
  11. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    Gotta push it in. Just gotta
  12. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Are we wearing Blue or White vs Washington?

    Stormtroopers! Gotta love it!!
  13. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Omarosa probably needs to be prosecuted

    Just sucks for Trump that someone is using his playbook against him...
  14. I am from Heflin. My Dad raised me right, and I ain't stupid.
  15. I understand Mate. Auburn is your Camelot. I loved it as a boy, myself. I will tell you, from experience, that it is NOT everyone's cup of tea, and I am certain that the coaches have done all they can to help this young man feel comfortable and at home at Auburn. But there are other schools who have as much to offer, if not more, to students. And these kids are incredibly impressionable at this time, and have a lot of pressure upon them. When I taught at alabama, I made a conscious effort to recruit students who were at the top of the pecking order in the state and nationally. This meant I was recruiting against Juilliard, Indiana, Curtis, Maryland, and even FSU. All I had to offer was myself, as uat had zilch for a reputation in my field. I won more than my fair share ( always won in-state), but I lost several because it wasn't a pretty campus, or they felt it was a racist university (which it is), or that it just wasn't close enough to a city like Atlanta or Houston. My daughter had a 35 on her ACT and a 4.6 from a top 15 high school nationally this year. She had Johns Hopkins, UP, UVA, and several small schools offering her good money, but when she walked on campus at William & Mary, it was all over. Gee, you shoulda seen me when I took her to New Haven and tried to entice her with Yale, my alma mater. She was bored to tears! All this to say, everybody is different. Mr. Clark is getting a taste of people really wanting him now, not just Auburn. It's all poker, and he's picking up a winning hand...