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  1. California Paying Price for Sanctuary Cities

    Yeah, that $6 Billion surplus their governor will leave them with is pure horse hockey...Yep, I agree, looking at the mess Conservative Christians have made of The Way and how they have screwed up this country, I am pretty sure that he would definitely weep
  2. California Paying Price for Sanctuary Cities

    Yeah, just wish we could all be as Third World as Alabama...Jesus Christ
  3. Question re: Whitlow

    I am very intrigued by Mr. Whitlow, but also understand the need to "wait and see". My question is in two parts: What are his measurable? What can anyone tell me of his high School exploits? I know he was a QB, but I honestly know little of him. Thanks!
  4. Baseball vs Bryant Game 3

    That's very good information. They certainly swung the bats well, especially Friday in Game 1. Been feeling good about baseball all offseason. You gave me more good vibes! Thanks!
  5. Opening Day vs Longwood

    I am very excited about this team and season! Can't wait to follow along this evening!
  6. Here is hoping we don't crash & burn since ENSD

    For all intents and purposes, it sounds like a grand cluster-
  7. Here is hoping we don't crash & burn since ENSD

    I understand where you are coming from, but as a leader (Manager, CEO, etc), you need to be on top of what is going on, ready to give help where it is needed. Not being there says that Herb dropped the ball, and Gus didn't step in to help put him back on track.
  8. Here is hoping we don't crash & burn since ENSD

    That really makes me uncomfortable. You are the leader and this kind of thing catches you by surprise is a bit disconcerting. It's not like you are a commander at the WWII Division level...
  9. Here is hoping we don't crash & burn since ENSD

    So, I would take he was more or less shown the door...? Or was Gus caught by surprise by this?
  10. Here is hoping we don't crash & burn since ENSD

    Well, that just sucks. Inexscuable
  11. Emmert aware of sexual assault charges at MSU

    What bothers me about the this is the whole "Glass Houses" thingy going on here... I'll leave one name here: Myers
  12. Georgia Recruiting

    Seriously? Cerebral? The man is definitely NOT that. You insult people with a quarter of a brain with that statement mate. Just because he has no personality does not make him intelligent, and he is NOT intelligent. Writing a bloody book on football does not make him a scholar.
  13. Demographic Curiosity

    Yeah, lucky for a redneck from Heflin, eh?
  14. Stidham Returning

    Not to be a schmuck, but I am surprised that he was even seriously considering the jump. That would not have been a very good decision...
  15. Demographic Curiosity

    52 Male Virginia 1988 Birmingham-Southern 1997 Yale Both make me a bandwagon fan who follows every sport at Auburn, especially baseball and swimming, but I had no choice, I was brought up right by my Dad... I also taught at Alabama, so I know what a piece of trash Bear was...and that's being nice