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  1. Why not do as our Rector and not offer up a word in that regard, but just continue to preach the Gospel...oh yes, the Gospel runs contrary to each party, but especially the Republican Party.
  2. And look at the OLs they had in front of them. Auburn, thanks to Gus' poor roster management and recruiting, can't compare.
  3. Thanks AFTiger. You remind me of just how thankful I am that I no longer live in Alabama. Just some incredibly stupid and uninformed Scheisse right there. Oops, those of us educated beyond a 5th grade level apologize for using a foreign language in your presence...
  4. Still trying to figure out the name he called you. Ignorant isn't one. It is a condition.
  5. Alabama...where you start a war over morally reprehensible crap, and lose in spectacular fashion. People who wave their bibles in your face, scream about "pro-life" and "No Sharia Law", yet do everything they can to force their own views upon everyone else. Even telling God that you will see it our way, or else. Thank God I got to move away in 1988.
  6. There are a few former coaches & players who disagree with that completely...
  7. What he doesn't mention is they really are more in line with the '92 bammer football team. Offensively they really are a wish and a prayer, that's how they forced overtime. Yes, they do have two guys who are pretty good at threes, but are SUPER streaky. Their big guys are mainly for defense. Defensively they are the stuff. And they are a great group of kids. I know, I run into many of them on campus. But they are NOT deep. The UK game showed that we can play at their pace. That, in and of itself is disconcerting to them. They will not let us run ours, but, if we play physical with them...there is the ticket. If they get into foul trouble, they WILL be forced to match our pace, and they cannot do that. But honestly, we can play with these guys in their style and beat them. Will be a hell of a game. One other thing, this is a matchup of two class programs and schools. We, and the rest of the country need to relish that.
  8. Not around Cville and Richmond. They watched the UK game and understand thea Auburn can more than play with them. Auburn plays a very strong defense, and can totally shut down a team for extended periods of time. Auburn has really upped their game rebounding, especially on the offensive side. What scares the loving shite out of them is the thought of all 5 guys being able to fire the 3 ball on them. That Edwards kid from Purdue scared the crap out of them. He put 42+ on them.
  9. Nicely stated and well thought out opinion! Thanks!
  10. Auburn moved up to 15 in the Kenpom after the bammer win
  11. I wish most people would get this!! Beautiful answer!!!
  12. Well, you haven't made it yet...I guess there is still hope for you.
  13. I simply feel like, if I keep waiting for it, I will find the end of the Rainbow, and the Leprechaun's treasure, and it will change my life forever. Mate, the guys are not there, because this head coach and his OL coach simply cannot evaluate talent. Proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. Six years.