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  1. Baseball vs Troy - game thread

    giving up 10 hits in 5 innings to Troy doesn't inspire confidence...
  2. 2018 4* RB Harold Joiner

    That is very good news. I thought he looked like a mighty fine running back, and definitely would at Auburn.
  3. 2018 4* RB Asa Martin

    Like this kid. Like him a lot!
  4. 2018 4* RB Harold Joiner

    @ellitor and @bigbird I see that he plays at Mountain Brook. What can you tell me about the level of competition he goes up against? He looks good. Would look better in Orange & Blue...
  5. Jacobs Hired Another Search Firm

    Lionheart, you're right. It's his bum on the line, so he does need to have the leeway to hire whom he wants, but I will counter with Lashlee and Burns (I'm not sold on the WR receiver improvement like you, but I will wait and see)...but your list outweighs mine mightily. And the hire yesterday of Larry Porter speaks volumes. So I'm gonna sit back and watch with hope that the scheit show that has been Auburn Football the last three years is on an upward swing.
  6. Jacobs Hired Another Search Firm

    POD, Would you actually trust Gus with any hire? He would be, and probably is, on a very short leash.
  7. Potential offensive changes coming

    But Ellitor, those fellas have earned it...over time by getting better each year and finding consistency
  8. 2017 3* Dual QB Malik Willis Commits to AU!!! 12/30/16

    Will this do? http://www.hudl.com/profile/3931347/malik-willis
  9. When does Malzahn meet with Jacobs

    Fuente is a good coach. He built Memphis up, left them in good shape, and the job he has done with VPI this year is nothing short of spectacular...with a freshman QB Would be a hell of a hire for Auburn rather than the guy that came with 1 year of HC experience and burying the program currently
  10. Iron bowl (hope)

    Me too, but we have not done that all year. More often than not, our guys drop easy interceptions, and starting either JFIII or JJ, they are more likely to continue their defensive TD's. I hope for a miracle of Biblical proportions on the offense, for that is the only way I can see we beat them. But boy, I really hope I'm wrong and we just come out, whip them on both lines, and take their hearts and crush them in the dirt.
  11. The Difference between Good and Great

    Really? Just how is that?
  12. The Difference between Good and Great

    I think we tend to forget that since Gus has arrived as HC, this has been a total rebuilding job. We did not have great depth on the DL, our linebacker play was non existent, ditto on the secondary. Look at just where the defense is now. The offense, I really don't get why the QB position is so weak. That's on Gus. As is the lack of putting in a more sophisticated route tree in the passing game. One great year with two lucky plays that put us in position does not a great program make. It takes time. And it takes good teachers in the coaching ranks. Hate to bring up the Evil Empire, but that is something that they definitely have, and they don't accept half way from their players. For the first time since Gus has been here, I am beginning to see that at Auburn, but it is pretty much all on the defensive side of the ball. Horton is the lone holdout on the offense. I really think that the weak link is Lashlee. How do you teach when you have such limited experience? His experience really is less than the kids he recruits and coaches. Recruit hard and really teach. That will build a great program.
  13. White nationalist given senior role in Trump admin

    incredibly uninformed. Opinions are good, uneducated ones are not
  14. ***Auburn vs. Georgia - Game Thread***

    That last pass attempt says it all
  15. ***Auburn vs. Georgia - Game Thread***

    They are more physical, and have totally outclassed us this entire half. Have done Jack since the second possession.