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  1. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Official New Hires Thread

    I agree with you Mate. Good observation. But there is a culture in and around that Program that would make most shy away. The rest of the country does not see Auburn in the same light as we do, and there are real reasons for that. There are more within the coaching fraternities... I believe that the Auburn Administration and the Donors have set this program up to fail in every way imaginable. Just because a program has and makes money, doesn't mean it doesn't have rot at it's core. Sorry for the double negative, but I am a product of the State of Alabama Educational System...;)
  2. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    HA! You're a riot! Seriously, spewed my tea across the table reading this! That is Hilarious!
  3. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Official New Hires Thread

    @bigbird and others who want to weigh in: Just why would a proven coach want to come to Auburn? Don't lay down your fanboy thoughts, think of it from the Employer's and the Employee's point of view. And not just $$$$. I really look forward to reading your replies
  4. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Broken record of Mazahn hits

    Do you really want to go there with this OL? And the Secondary is pretty ugly too...
  5. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Broken record of Mazahn hits

    I think you're right...Sad read
  6. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Broken record of Mazahn hits

    From USAToday https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/auburn/2018/11/07/buckle-up-auburn-fans-your-broken-record-malzahn-hits-keep-playing/1920441002/ copy and paste the article when posting.
  7. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Would hiring Freeze as oc be a cure

    None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. There is "size' but can you honestly look at this group and tell me that there is better than Div II talent on that OLine? I can not.
  8. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Would hiring Freeze as oc be a cure

    Bring a stud OL coach, but you STILL have to have real SEC talent to play on the line. The OL repair will take years. It's that bad.
  9. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Georgia game Score Prediction

    Hope I am wrong, but: Auburn-0 UGA-35
  10. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    You have hit the proverbial head on the nail: How will this matter with the complete disaster that is the OL? In ANY program, a monumental mess like this takes years to correct. Just how, with what is on the OL coming back, will this get any better next season? There is absolutely no way it could. This is Terry Bowden bad.
  11. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Migrant Caravan Failing?

    Should please you and your fellow Evangelicals. If they aint white, let'em rot, right? Snowflakes.
  12. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Next Years O-Line

    Maybe because they really don't have the talent? That's been pretty evident.
  13. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Bryan Matthews and Jay Tate podcast

    The most important aspect of running a business, or a team, is hiring quality people. People who don't just cow-tow to your whims. Gus is incapable of doing that on the offensive side of the ball. That is proven. But, in the midst of his sixth season, he has consistently shown that he is a below average recruiter, especially on the offensive side of the ball, which, if I understand correctly, is his specialty. To be in the middle of your sixth season, and to have this poor an OL, is inexcusable. The OL, of itself, is a two to three year work in progress, for it is in shambles. Or better, a DISASTER. Not to mention the Tight End situation...
  14. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Bryan Matthews and Jay Tate podcast

    Trust me, not all of uat's "money men" are happy with or about Saban. He is stronger than you think.
  15. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Another mass shooting is underway

    Really? Welcome to Trump and White Evangelical's America. Any other and it's open season.