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  1. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    2019 4* RB Jamious Griffin (NC State)

    That should scare everyone to death.
  2. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    The first sentence you nail. Firmly. Squarely. The second you really miss by a country mile. They are really glad he is there for he makes the university and program look like a mess. National perception is that Auburn Football is a complete and total mess, and a program on the decline. And there are some coaches who would do well at Auburn as they have built successful programs at other schools in their career, not been a fly by night fella, like Gus. Bo Mendenhall at UVA is one. He rebuilt BYU into a consistent program and is doing the same at UVA. And UVA has a distinct disadvantage: Their ballers have to be able to make the scores and the grades to get into UVA and STAY eligible at UVA (UVA is not Duke or UNC, and will let you know that in a heartbeat). And no, Auburn is not in UVA's sphere when it comes to the quality of education and student, let's not even go there. The greatest issue at Auburn are the people in charge. It has some of the poorest leadership I have ever experienced in my life. When that changes, many other things will change, especially in football. For the better.
  3. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    6-6 next year

    Sorry, I don't live in the La La Land Deep South. The results I have seen from this fella give me absolutely zero hope that he can right the ship. I can definitely see him sinking it, even though I would really like for him to turn it around and be successful. In the corporations that I have worked for, he wouldn't have lasted two years past 2013. There is a difference after multiple years of watching stupid when one finally realizes that it WILL NOT get better...but then you probably believe everything that comes out of Trump's mouth like it's Gospel.
  4. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    6-6 next year

    I JUST saw it. Wish it were different. I really do.
  5. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    6-6 next year

    With Oregon's QB coming back for next season? No, we start off 0-1.
  6. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    6-6 next year

    I think you're being WAAAAY too generous. I just barely see 5 wins. I really hope I am wrong, but this team will be worse next season.
  7. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    This will be an unpopular opinion

    Hey, that's not what was insinuated. Trust me, women's sports at Auburn took a nice perception hit Internationally because of the whole mess. Penn State, Mich St, Ohio St don't have the market cornered...
  8. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    This will be an unpopular opinion

    Nah Mate. I don't pay attention to anything... Like Auburn Softball issues...
  9. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    This will be an unpopular opinion

    Not to be rude, but why do you think that Ohio State doesn't have character or integrity? But Auburn does? I will assure you, that is not the national perception.
  10. I see your point, but we are talking about Gus Malzahan...that really does not inspire confidence We know our team will probably look like a backyard football team, so at least that is certain...
  11. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    This will be an unpopular opinion

    With the type schedule we play at Auburn? Hell no, he won't come here. He'd run in the opposite direction with his tail between his legs.
  12. Don't put a bet on this. I have a really bad feeling about this game. With all the BS Gus spews, no way we are prepared for this game.
  13. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Not to seem rude, but do you understand the whole concept of "Sources"? I mean, that is pretty basic 101 Journalism.
  14. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Is it just me...

    or does the preponderance of info seem to be coming from Gus and Sexton? Speaks volumes to me...
  15. Mid Atlantic Tiger

    Chip Lindsey

    That ain't happening while Gus is HC...