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  1. 1913-14

    Eli Gold?

    Jabba the Hut
  2. 1913-14

    difference between Grimes and Hand

    If those guys improve because of vastly improved coaching then the edge would be a canyon in Grimes favor...
  3. 1913-14

    Rank the Assistants

    For The Product on the field: The top 6 all are good. Steele Brown Grimes Garner - D Ends still get burned too often on the corners T-Will - Neck and Neck with Rodney Horton Lindsay Burns - I've got stories Porter - Do we have tight-ends? Malzahn - He worked with Special Teams last year...they were 'special'...
  4. 1913-14

    Prayers please

    Prayers Coach...angels all around...btw,James is my given name...
  5. 1913-14

    Herb Hand contract

    my fellow war eagle...first...don't say anything...just don't renew him...but,watching the UCF game shows our inability or stubborn refusal to adjust to what the defense did...the UCF staff said they played off of our tendencies, Chip said we didn't adjust, NFL scouts say our guys have poor footwork and poor hand placement while the line itself claims they were confused by what UCF did...in my many years of playing and coaching...all fixable by the OL coach. It seems like Ga. and Bama are the standard setters...both self scouted and broke tendencies...heck, both head coaches admitted they made half time adjustments that broke the games in there favor... Daron Payne,DT, was moved to H back and caught a TD pass but we can't throw to a far more athletic Jalen Harris? sad ...
  6. 1913-14

    Herb Hand contract

    if the head coach denies the obvious that is statistically verifiable and the visual evidence of game film...we are in deep fecal matter...
  7. 1913-14

    Herb Hand contract

    Gus doesn't watch the same film I watch...would be glad to study the UCF game with him...
  8. 1913-14

    Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    Just heard from our QB...'we made NO adjustments at halftime...we just didn't execute'...PITIFUL
  9. 1913-14

    Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    you can't read... if my players performed like tonight, I took responsibility for their preparation...players make mistakes and play poorly but its the coaches job to prepare them to overcome those things or play someone who can...Stidham is 14 games in...as Kirby says about Fromm...he ain't no freshman...as for your attempts at defending Gus...Clemson gameplan was a disaster...tonight we threw those weak outside screen attempts over and over to no avail...we fail to utilize the tight end at all no matter the concept or defensive screen...Herb Hand?...read NFL analysts about our linemen coming out...poor footwork and hand placement...AND just who is responsible for developing depth 5 years in??? Who developed UCF? The coaches performing double duty flying back and forth to Lincoln? DON'T REPLY...GUS IS RESPONSIBLE!!!!
  10. 1913-14

    Official Postgame thread

    don't hold your breath
  11. 1913-14

    Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    in 36 years coaching this game ...my teams prep and performance were my responsibility...for far less money...and I didn't recruit my kids...
  12. 1913-14

    Auburn just broke a huge mirror

    that's a unnecessary shot at Luminas
  13. 1913-14

    Official Postgame thread

    now that's funny...
  14. 1913-14

    Official Postgame thread

    that last pass...pitiful...K.C.and the Sunshine Band are loading the bus...all aboard
  15. yeah...nice throw ...game over...