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  1. Well the real problem was that Hand was assigned to the box to relay info to Gus. No one was on the sidelines to make adjustments. I remember it vividly as someone who has coached o-line a few years. The players came off to the sidelines and NO ONE talked to them. They sat alone in their chairs the entire game. It was never addressed...
  2. Lack of corrective instruction. Lack of hands on. Talks and points but is more about the schemes. His qbs all have bad habits he never corrects...
  3. Watched Gus working with qb's...not impressed. Jalen Hurts is the only GT I would go for...and I would sell the farm for him...jmho
  4. You had to go and ruin it...BUT GUS. Does that mean Gus is a but?
  5. Can someone name a high school qb recruit that Gus has developed into a notable starter?
  6. We are currently the top ranked 7a school in Alabama. We played them and decisively beat them but he is a hand full and our tackles are both D1 prospects that are 6'5" + 290+.
  7. My coaching friend you are exactly right... we are clueless, or muleheaded stubborn, about the use of the TE and it has hampered us on offense.
  9. Coach most people don't know the work needed in film study. Thanks for making that point. But...what I really like is your many assessments that hit the nail on the head. I do think the return of Brahms will factor in for the OL.
  10. Coach you hit this one out of the park...clear ,concise, accurate and easily understood.
  11. If those guys improve because of vastly improved coaching then the edge would be a canyon in Grimes favor...