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  1. guys I saw...For raw talent...Freddy Weygand, for pure hands...Dick Schmaltz and Trey Gainous, for pure speed... Alvin Bresler and Ace Wright...BUT I would throw Frank Sanders and Lawyer Tillman in a sack and take whichever one came out for all-around ability
  2. Danny is right about one thing... 4-5 million for the results Gus has stuck us with... not acceptable... too many people equate Gus with Auburn... he is simply an employee that is paid handsomely yet has delivered poor results... I am an Auburn man...Gus just happens to be the coach...
  3. so we lost to a younger team last year? as to your second point...shouldn't that apply to our team also...I'm a CM backer but the players continually shot themselves in the foot and showed poor development... personnel changes must be blowing in...
  4. Oklahoma is a young team too...oops
  5. exactly...that was my opinion and I expressed it...btw, didn't I say it wasn't even 'visually close'? AND IT WASN'T...
  6. Strongly disagree...that play should never have been missed...just from the sound it could be determined to not hit the ground but it wasn't even visually close to a ground ball...
  7. I like one of the 'Princes' at tackle and Braden back at guard
  8. sorry but he never impressed me...
  10. a road grader...thats with no one on the sidelines to make adjustments
  11. the addition of Bell really solidifies our line and makes it a definite strength...
  12. better...trust me
  13. Never figured out why he wasn't used in the slot as a change-up for our sweep package...