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  1. Injuries from Sat

    there is no question playing bammer was a physical challenge(btw, ga. played dirty Sat.) and I have advocated we play the ga. game in Oct.
  2. More Versatility in Auburn's Gameplan Next Year?

    winner winner chicken dinner
  3. Injuries from Sat

    I passed that up in 1988 while interning under Coach Dye and was offered a grad asst. job...you on the other hand...probably not...I am confident however as I have messaged with some of my fellow coaches on this site that I make some good assessments and for half of Gusses money can produce a consistently winning team... btw, UGA's players weren't tired from their season?
  4. Injuries from Sat

    As a coach of some success for 36 yrs, I never left it up to players to assess who plays and Auburn never called routes to counter UGAs rush...our o-staff let our kids down...
  5. Gus' first and most important job

    Gus worked with special teams...oops
  6. Scarbinsky: LSU kept Auburn out

    SCARBINSKY=GARBAGE;finebaum junior
  7. The SEC network has sold out to the Tide...Its been all Bama for the CFP. Auburn has gotten little to no credit...
  8. Corch I appreciate your review. I just had shoulder surgery no. 6 and I'm late to the party. Looks like those crossing routes played out pretty good...enuff for now...

    IN A BIGGG WAY....
  10. Where’s Flex

    I think Bird nails it on the head and is the key to success for our whole offensive attack; run multiple receivers(maybe out of a trips/bunch set) thru zones with a double move in the mix, play action to sway the safeties and hit the seams, run Slayton deep middle and drag under the safeties and behind the LBs(to the TE would be nice since it would be a wrinkle we haven't shown). That last concept is the same as Corchjay mentioned.These adjustments to our passing game will ease pressure on our run game.Last year we couldn't pass and they smothered our run...I am a big believer in self scouting and putting in wrinkles to break tendencies...WAR EAGLE
  11. Plays you want to see...

    love that concept... praying we throw two passes to Harris out of the regular tightend set; up the seam and crossing underneath
  12. Plays you want to see...

    to Jalen Harris...we have woefully misused him
  13. Grade Our O Line

    reviewing the game now... quick hits...Harrell is doing well, our blocking schemes were well thought out and executed most times(watch Smith 'roach em' when he pulls back side on rollout /waggle action) ,Cox cleaned up trash well which really helps,Prince needs to cut down his steps to the outside because he leaves such a gap that defenders spin back in on him thru the gap, down field blockers need to seek and destroy instead of peaking back for the ball carrier...oh...Dunn is a great find for us...he is proof that you can block without pancaking guys(just get in the way sometimes)...more later
  14. Lindsey Talks Offense

    Coach I agree with you most times but what I heard him say was...he didn't know how to attack the cover 1...I think that is pretty weak. As for tight-end...the Harris kid should be targeted...if Lindsey doesn't know how I am sure you, Bird or I could help him... I loved your assessment of Coach Steele...hopefully he will self scout and break some tendencies the next 4 weeks...
  15. zone read option

    I think we are on the same wave-length just slightly different frequencies. Teams have totally disregarded Stidham because we haven't been 'reading'...it's just been zone plays from the shotgun. By 'reading' and sprinkling him in as a threat , someone has to take him into account...it makes life easier for Johnson, Pettway and Co. In no way have I advocated a steady diet of Stidham runs...just a 'sprinkle' as you say. I also advocate using the tight-end in a short/intermediate pass and forcing the defense to play more honest instead of so many run blitzes...doing an occasional play against tendencies can pay a lot of dividends