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  1. Was that the 1950's when you were older, or the 1850's when you were a young boy?
  2. We seem to have gotten off topic from the OP
  3. Seriously E, do you feel like you're on the losing end of a nut kicking contest sometimes?🤑
  4. Agree with you on this one. We are stockpiled at WR, and have a couple other bigger concerns. No big whoop. GWill, you have my permission to overreact just so you don't get too bored brother.
  5. dont think i did that there's a thing called over sensitivity. i think you may have that. I mean no offense to you.
  6. 4 Things: I am voting for Trump again. I am proud to be an American and from the South. The Washington Post is not a credible source as far as I'm concerned. I said all I meant, and meant all I said. Your prerogative to agree with me or not. I honestly wish you well and I am through with this particular conversation.
  7. I felt like 2018 was the pivotal year in which Gus was all but out the door during the ATM game. But, a minor miracle happened and we somehow sparked a comeback that day, and I honestly think that game saved Gus' job that year. ATM doesn't come back and Gus is toast. I hope, hope hope that Gus has finally seen the light and lets Chad do his thing. If he doesn't, and interferes with Chad; it's all over.
  8. Y'all go ahead and mock Christianity. God is not mocked. For whatever a man sows, so also shall he reap. You and Brad and all the other mockers will bow and confess Jesus Christ is Lord!
  9. There you go. I mentioned Trump's name one time and you came up with several paragraphs about him. Typical liberal move. I really don't wake up in the morning and see what Trump has said or tweeted to make up my mind. We happen to share the same opinion of if you are not happy living in the U.S., then hit the pavement and go somewhere else. 2nd point is I believe there is some racism out there, but it goes both ways, as I illustrated with CK and Labron. The issue has been pointed out; it is real, but disrespecting our country is never acceptable, looting and rioting are crimes and are not justified. It's time to put this bunch of bull in the rear view mirror and press forward. That's hard to do when racist scum won't let it die. My God in Heaven commanded me to love everybody, and I do. I want to see no harm come to anybody. I want every single soul to accept Salvation through Jesus Christ through His death, burial, and resurrection. That's the loving part. Nowhere in the Bible does it say you have to like people. And so there are people I don't like, in fact can't stand, such as CK, and wish he would straighten up, and there's people who don't like me, but it just bees that way.
  10. No sir! People open their mouth and say I hate America, they burn our flag, they take down and desecrate our historical statues. Labron James, a revered black man to black people and a lot of white people as well, said some of the most racist remarks against white people i have ever heard in my life with no consequences whatsoever. I live in Walker County Alabama. The population of white to black is probably around 65-35. I have passed by or talked to hundreds of black people since the whole mess started in Minnesota and spread across the country and have not had a single negative encounter with a black person. All conversations, waves, head nods have all been friendly and positive. You cant blame an entire race for the actions of a few of that race. it depends on what area of the country you live in and how each individual chooses to act (black or white). It's time for people to take accountability for their own actions, stop blaming everybody else, and look on each other with love and say what can I do to make my fellow countrymen feel good about themselves, me, and our country. I'm done with the protesting, whining, and racist propaganda. You can think, feel, and act as you wish. But don't try to force feed me on what hypocrisy means to you. Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining. i ain't buyin it.
  11. If you'll go back to the 2017 SEC CG against UGA. We had them where we wanted them at halftime, then Kirby made defensive adjustments that shut us down cold, and Gus was incapable of making offensive adjustments to counter. That's why we lost.
  12. If you did all that you got an entity named GOD to deal with. I feel sorry for you when he does.