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  1. ArgoEagle

    Desean Murray to transfer or go pro

    This x 100
  2. ArgoEagle

    Desean Murray to transfer or go pro

    I have NEVER noticed you being overly dramatic.
  3. ArgoEagle

    Vince McMahon Announces Relaunch of XFL

    So seeing as Bham is always more than happy to throw a team into these side show leagues and our nickname usually begins with a letter B, can we speculate on a few prospective names such as: Bham Buzzards Bham Benevolent Bham Beguiled
  4. Welcome and War Eagle Mr. Clark. Now you have less than a month to get your 2 teammates to commit also. Let's get to work!!!
  5. So has he committed or just strong speculation?
  6. ArgoEagle

    **2018 Masters Tournament Thread**

    Yeah I figure the ones that do it probably have a friend or relative taping the tv broadcast and when they are watching it together later, they say did you hear that person yelling that out; that was me. I just hope all the sheep who slobber all over Tiger don't believe he really cares about them bc he don't.
  7. ArgoEagle

    **2018 Masters Tournament Thread**

    How about the number of times they are on their backswing, or in the middle of striking a putt when a loud roar happens from another hole? That would probably distract me worse than anything. Does it just annoy anybody else that every time Tiger comes to a tee box or a green that 20 or more people feel the necessary urge to just yell "Ti-ger" at the top of their lungs? It's like fingernails on the chalkboard to me.
  8. ArgoEagle

    Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    May just be me, but I would like to see an occasional change from what has become a predictable opening to the Raw and Smackdown shows. Every show starts out with a wrestler or commissioner coming out, talking smack for about 10 minutes and then predictably a wrestler's music starts up to interrupt whoever is talking. How about on occasion they actually have a match to start the show off, then go to what is normally the opening or something similar (just something different to break the monotony.)
  9. ArgoEagle

    **2018 Masters Tournament Thread**

    I personally like the guy. I like a fiery competitor. Love the fact that he is a proud American and lives to play in the Ryder and Presidents Cup. The only thing I see is he can be more fan friendly during the tournament. Congrats Patrick Reed. And thank you Spieth and Fowler for the show you put on Sunday. Was glued to the tv.
  10. ArgoEagle

    Narrowing RB competition

    After watching the game Saturday, I think Whitlow looks the part more than anybody else. I never thought Kmart looked the part.
  11. ArgoEagle

    **2018 Masters Tournament Thread**

    Dufner tees off at 8:58 Central tomorrow and Kizzire tees off right after him at 9:09. War Eagle guys! Bring it home for AU!
  12. ArgoEagle

    Heron declares for NBA draft, hires agent

    He is an outstanding college player (at times), but is not ready for the NBA. Believe he will wind up regretting this decision.
  13. ArgoEagle

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    We need to sign him and another back named Abel, then our backfield would consist of Cain and Abel.
  14. ArgoEagle

    Devan Barrett as WR

    That receiver in the front middle with the long blonde hair looks a lot like a woman. Hope he is not a prototype of the future for our receivers.
  15. ArgoEagle

    Prince Tega taking next step

    By SOB you mean slab of beef right?