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  1. Yes, like Harold Joiner and Peguese just to name a couple.
  2. I seriously doubt Biden is calling the shots anyway. He is a puppet for someone/some group of people with way more power than him. No way he was smart enough to pull off that 4 year master plan that got him into office. His Presidency is a smoke screen for a greater cause. Watch and see.
  3. Why don't you do this: When gas prices go from $2.05/gal, which is where they are now in my area, to $4-$5 which your Presidential Idiot is going to drive them to; why don't you pay the difference when I fill up my truck with gas? Otherwise you can take a long walk off a short cliff.
  4. I was personally hoping Trump had 1 more trick up his sleeve to spring on Inauguration day. We are absolutely screwed now as a country. JB has already pissed off Canada in less than 2 days in office with his brilliant shutting down of the pipeline. Gas prices are about to shoot up faster than JB's mental decline. Our Country is now being run by the Insane Klown Posse II: Biden, Harris, Shumer, Pelosi, and AOC. Only God can help us now.
  5. Bad timeout call by BP. We could have gotten a better shot at the buzzer with a timeout. What are you thinking there Bruce?
  6. We had basically NO pass rush at all this past year. We need to remedy that by any means necessary.
  7. Just don't see this as a smart move.
  8. Please no. UGA offense very vanilla under him. We can do much better. Would be like having Loeffler in 2012 was.
  9. On results yes. On enthusiasm and effort, absolutely not.
  10. What a PATHETIC attempt at a quarterback sneak . worst I have ever seen!!!!
  11. We had a player act like he gives a Crap! Canion!!!!
  12. We have a 300 lb. Athlete named Pegues who is not even on the field on offense. Chad Morris is more inept on using talent than Gus, if that's possible.
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