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  1. We did not adjust. Uga adjusted to zone defense from man to man. That opened up holes that were not there the first 3 quarters. When they went back to man to man with more pressure, you saw how Bo got inaccurate and happy footed again. 14 points against prevent defense; 0 points against man coverage.
  2. Should have clarified, everywhere but o line and questionable at QB.
  3. Yep.i said last year the ATM win saved his job for another year. I hope the players tonight didn't do just enough to save it tonight.
  4. You're right, but skill players are there, and I bet a quality offensive coach could figure out a way to win in spite of that deficiency.
  5. Uga messed up and went to zone defense and away from what got them to the dance. So Gus is not the only one who can make a bad coaching decision. Now Bo is on fire and running on high adrenaline. We got a chance in spite of Gus.
  6. Yes #1 priority is Gus gone.
  7. Don't think it's recruiting. That's the one thing I think Gus is good at. It's his use of personnel and in game coaching where he absolutely sucks
  8. I made the statement that Gus has sucked the life out of AU fans, players, and coaches after the Ole miss embarrassment and got a couple of thumbs down. I wonder if those same people feel the same way now?
  9. Hire ks as hc/D Coordinater, hire a dynamic young o Coordinater like LSU did and go from there. Gus' halftime interview statement just now of how we can get back in the game in the 2nd half was "run the ball more"
  10. Prediction: no adjustments from Gus at halftime, offense looks pathetic, defense runs out of gas and uga puts it away late. PTB at AU decide to keep Gus for another year of this rediculousness!
  11. NO More Wildcat!!!!! They know and can stop it GusĀ”!!!!!!!!!!!!!lk
  12. Surprise Everybody! D Coordinater for uga schooling Gus. Gus has no answer! Same story, same Gus, different day.
  13. No pass rush with 4. Got to blitz. He had about 6 seconds to throw that TD pass.