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  1. I'll take the sandwich over Biden any day, seeing as I have daughters and granddaughters.
  2. I don't think I used the word good.
  3. It honestly doesn't matter to me what the other Senators think about him. I just know that his political platforms and Trump's are very similar and are the closest to mine of any others. Not saying this spitefully. I have read a bunch of your posts and know that our political views are different most of the time, but I don't get angry when someone disagrees with me.
  4. That deserves a heart for the message, and a laughing face for the joke at the end. Well done! I personally believe if he is the most hated Senator, it's because he is the most outspoken, which puts him in the same category as Trump as far as the libs are concerned.
  5. There was no need for Drew to apologize. His statement was patriotic, not racist. Police Brutality is Wrong!!! Racism is Wrong!!! Disrespecting one's county is Wrong!!! 3 Wrongs don't make a Right!!! There are other ways to protest.
  6. You are correct Mikey. Each individual person is responsible for his/her sins; IT'S IN THE BIBLE! We white people do not need to apologize for being white. We need to apologize for whatever sins and transgressions we commit against God and man, but we do not have to accept responsibility for what our ancestors did before us. I don't know if any of my ancestors owned slaves or not, but if they did and they were standing here now, I would tell them how wrong they are and how misguided their actions are, and how ashamed I am of them. We choose our own actions and are accountable for them to God! This cop who killed this black man, and any other cop who killed any man unjustly is despicable, and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law and made an example of so that other police officers in the future are deterred from committing such a crime because of the repercussions they will face for doing so. Also there is a distinct difference in peaceful protesting and looting and rioting and arson! These people who participated in these crimes are not heroes, protesters, or any type of human being to be put on a pedestal and admired. They are criminals, just like the police officer, and should be punished!!!! We are all Americans and not above the law, how about we act like it, and take accountability for own actions, while at the same time trying to sympathize with races other than our own.
  7. Well, Golf agreed with meπŸ‘πŸ‘
  8. You are correct sir. Waddle kept AU from blowing out Bama. We were able to keep all their other receivers in check, but no one could guard Waddle. It didn't have much to do with who was QBing. Throw it up and watch Waddle come down with it all day long.
  9. The best way to shove that finger back in their face would be to just beat UGA, LSU and Bama just for spite.
  10. Thanks for the message brother. Very touching and spot on. God bless you and your family.
  11. Are we also recruiting Meshach and Abednigo? Hate to split them up.πŸ™Œ
  12. Did any of the Jackson 5 attend AU?