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  1. Agree, I like fiery competitors. But you can be fiery and still have class. And also he looked like he cut some south american bird's feathers off and used them for his hairdo.
  2. That guy was an absolute goob! Ran that mouth too quick and Vandy shut it for him. I was already pulling for Vandy, but he made it easier to do so.
  3. Yep, think MD is a good coach at recruiting pitching, but overall management of the team is average at best. Girls don't seem to have any fire in their bellies to win.
  4. Time for Mickey Dean to go back to being a comedian. Not cutting it as an SEC Coach.
  5. Yep! Last year was his last year to go 8-5. This year it's Piss or get off the pot. Any man making his salary amt. needs to win a minimum of 10 games a year.
  6. If we have a team leader, they need to sharpen their spikes and make the rest of the team bend over and grab their ankles and start kicking their butts hard enough to leave 6 spike marks in each cheek. Wake up girls, this is not a preseason exhibition game!!!!
  7. We're too late in the year to be looking like the bad news bears out there!
  8. Happy Easter/Resurrection Day! Christ Arose!!!!!!
  9. Numerous errors and boneheaded plays in the bottom 3rd and we are down 4-0. Giving this game away.
  10. I'm glad they're only playing one more game. Their style is most unentertaining! I wish they would make the shot clock to be 20 seconds so our anguish of having to watch teams like them would be minimal.
  11. Can we declare this the worst OP of the year, and also nominate it for a Raspberry Award?
  12. True dat. Their player stepped up and made 3 free throws in about the most pressure packed situation I can fathom. Our player had the same chance and did not execute. That is a fact which cannot be denied by me, you, or anybody else. It's single elimination, win or go home. We are going home. Fact. If Jared hits his 2nd free throw, refs or no refs, we are in overtime at worst. Fact! No excuses, no criticism, just the facts mam.
  13. Yep, if Harper makes that second one, we are in it at the worst.