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  1. Yea, I saw that he is the only Bama commit coming this weekend and I'm bored and ready for football season like everybody else, so I thought I would throw that out there just because I can't stand Bama.
  2. I know there is about a .0000001% chance of this happening, but just out of spite wouldn't it be great if we flipped Quay Walker from Bama this weekend?
  3. Yea, nothing is certain until they play the game.
  4. You are correct from last year; we were out coached badly. This year we have a new offensive mind and philosophy, which I screamed for last year. I hope this helps even up the odds on coaching a bit.
  5. Everyone please listen to these facts, and then tell me why we shouldn't beat Clemson by at least 10-14 points. Last year Clemson was loaded with NFL talent at all the skilled positions on offense. They had a very talented defense to go along with the O. We ran the most spastic looking offense I have ever seen with the whirly bird, etc. We did not have a proven qb. We had a stud running back playing fb or hb (whichever, doesn't matter). Imagine if KP had run the ball 25-30 times last year against Clemson. What kind of difference would that have made? Look at the difference in the outlook of our offense this year with JS coming in at qb, and the development of our young wr's. The defense should be as good if not better than last years, which held the same o that scored all those points against Ala. to just 19 points. We only lost the game by 6 points. We have the best fg kicker in America and loads of new talent coming in this year. Why should we not be confident that we should beat Clemson? I have a very good feeling about this game. The only drawback is it is played in Death Valley. That could make some difference. This is not pumping sunshine, it's making a determination from the facts. What do yall think?
  6. Thank you for some real news. It was getting old clicking on here to see someone say man I hope we get this kid, or something similar.
  7. With that deflecting ability you could be a db on the football team Salty.
  8. Yes and this guy left him off of their most important departures. Not good reporting.
  9. He left off imo one of their top 3 players from last year (Leggett)
  10. This is dancing around a question. If you can't or are not willing to back up a statement, then you shouldn't put it out there.
  11. Maybe she can pick O.J. up Thursday if he makes parole. He could hobble through the airport instead of run now, and then meet Ann on the plane.
  12. Wrong! That's just my game. I'm your huckleberry. I know the movie scene, or is it seen?
  13. You have contradicted yourself here. I quote you word for word from a thread on Friday:" But I am disgusted with those within the Christian faith. We've taken the approach of pointing out sin, , not because we want to lead people to Christ (if we truly wanted this to we would tell them of God's unending love and how he sent his son to pay the penalty for sin) but because we often need to point out flaws of others to make us feel good about our own shortcomings)". You cannot make a statement like this one and then make another one like the one you made about Ann above. A group of you berated (Lost) Friday b/c of his firm beliefs and willingness to stand by them. I would rather be like him than to make statements and then falsify them by doing the opposite with my own actions or words. The lesson here is practice what you preach, or don't preach.