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  1. The cartoon o.k. But remember in the movie that Rosie O'Donnel played Betty.😨
  2. Fiiiinalllly, the W has come back-----To Auburn!
  3. You got them brother.
  4. I would like to thank ALL the Dems who helped Biden and the Insane Clown Posse steal the election from Americans. There is NO WAY that a record number of Legitimate (meaning people who are actually alive and people who didn't actually vote 2 or3 times), no way a man was voted in who possesses the following traits: Can't walk up stairs without falling down multiple times Can't complete a sentence without notes or a teleprompter Won't answer hard hitting, relevant questions as to what is actually happening with all his bad decisions he forces on us. Caused gas prices to go w
  5. Man I really hate this one. I loved this guy's size and athleticism and the energy he brought. Thought he could have been really good.
  6. I honestly don't remember those games, but I take you word for it. I just remember I was 19 years old and had never been so fired up in my life than I was before that game and man did my bubble get busted during the game.
  7. 1985: Preseason #1 Auburn embarrassed by unranked UT Vols. Most embarrassing loss I can remember.
  8. We've covered the 20th and 21st Century games; do you think Golf might remember a 19th Century game he could share with us?
  9. The only ones getting stimulated are the radical left. It's like they're locking themselves in that room at the sperm donor clinic.
  10. The stars aligned for Bama this year. They better enjoy it. WILL NOT happen next year.
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