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  1. 2018 4* OT Richard Gouraige (Florida)

    We need to make sure he parks his car in our Gourage
  2. All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    Yessss!!! I think the one glaring weakness holding Gus back is the lack of a backup plan.
  3. Men vs. uat

    3 keys to this loss: 1. Herron had the worst game I have seen him have in an AU uniform. We missed his double digit scoring tremendously. 2. Harper did not hit any 3's (usually good for a couple or 3 a game), and was horrid at the free throw line, where he usually thrives. 3. That guy Petty was just unconscious. Hardly looked at the goal and just threw shots up and they went in. As someone who has played a lot of bball games, I have been on both ends of that spectrum. You hope the guy having that night is on your team (he wasn't), and on d you just helplessly watch the ball fall in the hoop and want to cry. Got to put this completely behind us. It stings but hopefully our players learn from it and it doesn't happen again this year.
  4. Can we get this for our QB’s

    Have you recovered mentally yet?
  5. The most difficult schedule in 2018

    That would help, but would the NCAA go for it considering they may want to lock all their New Years Day bowls after Conference Championship weekend?
  6. The most difficult schedule in 2018

    Wasn't flaming. That's why I prefaced my post with the phrase "The big 3 has become us, Bama, and UGA". I'm not talking about Vince Dooley's or Mark Richt's GA teams from the past. Kirby has brought the dawgs into Nat'l prominence in two years, and doesn't show signs of letting up anytime soon by having the #1 qb and #1 recruiting class. I see the scenario that happened this year happening again very soon. Trying to be proactive here.
  7. The most difficult schedule in 2018

    I think there is a better chance of us moving the game than Gus game planning better.
  8. Offense in 2018

    Gonna agree with you, but edit slightly. We never have a backup plan. If plan A doesn't work, there is no plan B.
  9. The most difficult schedule in 2018

    Said this in another thread a few weeks back, but didn't get much response so I'll try again. It is obvious to me that the big 3 in the SEC has become us, Bama, and UGA. We play both of them either 1 week or 2 weeks apart every year and if we win the West, we play them again one week after the Iron Bowl. Nobody in College Football runs a gauntlet of the 3 games we ran at the end of this year. I believe it would be in our best interest to try to move the UGA game from November to October and fill the UGA November slot with someone like Ole Miss, Arky, or Miss St., and then keep the cupcake game before the Iron Bowl. This would give us time to recoop from the UGA game and get ready for Bama, and then UGA the next week. Thoughts?
  10. Panthers fire Mike Shula and QB Coach

    Yeah, and while we're at it,, let's trade away 2 of our 3 best receivers in Ted Ginn and K Benjamin; that didn't help at all.
  11. Dang you E! You should only punish Bird and Golf like this; not the rest of us.
  12. Panthers fire Mike Shula and QB Coach

    Would like to see them draft and maybe trade for a better o line. Their running game sucks and Cam has spent most of his time there running for his life, or getting cold cocked by the opposing D.
  13. Bama vs Georgia

    If yall want to see who the goat was for UGA, watch a replay of the 4th quarter and watch #14 for UGA how lost he was on coverage and then he was the one who had the facemask penalty and I believe there was 1 more costly mistake he made that cost GA dearly. He had coverage on Ridley when he caught his TD pass, and he also had coverage on Jones on the last play where he was about 15 yards behind. If I was a Bama fan I would send him some chocolates and a nice thank you card.
  14. SEC schedule prediction

    Even if this were to happen soon, I would not immediately inject them into the starting lineup b/c of who they are. This current team we have had all year up to now has something that a lot of teams wish they had right now and that is unbelievable chemistry. They seem to enjoy being on the floor with each other and feed off each other very well. I would not risk breaking up that chemistry. I would slowly work Purifoy and Wiley into the lineup off the bench and let them earn their way back into the starting rotation. I say we ride this snowball we have now downhill until it shows signs of slowing down. Kudos to Bruce for taking lemons and making a magical pitcher of lemonade this year!