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  1. Lack of the 3 ball is our glaring weakness. We have several, but this one is handicapping us. If BP doesn't recruit at least 2 pure shooters for 2020-21, we will lose quite a few games next year. We are fortunate this year that the league is down overall. We probably win our 1st game in the Big Dance, but I don't see us getting to the sweet 16 with our lack of offensive firepower. I predict we get blown out at UK and LSU, and who knows about our remaining home games. War Eagle!!!
  2. You can do that til the opponent packs in a zone and dares you to shoot the 3. You have to have a couple of zone busters then.
  3. You know where you are Bama? You're in The Jungle baby! You're gonna diiiieeee!!!!!!! Welcome to the Jungle!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Sorry Brad, but I'm just not your guy, if you want to have a long, drawn out debate. I am not a litigator. I make decisions and draw conclusions from my own personal observations and life experiences. Having said that I will make 2 statements: 1. Obama was the worst president the U.S. has had in my lifetime. He really brought our country down to a very low level that I had not seen before. 2. Obamacare flat out sucked!!!!!
  5. Thank you. I will take a bow sir.
  6. I've seen something called Trump care. Don't know if it's any good or not. Also as I recall, Trump tried repeatedly to repeal Obamacare, but got no support from his party. It's time to replace those who would not back him. I am starting with Tuberville and going from there.
  7. There was nothing brilliant about that debate except when they concluded it and put people out of their misery.
  8. Nah, I can honestly say I had Obamacare for a year, and it was absolutely the worst insurance I have ever had. I mean it hardly payed for anything. Instead of repealed it was actually regurgitated once I found better insurance.
  9. If you think about it I O WA sounds like somebody stammering for something to say. Fits the Dems quite well I believe.
  10. That debate was a joke led by a bunch of clowns. I could not stomach watching it for long, but much of it was spent debating over a fictitious subject they made up called "Climate Change". Really? One of their main topics they invented is going to be used to take Trump down? Rediculousness!!!! Good job libs.
  11. God bless Ichy and his thumb. Apparently he is not into sermons. Here's hoping his thumb turns right side up one day and is chronically frozen in that condition.
  12. But isn't this Dean's third year? Should we not see some type of measurable improvement by now? If we start improving by mid season or so, I'll give him a pass I guess.
  13. Most definitely. But, we got run-ruled and shut out in 2 of our first 3 games, so I'm a little more concerned with offense being our biggest concern right now, and also we haven't exactly played world beaters these first few games either.