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  1. So e, how many commitments are you guaranteeing for BCW?
  2. Thank you AUUSN and all the veterans on this site. Our political views may not agree, but these people served our country so that we can be free to do whatever each of us enjoy doing. God bless you all and our country.
  3. Yep. Let it go. Enjoy your freedom. Life goes on.
  4. Yes, the Bible does teach love. The Bible also teaches other things, which is again a man and a woman make a marital unity, and they produce a child naturally. The child is raised with Christian values, which homosexuality is not. These children which we are speaking of will be taken care of by God somehow, someway in which I can't explain to you step by step, but I do know the way it's not supposed to be. I am extremely sorry for children who are orphaned; my brother and his wife were unable to have children and adopted my nephew so I am not unsympathetic to the issue. As much as some people want to change the teachings of the Bible, it's not going to change. God inspired it to be perfect just like it is, and in Revelation it explicitly tells us that whomever changes the meaning of the Bible by adding to it, or taking away from it will face dire consequences. I have been called by God to teach and preach his word. It is not always popular by people who don't understand it b/c they are lost and do not have the Holy Spirit to help them interpret it. It is my responsibility to teach it, and it is everyone else's responsibility to believe it or not. I hope what I have said helps, if it doesn't I'm sorry they don't understand. I say all this sincerely, respectfully, and without malice.
  5. I hope your hairy boys don't get chaffed from strattling that fence. Ouch!
  6. It's the offseason 64, people are bored, right?
  7. Some people are just incapable of going on with life without looking into the past. A statue sitting in a park or wherever has 0 effect on everyday life. To me it's just something else for a bird to fly over and take a crap on besides my car.
  8. Did you date her for a while golf?
  9. I know you meant this as a slam, but you actually unknowingly complimented me. Thanks.
  10. Sorry, I know you mean well, but I don't agree. I love homer, but I hate what he says and what he stands for. I prayed just a short while ago that he would receive Jesus as his savior. I guess in hindsight I should have left the highlighted part above out b/c with God anything is possible. And btw, I have had plenty of other people posting on here agree with me, and a small handful that didn't. Haven't tried to offend you in any way; sorry if I did.
  11. That LB's stands for linebackers, not pounds golf.
  12. We could dress that ridiculous statue of Nick Satan in Tuscaloosa up as a confederate figure and send it to Louisiana.
  13. Maybe he pinched her butt and embarrassed her.
  14. Salty, if you were being recruited, your position would be dual-threat instigator.
  15. That is some good advice and I will remember it. Some better advice was given by Jesus Christ in Matthew: "But let your communication be yea yea, or nay nay; for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil." We as Christians cannot allow ignorance being disguised as a good cause to be spewed out and sweep it under the rug. Just don't allow yourself to get sucked into this chasm and I will try not to go too far in the other direction.