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  1. I said I fear, not I'm sure. I'm pretty sure my speculation won't affect his decision anyway. Let's watch and see.
  2. I fear if Gus doesn't start utilizing Matthew Hill more, he will be our first talented entry into the portal. Was worried about Joiner, til Gus used him more this past Saturday.
  3. We will know how well off or not we are after next week my Salty friend. Holding making final summations til then. Just not as confident as you.
  4. I'm with you. I just have not seen enough explosiveness from our offense. No killer instinct from our defense. Not confident in Gus. Hope I get surprised.
  5. Can you speak into my good ear, I thought you said adjustment from Gus.
  6. The bad thing is Bo saw it coming and did not audible out of the play. That is disturbing!!!!!!!!
  7. Play calling getsva huge YAWN tonight. About to put me to sleep. We will not run over ATM like this with these vanilla plays.
  8. I think it was the run before the td. Looked like Bo could have cut to the inside and scored instead of outside.
  9. Slant patterns Passes to tight ends Proper use of personnel Let JG run the entire offense (especially let him throw some passes) Gus' alarm clock to wake him up when it's time to play offense
  10. I think it's been obvious for several years that Gus is in over his head in this league. Yes he has pulled a couple of rabbits out of his hat in 13 and 17, but that was a mixture of excellent talent and a lot of luck (or God). I honestly believe Joey would do better in Gus' offense bc of a bad o line and a weak running game. Nix seems to do good when he's no pressured, but is way less effective when he is. That will probably change over time. Question is how many games will we lose before that happens? I believe we should at least give Joey an honest look and see if he handles the pressure any better. MHO. It's definitely on Gus and the o line not, on Bo though, not throwing blame on him.
  11. And Harold Joiner. Grossly misusing these 2 guys!
  12. The announcers were nailing it. We have no continuity, no imagination, no killer instinct, and apparently no desire. Our o line is horrible, our passing game is unorganized and very vanilla. Gus still doesn't know what a tight end is utilized for, still doesn't know that the slant pattern is an offensive weapon. Gus' offense needs a complete overhaul, or we get embarrassed several times this year. I have 0 confidence in Gus' coaching!