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  1. I watch TV in the comfort of my bed. I guess that's weird to some people.😁
  2. Gus has taken the joy of being an Auburn Fan these past few years. I used to watch football games standing up because I was too excited, and too nervous to sit down and feeling we had a chance or should win every game we play. Now, I just sit up in my bed and wait for the debacle to happen. The anxiousness is gone, the excitement is gone, and the anticipation is gone. Gus has completely sucked the oxygen out of me as an Auburn Fan. I despise him for that! I fear we Will not get back to the glory days until Gus is gone. I look for us to lose this week, and look bad doing it.
  3. Then my life is now over. Goodbye cruel world
  4. Just saw 4 video clips of Joe Biden saying: "I will ban fracking!" Tonight's bald face lie: "I never said I would ban fracking" Then has the balls to say we should judge him on his character. Wow wee!!
  5. Maybe Joe could fall back as a comedian. Also Joe just screwed up big time on the oil industry question.
  6. No. If you mean the Antichrist or something like that, no. The beginning of the last days begin when the countries named in Ezekiel launch a concerted attack on Israel. There have been many individual attacks on Israel, but not the one described in Ezekiel. You're giving Trump way too much relevance there. I believe God sent Trump to combat the evil that the Democrat Party represents.
  7. No,there is one Messiah, Jesus Christ. Trump has not been proven to have committed crimes. Hillary has , Obama has, and Biden is on the Hot Seat right now. We'll see about him. Y'all want to convict a proven innocent man bc you don't like the way he conducts himself. I don't understand that, but go ahead if you want to. If wanting someone to go to prison bc you can't stand them as a person, I could give you a list longer than my leg whom I would want to see in prison starting with Nancy Pelosi.
  8. The country is going to be divided no matter who wins. Conservatives such as myself do not agree now, and won't ever agree with Democrat's policies. So to say Biden or Harris or whoever can unite this country is ludicrous.
  9. I'm just hoping that all the Hollywood Celebs and other Dems that have promised to leave the country if Trump is re-elected keep their promise this time. Please do.
  10. Yes, all the mouthing and arguing was embarrassing to watch as an Auburn Fan and I definitely never want to see it again. If you make a play you celebrate with your teammates, you don't mouth off at the opponent. We will see whether Gus gets control or not. If we keep grossly underperforming, it's liable to get worse.
  11. Auburn actually fainted out of the Top 25!,
  12. I think we have to ride 2020 out with Bo, and really give DDavis a shot at becoming our QB in 2021. And somehow Gus gets gone after this year. Sorry if this opinion has already been given, but I'm just getting in on this conversation.
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