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  1. ArgoEagle

    Ole Miss Lookalikes

    #1 - Who told that guy that hair style would look good on him? #2 - Why did he believe them?
  2. ArgoEagle

    How solid are 2019 commits?

    Tbh, getting our passing game confused with a passing attack is like getting indigestion confused with a heart attack.
  3. ArgoEagle

    Coach Ryan Russell

    This pic will cause GWill to develop another man crush.
  4. ArgoEagle

    Malzahn Ole Miss Presser (Video Added)

    Bingo!!! Gus has lost the players, the coaches, and the fans. Former players are now chiming in on how frustrating it is to watch him coach and how predictable and unbearable his press conferences. Former QB Ben Leard was on JOX Bham yesterday on the 3 man front show and before he heard anything Gus had said in his presser, Ben was able to speak the statements Gus made word for word. When they asked him had Gus turned the offense over to Chip, he didn't hesitate and gave an emphatic NO! Gus' inability to coach our team has become a widespread epidemic.
  5. How about a hybrid of Saban, Mike Leach and Mike Gundy?
  6. ArgoEagle

    Asa redshirt screwup??

    He is on the roster now. He is highly talented. Put him in the game coach!!!
  7. ArgoEagle

    Auburn advice

    Clint's best movie imo.
  8. I like the idea of a HC/OC coach and only that. If a coach is going to run the offense as an HC, I don't see the need for an OC, I believe that is evident using Gus as an example.
  9. Yeah cautious, but HC's pretty much are coordinators before they get promoted to HC, We have to get it right sooner or later with a coord. To me Gus would be better off sticking to coord. He gets about a C grade from me as a head coach, and that is nowhere good enough for the SEC. If you are going with proven available coaches, I would go with Bryles. Don't see where we could buy Gus out and then be able to afford to pay a top notch active HC from another program.
  10. I would love to see Venables come in. We would keep our top notch D, maybe even be better, then could hire a really good OC that he could leave alone to coach the offense. It would be really interesting to see what Chip could do if he was running his own offense without any interference from the HC.
  11. ArgoEagle

    It’s official...

    Good call. I remember when Gus took the credit for the 2013 turnaround. Now he can take the credit for putting us back in the outhouse.
  12. ArgoEagle

    When and when not to look for the ball.

    If you watched the LSU game Saturday, they were finding the ball and batting away throws left and right. Somebody has it figured out.
  13. ArgoEagle

    Tennessee Game Report Card

    You have several good, valid suggestions as to how we could change and become a better team. However, the x-factor is that we are dealing with Gus, who is an ego maniac that thinks he is the smartest person in the stadium on game day and thinks his system is fine just how it is and cannot, will not, don't know how to ( all apply here) make wholesale changes to fix the multiple problems on this team. All of us on this board are frustrated out of our minds and feel helpless watching this team self destruct worse and worse each week and no hope for change as long as Gus is here.
  14. ArgoEagle

    Best case scenario for 2018?

    Our best case looking big picture would be to beat Liberty and lose to the rest making us 5-7. The people with the deep pockets will then shell out the money to buy Gus out. I think the only way we get rid of Gus is to have a losing season and not make a bowl game this year.
  15. ArgoEagle

    Ryan Davis: "We Know What We Have to Fix"

    You need to change interceptions to receptions. Tired of hearing the same old cleche's. Now Gus is rubbing off on the players. We've got to fix it. We've got to get better. Yet it doesn't get fixed and doesn't get better. Speak with actions not words.
  16. ArgoEagle

    Turnover prop

    A belt buckle inscribed with 3 and out, which is what the offense usually does after a turnover.
  17. ArgoEagle

    Enough Negativity (merged threads)

    Yall all know that Gus is a member of this forum. His call sign is FartSniffer, but he never uses it to comment cause he knows if he comments we will all figure out who he is immediately. So therefore he only signs in to read the comments all of us make about him on this forum. It hurts his feelings bigtime when he reads that we think he should be doing a better job and winning more games for the $49M we are paying him. Shame on us! We should all just accept mediocrity from Gus and our team and not say anything negative to hurt Gus' feelings.
  18. ArgoEagle

    Will Stidham be back next year... Revisited

    Seriously, does anyone else think it's the woman. I really think his mind is elsewhere. He's getting the deer in the headlights look like JJ did.
  19. ArgoEagle

    Trump and Tax Schemes (Long)

    Salty, my Salty still trying to pull the libs back from the ledge I see.
  20. ArgoEagle

    Article on Gus’ buyout

    Let's get E to post one. That is his specialty.
  21. ArgoEagle

    D starting to give up on O.

    The offense has had the Flu all season, and the defense finally caught their germs and now they have it.
  22. ArgoEagle

    Article on Gus’ buyout

    This is awesome, don't get me wrong, but a stink-face gif from Rikishi of the WWE would be the most appropriate here. I am not a gif guy though.
  23. ArgoEagle

    Is Chip actually running HIS O?

    The answer to what happened to that guy is he was promoted to head coach. Gus is in over his head in the SEC as a head coach. He either needs to be an OC in this league, or a head coach in a less significant conference, and also where the opponents don't care about playing defense. Big fish in a small pond type scenario.
  24. ArgoEagle

    Hypothetically - HC

    Our worst drawback is our schedule year in and year out. We have to play the best team in the West and the best team in the East every year. No other team in the SEC except Tennessee has to face this daunting task. We not only have to have an elite coach, but one who is willing to take this challenge on. I wanted Mullen last year after the LSU debacle, and we could have gotten him then, but now that he's at Fla., I think our ship has sailed on him.
  25. ArgoEagle

    Is Chip actually running HIS O?

    I think I need to talk to you about some swamp land I have for sale in the Arizona desert.