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  1. Think of it as being able to set the Mike (best inside run-fitter) to either side depending on whether it's 2x2 or 3x1.
  2. 4-2-5/nickel personnel, replace their Mike nomenclature with Mac, and Star is the Nickel. This is versus 10 personnel trips, Against 2x2 their alignment would shift with the Mac going weak side away from the back with the safety to that side tightening his alignment....
  3. Muschamp didn’t have a very deep defense in ‘15 and pressed that the offense needed to slow down to protect the defense. Also, and this is totally my opinion, he attacked Gus’s tendencies in practice, and this lead to the idea the offense had to sub more frequently to get the perfect personnel to execute the perfect play. The culmination of such things has led to a slower operating offense that substitutes much more frequently, and in sound so inadvertently exposes more tendencies for teams to scheme for.
  4. Nothing to do with length of drives, rather number of runs vs number of passes.
  5. AU needs to get ahead early by exploiting a weak pass rush and terribly outmatched secondary. Stid needs to drop bombs early and often, make GSU play from behind; which veer teams aren't built to do. This will allow the first defense to get out off the field early and not risk injury in the trench warfare that is triple option football. Losing Marlon, DB, etc... to a cut block induced knee injury in a week one should be gimme would be catastrophic.
  6. Bowl games are truly cool experiences for players. They get up to 550 in swag AND cash per-diem for the entirety of their trip. The sponsor of the bowl generally determines what items and what quality they receive. We only got to play in two lower tier bowls when I was in college, but got 3 sets of addidas warm ups, shoes, fossil watch, soft shell jacket, IPods (it was 2004 and 2005) and 85 dollars a day. I imagine the Sugar Bowl, in conjunction with the apparel providers of each school, will hook the guys up pretty damned swaggy!
  7. Al Pogue (yes same response I posted on the bunker)
  8. This is one of the most pertinent football posts that I've can "if-then" in hindsight all day. Foresight it all that matters.