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  1. A commitment here would certainly feel good.
  2. Yeah...that's the thing. Every other news media covers things that are happening and covers what's being said in the hearings. Right Wing media ignores the hearings and the allegations and just tells you their "opinions" on what's going on.
  3. Yeah, that's the narrative Right wing media is trying to spin right now considering they know Trump and Republicans did everything they're being accused of doing. So Now the Conservative's defense is : "Well, nobody cares anyway...SO THERE!" We'll see...
  4. Considering where you get your sources of information from I'm gonna have to doubt you on this claim. 😜
  5. So are you saying you believe that the best solution is to let the person most responsible for this off the hook because it would 'divide the country' to hold a former President responsible for his actions?
  6. https://www.vice.com/en/article/dy7zek/texas-log-cabin-republicans-booth-banned Like those "Black Republican" Groups that are usually small groups of one or two Black people with 3 or so white people as members, you'd think that Gay Republicans would already know and be prepared for not being welcomed or accepted within the very political party they support, But for this group, The Log Cabin Republicans (a long running group of gay rights Conservatives/Republicans), It apparently ruffled their feathers when the Texas GOP convention denied them a booth at the convention and then adopted a party platform that specifically called out Gay people as being "abnormal" What's more this group often supports the GOP's anti-lgbtq rhetoric and regularly attacks Democrats and liberals for their pandering and inclusion....apparently they were hoping that by toeing the party line they could eventually be welcomed into the arms of the larger GOP.....probably wishful thinking there. Stay tuned for next week's story when the lone minority member of a "Black Republicans" group is surprised he gets called racial slurs at Trump rallies.
  7. over on the CFB Subreddit apparently Michigan fans are upset that their University is limiting NIL programs and trying to stick to 'tradition' or something and they are blaming that "along with Harbaughs offseason drama" on Michigan starting off the recruiting cycle so poorly and losing interest from big name recruits. If a place like Michigan can't get away with dancing around NIL money then AU sure as hell can't.
  8. Farrell's opinion doesn't mean anything, but at the same time I don't buy the narrative that the media has a hatred for Auburn. From most outside perspectives AU football doesn't look to be in a great place right now. Bad end to the season last year, an offseason of turmoil and drama with our head coach, We ended up with a decent 22' class, but have a 2023 recruiting class that is off to a very slow start with only 2 commits. 247 has AU as the lowest ranked P5 school in the country and some of our top targets seem to be getting a lot of pressure from other big schools and are moving back their planned commit dates. As of right now I can't blame anyone who thinks things will fall off the rails for Auburn football this next season. Hopefully we'll get some good early wins, have some things go our way with players developing, and recruiting will pick up and recover as a result, but that's not a guarantee by any means.
  9. Alabama prisons overrun by drugs, mental illness Fixed that headline. But yeah, like everything else here we don't deal with inmates or drug abusers in a correct way and that just leads to more crime, more re-offenders, more homeless, etc.
  10. In the South he may have the "Right" to do it, but he'd also get his ass beat by Bubba Rick back behind the bleachers later that night.
  11. A majority of guns in America are perfectly legal to own in Chicago. The only illegal guns are semi-automatic guns and "ghost guns" that don't have serial numbers and are illegally sold. You can even fairly easily get concealed carry licenses in Chicago, We also don't have a real Democracy. 100 People in North Dakota have the same national senatorial power that 1,000,000 people in Los Angeles have. Even in our Presidential elections what "most people want" has no influence on who wins the election. A score of undeveloped, unpopulated poor states in the middle of bum-**** nowhere get an outsized influence on the lives and politics of all the rest of the 340,000,000 Americans. State Governments are gerrymandered so that the liberal big cities get a limited number of seats compared to population whereas the majority of the seats get spread around all the unpopulated, rural, conservative areas which gets a bigger say in State politics. We don't have a Democracy. We have a Republic that's designed so that smaller populated, conservative areas have just as big and often more influence than the super populated commercial and industrial centers.
  12. That has nothing to do with making America an easier place to raise a child. Adoption isn't the magic pill or excuse for why abortion shouldn't be legal. Many children in adoption and foster care have mental/phycological issues from being carried to term during pregnancies from mothers who didn't take care of their bodies, smoked, drank, didn't provide enough nourishment, etc. or from going years growing up without loving parents to nurture them. This sets them up for being harder to adopt and harder to properly grow and adapt into society when they grow into adults. Also there is the issue of abandonment that many adopted children deal with knowing that their original parents didn't want them and just gave them up. They spend a lot of their formative years without the love and care of their natural mother and parents. There may be 1-2 million people in the US waiting or wanting to adopt but that doesn't mean all of them are able/capable/or in a good position to adopt. Adoption agencies have a serious responsibility to ensure they aren't placing children with abusers, people who will give up the child again later, or people who aren't able to afford to raise the child and will lead to a bad standard of living for the child. Adoption is an imperfect solution....it shouldn't be what is encouraged and isn't a system that sets all children up for success and productive, healthy lives. I distinctly remember in college a woman asking out loud which forms of birth control can prevent you from getting HIV. Our schools really fail in regards to sex education and in private households, Especially in conservative/religious households, sex and sex education is considered a very awkward and uncomfortable subject that many people don't want to really talk about. Many parents believe that as long as they drill into their kids to not to have sex until you marry your one life partner then everything else will work out fine. No need for sex education if you live your life by the Bible.
  13. Yeah, I'd be for a compromise like this. Not really much more for me to say on it since this just a thought exercise. The Republican party of today will NEVER consider a bill that would legalize abortion nationally no matter the 'week' constraint or time limits.
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