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  1. It's a sad situation all around. I'm absolutely flabbergasted that these missionaries were: 1: In Haiti to begin with as the nation is a failed state with no real governing authority, and dozens of gangs fighting for control over the country. It's a far more dangerous country than even places like Afghanistan and Iraq. The article mentions the Church organization had stopped sending missionaries to Haiti in the past when violence and instability was bad, and they absolutely should have done the same now. 2: That they brought their children with them. If they feel the high risk to th
  2. publicity and to pad his own personal Bank account. Hoping that this could either make him rich or put him in the good graces of Trump/Republican circles to give him political and job connections down the road.
  3. All the state and federal prosecutors who are charging Kolfage for various types of fraud and tax evasion would disagree that the allegations can't be proven. We'll see what happens, but good money is that Kolfage will be spending some time in prison soon because he doesn't have Trump to give him a "get out of jail free card" like Bannon did. Poor Kolfage thought he could make bank getting in with the Right wing grift, but will soon learn he's not high enough in the ranks of conservative Inc. to escape the consequences.
  4. Should have just done like politicians in Alabama do: Both Kay Ivey and Tuberville refused to ever do any debates with their opponents or do any media interviews or appearances and they both won easily.
  5. Here's the Federalist, with another wacky Take of far right politics melded with evangelical Christianity: https://thefederalist.com/2021/10/18/for-christians-dying-from-covid-or-anything-else-is-a-good-thing/ Basically; you're vaxxed status doesn't matter because God determines when you'll die anyway + if you are a Christian then you'll go to heaven anyway so death is actually a good thing. Then she goes off on a rant about how American Christians are being persecuted, because...of course.
  6. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/southlake-texas-holocaust-books-schools-rcna2965 So the Texas GOP passed a anti-CRT bill that while not specifically target eliminating books about racism or slavery, because Texas knew that would be considered blatantly racist, that was still the intent of the law they wanted to introduce, so they worked around it by just making a very broad, and unspecific mandating that teachers teach and provide materials that provide "multiple perspectives" when teaching controversial or current topics. This has naturally created confusion, different i
  7. Can't compete with Yellawood and the Yellafella
  8. That's true. Which is partly why i'd prefer to see UGA lose, even if it's to Bama, because the recent National title is the one thing Auburn has over Georgia right now. I don't care for Dabo for the same reasons, but I think a majority of Bama fans would love him. Bado's personality and religious/political beliefs certainly seem like they'd fit much better at a place like Alabama. Saban's beliefs are tolerated by Bama fans because of his huge success.
  9. What's 'weak' is Auburn's performance against UGa the last few decades. we're 2-8 against the dawgs in the last 10 years (oddly enough; same record as perennially <.500 Georgia Techs record against them) and 5-15 against them in the last 20. And Georgia is now as talented and recruiting as well as they've ever been in their history, while we're on another new coach and doing mid-tier level SEC recruiting the past several seasons. I agree with the premise of the article. Auburn's a tough as hell job.
  10. It's a statistical fact that the ACA increased the number of Americans who had health insurance policies. https://www.hhs.gov/about/news/2021/06/05/new-hhs-data-show-more-americans-than-ever-have-health-coverage-through-affordable-care-act.html Nobody gets taxed for not having health insurance the "uninsured tax" has been set at $0/yr since 2018. And I'm going to give a little personal story here. I know you are wrong because I am someone who did directly benefit from the ACA years ago. There are about a year where I was in a job where I was making low pay and did not have
  11. I'm not saying it didn't have any negative consequences associated with it, but it did vastly increase healthcare accessibility to people who otherwise couldn't afford it or didn't have access to it through their employer. The law has also become much more popular with the general public as time has gone on. I'd say the ACA was clearly a net benefit to America and increased the nations overall health and healthcare accessibility.
  12. I wish Conservatives would be as proactive and outraged about pervasive sexual assault in our society by straight males as they are when they find 1 instance of a transgender person sexually assaulting someone.
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