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  1. Warnock's victory was God's will and plan. You need to have more faith.
  2. When I told my conservative mother that I got the HPV vaccine she said that a person doesn't need to get it unless they're having a lot of casual sex with strangers.
  3. I place way more blame on Republicans electing him President and giving him so much power than I do for Democrats taking his donation money in the mid 2000's and inviting him to cocktail parties. Yes, both parties played nice with Trump at one point or another....only one made him their leader and let him direct the entire nation. )
  4. I think she's saying God shot the substations or had someone to shoot them to stop the drag shows from taking place. Either that or she's saying the substation shooting is Gods punishment to Moore County for allowing the drag shows taking place.
  5. I don't hate the idea. Like someone said above, need to get rid of conference divisions and everyone needs to go to at least a 9 game conference schedule then conference champions getting top seeds isn't that bad.
  6. when labor unions are strong some companies aren't going to be able to cut it in the labor market and will go out of business. That's not inherently a bad thing.
  7. Freeze can hire his friends, but he better be willing to fire them if they don't perform or work out. Way too many examples out there of head coaches who choose to protect their coordinator friends job's and reputation than do what is best for their football team.
  8. I think this is a good hire for Colorado. If I was Sanders I'd have probably went to USF though. Colorado is one of the worst teams in FBS. I don't think it matters whether Deion is "qualified" for the job or not. They are at rock bottom and need some excitement in the program which is what Sanders brings. Will it lead to recruits and wins? We'll see.
  9. Man, nobody is taking care of business in the top 4 are they? Hopefully its like Kirk said and TCU just drops to #4. a 1 loss TCU still deserves a spot over Bama, but the committee has kind of undervalued TCU all year so well see what happens.
  10. Ironically, taking the money she gives to her church and paying her trash bill instead is what would have kept her out of jail and not being arrested. Anyway, sarcasm aside, obviously should have never arrested her. Yes, she should have paid, yes she may have missed a court hearing, but over less than a $100 fine? Come on....like it said. stop picking up the trash till she paid.
  11. None of that violates rights or is classified as discrimination. 2nd amendment means the government cant stop you from owning weapons, it does not require everyone else to allow you to carry those weapons on their private property. no shirt no shoes no service is not discrimination against any class protected by law. No law or right in America declares that are person cannot be discriminated against for not wearing clothes. Certain types of "discrimination" are legal and allowed. no clothing, being drunk or high, causing disturbances by being loud or yelling, all these things people are allowed to 'discriminate' against you for. We're arguing here for religious people to be able to deny services to lgbtq people, which would violate federal law. You're saying it shouldn't be against the law to discriminate against lgbtq people, but it is the law, and a majority of America supports lgbtq protections. Because religious beliefs are not being trampled on. What is being "trampled on" are religious poeple's ability to go out in public and discriminate illegally against people in commerce or in the course of their jobs. No modern, functional society can allow that or ethically operate like that. We aren't a theocracy. The rules of the Bible, nor of any other religious text, can dictate the rules of society at large.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2022/nov/30/ftx-billionaire-sam-bankman-fried-dark-money-republicans Interestingly, SBF says he gave equal amounts of donations to both Democrats and Republicans, but he donated to Republicans through hidden 'dark money' donors because he believed he would be attacked by media and others for openly donating to Republicans.
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