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  1. You guys are getting crazy in here lol. CRT is something I don’t even think about. It’s a complete non-issue in America today, and is waaaay down the list of things that are actually troubling America right now, and need solving. The video in the OP is an old video from years back of a crazy woman giving a talk to a group of middle aged+ folks. It’s not being taught in schools and white kids aren’t being taught to hate themselves and their race. That’s all propaganda meant to make you mad and afraid, and it’s working perfectly from what I can see in here. Ironically, all the far r
  2. What are you even accusing me of lieing about? That I see confederate flags in rural, Al? That there’s a guy why flys a f’biden flag with a confederate one?
  3. nothing in my story was made up. I can only guess you must be one of those people who displays a Confederate flag on your house or car considering how defensive you seem to be about it. If you do then you need to stop it, because it makes you look like an idiot to anyone who isn't a methed up inbred.
  4. you're hilarious. Might want to think about quitting your job and taking your act on the road.
  5. https://www.al.com/news/2021/07/just-say-the-election-was-corrupt-and-leave-the-rest-to-me-trump-urged-justice-official.html Man, The Republican narrative that Trump never had any intention of stopping or illegally overturning the election sure seems like it's getting further and further away from reality. Just more corroborating evidence to add to the pile that Trump had no interest in running a fair election and was always going to do what he's done every time he's ever lost anything in his life...declare the loss fraudulent.
  6. the Women's Soccer Team just now beat the Netherlands on penalty kicks to advance in the tournament. Even Better it was RAPINOE herself that made the deciding kick! I can just hear the screams across America as conservative mens testicles twist themselves into knots.
  7. They both result in the same outcome of more people not being vaccinated in the middle of the pandemic. Plus, all those commercials about lawsuits over medicine side effects are from drugs that were all fully approved by the FDA at one point or another, so I'm not sure why you think Full FDA approval is the Dam that a huge number of people are waiting to break before the go and get the vaccines. Everything in life carries risks and unknowns. Right now the risk of Covid is drastically higher than any risk of known side effects of the vaccine, and the vaccine was produced usin
  8. Are the concerns legitimate though? If a overwhelmingly vast majority of the medical and scientific community and experts are saying the vaccines are safe and they recommend getting them, I don't see where all these "legitimate" concerns and fears are coming from. Being scared of the unknown isn't a legitimate concern IMO when you have very real evidence of the affects that COVID can have on the body, it's not rational or smart to be more afraid of a made up scenario than of what dangers are actually existent in your face.
  9. Dude, you don't even have to give him that much info. Just tell him that question violates your HIPAA Rights.
  10. Where do guys live? I'm in Alabama, and it's pretty common to see Confederate flags on poles or stuck to barns/fences, ect whenever you go out into the country or rural areas. Barely ever see them in the city though. Those confederate groups also make sure to place those HUGE confederate flags right along major interstates wherever they can. There's this guy that has a HVAC business near me and recently he had a flag poll that had a "F*** Biden" Flag right above a Confederate one. Used to have a American one on it, I guess he changed allegiances once Trump lost.
  11. It's sick, but it's all in the name of performance and money. Unfortunately, millions of people in this country do believe that Fox News is a legitimate News source and give's them unbiased viewpoints on things. I think that's a big indictment of Americas education system where we have too many people who refuse to think critically and are easily convinced by obvious propaganda.
  12. https://www.al.com/news/2021/07/alabama-doctors-fighting-politicization-of-covid-vaccines-as-cases-skyrocket.html Another new article where experts are confirming that most vaccine skepticism they see are coming from Conservatives who are listening to vaccine conspiracies on right wing "news" sources. Last week it was reported that 100% of Democrats in Congress said they had the vaccine, while only 54% of Republicans would say they've taken it. Conservatives keep claiming that "it has nothing to do with politics. it's all just intelligent people who are doing their own research and
  13. I'm kind of keeping up with the big headliness, but I'm not watching any of the Olympics, not because of any political reasons but i just don't have much interest.
  14. I wouldn't worry about 'survival' I think Auburn is better positioned than most schools to have a place in a Super Conference, but like someone on the last page mentioned, I do think AU will have to work extra hard to make sure it doesn't become a perennial 'middle of the road' program.
  15. No he can’t. Jan 6 is set by federal law to be the date the states delegation votes are counted. Pence had no authority whatsoever to send the delegates back or Demand an investigation/recount, or push back the congressional certification. The constitution allows congress to despute the electoral votes by other states, which many Republicans did, but Pence had no legal or constitutional authority in the process.
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