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  1. Report: Malzhan staying

    Good deal. I think this was the best outcome for Auburn. Keep our coaches, recruits and let all these other SEC schools fight over the coaching scraps that are out there.
  2. A little perspective, please

    In most years, I wouldn't mind Gus leaving if he wants, cause he's not exactly an elite coach. His game planning and execution has always seemed sub-par, and I think at this point just about any coach could recruit well to Auburn, however the pool of coaching candidates this year is very dry and I think Gus leaving would put us in a position where we couldn't really find a slam dunk "better" coach, and at worse we would have to take a chance on an unproven coordinator.
  3. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    I really don't buy that Gus's comment had much if any effect on UGA's motivation. So people think UGA wouldn't have been as prepared, hyped up, and motivated for a championship game against a team that embarrassed them a few weeks ago, if Gus hadn't made that comment? It's a funny story for the media heads to talk about, but I don't think it made a bit of difference in how the game was played.
  4. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    The thing is that If Gus does walk away then who do we get that could be considered a great hire? This is a very tough year to try hiring a football coach, most of the major "hot" names have already been hired, and about the only options left are coaches who have already failed at other major football programs (Miles, Sumlin, Kiffin). Or we'd just have to go with the unproven coordinator route which is a big gamble.
  5. Score Prediction- Georgia

    UGA-31 AU- 23 like others have mentioned, Gus’s record against rivals in big games is....well bad, even when AU should have a big advantage. J-H, talent, and the effort of the players should make it a close, exciting game, but it’s difficult for me to have confidence in this coaching staff to pull out such a major game.
  6. Pearl's Job in Jeopardy

    Hope this isn’t true, and if it is then it can’t mean anything good. Hope Bruce isn’t hiding any skeletons.
  7. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    Those are fair points, Titan. I guess when it comes down to it, I believe the football program is in a better place stability wise( though not in coaching), than we were under Chizik, I can't honestly say I trust Auburns leadership to make a good football hire, and I'd hate to see us become what has happened to Tennessee.
  8. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    Yeah....maybe this wasn't the best time for this thread. I guess I'm just not as mad about this loss as most because I kind of saw it coming. Lots of hype, #10 ranking, an LSU team that hired a second rate coach and lost to Troy? This was exactly the type of game Auburn and Gus seems to like to find a way to lose, so while I was absolutely hoping for the best, this loss was just kind of what I expected to see. I'm annoyed for sure and my eyes almost rolled out of my head in the second half, but I'm not really upset. Now if we lose to Arkansas, I'll be singing a completely different tune.
  9. Better chance against Georgia and Alabama?

    Doesn't really matter IMO. With our current offensive system and mindset (which will still be in place with or without Gus) beating either team will be a very tall order.
  10. Think about it guys. 1. The Athletic department is in disarray. The Softball scandal, Chuck Person/basketball scandal, now an ongoing academic investigation. Regardless of whether JJ is our AD next season or not, do you honestly see us making a big football coaching change right now when Football is really the most stable thing going on in Auburn athletics currently? I think the school will want nothing more than to let the dust settle and move on to another year. 2. We'll finish 8-4 or (though unlikely) 9-3, which will be just good enough not to rock the boat right now, and keep Gus's job. Heck, right now I could even see a 7-5 record not dooming Gus as long as recruiting doesn't take a nose dive or some big problem rears it's head. 3. Who out there are we going to go after as a good replacement? The available coaching pool out there isn't exactly ripe with talent, and we'd just be taking a chance on an up and comer again like we did with Chizik and Malzahn. Could work, but the recent coaching landscape hasn't exactly done favors for the likes of LSU, Florida, and Tennessee(who likely will be a big competitor for coaching talent here soon), which aren't exactly in enviable coaching situations right now. + Who here really trusts the current Athletic leadership to make such a critical hire? I think we will be a lot better off keeping gus than letting JJ and his "coaching search committees" making another football hire. Tonight sucks and shows that in order for Gus to succeed on an elite level, he has to have everything and everyone around him fit perfectly into place by itself, because he doesn't understand how to make it happen on his own, but Gus isn't a bad football coach and right now I think that's what Auburn will continue to be happy with....for the moment.
  11. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Gonna have fun with all the Troy/Alabama fans on my social media feeds. Whenever you think Gus and squad finally has figured it out reality smacks you right back in the face.
  12. Chuck Person

    Hope Chuck gets some nice jail time to contemplate all this. I hate we're involved in all this mess...luckily I'm not a huge basketball person. If this was a football problem I'd be crying!
  13. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    30-20 AU we'll probably continue to have some turnovers and poor offensive drives that will put our defense in some bad positions, but as the game goes on we wear down a mis-matched Missouri and pull out a decent win.
  14. Who here still likes Gus as the head coach?

    I really do like Gus personality wise, and I think him and his staff are fine recruiters, but depending on how the rest of this year goes, it is starting with to look like Gus "8-5" Malzahn might not have all the tools needed to put together a nationally contending team.
  15. Your Lasting 2016 Impressions

    True, but keep in mind that preseason 8-4 prediction was made when it looked like LSU and Ole Miss could possibly be top 10 or at least top 20 Material, and nobody was sure if UGA would be good or not. Plus I'm not sure any of us expected such a great performance from our defense. My point is an 8-4 record in preseason looked like a good year against the schedule we were up against, whereas now an 8-4 record looks to be fairly mediocre where we beat most of the underperforming And less talented teams on our schedule and lost to all the really good teams we played, plus a bad loss to a poor UGA team. All this while sporting what was a playoff contending defense. True, we didn't fall apart and have a 'bad' year, but considering what type of team we had, is that good enough?