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  1. Unless I'm missing what you're referring to the numbers I gave all came from the poll you linked I will agree that I hope the Q business quickly goes away and the media stops covering it as a result. I know that Trump was a central figure in the entire conspiracy so maybe with his importance and coverage greatly diminished then that will diminish all the conspiracies regarding him and the election as well.
  2. https://thebulwark.com/qanon-and-the-satanic-panics-of-yesteryear/ QAnon and the Satanic Panics of Yesteryear Even though Trump occasionally retweeted QAnon messages, and even though he was a central figure in the QAnon mythos (and was even believed by some true believers to be “Q” himself), it seems plausible that he really was unaware of much about it beyond its opposition to pedophilia. Someone with superficial knowledge of QAnon, mostly encountering its anti-child-abuse social media hashtag (#SaveOurChildren), might come away thinking that its activism against pedophilia wa
  3. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/02/24/tennessee-gop-anthem-protest/ I'm almost ready for the day when they just stop playing the national anthem before sporting events at all, not that I personally have a problem with it, but that would stop any protests from happening during it. It would stop players from kneeling during it, it would stop red blooded patriotic Americans from becoming so offended and enraged to see the kneeling, it would stop the endless GOP attention on the matter and would let everyone focus on more important things. If the GOP c
  4. I don't think he's dismissing it. He's noticing that a lot of Republicans who claim to not have a favorable view of QANON(only 27% have an unfavorable view, most republicans claim to have never heard about it despite it being in the primary news cycle for how long?), happen to say they DO support many of the ideas and beliefs of QANON. 76% of the same republicans say Biden isn't a legitimate president. 60% say the attack at the capitol was influenced by ANTIFA and had only a few Trump supporters. 90% say they'd vote for Donald Trump if he runs again in 2024 55% s
  5. Pretty good article. One problem with Conservativism in America today is that it doesn't seem to have many solid ideas or policy's to build it's platform around. Like the article mentioned, Conservative media is primarily a group of old white guys yelling and spitting at a tv screen about how horribly persecuted Christians and the right wing are by everyone else, and that evil democratic socialist are out to destroy the nation, which in a world of hyper partisanship I suppose we should expect some of that, the left is guilty of it too, but the problem is that that's all right wing media is foc
  6. street racing is always dangerous, but it's never going to be a good look when the only injuries that occur in an incident are due to police actions. People who bang on and vandalize police cars should absolutely be arrested for such, but I don't know that i buy a police office feeling justifying in running people over because he's afraid someone will break his police vehicles glass with their hands. Is banging on a vehicle justification for deadly force?
  7. Ugh, Notre Dame already trying to throw wrenches into the process.....
  8. For me the most enjoyable enjoyable NASCAR moments are when drivers get into fighting matches in the garage after races.
  9. I think that it would do a lot of people good to be more educated on barriers and struggles that other disadvantaged groups (minorities, disabled, etc.) face in life, but at the same time i am 100% against weaponizing a person's w'hiteness' like this and trying to make people feel guilty over their life's situation. Thing's like what's shown in those slides are going way too far and aren't targeting the right message in my opinion.
  10. Her GoFundMe has earned almost $200,000, but now she says the racist liberals have put the account under review on there for "ideological" reasons (and totally not to make sure the entire thing isn't a scam) so she's encouraging people to now send money directly to her paypal account to escape all the censorship! Her twitter account was created in June 2020 and seems to have been specifically created from day one to cover her anti-white racism at Smith College and has made over 1,100 Tweets since then, almost every single one dedicated to this crusade of hers. Looks like sh
  11. They all resigned. When you're dealing with technology like this you have to know what's going on and who can see/hear you at all times.
  12. Optics are the real consequence. There is a reason why the phrase "Let them eat cake" is quoted and used so much. People don't like it when their leaders or elected "public servants" live by a different set of rules or have the special ability to avoid problems and discomforts that their citizens or constituents are having to deal with. It fosters anger ( as you see), distrust, and a belief that our leaders may not be seriously thinking about the outcomes of their policies or actions if they know they and their families wont have to deal with any negative consequences of those pol
  13. Cruz sure was on Twitter making fun of California for their power struggles in the summer though. But your right, Cruz is such a humble public servant that he doesn’t want to be seen as ‘bragging’ about all the good him and his office is doing during this disaster from his beach condo.
  14. Rush Limbaugh's *Truth* was things like '2nd hand smoke from smokers isn't bad for health' 'HIV only affects the gays' 'covid-19 is NOTHING more than a common cold' 'the Deepwater horizon oil spill wasn't really damaging for the environment' , ' he even once said that the international community was only going after the noted African terrorist Joseph Koney because he was a "Christian" etc.,. Problem with Rush Limbaugh is that most of his anti-mainstream "Truths" were just random, dumb s*** he made up in his head and had no proof, evidence or reasoning behind other than his gullib
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