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  1. Just as expected, they aren't finding jack so are now going to complain that they can't 'really' do a full audit because the county wont rip out all the government routers and computers in the entire county for a private company to examine and tinker with to see if a Dominion employee used an Italian space satellite to hack the machines during the election. The auditors are also reportedly holding ballots up to a light to see if they are made of "bamboo" paper which would mean the ballots came from China or whatever. The entire thing is a clown show
  2. To me, them being in the same family/social circle actually makes it more believable that they'd all say the same thing. If he said he'd been to 3 separate, independent doctors who told him that then I'd question the validity.
  3. I don't know if we've been told that ONLY White males vote for Trump....I'd say the assertion that they are a major part of his overall base has been true and is still correct after the 2020 election. Donald losing 1% of white men and gaining 1% of white women isn't really that big data point for me to say anything conclusively really. There will be variations in demographic voter trends from election to election. I do agree the Latino rise in Support for Trump is interesting and doesn't jive with the media narrative that Trumps hardline immigration policies and moves would
  4. I was primarily arguing off the threads title. I'm not watching a full 11min editorial video from daytime tv to see what the 'real' hidden point of this thread is. but YES the percentage of the black and Latino electorate voting for Democrats have decreased a few percent over each of the past 3 elections. Even STILL 90% of blacks voted democrat in 2020 which is still a MASSIVE disparity...Republicans gained 3% among black votes from 2016 to 2020. That's true, but I don't know that it 'DESTROYS' a narrative that Blacks aren't as a whole very opposed to Republican candidates and politics. I
  5. You aren't seeing the FULL review though. You're seeing small data sets picked out of a larger study by Saagar (Who is a Republican), to make an editorial. If you really want the full data, here is the report that the video is referencing. https://catalist.us/wh-national/ What @AUDub is saying is that the entire voting electorate was 54% women. If you take all the women that voted for trump and then added to that ALL the voters of color (male and female, all races), then yeah, a majority of Trumps voters were women and POC, but that's only because you're looking at like 75
  6. The # of times I've seen Trump fans claim that Trump Flags in yards, Trump's rally attendance, and Trump bumper stickers they see all over the place is rock solid PROOF that Biden couldn't have gotten the # of votes he got and that Trump was obviously the winner of the election. They don't realize that Flying flags of your elected politicians all over your property, business, and vehicles, and attending cult rallies for him IS NOT normal political behavior and that those people are a vocal, but small portion of the entire U.S's voting base. Some people just cannot grasp that Biden could have
  7. It's going to be a continuing problem for America and i don't really see what a good solution or outcome will be. As long as you have a lot of weapons easily and freely available to the general public there WILL be bad guys, mentally ill, and criminal elements that are going to take advantage of it to hurt people and commit crimes. Now It's not an 'inevitability' for a society as proved by the fact that outside of African failed states and developing countries with gun fetishes like Mexico and South America, other modern nations have nowhere even close to the same level of gun deaths a
  8. You’re right, my original statement was an exaggeration, and I misuse the word ‘literally’
  9. What constitutions, laws, and courts say is worthless if abuse of power is never properly investigated. When the police themselves are responsible for investigating their own potential wrongdoings, things don't always go by the book.
  10. Thank goodness that body cameras are starting to become almost universal now. In times past a Cop could literally do anything they wanted to someone and were immune to consequences as long as they wrote in their own report that they either 'feared for their life' or that the suspect 'resisted'.
  11. I'm starting to believe that Conservatives spend most of their free time making up conspiracy theories to explain away all the things in life that don't go their way.
  12. IMO it's because a vast majority of people, no matter what they claim, don't want straight, unbiased news, they want their personal biases and beliefs to be confirmed and talked about. Straight, unbiased is boring and uninteresting to people. + a lot of times people will consider real news itself to be biased against them if it doesn't play to their own beliefs.
  13. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/05/06/caitlyn-jenner-governor-california-hannity/ As I allude to in this thread title, I think the situation here is hilarious, but aside from that I guess the takeaway here is that nothing makes a Republican angrier than seeing poor people on the streets while he's trying to get to his private airplane.
  14. https://www.al.com/news/2021/05/medical-marijuana-debate-returns-to-alabama-house.html I applaud state lawmakers for this finally getting through both chambers. It's by no means perfect. I think it is too limiting on the conditions it can be prescribed for and it doesn't require medical insurance to cover any costs for it, so it'll be yet another service that Alabama will make outside the reach of the poor, but it is certainly better than nothing and is a good start.
  15. Very interesting thoughts and discussion! I was reading some recent articles and user comments on the issue of Abortion on National Review, and from what I read it does seem to be a prevailing opinion, at least among more Conservative leaning Catholics, that a Catholic leader or politician can't just personally oppose abortion, but must also do everything in their power to prevent the legalization and access to abortion for everyone. Essentially as you said, believing that a Catholic leader MUST lead and advocate for policies that are in accordance to Catholic Doctrine, regardless
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