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  1. Damn, fella, he wasn’t molesting choir boys, he was paying for tang. Everyone is redeemable. You might want to cast off the self-righteousness long enough for Auburn to find a winner. Not endorsing Freeze by any means, but we could do worse.
  2. I think you should go back to work and let it work itself out…🤭
  3. That’s not an absolute, but, yes it can happen that way.
  4. If you didn’t see some obvious improvement in the OL and overall execution last night, you must have been listening to Andy and not watching. Nothing job-saving worthy mind you, but improvement.
  5. Harsin and staff made some untimely awful calls and players made some untimely awful blunders. Total team effort all the way.
  6. It’s not a matter of Harsin needing more time. Auburn is just in a precarious situation that they have to navigate wisely. It’s way above my pay grade, brother. Not my proposal to make, and damn glad of it.
  7. Lol. This logic is insane. You want to know what recruits will do? They'll cross Auburn off their lists. And with our coach search history of late, and the state of booster/ptb dysfunction...I'm just sayin'...we better be ready for some additional pain. All will not be fixed immediatelywith the firing of the present staff. Yall know how this works at Auburn.
  8. Yes it will stop the slide..to a halt, in fact. No one is committing to an interim staff. So we will go from average recruits to none. I'm not arguing either way, just be prepared for a lot of nothing until a permanent coach is hired.
  9. Go ahead. They're professionals now. It's ok.
  10. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m damn sure not hoping Auburn continues to lose just to massage a narrative. Do I expect that to happen? Well, no…
  11. Did I mention they increased her vertical by 5%? You do realize that if new athletic shoes don't pass the "jump higher" test, they're bogus..😆
  12. I agree. Get that fixed and we'll be world beaters..🙄
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