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  1. It's my fault. Now...can't we all just get along? πŸ˜€
  2. I got an idea, fitty. You be the only one to do it. If Mama Worm notices, then we'll know how closely this board is watched, for sure...
  3. I didn't see it that way, fifty. But time to move on.
  4. Gus unleashes his hidden offense... AU 31 aTm 14 I can dream, can't I?
  5. I attended the aTm/Clemson game and they absolutely stuffed Clemson's run game for the most part. Very few run lanes. Etienne was held in check the whole game. Gonna be a challenge for our guys, for sure.
  6. gotta go way back with us veterans to see it...πŸ˜‚
  7. πŸ‘All in all, I concur with most of your points...
  8. Are you me, dude? 😁 I couldn't agree more. Now...just waiting for this year's 'Tennessee game.' 😝
  9. I like fifty...he's a good Auburn man. He has a different apprach than some of us...not wrong...different. I wish he would reciprocate that, but it's all good.
  10. My dad always told me, "Son, if you jump in, don't be surprised if you get thrown out..." I've taken my insults in this thread...that's life. I'm good. Same goes for the TigerBelles of the world. Now let's move on, Auburn mates..til next time..😝
  11. No pumpers have been bashed here, fifty...quite the contrary.
  12. He is doing the "Touchdown Auburn!" but it works because he's not forcing it. It sounds authentic and not rehearsed. Hard to do considering it's origin..
  13. Considering how anonymous this board is, that's fresh...yet entertaining.
  14. I didn't take it as a rag. I appreciate the perspective. I was more replying to those who can't seem to bear the thought of someone having a differing viewpoint. No harm, no foul, brother.