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  1. Reggie Slack is one of my fave QB's at Auburn. The dude would thrive in a HUNH.
  2. It's actually refreshing to see that Auburn isn't going to cave to social influence. I was also impressed with UA telling Culverhouse to shove his $25 million.
  3. Won 19-7. I got to go on the field as a recruit's guest (HS teammate was Yann Cowart) and met Coach Dye. It was pretty cool... We won our game that previous Friday night by the same score.
  4. The first time I saw that done was vs LSU in 1981 (Dye's year 1). Ken Hobby Joe Sullivan Clayton Beauford or Charles Thomas
  5. He wasn't much different with Barfield.
  6. That's correct. Snow took over the review show duties in 1976 after Shug retired, replacing Carl Stephens. It probably didn't hurt that WSFA got the broadcast rights for the review show and Snow was sports director for WSFA.😝 Snow was much better on camera than off. FWIW, I still prefer the old review format than today's.
  7. You really have some Ausome vids, Stat..
  8. Before the beginning of the 1978 season, WAPI had the Auburn Football radio contract, and Gary Sanders & Gusty Yearout were employed by WAPI to do PBP. Another station (can't remember which) bought the rights and ditched Gary and Gusty and hired Paul Ellen, Phil Snow and Mike Kolen. When Dye was hired, 'I think' the rights were bought out again and Jim Fyffe was tapped. I must say, Ellen, Snow and Kolen were very forgettable.
  9. Damn, what a trip down memory lane. Brought a mist in my eyes. And never underestimate the quality of QB coach Pat Sullivan was.
  10. Lol! I was there! Can still see it. Burger walked back toward the sideline shrugging like someone was chewing him out...😂
  11. I'm all in for McKnight to eventually be the guy.
  12. I actually met Jeff after his senior year at AU through a cousin of mine he dated. He hunted on our place that season and my wife and I accompanied he and my cousin to the Senior Bowl he played in. Afterwards we went bowling. Jeff was just like we were, respectful but fearless country folks. Shot a little pool and did some 4-wheeling also. Good guy.
  13. Swamp Eagle


    Haven't been on here in awhile, 72,...keep the faith! Prayers goin up!
  14. This is heartbreaking. Prayers for Rod and his family.