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  1. Could have been a play I missed. I never heard his name called on radio either.
  2. I’ve said TJ needs a chance, also, based on Bo’s inconsistency. It’s not an ‘eat crow’ admission until we see consistency from Bo. He played his best game yesterday; let’s let the season play out before we start serving crow.
  3. This is cause for great worry. Not about Worm but about my not noticing he didn’t play..😊
  4. You know, I just realized he didn’t play.
  5. I truly like Coach Mason, but of all of Harsin’s hires, he’s my biggest disappointment so far. Not calling for his head, but sometimes I scratch my head on his strategy.
  6. Didn’t know you were dealing with this, fitty. Prayers for your situation whatever it is.
  7. At least one poster here who’s name I dare not give utterance and who has me on ignore must be terribly disappointed that the WR’s played so well.
  8. Number of targets wasn’t really the subject of what I responded to, but I get what you’re saying.
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