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  1. Sorry, bird....haven't been here in awhile. See you elsewhere but didn't know. Prayers sent.
  2. I would absolutely hate it, but, you are correct; a priority lesson in this country is long overdue, regardless of how it came to be.
  3. Reading a few of these threads, I'm always curious why non-believers bother to comment on the subject of Someone they don't believe exists. That would be like me standing and swinging at air, fighting someone who I don't believe is there. They'd put me in a straightjacket..
  4. You left out, "those who don't GAS about anyone but themselves."
  5. I absolutely take it seriously, I'm just not clear on the toilet paper panic.
  6. Might want to hold the money on those bets and put it on whether or not there will be a 2020 season. Probably safer.
  7. Not sure how any of it is Chad's fault. Blame the universities for the ridiculous salaries. The writer of this story wouldn't turn down a deal where he gets paid even if he's fired. Suck it up, Buttercup...
  8. I'd love to see it. We have a little in common. John Francis Meagher (July 5, 1894 – December 7, 1968) was an American football player, coach of football, basketball, and baseball, and college athletics administrator. Meagher played football for the University of Notre Dame in 1916, rising to a second-team end under then-assistant coach, Knute Rockne.[1][2][3] He served with the United States Marines in France during World War I[4] and played in four games with the Chicago Tigers in 1920, the first year of the National Football League (NFL).[5] For more:
  9. Inebriated people won't get nearly as belligerent at an equestrian meet than at a football game....
  10. How passionate are you about equestrian? See the difference?
  11. Tim Drinkard-1981 as a transfer Jr from Livingston Yann Cowart-1982 Both home boys...
  12. His best quality is he's an over-achiever. Should serve him, and Auburn, well.