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  1. No..I think I'm with ya here. Just checking...
  2. I am sure you are apathetic; I'm not sure you know how to not express it...🤔
  3. I'll let someone else explain it to you...I'm tired...
  4. You'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who admits knowing who Matt Luke is in this thread..😆😂😆
  5. Actually, it's called animosity. An apathetic person is indifferent and probably wouldn't bother to post anything. But I get it..
  6. Lol. I get the feeling if Gus gave everyone on here a gold ingot, there would be a majority who complained that he placed it in their wrong hand...
  7. Their indifference would include you, also, no?
  8. There's not a person on earth who has loved Auburn more than me. I did not attend Auburn because, frankly, the money wasn't there for me to do so AND I didn't exactly assert myself in school to the point of earning scholarships. I absolutely 'get' that those who attended Auburn feel compelled to hold that very close to their hearts with pride; I would do the same. I can also say that the way I was accepted at Auburn events when I would attend parties with Auburn student friends only reaffirmed that, when I was 7 and chose a program to be for, I chose well. We have always co-existed without superiority getting in the way. That other school cannot say that.
  9. If it is only about money, then what I've spent on attending Auburn football games buys me a lot of clout!!
  10. Was it in Tuscaloosa? Wouldn't have been allowed to happen.
  11. Are you sure you're an Auburn fan?😉
  12. 1983 Legion Field vs Alabama (as home team). Since then, 2006 Bryant-Denny stadium, 2013 Neyland Stadium in Knoxville and 2017 Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge ...that's it.