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  1. Just gonna drop this in here. Convince me to be optimistic about the direction of Auburn baseball.
  2. Sent for you, brother...
  3. “The older we get, the better we were.” 🤣
  4. You’re just wondering about the ‘religious types?’ What about what the ‘baiting morons’ think?
  5. I actually thought about going. It’s a good idea, fitty.
  6. Honest to God, I remember the game but not much about it. IIRC, Brooks had a lot of yards for only 18 points scored.
  7. There is absolutely double standard.
  8. It won’t magically fix it, but it will allow other players to develop.
  9. Is it possible to get beat by 24 points and not play badly? I didn’t watch but sounds like it was a s***show.
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