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  1. Most Wins last 100 seasons

    TY, Captain Obvious. My point was anyone can 'pick an era' for their own benefit. Example: Teams that have defeated the most #1 ranked opponents in 2017: 1. Auburn You're welcome.
  2. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Why would he be a viable candidate, anyway?
  3. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    You know, sexual harassment is a real issue...but I have a feeling it's the new 'racist,' lately. Whenever disagreeing with anyone suddenly becomes 'you're a racist,' then the generally accepted standard for what is sexual harassment can be lowered, also. Evidently, now it's sexual harassment just because someone accuses another of it whether credible or not. Pathetic.
  4. Most Wins last 100 seasons

    Unless you can retroactively count a "national championship' from those years...I wonder which team that would be...hmmm...
  5. Most Wins last 100 seasons

    Gee, I wonder why someone picked only back to 1917 and not the entire history of college football....
  6. Carlson and Ike Powell going to SR Bowl

    Hide and watch.
  7. 24/7: Holland coming back

    Exactly my sentiments...
  8. Carlson and Ike Powell going to SR Bowl

    It doesn't help Auburn's cause that the Senior Bowl top guy is on The Crimson Tide Sports Network payroll as the football color analyst.
  9. Injuries from Sat

    It's interesting that you turned that around. I have no issue with your opinions. You, however, seem to have an authoritarian air within your posts. It appears to be you who has problems with opinions seeing as you dissect posts so frequently to make your point known, and then throw jabs in to boot (see your reply to 1913-14's post). But carry on...I'm not here to destroy your self-esteem.
  10. Injuries from Sat

    I think it's probably close to a consensus that you are the one who's opinion shouldn't be questioned, lion...but that's just me. There's really no reason to be a d*** other than if you just can't help it.
  11. Injuries from Sat

    Obviously, but why abandon the jet-sweep play-action, though? I figure the best way to attack a D that has adjusted from a previous encounter is to SHOW them the same thing but do something else out of it. But what do I know...I'm not lionheartkc...Lol
  12. Injuries from Sat

    Thanks for the info and opinion, but I am of the mindset that KJ SHOULD NEVER HAVE PLAYED IN THE SECCG. He was not able to help the team and no player is bigger than the team as a whole. A gameplan that included Martin/Barrett/Miller would have, IMO, given Auburn a better chance to win the game. I also thought that we totally abandoned what worked the first game. Very few Stove sweeps mixed in with RPO's; no TE inclusion; very limited out-of-backfield throws; no roll-outs, etc. Stidham seemed to be less accurate and more nervous as the game wore on; it almost resembled the Clemson game minus the 11 sacks. But, if you asked me to choose outcomes and I had to pick a loss out of the 3-game juggernaught that ended the season, I'll take the SECCG loss ahead of the regular season wins because the opportunity would not have been there for the 3rd game.
  13. Alabama Game Report Card

    How's about we just give ST to someone else and keep Horton just the same? He does pretty well with RB's...jes sayin'
  14. Alabama Game Report Card

    Did it have to be declined if there is a 10-second runoff? Also, it was a loss of down penalty. I'd love for the stats to have to be amended...
  15. Jeff Holland - The Sensei

    Are you of the assumption that the picture of Evans was taken during last Saturday's game? I hope not...