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  1. I don’t even listen to Tiger Talk anymore. I’m not into recycled conversation.
  2. 56 male Alabama HS 1982, did not attend AU
  3. Nope. Vs Arky we sure didn’t deserve to win.
  4. Not much to dispute here, even if Pat Forde is a pompous ass.
  5. No, I wasn’t referring to once it was blown dead. I was continuing off my original reply where I said had it not been blown dead. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. Still could have been a judgement call if reviewed and overturned, no? I like the explanation for sure. It puts it into better perspective of whether or not it was just a blatantly bad call.
  7. That’s not what he just explained. It wasn’t an automatic touchback just because it reached the end zone. It was dead because the official did not determine the impetus of the ball was affected (even in slo-mo replay it couldn’t be seen) and blew the whistle when it got there. However, if the official had not blown it dead before the OM player recovered it, the play could have been reviewed and possibly overturned. That’s how I read it.
  8. We certainly have had calls go against us through the years, and I'm ok with the karma, but I'm not going to pretend like they didn't happen. We absolutely won one game we should have lost, and I don't blame Arkansas one iota for being pissed about it.
  9. I'm going to trust Steele's plan and question Gus' until something changes drastically.
  10. We're currently the 3rd best defense (SEC) versus points scored, which is the defining stat. Steele sacrificed stats for points Saturday, and I'm fine with that.
  11. As our beloved and sorely-missed Jim Fyffe would say, "The Auburn Tight Ends are doing Yeoman's work, Charlie!"
  12. Watch the AU TD where the broadcast highlighted JJ's block. Deal plows his man...
  13. LSU-28 AU-24 ...another failed attempt at the Big 3 rivals.🤬
  14. Good to hear from you, AU brother-in-stuck-with-Gus!😊
  15. Brother, it’s the program that’s negative, not us’n...
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