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  1. Just for the record, clarification for rooting for Auburn based on who the coach is has never been in my repertoire.
  2. Reckon there was a cumulative full set of teeth among 'em?
  3. RG is an old-school, tough-love coach. Need more of 'em.
  4. This team is still trying to find chemistry from what I saw. They committed 21 turnovers which is uncharacteristic of a BP team, but those mistakes are correctable. Other than Cambridge and Purifoy, we lack perimeter shooting from behind the arc. Wiley is in the best shape of his life I think. He really has toned up from last year. Okoro looked good as did Jamal Johnson. McCormack is better than he played last night. Samir was consistent. McLemore was a little off of his game, I thought. If they continue to improve, they should be fine.
  5. See bold in quote Edit: Oh, I see where I failed to list all of the self-adulating qualities I had to go along with the answers. So, here goes: 1. I was invited to an official visit to Auburn in Coach Dye's 1st year during my senior year of HS (1981). It was the 3 QB LSU game (Hobby, Thomas, Sullivan). 2. That's about it. Did I mention the official visit was for my HS teammate Yann Cowart? So, technically, I WAS invited, but it was by the prospect, not the school...
  6. Brother, there is NO comparison to Barfield for Gus. Gus has it 100X's better than Barfield ever had. More talent, more support, more money...
  7. That scenario sounds awful familiar...
  8. What USC folks? The rumor-mongering message board lurkers or the USC admins?
  9. According to JGT, Greene went on a trip to Seattle to accept some kind of recognition, and the rumor was he was in California interviewing for the USC AD job. He said his sources said it never happenend nor was there ever any contact between the parties. TIFWIW
  10. Well then, I'd say Christians were represented well last night...which is a good thing..
  11. God I hope you're not on the BOT...