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  1. Concerned? I like DM, but two words: “Mississippi State.” Auburn won’t fall off the map without him.
  2. I do like Harsin. I hate losing streaks.
  3. No, Auburn actually fulfilled that stat by losing 5 straight to end the season.
  4. That’s fair. But no less frustrating. I hope it bothers the hell out of CBH more than it does some folks, though.
  5. I don’t care if there was historically a cupcake smattered somewhere in there, history says it’s very hard to lose 5 straight at a program as prestigious as Auburn. Period. And for the record, I’ve been supportive of Harsin, but a spade is a damn shovel.
  6. The last coach to lose 5 straight was Chizik. The last coach to end the season with 5 straight losses was Earl Brown…71 years ago. Losing 5 straight games at Auburn is almost impossible to achieve, yet…here we are.
  7. Smart move. Seriously. People get all hyped about a player or coach, and when he turns out not-so-great, it wouldn’t be near as much a shock to them had they not built up the unproven pass they gave him. Happens all the time..
  8. I’ve done Twitter before, but, like Facebook, quit it for the toxicity (some of it self-inflicted, I admit). Now I’m just wanting an Auburn-themed following and steer away from politically inflamed posts and such.
  9. Follow me on Twitter, I’ll follow you back. Just tryin to get an Auburn following.. @swamp_eagle TIA
  10. Final score will be ‘not pretty,’ whatever that turns out to be. Just too many defections and inexperienced players to beat an 11-2 team. Hope I’m wrong.
  11. So is there a difference in talking to us Auburn frands, not grads? 😊
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