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  1. The 80's were especially AUsome to those of us who were coming of Auburn football age in the 70's.
  2. His own tweets don't exactly support this, but you do you...
  3. Sorry fitty, but no one has time to canvass the entire site for a duplicate post.
  4. We drove through Atlanta the next day after leaving Braselton...about 25mph.
  5. I was stranded in a motel in Braselton, Georgia due to the winter storm that hit the southeast that day, traveling home from North Carolina after attending the funeral of my aunt.
  6. I never knew until this very day that Chizdom flew the team out there. Who’d have thunk it?
  7. He and Smoke Carruthers are equally excited.
  8. “Base-a-ball been a-beri beri good to me!”
  9. I can honestly say I’ve never seen him play a complete, consistent game.
  10. Good one! I hung out with Jeff for a little while after he finished at Auburn. Good dude, plus, he’d kick Andy’s ass if he ever mentioned the 55 yard-line…
  11. Either Jason Campbell or Leard is good with me.
  12. Leard is very football-knowledgeable and would be great, IMO. Now, if we could just get Andy to spend more time with HIS family…
  13. Love Ronnie, but he has trouble with the coin toss…
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