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  1. There is absolutely double standard.
  2. It won’t magically fix it, but it will allow other players to develop.
  3. Is it possible to get beat by 24 points and not play badly? I didn’t watch but sounds like it was a s***show.
  4. Defense has been poop most of the season.
  5. When Flanagan’s bench minutes start to increase, Auburns fortunes will increase. Ain’t gonna happen, though. Daddy-ball is undefeated.
  6. I was at that Miami game, what a heart breaker! Barfield went for 2 instead of tying and went ahead 15-14 late. What made Anderson’s run so bad? It was 4th and a mile (20+ yards) and all Auburn had to do was stop them on that play. They ran a draw for 40 yards and set up for the winning FG with little time left. P.W. Underwood struck again!
  7. I was there, also. Not sure where you were sitting, but where we were was a hot, sticky, humid, muggy, miserable game for 3 1/2 quarters, but what a finish!
  8. Ten years before I was born. I'm 56, my Dad was 13 when you went to that game. Been a minute...
  9. 1976, Homecoming vs FSU. 1st year for Barfield at AU and Papa Bowden at FSU. Phil Gargis had over 100 yards rushing from the QB position, and DB Mike McCloud had a pick. Only won 3 games that year, but this was one of 'em, 31-19. My Alabama fan dad took me several more times after that...miss him so bad.
  10. Lol! I'll tell you what...if you wanna light up, I'll be your designated driver..🤣
  11. You can’t have fun with fitty. Fitty is a no-nonsense dude. Don’t try and make him laugh or snicker, he will remind you of this. (BTW, Fitty, you know I’m just yanking your chain..)
  12. Oh wow. This one really hits hard. I never knew him personally, but what a great ambassador for courage and strength through hard circumstances. I am comforted that he now is truly home. His faith was unmatchable, and it has ‘ended in sight.’ It is well, it is well with my soul...✝️
  13. That’s an interesting take. Next time, please cut out the excessive details...
  14. I vote for capping coaching salaries within the framework of what is customary for professors. They're the only reason money comes up. "Hey, the coach makes eleventy million and I get nothing?" As far as the tv contracts, they should belong to the conferences and be doled out with the input of faculty and administration. College football was not born out of making a profit, it was to rally the student body with extra-curricular activity; to take the pressures off study and make college fun, too. Money and power have bastardized it to the debacle that it has become.
  15. Not really here to appease you, fitty, move along.
  16. Times is hard, oh..times is haaaaard...🙄
  17. Get some thicker skin, Francis, it’s a joke.
  18. This is a socialist solution if I ever saw one..😉 Seriously, all this does is move the corruption to the point system. Cant you visualize the phone call? Nick: “Hey, you know that guy you have as a 5 star? I need him to be 3 star, aight?...”
  19. Link? Thought I just read a story where he, Tutt, & Richards have yet to sign with anyone..
  20. BTW, I'm just an old timer, but why just a Mobile app? What about Birmingham and Montgomery or us small-town folk?? OK. I've about used everything up. I'm done. Sounds great, RIR...good deal!
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