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  1. He's from 20 miles from my hometown, just across the river...surprised I've never heard of him.
  2. He has a familiar face, evidently...
  3. I don't know how they're able to run the program without us.
  4. He blocked me because I tweeted he must be half-vampire for all the blood he smelled..
  5. He has 49 million reasons to not have to have a fire lit under him...
  6. [insert] "deserve to" between "didn't" and "finish, and all will be made right.
  7. Word is Marlon is returning, too. Haven't seen it in print yet, but saw elsewhere from 'connected' individuals.
  8. What fun would a football season be without any unknowns?
  9. FWIW, heard this from a 'connected' individual elsewhere...
  10. If we lose to Kent State, I'll eat my hat.
  11. Probably due to the Purdue DL being so bad.
  12. Let's just be glad Bobby Bentley stayed put.
  13. "It's always sumptin.'" ($1 to Roseanne Rosanadana)
  14. Well, of course there was. There's this little trait called 'class' which most coaches possess. Gatewood actually scored, btw. The refs kept the record from being broken. I was irked a little by Gus basically shutting things down, but due to not allowing the backups to develop; not due to missing out on some scoring record.
  15. Gus wasn't exactly letting out all the stops at that point. He got too conservative. I was disappointed in this because it doesn't do anything towards developing the backups.
  16. Regardless of what happens going forward, Gus needed this game. Good for him.
  17. We didn't sit on it, Gatewood AND Tolbert scored. Faggin' refs were playing mercy-rule ball.
  18. I dont fault him for that, but in between, give the young guys a chance to be successful. That's my frustration.
  19. We'll remember that the next time you go on a senseless rant. Keep this one in your shirt pocket, Festus.
  20. Pot meet kettle, FB. You suddenly are Mr. SuperFan after acseason of bitching and moaning? GMAFB
  21. Get ready forcmore of that next year if Willis is starting...which I highly doubt; Gus isn't exactly setting him up for success.