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  1. aubie the hedgehog


    I've been on the roller coaster ride of fire Gus or keep him. Don't think the coaching pool is great this year. Almost lean toward the "be careful what you wish for" category when it comes to letting him go.
  2. aubie the hedgehog

    The Chip Lindsey hire Poll

    I'm in the ALL IN group. I'm gonna step out on a limb here and I dont care if you call me crazy. Its going to be an interesting season, but Auburn is going to make the playoff next season. Just feeling it.
  3. aubie the hedgehog

    Rolling Toomers after bammer loss

    I went to the game in Tampa with a Clemson friend of mine. I dressed appropriately for the game. Alot of Bama fans asked who I was cheering for and my response was "go Tigers". The looks on their faces was priceless for me. They couldn't believe an Auburn fan would not pull for Bama. To watch the game end in the way it did was AUsome. So when I heard that the trees were rolled, it was icing on the cake for me. What a great week.
  4. aubie the hedgehog

    A Gus Malzahn coached AU football team

    Make Auburn great again. Fire JJ! Take gus with him. Need a fresh start. With a defense like ours, we should be winning championships.
  5. aubie the hedgehog

    Gus loves the die play.

    Cant resist to ask this and I cant start a new topic yet. But since Gus switched from the visor to the ball cap and beat the mad hatter in mad hatter fashion, Can he assume the mad hatter name?
  6. aubie the hedgehog

    Not so fast

    I understand they make the play call from the sideline and change the call after the coaches see the defensive set up (to which I think Gus over thinks it too much). I may be mistaken, but once the ball is snapped, doesnt the qb make a read on whether the defensive end or a linebacker bites or stays home as to whether he keeps the ball or hands it off. That is what I meant by the read comment. Or is the play call who gets the ball regardless of what the defense does?
  7. aubie the hedgehog

    What Happened?

    Yep, but those miracle plays were what helped make that season memorable and I still love watching them today. Every championship team has a miracle moment to get them to the big game.
  8. aubie the hedgehog

    Not so fast

    I've said it in one of my other post that the Gus bus offense is based solely on the play and reads of the qb. While JJ and SW are talented players, their skill set does not mesh with this offense. We have JF III and woody that are more suited for this offense. If I read right, SW is listed as starter against LSWho. But I think Gus needs to press ahead with JF III and woody. I, like everybody else here, am not thrilled with what's going on. But I am willing to be patient to watch these 2 QBs progress and turn the whole thing around and give Gus another year. Gus has brought in some good defensive coaches to turn that around. I think the whole thing can get turned around with a little more patience.
  9. aubie the hedgehog

    Time to fire Gus.

    Same can be said about Nick Marshall.
  10. aubie the hedgehog

    Time to fire Gus.

    If Gus is gone, we need to go after the Houston coach. But cross that bridge when we get there. My favorite saying is be careful what you wish for. Gus's offense is all about the qb. JF III is the only qb available that is Taylor made for this offense. Gus needs to stick with him, period.
  11. aubie the hedgehog

    AU On Current NFL Rosters

    What happened to Forrest Hill? He was a long snapper for the Colts. We met him at the long snapping camp in auburn this summer. Seemed like a really nice guy.
  12. aubie the hedgehog

    Fire malzahn

    Players played great! Coaching lost the game with their indecisiveness in the qb position. Not ready to fire Gus, but agree Rhett needs to go. Looks to me like Gus is trying let Rhett run the offense and its backfiring.