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  1. Has anyone mentioned yet that SEC officiating is bias and sucks? If not, let me be the first
  2. Surprise, surprise, an 11-0 run by Florida. It's going to get ugly in the 2nd half. Based on auburn consistently not being able to play a complete game, they could get blown out in the second half
  3. Ouch, that hurts. But so often the truth does.
  4. Little Nicky is handling it... He'll sit the Our Lady of Sorrows game
  5. I've said this before, and thinking about it again I believe strength and conditioning is one of the main factors of this team not playing well in the second half. You can see the fatigue set in with this team in the second half, hence why there is so many mental errors. I know this is not the only factor, but I believe it is one of the main factors for poor play as the game goes on. Auburn may want to reevaluate the strength and conditioning program. I see the same issues with the football team as well.
  6. Wow, if you didn't hear the post game show with Bruce Pearl, check it out. He is pissed. He said, "This is the most disappointing loss since he has been at Auburn." He was noticeably upset and Rod didn't ask him too many questions.
  7. Bruce Pearl is pissed with the officiating. Ole Miss went to the foul line 31 times to Auburn's 8 times. SEC officiating is suspect
  8. I'm a fan of First Half Auburn. I turn off the game at halftime so I won't get depressed
  9. Somebody needs to remind this team that there are two halves in a basketball game
  10. Ole Miss has outscored auburn at the free thrown line 25 to 5
  11. Is there any team in comparison to this auburn team that has blown so many big leads in the second half?
  12. Any time auburn is put under any pressure they fold...
  13. Auburn is getting blown out in the second half 47 - 24
  14. Man this team is a horrible 2nd half team...it is excruciating
  15. Auburn really doesn't like big leads .... I've never seen a more schizophrenic team in my life