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  1. I used to be optimistic about Gus, especially after his first season as head coach in 2013. Many said that season was just a fluke, but I was one of those who thought Gus was going to be the consistency that Auburn needed at the HC position to take them to the next level. Now, like many, I've lost faith in Gus after 5 seasons plus. Since the 2013 season Gus is: 2014 8-5 2015 7-6 2016 8-5 2017 10-4 Even though Gus had a 10 win season last year, he totally imploded in the SEC championship and bowl game. And unbelievably, Auburn gave him a multimillion dollar extension. Also to note since 2013 Gus against his biggest rivals: LSU 2-3 (0-2 against Orgeron) Georgia 1-3 The Turds 1-3 Top 25 opponents 10-15 He doesn't have a winning record against any of them. What could be even worst? Since 2013, Gus is 1-4 in post season. The only win coming in the lowly Birmingham Bowl. Despite having really good recruiting years, Auburn continues to under perform. I think he has already reached his ceiling. Realistically, I don't see Auburn ever winning a National Championship with Gus as HC.... a bowl win would be nice though
  2. I know Tenn technically shares the title. But in my mind, since we beat them on their court, Auburn is the true SEC champs, and Tenn* has an asterisk by their name.
  3. Great job guys! War Eagle ?! Proud of this team!
  4. I have a feeling they’ll beat USC at home. And Auburn arena will be packed to celebrate them winning the regular season. Finally Auburn basketball is relevant again, I’m definitely happy with that.
  5. I hate it for these guys, they’ve worked hard all season. If they lose this game and the next they’ll have come so close to winning the regular season. It would be a tough way to end the season.
  6. Well, wasn’t meant to be tonight. Auburn still has two more tries to win the SEC regular season. They can still get it done
  7. I don’t understand why they don’t just get them to the foul line, instead of letting them go to the basket? Florida is shooting horrible at the line right now, I would think that auburn would take their chances there
  8. He was definitely fouled, not sure why they didn’t call it
  9. Great win! Always good to beat the bammers!
  10. #6 Purdue just went down and it looks like #5 Cincy is about to go down. It looks like Auburn will have the opportunity to move up a couple of spots.
  11. Great win! I’m proud of this team! They adjusted well to the the #1 team in the league at defending 3s.
  12. Auburn definitely struggles with the size. But you have to keep in mind Kentucky is the best at defending the 3 in the league.
  13. Great win on the road, and without Bryce at that. I hope Bryce gets well and come back soon. With this team healthy, I think they’ll finish strong at home.
  14. Yeah, I see what your saying. I was looking at the fact A&M has struggled in league play and was 1-5 on the road coming into this game. Like Pearl was saying in postgame last night, it makes this home game loss a little tougher and puts a little more pressure on the team going forward with some tough games ahead on the road and at home. I do believe Auburn would have won this game if Bryce was in, but things happen. With that said, I believe this loss won’t be a let down that will effect them the rest of the season. This team has shown to be resilient.
  15. Cool it...no need to act like a child. Anyway I didn’t know you were in charge of thread. It was a difficult loss, but hopefully this team can regroup and finish strong
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