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  1. Go Chiefs! Hope Dee Ford sacks Roethlisberger a couple of times
  2. lol, that's funny right there
  3. I just heard they are passing out orange bananas to bammer players as a consolation gift.
  4. Yeah, I get what you're saying. I guess I'm trying to say I don't see their brand as well other SEC brands that much outside the regional bubble. I think some people in Alabama think that the SEC and bammer football dominate sports talk around the nation. That hasn't been my experience.
  5. ^^^ exactly. There is a bit of arrogance in this state when it comes to bammer football. I just moved back from out of state where NFL dominated sports talk. It was weird being in another state where hardly nothing was said about college football. NFL is still the number one sport that dominates ratings and revenue. Not college football, much less bammer football. Somebody on this board tried to convince that bammer football is a national brand. I had to chuckle. How little they know because they're use to being in their bubble.
  6. ^^^ this . They are one of the worst fan bases in general when it comes to being sore losers. I mean in recent years some of the highlights include destroying other university's property to domestic violence because their precious team lost
  7. If only he could predict more wins for Auburn
  8. I agree. I don't see a penalty either
  9. I wonder if lame kitten is sitting in Florida right now having a little chuckle
  10. You know how many call bammer gets away with? Karma is a b...
  11. The SEC network is in total meltdown right now
  12. Roll turds roll down the toilet bowl. Great feeling when the bad guys lose
  13. I thought the same thing
  14. It's a thugs life
  15. Watching the game I noticed Clemson fans look educated, classy, and sophisticated, meanwhile the bammer fans look like they haven't graduated elementary school, much less UAt. You can count 10 teeth in the third row, and the vomit stains on their bammer shirts doesn't add character