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  1. Another run scored by okie. I think that will about do it. Too many runs for auburn to catch up. Hopefully next year they'll fix their batting woes. All in all, it was great to see auburn make it to the super regional
  2. Well North Dakota State was able to scrounge up enough runs to beat okie in the regional. Not sure if that answers your question, but we haven't been able to put up as many runs against them as ND state
  3. Finally a hit! And a homerun at that! Great job McCrackin!
  4. I'm hoping to start seeing some adjustments at the plate, so far Oklahoma is pitching a no hitter with a freshman.
  5. Oh well, not looking good at all. Auburn better find someway to get some runs if they're going to play tomorrow
  6. Again struggling at the plate, this is so frustrating. I'm hoping Auburn can get out of this slump soon.
  7. Thanks! That's more than half of their losses, hopefully tomorrow their performance will be heading in the other direction
  8. Ironically Auburn was asking the same question. I'm wondering how many of Auburn's losses this year were also goose eggs? It seems like this team ebbs and flows together when it comes to hitting
  9. Not going to win with that pitiful batting performance, same song, different day, this team just has not gotten better with situational hitting
  10. Batting woes are going to do this team in, they're not making the necessary adjustments
  11. Really don't like bammer, but I can't say I'm totally upset about it. Can't stand the gators either
  12. Great job ladies! War Eagle!
  13. Clutch hit by Rivera! Get 'em tomorrow ladies!
  14. I've always thought you had to tag with the ball in a situation like that. I don't think the rules have changed
  15. Can someone mute the woman announcer's mike, she is getting beyond annoying