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  1. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    I’m just teasing you.. I hope you’re dream is prophetic! I’ve just never seen Auburn put a beat down on bammer in my life. I’ve seen bammer do it several times, but never Auburn.
  2. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    Two out of thee teams from Alabama beat LSU this year. I hope the team that did not show up to beat LSU, will be the team that showed up to beat Uga , when they play UAt. Without a lot of confidence in Gus to be consistent, I still will predict Auburn to win. But only by mere hope, and not because Gus has provided any evidence to the contrary.
  3. So who wants to keep him now?

    I feel the same way about Gus. He is just too inconsistent and has not established himself as a coach that can consistently be competitive in this league. He’s got to show he can consistently compete at the next level and make the ingame adjustments necessary to do that. Now, if he beats UAt in a couple of weeks, I think a lot more will be forgiven. He’s had plenty of time to recruit the talent he needs to have a “championship caliber team.” He always talks about winning championships at Auburn, well its about time he gets serious about it.
  4. Score Prediction- ULM

    AU 52 - 9 hoping a bunch of back ups get to play, and definitely no injuries
  5. Butch Jones resigns/fired

    I hate it for Butch, but everybody saw this coming. He’s a nice guy, but just did not have what it took to lead the Vols. I wish him all the best.
  6. Rankings tomorrow

    Rankings aside, all Auburn has to do is take care of their business. Win out, they’re in.
  7. AU 40 UGA 17 -- Postgame Locker Room

    Never mind. I didn't see JJ in the locker room celebrating this time. But apparently, he was there according to his tweet. Jay Jacobs‏Verified account @jayjacobsauad 4h4 hours ago One of my favorite postgame traditions: inviting young @AuburnFootball fans from the south stands into the locker room to sing the fight song. Especially sweet after a win in the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry! #WarEaglepic.twitter.com/SLqHVIxATi 5:56 PM - 11 Nov 2017
  8. AU 40 UGA 17 -- Postgame Locker Room

    Guess who is noticeably absent in the locker room? unless I overlooked him...
  9. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Great job guys! Proud of you!
  10. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Nope, punt coverage still sucks
  11. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    I hope the punt coverage team got extra reps this week
  12. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    I hope the D woke up
  13. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Too easy, D looking scary bad right now
  14. Kirby Smart, The Auburn Coach who wasn't

    Saban and Kirby can get away with that stuff at UAt, but couldn’t do the same at Auburn. The politicians wouldn’t allow it. Auburn is under a big magnifying glass in the state of Alabama.