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  1. Really disappointed in this news. I really thought both of these guys would see plenty of playing time this season. As much as AU has going on, why would these guys want to transfer? Wonder the reason why.
  2. Glad to see both players go and I hope Ford gets drafted as well. As far as Carl goes I figured he wouldn't go as early as others, but to be honest I feel like the Packers seriously got a steal with Adams in the third round. I think he should have been drafted higher and I do not think that the many drafted before him are better than he is. I am not sure what his negatives or concerns were but I just feel like he is underrated and has been underrated for whatever reason. I hope he shows out and proves me right.
  3. I just hope they start to utilize the punt and kickoff return game before the Alabama game this year. With Davis we had a dynamic punt return game in 2013. I hope to see that return.
  4. Really hope to see him back in the fall. I was looking forward to seeing him and Craig-Myers torture opposing secondaries.
  5. My only concern for Hastings is strength and how that will stand up against harder hitting DBs in the SEC. Very talented, just hope he can hold on to the ball and most importantly not get hurt.
  6. I was looking for a more in depth look at Stidham vs live college defenses and I found this video I thought gave an interesting look at it. It's baylor's offensive plays vs Oklahoma in 2015 when Stidham was a freshman. Another one as well. Baylor's offensive plays vs OK State 2015. Definitely faces some pressure here. Stidham leaves game with injury at 9:40.
  7. I'm impressed with Stidham but that was to be expected. I'm more impressed with the mind and thought process of Willis. Mentally he looked waaaaay more advanced than a true freshman QB that hasn't been playing the position long. He seemed poised and confident. Not sure what happened with Barrett? Is it possible coaches already see that he won't make as successful a QB as the other three options so they just decided not to play him much once he struggled on the first few drives? I mean Willis started with the two's. That says something. Overall I'm thoroughly impressed with this team. A little nervous about the safety position. Maybe one of the true freshmen coming in are further ahead than usual. That would be nice.
  8. I honestly do not see anything wrong with what Haley did, concerning the reaction to the Florida coach that is. Regardless of how she has handled situations before this one, to me she is justified in her actions. She does not have to high five anyone she does not want to. Does that possibly make her a poor sport yes, but that is her decision. It is obvious to me that Walton purposely reached his hand out to tag Haley's shoulder when it was obvious she did not want to high five him. To me, his actions are an immature reaction to the situation. All he had to do was put his hand down and keep walking. Technically, all she did was put her hand down, walk straight, and ignore him. She wasn't enticing him. She was attempting to handle the situation in a civil way. He was the one to initiate a reaction. It was almost like he wanted to show/ teach her something. That is not his place, he is not her coach. Let her coach handle her actions. There is obviously some bad blood there that we do not know the whole story to, so I am just forming my opinion on the video. I probably would have reacted the same way. That is an individual in a position of authority and he needed to act like it. Take up your problems with the opposing coach, not the players. To me, it doesn't waver my opinion on her or the program. It was a normal reaction in the heat of the moment. How do we know he has ever treated her with respect or how do we know he deserves hers? As far as her going after the players, that is another story.
  9. My favorite parts of the scrimmage recap: Willis threw two touchdown passes. Franklin caught one.
  10. Love a hard nosed run game but I am excited to see AU air it out more.
  11. I agree with this. I do think he will be edged out and a big part of that will be because he can't stay healthy but he does deserve a fair chance to compete for the job. I mean he has worked hard for AU and put his body on the line for AU in 2015 and 2016. You have to respect the guy and give him the fair chance hat he deserves for sure.
  12. Was wondering this same thing, if he was talking about Miller or Willis. I understand Johnson and Pettway not getting many reps because we know what they can do, but I can't see Miller passing them in depth chart. Unless we are speaking in a way that Johnson and Pettway are one-one, Miller two, and Martin third. That would make sense. I could however see Willis passing Barrett in depth. Just off practice videos I've seen, something about Willis seems intriguing. He seems like he has a natural skill set for a QB. I'm excited and interested to see all this play out. AU has got the players that's for sure, now let's hope AU has the coaching.
  13. Seeing as the guy brushed the hit off as "just football", or whatever he said, and had no respect for the guy he put out for two seasons when he was asked about it, yeah I agree. I agree 1000000%.
  14. I just read another article on Dinson and I really hope his injuries are completely rehabbed and he stays healthy this spring/fall. I want this guy to have a tremendous season and really show out. I think we all do. Everyone is rooting for him for sure. I hope he starts for the A&M game and has three picks, 10 TFL, and then they put him on offense and he scores three touchdowns. Obviously I am not being serious, but you get my point. WDE.
  15. I can see Davidson stepping into a leadership role on the defensive side of the ball. He has it in him for sure. I agree with the above comments on the wide receivers. That group as a whole needs to step up now that we have a proper QB and play caller.... hopefully.