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  1. Proud of these boys always. Will be happy for the history made tomorrow. However tonight, this s*** hurts.
  2. I believe Coynis Miller is going to be good. That is a big boy who can move!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqmc0z4s8KQ Willis and Nix looked sharp in this video. I honestly don’t care who wins it as I know it will be the best man who does, so long as Gus doesn’t overthink Nix being a true freshman. Whoever it may be let’s just hope they step up and become a true leader.
  4. Said something similar to being able to see himself win championships at UGA. Hell in black and white maybe. I’m not big on talking down about recruits but GP is a punk plain and simple. Him and UGA are like two peas in a pod when it comes to attitude and persona.
  5. If we lose Pickens so be it, just don’t lose him to UGA.
  6. I saw that too. I thought he was more of an Auburn lean but that was just my opinion which isn’t much. Lol. Gus just visited him last week at the school and he sports AU gear at school all the time, not that those two things mean anything. Our DB room is crowded but I watched him play in person and he would be a nice get.
  7. Ole Miss getting a player in this Ealy kid. Love his running style.
  8. Perfect reaction for that too. Waffle House needs to lock the doors tonight. Don’t let him in.
  9. Agreed. My fantasy team loves him that’s for sure. These analyst whiff on QBs more than any other position. There’s a reason they let Alex Smith go. They knew what they had sitting on the bench. Having the build is great but the greats have the mental aspect. That’s the difference maker.
  10. Gus with his typical “We’ve got to run the football better” press conference.
  11. Totally agree. One common theme amongst highly regarded QB drafted into the NFL who do not make it is pocket awareness which is Stidhams weakest link. You can throw it 60 yards in the air but if you can’t hang in the pocket and make quick progressions you will not be successful. A good example is Mahomes. First year starting but his pocket presence is elite level. Plus he can throw it 60 yards in the air. Lol