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  1. 2018 4* TE Luke Ford

    I’d love to see Fields decommit from UGA for Florida and then this guy committ to us. I’d love to have a useful TE.
  2. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill

    Sick of GA snagging all the recruits. This is something that will get more difficult the longer Kirby stays and the more GA’s program develops. GA is the hotbed for recruiting. We’ve got to be able to beat them on these battles. Kirby is building something strong at GA like Saban does every year at Bama. We have to play them both. Let’s hope Gus can hang with them.
  3. Report: Malzhan staying

    Let them hire Norvell and see how he progresses as a coach. If he does progresses well and we do happen to “fire Gus” like they say we’re going then they would have primed Norvell right up for a big time job like AU and we can hire him away from them. 😂 Joking of course.
  4. Gus' first and most important job

    We’ve got a pretty nice one signing in this upcoming class. Asa Martin. I could see him making an impact as a freshman. I’d also like to see Barrett put on some poundage. He was impressive this year.
  5. Gus' first and most important job

    Get a new WR’s coach, after signing day, and then compose a new route tree.
  6. Report: Malzhan staying

    I agree that we should get behind him and give him or support. I hate his decisions at times and I dislike him at times but this is the first year I’ve felt like Auburn was actually progressing and building something. The way he recruits and the guys that he has been recruiting lately has been great. The coaches he has hired has been great. Over the past five years Auburn has had a lot of turnover and new faces and I personally feel like we finally have the personal in place to have a championship run, hell we were one game away this year. I’d like to find a new WR coach and keep everyone else in place and see where we can go from here.
  7. Malzahn wants to be loved/paid

    Does it mean anything that he’s out doing home visits and recruiting for auburn today as far as whether he stays or goes?
  8. Was Stidham hurt?

    I was actually wondering when same thing. He took a couple of hard shots and one to the head. It made me wonder if he was beat up a little more than expected. Especially after running against Bama so much last week.
  9. Auburn’s Schedule.

    Totally agree. There’s no excuse for Auburn losing tonight besides the way Auburn played. I just think it’s ridiculous the way the schedule is set up, especially on years that we play both of them away. At the end of the day we have to win to make it and that’s that but other teams definitely have more of an adavantage than Auburn does when it comes to scheduling and it’s obvious. The game needs to be moved to a different time and have the end of the season focus on inner division opponents instead.
  10. Auburn’s Schedule.

    No definitely not whiny at all. The truth is the truth. You’re right, our schedule got us to that number two ranking which is why I said I’m fine with playing who we play but the game should be moved to an earlier time in the year. I also said that we are the reason we aren’t going anywhere but I’m speaking on more than just winning and losing. I’m speaking on health as well. These guys were gassed and when you play the schedule we play every year in the span of a month like we do then injuries are more prominent. Like I said, playing UGA is fine but there’s nothing wrong with playing them earlier.
  11. Auburn’s Schedule.

    I hope you’re right because there needs to be a shift. The SEC winner is going to be a shoe in for any playoff scenario no matter what,unless of course everyone implodes. The winner of the East gets all the credit for doing nothing. Georgia whooped us today but the rest of their schedule speaks of nothing at all let’s be honest. It’s time for everyone to start playing on a level field instead of certain teams like AU having to walk through the mud to achieve anything and have teams like UGA have to cross one bump in the road per year. I honestly hope the East gets better. I hate UGA and I’m tired of them goofing being the factor that determines who wins because of you look back these past years it’s come down to UGA screwing themselves and someone else sort of winning by default. It’s time for everyone to start earning it.
  12. Auburn’s Schedule.

    I agree but Vanderbilt and Kentucky ain’t going to get better. They’ll always be them and at this rate Tennessee is going to be pretty bad for a while. Ole Miss is definitely fixing to turn into a cake walk and Arkansas is bad but the East’s bad and the West’s bad has been a bit different over the past ten years.
  13. Auburn’s Schedule.

    Exactly. Yes Georgia plays two rivals within a span of three weeks but there is a HUGE difference between Bama and GA Tech. Georgia also plays us three weeks after playing Florida and when Florida is actually good then that’s not fair to them either imo. The schedule needs to be revised.
  14. Auburn’s Schedule.

    I know the topic of realignment has been beat to hell and back so I’ll speak on permanent cross division rivals. I do understand the importance of tradition when playing permanent cross division rivals every year but at what point does it start to give teams advantages and disadvantages? The way I see it is this, the SEC East is very weak. In my opinion it’s one of the weaker divisions in the power 5. The SEC West is the toughest division in all of college football every year and just got tougher with Jimbo to TAMU, imo. Auburn has to play every west team every year while also playing (usually) the toughest east team in GA every year as well while Alabama has to play every west team every year and the dumpster fire that is TN every year. To me that is completely unbalanced and an advantage to Alabama. They need to realign but if they aren’t going to do that then something needs to be done about the permanent cross division rivals. Georgia had a cake walk all year and came in rejuvenated for that game while Auburn came in completely drained after that November schedule and in my opinion that had a lot to do with this outcome. Every year Auburn has the hardest journey to the SEC championship due to the month of November. They either need to move Georgia to earlier in the season or get rid of it all together. Alabama plays their cross division rival early and we should too. We shouldn’t have to play this three week stretch in Novemeber EVERY YEAR. This may sound like whining but in all honesty, it’s not. It’s about Auburn players playing at an automatic disadvantage due to the way this schedule is setup.
  15. A little perspective, please

    This loss tonight was not on the coaching staff or KJ being hurt. Did those things hinder us? Absolutely. The loss is on the team. They played awful and that’s just it. Many circumstances played into that but that’s null and void at this point. This team had multiple opportunities tonight and left every single one on the field. They did not capitalize at all. Neither side played with any fire or gusto. There’s nothing the coaches can do about the player’s desire. Now, we are in a good position. We can keep our coach and hopefully have some of these key players come back next year and that’ll give us another year with a complete team and our OC. I believe the future is bright.