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  1. How soon do you expect offers to start rolling out? It feels like af OL and DL we could offer everyone…… Those are crucial to any success we may have in the near future. We can not wait on this. Freeze can’t pull a Harsin….
  2. Wasn’t he the one that came to our practice in Birmingham and made a video mocking us in the parking lot? I do remember having a lot of negative things to say about AU. I know we need linemen but no thanks. He tried to make a fool of us.
  3. Could you imagine being guarded by KD and then the switch up is Tre? I’d throw a punch. Lolol.
  4. Does Tre room with KD? Same energy.
  5. Nothing natural. I dont know what the outlook of our team is if this continues.
  6. @bigbird @ellitor I just saw the update on this guy. I don’t know basketball recruiting near like I do football so I was hoping one of y’all could tell me. Has Arkansas always cleaned up this good in BB recruiting? What’s with all their recent success? NIL?
  7. Man these free throws are still killing us. It can’t be said enough that this is going to have to improve for us to succeed this season.
  8. I’m excited about Westey already. You can tell by his body language the dude is a leader.
  9. Even if we swing and miss I still think we end up with a good coach but the hire absolutely should be Coach Prime. Im not going back to read the last 7 pages because any reason you give is not a good enough reason not to do it. The hire should be Deion Sanders. Point blank period.
  10. The ultimate field storming and I’d be all for it.
  11. Dude we are 4-6 with 2 games left on the season and we have the worst O-Line I’ve ever seen. There’s literally no point in trotting our freshman QB out there just to get scramble his brain Unfortunately Robbie ain’t got it but he can at least escape the pressure with his quickness. Also he does try and he fights for the team. Let him have his last two games.
  12. I wish we were playing Bama at home this year.
  13. Love the fight back we always see in the second half of games. I know it’s early but this team is going to have to improve tremendously on the offensive side of the ball. We’ve got to develop a better game underneath because we know we ain’t got it from outside. Broome is going to have to do a complete 180.
  14. Id love nothing more than for Flan to come back into his own this year. We really need him but it’d be good for him. He was that dude before injury.
  15. We are in A LOT of trouble with these free throws. Bruce has got to go out and get us some shooters in the off-season.
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