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  1. PLEASEEEEEEE do not let this continue past this year. Get him the hell out of here. How much more of the fan base does he need to lose?
  2. Lol if you can’t see just how hard Gus got out coached today then Im not sure what to tell you.
  3. Why do I keep watching this ****show? It’s completely exhausting. Fleck is a winner and AU would be luck to have him. Guy completely turned around two historically bad programs. Gus has run our historically good program straight into mediocrity. Drain the swamp Auburn, drain the damn swamp.
  4. Fleck stomped Gus today. Most coaches stomp Gus. Please let this be his last year at it. Please go get Fleck when it’s all over.
  5. Can we just take a knee for the next 9 minutes?
  6. What is our secondary doing today?
  7. Don’t matter what type of talent you got if your coach can’t coach.
  8. I agree with this. Talent wise we have the upper hand but Minnesota is a great team and more importantly they have a much better coach. If we lose this game the only positive would that it may set GM’s exit on motion early. Hopefully the guy on the other side would be his replacement.
  9. Now THAT was embarrassing for the defense.
  10. I say just send the WRs out and let them make up stuff like that. Backyard football. It’s better than the play calling.
  11. This. What was that? No effort at all there.
  12. Is anyone actually surprised by this though? This feels like just another, normal game.
  13. This one isn’t surprising. I can’t blame him one bit. Hope he is successful elsewhere.
  14. He’s only a redshirt Freshman and he played in 11 games this season behind the starters. Seems like an odd decision but good luck to him.