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  1. If it had not had been batted down it was a TD.
  2. Geirner looks very good. Throwing motion is so smooth and seems so natural. Commentators mentioned on one of the breaks that he’s been “swimming” which I assume meant that he’s having typical freshman struggles. Hopefully he will settle in.
  3. Only thing I’m not liking about Ashford is he bails from the pocket too quickly. It’s giving me Bo flashbacks. Ashford is much quicker and more athletic so it’s not as bad.
  4. Damn Holden might not play at all.
  5. So glad to see Capers involved. He has a chance to be our main guy. Ashford is just too athletic to not be on the field. Seems like a guy who can get better and better as the season goes on. Of course we got to see him in a real game but the athleticism can’t be denied.
  6. I was wondering how many were out. OL just doesn’t have the talent. That’ll be the problem with this team in general I’m afraid.
  7. Anyone else catch the commentary on Greiner? Not a positive outlook on his beginning.
  8. TJ doesn’t make bad decisions. He just is not consistent
  9. Lots of young guys getting their names called today. Unless Calzada is much better I’d expect Ashford start. I doubt there’s much differentce in passing talent and Ashford has molbility that the others don’t come close to. I want to see Ashford push it downfield to see what he’s got.
  10. Finley does look better but I still ain’t sold on him. In my opinion that don’t matter he just doesn’t seem very good. O-Line still looks blah. I think there are a few out though.
  11. How many O-Lineman are out right now?
  12. Please do. Would be a thread I’d like to read. I don’t know basketball like I know football so I’d like to hear your thoughts, specifically how we bounce back better next year and the pieces we are missing.
  13. Welp it was fun. Frustrating but fun, just like all basketball. I don’t think we could make it past Kansas anyways but would have been fun to make it that far. We need better shooters. Point, blank, period. I wonder what next year will look like. It feels like talent wise this is Auburn’s peak which is what makes me sad we are going out like this. We could have done it but that’s just Auburn. It’s always “we could have done it”.
  14. We been fussing over Guard play for months. This ain’t on the guards. Absolutely no reason Kessler and Jabari should be getting strong armed by smaller guys at the rim. Should be leading.
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