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  1. A few weeks ago I would not have been excited by this but the way we are whiffing on portal guys we gone need these guys.
  2. Not surprised we whiffed here but man, this sucks.I’m so tired of OLine issues.
  3. Love how Auburn clamped down on them in the half. There won’t be many times that an opposing team shoots as accurately as OM did in that first half. And they shot 100% from the FT. We still won by 3 possessions. I ain’t mad at it. Not at all.
  4. A lot of these open looks have been from our guys playing a little bit over aggressive. Almost feels like that is a result of being down as much as we were. Need to settle in.
  5. I know we love to shoot a three but we need to come out this second half and penetrate that zone they are running. We’ve had good looks at it but haven’t hit them consistently.
  6. We are shooting 57% and still down by 7. Lol. If OM keeps scoring like this we gone be in trouble. Love Bruce and his halftime adjustments though.
  7. Ain’t really much you can do about this kind of shooting. Also they don’t have any fouls but we are also not really driving it inside. Hard to get foul calls on 3s. At least they ain’t calling a ton on us like at UA.
  8. They are absolutely taking it to us. I don’t think they’ve missed a shot yet. This is crazy.
  9. I wonder if we are still in the running here. He was red hot on commitment watch and has completely cooled.
  10. I saw that too and was wondering. Gotta be something behind it.
  11. Dude this thread and the transfer portal thread are totally out of control. Been nothing pertaining to the topic of the thread for days. Just straight clutter.
  12. If we miss out on Lacy and Torrence considering they’d almost surely be day one starters, that would suck. Offense looking putrid.
  13. Need him more now that Heights is moving on.
  14. I really hate this. I felt like he could be a major contributor. Plus we ain’t got that many edge guys.
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