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  1. I have wondered all season what was going on with Nick Coe. I thought he was hurt earlier this season. Did he travel with team today?
  2. Joiner gets over looked worse than any of our other backs imo. He needs to be in the field more and could be used in a multitude of positions.
  3. Good news is we ain’t losing this one. Bad news is LSU is going to hose us. For what it’s worth I think LSU would hose a lot of the greats. I will say that if Bo comes out like he did against UF then Gus needs to put Joey in. Bo does really good things and then does really bad things like dancing and hesitating on throws and staring down receivers.
  4. Lol at that footwork. I haven’t wanted an Auburn player to succeed as bad as I want Nix to. These things give me stomach pains.
  5. It may not be. I just want to see. That isn’t a knock against Bo at all but this is not working.
  6. Joey needs to start the entire second half and run the entire offense.
  7. The 2013 national championship is number one. The 2017 SEC Championship is number two. The 2014 game against TAMU is number three. A chance for us to win a national championship at those three moments was very feasible and the ball was dropped badly. To me you can’t beat that. Side Note: I’ll never forget that 2014 TAMU game. I had been so confident that we would whoop them that I didn’t even stay home to watch the game. I went uptown. I visibly remember checking my phone and having a genuine oh s*** moment. I rushed home to finish watching it..... I should have stayed uptown.
  8. Thank you! In some instances the “high road” isn’t meant to be taken. Auburn pushes that rhetoric too much imo. If they won’t give you respect then you’ve got to take it. In this instance Worm did just that with a two piece special. Loved it.
  9. I would like to compare clips to see who got more no call holding penalties. Maybe it’s because I’m watching it every Saturday but man I don’t remember a lineman in recent memories who has been blatantly held as much as Brown has this season. Side Note: I’d take the penalty yards. I loved the way Fairley played.
  10. If it’s on the playground, the streets, or the football field, everyone has a right to stand up for themselves no matter what. I loved it. The whole “good ole boy” way of thinking only covers you so far. If you’ve got to sock somebody in the mouth because they are talking down on you, then do it. I wish the rest of the team had some fight like that, especially the O-Line. Y’all act like the guy came out and took a cheap shot at someone on the field or got into a behavioral issue off the field. He was standing up for himself just like you all would. Get off your high horses and get over yourselves. That “Auburn way” s*** gets old sometimes. Edit to clarify that I don’t say that because Momma Worm is on the board. Not that was he did was nasty anyways, but this team could use a little bit of that. Maybe the OLine wouldn’t get run over every game.
  11. It’s unfortunate but you’re right. Prior to 2015 I’d be probably overly invested in games. I felt ~some~ of that come back when Auburn knocked of GA in 2017. Outside of that my passion for football season has been completely dulled. I’m still invested and love it but my expectations have been demolished since 2014 and have never really came back. This past basketball season was the first time in years that I felt myself be truly 100% invested in an Auburn sports team in years. That loss hurt worse than any of these. I use to get so worked up before games and during and now I just think it takes too much energy. Maybe if we weren’t losing the way we do things would be different but it’s exhausting to come out with expectations of different results when you know the same ole stuff is going to happen.
  12. He looked bad tonight on multiple occasions. He has played up to par in other games though.