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  1. Exactly my thought when I read it. I was expecting to hear him say that he wasn’t getting the job done and needed to work harder, or something. Anything but “I thought I played well.”
  2. He was definitely on the sidelines yesterday. I saw him multiple times a pace or two off of Harsin. I was wondering who he was.
  3. Does he remember that was on a FIRST down play? At worst, it’s 2nd and 10.
  4. TJ also said it was a fade in the after game interview. Didn’t work, so Shed improvised.
  5. What could it hurt to try another QB? Nix doesn’t have any confidence anyway.
  6. I’m waiting for all this discipline talk to make its way to the field.
  7. Tar’varish Dawson watch…. maybe?
  8. You know, “bobo” in Spanish literally means “silly”
  9. Herbstreit sounded so bummed when he said ‘he’s down’
  10. This rule is killing the sport. No common sense applied at all.
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