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  1. Bruce is calling this game right. Our guys gotta start making these shots.
  2. Picking up where we left off at uat. Come on, boys!
  3. We need to keep Wiley inside. Getting blown past
  4. That ref works for Vegas. Same guy every time
  5. Cambridge nothing but a liability tonight
  6. It seems like if we just stop turning it over, we win
  7. I really, really like basketball, but the officiating makes it almost unwatchable
  8. Cambridge not earning his PT this game
  9. I am curious how this scenario will play out for the Miss St recruits who signed in December. Most coaches are let go following the final regular season game, before the early signing period. If current players on the roster are able to transfer without having to sit out due to a coaching change, does the same allowance apply to the new signees?
  10. Great opportunity for him. I hope he does well.
  11. I'm not saying he would go wrong one way or the other. I just disagree with the idea that he's not a draft prospect.
  12. Fastest player in college football who has already shown he can catch to boot? I would imagine he would have a better prospective than Slayton did. I mean you have to be Phelps good to make more in the Olympics.