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  1. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    Malzahn just said we had the best Tuesday practice of the season! No way we can lose now!
  2. NYC Auburn Club

    I want to say it was the Sporting Club, on the boarder of the West Village and Tribeca
  3. NYC Auburn Club

    I lived in the City 1998-2004. We used to meet at a sports bar in the lower West Village (forget the name). Lots of fun, made great friends there. St Pat's was a block from where my cousin lived. Cool place.
  4. Can't let LSU beat us twice

    Honestly, losing to Arkansas this weekend might be the best outcome for Auburn long term.
  5. 8 based on resources and current roster alone. Maybe not an 8 to the big names, but definitely to some great options.
  6. The OM tackle's holding had me shouting at the tv the whole time. On time, he pulled Holland to him, picked both feet up, and fell right on top of him (not a real pancake). I noticed that Holland began to do some last minute shifts from that guy's side to the other side. I wondered if it had something to do with it.
  7. Score Prediction- Ole Miss

    38-17 AU
  8. Did anyone else catch Braden Smith bail out Dareus James on K Davis's long reception? James got beat and Braden turned from his guy and just pushed the defender to the ground before he got to Stidham. Pure beast.
  9. Stream game on tunein radio app. That way you can adjust the radio broadcast with the tv
  10. Maybe the meeting was in-person and not a conference call. That would make the report "inaccurate"
  11. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    So glad my 24-13 prediction was wrong! I was Missouri on Missouri.
  12. Pat Dye: As of right now, 4 more losses ...

    Based solely on the quote... he didn't say we'd have four losses by season's end. He said if we played each of them right now, which we're not, we'd lose. Hence the "we'll get better part." He may think that, but that's not what this statement says. Could be his honest opinion, or it could be a call-out like he did years ago by saying Georgia "wasn't man enough to beat alabama." With Dye, you never really know.
  13. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    24-13 AU
  14. Sean White arrested