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  1. Just curious why the first guy in line didn't get slapped?
  2. More shots of the crowd please
  3. I never listen to Danielson when we play, but I even had to mute CBS for this game.
  4. Stopped the DVR, then immediately deleted.
  5. Bo has missed far too many open passes to warrant finishing this game out
  6. So glad I haven't listened to that guy in a couple of years
  7. Beat me to it, Tampa. I was thinking Jim Breuer, Goat Boy:
  8. Pulled it back 4 yrds. Do they not count fwd progress anymore?
  9. Reminds me of what Muschamp said of Montravious Adams: "He loses $1M for every play he takes off." MA finally turned it on.
  10. Anytime I see that mannequin head ref step out there, I know the officiating is going to suck.