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  1. For this team, being ranked #1, even if in January, is huge! Recruits are starting to see us at the top of the polls, and hopefully on a regular basis. The Final Four appearance was just a start, not a flash in the pan. This is exactly how Gonzaga pulled itself up from a Cinderella to a perennial.
  2. Derrick Hall and other football players shirtless in the crowd
  3. Do you happen to see tomorrow’s lottery numbers too?
  4. He could be Ivan Drago’s grandson in Rocky XX
  5. With as hot as OM has been, down 6 is best case scenario
  6. We gotta weather this storm and keep it close. UM is red hot.
  7. Call cane so late I thought it was on the rebound
  8. “Looks like a choir boy, shoots like a serial killer!” (Jim Fyffe)
  9. Can we not get the ball to our best player?!
  10. These teams are playing by two different sets of rules.
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