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  1. I would defend them the way Ole Miss defended us both times.
  2. My daughter and I went. So much more fun than how we ended the season last year!
  3. Playing a forth game in four days against a physical team will not be easy.
  4. Are those noisemakers fl fans are using legal? You would think it would be easy to find the people doing it
  5. I'm convinced a LOT of college basketball refs are working for Vegas as their primarty income. I hate it because I love basketball, but the refs make it hard to watch. Everything about the sport is sleazy right now.
  6. We're not playing badly. They just have better players.
  7. Great let them score with the clock stopped
  8. Bout to give this one away. Unbelievable
  9. Wow. Not sure I've seen something like this before.
  10. Watching this makes me ask: gow BAD is Vandy?
  11. Brown is a shooter only... no game beyond that.