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  1. I was hoping for us and for him that he'd try to play DB. All he needs to do is look at how many DBs were selected in the first three rounds of the draft this year.
  2. Pleasantly surprised he went before Terry Godwin.
  3. ABC's coverage was very complementary. Called him a steal and the fastest DB in the draft.
  4. Combine with A-Day
  5. Our missing countless wide open shots made us look average. Their defense was definitely great, but we shot poorly tonight.
  6. It came down to all our missed shots
  7. It's just this simple: we aren't hitting our open shots.
  8. How are we just now getting in the bonus?
  9. Brown wanted Spencer to pitch it back to him
  10. I feel like we're up by 15 with fair officials
  11. I rhought Purdue got a good call yesterday. Was hoping we might get the same
  12. That was definitely a foul on Dunbar. Not smart