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  1. Pedaler

    2018 Former 4* QB Cord Sandberg

    I think he is a take, but only if we can have his highlight video's background music piped into the stadium when he's on the field.
  2. Pedaler

    The Opening (June 30-July 3)

    Those balls had to have come from Tom Brady's personal collection.
  3. Not sure I would discount McLemore just yet.
  4. Pedaler

    Marquis Daniels Joining AU Staff

    We played Syracuse the best game of the tourney, and they won it all that year
  5. Pedaler

    AU signee Anthony Schwartz is ... fast

    That looked video shopped. Everyone else was in 1x while he was in 3x
  6. What time did it end up being when he actually committed? I don't like loose ends
  7. Pedaler

    A-Day thread

    Umm, can we just forego the 2nd half? Cut our losses on injuries...
  8. Pedaler

    A-Day thread

    I'm not convinced we could complete a pass even if there were no defense on the field at all
  9. Pedaler

    Kaleb Kim injures Ankle

    Hey, better now than in fall camp.
  10. Pedaler

    Was that CBP last game?

    No.... forde's bs with Auburn goes back at least to the late 90's. He did a weekly column during football season where he downed Auburn at every turn. Not sure where it comes from other than he realizes bama fans consume more Auburn content than they do their own. Even without the anti-Auburn bias, he has always been a major hack.
  11. Pedaler

    Can it get any worse?

    It can't get any worse, but it will darn sure have to get a whole lot better or we're done tomorrow. Bryce and Jared both had key shots down the stretch... they will have to play a complete game against Clemson. Mu is rarely down two games in a row. Gonna be a good one tomorrow.
  12. Pedaler

    Men vs Alabama

    Okeke with 3 fouls