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  1. When I was growing up in Auburn in the 80’s, there is NO WAY we would roll Toomer’s Corner for that.
  2. If I wanted to be watching MLB, I would be.
  3. Beautiful play and the WR can’t run upright by himself
  4. This injury doesn’t look good at all. That guy just crumbled under impact.
  5. Love Robbie’s heart. If he can develop his passing, watch out.
  6. Thank you. I was living in Manhattan at the time. The residents weren’t able to flip to anger as fast as other parts of the nation. The missing persons signs and people sobbing on the subway for almost a year was so sad.
  7. I intentionally didn’t bring up whether last night’s game was officiated well or not. I find it odd that Ken Williamson would officiate any of our games, and I have seen him do the Iron Bowl.
  8. Does the SEC have any official conflict-of-interest rules in place that govern which games certain refs are not eligible to officiate? The head ref last night is a realtor in tuscaloosa of all places. Throw more flags in Auburn = I sell more homes in tuscaloosa.
  9. I’m starting to think we might want to run a Longest Yard play on the white hat.
  10. There was a little bird flying by outside of the student section that crapped its pants and did a 180 when it saw Independence headed his way.
  11. TN needs to tighten up. Down 10-0.
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