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  1. Our starters at CB may very well be.
  2. So we're not yet to the point of sacrificing a live chicken in the locker room?
  3. He will be back by summer if not sooner. Will not be in time for any Spring practices though.
  4. I'm not even sure you have to throw a pass to jfIII. Just put his speed in motion and he's at least a decoy that will freeze one or two defenders
  5. A guy who can get into Stanford usually wants to go there. Can't say that I blame him, it's world class.
  6. Thank goodness for TunedIn... have Rod and Stan synced up with tv
  7. Just give me 3 hours, and I'm good.
  8. Ouch! I have to wake up for work at 3AM!! Darn commute.
  9. Effective... like totally the max
  10. Anytime I see that manaquin looking head ref out there, I get worried.
  11. Wonder if a 3 loss UM team is ranked higher than us on Monday
  12. Can we have multiple OTs here, please?
  13. Today they would take away Carlo Cheattum's hit on Reggie Cobb. Such an awesome football memory.