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  1. Eli still has this year to hit his ceiling.
  2. His hands go UP....... and they stay there.
  3. University of Auburn strikes again!
  4. Purifoy has turned out to be a good athlete who happens to play basketball. Had high hopes for him
  5. Getting close to time to sweep the leg on that short ref
  6. When the refs call a foul on all ball, they strip my joy. Make the game unwatchable.
  7. Oy my.. this team we're playing is not good at all.
  8. Okoro or Doughty driving to the basket. Nothing else
  9. Honestly with the way they have shot 3s, we're fortunate going to OT on the road. Still need the refs to do their job.
  10. That was a complete bs no call. Shameless
  11. Everything else in college basketball is dirty... I don't see why the officiating wouldn't be too.
  12. Unfortunately this one likely comes down to free throws