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  1. Projected depth chart to open spring practice

    Lol I think I would try to lay low in the game if I were him.
  2. Projected depth chart to open spring practice

    Figured that was coming. He didn't see any action later in the season. I asked several times if anyone knew what had happened to him and nobody had a clue. I figured it was that he had been passed by. So I would encourage players not to get the MVP award for the A-day game. Seems like all of those guys are bust
  3. I had a conversation with my dad a couple of years ago before he passed of brain cancer. We were talking about old times and how much things have changed. I have been teaching in the Texas public school system for 17 years and I have 2 daughters (10 and 14). We were talking about how scary society is compared to when we were both growing up and what it was going to be like for his grandkids. I made the comment that kids have changed so much. He said something that has stuck with me and really made me a better parent. He told me kids haven't changed, parents have changed. In my opinion the way we raise our kids as a society is the single most important factor in how this country will progress. I am in a profession where I get to the results of poor parenting. Fortunately for me (and it is the reason I got into the profession) I have the opportunity to make a difference in some these kids lives.
  4. Im so durn mad.

    That game was all about momentum. It had nothing to do with play calling. The fumble by Stidham on the 3rd drive completely changed momentum and we were never able to get it back. Anyone that has ever played competitive sports can attest to the role momentum plays in a sporting event. If you remember the defense had a chance to get the offense the ball right back on that drive after the turnover and Georgia converted 2 long third down plays.
  5. Next year's team

    I haven't seen Paul James III the last 2 games. Any info on him? I think the last game he played in was Arkansas.
  6. Injuries heading into UGA Game

    Maybe it has been said already but I don't remember Paul James III playing at all against Texas A&M. Is he injured?
  7. Pass rush

    Could not start a new topic because I am new, but was wondering why Devaroe Lawrence didn't play the other night? Sorry if I missed it but I didn't see him in the rotation at all.