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  1. To my ignorant eyes, he looked pretty damn good to me. Dadgummit. Hope they correct this.
  2. Tigerpro. I agree. I can’t tell you how many times I have just waited and waited for Pass The Biscuits to give us an injury update. There are plenty of folks in the know and I greatly appreciate their posts.
  3. Who cares what ANYBODY says in terms of predictions? The great Lee Corso said it best when he said, “that’s why they play the football game”. I disregard any and all predictions. I think we are going to have a very, very good football team. While Gus can frustrate, he can also figure out how to win, when he’s got the talent. Many coaches can’t do that. That man knows how to run the football. There’s nothing better than watching Auburn University on National TV on a crisp fall Saturday afternoon, rattling off 350 rushing yards against a top opponent
  4. We have a really good offensive line, a monster-sized running QB, speed EVERYWHERE and talent galore. Gus is going to get his offensive Mojo back and it’s going to be a ball to watch. Defense is going to be very solid and consistent. Say what you want but for the vast majority of Gus’s tenure we have been in the national conversation. Few programs can say that. Nobody is perfect and he has had Uber-frustrating periods but give the guy his weapons and he knows what to do with them. He wins a lot of big games and he’s never scared. When we are outclassed we are outclassed but this year is going to be fun. Cannela, Stove, Swartz Hill, Hastings, McClain, Williams and more, add a decent and improving RB1 and 2 with 3 looking good, with depth. Worm for the change of pace, Joiner on the wheel route, maybe well-played zone read with a true QB run option versus just handing off every time.....paired with a Defense?. FOR THE FEW, BUT VOCAL, NAYSAYERS OUT THERE——-PICK. A. NEW. TEAM. My entire family all graduated FSU and they literally have NOTHING to look forward to this year. What a horrible time that would be in September and knowing that you’re going to lose to Boston College and NC State and Wake Forest and Syracuse and Virginia and everybody else on your schedule. I am proud and EXCITED to be an Auburn Tiger. In addition, I am putting $1000 on Auburn to win it all this year. For those who do not recognize what we have in place at this point, for the upcoming season, open your damn eyes and be grateful. We finna run it. For those that think the Georgia, LSU and Bama games are a foregone conclusion, you are ALL IDIOTS. We are THE BARN, we are AUBURN, and THE BARN IS LOADED WITH THOROUGHBREDS. WAR DAMN EAGLE
  5. We are not going to have a 7 or 8 win season. Mark my words. It’s GOING TO BE FUN. FAST AND FUN AND FAST SOME MORE
  6. The word on Gatewood since he was old enough to garner attention is that he is just a natural freak athlete. Give him a set of golf clubs and he’d be a scratch golfer within a year kind of athlete. Focus on pretty much any sport and he would be outstanding. Just one of those extremely rare people. He split time with another outstanding quarterback in high school but he played some other positions and nobody ever recruited him based on his numbers. he is just one of those crazy specimens with EXTREME natural athletic ability. When I played Little League in Maitland FL if you were 11 you played with the 11-year-olds, 12 played with the 12-year-olds and so on and longtime Detroit Tigers 3B Travis Fryman played with the 15-year-olds when he was 11. No other exceptions were ever given before or after him. You just know he was going pro. Gatewood just has it. Of course it sounds like Bo is a hell of a player. CHAMPAGNE PROBLEMS!!!! at least I hope so.
  7. Of course you are correct, a fumble here and there is one thing. But nothing takes the wind out of the sails faster than a fumble on the 5 yard line after a 12 play, 75 yard drive.......except a red zone pick, and of course we almost never throw in the red zone either. you have to admit Gus must hate it too because any of his RB make a habit out of it, they fly down the depth chart. Also, I did a little research and one Sir Bo Jackson NEVER fumbled EVER and that goes back to Pop Warner. Including pick up sandlot games.
  8. Gus has always felt that if you CANT HOLD ON TO THE FOOTBALL THEN YOU SHOULDNT BE A RUNNING BACK. and I agree 100000%.
  9. Our OL was playing pretty darn good at the end of the year, Everybody else gets an outstanding true freshman quarterback from time to time, don’t see why we can’t get one once every 50 years. Plenty of marquee defenders are back, excellent youth in the secondary on defense, Witlow and Shivers can run the football, grabbed a couple solid RB recruits. and our wide receivers are fine. We catch a little lightning in a bottle, and if the playbook is burned and a real playbook is implemented, we could be really good next year
  10. Making predictions that far into the future? It’s all going to be OK!
  11. You make a very good point and I agree but I also think running backs have a lot less on their plate than linebackers. Your number is called and you run hard. I think much of the running backs success hinges on personal physical attributes and vision more than anything.
  12. Good Lord, how hard can it be to coach the running backs? And if all he does is get us IMG’s number one running back every year, he’s worth every penny. My goodness, he could bust off a long run better than any Auburn running back I can remember
  13. I can tell you one thing—I have watched enough of one of these quarterbacks, who will remain unnamed because we’re not supposed to bash anyone, that is so unbelievably horribly bad at the zone read it is painful to watch. Great big open hole to the left and he hands off the ball to the running back to go to the right. Time after time. I do not personally recall ever seeing him make the correct zone read. Ever. Just absurd decision making. He’ll never play another snap in my opinion, and he shouldn’t. Not bashing, just telling it like it is. It’s a three QB race and more than likely a 2 QB race, Although I still think Cord Sandberg is probably better than people think he is.
  14. Gene, do you have a brother named Bob?
  15. Take the most dominant pitcher in major league baseball and give him a dime size blister on his throwing hand and he will not be able to win a baseball game. That is how fine the line is when you get to this level of play.