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  1. Which was weird because for a time, Gus was fearless, won some huuuuuuge games and had us in the National Conversation late in the season, as much as any team in college football. Then those years of, yes, Gustification, (great phrase) set in….but when we was on, he was great. We just kept the starting pitcher in way too long. Love seeing playcalling evolving. Good Lord we haven’t seen that in years. Seems like a lifetime really. I was worried (and vocal) that was what we were going to get this year as well, thru the first few games, but glad I am wrong.
  2. It’s very understandable that folks have mixed emotions and some are excited, and for some it’s wait-and-see. Look at it from the perspective of the year thus far. Absolutely no poster on this board predicted this: Coming out of the gate with dominating defense and huge-numbers rushing victories over admittedly weak teams, then go into Penn State with the entire country watching us, and play decent but watching a fairly mediocre quarterback just carve us up while our (at that time) high school offense stutters, then the atrocity that was the Georgia State game, watching that FB gash us for 2
  3. We may be pretty good! Without the dropped passes (it is what it is, or more accurately it was what is was?—not trying to beat that dead horse)—but without the drops, we could have been pretty darn competitive in that game, and UGA has that once-in-a-generation team. Forget the early ugly games, we seem to be improving pretty quickly across most areas. I would love to see a couple of wins coming up, in games that I immediately wrote off after PSU and Georgia State. Maybe we make a good showing! Some years that’s going to be as good as you get. If we play solid then we have a chance in ever
  4. Crazy . We are winning, against a very good offense, on the road, and I am seething! That’s on me!! Hard to watch this D, but again we have limited a good Offense to 23 at home. DAG is right, we fans suck! But then again, if we kept our mouth shut there would only be half of one page on this thread which I enjoy every week
  5. Yes. Just frustrated. Not used to seeing that wide separation. Lack of pressure is frustrating. Love our boys, and we ARE winning…..usually I’m a glass is half full guy versus today’s half-empty.
  6. Our defense lineman are carrying this defense today. They might not be generating much pressure but they are tackling well. Let’s keep this momentum going.
  7. I’m watching the game where we have given up 380 yards in 2 1/2 quarters
  8. Also I pull for the hogs regularly. I like them see them having a good year. Not today, obviously, but they have great fans and they deserve some success
  9. Blind squirrel. You can never point to ONE series and say, all is well, or all is lost. And overall, they aren’t horrible, I think there’s just a lot of frustration watching them give up 8 yards per rush religiously (today) and this soft pass defense
  10. Yes I was thinking of another SEC team I think. They were really, really good against A&M.
  11. It doesn’t have to be all of one and none of the other. This soft defense isn’t working overly well, and this discombobulated offense isn’t giving them a rest. Both can happen simultaneously
  12. We must remember that this Arkansas defense hasn’t stopped anybody all year. They have been gashed by anybody and everybody
  13. Throwing to Deal three yard behind the line and he’s blanketed and with a linebacker two yards off……this is bad.
  14. Bobo is pedestrian. Such a lack of creativity. High school. Hard to watch.
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