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  1. MaitlandTiger

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    Kam Martin Doesn’t have what it takes to get extra yardage running up the middle against good teams. Whitlow significantly better. Stidham is not playing elite by any means
  2. MaitlandTiger

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    We beat any team in the country outside the SEC West. I would say with the exception of Oklahoma, but they struggled at Iowa State, Wisconsin got beat by the Mormons, I would never worry about Penn State or Notre Dame, they are way overrated. Clemson always tough but beatable. Ohio State is always tough. We are not a horrible football team. We just played a perennial powerhouse. LSU is flat out stocked with talent. And we played them well. Officiating was poor but we also deserved a lot of those PI calls. Our secondary does a lot of holding. Our secondary is pretty good but up against the best of the SEC west they were exposed. We play four or five of the very best teams in the country every year. And so does the rest of the SEC West. No other school in the country comes close to what we have to face every year. Stidham is remarkably overrated. Phenomenally overrated. I like him, I am in Auburn fan and he is in Auburn man, but he is absurdly overrated. he has regressed. Big time. Our D line is overrated too. great freaking linebackers though
  3. MaitlandTiger

    Mark My Word 2018

    Mark my words. Cord Sandberg is a major hero of some sort this year. Forced into action in a critical game, he shines. Mark my words. Sal Cannela goes off early and often with Lutzy-style catch-everything-thrown-his-way. Man, Lutz was clutch... Mark my words. Rarely has college football seen the balance of offense and defense we exhibit, with the nod going to our defense, which allows less than 10 ppg
  4. MaitlandTiger

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers (merged threads)

    I am excited that WE finally have a small and elusive speed demon. Ontario McCalebb will always be one of my all time favorite Auburn Tigers. He was good for 8, 11, 20 yards per touch and would tear the soul out of the competitions defense. They could load the box and limit our running attack and be on the verge of a three and out and Ontario would sweep for 18 yards and it would crush their spirit. He had the speed but was not elsusive. There have been small elusive speedsters that have wreaked havoc on us. Noel Devine made us look FOOLISH. Don’t forget that Randall Cobb almost single-handedly beat Cam Newton’s Auburn Tigers in Kentucky. Seemed like he had 400 yards all by himself in that game. Blinding Speed AND elusiveness is rare. It is horrible when used against you, and oh so fun when you have it. We have not had it in a long long time. NOW WE HAVE ONE AGAIN. WELCOME, WORM AND FAMILY.
  5. MaitlandTiger

    five position battles to watch

    Siposs has the leg power to actually compress the air within the football to where it will feel like catching a rock, to the punt returner. I have this info from a good source. When he wants to pin it deep, the football buries in the turf like a dud mortar round. He runs a 4.2 40, passes the football like Dan Marino and has one of those cryptic code cracking brains to where he can call a teams plays after simple film review. He is much like that mystical recruit whose name I forget. Wade Christopher? That was his nickname down under. And it is a great nickname now. the Aussie Wade Christopher. Can I just go to sleep and wake up on Sept 1? This last month is brutal.
  6. MaitlandTiger

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    Also, Oracle79, few people truly appreciate the bridge pole and the downrigger while trolling the blue water. I put the cigar lead on the flatline opposite the downrigger rod. I like the cigar lead to be let back equal to the closest teaser bait, black skirted ballyhoo 30 feet behind cigar lead. Lower angle of line by pinning the line to the handle with a number 64 rubber band. Sweetest sound in the world when bit. I miss bluewater fishing.
  7. MaitlandTiger

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    I do not know why, and I don’t know where this thought is coming from in my head, but I’ve had strange thoughts like this before only to see them become reality. Something deep in the fiber of my body says that somehow, at some time, Cord Sandberg is going to be an absolute hero to the Auburn faithful
  8. MaitlandTiger

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    Sometimes the truth hurts. Other top-tier SEC schools play true freshmen, and red shirt freshmen, in actual SEC football games against top 10 competition, nationally televised and they Excel. Our back up quarterbacks, regardless of freshman, sophomore, junior, do not do well in mop up duty, the silly A-game, or anything else for that matter, but we make excuses for them ad nauseum. Would any of you want to start the season with anyone other than JS? Good gracious, send us more QB’s.
  9. MaitlandTiger

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    First of all, let me remind you of the precautionary tale of Ohio State. Back in the late 80s, Ohio State Star quarterback Johnny Utah led them to the Rose Bowl. On that fateful January 1 afternoon, Johnny Utah went down with an injury. Despite multiple surgeries he never played college football again, instead opting for a career in federal law-enforcement. But Ohio State had multiple back up quarterbacks so they were OK. My beloved Auburn Tigers have not had the same quarterback success as other top tier SEC schools where we have chosen recruits wisely, or developed high school quarterbacks properly. Whatever the case, whoever is to blame, it has simply been a long time since we took a kid out of high school and he was anything better than mediocre. Most never came within shouting distance of mediocre. I distinctly remember Kiyale Fraser, or however he spelled the simple name of Kyle, in the fourth quarter, after a seemingly 4-for-30, six interception performance, walking off the field after another three and out, with a big grin on his face. HE WAS HAVING FUN, SUCKING. Then there was Jeremy throwing into 3 defenders AGAIN AND AGAIN. AUBURN—-TAKE ANYONE WHO SHOWS A HINT OF TALENT AT THE QB POSITION. WE HAVE THREE TIGHT ENDS AND WE ONLY NEED ONE. THEY NEVER GET HURT, BLOCKING. Take more quarterbacks. We have 21 receivers, only three or four of them can create any separation whatsoever with the defensive backs, and two of those that can, are out. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING AUBURN, MR. SANDBURG
  10. I live in the same town as Golf. A couple years ago I saw this character at the Maitland Publix. All decked out in Auburn gear carrying a lumpy worn down brown paper sack with the words “For M. Ivey” on it. Spoke to him for a few minutes and he mentioned this forum. Been reading it ever since. I’m pretty sure it was Golf. Thirty-something, 6’3”, 185. Full head of jet black hair. Lithe and willowy body like a male Brazilian professional dancer? Same guy?
  11. 1. I was voted All-World First Team party All-Star. It got me nothing but heartache!! Gave it up much. Miss it tremendously 2. Shouldn’t we both be at work?
  12. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, it also appears that he comes equipped with a shiny metal uniform and metallic UMass helmet. That is wonderful news because imagine 10 Auburn Tigers in the Navy uniform, and one shiny metallic right tackle. On first down, after the snap he could move a little further to the right and shimmy a little bit and waive his metallic arms. One or two of the 10 defenders stacking the box—-remember this is any first down—would be distracted. We would average a yard and a half versus the traditional yard. Why has nobody mentioned this?
  13. Earlier in this thread someone mentioned that we need to go after another GT that is 5 ‘ 10” and 185. I’m glad we got the bigger feller. Even stretching that shorter feller with Andy Griffiths body-stretching machine, and a year of Aunt Bea’s fried chicken and biscuits, it would be hard to turn him into an SEC OL. If you figure Andy’s neck-stretcher gives him 4 inches, conservatively, and 30 pounds added by Aunt Bea’s cooking, that makes him 6’2” and 215. He’ll get pushed backwards like Braden Smith versus UCF. Plus who wants to be in that contraption in a lonely closet while their friends are out having fun? Driscoll is already full-sized!
  14. MaitlandTiger

    Pettway is a mess

    I don't know why Montavious Atkinson doesn't call a team meeting and say "Listen up, boys, drugs are bad for you. I have seen a lot of players lose it all, in my 42 years on this Earth....."
  15. MaitlandTiger

    ***Auburn vs. UCF -- PEACH BOWL -- Game Thread***

    It has been a great year and I am proud of our team. it is somewhat hard to believe that the same team that beat the crap out of Alabama and punched Georgia in the nose en route to a 40 to 17 victory just can’t seem to get up for this game. I do think these boys will dig deep and win the second half and the game. We have all seen this before, where the smaller and weaker team plays very well for a quarter or a half and then the better team with more depth pulls it out. Then again, In 2007 or 2008 Auburn was here in Orlando Playing a supposedly inferior Wisconsin team. Auburn was favored by two touchdowns and they believed the hype and I had to watch Wisconsin win every single snap for 60 minutes