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  1. I live in the same town as Golf. A couple years ago I saw this character at the Maitland Publix. All decked out in Auburn gear carrying a lumpy worn down brown paper sack with the words “For M. Ivey” on it. Spoke to him for a few minutes and he mentioned this forum. Been reading it ever since. I’m pretty sure it was Golf. Thirty-something, 6’3”, 185. Full head of jet black hair. Lithe and willowy body like a male Brazilian professional dancer? Same guy?
  2. 1. I was voted All-World First Team party All-Star. It got me nothing but heartache!! Gave it up much. Miss it tremendously 2. Shouldn’t we both be at work?
  3. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, it also appears that he comes equipped with a shiny metal uniform and metallic UMass helmet. That is wonderful news because imagine 10 Auburn Tigers in the Navy uniform, and one shiny metallic right tackle. On first down, after the snap he could move a little further to the right and shimmy a little bit and waive his metallic arms. One or two of the 10 defenders stacking the box—-remember this is any first down—would be distracted. We would average a yard and a half versus the traditional yard. Why has nobody mentioned this?
  4. Earlier in this thread someone mentioned that we need to go after another GT that is 5 ‘ 10” and 185. I’m glad we got the bigger feller. Even stretching that shorter feller with Andy Griffiths body-stretching machine, and a year of Aunt Bea’s fried chicken and biscuits, it would be hard to turn him into an SEC OL. If you figure Andy’s neck-stretcher gives him 4 inches, conservatively, and 30 pounds added by Aunt Bea’s cooking, that makes him 6’2” and 215. He’ll get pushed backwards like Braden Smith versus UCF. Plus who wants to be in that contraption in a lonely closet while their friends are out having fun? Driscoll is already full-sized!
  5. MaitlandTiger

    Pettway is a mess

    I don't know why Montavious Atkinson doesn't call a team meeting and say "Listen up, boys, drugs are bad for you. I have seen a lot of players lose it all, in my 42 years on this Earth....."
  6. MaitlandTiger

    ***Auburn vs. UCF -- PEACH BOWL -- Game Thread***

    It has been a great year and I am proud of our team. it is somewhat hard to believe that the same team that beat the crap out of Alabama and punched Georgia in the nose en route to a 40 to 17 victory just can’t seem to get up for this game. I do think these boys will dig deep and win the second half and the game. We have all seen this before, where the smaller and weaker team plays very well for a quarter or a half and then the better team with more depth pulls it out. Then again, In 2007 or 2008 Auburn was here in Orlando Playing a supposedly inferior Wisconsin team. Auburn was favored by two touchdowns and they believed the hype and I had to watch Wisconsin win every single snap for 60 minutes
  7. MaitlandTiger

    ***Auburn vs. UCF -- PEACH BOWL -- Game Thread***

    Been watching closely. This is on our players. Braden Smith is getting beat consistently. Darius James playing like he stayed out all night. Stidham not recognizing open receivers before they get covered. UCF should get tired though.
  8. MaitlandTiger

    UCF RB, "AU in for Rude Awakening "

    I live in Orlando with a tremendous number of UCF graduates and very few of them feel that Auburn can beat this UCF team.. Their ignorance is mind-boggling and they very sincerely feel that they have a team that can play with an Auburn, or an Alabama, or a Georgia team. They are a fairly fair weather fan base and rarey fill a 30,000 seat stadium even though it is a very large school with roughly 50,000 students. They are on the bandwagon this year and out in force. They have the type of offense that could give us fits but after a spirited first quarter we should demoralize them and win handily. They are very, very small
  9. The emotional roller coaster of the season was initially brutal and tore at my soul. I won’t beat around the bush—-the first three games, the offense had the look of 2012. I am no fair weather fan but I could not watch the three and outs in 2012, or when You-know-who would come back to the sidelines after throwing yet another interception, and have that big goofy grin on his face. The first three games dredged up that horrible memory. Then—-roller coaster is on the way back up as we demolish three teams in a row......then LSU. I was frustrated but I believe justifiably so. NOW——what a team!! My love for Auburn and for AU football never waned. I was just so terribly disappointed. What a truly spectacular turnaround. So happy to be able to admit how wrong I was. Go Gus, go all the coaches, and go team. LOVE THE NEW SWAGGER FROM GUS. LIONHEART Called it——it is weird but oh-so-right War Damn Eagle
  10. MaitlandTiger

    Kerryon Johnson updates

    passthebiscuits is great. It’s a good thing I don’t have his cell number. I’d be calling every 30 minutes with “is there any news on Kerryon?”
  11. MaitlandTiger

    Our own worst enemy

    In my opinion, one of the most impactful observations about what Gus Malzahn does to the Auburn fan base, is truly important in the aspect of demoralization. What I am about to say could be taken several different ways. I don't know which way anybody will take the statement so I am just going to be completely honest with you as I'm sure other people find themselves in the same situation. So here it goes: I graduated from Auburn University in 1995. I loved my time at Auburn. I am a true, loyal, Auburn fan and Auburn man. I am eternally grateful for having been privileged to graduate from AU. I wait for college football season for eight excruciating months. Sure I follow the Atlanta Braves, and check on golf on Sundays. I occasionally watch the last 30 minutes of the NASCAR race but I just can't wait for Auburn football. I live in Central Florida, surrounded by Seminoles and Gators. I fly a giant Auburn flag on a pole on my porch , I proudly wear Auburn T-shirts quite often, as well as several Auburn baseball caps. I have Auburn license plates on my cars and, good or bad, I pulled for my tigers. My daughter is 13 years old has a few Auburn T-shirts that she proudly wears on Saturdays, sometimes wears them to school, and she loves Auburn because I love Auburn. So basically I am just like everyone else on this board. I am not a fair weather fan. I only pull for one team. But in all honesty, Gus Malzahn's stubbornness over the years, (and yes I realize he took us to the national championship game in 2013 and I'm grateful, but his stubbornness culminating in that embarrassment we saw the other day, ( and yes I realize how good Clemson's defense is) HAS ME NOT WANTING TO EVEN WATCH ANY MORE GAMES THIS SEASON. Naturally, if we turn things around, my attitude would change. I am not proud of this feeling that has come over me to somehow no longer really care about the football games I've been dying to watch for 8 months. I am usually a sunshine pumper, but I have a feeling we won't turn it around on offense, based on years of witnessing his stubbornness. This level of disappointment I feel is one I've never felt before. All of the excitement and the hype leading up to this season just had me so excited, and then over the course of One evening, not only is the excitement gone but so is ALL HOPE. Lifelong Auburn alumni, and any Auburn fans and certainly the Auburn players, deserve so much better. What Gus Malzahn has done, and the position in which he has put the Auburn University football team, overwhelmingly supports the fact that he needs to be fired. It is not just a loss, that is not the basis for which I'm basing that statement of him needing to be fired. He has simply failed, and failed miserably, in a year in which we should be nationally relevant. And we are going to be, and we are, instead mediocre. He needs to be fired.
  12. MaitlandTiger

    Can we go ahead and get a true WR coach?

    What is hysterical in retrospect is the amount of energy that CGM expends in yelling/running/animation/pointing and signaling prior to ANYBAND EVERY play. He attempts to communicate wildly. It Says to the quarterback "Urgent-code red! Look at me look at me please try to comprehend what I am signaling to you, it is of the upmost importance that we are on the same page!!" Then it's a 2 yd run off right guard!!
  13. MaitlandTiger

    Malzahn's Presser (merged Threads)

    Everything we fans saw, and announcers saw, our highly paid coaching staff also saw. They were keenly aware. Yet they made ZERO adjustments. There are folks saying we cannot throw the slant or crossing routes because we did not "install" it earlier. Hogwash! We just never called the play. I can't count how many times I've seen an offense go from being in trouble, to turning the tables and dominating based on adjustments and proper play calling. Auburn Offense 2017 does not have that ability. Kodi is, and has always been, out of his league. It is blatantly obvious. Gus/Chip play-calling is so bad that it is laughable and extremely embarrassing. The offensive play calling is amateur and can't be denied. The players deserve better Our defense is well-coached, well-disciplined, well-lead on the field, intimidating, mean, nasty, and bloodthirsty. They are world class right now. And well-conditioned. I don't remember ever seeing a defense that was on the field as long as our defense was, continue to rise to the occasion. I have certainly seen plenty of good defenses get obviously gassed and our guys played hard to the end. Certainly a tale of two teams. Gus/Kodi/Herb but mostly Gus needs to be held accountable. I love my Tigers and stand with them always but the players and fans deserve better leadership. Coach Steele, however, is awesome.
  14. MaitlandTiger

    ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    We are getting out coached badly. There sure ways to avoid sacks but that requires better coaching
  15. MaitlandTiger

    ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    UNBELIEVABLE HOW GOOD OUR DEFENSE IS. and I think their average starting position was around the 50