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  1. MaitlandTiger

    **Georgia Game thread***

    I’m not slamming Stidham but he Is undeserving of playing. Someone else deserves a shot.
  2. MaitlandTiger

    **Georgia Game thread***

    2 programs going in different directions. Can’t blame the d. Absolutely gassed. All on the offense. Horrible play calling. A QB that has no fire and Is terrified of taking a hit, can’t read a defense and misses open guys. Our guys are trying. Plenty of heart.
  3. MaitlandTiger

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Watching great blocking and elite running backs versus our lack of running back and lack of talent at QB and of the offensive line is hard to watch. More Shivers please. Where did the long ball go?
  4. MaitlandTiger

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Almost Every player on that team is better than every player on our team. Exceptions to a few of our receivers, Shivers, and Russel, Brown and d Williams This is just dramatically better talent. On display. Not to mention the coaching
  5. MaitlandTiger

    19 yards of Rushing

    As to Worm, I would never say what he can and cannot do but I would say that he could be used in EXACTLY the same way as my favorite all time player, ever, at Auburn—-Onterio McCalebb. When we needed a first down, he got it. It seemed like every time he touched the ball he got 8 plus yards. He was more than just fast. He was a joy to watch and had that “IT” factor. I know Worm and Schwartz have “it”. The opposition knew Onterio was going to get the ball 10-12 times a game but they just couldn’t stop him. My favorite was how he was always smart enough to just run out out of bounds after about 12 or 14 yards rather than get the snot knocked out of him by a safety or linebacker with a head of steam. The opposing defense hated that they couldn’t lay out big lick on him. The personnel use and play calling this year has been frustrating to say the least. Our boys are trying.
  6. MaitlandTiger

    "Air Raid" against UGA?

    Yep. They were outmanned and nearly put it on us. They converted a lot of fourth downs.
  7. MaitlandTiger

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    You are right. Those comments by me were out of character. I was in a crappy mood yesterday and took it out on you. I apologize.
  8. MaitlandTiger

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    They stopped caring about winning the Iron Bowl? Messages are impersonal And I don’t mean to argue either, and I did let it get personal! Sorry about that
  9. MaitlandTiger

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    CAReeves. I was right!! If you would tell a total stranger how to type a response, I’ll wager your employee turnover rate is pretty high.
  10. MaitlandTiger

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    CAReeves was kind enough to insinuate that I only know Auburn football from what I watch on TV. Now, let me tell you something——the reason the Alabama fans have not gloated about their national championship to an Auburn fan, is that their national championship was tainted, spoiled, virtually MEANINGLESS. Courtesy of one Gus Malzahn and the boys. In my extended group of friends I have several Crimson Tide alumni. One is a former player. None of them wanted to talk football at all after we beat them. One guy said something about a national championship, and I said “well, we sure beat the crap out of you” and he just shut up. We ruined the season for Alabama last year that is a giant feather in our caps and it warms my heart to think about it Also everybody that likes to badmouth recruiters, and X’s and O’s doesn’t want to realize that some of these young men just don’t pan out, and that the coaches who are giving 70 hours a week to the program know a lot more than us armchair quarterbacks ITS GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER P.S. I bet we punch some highflying team right in the nose before the end of the year is out
  11. MaitlandTiger

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    For crying out loud, you are pointing to specific losses????? NOBODY WINS THEM ALL! NOBODY. Dear lord........ I hope that in your day job, you are not a manager or a business owner or a supervisor. I would absolutely hate to have to work for you
  12. MaitlandTiger

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    Guys, teams come and go. A few years ago for a very brief period, Oregon was the team everyone was talking about but those days are long gone. Ditto UCLA and Oklahoma State, and plenty more. 2010 we win it all, talk of the nation, then as HC in 2013, Gus overachieved and took us to the national championship game in which we nearly won, and we exceeded everybody’s expectations in that game versus a Florida State team who had beaten everyone on their schedule by an average of 35 points. We were very very much in the national discussion that year. Forward to 2017 and we beat the pants off both teams that played for the national championship, we were the only blemishes on their records AND EVERYBODY KNEW IT. WE HAVEN’T HAD TO LISTEN TO THE WORLDS WORST FANS ALL FRICKIN YEAR BECAUSE WE BEAT THEM LIKE DRUMS. and we were very very much in the national discussion at all times toward the end of the year. Teams like Texas find themselves down for an entire DECADE , Tennessee for TWO DECADES, Florida for years. Gus is inconsistent and it is maddening but man when he’s got it going, he’s got it going I LIKE BEING TALK OF THE NATION ON A REGULAR BASIS. Now, it’s pretty obvious that we are handicapped this year by a quarterback that just doesn’t have the complete set of tools that everybody thought he had. Our vanilla offense is based on the realizations of that. We are not throwing across the middle because he cannot read defenses nor can he see the field with any vision. As it was mentioned earlier, he’s a good thrower of the football but not a great quarterback. So we work with what we have We have a good football team and we’re going to be better next year War Damn Eagle Let the Nate Craig Myers move on to obscurity. and we will catch lightning in a bottle next year. That being said we DAMN sure need an excellent dual threat quarterback and I think we have a couple and a good one on the way.
  13. MaitlandTiger

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    I am just baffled by Stidham. I truly don’t want to say something negative about any player but this is baffling and I just don’t see how benching him is not the obvious call. People will say that there’s nobody behind him but that simply can’t be true
  14. MaitlandTiger

    An unconventional solution

    But it would be FUUUUUN. I ain’t seen anything fun. Aside from whooping The Turds and The Dawgs, these offenses are stale as week old biscuits. Kam for 1.5 yards, Kam again for no gain, Stidham incomplete, punt, repeat. The best called game I ever saw, other than the 2013 SECCG, was when Steve had a bad SC squad, facing a hot AU, stated that he was not going to punt. ( a few years ago, 2013 I think). He took those gamecocks into our stadium and he never ONCE PUNTED. best in the business Kept them in the game Guy COACHED TO WIN
  15. MaitlandTiger

    An unconventional solution

    Steve is cool, he’ll take $3 million on paper and $7 million in duffel bags, so as not to hurt Gus’s feelings. The offensive coordinator at Auburn University, power of Dixie land, pride of the south, perennial football powerhouse, has a pathetic resume and has done little other than to beat Alabama and Georgia last year, which I will always treasure. Otherwise it’s pretty mediocre stuff and often absolutely horrible. 7-5 is reason to celebrate at Arizona State-the school that, every single year, the media states is going to have a breakout year…This is the SEC, man. Gotta have a really good offensive coordinator. chip is a really adequate small conference guy. Run this show like a business. You don’t have very long to prove yourself in your business…