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  1. True. Let’s see what this year brings. I’m excited. I think we will be far better than the doom and groomers think.
  2. I don’t have the football knowledge to explain further than, as a layman, I feel we had poor offensive play calling last year in key situations, and it was vanilla in general. Certainly not overly creative in general. Perhaps not as predictable as Gus, but just not good.
  3. Our RBs and TEs are studs. We may have a better than expected QB in Calzada. OL has experience, DL looks good. LBs very good, CB and safeties good. Kicker good. A couple of OL turn nasty, and a couple of WR end up being good, and we exceed expectations. Gonna take attitude (lots of it), a little luck, health, and better play calling. But this is by no means a max 5 win year. I’m not convinced we have the coaching in terms of play-calling. But our athletes have the potential.
  4. Bruce is a hell of a coach, one of the best in the business but I cannot for the life of me, having watched game after game after game, understand what Flanigan is doing in the ball game. And I root for the kid, I truly do and I appreciate him. It just doesn’t seem to me that he’s the best choiceAnd I root for the kid, I truly do and I appreciate him. It just doesn’t seem to me that he’s the best choice
  5. Their defense was phenomenal. Bruce didn’t have anything to call, that was even close to working. Out-coached. They had us flummoxed. We shot poorly because they gave us nothing. They out-hustled us. We were sluggish and slow. And sloppy. And selfish.
  6. Back to the original post—Who in the Sam Hill is going to coordinate our offense next year?
  7. Amen. I am in sales. It’s a small life, not on par for a comparison with SEC football, but nonetheless. I live in, and subscribe fully to, personal accountability and a results-based decision making process. You know, the business/real world mentality. With time allotted for the task at hand. I don’t fire any salesperson too soon, etc. But a salesperson who is not selling, combined with an overwhelming amount of feedback (from customers AND internally) that they are completely unlikable? I like to think I catch these folks during interviews but that’s simply not the reality. Sometimes they sneak thru the interview process and we have to look at the numbers and feedback. Luckily that is SUPER EASY TO DO. “Bryan, I don’t think this is a good fit. We are going to have to part ways. Good luck.” And I wouldn’t look back. I’d have fired Mason within 15 minutes after 42 unanswered/against state!!/ in our house. That’s just me. I would, however, do it quickly. Next!
  8. I had just graduated. I don’t remember the specifics but I know that there was a boosters daughter involved, with some drunken photos? Whether true, or not…..
  9. I’m holding out hope that THIS ONE TIME, they did it right? The odds are in my favor, you gotta admit……
  10. No doubt there is truth to that statement. But there is a middle ground. Especially when the coaching is poor at best. Poor personnel decisions, lame play-calling, sloppy substitution. Loss after loss after loss. Harsin doesn’t have the pedigree or results to pull it off. Gotta be a better manager. Every kid needs something different. Complete lack of discipline, on the other hand, results in a Willie Taggart record. Middle ground. Not enough GOOD to balance the BAD with Harsin and staff. Nowhere near enough good. Great game v Bama, versus ALL the negative.
  11. It needs to be done FAST. In fact, it darn well needs to already be 100% lined up. Completely unacceptable if they haven’t lined someone up already.
  12. Guarantee we already have staff lined up. Or the PTB are far stupider that we imagine. This is RUNNING SOMEONE OUT OF TOWN. Didn’t we line up a moving service for little Bowden the SAME day we fired him? Lol.
  13. Objectively speaking, Harsin hasn’t impressed. Quite the opposite. Plenty of very talented players are leaving, important staff turnover, losing record, lost five in a row, gave up 42 unanswered to state, in our house. Mediocre recruiting. No name recognition. Players who love Auburn, leaving with a bad taste in their mouth and pointing the finger at his behavior. Objectively speaking, why should we keep this guy? Throw a ton of money or a disgruntled NFL coach. Think about it. Everybody was willing to give him a shot but he hasn’t done anything to warrant any kind of perverse loyalty from us fans. And IF he HAS been sleeping with a subordinate, tar and feather his ass and run him out of town. Good riddance.
  14. Hire the right people fast enough, these kids will come back. Some of them
  15. Take the short term humiliation. I bet you we have someone to announce immediately after firing Harsin. That will limit the embarrassment and cement the players who just signed or are staying. Maybe an NFL coach…..this is chess not checkers. I’ll wager we have someone lined up. Also think Austin Davis caught wind. I think CBH was in over his head anyway. I follow college football pretty well since 1989 and I had no name recognition with Harsin. Let’s get in a big name that will bring in a big name offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator and go from there.
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