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  1. Our OL was playing pretty darn good at the end of the year, Everybody else gets an outstanding true freshman quarterback from time to time, don’t see why we can’t get one once every 50 years. Plenty of marquee defenders are back, excellent youth in the secondary on defense, Witlow and Shivers can run the football, grabbed a couple solid RB recruits. and our wide receivers are fine. We catch a little lightning in a bottle, and if the playbook is burned and a real playbook is implemented, we could be really good next year
  2. Making predictions that far into the future? It’s all going to be OK!
  3. You make a very good point and I agree but I also think running backs have a lot less on their plate than linebackers. Your number is called and you run hard. I think much of the running backs success hinges on personal physical attributes and vision more than anything.
  4. Good Lord, how hard can it be to coach the running backs? And if all he does is get us IMG’s number one running back every year, he’s worth every penny. My goodness, he could bust off a long run better than any Auburn running back I can remember
  5. I can tell you one thing—I have watched enough of one of these quarterbacks, who will remain unnamed because we’re not supposed to bash anyone, that is so unbelievably horribly bad at the zone read it is painful to watch. Great big open hole to the left and he hands off the ball to the running back to go to the right. Time after time. I do not personally recall ever seeing him make the correct zone read. Ever. Just absurd decision making. He’ll never play another snap in my opinion, and he shouldn’t. Not bashing, just telling it like it is. It’s a three QB race and more than likely a 2 QB race, Although I still think Cord Sandberg is probably better than people think he is.
  6. Gene, do you have a brother named Bob?
  7. Take the most dominant pitcher in major league baseball and give him a dime size blister on his throwing hand and he will not be able to win a baseball game. That is how fine the line is when you get to this level of play.
  8. I am no football guru but some things seem so obvious that you do not have to have a pedigree in coaching football to see it. You will never convince me that Jarrett Stidham was not somewhat injured all year. He was absolutely petrified to take a hit all year long and he did not have any touch whatsoever on his passes up until this game. Of course he had plenty of time to heal up prior to this ball game. I firmly believe that he played scared, or rather he held back—-by design—all year meaning that all involved knew a couple of big hits may have knocked him out for the year. I absolutely don’t think we had a back up we trusted. I believe that he knew that he was hurt, and was just trying to make it through the year. If you take a look at a major league baseball pitcher who dominates all year up until the point where he can’t seem to win a baseball game, you typically find out that he was nursing a nagging injury. You have to be 100% in the SEC in order to shine.
  9. This team of course beat tOSU by 29 but also took Wiscy to triple overtime and 4 of their losses was by a combined 8 points. Scored a ton of points along the way. Beat a decent Iowa among others nice wins.
  10. Johnny Football. Or Tim Tebow. Refusing to lose is the most underrated quality out there. Screw the measurable. Four years of Manziel.
  11. We got one of those a few years ago. He would throw yet another interception then laugh and clown around on the sidelines. Worst AU QB I’ve ever seen, bar none. I’m excited about Bo, but I’ll never give this award any credit ever again.
  12. With our 2018 offense, the opposing team could guess at an extremely high percentage, run versus pass, and if pass, EXACTLY where the pass was being thrown. Thus the offense’s D1 ranking of 94th. There are a tremendous number of offensive minds that could, and would, do better than this with our talent. In terms of production. Therein lies the frustration. The lack of creativity, and the lack of preparing schemes per opponent, is mind boggling. Not getting the ball to playmakers, continuing to run one point five yards, again and again.... there is no doubt in my mind that the best OC we will be able to convince to take this job will have little-to-no resume, and will appreciate the hell out of the $500,000. Think about it, if you were offered a job and it was relatively easy to get in touch with the last person to hold that title, you are going to call that person and he is going to tell you in no uncertain terms, exactly what the position entails. And he will answer the questions that you have, honestly. After talking to Chip, nobody that we have ever heard of, would accept the job. We will need to offer a nobody, a hefty raise. Or offer a fallen talent, redemption. Which I am 100% in favor of doing.
  13. I am getting older, and I can tell you one thing about life, you cannot predict it very often. NOT ONE SINGLE HUMAN ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH PICKED AUBURN TO GO TO THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2013. Not after the 2012 dumpster fire. Think about this—-an offensive line that has valuable experience and showed late season marked improvement, returning defensive backs got experience and the freshmen did too. While less heralded than this years seniors and juniors, the freshmen receivers show great promise and better hands. Boobie and Shaun got experience and look good. Losing great LBs but have talent returning there and DL. Yes, we need a QB and it remains to be seen who will get the nod—-nothing to suggest there is a star QB on our roster, but maybe there is. It MIGHT be better than anyone thinks. Say what you want to about Gus, but when he is good he is really, really good.
  14. Academia versus Business. Under which does “college football coach” exist? My wife and I once caught my daughter‘s elementary school principal, a woman with a PhD, in a large lie. I had documented, written proof that she was lying to my face, but she doubled down on the lie. I told her that she needed to stay in this ridiculous world of academia, where nobody is held accountable, because the business world would chew her up and spit her out. As a long time business person, and successful salesman, everything, but everything, is based on productivity, and with productivity like Gus, everybody in the organization would just intuitively know that this person would be gone. And it’s nobody’s fault but their own.
  15. I replied to this and it actually got somehow posted in another thread. I could not do that again if I tried. I just naïvely refuse to believe that he’s not going to be sat down and told what’s going to happen next year. Wishful thinking? Naïveté? I just can’t see such a highly paid person under perform so poorly and not be held accountable You are correct, and I know that, but I just can’t believe that the powers that be would allow that to continue