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  1. Open up the purse strings, go out and simply get the best offensive mind available. Money cannot be an Object. Promoting a guy nobody, and I mean nobody, outside of those that closely follow AU or Boise football, ain’t gonna cut it. Recruits don’t want to go play for an offensive coordinator that they have never heard of. Flip side—it is Very Easy to recruit against a team with that situation. We absolutely don’t have credibility in the South with Bryan Harsin on the marquis, plus the multiple turds in the 2021 punch bowl, dropped there on his watch. I’m not saying he’s not great, and
  2. I agree we didn’t quit. Effort (today) was unreal. But I don’t follow that rationale. Anything less than “not quitting” is acceptable? We aren’t scoring in the second half, play calling like intermediate and long passes when we need short yardage for a first down, etc. I’m just not seeing any reason to overlook the four straight losses and say something overly positive about Harsin. I don’t think our boys went out and played hard for Coach Harsin. I think they went out and played hard because they hate Alabama
  3. Please explain your reasoning for this. Seriously, as I am a layman. I’m having trouble seeing where Harsin is a positive influence. I would respectfully like to hear your rationale.
  4. This is not a moral victory. This is a loss. Our fourth lost in a row with the possibility for fifth loss in a row. Mike Bobo has got to go
  5. The kind where one sale makes my whole month! Lol. This was the only time my customer could meet, and a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do!
  6. Hey I was in a very important sales call and just came out to my car to see that we are winning 10 to nothing. Could somebody give me a quick summary? Did we switch away from the soft coverage and bend but don’t break? I see Young has 120 yards passing and I figure we must have made some major changes
  7. But Mikey is probably right, that these are knee-jerk reactions. Mine certainly is. I’m just deflated
  8. I don’t care what anybody says, somewhere, there is a pile of money big enough to go out and CONVINCE Bob Stoops (or another giant, proven talent) into giving up his TV analyst job and coming back to add to his legacy and resurrect a vaunted, legendary football program. Napier, Aranda, (I defer to others to determine who the best proven commodity would be) but let’s throw a freaking GIANT number at the BEST available coach(es)…..I had never heard of Bryan Harsin and I follow college football pretty well. Although I truly don’t care about the mountain west, truth be known.
  9. Nothing would make me happier than for our boys to come out and punch Bama in the mouth and play some competitive football, but with the cream of the crop coaching they have there, with that respectable OLine, combined with more-than-adequate WRs and Young’s arm, they are going to pick away the seams of this Auburn zone, and the numbers are going to be unbelievable. I believe this game is going to be very hard to watch. This could be the nail in the coffin for Mason. Bobo too. Harsin gonna have a couple of years. Could be 63-0. I was gonna say 3 but with Anders out…..who knows, though. Ma
  10. Gotcha. Wasn’t trying to be confrontational. Definitely just “mentioned”, but there was a great deal of hype. Then…..thud.
  11. I think the play calling is veeeeeerrrrryyyyyy telling. That one in particular would make an investigator look to see which of our coaches owes $100,000 to the bookie. That’s how bad the call was. I actually wish that gambling debts was the reason for that call. That would make me feel better than the real reason for that play call, which is that they thought it was a good play call. I am not a former player or coach, but that was absolutely the last play I expected to run in that situation. I am still just absolutely gobsmacked that we have coaches that called that play.
  12. I don’t see him transferring. Too much downside. Get to another school and they have an up and coming stud and you find yourself getting few carries…..certainly a possibility at UGA. Plus he’s a team player. More than likely he was just venting like the rest of us. But, serious question, when has a true RB1 from a good program, hit the transfer portal? I literally don’t know, that’s why I’m asking. I think a couple of QB1s from mediocre, declining programs, have transferred but has a true RB one ever transferred?
  13. That was a 7 point, and very possibly a 14 point turn. Literally, what on earth was going through the decision makers minds? Fourth and one, tank has been tearing it up, the oline has gotten great push, backup QB with mediocre accuracy, and those mental midgets thought that deep pass would work? That has me absolutely flummoxed. Who in their right mind, would call that play on fourth and one, that deep in our own territory? I have lost all confidence in the coaches because of that call. It was just unbelievably bad. There is no answer or excuse for it. None.
  14. Yea that was a backbreaker. If memory serves it had literally been years since we had given up a kickoff return TD. That might be incorrect, but it had been quite a while.
  15. FSU average margin of victory that year (undefeated) was 35, I believe. Closest game was 14 point win over BC. We were double digit dogs in the NC. The biggest play wasn’t the last second TD pass, it was one of the previous plays. that our DB went for the ball around midfield and missed, FSU WR caught it and was able to get a big gain. That set up the TD. Damn near pulled off the upset.
  16. He actually was mentioned preseason as Heisman watchlist. Then every time he went out and lost the game and threw interceptions, Gus would remind us that JJ had a phenomenal practice week. That’s when he earned the nickname “Practice Heisman”. I distinctly remember on very many occasions he would throw yet another interception, come back to the sidelines, take off his helmet, and he had a big smile from ear to ear. That attitude in my opinion was unacceptable. But yes he was mentioned as a preseason Heisman hopeful.
  17. And it was a good joke! My sense of humor is off, no doubt the game last night contributed to that.
  18. Ugggggg. I apologize for missing the joke. My bad.
  19. Everyone knows you need a proper mix of pass/run. Nobody fears our passing game because it is pedestrian with a lack of overall talent. And week after week we prove them right. The defense is predictable and easy enough to scheme against that good coaching can effectively scheme for a win. The proof is in the results during the game and certainly in the scores. Ultimately the buck stops with the coaches.
  20. “Those who would give up liberty for a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”. Benjamin Franklin what benefit would come from finding out the private medical history of a football coach? What would you gain from that? Why is it important enough to you, to post that here? I’m serious. What would be the benefit?
  21. Please stop complaining about the last overturned call! Nobody on this thread legitimately thought we were capable of marching down the field 80 yards in two minutes and winning the game
  22. I know this sounds like Debbie Downer, and I strive not to complain in real life, but there is a pretty good chance this transfer from FCS St Francis throws for 450 with 4 tds. I mean, this secondary has made some mediocre qbs look like Heisman candidates. I’m just stating a fact. Look for him to have a career day. I do think we score more than them but I’d bet the over at 300 yards…..
  23. Son, keep your nose to the grindstone and you’ll be able to afford to throw such parties yourself.
  24. I’m well aware of the fact that I am overreacting but I still can’t believe what I watched yesterday. I just can’t believe it. In our house. Can’t blame it on uneven player talent, when the other team is MIss State. Still can’t believe it.
  25. It’s embarrassing. Those that defend these three overwhelmed and under-talented coaches, ad nauseam, (and arrogantly and condescendingly to boot, I might add), will either change their tune or lose all remaining credibility. 40 unanswered, at home, to State. I distinctly remember during the coaching search, Leach’s name came up and people acted like that would be the worst decision in the history of decisions. I’m not saying he was the right man for the job, I’m saying he and his coaches are much better than our coaches. Leach systematically oblitered Bobo and Mason yesterday (and Harsin
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