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  1. To have absolutely nothing drawn up for the red zone is inexcusable. I watched college football all day today and I can’t tell you how many good red zone plays I saw, that resulted in touchdowns. These Boise idiots are awful. Clearly in over their heads. I’ve seen it in bigger, sloppier run companies and the results are atrocious and then major changes are made. Somewhat capable of explosive plays here and there but nothing solid and consistent. Players are trying hard. Defense is mean.
  2. I don’t care if you pulled three children out of a burning building, if you cannot Hold on to the football than you do not get to Touch the football
  3. This defense is really really stout. Gave up very few explosive plays. The playcalling is awful. God-awful. 7 or 8 turnovers, losing 4 or 5. That’s not necessarily on the coaches but IT IS if they keep playing the fumblers. Awful hard to watch. Harsin and his boys are waaaaay out of their league. 21 unanswered while turning it over like that? Harsin and anyone calling these plays are really bad football coaches. 4th and 10+ and going for it twice? He needs to go to San Jose State or maybe he can get a NM State back to playing .500 football. That’s his future. That’s his wheelhouse.
  4. Defense is good. Everyone not named Caddy, associated with the offense, needs to be fired. Horrible play calling.
  5. Western Kentucky beat FIU 73-0 yesterday. We couldn’t beat Auburn High 73-0. That’s no gimme there
  6. Couldn’t watch the game today due to work. Looking at the statistics it look like tank ran for about 2 yards per carry, we had a little over 200 yards total for the game at home. Was the playcalling inept? OLine offered no push and no pass protection? Did we just have a total inability to move the ball? Looks like our defense limited Missouri to relatively little yardage. Was it as bad as I am reading about? Why do you think we have not seen any kind of creativity? Or is this completely due to lack of a athletes or can somebody like big bird who knows what he’s talking about—-Do you put this on the coaches shoulders?
  7. I lost hope after State put up 42 unanswered. This sloppy play is awful. The PSU DLine got to the QB in the same amount of time if we literally had no 300 pounders in front of them. 2012 was brutally hard to watch and this ain’t far behind it. Surprised if we beat Missouri. This is a 4-5 win team, bar a miracle. Don’t we have ANY OLinemen we can try? These starters are the worst I’ve ever seen in an AU uniform.
  8. Every single snap, they absolutely abused our OLine. Just embarrassing. Hard to believe what I just watched. Folded like a cheap suit. Guys in our backfield without being touched. Blocking backs standing watching rushers run by them. Proverbial turd in the punch bowl. We are abysmal.
  9. Awful. Full house, top recruits, just manhandled. Lousy offense and lousy defense. Worst OLine performance I can remember. Sloppy and undisciplined everywhere. Just horrible.
  10. I’m shocked we are this bad. It’s all aspects. A really bad football team with awful coaching. It is what it is.
  11. Brought RB back to block, snap ball and the blocker weakly runs forward 4 yards and TOUCHED NOBODY. . Edge ran right by him and grabbed Ashford. Horrible coaching.
  12. Coaches can scheme an offense around a bad OLine. To an extent. Why can’t we?
  13. Oh, goodness. Just remembered there are recruits galore here today. Better have a stellar 2nd half. This PSU team is no world beater either.
  14. Let’s counter theses TDs with nice FGs…..this coaching staff is mediocre at best and OLine play……be lucky to win 5. Vegas was right I think.
  15. And so very slow. Like wearing concrete cleats.
  16. True. Let’s see what this year brings. I’m excited. I think we will be far better than the doom and groomers think.
  17. I don’t have the football knowledge to explain further than, as a layman, I feel we had poor offensive play calling last year in key situations, and it was vanilla in general. Certainly not overly creative in general. Perhaps not as predictable as Gus, but just not good.
  18. Our RBs and TEs are studs. We may have a better than expected QB in Calzada. OL has experience, DL looks good. LBs very good, CB and safeties good. Kicker good. A couple of OL turn nasty, and a couple of WR end up being good, and we exceed expectations. Gonna take attitude (lots of it), a little luck, health, and better play calling. But this is by no means a max 5 win year. I’m not convinced we have the coaching in terms of play-calling. But our athletes have the potential.
  19. Bruce is a hell of a coach, one of the best in the business but I cannot for the life of me, having watched game after game after game, understand what Flanigan is doing in the ball game. And I root for the kid, I truly do and I appreciate him. It just doesn’t seem to me that he’s the best choiceAnd I root for the kid, I truly do and I appreciate him. It just doesn’t seem to me that he’s the best choice
  20. Their defense was phenomenal. Bruce didn’t have anything to call, that was even close to working. Out-coached. They had us flummoxed. We shot poorly because they gave us nothing. They out-hustled us. We were sluggish and slow. And sloppy. And selfish.
  21. Back to the original post—Who in the Sam Hill is going to coordinate our offense next year?
  22. Amen. I am in sales. It’s a small life, not on par for a comparison with SEC football, but nonetheless. I live in, and subscribe fully to, personal accountability and a results-based decision making process. You know, the business/real world mentality. With time allotted for the task at hand. I don’t fire any salesperson too soon, etc. But a salesperson who is not selling, combined with an overwhelming amount of feedback (from customers AND internally) that they are completely unlikable? I like to think I catch these folks during interviews but that’s simply not the reality. Sometimes they sneak thru the interview process and we have to look at the numbers and feedback. Luckily that is SUPER EASY TO DO. “Bryan, I don’t think this is a good fit. We are going to have to part ways. Good luck.” And I wouldn’t look back. I’d have fired Mason within 15 minutes after 42 unanswered/against state!!/ in our house. That’s just me. I would, however, do it quickly. Next!
  23. I had just graduated. I don’t remember the specifics but I know that there was a boosters daughter involved, with some drunken photos? Whether true, or not…..
  24. I’m holding out hope that THIS ONE TIME, they did it right? The odds are in my favor, you gotta admit……
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