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  1. Longtime lurker, excited to help. Thank you all for the community.
  2. Agreed. Watched the game last night, and literally said to my wife, I think they could be really good this year, a top 4 SEC team.
  3. True. But they have the turnover chain, and that's something, right? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I can respect that. I was a heartbeat away from attending App, and my wife went there, so I guess I'm biased. Still maintain Blacksburg would be a good spot for an away game. Would Wake Forest not interest anyone? Haha.
  4. With UCF buying their entire allotment, don't they have the ability to ask for more (like another block or something)? With that, I know some have speculated ticket prices will be lower, or at least, more attainable; with UCF selling all of theirs, does this line of thinking still hold true? Never been to a bowl game before, this might be my first, so I want to not over pay if I can help it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. North Carolina. I most likely won't. I bought two of the 2015 BCBA, only drank one during a beach trip with friends. Other is sitting in my fridge with all of the Foothills - Sexual Chocolate releases the past few years. BTW, not my favorite beer, but Sexual Chocolate is pretty good, especially the BBA.
  6. Miami (FL) is currently in a 3 game series with them, playing in Boone last year. Chapel Hill is a nice town, I'm just not a fan; took classes there and wasn't overly impressed. Their fan base (and I know they're having a down year) is very much fair-weather fans. Talk to any UNC fan, it's basketball first, then women's basketball, and maybe football after that. They've spent some $$$ making Keenan nicer since you've visited, but still, the stadium wouldn't be packed. App State, in my eyes, is nothing like a community college. It's only 30% smaller (in acreage) than Auburn and has almost 20,000 students. It seems very compact because of the mountains, but their fan base is pretty loyal for football; and with some of the weather they play their games in, you'd have to be.
  7. Ya, this state takes craft beer a little too far in my opinion. Local bombers of the annual stout from the predominate in-town brewery go for $15. $20/bomber for their BBA that is released a few months later. It's good, but not $20/bomber good. Problem is, they only release so many kegs (typically $8/12oz) and NO growler fills. Very annoying.
  8. YUM! This reminds me, local bottle shop has the 2017's in... do I really need to spend $30/bottle on this? Decisions, decisions. The 2015 was excellent, never got a hold of 2016.
  9. My wife used to be a 1st grade teacher in CMS a couple of years ago; she said there isn't a system-wide rule, however neither of us wouldn't put it past the local admins (district/principal/etc.) to have a loose policy. My wife's school wasn't in the best part of town, she corrected their grammer all the time.
  10. Pass. I can't stand Chapel Hill, the town or the university. I'd much rather have us play in Blacksburg. More of a long shot, but I think playing a home & home w/ Appalachian State would be amazing. Boone, NC is a cool spot, and the scenery is pretty & the stadium is intimate and typically full.
  11. Heard on the telecast (ESPN3) during Game 2 of the Ole Miss series, that Auburn would start someone like Camacho, on Tuesday. Was explained to serve 2 purposes; save your aces for the later rounds AND if get bounced in first game, you haven't given any one ace extra work in preparation of Regionals. Understand, it's an ESPN announcer, so I take that with a grain of salt, but the more I think about that philosophy, the more it makes sense to me. However, I'm not an avid baseball scholar, just a fan. Any thoughts on this?
  12. Completely agree, in fact was just telling my wife the bit about attractive young coach, attractive young women. You read my mind! I see there have been rumors, but do we know if there is anything to these? It's very easy to see that narrative fitting, but for all we known there are some other family/personal reasons that have nothing to do w/ infidelity.
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