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    #WDE. LEBRON is my favorite athlete of of ALL TIME! Super fan of Aaron Rodgers, Nelly T and Cam. Man Crushin on Bruce Pearl!!! Bandwagon Dukie since 99.
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  1. GwillMac6

    Men vs. Kentucky game thread

    I just want to point out he has been average at best for Western Kentucky. He is only averaging 9 points and 4 boards a game. Both down from his numbers last season. I thought he got exposed big time in conference play. Kinda like Samir is against good competition right now. We do not miss him. BUT MAN we def miss Mustapha. His skill set is something we lack severely on this team.
  2. GwillMac6

    CBB 1/19 Games

  3. GwillMac6

    CBB 1/19 Games

    WOW!!! Ja Morant with a 40 piece tonight! He had 40,11 and 5. Went 21 of 21 from the free throw line. Murray State got the W and is still undefeated outside of the state of Alabama! lol
  4. GwillMac6

    CBB 1/19 Games

    I will just have to push down all my anger that I have from you enjoying the absolute most boring brand of basketball I have ever seen in Virginia for another day! lmao.... Really? You think Self is a bad coach? hmmm. Interesting. They attract really good talent. But he does not get consistent great talent like K and Cal. He has won what 14 big 12 titles in a row at kansas? And 8 big 12 tourney titles? I get the concerns over his "lack" of success in the Big Dance but I think he is a really good coach. He is without his most talented player for the rest of the season. Only team to beat Rocky Top as well so far this season.
  5. GwillMac6

    New RB Coach wants and news

    We have a rock star RB coach on staff in Porter. But ya know Gus gonna Gus. It should not be this hard! lol
  6. GwillMac6

    New RB Coach wants and news

    MUHHHH BOY Larry Porter was our special teams coach in 2018. A great improvement from 2017 when Horton took it over and Gus took a vested interest in it.......
  7. GwillMac6

    Men vs. Kentucky game thread

    A Bruce Pearl coached Auburn team that is fun n gun and run n gun is the best ticket on campus easily these days. Even when they lose it is extremely exciting and fun to watch. This years Kentucky team reminded me of the past couple TAMU teams. Just the worst matchup in the conference for us because of their length and size.
  8. GwillMac6

    Men vs. Kentucky game thread

    This is Pearls 11th season as a SEC coach. His teams have averaged 80 ppg 6 of those 11 seasons. This years team is his highest scoring team to date at the power 5 level. We are averaging 84 ppg. The year he went to the Elite 8 at UT they averaged 73 ppg. He tweaks his system to the players he has to work with. But ideally what you are seeing is how he wants to play. THE PROBLEM IS. We are missing Mustapha badly. We need a guy who when the games slow down can go get a shot at the rim/fouled and blow by his man anytime he wants. That kind of game travels better than shooters. 3 point shots are hard to come by on the road.
  9. GwillMac6

    All Things NBA Thread

    lololol my favorite rivalry in the NBA. this ish is hilarious.
  10. GwillMac6

    2019 4* DE/DT Charles Moore

    Hottest 70 something year old you will ever see. If you do not believe me ask Charles Moore! lol. He is the one who told me!
  11. GwillMac6

    CBB 1/19 Games

    Virginia lost their first game of the season tonight to the Dukies at Cameron. The Dukies were without Tre Jones for the first of what will be many games. VIRGINIA IS THE MOST BORING REALLY GOOD PROGRAM IN THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAH I HATE HATE HATE watching them play more than any other program in the country. I know it is great to win a bunch of games every game but that has to be so BOOOOOOORING for their teams to watch a bunch of 40, and 50 point games every week. They junk up the game and make it so ugly and un exciting.
  12. GwillMac6

    All Things NBA Thread

  13. GwillMac6

    Men vs. Kentucky game thread

    Dunbar is a senior unfortunately.