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  1. Yes. It’s just a title. He won’t be calling the defense.
  2. Harris and Kent Austin will be analysts 247 said. I wish the TE coach would be off the field and Harris was our TE coach. Much more seasoned recruiter.
  3. We will find out very shortly if he can recruit in the sec. Freeze has a eye for identifying good rising coaches in the business so I’m excited and like this hire.
  4. I mean this is how it always goes when hiring a new head coach. I bet almost all of the current staff will be let go.
  5. Lol people don’t realize how little modern tradition ole miss has. Literally the only sec west team to never play in the sec title game besides tamu and they have only been in the conference since 2012. AU has won 8 conference titles since the last time ole miss won a sec title… which was in 63!!! Ole miss the 2 years before freeze got there was a combined 6 and 18. AU is 38 and 11 all time Vs them. They are not a good job or program. Freeze and kiffin did and are doing good jobs there. Freeze gave them there best season ever in the modern era winning 10 games and the sugar bowl. The worst thing I see about him is dropping games they should win. This past weekend is another example. I can excuse losing to a 3-8 Va tech team because Virginia tech still had more talent than them but losing to UConn and New Mexico State is inexcusable. Win the ones you should win and keep pulling off upsets and we will be in business.
  6. This is such a overused lazy and just flat out wrong take. Freeze is a relentless recruiter who had 2 top 10 classes at ole miss of all places. Please miss me with the cheating bs!! Spare me. They got caught that was their biggest mistake. We all know the best recruiting schools are always at the top for a reason. Ole miss just didn’t have a system in place that dates back several years where it was a art form on how to not get caught. Freeze has enormous passing success with his offenses in the sec. Chad Kelly was a 4k yard passer in 2015 with 31 tds and had a 1k yard WR in laquon treadwell (who became a first round draft pick) which is something AU has not done since 99. Freeze has also recruited the OL much better than Gus. Multiple 5 star and high 4 star OL. Look at the WR’s he coached and signed that are now in the NFL. AJ Brown and DK Metcalf are 2 of the nfl’s best WRs. Both were 2nd round draft picks. Doesn’t sound very Gus like at all.
  7. That’s what blows my mind!!! How many times do they have to keep making the same mistake before they learn!?
  8. There is nothing better than peace of mind that beyond a shadow of a doubt we have the right coaches in place for basketball and baseball. I was born in 89 so I’ve never had that feeling in football….
  9. Only coach I’ve ever seen in my 33 years be a uniter and get all of our crazy overly emotional psychotic fans on the same page. He was the hire that was the most widely celebrated and if you make a splash hire it affords the coach a longer leash as you go through the lean years. A vanilla mid major hire fans wouldn’t of been as patient with how Bruce first 3 years went. It also helped as well that it was basketball.
  10. And that is exactly what market value dictates even for good not great coaches. Mark stoops is making 8 million and kiffin now 9. It’s extremely tough to get any remotely successful power 5 coach to jump.
  11. M O N E Y. If we stop trying to cheap out on hiring coaches we could get a big name. Our BOT have set a precedent for several coaching hires they aren’t willing to pay what it takes to land a big fish. It doesn’t have to do with how desirable our job is. EVERYONE acknowledges we are a top 10-15 job.
  12. Ummmm wtf!? South Carolina and Arkansas aren’t close to the level of job as us and Tennessee. SMH! 🤦‍♂️ Before spurrier they only had 1 nine win season in their football history… why do you say stupid ish like this?
  13. The long and short of it is we rather save some money go “cheap” and keep playing the coaching roulette game. Usc and lsu showed last year how you get it done hiring a proven coach away from a good job and situation. AU has shown over and over that we aren’t willing to do what it takes financially speaking to get a splash hire.
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