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  1. What makes you say that? Because of the slow start? We have proven SEC recruiters on our staff in Bobo who recruited really well when he was at a big program and Will Friend who just recently got two Five star commits at a lesser program at Rocky Top.
  2. At worst I think Harsin still gets to 8 and 9 wins just like Gustav. He just takes a different avenue to get there. We beat the teams we should beat and lose to the teams we should lose to and not pull random rabbit out of the hats like Malzahn did from time to time. Harsin is establishing his culture right now and getting the kind of guys who will buy in at the cost of sacrficing some talent most likely. I do not think we will see recruiting tick back up until the 2023 class.
  4. What sucks is he is really their fourth PG on the depth chart. There's Elfrid Payton who starts then D Rose is the sixth man and Quickley the rookie from Kentucky gets a lot of run to. I'm glad he's on a roster but the Knicks are one of the worst places for him with how their roster is structured and Thibs is not the ideal coach because he is notorious for not playing the young dudes a lot of minutes. They carry 5 PG's on the active roster which is nuts. https://www.basketball-reference.com/teams/NYK/2021.html
  5. Really?!? Hmmmm 🤔 now I haven't even really thought of it like that. My thought process is everyone is itching and jonesying to get back to a real sports atmosphere and not a extreme diet one like last season was. I personally think it will be the most packed in years because so many people missed going to games last season and it will be sold out at 87k for every game. Even the games that we usually don't sell out. You could be on to something because I'm just basing it on my rotation of Auburn family and friends I talk to regularly. I didn't take in to account there could be a decent amount
  6. Hate to hear that fam. Hopefully she gives you the green light soon brodie!
  7. Tennessee and south Carolina deserve F for their hires. Trash programs currently. And Who will continue to be trash no matter who they hire going forward. South Carolina had once nice little run with Spurrier because he wanted out of the NFL and away from a pressure cooker kind of job so he got a non stressful no expectations sec job and a Augusta membership. That won't ever happen again. All these different faces and the results are always the same for Tennessee ever since Fulmer. Just a bad bad football team every year. Most delusional fan base right up there with Nebraska.
  8. Not with basketball recruiting coverage! 😂😂 Rivals has been lapping 247 in that department and that's what I care most about.
  9. Not this year. Cavs and Magic will be high lottery picks again. Magic shut down Okeke for the season a couple of weeks ago over a tweaked ankle because they are blatantly tanking and looking for any excuse to rest any player who gives them a better chance to win. Chuma was playing really well for them since the all star break and they unloaded all their big name players.
  10. NOT TRUE! There is a lot of NBA fans in here. The NBA thread is over 150 pages long on the non AU sports forum. Personally? The NBA is my favorite sport. I freaking love it and consume any content I can rather it be articles, shows, podcasts etc. It is a 24/7/365 sport and I love that aspect of it. I watch games every day that it is on. I love that it is a player first sport over team. And a lot of people have favorite players instead of favorite teams. To answer the OP question I think the Clippers. Don't think the Jazz and Suns are for real. Lakers are not healthy and neither is Brookl
  11. I guess we should of all seen this coming. He re classified for a reason and that was obviously to be in the position to turn pro this season. I hate to hear that about his family. I did not know that. Makes a lot more sense now. He is a really good player with unlimited potential and UBER upside. He can easily be a good pro in a couple of years working with the NBA developmental coaches that franchises has on staff. Scoot is the number 1 option obviously. He is the franchise type of player this staff is going all in on for him to re classify and pair him up with Bari for next season. The
  12. He's not coming back. Won't be a first round pick. Should be picked in the second. I think it's a mistake. I think he would be a lottery pick with a good college season next year. But it's pretty clear he was hell bent on being one and done come hell or high water.
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