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  1. Why on earth would you think that? What in the last 20 years gives you hope that we break the curse with either a RS Freshmen or a True Freshmen at QB?
  2. YIKES 4 straight bogeys to open his round today for Koepka. That took away any chance Brooks had of being 2nd place at all 4 majors this year. He is the last guy I would of expected this to happen to today. Never ever seem him play this bad before. What a Meltdown.
  3. @auburnphan @Maverick.AU y'alls team keeps getting more and more loaded!!! I AM LOVING THIS DEPTH FOR YALL!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Shoooooooooooters shoot!!!!!! You have done a near perfect job of surrounding Giannis with dead eye shooters. LETS GOOOOOO BAY BAY!!!!!
  4. Man UNC is the best I have ever seen at scooping kids up as soon as they go in to the transfer portal!!! lol. Didn't they also get our DB from Virginia a few months ago?
  5. The 2 best coaches " on the market" are Stoops and Meyer. I would make them say no 37 times before I moved on to someone else. Stoops is working in the freaking XFL in the front office.. You cannot tell me he would not come out of retirement if we gave him enough money. He has something to prove because people are seemingly forgetting about him and his legacy quickly in Norman with how well Riles has done succeeding him with back to back heisman winners and playoff appearances.
  6. Yes between that and his smokeshow girlfriend I think you are right. That will help ease the pain! haha.
  7. Sadly Auburn fans eventually will accept any s#$% shoveled our way. 5-19 proved no matter how low you go Auburn fans will find a way to be positive no matter what!!! We really do have the best fans in the world but that is one of the downfall of it is being positive when we should not be. Tooms, AIM HIGHER!!!!!! Lets swing for the fences. Lets call our shot. I would be ok with Babers if he was further down the list as a backup hire.
  8. Need to see more than 1 winning season at Syracuse. Besides last year when he went 10-3 he had back to back 4-8 seasons at Cuse. He is also a lot older than people think. He is 58.
  9. 8-4 regular season. Losses at LSU, AT TAMU and of course to Thuga and UAT. No point in predicting what we will do in a bowl game. We could come out and get blown out or we could come out and top last years SEC bowl record for points that we set lol.
  10. SO are you choosing to purposely call Joe Burrows Danny Etling or do you genuinely think that Danny Etling is still the LSU QB? lol