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  1. It just feels like the last 2 seasons since Holland left we have been close to a good bit of sacks but our edge guys were always just half a step too slow. We will get consistent pressure with very few paid off in sacks though.
  2. Our best bet is getting Jalen Green first and then get our staff, coop and JG pitch a super team to him.
  3. I think years of reading hooks posts have prepared us for this. Dude always takes us on a emotional roller coaster ride!!! Lol
  4. Stanley is one of my least favorite tigers ever with the stunt he pulled off the field. SMH.
  5. The problem is Brock likes Gus about as much as you do lol. We still couldn't get a sniff even with his mom being a Auburn graduate and his GF coming here to play soccer.
  6. I. Miss. D Craig. Sorry if that triggers Mr d Craig hater Mikey but he is a elite recruiter and continues to show it at TAMU. So glad we still have the OG Rodney G though!!! Wooooo!!!!
  7. This shocks me sizzler!!! You live and breathe fball crutin almost more than anyone on here not named E!!! I've been bamboozled!!! Lol. Hey remember that one time that was not at band camp that we flipped Craig Sanders, kalvarez bessent and Stephen Roberts from bama all in a span of a few classes apart from each other!?! Goooood times!! That may of been the last time we flipped someone from Bama. Had to be bessent and roberts since they were in the same class. Ok I'm out!!! Tagging in muhhhhhh Brodie!! @McLoofus lol
  8. Loooooove that LSU is not on this list. Him and Kuminga are thought to be somewhat of a packaged deal.
  9. Our "dear" friend Corey Evans 🙄🤬 said he would be very suprised and downright shocked if he went pro.
  10. Hooks said today he can't see the overseas option happening for obvious reasons. Cliff to Rutgers was all due to the pandemic. We are sitting in a good place still with Jalen but fingers crossed. He's just worried about a local option opening up.