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  1. Congrats to Georgia. Good for them finally getting a 5 star OT.... 🙄
  2. Let's not try to make this in to anything else that it isn't. He has a former high school coach of his at SMU. That's why he would be going there.
  3. Joe Johnson does not play till next week but he def will be the best player in TBT. Him and Jarrett Jack 2 legit former NBA players are on Overseas Elite. I think he was also MVP of the BIG 3 league last summer. Either dude is hella broke or he just loves playing ball this much lol. ISO JOE BABY! haha.
  4. This team needs a pg and talent at every other position!!! Lol
  5. Lol man some really basketball and horrendous defense by war Tampa.
  6. Howard was *checks notes* 4-29 last season!!! 😆😂😭💀🤣
  7. I am guessing the board favors under armour because they are thinking they can keep getting the most money from them. But clearly that might not be the case anymore.
  8. Maybe it's because enough time has gone by that all I remember is nostalgia and the positive memories. Because from a just straight recruiting standpoint it felt in the glory days of the tiger prowl and when big cat weekend was just starting and we had trooper, luper, Jeff Grimes and thigpen that we won more recruiting battles against the elite programs than we do now. We still haven't found a guy who could recruit the OL position at a consistently high level like Jeff Grimes did. Bicknell is off to a good start but we need to keep stacking good classes on top of good classes. We haven't still been able to pull any tackles yet the caliber of Greg Robinson and shon Coleman among others like we did back then. At the end of the day right now when we are going against a kid who Georgia, Clemson or bama really wants and prioritizes I just do not have that much confidence it will work out in the end for us. We win some but lost some ones vs them that were really key. That's just my perception of things. It feels like Gus has peaked and plateued when it comes to how good he will recruit. Really good most of the time just not great. Just can't seem to get over that last hump and hurdle just like on the field.
  9. Absolutely. Nobody negative recruits better than Kirby. I think it comes back to that killer instinct and win at all costs. I don't think Gus has it in him. Like you said in this thread. He is a really good man. But that doesn't always make the best football coach. Or in this case recruiter.
  10. One of the things he is lacking is I don't see him having that killer instinct on the recruiting trail that our rival head coaches have and even Pruitt seems to have when it comes to closing and sealing the deal on the elite recruit's. We have recruited really well under Gus but it still think it should of been better. Some key battles we lost could of really changed the perception.
  11. I wish every AU home game was at night. Nothing better than Jordan Hare under the lights.