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  1. Haha thanks fam! Lets hope Vandy hires John Thompson the Third like has been rumored. He is a abysmal coach that flamed out at a way better program in Georgetown. I would welcome that hire to the SEC!
  2. He actually never went to UT. He just grew up a HUGE Vol fan being from the state of TN and still is to this day. He went to George Washington for undergrad and Vandy for law school.
  3. That one is because he is a vandy alum haha
  4. Ignoring his obvious troll attempts to encourage other teams to hire Bruce but he makes a great point. He is right. I absolutely believe Bruce is a top 10 coach in basketball AND WE NEED TO PAY THE MAN!!!! The assistant staff pool is even more embarrassing 13th out of 14 in the sec?! Come on. We are not a MS school. We have the money. Give him the much deserved pay bump in salary after the season along with upping the assistant salary pool so we can attract top notch assistant coaches.
  5. I am not going to be worried about Sloth coaching in the same state as us lol
  6. Hit or miss. Stallings had some really good classes. But then had some really bad classes. HE fluctuated!!!! But if there is one thing you can always count on stallings for was for him to ruin your bracket when one of his better teams ALWAYS got upset in round 1 or 2! lol. Remember that team with John Jenkings, Festus Ezeli and Jeffrey Taylor that won the sec tourney championship when they got a monumental upset and beat anthony davis and the future NCAA champs kentucky??? Yah that team got bounced in the second round! lol. That is what to me Stallings legacy will always be.
  7. This is fantastic news. Either Bo or Joey G starting is a huge huge win in my book.
  8. lol muhhh boy if you go 0-18 in the SEC and end the season on a 20 game losing streak? YAH you getting fired and deserve to be hahahaha. I just think he is a abysmal coach to be honest. Him going 12-20 last year did him no favors either.
  9. By Joseph Goodman | The most popular name being discussed in the early search for Alabama’s next basketball coach isn’t Steve Prohm. It’s not Fred Hoiberg or Kelvin Sampson or Gregg Marshall or Mick Cronin or Frank Martin or Andy Kennedy or any of the names I’ve been hearing. (And, no, it’s not Rick Pitino either … unfortunately.) No matter who is hired at Alabama, according to a source, there is strong support inside the search committee for the new coach to hire Mountain Brook High School basketball coach Bucky McMillan as an assistant. McMillan was the national high school coach of the year in 2018, and this season his team won its third consecutive state championship and defeated IMG Academy in the prestigious City of Palms Classic. McMillan, who played at Birmingham-Southern, is a rising star in the coaching profession. Just 35 years old, he has resisted the jump to college basketball to this point and built a dynasty in his hometown. He might not be able to ignore offers much longer, though. For Alabama, hiring McMillan would potentially help sign five-star recruit Trendon Watford, who McMillan coached at Mountain Brook, but even if Watford lands elsewhere, the thinking goes, McMillan could be a key piece to building Alabama into a nationally relevant program. There’s just one problem. Auburn might already have an inside track on Alabama for both McMillan and Watford. Under NCAA rules, a college program can hire a high school coach and sign his players as long as the high school coach is given an assistant’s position on the team bench. A month ago, Auburn wasn’t even among Watford’s top four schools, but a series of sliding doors over the past few weeks have put Auburn into excellent position to make a late play for Alabama’s top prospect, and also hire McMillan. If Auburn somehow pulls off a McMillan-Watford combo after making a deep run in the NCAA Tournament, then we will look back on this March as one of the most significant in Auburn basketball history. Watford’s top schools were Memphis, LSU, Alabama and Indiana early this season, but two of those schools are now without head coaches. LSU is no longer a contender for Watford with Will Wade likely out, but Alabama, believe it or not, is back in contention after the departure of Avery Johnson. Meanwhile, the job Bruce Pearl has done at Auburn is now impossible to ignore. Pearl has built a championship-caliber program at Auburn — something many thought impossible before he was hired — and his style of play suits versatile prospects like Watford, who can stretch the floor and is committed to team-first, defensive-oriented basketball. Not only is Auburn playing in the Sweet 16 next Friday, but Pearl’s player development is undeniable. Sophomore forward Chuma Okeke, who is 6-8 and 230 pounds, was a little known prospect last year, but he currently is being listed in mock drafts as a potential late first-round pick. Watford is larger than Okeke, but has a similar skill set. Pearl isn’t expected to retain first-year assistant coach Ira Bowman after his connection to the scandal at the University of Pennsylvania. Former Penn coach Jerome Allen pleaded guilty on March 8 to accepting $300,000 from a Florida health-care executive in exchange for preferred athletic admissions priority for his son. Ivy League schools to do not give athletic scholarships. llen testified that Bowman was in on the fraudulent scheme, and Auburn suspended Bowman before the SEC Tournament. It’s a bad look for Pearl, who already has had one assistant coach busted by the feds. Now, McMillan could potentially slide into Bowman’s spot on Auburn’s bench, and perhaps bring Watford with him to Auburn. Talk about reverse serendipity. Would Watford follow McMillan to Auburn? More than likely. Would McMillan actually leave Mountain Brook? That remains unclear. He loves coaching at the high-school level. McMillan told me after his most recent state championship that he was committed to at least one more season at Mountain Brook, but a potential bidding war between Auburn, Alabama and other schools could pull him away from his high school alma mater and the unlikely dynasty he has built inside the affluent Birmingham suburb. Mountain Brook has won five large-school state championships in the past seven years. More impressive from a national perspective than all of those championships, however, was McMillan's victory against IMG Academy this season in the City of Palms Classic in Fort Myers, Fla. IMG Academy, which is ranked No.4 nationally by MaxPreps, features three McDonald’s All-Americans and several other top-ranked players. With one Division-I player — granted, Watford is, himself, a McDonald’s All-American — Mountain Brook upset IMG Academy 72-67. Watford had 38 points and 12 rebounds in the victory, including 26 points in the second half. It remains IMG Academy’s only loss of the season. Watford’s family moved to Mountain Brook four years ago so their son could play for McMillan. Other families have done the same. McMillan is revered now by every high school prospect in the state. Recruiting will not be a problem for him. It begs the question: should he just skip the assistant coaching offers and go straight to being a college head coach?
  10. By EVAN DANIELS 11 hours ago ATLANTA -- As five-star forward Trendon Watford was nearing forward the end of his college recruitment, there's been a couple of shake ups. Two of the schools heavily involved in Watford's recruiting process have had coaching situations. Alabama parted ways with Avery Johnson, and LSU has suspended head coach Will Wade. Both schools have been heavily involved in Watford's recruitment process. To go with those two, Watford is being pursued by Memphis, Indiana and Duke. The Birmingham (Ala.) Mountain Brook standout broke down his situation to 247Sports on Sunday at the McDonald's All-American festivities. Where are you at with the recruiting process? I’ll most likely be deciding at the Jordan Brand in about a month or so and a lot of things are changing right now. Avery Johnson just got fired, Will Wade has a situation going on and a lot of my recruitment is starting to pick up so it’s just a lot of things changing. Are Alabama and LSU out? No they’re not. If they hire a new coach before Jordan Brand. So you’re definitely deciding at Jordan Brand? Most likely yeah, the 20th during the game. After those two who does it leave? Memphis, Indiana and Duke. How was your official to Memphis? It was good, it was my first time on campus in a long time so being able to see all the fans, I hadn’t been to a game yet. What do you like about Memphis? I like playing with James Wiseman, I played with him throughout the summer in July and I like Coach Penny. I feel like he can take my game to the next level and I have a close relationship with Coach Mike Miller. I still have a close relationship with some of the other recruits too. Has James Wiseman recruited you at all? Yeah, for sure. He’s been texting me every week. What has James' message to you? He’s just wanting me to play with him because he felt like we played good in July, we play well off each other. We play against each other this time but in Jordan Brand we’re going to playing with each other again. Are you going to do an official to Indiana? I don’t think so. I’ve been up there so many times that I feel I don’t need to take one. I’m trying to schedule a Duke one soon. What do you like about Indiana? It’s like my second home traveling all the way up there, with the fanbase, with my brother and just good memories up there when I was upcoming so just especially where I grew up so it’s like a second home. Where are you at with Duke? They contacted me and my dad but they’re at March Madness so they’re pretty busy so we’re going to see whenever they get done and win a National Championship hopefully and see if we can get a visit planned before. Have they offered you? They’re waiting for me to get on campus to make it official but they’ve been pretty much saying they want me. They’ve come into the picture a little late, does that matter and what about them would move them into the situation where you consider going there? To answer that question I feel like they’re one of the top programs and being able to be coached by possibly the best basketball coach ever, I feel like that would be an advantage for me taking my game to the next level so just being able to play with a lot of those guys, I played with a lot of them and enjoyed playing with a lot of them. What does it mean to you to be a part of the McDonald's All-American festivities? It’s a dream come true just being one of the few selected from my city in general Birmingham, Alabama. It’s a big accomplishment and a dream come true to play in the game. I can’t wait for Wednesday. What did you think of practice today? I felt like we played pretty good. We are short a guy, Vernon didn’t play so we just had to compete and I felt like I played pretty good. Assess your play this high school season... I felt like we played good. It was definitely one of the hardest things to do in my career was win the third one so I felt like we played good and I felt like we played good in our national tournament. Top five team in the country, I felt like we were great. 1COMMENTS Where do you think your game has progressed from a year ago to today? I feel like me being more versatile. I feel like I have been able to shoot the ball well from the outside even more and you saw at city of Palms so me just being able to do that, it stretches the defense out and it sharpens up my versatility which made it harder for people to guard me. To me it seems like you can play a straight three or a stretch four and use it to your advantage. Yeah, for sure. Whoever is guarding me at the four spot and whoever is guarding me at the three spot I feel like I’m going to have the advantage. The three is so small I can post up and a four I can go right by them so I feel like with that it definitely helps me.