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  1. I have been very harsh on Kodi for his lack of recruiting abilities so far but I think this is low risk high reward. He is not calling out any of the perceived starters in our WR rotation. He is calling out a kid who redshirted last year and is most likely pretty far down the WR depth chart still. If it works and he becomes a contributor down the line? great. If it doesn't? O well. We weren't expecting him to be a huge part of the WR rotation to begin with. Hopefully this lights a fire under the kid and we can look back as the turning point in his Auburn career.
  2. This has been Malzahns most impressive feat as a coach is I swear he is batting 95% and above in getting all our recruits qualified so that they arrive on campus on time. This is one of the few who have not qualified. I hate it for alaric and us. He was one of the heart and soul of this class who committed almost 2 years before they signed.
  3. I swear there have been a healthy amount of kids like that this cycle. It felt like him, Monday and Jibunor (sp?) were all on the verge of committing and none have done so yet for one reason or another. At least the other 2 have not committed anywhere else yet or SEEM to be leaning somewhere else. *knocks on wood*
  4. position of need as well. Recruiting the secondary it seems is the 1 position group where we do not consitently land top 10 talent. We struggle to consistently land high 4 star Corners. 5 stars? Don't believe we have ever got a 5 star corner in the star era. WOOF.
  5. This is probaly when I first noticed AU felt less confident in him. JAD was suprised at that time all the crystal balls were favoring AU. He was trying to tell us something lol.
  6. This would suck to lose 2 st pauls kids in back to back years both of whom we felt good about at one time or another.
  7. do not like that he is committing before he visits Auburn 1 more time.
  8. anytime I think a kid is close to committing to us this cycle and all we hear is Auburn leads they just keep pushing the carrot farther from our faces! lol WHY WONT YOU LOVE US?!
  9. woooooooof that is egregious right there. Double whammy.
  10. SO fields and Joey G are out and not coming to big cat? Well I am not in love with that at all.
  11. you spoke too soon my friend!! We got ourselves a series! Not a good look at all from the cavs losing to a team at home who they just beat by 44 on the road and they WERE WITHOUT THEIR BEST PLAYER! haha #sports.
  12. Hopefully the real deal Justin Fields!!
  13. I think it may of been that kid who went to Miss ST who said he did not accept our scholly because he was to much of a bama fan growing up and could not go to Auburn. Bear Wilson
  14. Not less pleased or enthused about JG in the least! He is a beast a freak of nature and a athletic specimen. I just think BO is going to be THAT good. He has it all when I see his tape. We are in good shape regardless of who wins the QB competition in the future assuming BO comes to AU. KNOCK ON WOOD! haha
  15. When I said all this hand wringing is a moot point if we get Bo that did not imply any of that. I was referring to the people getting all worked up that he may not start full time again this season and the ones who say he might play another position besides QB at AU. People see what they want to see. I can word things a little differently and people will still interpret it the way they want to. Just because I think Bo is special does not mean I think Joey G is going to be some bust. We all want what is the best for AU and if it is Joey G no one is going to be upset because me and others liked BO more as a prospect in high school. We will be thrilled. No one wants their favorites to be the starting QB of the future just because and just to "be right" If any of these kids become stars we are all right and get to enjoy it.