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  1. 2018-19 UMASS GT OT Jack Driscoll

    Blake Countess was pretty dang good for us to from michigan. Besides dropping a sure pick 6 vs bama in the iron bowl no complaints from me. He has stuck in the NFL so far to.
  2. 2018-19 UMASS GT OT Jack Driscoll

    SEC fast they say? Well he was Big ten slow. I remember seeing him on the field against sec competition and he just could not hang. He just did not have that lateral quickness nor the speed.
  3. All Things NBA Thread

    It is not showing up with anything!!!
  4. All Things NBA Thread

    It is the first round. I am used to domination in the eastern conference playoffs. Not a team already getting 2 games in the dang first round. HECK YAH I AM A NANCY!!! I am the same way about AU. I always expect the worst hope for the best. When you care about something so much unless you are far and away the better team nerves take over and you never think your going to win. THat is MUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
  5. All Things NBA Thread

    Lance going to lance. That was a PERFECT form takedown. I think Lance would be a AMAZING wrasslin character! I want to see him pursue that avenue when he hangs up the J's. WOOOOO!!!!!!
  6. All Things NBA Thread

    lol no it is not. Until I see Kevin Love string together 2 good games together that are fitting for a true number 2 on a contender I just have no faith in this version of the LeBrons. DWI? I am sorry to hear that. Sounds like something a jawwwwwwwwwwja football player would do around this time of year. O trust me I think the LeBrons actually match up better with the raptors than the pacers and I would be more confident. Every east team has major warts. But I will take Wall and Beal anyday over Demar and Lowry as a duo is what I am saying. I think until further notice that the sixers are the favorite in the east now. They have such a well structured put together team. I really like their supporting cast. If they can get consistent good games in the playoffs from saric? OMGSH watch out.
  7. Gus is an average coach

    Let's just sum this up for real. Gus has got to stop doing stupid s$%^ that makes no freaking sense. You cannot do that which was the LSU game and other painful memories of doing stuff in games that make no sense then have 2 near flawless and perfect game plans for georgia and Bama. Like just be aggressive. It is painfully obvious once he goes in to tubbershell stuff like the lsu game happens.
  8. All Things NBA Thread

    why did I say 2 seed? I meant 8. Raptors continue to not be able to trust them. When beal fouled out they absolutely should of won this game but they got blitzed after that by the blur that is john wall.
  9. All Things NBA Thread

    lol self promotion?! I thought that was that ric flair guys thing? I forgot his handle just remember his avi. Viper maybe? Not a good look aujeff11. This series is not even close to being over. The LeBron cannot get any sustained seperation from them. No one said bogy would repeat his performance. sabonis went off though.
  10. All Things NBA Thread

    absolutely the most entertaining series so far. Beal and J wall as a 1-2 punch are helluva dangerous as a 8 seed.
  11. All Things NBA Thread

    LMAO!!! stop over thinking things. I am telling you I just saw this on twitter today because this young swashbuckler just put this graphic up on twitter today that happened last year. Bron being on top IS JUST THE CHERRY ON TOP! Got your tin foil hat on I see. CONSPIRACY THEORIST!!!
  12. Gus is an average coach

    the curse at red stick continues.
  13. All Things NBA Thread

    MANU really has had quite the career. Underrated for sure.
  14. All Things NBA Thread

    touche. So does rondo! Jrue Holiday was my playoff mvp of the first round. My goodness he played at a level as a 2 way player I never thought he was capable of.