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  1. we have got to get better at the politics game like west vance has mastered.
  2. the ncaa more than anything is just protecting one of their golden tickets for basketball in one of their blue bloods with North Carolina. Ole miss will not get such favorable treatment.
  3. This is a win for the blue bloods. This is a win for the establishment. This is not a win for Auburn. Anytime a historically dormant program shows any sign of life the cries of they are cheating will be even louder than they were for ole miss. I feel for them I really do. At least they were trying even if they were cheating to change their programs fortune. I can rest easy knowing this will make them go back to being a layup on the schedule like they used to be. Sec West is tough enough as it is.
  4. like Pmarsh said awhile ago it was the most amicable "break up" ever. No hard feelings whatsoever. He always is reppin AU at every turn. I have rarely seen him mention florida. He loves him some AU!
  5. Heard he was good enough to where David Ross had to transfer some say!
  6. at the least it gives us some very good depth along the OL. especially if the princes are as advertised!
  7. WO that is a lot to process for this simple minded folk in Feb! haha
  8. 2 time all american center from jax st.
  9. Now if only we could get the Auburn High school coach to step down MAYBE we could pull some kids in our own backyard!
  10. yes! got them to the ncaa and nit his last 2 years there.
  11. sure we do. in the first half we drill lots of teams.
  12. lol how many coaches does that make? I think we stole a womens tennis or golf coach from them as well on top of Myers, Kodi, Chip and this new guy.
  13. you really have to be bad to be worse than most of barbees team and this LSU team has accomplished that.
  14. my man!