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  1. 2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    I find it way more fun that way since there is a 99.23% chance that clay is the enemy and most likely by this summer. So I say HAVE FUN!!!!! WOOOOOOO!! Keep the random topic of conversation party going!
  2. Men vs. South Carolina

    Yes sir mr fred. Sobering times surrounding AU basketball. You know it is bad when me and you cannot even get excited about gifs and we have to be serious because sadly the moment calls for it. But back to bball talk. You are on the money unfortunately. Those were going to be our 2 toughest games all season because of the opponent and where they were at with Mac. But without him? near impossible task.
  3. Men vs. South Carolina

    WE HAVE to take care of business at home. I would not be suprised if we go 0 for with those 2 road games. Those are extremely tough places to play. We have not won at the O dome in Gainesville since the 90's I believe.
  4. Men vs. South Carolina

    Absolutely. The biggest loss of the day is def our defensive anchor Mac. If he did not get hurt today would of not mattered really.
  5. Men vs. South Carolina

    I feel so dirty rooting for georgia in anything. But it has to be done. WE DESERVE THIS SEC TITLE BOYS!!!!! WAR EAGLE!!!!
  6. Men vs. South Carolina

    IF thuga hangs on I wonder if they are getting closer to being a NCAA Tourney team. They have some good wins. Especially if they KNOCK ON FREAKING WOOD! Can hang on and win this one.
  7. Men vs. South Carolina

    sheeeeeeeeeesh. COME ON! Bryce with another injury? Cannot catch a break today.
  8. Men vs. South Carolina

    We def will be praying for you Mac!!! You were the heart and soul of this team with your energy and defense. You will be missed! War Eagle Mac! You are going to come back next year even better than before! "I believe in work. Hard work."
  9. Men vs. South Carolina

    I do not think we have beat South Carolina in the Bruce Pearl era or we only beat them his first year here. We seem to struggle with their bully ball that is a calling card of Frank Martin.They are a nasty, aggressive and really big team. We do not match their physical punch you in the mouth style. Not a good match up for us any year. Today though it was more that WOW that is easily the worst 3 point shooting I have ever seen from us. I thought for sure that bryce brown three when we were down 5 and would of cut it to 2 was going in. Just was not our day. Feels like 2 losses with the mac injury. Just a horrible turn of events. GET WELL MAC!!!!! Hope you make a full recovery and are back by next season!
  10. Men vs. South Carolina

    He is not 100%. That is why. He is just all hearts and guts. He should still be sitting out but he wants to be out there with is brothers.
  11. 2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    I love this!!! This accurately describes our fan base to a T. I have never seen a more divided fan base than ours out of the major programs. Usually a fan base are more or less the same when it comes to their attitude towards where they want the program to go and how content or not content they are and honestly just have the same general characteristics. There is a power struggle in the Auburn fanbase. The problem is some of us KNOW and have seen what we are capable of and are not content for a great season every few years. With the talent we have accumulated we should have no less than 10 wins after a bowl game each year. Auburn is great and always will be great! What does that have to do with being half full or half empty though? I never got that. They are not mutually exclusive. OF COURSE we are not content until we are better than our rivals! We are capable of being better than them AND WE HAVE DONE IT! We just need to do it more consistently. IF we were some average and mediocre sec program like miss st, south carolina etc it would be easier to not want to be great and strive everyday for it and just be content at where we are and accept our fate. BUT we are a great program historically. We just are not consistent at all. We have really high highs and some awful lows.
  12. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    This is so money!!! You are MVP and officially FAM now for this!! LOVE IT! haha
  13. All Things NBA Thread

  14. ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    I know. I never said it did. I clearly stated it was Leath! lol. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! Is Ashton Kutcher around? Am I being punked?! HAAAAAYYYYYULP!!!!!!