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  1. lol SOME of our fans. But that lessens every year we keep Gus. But yes our fans have a horrible case of Gus stockholm syndrome.
  2. And if we keep him we still have to pay him a egregious salary of 7 mill anyways PLUS whatever the total sum of the buy out is after next year. So either way we are paying him. Just cut the cord man. It is getting worse not better. We need hope going in to next year. I cannot imagine how much more apathetic the fanbase can get.
  3. THIS. Do people really not remember how close it was last year to Gus losing his job? This season did nothing to make people who matter who have wanted him gone change their mind. It just made them want him gone more.
  4. FSU is shelling out 20 mill for tag and they are notorious for being a nickle and dime program. Powerful people have been looking for a excuse to get rid of Gus for a long time. This year they will get him when he loses to a backup bama qb and further worsens his record vs the big 3.
  5. People keep saying we would have to pay 29 million. It is 13 million within 30 days then the rest paid out over 4 years. Like multiple people have said. The money is there.
  6. Lol people really are confident he is so safe? Nothing is going to start to leak out until after the iron bowl. You watch. Tate's tune will start to change if we lose the iron bowl. What is Gus record vs LSU, Georgia and bama? Exactly. Facts are leath is gone who along with Harbert was the biggest reason why he did not get fired last year. The people who wanted him gone probably want him out even more now and will grow louder. This is not over. The ole Miss game did him no favors either. We almost lost to a team who will have a losing record. Wait until 2 weeks from now. It will get a lot more interesting.
  7. Wait till we lose to bama who has a backup QB. The noise will get really loud then. I don't think he survives. The people who tried to get him out last year are still there and they will grow even louder. Leath his biggest supporter is gone ... I think it's gonna happen.
  8. Marcello and p Marsh said the same thing this week on 247. I'm not about that. It would be so jaba. His brother works in the AD we know where this push to hire Steele is coming from. He's a great DC but I don't want him as our next head coach.
  9. It all makes sense now why he is such a great recruiter!!!! Lol. He has been recruiting great for yeaaaaars!!! Haha.
  10. SIAP but l o l you have got to laugh!!!! It's game 10 bro!!! This is your mess that you created!! It ain't the players fault. It's all you!!!
  11. Gus has made it a art losing to average Georgia teams and/or average Georgia QBs. We have lost to hutson Mason, greyson Lambert who was absolutely awful and then we literally handed the game to a absolutely putrid 8-5 Georgia team in 2016.
  12. He won't learn a got damn thing. He will continue to try that same crap he has for the last 7 years. He is the most stubborn coach i have ever seen and it's going to cost him his job in 2 weeks.
  13. Gus is a complete doofus for being forced to run what we should of been running since 2017. 21-0 and his dumbass finally runs what we always should of!!!.... But we literally just saw last week a LSU wr step out of bounds come back in and it was called a TD and they let it stand!!! So hell yah I am going to be pissed that Seth obvious catch was reversed!!!! And it was called a catch on the field. That's complete bull s***.