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  1. Not gonna lie I was a little let down by this commitment because I thought it was a 4 star LBer and me as a star gazer was disappointed but our best recruiter shaun shivers got me excited again!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAR DAMN!!!! even more reason to look forward to the weekend!!! LETS GO
  2. YES YOU DO!!!!! didn't you say this was @augolf1716 customary gif when a big commitment happens?
  3. WE SHOULD of had Josh Chapman as well...... but we all know how that ended up. ANYWAYS! THIS GUY could def be the best out of all the former Hoover Player!!! His potential and upside is through the roof!! AHHHHHH SO EXCITED!
  4. a Broderick gif?! I AM SO IN! you made me feel better E!!! thank you!!! lol
  5. BEGINS?! CONTINUES FAM!!!! Ryan Pugh, Jaylen Denson, Darrell Williams, Shedrick Jackson and now this BONA FIDE STUD of a young man!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! WAR DAMN HOOVER BUCS!!!!
  6. I wish Keith felt we led. it would make me feel better.
  7. WO WO WO coming in hot are we now?! GC off the top of the ladder !!!!! delivering a elbow in to my heart!!! lol I cannot recover from that response! haha
  8. sorry my AU fam brethren! I had nowhere else to put this! lol thought it was really interesting when I saw this today.
  9. believe he was one of the hog mollies.
  10. Already taking a knee on this!! JUST GIVE ME THE L on this one fam!!! lol
  11. I personally do not think he was cheating on his wife. I think it all pertained to recruiting and was for recruits. Not that it makes it right (it doesn't). Of course this is a total guess on my part. But hey if he was cheating well.... I will own it and admit my opinion was wrong. LIKE IT USUALLY IS! haha
  12. he comes off as really fake like freeze does/did. Everyone speaks how he is so morally right but I swear Georgia had the most arrests in the sec in his time as head coach! lol