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  1. Lol you just had to get one little pot shot in about T Will for old times sake didn't you? You just cannot help yourself can you? I do not get a guy who used to all the time bitch and moan about our LB play and LB recruiting STILL is bitching about it even after T Will comes in we have our best run of LB on the field play and recruiting since the Tubs years. Our first 2 ALL SEC first team LB's since *checks notes* TRAVIS WILLIAMS IN 2004!!!! lol. And yah he dropped the ball in recruiting this past class. The whole staff did. No s***. Everyone knows that. I will donate YOU to UCF. That is the b
  2. Mike, You had a good run. You got 8 "solid" years out of this shtick. But it is time to move on with your idol and leader of the mediocrity empire Gus. We are well aware your allegiance is to him and not AU. I will get some posters to pack your stuff. Dot not make us call security. I have found somewhere else where you would be much happier being. Farewell. Please be a stranger. https://247sports.com/college/central-florida/board/ucf-knights-message-board-forum-59489/
  3. You still talking about Gus? Damn man. After all the grief you gave everyone on here that was "still" talking about him just weeks after he had been fired. Guess you are one of those preachers who does not practice what they preach kinda like Bernie Mac's character Pastor Clever in the movie Friday!!
  4. We all know that is your favorite tournament and the one you put the most stock in!!! lol. DO NOT THINK any of us have forgotten that in the 2019 Final Four year your thoughts on the NIT........ Honestly the most knee jerk emotional reaction I have ever seen on this board. And I say this as someone who all the time makes emotional rash statements on here! lmao
  5. MUHHHHHHHH DUDE!!!!!! LFG!!!! A man from my own heart!!! hahaha. I trotted this technique out after the TAMU game in football. I said I would delete my account and never post again here if Gus was not fired at the end of the season. I HOPE HOPE HOOOPE it works out just as well for you ( AND US AS A WHOLE OMGSH WE ALL WIN!) as it did for me!!! WOOO!!!! LETS GOO BAY BAAAAAAY!!!!!
  6. In person? By a singular player? Has to be Caddy's 6 TD game vs CLANNNNNNNNGAAAAAAAAAA in 03.
  7. Welp there goes any excitement I had for this game. Seeing Coop play was the only joy so far we had to look forward to with this season.
  8. Imagine being this obsessed with a 8-4 coach and this upset he got fired you have to try and tear down our best basketball coach ever a proven winner who has had sustained success just to try and prop up said average coach. For what? Who asked you to do this? Who was clamoring for these absolutely egregious and embarrassing takes? Three 25 win seasons in a row is equivalent to 3 straight 11 win seasons in football. The only streak nose picker had was being the best ever at stringing together 8 straight 4 loss seasons in a row. Like @cole256 said we have many wonderful takes like this in our
  9. Mind you this is the same guy who recently was screaming at the clouds asking why Gus was still being brought up on here and then said dude is the one inserting the dude in to conversations that are not even remotely connected to the dude. Goalposts love being moved by some people I guess. It's the hypocrite way.
  10. WE KNEW IT!!!! WE FREAKING KNEW IT!!!!!! WE ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL KNEW this kind of knick knack paddywhack bull**** was coming from you. Only thing missing is 64 who used to do the same thing. You have been waiting 3 looooooong years to be able to start hating on Bruce again. CONGRATS SIR you got your wish after 3 straight 25 win seasons and winning Championships in 2 out of 3 seasons. Having 2 straight McDonalds All American signees. The first since Vot Barber (RIP) in the early 2000's and having back to back NBA first round picks. Auburn has not had a first round pick in 20 years until Bruce
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