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    #WDE. LEBRON is my favorite athlete of of ALL TIME! Super fan of Aaron Rodgers, DANIEL BRYAN! Nelly T and Cam. THE CZAR of Reality TV. Man Crushin on Bruce Pearl! Duke Bandwagon fan since 99.
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  1. God I hope not. I would hope you would not be glad I am back. Just does not feel right!
  2. GwillMac6

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    hahahaha woj is getting scoooooooooooped.
  3. GwillMac6

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    Wow that was a perfect summary of what he brings to a team RIGHT NOW and what he has potential for. He may never be a star but I think he is bust proof.
  4. I appreciate it brodie! Now time to get some OT's!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!! lets gooooooo.
  5. GwillMac6

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    NO ONE is talking about Bridges but my goodness I LOVE his game! It is so smooth and effortless. I think he is the perfect modern 3 and D player.
  6. Well it is your fault you DID ban me like golf said. AND HE NEVER lies! ..........
  7. Your favorite Uncle Fester says he got this mr mike!!! lol ALL IS WELL REMAIN CALM AND BELIEVE IN JB!!!!
  8. GwillMac6

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    That is the nicest thing anyone has ever done to muhhhhhhhhhhh. You just get me jeff!!!!! Will have to execute the hurry up no huddle ignore offense on here. Got to take every precaution necessary to ensure a NO aujeff11 playoff run!!! That is what total playoff bliss looks like! lol.
  9. GwillMac6

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    THANK YOU!!!!! The arguing about the same ol stuff is PLAYED OUT by me and you. NO ONE WANTS TO COME HERE AND SEE THAT!!!! This is not the me and you talking about same topics show. By the way I AM NEVER AND I AM NOT THE ROCK BUT THE GWILL MEANS EVER going to NOT block you when playoff time comes again for the NBA. That was painful on every imaginable level and the worst experience of my life! So we are def going back to old rules next year!!! lol I WILL NEVERRRRRRRR make that mistake again. You made that REAL easy for me hahaha.......... ANYWAYS You seemed like in 2009 to be a big Dwight guy because he was the anti LeBron. Was he ever your favorite player?