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  1. Looking at our road games the rest of the way the only ones I feel even somewhat decent about us stealing is ole Miss, Mizzou and Tennessee. Some people will say well what about Georgia? They being a super young team are more than anyone are completely different at home. I think they get us. But I get it. I can see why people would think we can win at Georgia as well. Just super relieved we don't have to play at LSU this season.
  2. Say we manage to win enough road games the rest of the way to get a decent seed in the tourney. Our second game will be a relatively tough game no matter who it is. Hell look at our first game last season in the tourney. We easily could of lost that and that was with our best team ever. So yes with us not having great three point shooting winning one game in the tourney will feel like a success in what most thought would be a rebuilding year.
  3. The difference in Outlook on football and basketball is the history of both programs. Football is a really good top 15 program all time. Basketball? Historically maybe the worst program in sec history before Pearl arrived.
  4. Totally different sports. Much less games in football so every game importance is heightened.
  5. Here is the problem. The reason why we are struggling mightily the last 2 games at the room. Like absolutely awful is bama and florida have walled off the rim with multiple trees down there. They are not respecting our shooters and for good reason. There is hardly any clean looks at the rim. Even when Okoro or whoever blows by their man they still have a couple other guys waiting for them. Wiley is a blessing and a curse. He is a beast on the boards but when he is on the floor it just draws another defender in the paint. But with how Mac is shooting lately him being at center is not a big advantage either. They are not going to respect his shot until he makes them in SEC Play.
  6. Davion Mitchell transferred from AU to Baylor because he did not want to sit 2 more years behind Harper. If he just freaking stayed it would be his team now. I know he had no way of knowing Jared would leave but dang it hurts seeing him be the starting PG of the best team in the country.
  7. At this point with how we have played away from home lately I will take just 1 win in the tourney to call this season a success.
  8. A better question is how they can do that and still lose or about to lose? SMH.
  9. This this this!!!! Could you imagine a senior year Harper!? He is the main person we absolutely could not afford to lose. He was our closer. He was our run stopper. He was our run starter. He made our team go. One of the greatest to ever wear that orange and blue. I hope him and Bryce have their numbers retired together.
  10. He tried getting one. Tucker wouldn't bite. The plan always was for Jared to hand the baton to coooop. Our success last year changed that plan.
  11. Keep in perspective. Mizzou last Saturday beat Florida at home by 16. Then Mizzou turned around and lost by 30 at home to miss St. Such is life in college basketball.