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  1. O do not get me wrong it was a middle of the road season. I would rank it somewhere in the 17-23 range out of the 38 seasons but the finale was fantastic edge of your seat captivating t.v. Drop me a line and let me know what you think when you get around to it. WOOO!!!! WAR DAMN CHARLES MOORE EAGLE!!!!!
  2. I am a reality tv whore so any excuse to use a GIF from The Challenge, Survivor or Big Brother I am def going to take the opportunity to do so!!!! Enjoy the finale it is one of the best finales I have ever seen on the show in the 38 seasons I have been watching. AND YES I have seen all 38 seasons!!! WOOOOOO!!!! LETS GOOO!!!!! hahaha wait you really did not see it?! It was VIP so hopefully in a few days when it becomes a free article someone will drop in here and give us the inside scoop.
  3. lol not what I am talking about. We know you saw that VIP post Keith made about a AU signee on 247 and their qualifying status and you wanted to cast that line out there see if you caught anyone willing to take the bait! hahaha I SEE YOU Agent 0004.
  4. All the new found "fans" WWE added during this time period were not even real fans at all. They did not care one iota about the in ring product. You show them a 5 star match and you would get a nothing reaction from them. But you show them for the 90234943229342934 time the clip of Austin pouring cement on Vinny Macs car they act like they just saw the greatest thing in the history of television and mark TF out. They were the loosest term of the word fan and have not been tuning in since to WWE since the attitude era ended. They are the ones who talk about the attitude era more than anyone though with the rosiest of rose colored glasses. LIKE SHUT UP you watched the product for a couple of years at best. You are not a real fan. If you were you would of stuck around for the ruthless aggression era the, PG era, the Reality era and now the New Era. They are wrestling version of fans that are equivalent to pro sport fans who you ask them who their favorite teams are they respond with the Patriots, Lakers and Yankees. Who are their favorite wrestlers? Austin, Rock, Taker, Mankind and HHH in some form or fashion give or take a couple more names. I despise attitude era only fans. They are not real fans to me.
  5. I WILL GLADLY TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!! IDK if I would of survived another clean loss to Becks. It would of eviscerated me to my very core!!!!!!!! THE ENDING WAS SO SO SO SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN WE JUST GET RID OF THIS DUDE?!?!??! THat was one of the biggest slap in the faces to the guys who are on this grind day in day out and busted their ass during a great match only for you know who to stroll in for the W. Dude works like 13 days a year and gets paid upwards of 7 million for it. I am so sick of him. We know he is not going to be around full time. I assumed he would show up around the time of the fox launch in October but not for this. SMH. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Having a heel be MR MITB is a lot of fun. But not a part time heel. It takes away all the drama.
  7. This regional was a perfect microcosm of this season. Beat the teams we should beat but cannot beat one of the better teams in the country. Bats just never came to life this season vs any good teams besides the rocky top series honestly. Sad the season is over. War Eagle.
  8. He is certainly good enough to come in and be better than Harper was as a freshmen. People forget how big of a jump Harper made as a frosh to a sophmore. He had a great sophmore and Junior seasons but he struggled a lot his freshmen year.
  10. Corey Graves proceeds to lose his mind!!!!! lol. Honestly my favorite thing on commentary!
  11. IT's HERE!!!!!!! IT IS HERE!!!!!!! IT IS REALLY HERE!!!! WOOOO!!!!!! LETS GOOOO BABY!!!!!!!! Hoping for a great night of wrasslin!!!