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  1. Walton is a complete ASS. Completely was a jerk to my young niece who's parents are gator alum when she tried to go up and meet him at a gator football game a few years ago. Not at all suprised by this that he did not act like the adult in this situation.
  2. Getting Bo would make up for the Evans fiasco and then some. This kid is going to be a top 10 overall prospect by the time his senior season rolls around imo.
  3. Man I really hope Ross does not take this all the way to Signing Day it would be huge for us if he pops sometime in the fall for us after he sees WHAT I HOPE is a vastly improved passing game.
  4. Only update I slightly disagree with from this article is Matthew Hill. Neihbur has stated multiple times lately Auburn feels good about him. He was def downplaying us in that interview for whatever reason.
  5. If we do not get this game that L yesterday and even moreso the way we lost it will hurt even more.
  6. when kentucky loses in the elite 8 they lose in the worst fathomable way!!! laettner shot and now this.
  7. MONK GOT FOULED ON HIS THREE as well!!!!! your right its better to be lucky than good a lot more than people think in sports.
  8. He is a 3 star kid!!! lol he had a career high 17 points today. when guys like him are going off in games like this you can just read the tea leaves and know when its a teams year. they should of lost to arky and now kentucky!! I am beside myself in rage. Kentucky had them on the ropes same as arky and choked. Hahahaha at least I can take solace someone else in here does not like unc either. WOOOO!!!
  9. Luke #(($*$*#*(@()@)@)@)@ Maye?!?!?! are you kidding me?!?!? that is who won them the game? My dislike for that kid grows as a dukie!!!!!!!! lol Looks like its just their year.
  10. No I really think they do. If I did not think they would smoke them and just wanted them too I would of said that.
  11. put bruce pearl at kentucky he would be getting the same talent at kentucky as cal maybe even better. Having a 5 star in what would of been 3 straight classes before wiley reclassified and assuming EJ Montgomery sticks which I am sure he will is absolutely a modern day miracle with our program. Getting 5 stars to Au Bball is the equivalent to kentucky getting 5 stars in football. I doubt anyone would of called Mike White a fundamentally strong coach before this run. Frank Martin teams play great defense but they are always offensively challenged. There is a reason they lost to freaking bama twice and lost 8 of 12 entering the tourney. This came out of nowhere. They also have not faced a elite scoring team to really push them besides Duke. I think gonzaga smokes them.
  12. a LOT missing offensively losing 3 all americans in rhodes howard and carasone who was the emotional leader of the team.
  13. That is the absolute perfect analogy. Both with 1 title. Both have/had long streaks of winning their division/ conference each year.
  14. gift wrapped them 1 run. When is instant replay coming to college softball now?! Fundamentals though cost us this one. It reminded me of game 3 against oklahoma had some very uncommon errors at the wrong time.
  15. got dang this one hurt!!! florida seems to always pull games out like these in softball. Particularly against us!!! I hope we nuke them the next 2 games.