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  1. Saban seems different than those guys. He is 65 and looks younger than a lot of coaches 10-15 years younger than him. yes a lot of it is the spray tan, hair plugs and hair dye haha but seriously he just seems like he is not losing a beat. What is really going to work against us is unlike after the mighty baaaahhhhr retired there is a easy solution for them to hire and not miss a beat at least recruiting wise which is dabo. We should stomp on their throats WHENEVER we get the chance because the opportunity def does not come along much.
  2. lol! I did not catch that. E has gone loco!
  3. O I am objective enough to know it will probaly never happen against saban. Tho I would certainly love it even more if it does. If it does it will make it that much sweeter. I am a realist tho and the talent they amass prevents them from ever getting blown out. I honestly cannot recall saban ever getting blown out at alabama after 07. When they lose a lot of times it is on the last possession.
  4. tell your family this florida resident and alabama native is a HUGE bandwagon duke fan!!!! I see duke as the GOLD standard on what auburn should strive to be. They are the premiere NON state school in a major sport basketball or football. They completely flipped the script on unc since coach K has been on the bench. They are considered a blue blood now after just having a modest history of basketball success all because of coach k and all with what he has done recently. It gives me hope the type of success duke has had with K Auburn can have if we just find that GREAT head coach. It shows you how much being the state school weight carries. Outside north carolina DUKE IS THE TOP DAWG BIG DAWG in state?! NOPE!!! still all about the tar heels. and as you said not close. Duke gets a lot of bandwagon fans like me outside the state of north carolina.
  5. you KNOW when I am frustrated this is not me being frustrated lol. This is me merely pointing out something I have noticed is all.
  6. Duke would be in the position we would be in for football if we ever had the success and the type of coach in coach K for in state recruiting. Duke is honestly the biggest brand and program nationally these days in all of college basketball but unc is still king in state and still the draw in state just like bama would be if we would 5 national titles like duke has in 30 years. They mostly get their talent out of state. O roy still trys to get one and dones he just misses out on them for the most part. If berry declares for the draft this year I can see unc being in big trouble for next year, He is the last big time recruit left from roys last truly great recruiting class with justin jackson declaring for the draft and hiring a agent. BUT YES bringing it back full circle to AU if we just become a AVERAGE defense we will easily clear 20 plus games! We got the offense down pat! we are deadly at scoring the ball.
  7. was it brandon ingram a couple of years ago? He was at a unc high school that had produced reggie bullock and stackhouse.
  8. *nods head ferociously* Yes they do sir.
  9. Preach MR LBer guru.
  10. when he was on the cardinals right? That would be my best guess as well loof! Man just glancing over his college stats it is nuts he never had a 1k yard season either! And he had a pass first coach as his HC back then.
  11. every frickin year since I have been following recruiting it seems like. It is like the longer it drags out the less they feel like they will be Auburn Tigers. We were on this kid early so the offers are rolling in now for him and he is getting pulled in every which direction. If we could just get them on board the likelihood of a flip is low even tho it seems like there is so many flips around the country every year. I mean look at calvin ashley last year. It is SO HARD to get guys to flip. We all heard he was basically going to flip to maryland that day but could just never pull the trigger.
  12. I also don't think when all things are equal that roy is as good as a recruiter flat out as bill self and def not calipari and coach K.
  13. We have had some very-good to great Qbs in our history but man outside of Beasley our WR history is PUTRID! Have we ever had a NFL Pro Bowl WR from AU?
  14. *fingers crossed. knock on wood*
  15. digging the new sig!!! looks awesome baby! WOOO!!!