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    #WDE. LEBRON is my favorite athlete of of ALL TIME! Super fan of Queen Charlotte, Aaron Rodgers, Wes, Laurel, Jordan W, DBry and Cam. Man Crushin on Bruce Pearl and Marcus Woodson!!!
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  1. Not yet. Anything in particular I should be looking out for fam?!
  2. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! "The stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' and dealin' son of a gun.”
  3. Well dang! I wanted some company in my misery lol.
  4. Ok so ESPN U is the only ESPN station that is working for me today. Anyone else who has DirecTV having this problem!? It is a beautiful day and on ESPN and ESPN2 it says satellite signal is lost..... Wtf
  5. Short term extension agreed too.
  6. Midnight. The contract does not run out for another couple of weeks I read. They could of just decided to not black them out till the deadline officially passes.
  7. I am aware. I was just making a point that if this were football we wouldn't of hired him sadly.
  8. We can make those kind of non traditional Auburn hires in basketball because the people who usually would make a huge fuss about hiring a guy with a checkered past don't care as much as basketball so it plays better.
  9. Scared money don't make money. I rather keep swinging the bat then be just content at not swinging on strike 3. You cannot not fire a coach because of the thought process of well it could be worse. We could go back to the Barfield years.
  10. Next thing you will see is he will be clamoring for Mike McCarthy to be our next head coach!!!! Lol that is another sympton! Haha
  11. I wasn't alive for that. But in my 30 years this is pure torture and hell when it comes to sports. We have a super talented team and are stuck in mediocre purgatory. Also that right there what you said gives me so much hope if we ever make a good football hire. All those average coaches had at least one magical year. If we actually get a good coach we will become a powerhouse Juggernaut.
  12. Fam, Just remember every day you wake up is a day that Bruce Allan Pearl is our Head Men's basketball coach. That always brings a smile to my face..... Until I realize in my lifetime the only football coaches we have had is Terry Bowden, Tubs, Eugene Chizik and Arthur Gustav malzahn the third!!!!! Lmao. But then I go well only 2 months till Auburn Basketball starts back!!! We can get through this pain and misery together Brodie!!! Lol