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    #WDE. LEBRON is my favorite athlete of of ALL TIME! Super fan of Queen Charlotte, Aaron Rodgers, Wes, Laurel, Jordan W, DBry and Cam. Man Crushin on Bruce Pearl!!!
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  1. I know my A-1 from day 1 half man half amazing often replicated never duplicated @Tiger will miss you dude.
  2. Gooch and Pruitt immediately bonded over both of them never hearing about asparagus before!!!
  3. Isn't Gooch our lowest rated recruit outside of a JUCO dude? I mean I get seeing SOME 3 stars as underrated but at the end of the day.............
  4. Found war Blogle's AU family account.... 😂😂
  5. It is a REALLY good podcast. me and my A-1 Day 1 @Tiger were talking about it. It is so un filtered and un censored. He does not hold back at ALL CLEARLY!!! hahaha. It is very very entertaining. A vast contrast from the kind of pods we are used to getting in the AU bubble!!! lol. That is for sure. WOOO!!! LFG BAY BAAAAAAY!!!
  6. Just going off of my own memory and perception it feels out of 247, ESPN and Rivals we have finished the lowest on Rivals the past few years. They have not really loved our recruits in recent years. But I do not have the data so just going off instinct.
  7. Well dang man. I did not know you had that strong of opinions on his recently launched podcast! hahaha.
  8. That is NOT a commitment post fam I hate to say. I wish it was though.
  9. I just want to be able to be more justified in my complaining about this stat hahaha
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