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  1. Preach mr fred!!!! Nothing better than jordan hare under the lights. Unfortunately we rarely get to see that these days.
  2. Thanks Gus!!!! What a freaking waste of a football season. Only 1 night home game out of 5. We sure got a lot out of those new LED lights....
  3. So has South Carolina. So has Mizzou. Miss ST has won twice in Baton Rouge since the last time we have. Hell Troy has won once in Baton Rouge since the last time we did. And almost won a second time there as well.
  4. Exactly! You are def right. You can tell the people on the forum who are looking to make any kind of excuse just to rationalize keeping their guy Gus. IDK what it is about a SUBPAR, monotone, goofy, nerdy high school coach that makes a section of our fan base keep dying over and over again repeatedly on the WE JUST GOT TO GIVE HIM ONE MORE YEAR HILL. He is the most divisive and polarizing coach we have had in a long time. He is toxic. Look at us. This has been a constant among AU fans with all the in fighting. It has completely divided the fan base. He has got to go. We need someone like BRUC
  5. Even Saban had those losses at Michigan State. Hell I think he lost to UAB in one of his first seasons at LSU and of course we all know he lost to LA Monroe his first season at Bama. I can only imagine the things people would say on this thread about Saban when he lost to those 2 teams.
  6. SAY IT LOUDER SO THE GUS BUS PEOPLE SITTING IN THE BACK OF THE BUS CAN HEAR YOU!!! lol. Good recruiting TRAVELS!!! If you can recruit well you can recruit well ANYWHERE! Period.
  7. Spot on fam. It seems the higher ups at AU are content with the results we are getting as long as we beat bama every few years. SMH. That should not be the standard.....
  8. Historically in the SEC There really is only 3 Tiers: Tier 1: Bama. Tier 2: AU, LSU, Florida and Georgia. Tier 3- Everyone else.
  9. Who is the coach that gives Georgia problems and can win at LSU? Because that has been our issue way more than beating Saban. Auburn has beaten Saban more than any other program going back to his LSU days. Georgia is a different story. They own our ass. 12 of 16? Absolute humiliation and embarrassment. I remember when we had a healthy series lead on them......
  10. Lol here we go. Took long enough. Can't believe it took this long for one of the sunshine pumpers to bring up the "BuT wE CoUlD eND uP LiKe Tennessee" recycled talking point.
  11. Next year we will still have another underwhelming OL and DL we are trending in the wrong direction. So no. Next year is not our year nor is any year under Gus.
  12. Pfffffffffffft that's a got damn lie. We are not in it for any elite level recruits let alone several. This will be our worst recruiting year since chiziks first make shift class and it won't be close.
  13. Lol it's always next year with gus but yet when next year doesn't happen we still hear the same thing which is next year!
  14. I am out of likes so I am verbalizing my like of this post!!! 🤣😂
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