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  1. Bammer Lookalikes!

  2. Chip Kelly to Florida?

  3. The Egg Bowl

    the SEC would have 10 teams bowl eligible if ole miss could go to a bowl.
  4. 2018 3* ILB Channing Tindall

    In a article recently he did not even mention us as the schools he was focusing on down the stretch. We may get a hat on the table but that is all we really are in this recruitment. Running third at best.
  5. 2018 3* ILB Channing Tindall

    NOW THIS is a good example of a recruit we have no shot at who is just using us for a ticket.
  6. Auburn might have a back up plan

    Thank you sir! QB GURU!!! my favorite thing about him doc.
  7. Auburn might have a back up plan

    *knock on wood* VERY supersticious person here!!!lol
  8. Auburn might have a back up plan

    ALSO WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I just realized who you were!!!! lol the heck!!!!! I just always associated you with jeffrey dean morgan as your avi!!! You got to give us a warning when you change your avi! I was caught off guard big time! haha.
  9. Auburn might have a back up plan

    youngstown state. Jim Tressell hired him. The vest is the president of that university. He went to that division of football championship game last season. I am a big Pelini guy. He never won less than 9 or 10 games at nebraska. Nebraska needs to get some self awareness and know they will not ever be the program they were in the 90's again. Their recruiting base is pretty terrible. Nebraska is one of the worst states in regard to D-1 talent in the country. The neighboring states are not much better.
  10. 2018 4* WR Seth Williams commits to AU!!!

    he def improved!!!!
  11. 2018 4* WR Seth Williams commits to AU!!!

    he has had a great senior season. Best wr in the state this year many have said. Ross has more upside BUT williams was the better WR this season. More consistent.
  12. 2018 4* WR Seth Williams commits to AU!!!

    I suspect we still would take schwartz since he is the speed wr and a totally different kind of wr than Williams. But now Ross becomes a luxury not a necessity imo.