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  1. Norvell is a head coach.
  2. This. It could be either great or horrible for us but I do believe your right. Seems like every malzahn hire goes down this route as well.
  3. why does cole want and like mazzone so bad? I am guessing he played for him in the early 2000's.
  4. Kirk Ferentz is giving good ol GB a run for his money!!! but the real star of this pic is Mrs Johnston!
  5. Just give me tyler taylor and Ryan Johnson and the rest will be gravy on this class. BRING EM HOME this weekend Twill and Garner! #WARDAMN
  6. Congrats Gus you found the 1 dude who I want less than Chip Lindsey.
  7. It would be nice also to not run the ball as much as GA Tech and the service academies.
  9. As long as it is not Chip Lindsey out of the names being thrown around I will be happy.
  10. I wish I could say that about the school he signed with.
  11. aka what will be known from here forward as the token Ben Davis official visit.
  12. haha sorry I was just trying to make a point about the goober or not joke. But random posters on Rivals says he is the guy but its just message board fodder right now. WISH IT WAS TRUE BROTHER!!!
  13. I think me and @aujeff11 have found our guy to be OC! He is def #notagoober does not look like George Clooney but he does look like Matthew Fox and we have come to a agreement that this is good enough.