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  1. I will always be appreciative of him for 2010 and the basketball stuff recently he navigated us through. Without him there’s a good chance Bruce is not our basketball coach and that’s terrifying to me!
  2. Bruce is a elite recruiter of not just securing really good basketball players but also going outside the GOB network to get the required nil funds. The Neville’s hardly anyone knew who they were before they donated 25 million for the new basketball only practice facility then subsequently got the arena named after them.
  3. USC, LSU this off season and Tamu with jimbo a few years ago showed big names are available if you back up the brinks truck. Everyone has a price if you keep upping the salary. And yes AU can absolutely pay the big bucks it would take to grab a big fish. Will they? They never have before…. Second your right. They never have been able to get on the same page. Until now. They all are on the same page that they don’t want Harsin. Go figure this would be what unites them. At least before in recent years chiz and Gus had some supporters and at least one faction supporting them and bankrolling some impressive recruiting classes. So I imagine that’s what it will be like moving forward. Certain segments of the PTB will be happy with whoever it is that is hired and they will open back up the checkbooks again to help aid recruiting.
  4. If you don’t have THE guy as head coach you are dead in the water. Really good- great college head coaches in basketball and football are everything. It’s the nfl version of a franchise qb. If you don’t have one you are constantly chasing after one and searching for one by pouring a ton a money in to that process. Look at us since dye. We have been doing exactly that. Sure we have found fleeting success for every head coach since dye until now but not having back to back 10 win seasons since the late 80’s shows how dysfunctional and allergic to sustained success we are. But it’s not that hard to figure out why. We haven’t found our Bruce or butch. It’s really that simple. It’s that simple to state and find the root of the issue but yet so hard to correct. usc and lsu got so tired of not having another Pete Carroll or nick Saban they went out and made offers to ultra extremely successful head coaches to immediately fix their problem. They are good to go now. It may not happen right away but it eventually will for them like it did with us and Bruce. And those 2 programs are way better off and further along obviously than AU bball was when Bruce got here. So I bet both will be top programs again sooner rather than later. If you want to fix a problem quickly stop playing the mid major and flavor of the month coaching roulette like most programs do. We sure as hell will pay a big ass buy out over and over but we refuse to pay big up front money on the initial contract to a proven successful winning football head coach.
  5. Our beloved aging old girl Jordan Hare has badly needed a major renovation for several years. That stupid jaybotron video board was classic Auburn. Just slapping lipstick on a fuggin pig. It’s like all the movers and shakers were like welp ok! We are good here for another decade…. SMH 🤦‍♂️. I Believe every sec school has had a major project on their stadium done since the last time we had one besides like vandy. If the on field product isn’t going to be good at least make the fan experience a lot better!!
  6. I see this opinion pretty widespread on all the Auburn message boards. There is not a doubt in my mind if nil benefitted AU a lot more than it has you would see a huge narrative shift. All the people hating on the NIL are coming from fans of programs who aren’t willing to play the game and the hand they are being dealt in major college athletics right now. Auburn needs to get off it’s ass for our next football coach. Once they remove Harsin and get “their guy” whoever that may be I don’t want any more bitching from behind the scenes from our bag men. Just get us a got damn talented football team again.
  7. When will AU fans learn ( and I was guilty of this last season. Shout out to @AUwent who even though he’s annoying af he had the beat on Harsin right away.) that head coaches show themselves to you right away on who they really are. You will know right away if a newly hired coach can hack it in the most cutthroat recruiting conference in all the land which is the sec. Bruce Freaking Pearl in his first full recruiting class got a top 16 class in the country. He signed 3 247 composite four stars. Horace spencer and purifoy were both composite top 65 players. O and Bryce brown also was in that class. Only the second most prolific shooter in sec history. He was a 3 star without any power 5 offers I believe. That’s a grand slam of a eval by the staff. That is one of the biggest sports miracles I’ve ever seen. Coming on the heels of us being the absolute worst power 5 program in the country under he who shall not be named. He was in a way worse situation than Harsin inherited and he eventually dug himself out of it. How!? By stacking good recruiting classes together. Imagine that. What a novel concept. The absolute number 1 most important thing for a new coach is recruiting. You can survive bad or mediocre seasons on the field when you first are hired. You cannot survive underwhelming recruiting classes. Because that just guarantees the on the field product will continue to be underwhelming. Saban and bowl cut both had below average seasons their first season. Meh. Who cares when they responded with a number 1 recruiting class and a top 3-5 one. I say all of that to beg the Auburn fans who are still holding on and clinging to anything they can find to support their belief that Harsin will “figure it out “. He won’t. You either got it or don’t as a recruiter. Don’t make the mistake that so many did under Gus of blindly following and believing in someone for 8 long years before you see what had been obvious to most of us since 2015 with Gus. Now I don’t think Harsin will get 4 years let alone 8 to be fair 😂😂. And for the people screaming to the rooftops that Harsin isn’t getting any help on the nil end of things? Well then that’s even more reason he’s got to go. They are never going to help him. So whats the point of him being our head coach? It is doing no one any good. Let the power brokers get their guy and for better or worse see how it shakes out. I doubt it can be any worse than this. It’s the only way recruiting and hopefully eventually the on field product will improve. /rant over
  8. Muhhhh fuggin boy!!!!!! Let's freaking goooooo!!!!!! Yessssirrr. I have zero hope that this will actually go through but I'm excited for now!!!! Wooooo
  9. Hahaha def a error. I'm sure they will not be honored but I'm def willing to find out for prices that low! The bunker on AU rivals alerted people of it and a bunch got bought up before it was corrected.
  10. On stub hub. Bought a single for 35 total after fees! I'm sure it is a scam/glitch will be cancelled but it was worth the risk!
  11. This. So much this. The only thing that matters to me is forward momentum in recruiting. Something we don't have any of. I could excuse the 0 for November if we were killing it on the recruiting trail.... All this perceived positive fluff from recruits doesn't mean anything when we still aren't landing these guys. We are back to where we were before the chiz years where we are getting excited just to be in kids top ten and top 5 lists and getting OV's. It doesn't mean ish if they don't pop for AU. Moral victory U....
  12. On one of the AU pay sites this week a Auburn mod basically hinted we would not get a single top ten guy from the state of Alabama this cycle. Just so many ooooofs.
  13. Man any Auburn football discussion is just pure misery. It's absolutely miserable we are really debating if we will actually win more than 5 games this upcoming season. Shows you how bad the state of the program is. And with how bleak recruiting is going doesn't look like it will get any better in the future. I know this post by me is not making it any better at all 😂😆. Muhhhh bad!!! All I ask is our next coach be someone we all love and make us feel the way that BRUUUUCE does. 💙🧡
  14. Why. Did. You. Have. To. Bring. That. Up?! 😭😭 It will never not be too soon..... But yah we got out bid for Nick Smith, jarace walker and broooooome too. Luckily for us Broome decided he didn't care if it was less money he wanted to play fkg BRUUUUCE regardless. LFG bay baaaaay!!!! Yessssirrr. AU basketball 🏀 is always the right stuff and juice I need to get me pumped up again.injedt this ish in my veins!!! Wooooo
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