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  1. Acc is always weak no? How is when he was in the ACC any different than Clemson now? One dominant team and the rest are mehhhh?
  2. Y'all are underrating the hell out of Jimbo. He won 10 or more games 6 out of his 8 seasons at FSU. He was 83-23 there and the last 2 coaches at FSU have proven not just anyone can win at FSU even when there is talent on the roster. (Yes I realized he left FSU a mess but FSU is not AS BAD as Willie Taggart made it look.) He is 31-12 at TAMU and has won 9 games 2 of his first 3 years there. Not setting the world on fire but they are not a soft ass weak in the trenches and on defense football team like they were under Sumlin. He just beat Bama with his backup QB. He is also 8-2 in bowl games. Th
  3. OL are not road graders. It is that simple to me. We have the talent at RB. They are just getting mauled at the point of attack and getting their ish pushed in. I agree! People are focusing on the execution but guys have been open all season long in the passing game. Just have not finished the play.
  4. High Ankle Sprain allegedly. Hopefully he is back for Ole Miss.
  5. IDK why people dislike the dude so much. Dude always impressed me at Georgia. He may not been the "sexy" hire or a great innovative modern OC. BUT what he is is a professional if you will OC who is very good most of the time.
  6. The ghost of Fred Talley has to wait yet another year to run by all of our windows again. NOT THIS YEAR FRED!!!!!!
  7. Great game in every phase besides third down defense and Run blocking. Good grief that was absolutely atrocious in both aspects. That is one of the best games I have seen in several years from Auburn WR's and TE's. The playcalling from Bobo was outstanding. One of the best called AU games in a long time on the offensive side of the ball.
  8. Just like Chizik before him I still really like Gus Malzahn the man. Big fan. I hope everything is going to be ok. Prayers def sent their way.
  9. University of Auburn you say?! I feel great about this recruitment already!!! lol
  10. LSU AND Florida having down years and us getting to 9 wins could be potentially huge for this years recruiting.
  11. lol we just held a team who hung 50 on another SEC Team (THAT WAS NOT VANDY) just last week to 23 points and this is the kind of post that gets made?! wtf?
  12. lol KD left golden state for this s*** show. Kyrie has always been bat s*** crazy.
  13. Lol what?! 2011 was not a good team at all. Should of lost to Utah state. Got blown out by any team that was good.
  14. FEELS SOO GOOOOD MAAAAAAAN to actually be able to get excited about the talented TE's we have on our team and the ones incoming. LFG!!!! WOOOO!!!!
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