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  1. We have swept them 2 of the last 3 years but it sure as hell don't feel like it!!! Lol. I swear it seems they have won almost all of those games. They still have win like 12 of the last 16 vs us I believe.
  2. Imo it's way more than just his shot. He has been exposed imo as not a sec athlete. He can't hang at all on defense and he can't break free enough to get up a clean look on threes.
  3. Fun!?!? Fun!!!!!! What part of that is fun!?! It's the basketball equivalent of going in for a root canal!!! Lol
  4. Yaaaaaah I wonder who's fault it is for that keeerrrremmmmy!!!!! Lol
  5. This is where Bruce doesn't get enough credit. The player evaluation and player development for guys who were not highly recruited is un freaking real. Bryce Brown didn't have one other single power 5 college offer and he only went on to make the second most threes in sec history. A Mac, Malik, desean Murray (transfer), Samir (transfer) and jvon are other guys that were not highly recruited that Bruce and staff turned in to legit rotation players or even starters.
  6. Jaylin is obviously not a ideal "stretch" 4 because he can't shoot outside well.... But neither is okoro!!! Lol. Chuma was a perrrrrrfect stretch 4 in Bruuuuuce offense.
  7. Lol that's because unless they ain't making BS last second shots at the end of the shot clock the best defender for ole Miss has been Kermit himself and his "system".
  8. Hey it worked on me!!!! It made me want to run through a wall and drop a bag of cash on Jalen greens front steps!!! Lol
  9. If you made a reality show out of it I would so watch!!!! LMAO. I am just a basic ass country bumpkin redneck white boy!!! Lol. I inject drama from reality TV in to my veins. Not drugs!!!! Bahaha
  10. I know!! That's why it's amazing!! Lol. Toxic and trashy reality TV is soooooo gooood for the soul. It may be the best comedy (unintentional of course! Derrrrrrrrr hahaha) on TV because the level of cringe is off the charts.
  11. So I've already accepted we are going to get our asses kicked Saturday at rupp. Not even going to get upset or mad. Kentucky is the hottest team in the country right now along with Kansas. We will eventually win again at rupp for the first time since 88 in Bruce's tenure but this team def is not the one that will get it done.
  12. I heard not enough!!! Lol. Dane's breakdown of this past bachelor episode was the most exciting and entertaining thing about this game!!! Hahaha. Kermit is so zzzzzzzzzz. Every game where he controls the pace is death for ratings LMAO
  13. Lol we have 24 wins in a year where I don't even think we are that good!!! Incredible!!!! Bruuuuuuuuuuce freaking peaaaaaaarl baby!!!! 1 more win for 3 straight seasons of 25 wins!!! Come on AU!!! Woooooooo!!!!! War damn eagle baaaaay beeeee!!!!
  14. Weird. He fouled out pretty quickly at ole Miss.
  15. Wiley has Joe Burrow's size hand!? Lol
  16. So ole Miss to come back in it immediately after it went like we grabbed control. Ole Miss and Kermit is the bane of my existence.....
  17. We have had some really bad defensive breakdowns this game.
  18. Huge swing. Just inexcusable. Could of been up 12 going thr other way. Box TF out man!!!
  19. Cluuuuutch FTS by Wiley. Man those one and ones are so stressful. Especially with out team! Lol.
  20. Wow really? That was quick. He's the only one who has consistently beat their set defense. Damnit man.
  21. Bama has a lot of zone beaters this season. But so did we last year and they swept us. Go figure.....
  22. Can Kermit get caught with hugh freeze burner phone? I never want to play his janky junk defense's again. This is toooooorture.