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  1. 2020 QB Robby Ashford

    Benjamin Wolk @benjaminwolk Posted 27 mins ago 2020 Hoover (Ala.) QB lands Auburn offer With its 2019 quarterback recruiting shored up, Auburn finds itself in the enviable position of being able to look ahead. Many of Auburn’s SEC competitors are in search of their 2019 quarterback. The Tigers have that in Bo Nix. Now, Auburn is able to scour the 2020 quarterback market that is rich with talent — both in-state and out-of-state. As far as in-state prospects go, Hoover (Ala.) quarterback Robby Ashford may be the one who generates the most buzz in 2020. Ashford picked up an offer from Auburn on Thursday to become, by my count, the fifth uncommitted quarterback offer for the Tigers in the 2020 class. Ashford passes the eye test at 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds. He also passes the high school program test as a member of Hoover’s state championship history. Despite it being his sophomore season, Ashford had several standout performances on the way to the Buccaneers’ state championship. It likely helped having Auburn signee Shedrick Jackson and Tigers commit George Pickens as receivers. Ashford has visited Auburn several times in the last year, most recently for a spring junior day.
  2. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    WE NEED morris more. But I want OP more just for the sheer fact it would be the first elite LB we would of got since Takeo Spikes ( with all due respect to tray blackmon and tre williams). Plus the little puppies would have a meltdown because they are so convinced they will get him.
  3. Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    amen. You said it brother!!! It makes the most sense and is logical!! We have been clamoring for him to come home since he left.
  4. 2020 QB Robby Ashford 2021. That kid is supposedly the next qb prodigy.
  5. 2019 4* LB Lavonta Bentley

    Benjamin Wolk @benjaminwolk Posted 27 mins ago In-state LB clarifies Auburn’s standing among top schools When Vonta Bentley spoke with SEC Country last month, his main message wasn’t great news for Auburn. Bentley called Clemson his leader. That hasn’t changed. But what was unnerving to the Auburn side was how Bentley considered the Tigers to be far on the outside compared to Clemson and Alabama. Based on his comments, however, it seemed like the Auburn staff wasn’t making as much of a push for the Jackson-Olin (Ala.) linebacker as a few other prospects in the 2019 class. That wasn’t Auburn’s intent, several sources have made clear. Bentley is among the Tigers’ favorite linebackers in that class, and they made sure to correct the record in short order. After a Clemson visit earlier this month, Bentley drove through Auburn with a few of his teammates to drop off defensive tackle signee Coynis Miller who was set for a multi-day stay. On that trip — his second this spring — Bentley noticed an increase level of attention and interest from the Tigers. “I’d say most of the coaching staff are writing letters to me now after that little visit I took up there,” Bentley told SEC Country. “All the coaches, they be communicating with me. They’re always pumped up, excited, loud. I’ll say that. They’re always screaming. T-Will [linebackers coach Travis Williams] was all shouting, ‘Vonta’s here, Vonta’s here,’ when I got there. That was funny.” It has caused a shift for Bentley. Auburn is no longer on the outside looking in. He still refers to Clemson as his leader and admits other programs are going to have to show him something more to top Dabo Swinney and Co. But Auburn is in the conversation now with Bentley telling SEC Country that Auburn has moved into the No. 2 spot above Alabama (the Crimson Tide are expected to bring in a star-studded linebacker class and Bentley isn’t feeling as much love). While Auburn hasn’t recruited him the hardest yet, the Tigers are likely to change that tune. Williams already got that started on Bentley’s most recent visit. “He says basically what Clemson says. He wants me, that I’m a top player. He sat me down to watch my film,” Bentley said. “Going over stuff, he was just being real with me. He told me things I needed to get better at. That’s what I like about him. He wasn’t just telling me what I was great at, but stuff I need to work on too. I really like that.” The one thing that separates Clemson: his connection with Swinney. Bentley said when he goes there he always spends time with Swinney in his office. Those conversations range from football to many non-football topics. He has started to receive similar treatment at Auburn with Gus Malzahn. Bentley visited earlier this spring with his mother, which gave him the first look into Malzahn and his recruiting approach. “I went to his office and talked to him for a pretty good minute. I had went with my coach and sat in there just talking and chopping it up. I would say Clemson head coach and Auburn head coach are the ones talking to me the most,” Bentley said. “At Alabama, I’ll only talk to coach Saban after practice or something like that and say he needs some linebackers.” Bentley’s process isn’t close to complete. He wants to take his time with his commitment, perhaps looking toward an end-of-season decision. Bentley wouldn’t mind waiting until National Signing Day, but he mentioned the uncertainty of being able to wait that long because of numbers restrictions his top schools might have at linebacker. In other words, he wouldn’t want to wait so long his school of choice didn’t have an open scholarship for him. Still, Bentley hopes to check out a few more schools, namely LSU, Tennessee and Ole Miss. As he closes in on his decision, the relationship between Auburn and Jackson-Olin will be the key. TD Moultry and Miller have started that pipeline the last two recruiting classes. Bentley confirmed that can only help Auburn come decision time. “I’d say as far as Auburn, it does help. We can catch up with the players that are down there. We can hear how Auburn really is and what they like about it. We’re in touch with TD and Coynis, so that’s going to help with other players from J-O,” Bentley said. “It’s always going to be an advantage when you can talk to one of the players who’s already down there. You can learn why they like it, which I can tell why they like it because those coaches are pumped up and have fun while still handling their business.”
  6. All Things NBA Thread

    lol I am not betting against muhhhhhh favorite athlete of all time. OF COURSE I HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT. BUT this is Just how I feel. Other players have to step up. Kevin Love is doing a miserable job as the 2 option on a playoff team so far.
  7. All Things NBA Thread

    He better get it these next few games because it will not be a long playoff run this year for muhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy :[ .
  8. All Things NBA Thread

    THIS IS THE BIG ONE NOLA!!!!!! Going up 3-0 would be so deflating to rip city. If it gets to 2-1 then things get a LOT tighter in game 4. That becomes a must win for NOLA.
  9. 2019 3* CB Cordale Flott COMMITS TO AU!!!

    hahahahaahah I frackin love this so much!!! great call.
  10. Pro Wrestling Open Thread

  11. 2019 3* CB Cordale Flott COMMITS TO AU!!!

    It is the excitement surrounding goober brown getting another recruit!!!! It is like double the excitement of any other coach when they land a recruit! lol. Full disclosure. I have no clue if Goober Brown was the lead or secondary on this BUT THIS IS THE NARRATIVE I WANTED TO CRAFT! WAR DAMN CORDALE FLOTT!!! All name team already.
  12. 2019 3* CB Cordale Flott COMMITS TO AU!!!

    Mr Fred, You and loofy know yall are muhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh main bro's in here! My wolfpack if you will! lol.
  13. We are 1 Keegan Thompson pitcher away from being REALLY good this season. That is what we are most pitching is another top flight arm. Even moreso than reliable consistent bats.
  14. NEVER GO FULL MIKEY!!!!!! THat is the number 1 rule of Auburn Family fight club! lol
  15. Yah...... We basically are going to waste the potential number 1 pick in the drafts last season. I see us making it to a regional. I am guessing going to fsu for the 3893893489 time and then it will be curtains.
  16. then it was totally worth it for the purpose of you using this gif!!!!! I HAVE NO REGRETS!!!!! lol
  17. Spenser Davis Posted 33 mins ago ESPN’s Keith Law has Auburn pitcher Casey Mize pegged as the surefire No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft. Law, who broke down Mize’s game and the rest of the top 50 prospects for ESPN insider, didn’t seem to consider the possibility of the Detroit Tigers selecting anyone else. Mize has been dominant so far this season for the Tigers. In nine starts, he’s compiled a 2.00 ERA to go with a whopping 86 strikeouts in just 63 innings. Mize has also issued only four walks all season. The right-hander has a prototypical build for an MLB rotation workhorse. He’s listed at 6-foot-3, 220 pounds and has a fastball that jumps into the mid-90s. Law is far from the only draft prognosticator that has Mize slotted at No. 1 overall. In’s most recent mock draft, they also had Mize in the top spot to the Tigers. Here’s what they had to say about the talented ace: The 2018 MLB Draft is slated to begin on June 4.
  18. Texas A&M Spring game

    Love that their QB's went live in their spring game. At this time a Auburn board is probaly not the BEST outlet to share this opinion on with all the injuries we have had but it def is a great idea for a team with a open QB competition. It shined a big light on who should be the starter and that is def Starkel. He is a prototypical Jimbo QB and can sling the rock. They went 1's vs 1's as well. Starkel has a hose. He can make basically every throw. Ausbon is a stud. He will be The next great college WR for TAMU. They have been on a run with them lately from Mike Evans to Kirk and now to Ausbon. Mond is just not a good passer of the football at all. He needs to transfer out to UCLA or somewhere with a coach known for DT's because a pass first offense is not what he needs to be in.