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  1. Which is why the boosters will make sure that it never happens again because it didn’t work.
  2. AD’s don’t hire and fire coaches at Auburn University.
  3. Are you saying Jackson state has a better NIL program than AU? It’s still jackson state and it is still one of the biggest recruiting miracles we have ever seen.
  4. You can’t say you worry about recruiting then immediately list monken as someone you want….
  5. With Kiffin we would never have to worry about the QB and offense as a whole. He is a actual offensive genius. He is a great play caller and can beat you running or throwing the ball with his amazing schematic mind. With kiffin you have to factor in his transfer portal recruiting which absolutely a huge factor in today’s recruiting world. deion is a absolute elite level recruiter. You don’t get the number 1 player in the country to come to fuggin Jackson state if you aren’t. Either would be amazing hires and I would be extremely happy with both.
  6. If you sit here and tell me you want Dell fuggin McGee over Deion or Lane (the 2 biggest realistic candidates imo.) well that wouldn’t suprise me at all with you. You have a one track mind and once you get fixated on something YOU NEVER STFU about it…. Dell McGee though? Really? Sure as a position coach not head coach. Could you be real and get serious for once….
  7. If it was about just winning and hiring someone with questionable ethics and character then AU would make a serious run at Urban and not Hugh Freeze. Aka Gus with better passing concepts.
  8. Already did. 16 million dollar buy out too. Won 9 games last year.
  9. That’s ok. I would rather win 10 plus games and championships again at AU.
  10. I refuse to accept anyone until Urban tells us no 17-37 times.
  11. We put gained them 438 yards to 270….. and lost!!!! 🤬😤😡
  12. I will admit last week I was apathetic af and didn’t GAF at all if we won or lost. I badly wanted this one though. I’m so heated and pissed off. 3 straight over LSU would of been amazing. We don’t get that chance hardly ever with how terrible we have been at Death Valley. This felt like a fluky les miles era loss vs them. You can’t tell me otherwise that Harsin isn’t point shaving and actively trying to get fired. He’s trying desperately hard to get his 15 million buy out asap.
  13. Hugh Freeze is a part of that tree as well btw….
  14. Now do the one about Udoka being suspended for the whole season! 😅😆
  15. Not a strong recruiter. That is the number 1 job requirement of a college coach. That’s the only thing I care about when discussing potential candidates. Talent acquisition is the name of the game. Monken comes across as another Harsin. A guy who just wants to coach and not be bothered with anything else. He was a head coach at southern miss. I don’t believe he’s been a head coach anywhere else. Please no more training wheel coaches. I’m not seeing a lot of positives for hiring Monken as a head coach of a sec power.
  16. I’m a disgusting human as well so I am totally fine rolling around in the trash with him because he’s the only hire that would get us back immediately on the field and in recruiting and the portal. I will sell my soul and make a deal with the devil so as long as no one else has to!! I will take one for the team no questions asked! I mean 2 of the other candidates mentioned the most lane and freeze aren’t exactly upstanding citizens as well!! 😆😅 I’m unlike most Auburn fans because I just want to win and most importantly have fun again watching AU football!! And willing to do ANYTHING to achieve those goals. Anyone but urban would be a letdown for me because I know they won’t be as close to as good of a hire as he would be. But I’m a Auburn fan! I’m used to a lifetime of disappointment!!! Lmao
  17. AD’s don’t hire football 🏈 coaches at Auburn anyways 97% of the time….
  18. Some of these names being floated in here proves a lot of y’all didn’t learn anything from the Harsin era. Recruiter recruiter recruiter recruiter recruiter. That is the single most important quality and trait in college football now. There is recruiting in the sec in college football and then everywhere else. And it’s even more important at AU when Alabama and Georgia are not only our biggest rivals but have the 2 best recruiters in the game.
  19. Lol it’s over bruh. These kind of threads is our reality until it happens. Harsin sucks as a coach and recruiter. He’s done it is a matter of when not if.
  20. Nope. Not the recruiter we need. Anyone can look great with Georgia talent. He’s in the coach not recruiter category.
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