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  1. I don't believe that there is necessarily a conspiracy, but if there were, you don't need replay and on-field officials, you only need the replay officials. They buzz in the review call and they determine the call.That is probably 10 people or so, tops.
  2. I agree. He looks good when he does set his feet, but is terribly inaccurate when he isn't. My offseason for him would be learning how to set his feet and how to climb the pocket. Those are his two biggest issues right now. He bails out from the pocket instead of climbing it way too much.
  3. I literally send a text as he went out of bounds to my dad saying "we aren't scoring a TD now."
  4. PJ Fleck is the only person who I would throw money at should we make a coaching change. Western Michigan and now Minnesota is pretty impressive no matter how you swing it. I don't want to give $10m to Stoops, he wouldn't have anything to play for really. Edit: Wrote the wrong michigan...
  5. I swear to God this footwork is going to kill me. I'm happy it was a touchdown but set your darn feet.
  6. I noticed this as well. I think it was his first pick trying to throw to Sal. Bo never took his eyes off of him and the safety jumped the route the moment Bo's throwing motion started. He also continues to not set his feet on throws. I think he fixes those (which are both easily fixable with experience) and he is going to be lights out. We all knew he would have a bad game here and there. He's a freshman, it should be expected. I had a feeling he would have a game where he "figured it out", and then go into the next game too confident. I was just hoping the game he figured it out would be UF not the one before UF...
  7. If they don't take the run away, we will go heavy run. Gus doesn't deviate from this pattern. 30-40 rush attempts - 200-300 yards 15-20 pass attempts - 200-250 yards
  8. 205 yards on the ground in the first half is a solid performance regardless of the team. The things that concern me so far has been on defense and RB blocking. Bo will figure out he needs to set his feet. He does that and we don't drop passes and you are likely looking at 150-150 pass-rush yards this half. This is how Gus calls plays. His balance is offensive yardage balance not play call balance. I'm 100% not on the Gus bus, but this half of offense is hardly worrying to me.
  9. Everyone who's been complaining about running Boobee into the ground. We are pretty close to other teams that run stables of backs.
  10. He just needs to set his feet and step into throws. That's all he's missing. I'm not too worried about that right now.
  11. If that is the case, it is the most unethical thing I have heard come from our program and I would highly advocate against anybody committing to play football at Auburn University until the regime is changed.
  12. This has been my biggest issue over the entire Gus experiment. Even in our best years, our big wins seemed to be from insane plays or because the other team played terribly. Our losses have been utter incompetence. Just hot garbage. I'm perfectly fine losing games where both teams look like they put it all out there and the better team won. I cannot handle losing by looking unprepared and with a stubborn gameplan.
  13. Paul Johnson has those. Probably better QB development than our current situation too...
  14. I just keep getting more disgusted by this. We should honor our contract, and let him go. This crap is just ridiculous, if true.
  15. Yea, if this is true, then they are clearly saying "Gus, you're gone in at most 1 year." No more buyouts. If Harbert personally guaranteed the buyout then all this is is him being a greedy little worm. He isn't thinking about AU and what's best, but what is best for him and his wallet because he made a promise he regrets.