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  1. We probably did. I’m fairly confident that Napier is just greedy, based on what I’ve heard from pulling out of USCe deal and now us.
  2. That seemed to work out fine for guys named Nick Saban and Urban Meyer when they came to the SEC from the Big 10 and Mountain West.
  3. This makes sense on Napier. I’ve posted a few times but be backed out of USCe because they wouldn’t give him $5m+ and he wanted to bring his current staff and give the top 5% salaries. He seems like a guy who’s not remotely understanding what he is worth. Tennessee will pay him though.
  4. I'm on board with this hire, but does he get to bring his own staff? If he has to bring along CKS and CRG then he's effed from jump street.
  5. I'm with you here. He doesn't impress me all that much, but the reason he pulled himself, if true, WILL scare away every single coaching prospect that would impress anyone on this site. We all know that his reason is accurate and true. This is setting us up for a massive UT like upcoming decade...
  6. I posted this in a previous thread, but it makes a ton of sense. Basically, I was talking to a USCe fan and Napier pulled his name from contention there, because he wanted $5m and full autonomy with HIS staff making top 5% in their field.
  7. Could be he’s ready to retire from being a workhorse DL coach and not being offered a DC chance?
  8. I was talking to a USCe fan last night. Apparently Billy backed out because he wanted $5mil+/year and wanted to bring his current staff in at top 5% of their positions. A lot of people like him here, but he is not remotely worth that much.
  9. I agree. I had no I’ll feelings for the guy. The 2013 and 2017 seasons will always be positively remembered and I thank the man for that. It was just time. Same situation as Richt.
  10. I’m actually laughing at it. I’ve started treating this game like Mystery Science Theater 3000
  11. I disagree a bit. I haven’t watched every route run, but a lot of the misfires that I’ve seen where Bo throws out and the receiver goes in, or Bo throws a go and the receiver curls look a lot like option routes with a QB and WR that don’t have rapport or experience throwing/running option routes.
  12. What you are saying would be basing it off of wins alone, not wins AND losses. Florida: 2/3 = 67% win percentage Auburn: 3/5 = 60% win percentage 60 < 67 Florida is ranked higher than Auburn. it isn’t rocket science.
  13. I’m confident that we will beat them down. It’s the most important game on the schedule to Gus, now with Chad it will be the same. The point is that we could beat them 77-3 and Gus should still be gone. His ineptitude is so blatantly obvious. Take the L and move on, BoT.
  14. I don’t understand why people think we are saving money by keeping him. That’s just false. The longer we keep him the more we pay. If we cut him now, we pay $6.9m for yearly salary + $21.4m for buyout for a total of $28.3m ($17.6m due this year, $10.7m due over next three years). If we cut him after next year, we pay $6.9m for this year’s salary + $7m for next years salary + $16.2m for buyout for a total of $30.1m ($6.9m due this year, $15.1m due next year, $8.1m due over the following three years). If we fire him now we will actually save $1.8m + whatever opportunity cost
  15. Gus pulls out everything he has. Auburn wins, 41-24.
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