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  1. nutspanther

    Another loss to a rival

    This is exactly my issue. Since 2014, we don't win games. The other teams lose them to us. With the exception of Bama last year, which was amazing, we just don't beat the other team. Our losses are atrocious beatings where we get run out of the stadium. It's so frustrating and it's time for a change.
  2. nutspanther

    My Thoughts From the Stadium (Texas A&M)

    This was the most impressive part to me. The fact that he manages to hold on to the team in moments like this one and in 2015 is crazy to me. I'm so perplexed by everything with him. I'm proud of the team for sticking in there and playing to win and I feel like if Gus wins 1 of UGA/Bama then his job is safe and in my opinion, should be (for one more year at least).
  3. nutspanther

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Also, the way he is using Jalen Hurts is incredible. Hurts is running, receiving, and throwing. They are running a 2 qb package that is, in my opinion, the most indefensible thing I have ever seen in college football.
  4. nutspanther

    Data on how predictable we are on Offense...

    I just wish in practice KS would just say "Gus, for 30 minutes give me your best and I'll give you mine. Winner gets your car. No QB shirts."
  5. nutspanther

    A competent backup QB

    Ooooo... The emergence of Chandler Cox doing 360s in the backfield at QB?
  6. nutspanther

    Staff Changes

    To be fair, their receivers were making exceptional catches, but they had a QB willing to throw into man coverage and give his receivers a chance.
  7. nutspanther

    An unconventional solution

    No chance he forfeits that buyout. Only way he resigns is if it comes with at least $25 million.
  8. nutspanther

    Staff Changes

    I'm being hyperbolic with my retort, but the meaning behind it is still valid. Catching a TD and playing the position for one year does not make you qualified to coach that position. It doesn't disqualify you either. The fact that year after year our best WRs are freshman can only imply that they regress while they are here. That falls on the coach(es). Now knowing that AND that the position coach was a QB the vast majority of his life, you have to see that he should no longer be the coach at that position. Even if he was a great Auburn Tiger when he played here.
  9. nutspanther

    Staff Changes

    Lol, TIL catching a pass in a NCG and one year of actual WR experience qualifies for being a WR position coach at a high end SEC school... I made a tackle on a kick off once, can I be the LB coach?
  10. nutspanther

    What I would do...

    Is there a source for that? I'd love to be able to follow the inevitable "we stand with Gus" statement
  11. nutspanther

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    So he's guaranteed 75%? I don't understand why people are afraid of the buyout? He's guaranteed that money anyway, just spend it now so you don't lose it times ten in tickets, merchandise, contracts, etc.
  12. nutspanther

    No practice today

    My hope is he took the day to write a really nice resignation letter...
  13. nutspanther

    Staff Changes

    Thank you for saying this. I hate to say it as well, but hiring QBs to coach WRs is a bad plan. Since Trooper Taylor our WRs have been utter garbage and regress every year. The entire offensive staff should go, on top of the head coach. Edit: WRs weren't great under Taylor, but better in my opinion.
  14. nutspanther

    Best case scenario for 2018?

    Sadly, I feel like given our current coaching it would be best for Bo Nix to de-commit. Going to Auburn as a passing quarterback is about the most career limiting thing you could do.
  15. nutspanther

    Best case scenario for 2018?

    1 win in the SEC with a preseason top 10 ranking is a fireable offense in my opinion. He should not have his job right now. He has legitimately killed my desire to watch Auburn football and that fact is incredibly sad to me. Until a change is made, I won't be giving any money to the program (pockets not deep enough for buyout). I would consider a gofundme page for it though.