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  1. It used to make me upset when someone would leave early. No longer. A player’s body only has so many hits it can take. Playing in the SEC is very tough on you. Leave when its a good choice, make some money while you can, and come back get your education after your playing days are done. Guess what? You can ALWAYS go to school.
  2. Auburn 31 Washington 17 JS throws for 300+ and two TD; KM and Whitlow combine for 250+
  3. MMW: Iron Bowl II for the Natty
  4. This is FUN!!!!! Let's see if the punt team can score.
  5. I kinda liked the call....if we were up by only 7 go for the 1st down. Up by 21 and how the defense is playing? Go for the kill.
  6. The way the o-line is playing, at 44 years old, I could rush for 150 yards!
  7. For what it's worth...I think a big change is Golson back at Center. Line seems to have more consistently.
  8. Andre Ware is on top of it: "they like to run here"- 36 yd pass "they should run it again with Pettway"- roll out pass for TD