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  1. JJ Replacement

    Spot on! If anybody wants the GOBN to continue, then let MMD be hired. She'll probably also make TJ her assistant AD.
  2. Chip Lindsey new OC

    You're so full of horse crap, it comes out your fingers when you type. You and a few others on here need to find a new team where everything goes just like you want it too.
  3. dye-gest tigers continue to grow

    Pat's right you know. I've followed these Tigers since attending my first game back in 1962. I just can't seem to recall a game where we dominated both sides of the ball like we did against Arky-saw. It was fun to watch, and I'm hoping to see more of the same against Ole Piss. WDE !!!
  4. auburn rushing attack thriving

    I understand what you mean sir, no problem. I've always felt like CTH was the most underated coach on this staff, so I think we'll be fine at RB as long as he's here.
  5. auburn rushing attack thriving

    From one old fart to another, Amen brother. That Fullwood kid weren't to shabby either. 😀
  6. auburn rushing attack thriving

    All of our RB's return next year, plus 2 very good 4* RB's committed for next year. How many more would you say we need?
  7. I can hear you just fine on the podcast Coach. OTOH Doug not so much. Then again I listen because I enjoy your insight Coach, while Doug is just an added attraction. Just don't tell Doug I said that please. 😁
  8. Kevin Steele best first year DC in the SEC?

    You are correct sir. Anyone that can't see the improvement on defense this year compared to last year, probably doesn't understand defense very well. CKS and his staff have done a great job of putting these kids in the right positions to make plays. If this staff stays together, they will continue to get better.
  9. OT: Verified Members / New Members Please Read

    I'm a old fart and I can't stand golfers 😁