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  1. Like I said, keep your opinion and eat crow.
  2. Well I do know this much. It's been less than 20 years ago that Caddy was very heavily recruited himself. That's a big plus when he goes into a kids home to talk with him and the parents. He's also been there and done that. Meaning he's been a star in HS, college, and the pro's. If you don't think that will sell to kids and parents these days, then you ain't very bright. You can go ahead and stick to your opinion where I'm concerned, because that crow you eat should be delicious.
  3. Now that the offensive staff has been completed, maybe Grimes will be next after NSD.
  4. Nope...WTH does that have to do with his hiring?
  5. Because most on here don't have a clue on what they claim to know.
  6. It's a shame so many on here don't have a clue what they're talking about.
  7. Love the fact that we hired Caddy. I believe he'll be a great recruiter.
  8. Have you never watched any of those practice videos that come out in the spring? Watch one sometime and you'll notice someone other than one of our coaches going through drills with a certain group of kids. Those are OTF coaches sir.
  9. Wrong. OTF coaches are allowed to help coach during practice and also allowed on the field during games. Their also allowed to communicate with the players anytime. Their also allowed to help recruit as long as the recruit is on campus. With KS now on the staff, look for our OL recruiting to pick up this year.
  10. Here's to hoping he's being groomed to be our next OL coach.
  11. You're absolutely right, because Gus has nothing to do with the defense. Steele recruits and offers exactly who he wants. Gus just gives the OK on whoever Steele wants.
  12. I can see it now if some how we were to pull off the miracle and win. Leath would go to AG and demand he give Gus a extra 3 year extension with another 20 million in buyout. Let's be real, Leath is not a smart man when it comes to negotiating contracts.
  13. As always, great job JR! Agree with you on Schenker, used properly and he has a chance to be an absolute stud these next couple of years.
  14. Offense: Shivers and Seth Defense: Britt and Smoke