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  1. Kerryon Johnson updates

    I thought I saw him in a clip at the end of the bama game. I have not heard anything official by any means but the chatter i've heard says he is in trouble and that had a lot to do with his playing time. Could all be rumors and I really hope they are.
  2. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Me either but from everything I hear its pretty much the same thing that happened to last years QB.
  3. Kerryon Johnson updates

    There are reasons Pettway isnt playing and shouldn't be. As someone else mentioned he has been cleared medically. He missed an early game for the same reason. It sounds and look better to leave it a being hurt. I would not be shocked if he is dismissed from the team before its all over.
  4. anyone seen the new ironbowl t shirts?

    There are some similar ones on ebay. Just type in we want bama.
  5. anyone seen the new ironbowl t shirts?

    The ones I have seen are blue shirts with a picture of the state in orange and have state of Auburn on it along with State of Denial by bama on it with the score at the bottom.
  6. Bama player strikes Auburn fan after the game

    You have no idea what happened before that video was taken. Just like the baiting of police officers where they show a cop attacking someone out and leave out the part where the other person swung at them, kicked or threw things. I never said what the person did or did not do so don't put words in my mouth. I said he could have done as you and I don't know. Again had they been where they belonged it doesnt happen.
  7. Bama player strikes Auburn fan after the game

    No one here knows what or why that happened. Im sure its nothing but mad and being classless but had the guy been in his seat or on the way to his car like he should have been it never happens. The way people are today I was not be happy if I was on that team and fans were rushing. As much as we like to think all AU fans are class acts they simply aren't. He could have spit on him kicked him or anything else and if he did I would have smacked him too.
  8. Bama player strikes Auburn fan after the game

    The fan was breaking the law when he jumped the fence be kind of hard to press charges against the player that was suppose to be there. Only if the other guy belonged there does he have a real case. I agree is was not classy at all by Brown but thats one of the reasons they have a fence around the place. I agree with apil1957. Act like you have been there.
  9. Current feeling:

    Thank you thank you but im not here for pitty just joining the glad we won crowd. This one will always be special to me and was just passing along why.
  10. Current feeling:

    Kind of how I felt. I know this was just a game but she is a huge fan and from the area and is just heart broken when they lose. I know im being childish but thats how im rolling tonight. I wanted this more than any game ive ever watched.
  11. Current feeling:

    After 18 years im sad its over but its so nice to go out with a win and to she her have a little touch of how im feeling. Yes im being a d*c* right now and I will grow up one day.
  12. Current feeling:

    Bigger than that for me. My current wife is from t-town and a bama grad. She informed me thanksgiving day she was leaving me. This could be the biggest win in the history of the program for me. I've never wanted a game so much.,
  13. Are the stars aligning?

    Miami losing to an unranked team never hurts either.
  14. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    I agree the defense has been good this year. We have been lucky to have a lot of drops that should have been TDs by the other teams though. I don't think we get that luck against Ridley but stranger things have happened. Also got a lot of guys banged up this weekend. Our magic number seems to be 40. 40-0 would be fine by me but I really don't think its going to happen. I think AU has the tools to win but I think it going to be close. Another UGA would be just fine by me but this is going to be the best team we have seen all year. Our offense often scores quickly. MSU kept them in check keeping the ball away from them. Unless we put the brakes on and slow down they are going to get a lot of shots.
  15. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    42-38. We have gone over 40 against the other SEC teams in our wins why stop now?