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  1. I loath all football tv broadcasters at this point. All the traditions and talents, all the classic ribbon-mic voices are gone. This new era is busy trying to broadcast 50 games on a Saturday instead of 6, with an ass-load of talentless millenials. They all sound like d-bags that I wouldn't go drinking with. Beth is the worst. The people that own the booth kept women out all those years, then brought this moose in here to make us guilty like we were the ones that were doing women wrong, shows you how $h1tty these people are.
  2. And that's not even a reach. Looks 50/50 to me. Damn sure not impossible.
  3. I'm of the belief "they" held out on Nix runs in the first three quarters intentionally so he could catch them off guard late.. Also that CDM really is playing a bend but don't break type deal where they can ramp up the intensity late in the game. Just my opinion- but if it's true, it's impressive. And ballsy.
  4. These lighting displays are an emerging concept. I think it's more "every stadium is/will do it" and less "copy Alabama". Bama just beat us to it by a season.
  5. @JwgreDeux pulled me out of the drops camp and into the Qb camp. Irrespective of who the starter should be, and aside from whether or not I like the guy (I do), we're not going to the next level with Bo. Fait accompli. This one seals it for me
  6. Road. 11. We'll know without a doubt if something is changed in a few days.
  7. We got the best folks. Got trolled on this one. The non PI call is worth arguing the rest of the week, but Bo brushed on it then moved on. Now I need to move on. I'm good to go on this topic.
  8. Came off perfect. He gave a boiler plate answer.
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