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  1. Dinson has shoulder surgery

    Well dang.
  2. Auburn a sleeper in SEC West

    Who knows how our season is gonna go? One thing's for sure- if we win the west, it will surprise no one. Sleepers, smh.
  3. Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    This right here.
  4. A-Day thread

    Has the board arrived at a consensus that it is (or should be) Whitlow? Looks that way.
  5. A-Day thread

    Yeah it's a-day. Only thing I'm taking away from it: It still appears Auburn qb's have to make a living with the tools they brought with them.
  6. A-Day thread

    That backwards run was immature, but Whitlow looks like the next man up.
  7. The Eagle Flies

    Minneapolis. The twins brought out the eagle, Mariners were visitors. This is hilarious, thanks AU64
  8. Devan Barrett as WR

    I got nothing.
  9. Rhett comments on his departure

    This is a pretty substantial comment. Not sure if it's allowed in here, but it's an eye-popper to say the least.
  10. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    What is this seperation of church and state you write of? Isn't that made-up thing?
  11. Went deep even with half the team sitting out. Fine job, men. War Eagle.
  12. Any former Auburn players here

    Thanks for the link Golf. Interesting thread for us newbs, an honor to read through it.
  13. Is Tre Mason Making A Comeback?

    I'm jonesing to see him on Sundays again. He left some unfinished business out there. I do hope he can get and keep his head straight. War Eagle Tre Mason.
  14. Any former Auburn players here

    He was a great one.
  15. Whitlow like a Pettway and Kerryon mix

    I detect sarcasm.