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  1. Mine is a two-liter It's an 'ab'
  2. The guy had a bad game. But how can you so easily bridle him with his own completion stats and int's when he was trying to uphold a crackhead game-plan? And which way is it 64? are you blaming BN for the game while simultaneously shaming the board for wanting to see JG? I swear there's one or two straight up JG fans in here who are by no means wagging the dog. Mostly everyone else was wanting to see JG come in as a sign of a coach looking for a spark. Doing anything to win. But no. Another forfeit.
  3. Yes and no. It is a crazy schedule and it's easy to argue that no other coach could net a better win record here. There's a whole generation's worth of safety in going 10-2, 9-3, year over year at Auburn right now. The whole idea though, is to build a basic offense and not look stupid as hell.
  4. I'd rather see a new and improved passing game for Bo to be a threat. And Stidham. And White. And Johnson. And so on....
  5. We grinded Tulane to disguise a plan for aTM, killed them, but couldn't disguise a plan for Fla, so we sand bagged that one. Now we will grind out Arkansas to disguise our plan for LSU, kill them, thus leaving no plan available for Ole Miss. But..... With some minor concealed adjustments we can grind Ole Miss and disguise our plan for Uga. So all we really need is some luck against Ole Miss for the Master Plan to hold up.
  6. Still praying for James and Bird.
  7. He didn't accept anything. It was a prediction. A good one, tbh. Acceptance is the literal opposite of his troubles.
  8. Can't. At Auburn, an open receiver is a guy in an empty 5 yard bubble waving his arms.
  9. Imo the aTm game set the precedent for this game- super focus lazer ninja execution against a team that just can't deal with it. IDk about the run/pass ratio- but the ball will be flying for every reason, most of all the time of possession. We should get a game-and-a-half out of this one. Tons of passing. Tons of running. Saddly I believe very little of what we do will be available at Baton Rouge the following week. I still see 10-2 potential, but that LSU game just aint looking good to me.
  10. This is a good board. We would handle it better than other boards. Gus haters and sunshiners are all better fans than board-bashers.