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  1. jAUSon

    CGM contract not changed!!!

    I recall a thousand or so posts last week questioning. Never saw a single person "run with it". Not one. Still the best fan base in the world even though about five if you hate it.
  2. jAUSon

    Music City Bowl vs. Purdue

    Friday at lunch? The sun (if it shines) is only up 45 degrees, the eyes can't adjust, bodies won't know what time of day it is, like jet-lag. You'll be able to hear people crunching their nachos at this one. There will not be an atmosphere. Cool city though.
  3. jAUSon

    Which Players are Leaving?

    This right here. We're all heart around here, but when you transfer to an enemy, all bets are off. Jalen looked like a beast on that one catch I saw him make, seems like be should've been part of the plan.
  4. jAUSon

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    So it can all be coordinated.
  5. jAUSon

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Any chance the staff is having a tough time with Martin and family, decide to intentionally take off the redshirt, then ice it as a sort of nudge toward transferring?
  6. jAUSon

    The State of the program

    Nah man. We're stuck with the coach. Might as well relax, make the most of it. Don't need boosters flexing futility out in the open like blowhards, or clickbaiters like Moon starting street riots with the tiniest little well-aimed bits of pseudo-facts. Piss on all of them. When we all relax (support for CGM notwithstanding), Auburn can be the desirable coaching/playing spot that it should be. Let's just be a bad team for a minute and dispense with the chaos. Our time will come to fruition closer to the other end of this contract. Maybe we'll have healed by then. And maybe some outside parameters will have improved to boot. Then it's home-run time.
  7. jAUSon

    Take it for what it is worth

    If you've cited our need for depth as the reason for Asa to burn a year of football by walking onto the field for one touchless penalty snap, you're crazy.
  8. jAUSon

    Reap what you sow

    WDE "Moon is full"...... play on words.
  9. jAUSon

    Reap what you sow

    Like what you did here.
  10. jAUSon

    Stidham going pro

    Getting to see another guy, even if it's terrible, would be more important to me than winning/losing, just for the sheer entertainment of it. Sandberg!
  11. My, what big font you have!
  12. jAUSon

    2019-20 Starting Quarterback

    Seriously. With '17 as an outlier, our big runs usually come from out of nowhere lol
  13. jAUSon

    2019-20 Starting Quarterback

    The irony: at Auburn currently, Bo's freshman year would be his most effective.
  14. jAUSon

    2019-20 Starting Quarterback

    You're using logic. If you're trying to predict next years starter, you should be using paranoia. Bo hasn't a chance.