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  1. Who knows how this game will go? We have a million reasons to pump the brakes in the off-season; this year especially. I do believe this game stands alone and will not be a season indicator. There's just something about opening week with Auburn lately. It doesn't seem to set any precedents. I will offer my $.02 though......I have almost no respect for Oregon. I think we blow them out just because of who we are and who they are.
  2. This is awful. Praying relentlessly, following this thread closely.
  3. Speechless.....which is good because voice is gone. War Eagle.
  4. This right here. Eat ass, broadcasters.
  5. Good golly, look at the gams on that one!
  6. Yes. He's still overreacting to the criticism of not naming a starter early and/or having five starters. The new m.o. is to name a qb.