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  1. Gump in the wrong chat room telling people to mind their own business. I like it. Think I'm about to go wake up my neighbor and tell him to mind his own business.
  2. Those 2 transfering TE's will leave behind 2 vacant schollies
  3. If the NCAA makes the tranfers sit out a season, will that push some guys out of the portal and back onto the team?
  4. Had a get together, smoked some pork loin. Partied and ate all evening. Ended up caravaning over to Dick's sporting goods that night, who ended up staying open to sell merch. Place was full. We scored Tostitoes official championship shirts hats and coffee mugs that night, and the scene at Dick's was unexpectedly memorable. It was a riot of Auburn fans at near midnight. Turned into a raging improptu parking lot party. Surreal.
  5. I haven't followed too closely, but IMO, if ncaa represented that this one-time tranasfer scenario is on the table and they backtrack on it, the lawyers will finally finish them (ncaa) off.
  6. @StatTiger Posted a cool recap on YouTube today. Warm and fuzzies. https://youtu.be/0x-47wLBZ9s
  7. Seems from where we're coming from any recievers coach can coach.
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