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  1. jAUSon

    Prayer request for my family (and me).

    You have the right attitude, and believe in the right God, '72. Fight hard. War Eagle.
  2. jAUSon

    “Landshark Tony”

    Analogy: Shark is to land as Ole Miss is to meaningful.
  3. jAUSon

    Fantasy Football?

    @Coastal Tiger Would someone be willing to PM me the pertinent: league name, password, and whether it was espn or yahoo platform? Thanks. Edit# Nevermind got it.
  4. jAUSon

    2018 Season Simulation

    Never seen these simulation videos before. In years past have they had any accuracy?
  5. jAUSon

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

    On Stidham's interview @ 8:03, while acrediting Sal Cannela, is he inadvertently assuring us that the offense will indeed be a whole different animal? Thanks.
  6. jAUSon

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

    Jarrett Stidham pisses excellence.
  7. jAUSon

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

    Seems they're releasing now that it is head/neck area.
  8. But not more so than wins and losses. Schedule makes our doorway to the playoffs ridiculous.
  9. jAUSon

    ** Nip Watch 2018 **

    Waiting for the sun to make different looking shadows; for the humidity to lift so we can hear the high school band drilling a couple miles up the road. Our kids went off to school this morning. It's almost here.
  10. Bookmarking now.......
  11. jAUSon

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers

    Good to see you @Momma Worm. And thank you for the foresite to know things get adversarial in these forums. I will say though: we argue and debate in here like anywhere else, but this particular board does a very good job of not piling on a player. I love it in here, I think you will too. War Eagle.
  12. jAUSon

    Siposs booms 70-yard punt

    Had it in my mind it was on punts too. Thanks for correcting me.
  13. jAUSon

    Siposs booms 70-yard punt

    Question for y'all- I haven't grasped the new punting touch-back rules yet: is Siposs arriving at Auburn at a time when the NCAA has made the punter not important?
  14. jAUSon

    Fantasy Football?

    Thanks for the consideration. Count me in. Come on autumn!
  15. jAUSon

    Chandler Cox "security blanket"

    I just hope this isn't the re-emergence of the paranoia.