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  1. I'm sure even CGM was surprised at the defense we put up that night.
  2. Knee pads to Sabans meetings. Well played sir. lmao
  3. Yeah that's pretty strong. Guess I could've looked it up. Thanks for the replies. War Eagle
  4. Best two points I've read on this thread: 1. It's a road game, early 2. Forget last year. It looks like a wash to me. Blood pressure is already going up for this one. Question though: Am I now supposed to believe Clemson is a perrenial powerhouse?
  5. Just a douche bag with some click bait nonsense. Problem is: why am I coming across his links? Who are the other douche bags lending to his accreditation? Thanks to the copy paste guys on this board- it's nice to NEVER go to al.com again, or listen to Finebom for that matter. Now that leaves Greg Macelroy and Beth Mullins. Rant over.
  6. i was 100% sold on Keihl Frazier's, and Jeremy Johnson's preseasons. Learned some lessons in those years as a fan. I think the difference here is: our head coach is the one who learned the lessons this time around. Sloughs of bad decisions, bad plans, bad 1's and 2's evaluations- lot's of tangible problems that should be gone. I personally don't view previous hyped preseasons-to-fails as a curse. The entire Auburn family knows, by now, not to count the chickens. But look- I believe we really are tooled up, I believe the coaches are sleeping with one eye open, coaching for their lives, and I'm amped up going in. The heck with those other seasons. Even if we don't beat the world, these coaches and men aren't gonna lose in the same fashion they did last year. There's just no way. War Eagle.
  7. Should've swapped qb's. There's no sugar coating it. I personally believe we would've won it.
  8. Greatest deer season ever. SMH.
  9. Lionheart I'm a fan of yours so I'll just back this thing down. I'm all in on the changes CGM has made this off season, it fixes (on paper) a lot of our very tangible issues. I'll always blame CGM for Clemson, and UGA. I almost threw a party when CRL took a job elsewhere, and I'll always believe 100% JF3 had enough for a "save" in the UGA game. I'll quit right here by admiting all this adds nothing to the comparisons between Malzahn and Stoops. Great forum. Even when we're arguing. WDE.
  10. try harder
  11. If they used those second half opportunities to rep jf3 instead of squandering, maybe build a small playbook with him, we win the Georgia game. No if ands or buts about it.
  12. 2 types of coaches in the SEC that are safe: 1. new coaches 2. Nick Scraben. Everyone else is skating. The good news: there isn't a lot of home-run hires out there, undoubtedly causing a lot of "riding it out"
  13. Me too keesler. Same 3.
  14. Thanks for the article. In '04 we surely got snubbed on behalf of Oklahoma but I have to reckon USC would've given us all we could handle.
  15. This is excellent news.