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  1. If McClain stays I'm doing a desk pop
  2. I can't see what Marcello writes behind the pay-wall, but on my five minute drive home yesterday I heard him say "It will be more of the same, Gus will call plays, but they can work together to improve the passing game" which to me is hilarious because Lindsey, and Dillingham were brought on for this very same scenario; or so I thought. Almost time to back it down, watch the bowl game and go into hibernation until the nip-watch and the irresistible urge to get excited once again in July/August about our inevitable forthcoming run at the natty.
  3. If Marcello is accurate and Coach has abadoned his personal quest to prove some arbitrary point, put the world on notice!
  4. This board is infected with Gus hiring lacky OC's to carry his clip board while he gets killed by average defensive coordinators. There's you a flame.
  5. Don't need SOS. Look at the top ten.
  6. Because Gus doesn't really hire incredible assets. Plus- it's a leap to assume either of them are willing to work under Gus, given the likeliness they see the hire as a trap. It would make us one of the hottest staffs in the country though, and could fix all of our tangible issues, except for where we are graduating/drafting out much of what made us a threat.
  7. It's really the whole answer. This year it would've meant a playoff run, schedule be damned. Lsu is proving it as we speak. And we've seen the Turds go all the way or almost all the way with several OC's, by simply making the best hire possible and letting the guy do his thing. The irony that there's only one person in the universe who can's see this is mind-boggling.
  8. The only teams that could torch our boys were the one's where the refs hoodwinked our D line. Sizzle said it- sometimes the other team will make plays. We gave every team the worst outing of their respective season, including the two best groups of college wide receivers on earth. Cheers.
  9. I'm getting less optimistic this will happen. I'm imagining a high demand for Morris as an OC. Why would any OC work for a doomed HC who won't even allow him to take the reigns and literally right the ship by doing so? We're saying this (Hypothetically of course): "We want to hire you. We know lots of teams want to hire you. In a year or two, you'll be swept out with the whole regime. Plus, we won't really let you do your job while you're here. So will you take the job?"
  10. Im at work I keep opening the www like waiting to see if Santa came yet lol. Starting to doubt
  11. Is it bad news regarding Morris that Auburn hasn't made an announcement?
  12. It's the new thing. They'll all do it. It's a pity Bama did it before us, but so be it. They just copied it from the Braves.
  13. jAUSon

    I'm fed up

    If they call it how they're supposed to, every team in the conference has two losses. No can do. I'll never forget all the phony PI calls against us in '18 Lsu game.