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  1. I'm struggling with JF's part "posted without absolutely no further comment,"
  2. This thread is fascinating. All this affirmation coming along in hindsight gives me the warm and fuzzies.
  3. Reading your play by plays and not saying squat
  4. I've lurked you for two years. Preciate it.
  5. So do they required bama to dribble or can they just hold the ball over their heads and start running at the basket?
  6. RIP '72. You were a fighter. This place will never be the same. I pray there's peace for those who surrounded and loved you. We're gonna meet up someday! War Eagle!
  7. It's as if the camera man is strapped to the ceiling. Terrible perspective to shoot from
  8. I'm only sayin this once today and I'll drop it. Beth Mowins
  9. = Maverick is getting banned? Mercy.
  10. When Chizick speaks I walk off to the fridge.
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