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  1. They didn't get time to install Chad's stuff. Auburn has every problem you can have right now. I aint convinced the OC has much to do with it. He might suck. How do we know?
  2. Clempson game he pulled them all night
  3. IDk Dag. You're all over it here. It's a good thread and it's major concern. But this whole line that other teams don't have this problem and people should post evidence: come on man. Really?
  4. "Come on man. Just one more thumb-war"
  5. walk on at thUGA is about to shred Alabama.
  6. I'm getting nervous about our chances. I don't know if a 2 loss team can make it to the CFP this season.
  7. It's a pretty low place when this board doesn't over-clock it's servers after a loss.
  8. Funniest movie seen of all time
  9. It might be the looks and sounds of resignation
  10. Horn played Seth Williams like white on rice. Would've been a perfect day to try everything else.
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