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  1. I don't care much for any of it. When there's 12 teams, the 13th and 14th teams will be controversy: that part will never go away. It devalues the regular season. We'll see Saban on TV groveling for the 12th spot once Freeze gets done with his ass. My $.02.
  2. Yes they would. And only 1/2 of it is real baggage. That half is 8 years old. I know you're disgusted or whatever and you wouldn't on-board a salesman or a dock worker or whatever it is you ran globally. But this is different. Can you admit it? Can you admit that hiring a public figure that's been in trouble to be the head of a public institution has s*** do do with how you staffed your global enterprise? Come on man. Do it. I predict the squeels from the likes of you are the only fallout from this hire ever. Officially.
  3. Maybe In his on-the-spott speaking, he isn't as fluid as he looks, tries to mentally converge 3 or 4 points in a sentence and gobblity-gook comes out. Happens to the best of them
  4. CHF's endorsements outside of twitterlectuals are amazing. This isn't really even a hold-your-nose hire. I don't even care *some* about the hooker thing. The deal with Liberty looks like a judgement lapse, his supporters and superiors have come to terms with it whether figuritively or literally. Trouble is there's no nuance or common ground. Most arguments being made against CHF tonight are that he actively supports a rape cover up culture, and is a monster. I have no will to have any diplomacy dealing with that argument whatsoever.
  5. They wont understand the guy. Our DL can no longer afford to not understand
  6. Yes it will. Did you see the thread title?
  7. Novice question here- I really dont know what thread to ask in: the guys CBP brought in don't look like one-and-dones. Is that long term plan or did we come up short of expectations?
  8. I got used to the Brooklyn sounding guy, ended up liking him
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