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  1. Me too keesler. Same 3.
  2. Thanks for the article. In '04 we surely got snubbed on behalf of Oklahoma but I have to reckon USC would've given us all we could handle.
  3. This is excellent news.
  4. No. Sorry.
  5. I'm all the way back in October wondering why JF3 couldn't get mop-up time, or an opportunity to throw it around while he was in. For all I know, any of these "attritioned" players were the real answered to a squandered season. Can't say if Woody is a miss or not- but can't give the (current/former) staff the benifit of the doubt. Sorry about Woody, I like our current line-up pretty good, but really just hope Chip is the real answer here. Don't like to pile on the coaches, especially in May, but aside from Woody, looking back, the coaches own it.
  6. Just wondering if the TE position is "secret weapon". And if this is the case, would these coaches be inclined to sit on the plays for A-day, keep them off the film? Had it in my mind that Auburn tight ends always catch those "we forgot that guy" passes. Just asking the board. Thanks.
  7. lols
  8. Only way to run it up on bama is shell shock them early make them quit- which is how they get their lopsided wins. Also- stop taking foot off the gas.
  9. agree.
  10. He's not there. Hope he comes back. As for coach- I'll just sleep with one eye open.
  11. War Eagle Lion. I'm a new guy around here, but I'm reading you brother.
  12. Fake fake punt. Just spewed coffee. Thanks guy.
  13. Most important thing I've read from the above thread is "The good players come from under the good coaches". So- probably just closed the door, like 'yal said, for coaches to move up to the collegiate level. Talk about working yourself out of a job.
  14. warm and fuzzies. CL running the O. Borges finding the wrinkles.
  15. We hired Borges?