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  1. jAUSon

    Allen Greene comments

    Greene said it just right. War Eagle.
  2. jAUSon

    Auburn vs Ole Miss Score Prediction

    Ole Miss 27, Auburn 14. I will be their marquee game. They'll be as pumped as a team can ever be.
  3. jAUSon

    An unconventional solution

    Novel idea. Hire an actual coach for a million or two. Make him "co-head coach" Then tell all the assistants "by the way, from here-on you'll answer to this guy". Probably not possible in any way, shape, or form, but very intriguing nonetheless.
  4. jAUSon

    No watching again until 2020

    If you're certain your team is gonna lose, before the game begins, but you watch anyhow- does this make you a bad fan or a quitter? Asking for a friend. I won't turn my back on Auburn.
  5. jAUSon

    3rd Down Defense

    We make our opponents more one-dimensional than they've been in their lives. So they just whip us with that one dimension.
  6. jAUSon

    Staff Changes

    I expect symbolic firings and hirings. I don't believe a top level coordinator would be willing to coach under him which means he can't hire strongly enough to save himself. They're all on their way out whether it's this year or not.
  7. jAUSon

    The ultimate defender

    Yes. I appreciate corchjay and everything he says here, including this thread. But the whole thing is 2015-ish. We've done this already. I can't imagine that any hot assistant would even have us on his list. Even if he does farm it out with autonomy to a legitimate staff, It's a day late and a dollar short, imo.
  8. jAUSon

    Fire Gus

    He's a boob. We almost never get beat. He just causes losses. Now it's to the point the players see it too. I'm glad you identify with being top 15, and our garbage-time touchdown bought you some hope.
  9. jAUSon

    Fire Gus

    I'm not inclined to even be nice to the guy, Dag. We know we're stuck with the coach. We know we should be cool and under control as a fan base. We also know he sucks bawls. It's not even good coach/bad coach debate. That ship has sailed. kwagoner is late. Building himself an island.
  10. jAUSon

    Fire Gus

    You're exactly right. He really is up there with Mark Richt, Smart, and Saban. He needs to learn a little more on the job is all. It's growing pains. Our rb's left for the league last year, so it could not be helped, Gus had no way of knowing we'd be playing football this fall. The players on this roster simply didn't have it in them to put away Tennessee at home. We're a negative fan base. Just like Uga. Great post, Gus.
  11. jAUSon

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    we need to throw some screens
  12. jAUSon

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    coach thinks he's running out the clock with a minute and a half. This will cost us.
  13. jAUSon

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    first time on internet since hurricane michael! War Eagle lol