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  1. Rent free. Lsu and the zebras are still lol'ing. I'm generally inclined to read along in Aufamily and keep quiet, but tonight I have been sitting by the ice chest and wearing out the lid. So I'm in here chatting it up!
  2. Most of us are willing to cede an ass-whooping along the way, be it a good dog fight where we came up short. But our guy doesn't always win the ones he's suppose too, and more often than not- his game plan and gametime decisions are directly to blame for the shortcomings. He owns some losses for sure. It's a contest of momentum. There's room for another team to be a favorite beside uat and (saddly) thuga. Elbowing out a space as that dominant program is the real goal, and we're paying enough to require it. If we can't get that status with our money, we need to search for an answer, or pay less. I love this roster, and I believe in it. I think viewing the season at large (as a win-loss record) is not that important reguarding the continuance of CGM.. I believe this board and all those above us will have all our answers before the season is half-way over. Got to win the ones you're suppose too. As a threshold- that ship has sailed imo.
  3. I've been saying it would be Bo Nix for five years.
  4. I'm in that special Auburn purgatory on preseason predictions, and QB expectaions. Even more so this year with the whole wildcard thing. I remember those years in August telling folks a QB I'd never really seen was about to win it all (I won't call roll here). It's a wait and see thing now. Lessons learned.
  5. This. When he came, I had him figured as a game-changer. Funny how those things work out.
  6. I didn't know this. War Eagle to them both- on the off chance they're seeing this. It's all in jest.
  7. Leadership. He's like 35 years old or something.
  8. - most confusing tweet ever.
  9. Hey since this thread is popular and off-topic.......has anyone been watching any good Oregon boards, and could you link them?
  10. Yes I'll play, and because of my indecision: if the 12th guy doesn't materialize, I'll sit it out.