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  1. There's a ton of value in this season even if it turns into a failed run. I've never seen such high emotional unison for a team and it's school/fans. Best to appreciate that aspect no matter how it ends. It's special. Not just because we think it's special. It's special.
  2. I didn't know this was an option. The dark looks cool.
  3. No no I meant nothing. Strictly drunken sarcasm slanted against Newell
  4. @3:34 Jay G says on his show- got a message from the Malzahns and it wasn't good. Whoever in this family prays: don't stop now.
  5. He's not sure if his stupid-ass system is gonna move us up
  6. Radio had us down on the rebounds (I thought) Steals. Second chances. Free throws? Point was, depth won it -even if I was reaching
  7. Hell naw. Do your thing. Auburn twitter is huge
  8. Bench points. Look at the sheets. We got beat in almost every other category.
  9. In January '22, nobody has what we have, blue-blood or naw; and money is no object. He's ours!
  10. So. We're getting stomped but it's a 4 point game at the half.
  11. We back up 🤣 To the OP- insane value comming from seemingly under the radar, everywhere on this team- Wendell in particular
  12. Fair chance that DM and CBH couldn't jeehaw. I remember when they hired DM thinking it could be a wild card, I wouldn't venture a guess whether DM is able to be subordinate- and I promise you, if there's only one thing we know about CBH, he has that old school John Wayne no vax Army type feel- he aint putting up with anybody on his staff being less than yes sir no sir. At face value- this notion he'd stay here for two years was a long shot anyway. Doesn't feel like the end of the world to me. Edit: They might have hated eachother. Could be the program was rifted along that fault all along. Might even explain the "insta incident" that is being refered to.
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