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  1. And run good routes. And seperate. And get their heads around. Fight for it. You know.........the little things.
  2. Devin Adams

    Or coach leaves injured Stidham in the game and forfeits by proxy, which is in perfect keeping with his track record of being an idiot.
  3. I got off the Gus Bus after Mercer.

    we need a support group
  4. Where we are at

    Well, he did bring in Gorgeous Borges to help decide which if the three plays to run.
  5. Sean White arrested

    How do you get a PI on game night in a town when the whole town is PI? Was he cutting up and causing trouble? Or was he being targeted? Does anybody here know the story? The charge in itsself could be as simple as having a few, and walking home.
  6. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    ...and play call, and substitute, and prepare, and adjust. Left those out.
  7. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    You're right we are a top tier defense. We were last week at Clempson, and we were all of last year.
  8. Gus' Presser

    Sounded almost like he was comforted that we dropped it 5 times, bought him an "out" for every question concerning the offense. Also his voice got squeeky when they started in on the clipboard, little beads of sweat popped out. He's a liar.
  9. Mercer Game Report Card

    Pleasure as always Stat. Thank you.
  10. I Love Kodi Burns

    If it wasn't a dumpster fire I'd be nit-picking and casting an eye at Kodi. He's not doing a good enough job preparing the wr's for their 1 target per 3 weeks.
  11. celebrating stidham

    Like JS. He's a solid qb. Worried about his timing though. He had time today he'll never have again.
  12. Who Do You Want?

    ^Because it's not even about football anymore it's about toppling Saban indefinately
  13. Who Do You Want?

    I like Rob Ryan.
  14. Gus' Presser

    He's toast or we're toast. Somethings going to give. He's at his ceiling as a coach.