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  1. Jacob Copeland's Mom

    New Story now is the mother wanted J anywhere but Florida because of gang affiliation. Probaly explains wearing both UT and Bama apparel.
  2. Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Yeah A&M just upgraded theirs recently,its bigger ..
  3. 2018 4* WR JaMarr Chase

    YEP he definitely didnt keep a tunnel vision..
  4. Maybe he sees the logjam at the position or sometimes kids just like other schools we seem to not question top GA players comming here. Once again I will overstate obj factor probably plays a role also.
  5. Agreed but look how DJ had more yards with less catches. Less miles O still put more productive WR in the league. I find it funny this debatable when it's countless threads about where's McClain, NCM, stove, WR only block, no intermediate routes etc... If he was looking at Arkansas or Vandy I'd fully agree. LSU just seems viable
  6. DJ Chark? Once again show me why it's so farfetched. We're damn near identical
  7. Means what exactly.
  8. What did their one WR do to us that game? So once again why do we think it's far fetched for him to be interested in LSU
  9. Ewww did do a humdinger against 49 million $ Gus cassidy and chipdance kid
  10. We have though? I'm only suggesting that I don't see him considering LSU a big conundrum like some. That's all
  11. Jarvis Landry and O'Dell says who?
  12. Gentlemen let's not forget Lsu has put a few bigger named WRs in the league than us. Who am I kidding we have 0. So I don't see it that farfetched.
  13. Teammates: Davis made decision to sit out

    I was in Orlando Thanksgiving week and drove north to Alabama, I saw 0 ucf paraphernalia anywhere. Uf/fsu/Miami pretty much.
  14. All Things NFL Thread

    May be the homer glasses on but Grant is way to explosive and productive to be so under utilized on the jags roster.
  15. Woodson New Coach

    Nnamdi Asomugha also comes to mind.