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  1. ***Auburn vs. La-Monroe -- Game Thread***

    Remember he matches up with ULM linebackers size wise. Therefore more playing time..
  2. ***Auburn vs. La-Monroe -- Game Thread***

    The most important one...
  3. Sumlin

    Only reason i will pump the brakes on the A&M takeover is they have had these resources and things for a very long time now,and history has proven they can never put it together. Hell before the epic meltdown in waco i would say Baylor had pulled even with UT and A&M.
  4. Alabama at Mississippi State

    Now that i can see as a possibility, the injuries take a toll on a team afterwhile no matter how many 5 stars you have.
  5. Praise for Coach Malzahn

    I feel the same way about Memphis O. I just like the way they run their O.
  6. Alabama at Mississippi State

    93 November 15, 2008 Tuscaloosa, AL #1 Alabama 32–7 94 November 14, 2009 Starkville, MS #3 Alabama 31–3 95 November 13, 2010 Tuscaloosa, AL #11 Alabama 30–10 96 November 12, 2011 Starkville, MS #4 Alabama 24–7 97 October 27, 2012 Tuscaloosa, AL #1 Alabama 38–7 98 November 16, 2013 Starkville, MS #1 Alabama 20–7 99 November 15, 2014 Tuscaloosa, AL #5 Alabama 25–20 100 November 14, 2015 Starkville, MS #2 Alabama 31–6 101 November 12, 2016 Tuscaloosa, AL #1 Alabama 51–3 Actually made it a game once and that wasnt in starkvegas.
  7. FINAL: Auburn 42 Texas A&M 27

    Was asking because he wasn't on the stat sheet at all. Smh I can't understand him at all.
  8. FINAL: Auburn 42 Texas A&M 27

    Did NCM play?
  9. commercialization of high-school sports

    Probably the same way they get into Universities.Scholarships ?
  10. Relationship between Gus and Rod Bramblett

    Reading comprehension clearly isn’t a strong point with you.
  11. Florida State vs. Boston College

    Yep Defense was suppose to be their strong point
  12. Relationship between Gus and Rod Bramblett

    He clearly stated Jim H. had success at the NFL level step into a job with a prominent backing,along with top recruiting classes yet still isn't dominating. So coaching plays a big part still,not just wether someone was great at the Nfl level its a different beast. You can fill a team with great 5 stars all day,they still have to be coached and developed,something Saban is doing.
  13. halftime interview with Saban vs Gus last week

    Excuse me if I don't believe you or the dumb rhetoric that you keep typing. Saban beat dabo also and has how many winning seasons,rings,etc... Tinhatbelle is better
  14. halftime interview with Saban vs Gus last week

    Because you know so much more huh? Stopppppppp
  15. halftime interview with Saban vs Gus last week

    SMH..So if we had saban and was winning would you have a problem? Also why when discussing someone’s greatness we point to 1 or 2 failures and just forget the 10 or 11 accomplishments? News flash no one wins them all, noone wins every game.Jeesh