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  1. Let's see who had the better line last year? Also who has recruited better? So sure we can rail Rg the same as Grimes 🤔
  2. Well apparently the lawyer said it's more to the story than the one baseball incident,who knows..
  3. To piggyback on this sentiment,the year Matt Schaub set the record for pick 6s a couple fans had actually showed up to his house or was at his yard if I remember correctly. Punters and kickers are a different animal by NFL standards also.
  4. You don't know Tillman he's a great businessman but nutty when it comes to sports,I'll give him credit he loves the city of Houston..
  5. I think Tillman means Bcs championships not just conference though. Tall task for any coach.
  6. Big 12 won't let them in,they have shown to be just a stepping stone for coaches, the most important thing is although Texas is one of if not top state for recruits, Houston has to be still 5th or 6th best destination. Herman probably would of got them close but I don't see this new guy getting them even top 15. Frittata has publicly said he wants coaches that can get them to championships.
  7. Only thing with Houston they have a unrealistic standard. I know you should strive for championships but I don't see that happening no matter the coach.
  8. I also agree OU has more than established a good run.. They have always been a thorn in TX side at recruiting also. Oklahoma as a state is not rich in talent,their heavy hitters come from Tx
  9. So has he made it official yet, saw another source saying he pretty much is flipping to the vols
  10. Was at the Rockets game tonight and boy you could tell the Warriors are just off. They need steph back fast and in a hurry.
  11. Tom Brady still played a pivotal role in his success though, and is still G.O.A.T..
  12. Yep and you will still be in Houston