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  1. No it was rumors that him and Foster butted heads often(both had the alpha dog mentality). He got to cleveland and rumors started spreading quick he didnt like that they had drafted another rb etc.... So it kinda stuck with him,plus it didnt really help his case with the vikings and steelers. Houston was his best chance imo to become a viable feature back..What i cant figure out is he never really got another shot after that year,yet trent richardson who did absolutely nothing gets multiple chances...
  2. I still dont understand Tate being in Houston he was a great compliment back. I guess when word spreads around the league about you it doesnt take long for the phone calls to dry up...
  3. That's the part of the story I have a hard time understanding.Jovon is the one doing the dirty deed yet, they rush and beat you up on sight?
  4. Couldn't agree more, especially with the turmoil in-state with UT being down, A&M up and down, the explosion of Baylor. I think we could make a splash in the state.
  5. Totally agree. The players at LSU seemed to love CDC also, alot of people use or say how Sammy said he wasn't coached up or didn't know a complete route tree. When Cam was on the gruden show on espn and looked lost explaining coverages,do you put that on Gus?
  6. Have a few friends who are die hard steelers fans,so I have heard a few choice words said about Coates lol
  7. What Metafour said above....
  8. Still dropped balls, which I still don't see how you tie that into coaching. I will go out on a limb and say if kodi had Louis and Coates now they would still drop passes. Hell watch Coates this year.
  9. Since our receivers still drop more than their share of passes I don't see how that translate to us. As far as a thorn, I'm pretty sure CDC will make some plays on recruits that normally bama wouldn't approach or sway some kids high on us.
  10. I will always go with the trenches first.(ol)(DL) Cb Safety Buck/Rusher Te Lb Qb Rb Wr
  11. Also if Bamma adds CDC,that will be another thorn in the side. Sigh
  12. Well said
  13. True, but how much does that also equate to the offense we run? I think we are the top school(SEC) for longest drought without a 1,000-yard receiver. Kylin has shown great talent during the season along with the A/M game. jmo
  14. I like the MIssState commit Kylin Hill, I would be ok with him flipping. I don't understand why he wasn't on our list/board, to begin with or did he not show any interest?
  15. Also reside in Tx(Houston) I'm surprised at how many Auburn fans live in the state.