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  1. I also would put Vince Young probably 1. As well. Especially off the 1 season criteria
  2. Doesn't hurt either that most of the players they send to the NFL do well also.
  3. The fact they just hired 2 ex nfl coaches also doesn't hurt recruites looking at the program..
  4. After watching that unc/Miami game, Unc would of murdered us so that replaces the usc game.
  5. Guess my only question,what good is having all that great recruiting if you are losing? I'm not a Gus fan but I also thought about this outcome as well.
  6. Ark was the same position briles dial up a screen, 11 yard gain.
  7. Agree,i also think U.A got a little backlash a few years ago for being political also. Vick situation was horrendous but i respect Nike for seeing the change in him and given him another chance.
  8. 1.Kam P./Kenny I 2.Roc 3.Kam M. 4.CAP 5.Corey Grant 6.Kerryon J.
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