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  1. Southwest

    Heath Evans fired from NFL Network HMMMMM...
  2. Southwest

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    They probably flip to the Dawgs. Lol
  3. Southwest

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    Was just enlightening you and why alot of people might of been gloom and doom
  4. Southwest

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Also that breakaway to the house speed helps from having to rely on red zone fgs out the Yazoo..
  5. Southwest

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    Lost a 5*cb that we were in the lead with today also..
  6. Southwest

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Agree and now it makes me wonder about holding on to Pickens also.
  7. Southwest

    2019 4* RB John Emery Jr.
  8. Southwest

    Best teams of the past 20 years

    01 Miami team probaly gets my nod for #1.
  9. Also another concept or wrinkle we could add into our O,especially in the red zone is more rub or pick plays. Clemson killed Bama in the CS game with them. That could also help our WR with seperation issues also.
  10. Southwest

    Can Kam Martin be "The Guy" in 2018?

    I think he can be very good if used correctly, I was looking back at I think the A&M and Mizzu game and he was a breath of fresh air. He was gashing for some nice gains. The bad was I also saw him get lit up in pass blocking but I think that can be remedied by teaching, sometimes you don’t have to crush a guy just change his path to the qb or hold him up for a second or two.
  11. Southwest

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Agree Bo Barry Earl
  12. I think the whole reason Cam went to UF in the first place was because GA saw him only as a TE..
  13. Southwest

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    To the money aspect of this post you do know the Clippers and Rockets were sold for like 1 or 2 billion a piece.So Lebron isnt putting a dent in thier pockets.
  14. Southwest

    The Texas Talent Debate

    One thing also you cant deny,Texas is one of the if not the top state when it comes to QB talent.We should at least check the state out just for that simple fact.
  15. Southwest

    The Texas Talent Debate

    Texas also produces more Heisman trophy winners than the southeastern states, only state comparable in my eyes is Florida. Let’s talk about Ga for one second as Elliot stated about relevance the dawgs haven’t been till what last year? So with all that talent Tech always abysmal and the state school have what 1 or 2 championships and always an underachiever. Nationally no one would state that Texas is overrated in talent but the few on this board.