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  1. Jordan Rodgers on Stidham

    I can safely say most of the incompletions came in the 4th while trailing from giving up a 20 point lead. The D pretty much had figured out what we were doing both pass and run, so maybe someone checking out of redundant plays could have worked. Once again no one is saying give him the keys to the car but it is okay to let them drive around the block sometimes supervised.
  2. Jordan Rodgers on Stidham

    I will cut J.S some slack he did throw for over 3k and 18tds after running for his life his first game. No one well at least am not saying put the play calling in his hands, but geesh what’s letting your signal caller at least check out of plays a few times a game? How long has Gus been coaching and still let a game like LSU happen (we going to believe Jarret couldn’t have checked out of one of our amazing 1st down run for 1yrd plays to another suitable play hell for even 3yrds?) I think the story is overblown but I could also see some validity to it.
  3. Reuben Foster...Again Hmm wonder what the difference is,because as of today the 49ers are taking a wait and see approach.
  4. Reuben Foster...Again

    3 felonies handed down today,could face 11 years if convicted. Lynch what will you do now?
  5. Vince McMahon Announces Relaunch of XFL

    Im sure they both will find out that there is a thing as to much football.
  6. Manziel didn't know X's & O's

    That could be said for all of the Qbs coming from spread type offenses. I think as an induvial you have to want to perfect your craft (I’m sure there are a lot of qb coaches that would help).Its also kind of hard to believe someone with his shortcomings to the fact of noone wanted to help him.
  7. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    Only because certain demographics arent deemed terrorist.Smh
  8. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    Now thats my only issue with it,if players were to practice thier islamic faith in the same manner would it be as accepted?
  9. All Things NBA Thread

    Kang lost again.....Lets compare conferences and
  10. All Things NBA Thread

    James Harden MVP .That is all
  11. First take on espn

    Same way Skip Bayless has a job and gets paid pretty well i might add. The list of worthless shows spred through multiple networks.
  12. Jacob Copeland's Mom

    New Story now is the mother wanted J anywhere but Florida because of gang affiliation. Probaly explains wearing both UT and Bama apparel.
  13. Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Yeah A&M just upgraded theirs recently,its bigger ..
  14. 2018 4* WR JaMarr Chase

    YEP he definitely didnt keep a tunnel vision..
  15. Maybe he sees the logjam at the position or sometimes kids just like other schools we seem to not question top GA players comming here. Once again I will overstate obj factor probably plays a role also.