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  1. Not that i would know or anything, but you mean to tell me it never crossed his mind or was suggested to use a burner phone? 10-20$ trac phone could of saved you 4 million...
  2. Always loved James Bostic for some reason.
  3. Also in Texas let's not forget the schools who aren't in the bigger metro areas. Plenty of talent in between Houston-Austin-Dallas area.
  4. Think he was saying after that game
  5. Hasn't Bama went through just as many coaching changes at that postion also in the last 3-4 years..Ansley,Tucker,Smart.
  6. I also agree i mean i know Bama gets away with alot but i also remember the tubby years and where was the machine then? I also believe if any Bama landed any other coach instead of saban noway they have the same success.
  7. There lies the rub, noone really knows if Vick can become or is a great Qb coach/teacher.I dont think he has been doing it a very long time so lets give it a chance. I hope the same people who are questioning and dismissing Vick arent the same ones who say give Kodi a chance,give him a few years..
  8. When did the civil rights movement begin and end? The civil war only did a small amount of justice in the race aspect of our history. I don’t know of many who hold a whole race responsible. On this specific topic I don’t understand why people are mad they are removing these monuments as you say none of us were living back then, it happened in 1857 etc...Seems this day and age people love to tell others what they should/shouldn’t feel overlook racist instead of condemning the racists and their B.S...
  9. In what point in time should one get over it? Asking for a friend.
  10. Sure since you asked nicely, I just find it comical that this regime is so outraged and defensive about the same things that they constanly did to the previous regime.
  11. Comical at times..
  12. I don’t know I could see him coaching until his health forces his hand. He has proven he can win with ok QB play as long as he keeps fielding a top notch D, unless the program is implemented in a horrible scandal he can only cement his legacy moving forward...
  13. No it was rumors that him and Foster butted heads often(both had the alpha dog mentality). He got to cleveland and rumors started spreading quick he didnt like that they had drafted another rb etc.... So it kinda stuck with him,plus it didnt really help his case with the vikings and steelers. Houston was his best chance imo to become a viable feature back..What i cant figure out is he never really got another shot after that year,yet trent richardson who did absolutely nothing gets multiple chances...
  14. I still dont understand Tate being in Houston he was a great compliment back. I guess when word spreads around the league about you it doesnt take long for the phone calls to dry up...
  15. That's the part of the story I have a hard time understanding.Jovon is the one doing the dirty deed yet, they rush and beat you up on sight?