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  1. Gus sent a 'message' yesterday

    I think it does send an unsettling message to not only them but recruits as well
  2. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    I understand the Clemson point but it kind of cancels itself out when you perform like that versus Mercer. I think they just started back playing football 3 years ago(could be wrong),just got back to scholarship players(which are probably all 1star or lower)even with 12 turnovers we should of put up 40 plus. Over 40 rushes for fewer than 150 yards MERCER it’s a little concerning.
  3. Sean White arrested

    Did Reese Dismuke have a similar incident also?
  4. ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    Its Mercer doesnt matter if we comitted 12 turnovers its Mercer geesh. Quick tell me the last great mercer Player/Team/Coach/4 OR 5* player? sigh Rant over. People keep saying well Mizzu only put up 50 playing devry well we can barely put up 20 againt pheonix online .
  5. ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    Saw Gus presser and basically he said KP was the only back they trusted in such a close game,what message does that send to Miller,Martin and Barret? Just my opinion but he is handling that situation all wrong.
  6. Who Do You Want?

    Thought about Jeff Fisher but just not sold him as a winner and the handling of VY also leaves a sour taste.Speaking of NFL coaches my Texans might be letting go of Bill O'Brien helped set Penn State in the right direction,and i believe his O is better fit for college..
  7. Re-Watch the Game to temper your analysis

    I’m glad someone else notices this kid he is a stud. I was thinking Harold Joiner could be that type of back for us if we could land him..
  8. Re-Watch the Game to temper your analysis

    My question? Do we even run drag/dig routes?
  9. thoughts on backfield

    No way am I an OC but a Kam&Kam backfield would be pretty unstoppable. Use a lot of motions and misdirection etc. Sprinkle in Eli from time to time but guess that’s not our identity
  10. thoughts on backfield

    Although an epic collapse later on, the 2 back formation that the Aggies were using vs UCLA was scary. I was watching like why haven’t we used that through the years with our speed/power back combos?
  11. Bad loss for AU but...

    .That wasn’t my intention with my post; I was piggybacking off people stating who they thought we would have trouble with or trap games etc... I honestly don’t think ARKY will pose a threat nor MissS, some do, I only pointed out Mizzu because they can score in bunches and we seem to lack that ability at times. Now to the point of difficulty AU should have had more yards than Kent State let that sink in...Clarification though I don’t see us losing to just any p5 teams I only listed that one as a potential trap game.
  12. Bad loss for AU but...

    We put up how many points again against Clemson and total yards? Lets see what other top 25 team clemson holds to that..I am by no means saying we are going to lose,they just seem more of a trap game team to me then some of the others that are mentioned.
  13. Bad loss for AU but...

    More of can you keep up points with them
  14. Bad loss for AU but...

    I’m actually scared of mizzu now if they get that passing game going, how will we keep up? I hope just shuffling the line a little will help the O.
  15. Indy and Denver Peyton probaly would of ate maybe 3 of those sacks. He would of thrown alot of them away. UT,Papa John,Nationwide Peyton probaly would of had the same results.