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  1. AUTigereyez

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    Our db’s continues to get beat and we have an inept coach and offensive coordinator to come up with decent game plan and stick with it. Shouldn’t have to pay the money that we do to give up the games that we do.
  2. AUTigereyez

    Im so durn mad.

    The momentum shift from the fumble and blocked field goal changed the whole game from top to bottom but defense held strong long enough for the offense to get back in there. Kirby was forcing our offense to pick up blitzes and it really seemed as tho we couldn’t pick them up. Kirby had a good game plan and we never adjusted. Kudos to the kids playing the game tho. These guys did more than we expected after the LSU debacle. Hate to lose the way we did and hate to see our biggest rivals on the biggest stage after we drummed them both. Let’s be proud of our team and what they accomplished and hope for back to back double digit wins next year.
  3. Tend to think that this is going to be a big time last minute drive the field for victory game. For both teams. I’m happy where we sit and am very grateful but this game terrifies me the closer we get to Saturday!! Does anyone else feel this way? AU-27 UGA-23
  4. AUTigereyez

    Time to boycott

    So true.
  5. AUTigereyez

    Time to boycott

    I’m so ready to see a breaking news thread with the termination of Gus. Throwing away a championship defense bc we can’t move the dang ball.
  6. Sorry to hear man. Prayers sent
  7. I hope they fire Gus on the ride home
  8. If anyone likes Gus after this showing on the field then you my friends have problems. Good man. Bad coach.
  9. Does anyone else feel like me and can't wait to have someone else calling any kind of plays other than the crap we put on the field.
  10. So in listening to his interview it's kinda disturbing to hear how un-happy he was ab the a&m situation. Almost sickening. Really want the kid but I hate for my school to feel like 2nd best. Although if he does indeed come to AU then this squad will be just about unstoppable. I hope he comes.
  11. Oh there is no doubt as long as we have TM comes back and kind of leads the back end of things with Davis and Williams at lb and Carlton manning other side. Also get dean back who was slated to start this fall. Def looking bright on the back end. Just when you lose Monty and carl and Lawrence it's gonna be a hit but we are deep up front.
  12. With js we are just ab a lock to contend for championship. We will regress some on d but return a lot that got significant pt. But if js comes in and wins job then the opp d cannot afford to key in to stop the run bc of the passing threat js is. It is a total win if we can land this guy.
  13. AUTigereyez

    The Gus Bus

    If anybody believes that there is a bus to even sit on at the moment is kidding theirselves. Gus has a lot of "growing up" to do. He's a good guy and very likable as a coach but stubborn is first thing that comes to mind. Screw that bus until proven otherwise.
  14. Ah question. What are you guys referring to by saying CB?
  15. I hope so as well. I personally hope we get the guy but unless our coaches realize or for lack of better words quit being stubborn and expand the playbook in the passing sense then he will be rendered useless. I mean I think sw was/is a great qb with pin point accuracy but they chain the guy up. What's to say they don't do the same to js.