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  1. I will always support the university I love and the team but this buttwipe of a coach we have makes Saturday’s miserable. I will agree on that.
  2. No bc we run into their dl without any push and then overthrow our wr
  3. If we lose this game I will not am not watching any other game as long as Gus is in charge.
  4. How much we wanna bet that we go three and out
  5. They have not thrown the ball one time why are we still playing two high safeties???? Makes no freaking sense.
  6. Wonder if we can match our 79 yards in the second half and at least score 6 points.
  7. I hate Gustav. And heck while we’re talking let’s throw Chip in there too.
  8. Wow. Well hard to beat a good D and the refs on the road.