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  1. I'd temper the expectations on Kuminga after this decision by Jalen. If they have landed Jalen, the G League is about to go all out to land a few more of these elite recruits, and I think he will be one. We're probably going to run into the same type of recruitment with him that we've experienced with Jalen.
  2. That's fine. Don't give them a scholarship. But don't eliminate them from eligibility because they made a decision that most times isn't just about them.
  3. I want kids to have the option to go pro out of HS (on invite from the NBA/G League) or go to school. If they choose college, they stay for 3 years like baseball or football. But basketball kids should be able to go pro out of HS. If they go pro, let the NBA sort out if they want those kids in the draft straight out of HS or a stepper league like they're trying to do with the G League. And I'd like for kids who go the G League route but don't make it to be able to re-enter college basketball.
  4. Not really. He'll make $500k plus get a shoe deal that will escalate when he's drafted. Maybe the endorsements and shoe companies get a bit of a bargain up front, but Jalen gets paid a bunch of money in a year where he'd normally be playing college ball and not receiving anything. This could be "bad" for college basketball in the sense that the top 5-10 recruits in the country could choose to go this route. But it sounds like, for now, it's only one team. It might at some point expand to more teams or even a whole league, similar to AAU as pros. But it's not stealing the top 100-150 recruits every year. IMO it's for the best. The OAD rule is ridiculous but can't be changed right now because of the current CBA, which runs through 2022. The NCAA can't pay these kids what they'd make in this G League setup. So let those guys go make that money. It will probably balance out the NCAA game and the game will still be quality and exciting.
  5. I listened to a Memphis podcast this morning that kinda shed some more light on this whole situation. The G League is trying to establish an elite HS recruit/prep school-like exhibition team with these elite HS kids that would be OAD. So, they'll be paid like pros, train and develop like pros, play against pros, etc. They'll play against G League teams and Australian NBL teams. It sounds like the G League will control this particular team so no other teams are responsible for development while receiving no benefit. And the coach of this group is supposed to be Sam Mitchell, former NBA player and coach and Jalen's AAU coach in 2018.
  6. Jalen liked SC’s retweet on twitter. First social media interaction they’ve had recently.
  7. As great as Jalen is, we can’t afford to sign him and then have him leave in July to go to the G League. We have to have a 2-guard in this class. And it may take signing two guys to fill the hole that Jalen would’ve covered by himself, being a scorer and a capable backup PG. So, as much as we’d love to take his commitment, it can’t come with a stipulation that he’s still considering pro ball. That would be way too risky for us and Jalen would have no risk.
  8. And there’s a guy on the bunker saying JG to Auburn. He’s had good info several times recently with basketball and basketball recruiting. Seems like anyone connected or sourced to our coaching staff thinks it’s pro or have no clue. Those who are saying Auburn seem to be getting info from either players/recruits or Green’s camp. I think, if the cat gets out of the bag, it won’t be from the coach sources.
  9. We're not in Anselem's final three. That's LSU, Bama, and UGA. Sotto is opting to sit out next year to train and not go to college. Who the heck knows what Maker is going to do. I think he's eligible for this year's draft. Cardwell, Kuminga, and Sanogo seem to be the three we'd focus on.
  10. IMO if Jalen commits to us, he's playing for us. I don't think Bruce takes his commitment if there's a chance he leaves. Don't think we can afford to take his commitment and then have him leave a month later. And I don't think it impacts Kuminga.
  11. Also, someone asked Hooks to check on a rumor that Green asked to commit to us while still working through the G League options and Pearl said no.