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  1. Great way to close out the game last night. Seemed like the first stretch of good ABs all night. Really need to see Wallace and Fagan get going to protect Cooper if they're going to continue to lead her off. And I'd like to see more aggression at the plate. These past few Auburn teams put so much pressure on defenses by putting balls in play and making defenses have to make plays. I hope we get back to that aggressive approach.
  2. Bad at home? They're 9-4, which is currently the fewest home losses of any season since the last NIT appearance. It's not perfect, and there have been some tough losses. But that's not being bad at home. And attendance shouldn't be affected by this team struggling at home. If fans don't show up, then the fans don't have enough understanding to continue to support the team if they struggle. There's no reason for the attendance to be what it was for a home game at 6:00PM against a top 25 team, even during the middle of the week with a struggling team. Just because there is disappointment doesn't mean the fans should quit showing up. This program is in better shape than it's been since the late 90's, possibly better because I think the success can be more sustainable. But fans need to understand that and support the team through the tough spells. I get being frustrated with the play and the meltdowns and the unexplainable second half collapses, but it's crap not to support this team when it's won as much as this program has won in a decade.
  3. I don't think we have much of a home court advantage. We've averaged about 7 home losses since our last NIT appearance. We have more talent than those teams. So maybe that's why the number is improved this year. I'd like to think we would never lose a game at home, but we really don't have the history or the support to have that expectation. I think it will come as more people get interested in this team.
  4. Yeah, it kinda feels like they have the ignore button on. Don't know if it's frustrations with the game or teammates or coaches, but we definitely get some glazed over looks from players. On being flat in the second halves, we seem to lose so much emotion at halftime, like the energy and effort it took to stay in the game or build the leads took everything out of us. It's really confusing.
  5. I agree. It worked on me. But I don't think it's working on the current group of players. They know they're in the rotation, and they don't think Bruce will sit them for entire games because they know Bruce needs them to have a chance to win. And they're right. Bruce can't bench them for an entire game and hope to win without them. We aren't that deep.
  6. Bruce is benching players for lack of effort. That method just doesn't always work. IMO the players have to become smarter. They have to understand defense better, have to understand what the offense is trying to do better. They have to become more disciplined with their eyes and feet and use their bodies and hands far less often. They have to know when to apply pressure, when to be aggressive, how to communicate screens better, how to deny the pass without overcommitting, who to close out on and who to give space. We just aren't a smart team, and I think that's true on both ends. Some of our defensive issues are the result of poor decisions on the offensive end and could be helped if we avoided taking ill-advised shots. But again, that's something the players have to consciously understand and think through.
  7. I saw something from Danjel last night that we saw a few times early in the season. He came out aggressive and focused. Played with a purpose on offense, but he let his aggressiveness go too far on the defensive end and got into foul trouble. I think that is a big reason why, for most of the season, he hasn't put a ton of consistent effort into defense. He doesn't want to get into foul trouble.
  8. He's a 43% 3-point shooter on the season, 46.5% in conference play. That season percentage ranks him 4th in the SEC this year. And his PPG average has him ranked 9th in the SEC. I do think he has work to do to be a drafted player, but I don't think his outside shooting is a major issue with him.
  9. I think the pressure to finish this season well to get into a tournament will get to these young guys. I think we will finish 2-4. We will probably win a game we shouldn't (@aTm or UGA) and lose one we shouldn't ( at LSU or Mizzou). All in all, the season will be a step in the right direction for the program as a whole, but it will also be a serious disappointment based on the preseason expectations of the fans and Bruce.
  10. Yeah,the lack of poise is really the only thing I can point to. And it wasn't just the freshmen. RJ had 2 TOs, Dunans had one and two quick, missed 3s that essentially mimicked turnovers. Wiley and Mac had two each during that stretch. It was just all around poor. The rebounding was even, or +1 for OM technically, for the game. We made most of the shots in the first half so OM didn't have much to rebound. OM made most of the shots in the second half and didn't give us many opportunities. I think our offensive rebound numbers in the second half were pretty low. But the offensive rebounding issue has a lot to do with the quickness of the shot and having no one close to crash the boards and help rebound.
  11. I went back and looked. Ole Miss made 8 layups or dunks in a 9+ minute stretch while shooting 11-16 from the floor with no 3s and 8-8 from the FT line to cut the lead from 23 to 2. Meanwhile, during that same time period, Auburn had 8 turnovers, went 4-12 from the floor, and gave up points on 13 of 16 possessions.
  12. Like Ellitor says, he's kinda old school. Good inside game. Handles the ball well. Can shoot from three. Likes to go to the basket. From the highlights I've seen, it doesn't seem like he plays quite as tall as his height says. Maybe he knows he doesn't have to, but he doesn't seem to have the jump out of the gym skills, although that certainly isn't necessary. Kinda reminds me of McLemore's build with a solid offensive game.
  13. You think with the addition of Okeke and possibly another stretch 4 that Bruce will move Purifoy?
  14. Most projections I've seen have us in the 4-6 seed range in the NIT. Getting a top four seed in that tournament, preferably a 1 or 2, should be the goal right now. If you accomplish that, you've worked your way back into the bubble conversation.
  15. If my math is correct, I believe we only have two spots available unless we have some attrition. I think we need to add a versatile big man. Not really sure what to do with that other spot.