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  1. I believe there are some issues in the locker room that center around the QB competition last year that some players still haven't forgotten or moved on from. I don't think Bo caused them or has done anything personally. But there is a part of the team (you could argue a big part of the team) that wasn't happy with how the QB competition was handled last year and still haven't let it go. I think he's been isolated to an extent, and his competitiveness and the way he approaches teammates might have furthered that.
  2. Honestly, he probably is a bit scared, maybe concerned or cautious is a better term. I’ve heard of at least one other beat writer that had his access threatened because of something he said/wrote. I think they’re all having to walk a very thin line right now.
  3. Not unfair. I think he’s playing out of position, and for two years now due to depth at the PG position, we’ve tried to force a square peg into a round hole. Not really his fault. Just circumstances out of his control. Hate it for him because I do think he has value as a shooter and could be a solid secondary facilitator on drive and kicks. Just don’t think he’s suited to be a offense manager and distributor and facilitator first. Doesn’t seem to be his game.
  4. Yeah, I would think we'd hit all avenues pretty hard. Given the potential of the roster next year, my guess is we'd look for a GT first to have experience. If Sharife isn't eligible, his scholarship is vacated, and that would put us at 13 next year. If our schollies are reduced, we're probably looking at two guys leaving after the season to make things works. So, I think we'd only take one PG and then try to take a HS PG in the next class.
  5. Hopefully they grow up fast. This is a big audition for both of them while Sharife is out. If Sharife isn't ever reinstated, we'll have to go get a PG for next year unless one or both of them proves they're capable.
  6. That thought has crossed my mind, but by many accounts, Person is so out for himself that I don't think that came into play when he made his decision.
  7. It's about the only way. The NCAA believes it's their organization and that they can request whatever they want to get the answers they want, but often times they overstep their reach and have to be put in check. Most times people don't check them, but it seems the times that people do check them, it works in their favor. Don't know that it will work out in this case, but I'd be hard pressed to deal with the NCAA without legal representation when it came to these matters.
  8. Given that the Coopers have hired lawyers, I don't think he's planning to bolt overseas until every avenue to gain his eligibility has been exhausted.
  9. My guess is we agreed with the NCAA that we'd announce the self-imposed postseason ban and that the NCAA would announce "more" punishment in the form of the scholarships, probation, and fines, which is all in line with what OKSt received.
  10. Yeah, it was June of last year. He and his twin brother both got Maseratis.
  11. Don't believe so. Apparently, Sharife's issue doesn't have anything to do with Auburn or his recruitment. It's all to do with his dad starting and agency and the NCAA wanting questions answered about certain things. According to Hooks, the Coopers have lawyered up in their quest to solve this issue. He just can't play at Auburn until he's made eligible by the NCAA, which apparently still hasn't happened.
  12. Supposedly, we have the NOA and have had it for some time. Auburn has just chosen not to publicly release it. We aren't just pulling this stuff out of thin air. By all pertinent and informative accounts, we've been working with the NCAA on appropriate punishment and this is where things seem to have settled. I still expect scholarship reductions, fines, probation, and possibly more recruiting restrictions before all of this is done. And I wouldn't be shocked to see Bruce receive some type of individual punishment under the HC Responsibility charge.
  13. How have those programs only been slapped on the wrist? They haven't self-imposed anything and the NCAA hasn't ruled on their cases yet. The main reason coaches like Will Wade and Sean Miller are still at their respective schools is because their administrations haven't removed them. The NCAA can't remove them. They can just levy punishment that essentially forces the school to fire those coaches, which may very well happen in time. But they haven't gotten away with anything while Auburn is being harshly punished. Auburn is just taking things into their own hands in hopes it earns favor with t
  14. Honestly, I dont think we expected the sanctions to be much more than what we originally self-imposed until Oklahoma St got their punishment. I think we then started positioning ourselves to think we weren't going to get off without a similar punishment. This was probably bartered out with the NCAA. And knowing how slowly they can move, my guess is we want this over and done now so we don't have to worry about it for next year when the roster should be really good.
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