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  1. Question about Sean white

    Based on what was said about his injury last year, that wouldn't surprise me at all.
  2. Last time AU beat LSU in Baton Rouge...

    I was 14 and had tickets to go to the game with my great aunt, but my great grandfather passed away and changed our plans. Listened to the game on the radio in the funeral home parking lot because they had the visitation on a Saturday night.
  3. We are going to beat Ole Miss and LSU

    Just looking at the next few opponents: OM will have nightmares trying to stop our DL and our run game (even as poor as we've been in the run game) LSU might have some of the same issues as OM, although not quite on the same level. Their OL and DL just aren't very good right now. Arkansas might be tougher than we're expecting because that's become a huge game to them. Should be able to make them one dimensional with our defense though. aTm looks dangerous, but I think we will defend them like we have Clemson and State. Contain Mond and force him to beat us from the pocket all night. Their defense and its aggressiveness is my biggest concern for that game. We do catch OM, LSU, and Arkansas at good times in their schedule. Each of their games before us is on the road. OM played at Bama last week, LSU plays at Florida this week, and Arkansas plays at Bama next week before they play us. We should win those games and be 8-1 when UGA comes to town.
  4. More Barrett and Miller please

    I think the change in offensively philosophy has as much to do with that as anything else. We're not really running the same blocking schemes that we've run the last two seasons that MM was here. I'm guessing we spent a bunch of time making sure KP and KJ were up to speed, expecting them to see the bulk of the playing time.
  5. There has been talk that JJ was not involved at all in the hiring of the new softball coach, and his only participation in that was announcing him at the press conference. So, I'm not sure how much credit he will or should get for that hire.
  6. Louisville fired their AD and essentially fired their HC because an assistant is on tape negotiating with an Adidas exec to pay $100K to a recruit to go to Louisville, which he did. On that tape, the assistant says they have to keep this deal really quiet because Louisville just go put on probation for other recruiting violations. This meeting took place 6 weeks after Louisville's punishment from the NCAA was handed down in the Madam case. Other schools have been implicated as well. Most of them deal with assistant coaches, shoe company execs, agents/financial advisers, and recruits. An Adidas executive was arrested, and Nike's grassroots basketball operation has been subpoenaed to turn over all pertinent documents. This seems like an attack on the shoe companies for bribes and shady deals in the AAU world, and they used some of these assistants as their way into this world. Chuck Person is a bit different from the rest of this case. He is accused of taking bribes from a financial adviser in exchange for Person bringing him current players that will sign with the adviser when they go into the draft. Person was being paid by that adviser and was taking some of that money and paying the players and players' families to secure the deal, which is an impermissible benefit. It's entirely possible that Person acted on his own and JJ and Pearl had no knowledge of these improper dealings. The big concern, at least for me, is this invites the NCAA to come investigate the basketball program, and given the shady world of AAU recruiting and how well we've recruited the last few years, I'd think there are some really uncomfortable folks in the basketball program right now. Plus, Pearl's contentious relationship with the NCAA makes me worry that they may be on a crusade to find anything on Pearl. Not a good situation to be in right now IMO.
  7. AU 10 pt favorite vs Miss St

    I think the number is about right. I figured it would open around 8-9, depending on how much home field advantage we're given. I don't think State is as good or as bad as their last two performances. Right now at most Vegas books it's 9.5 and offshore books the number is 9. Also looks like about 55% of the tickets are on State right now (according to vegasinsider), which would make sense given the line has moved slightly in their favor. There could be some inflation here by Vegas to encourage betting on the favorite hoping to catch some square money on Auburn just based on State's and Auburn's last performances. I don't think it's much though. If the public continues to back State and the number gets around 8.5, I'll like our chances. If a lot of steam comes on State and that number gets down to 7-7.5, I'd be a little worried. We should be able to control the LOS on both sides and force Fitz to beat us throwing the ball, which I'm not sure he can do. I like us to win, not so much ATS.
  8. Montgomery just decommitted, per twitter.
  9. Anbody have any info on Pettway?

    He needs to get on track this weekend and have a big performance. His ability last year to press the LOS and bounce runs off the edge made him really tough for the State defense to defend. Hopefully, we can see that type of performance from him again Saturday.
  10. Anbody have any info on Pettway?

    Purely speculation on my part, but I think he will still go and try to make it somehow. He considered leaving last year. I don't see him deciding to come back again.
  11. Is he going to be available this weekend?
  12. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    What kind of hurt? Is it a mobility issue or a throwing issue?
  13. Offensive line play

    They also have players that fit the current scheme much better, better quality and depth on the OL, and a QB that isn't a sitting duck. I get that Hand hasn't been a fan favorite here, but I don't think it's as easy as saying Hand being the common denominator between Penn St and Auburn explains why both OLs weren't/aren't good.
  14. Offensive line play

    Yeah, it made me wonder about the adjustments (or lack of) this staff makes. I don't understand the very detailed intricacies of OL play and watching it on tape to understand if we've made adjustments nor do I know how many times we ran certain plays from certain formations against certain looks. But it does seem, from a novice fan's perspective, that we didn't make many adjustments to counter how Mercer adjusted to defend the run game. I wish I had that knowledge. Maybe it's something I'll put on my bucket list to learn.