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  1. For me, it wouldn't be more bend. It would just feel like my left shoulder is working more down and my right shoulder working more up. What I see in that last video feels to me like you're shoulders are working on a flat plane as if you were standing straight up and rotating to your right. So, even though you're bent at the waist and your spine angle is in good position, you're shoulders aren't rotating perpendicular to that spine angle.
  2. So, yeah, you definitely have some of same issue I have. It's part of your immediate takeaway where you roll your wrists backwards slightly as you start to take the club away. When I start running into this problem, my thought becomes trying to keep the emblem on my glove hand pointed towards the ball on the takeaway and never pointed up towards the sky. I try to think of the back of my left hand mirroring my clubface. The other thing I try to work on is rotating my left shoulder more under my swing instead of rotating around my spine. When I feel my shoulder rotate more horizontally, I feel l
  3. If you already have a video or videos and you have a youtube account, just upload it to YT and copy the links here. Most smart phones can upload videos to YT directly from your camera/photos, and it takes seconds to post. My initial two thoughts on what you describe is either a casting on the downswing, which can be caused by a multitude of things, or a severe opening of the face of the club on the initial takeaway, which can lead to all kinds of contact issues. I'm currently battling the second issue right now.
  4. Eh, those teams seemed to have the same issues this squad has. Scoring more than one goal per match has been an ongoing issue. And like us, several other nations didn't bring their best rosters to the Gold Cup either. Mexico brought almost their best roster, but several of the more competitive nations were missing big pieces like we were. We had chances against Honduras in the Nations League Semi to score 3-4 goals. They are going to concede possession to us. We have to take advantage of that and put some goals away because we will have chances. But Honduras is going to get their chances
  5. I'm choosing to be naïve and think we will muster the guts and fight to pull out a win. If the "on paper" team shows up and performs to their "on paper" abilities, we should beat Honduras. I'd like to think that one of these three matches we'd get a good, complete performance across the board.
  6. And then there's this!
  7. I hadn't seen that. That would kinda make some of the talk about his teammates not liking him make a little more sense.
  8. McKennie sent back to Italy (rumors that he broke COVID rules by leaving the team hotel in Nashville, also might’ve brought a female back to the hote). Dest back to Spain because of an ankle injury. Jackson Yueill called in. No Gio on Wednesday. Already without Weah. And Honduras started 9 new guys in their second match. So their first group who started at Canada should be well rested. This is shaping up to be a really, really tough test.
  9. Looking at Canada's stats from last night. They played 9 of their 11 starters 90+ minutes. Buchanan left at the half with an ankle knock and they made one sub in the 86'. Interested to see how they handle their lineup against us. I'd imagine they will have some shakeups, and I expect us to do the same. I guess the positives there would be Pulisic and Brooks are two of our best players coming in fresh.
  10. Honestly, it was a pretty poor performance. We started the first 10-15 minutes like I thought we'd play all night, but that wore off quickly. From then on, there was little build-up and we couldn't get the ball at the feet of our playmakers until really late in the match. Really disappointed with the play of Dest and Yedlin. IMO their play significantly stifled our ability to build and retain possession. And they didn't really do anything with the ball to advance play or make us more threatening. And if they're not going to do that while pushing up in the attack, I'd rather them just distribut
  11. No doubt. Who would've thought on Oct 11, 2017 that four years later we'd be ranked 10th in the world by FIFA? Quite the turnaround for Gregg Berhalter and this young group of players.
  12. Yeah, I think that next tier is fair. I just think the confidence comes from the validation that so many of these players are sought after by world renowned clubs. There's not as much proving to be done and questioning if you're good enough when you're being linked in a transfer from Juventus to Tottenham or a regular starter for Barcelona or Chelsea or Dortmund. Those clubs give instant credibility, and it seems to rub off on these "kids."
  13. Yeah, I remember following the last cycle and just praying we could somehow get into the WC because the next cycle and the 2026 cycle would be so great with some of the young talent we had coming up. But it was probably 20-25 names, and several of them are big contributors now. I can't keep up with the number of kids who are eligible MNT players because there are so many now. And this current group of young stars are really the breakthrough group that got Americans to Europe en masse. I think MLS and the MLS academies should get some credit for that. And honestly, the national team doing what
  14. The Octagonal starts tomorrow night in San Salvador. We have at El Salvador, Canada, and at Honduras in this three-game swing. Pulisic didn't travel to El Salvador, but he should play against Canada over the weekend. Squad looks pretty good though, and I expect a lot of guys to play over these three games.
  15. IMO he’s a big pickup. He caught against us in our opening series, and I’m not sure I’ve heard Butch be more complimentary about an opposing player. He clearly caught Butch’s attention in that series.
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