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  1. Multiple coaches are visiting Green today.
  2. This is the fight we will put up if the HC responsibility or LOIC charges are handed down in the NOA. IMO I think you’ve nailed our compliance department’s stance on the issues. I just don’t trust the NCAA at all in these situations.
  3. Pretty sure Jalen’s twitter handle is @jalenromande
  4. I think Hooks' concern is the same one I have. I believe the university handled the Chuck Person/Austin Wiley/Danjel Purifoy situation as well as it could've possibly been handled. They fired the coach, suspended other assistants/volunteers, and suspended the players. It was swift and decisive. My concern isn't with that. It's with Bruce and the potential Head Coach Responsibility charge. If Bruce didn't promote an atmosphere of compliance and/or didn't monitor his assistants and volunteers, he's in trouble. The difficult part here is it's possible that, even if he was monitoring everything, this could've happened. So, how do you prove you monitored things when it happened under you? It's a sticky situation. I don't think there was any way Bruce knew what Person was doing, but the way the HCR charge reads, Bruce still should've known or been actively doing things to deter that. Now, there's a lot of evidence we don't have that could explain how Person could manage this scheme without Bruce ever knowing. But Sullivan and the other video guy being involved is worrisome because those are two more people Bruce is responsible for that did something egregious enough to be put on administrative leave. I don't know what's going to happen with all of this. Nothing may come of this. But IMO the HCR charge is what the NCAA is after. They're specifically after Bruce here, and Bruce is in a tough spot because the rule doesn't make it very clear what exactly he's responsible for monitoring.
  5. The late steam was my added comment, in reference to the number of CBs that have recently rolled in favoring Auburn.
  6. One of the Rivals national guys says Memphis is the team to beat for Jalen Green. Granted, he's been picking Memphis for quite some time now and admits that it's a slight lead, but he's still picking Memphis in spite of the late steam Auburn has shown in his recruitment. It's on Auburn Rival's front page.
  7. I think we see him some tomorrow night and should have him full go in Lexington.
  8. Playing devil’s advocate here: if Melo had played in college, would he benefit more in exposure and endorsements than playing overseas? Does Zion get the same hype and exposure if he goes overseas instead of playing at Duke for a year? I don’t know the answer to that. Just curious on your thoughts. I do see the value in playing overseas, but I also think there’s value in playing in college in the US for a year too.
  9. Haven’t heard that. I like that if it did happen.
  10. Honest to goodness, I have no idea what to expect in this game tomorrow. I don’t know if the showing at Mizzou is the new norm without Okoro or of it was just dead legs and no energy playing a team we overlooked. On paper, I think we’re better than UGA, even without Okoro. But I don’t know that the difference is much. We’re similar shooting teams, but statistically we rebound and defend better. It’s not going to be a cake walk though. And we have to have everyone contribute in some way to win this game.
  11. The McDAAG is April 1st. He might wait until then. He’s just said in some recent (within the last month or so) interviews that he’d announce soon after his HS season ends.
  12. Looks like it ends March 12ish. He plays for a prep school, so he isn’t playing a traditional HS state tournament. They have the Grind Sessions World Championships as the last scheduled event of his HS season, and that event is March 9-12.