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  1. That was as effortless a performance from Burns as any I can remember. Similar to a few of Mize’s outings last year. The ball was just jumping out of his hand all night. If he’s been sitting in the rocking chair all season, then he wasn’t in a glide rocker last night.
  2. Daniel isn’t going to pitch for a while because of an injury. And I thought Owen was better than OK. He’s earned a start, given how the other starters outside of Burns have performed.
  3. Weekend series 2 has come and gone. Tanner Burns dealt like Tanner Burns deals. He’s locked into that Friday night role for the rest of the year IMO. But behind him, we have some questions. Davis Daniel sounds like he will be out with a flexor pronator strain for a few more weeks, likely returning a couple weeks into SEC play. I think we have a bunch of talented arms. We just need to find two more that are the most consistent and give us the best starts to games. Butch said after Saturday that he thought Jack Owen has earned a start. So I expect him to get the Saturday start against Cincinnati. And with the amount of talent and depth we have, we don’t necessarily need a start to go 6+ innings every start. We can manage the Saturday and Sunday guy giving us 4 good innings to start each game. That third starter is going to be a toss-up though. I think Carson Skipper has looked the most consistent, and he’s who I’d lean toward. But I also think Garrett Wade has the most dominant stuff of anyone in our bullpen if he can harness that wildness. Will be really interesting to see who we go with and how the Saturday and Sunday starters fare over the next 2 weeks before SEC play.
  4. Sounds like Garrett Wade is going to start tomorrow. Really excited to see him pitch. He’s apparently struggled with control throughout the fall and spring, but he has devastating stuff when he’s locating it. Ready to see him in action.
  5. Looks like we’re going to dodge the rain today but maybe not tomorrow. Probably good for the young pitchers to get work today but still not overtax the entire bullpen.
  6. I thought about that, but I’d almost rather play the two midweek games. It should be games where we get a lot of guys on the field, which I think is almost as important as being fresh going into the weekend series.
  7. After the weekend throwing 35 innings and Daniel leaving early and likely not available this coming weekend, I figured it was worth discussion/mentioning the pitching rotation and staff situation. Jack Owen was supposed to start Tuesday against Alabama A&M, but his 67 pitches on Sunday have ruled that out. It sounds like Carson Skipper will get the start on Tuesday, and Garrett Wade looks to be getting the start Wednesday, although Brooks Fuller could factor in to that as well. For the weekend series, it sounds like Burns will go Friday and that Kyle Gray and Bailey Horn look to be the Saturday/Sunday starters. We threw 14 pitchers over the weekend with several guys getting multiple innings of work. I’d suspect Elliott Anderson is available either Tuesday or Wednesday. Greenhill probably has an inning or two available. Will Morrison, Peyton Glavine, and Brooks Fuller should be good for either game. Ryan Watson might be available Wednesday. I doubt we see Richard Fitts or Jack Owen until this weekend.
  8. And got out of a couple of big-time jams with less than 2 outs without giving up the lead. Not sure who we’re going to throw on Tuesday (maybe Carson Skipper), but that’s for us to worry about Tuesday.
  9. Yeah, my biggest concern with this team is the bullpen and the amount of freshmen we will have to rely on this year. On top of that, Daniel visiting Dr. Andrews this week isn’t a great sign.
  10. We’re going to need those freshmen in SEC play. So you throw them now and test them to see which ones handle it and which struggle. Carson Skipper looked really good last night. Fuller and Morrison struggled today. You gotta get these guys work now in pressure situations when it’s not as important as conference play. I’m with you on not having super high expectations, although I think we will make a regional. We’re really talented, but we lost a lot of experience at important positions. And we’re replacing that experience with mostly freshmen, which isn’t a recipe for great success. I think we’re a year away from making a really deep run.
  11. Some not so great news about the rotation. Davis Daniel left yesterday’a game after 2 innings with forearm tightness and will now have an MRI done and visit Dr. Andrews this week. I’d say the chances that he starts next weekend aren’t very good. Hopefully, it’s all precautionary and he can get back on the field soon.
  12. Pretty excited about this rotation. Looks like Jack Owen will get the Tuesday start and I think either Carson Skipper or Will Morrison will get the Wednesday start. I have heard Brooks Fuller will likely factor into the backend as well.
  13. Yeah, Butch has done a fantastic job of signing highly ranked classes while also getting the top end of the class on campus, especially highly ranked HS players. The only players that I can remember the last 2-3 years that we’re highly touted commits that didn’t get to campus we’re both JUCO guys who were top 3 round picks the last two years (Blake Rivera this year and LHP Evan “Something” last year). Guys like Davis Daniel, Tanner Burns, and Garrett Wade have all passed on good money to come play for him. That’s a big deal.
  14. This class's signing day is coming up on November 14th. The class is currently ranked 10th by Perfect Game and has 3 PG Top 100 commits. Hayden Mullins has made the biggest jump. He’s currently their #25 overall prospect for the 2019 HS class. Nate LaRue is also now in the top 100 along with Gunnar Henderson. This is a really strong signing class, and if we can get the top 4-5 guys in this class to campus next fall, we’re going to be really happy about that IMO.
  15. Woley had been dealing with a back injury, but he’s back to practicing now. I think he’s going to factor into the IF race. I’m guessing he ends up at 3B.