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  1. RPI now up to #48 going into the weekend.
  2. RPI moved up to 50 after last night's win.
  3. And like I said, I was thinking the combo would be a 3/4 kind of player, like Dunans, since we will have two PGs on the roster.
  4. Saw that we would consider a guard that can play PG as well. I had been thinking the combo guard would've been of the bigger variety, more of a slasher (like Dunans). Was surprised to hear we might consider another PG-type guard. On TJ, best of luck to him. He had a tough situation this year. Hopefully, he lands somewhere that can better utilize his skills than we could this year.
  5. Here are the rankings from all the major polls: #20 - d1baseball.comNR - Baseball America#16 - College Baseball NewspaperNR - Perfect Game#24 - NCBWA poll#24 - USA TODAY#57 RPI
  6. You thinking Murray, Mac and Spencer at the 4?
  7. You do realize Bama has been to a postseason tournament in 6 of the last 7 years while Auburn has had one winning season since 2009. I know because they're the big, bad cross-state rival, everyone wants to compare us to them. But the situations aren't even close. Avery had upperclassmen to rely on this year. They aren't the most talented bunch, but they had leadership from older guys. They've been there before. They weren't completely reliant on freshmen to carry the load all season. So, be jealous or envious of Bama's continued mediocrity in basketball (don't get me wrong, I would've given anything for that mediocrity over the last few years), but don't compare the two programs like they're equals and one succeeded while the other failed.
  8. If we decide to play in the CBI and I were coach, I'd have a 7 man rotation. I'd tell the seniors I appreciate their efforts this season and everything they've brought to the program, but this tournament would be to start preparing for next year. If the older guys are willing to understand and accept that they won't play unless they absolutely needed, then keep them on the roster. If not, let them move on and start working on next year.
  9. I mean... the other guys on the list are no slouches. All-Freshman TeamBraxton Key, AlabamaMustapha Heron, AuburnBam Adebayo, KentuckyDe'Aaron Fox, KentuckyMalik Monk, KentuckyLamar Peters, Mississippi St.Grant Williams, TennesseeRobert Williams, Texas A&M Wiley is really the only other freshman that may have received consideration, but his shortened season probably prevented him from getting on the list.
  10. We're also playing with much more pressure than Mizzou. I still think we win this game, but we have a whole lot more to lose tonight than they do.
  11. That's my biggest concern. I always assume teams are going to have good/great shooting nights against us, and I always worry that our shots won't fall.
  12. I thought we were pretty bad in the zone when we stayed in it for extended periods. There were a few possessions where we alternated on each possession, and I thought we looked pretty good. When they knew the zone was coming, they seemed to pick it apart.
  13. Saw somewhere that one of the NIT committee members said in a radio interview he anticipates 3-4 SEC schools to get in. So, we need a good 2 wins and some help from some others.
  14. Nothing like the situation between him and Canty last year. I think he just thinks highly of himself and his abilities, wants to demand touches and usage, and isn't particularly fond of the younger guys' roles overshadowing him. Unfortunately, he just isn't a big team guy. From what I've heard and know, he's about the team so long as it benefits him. I like Dunans, and I can understand some of his frustrations. But I think he could've handled himself better and been a better example for the young guys on the team.
  15. It sounds like the departure of Dunans will be an overall improvement in team chemistry. Hopefully Murray or Heron step up and become the leader of this group.