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  1. Jack has pitched well the last few outings. Against their lefty-heavy lineup, hopefully he presents some matchup problems for them and pitches well. Some Kentucky fans I’ve talked to think they will throw Sean Hjelle. They’re also concerned about the health of their staff. Several of their pitchers are injured and likely won’t throw Tuesday.
  2. boomstick

    In order to host

    IMO it comes down to 8 teams for 5 host spots: Auburn, Texas, UConn, Minnesota, NC State, East Carolina, Coastal Carolina, and Duke. I think the last three are the least likely to host and the first five are in no particular order. Don’t think the AAC will get two hosts, and UConn just beat ECU in their series. Coastal has a 24 RPI, and while their OOC SOS is strong at 5, their resume isn’t significantly stronger than the others listed to make up for their RPI deficiency. Duke has a facilities problem, and while they’re trying to make temporary improvements to host, that’s still up in the air. And they probably need to win a game or two in the ACCT to feel good about their chances.
  3. boomstick

    Baseball vs LSU Game 1

    Outside of winning that first game, I don’t care much about the SECT. I do think we need to win our first game even if we sweep LSU to get a host spot.
  4. boomstick

    Baseball vs LSU Game 1

    To be the 6 seed: Auburn sweeps LSU or Auburn wins the series Vandy wins their series vs Kentucky Florida and South Carolina win one game in their respective series
  5. Yeah, they could pair up Greenhill with Owen on Tuesday. Try to get Jack through four, get 1-2 from Daniel or Coker, and let Greenhill finish it off. And the coaches may decide to go with someone else besides Owen on Tuesday, but I think that's the plan right now. If we sweep LSU and it looks like winning Tuesday locks up an NCAA regional host spot, we may throw someone else. They seem to have a lot of faith in Owen though, and he's pitched well lately.
  6. boomstick

    Baseball vs LSU Game 1

    To get that 5th seed, I think we need to sweep LSU and South Carolina to get swept because I believe we'd lose the highest seeded common opponent tiebreaker to them. No one else can get to 16 wins that would beat us in a tiebreaker. I don't think we can be the 5 seed if we don't get to 16 wins.
  7. boomstick

    Baseball vs LSU Game 1

    Good to see you posting again. Feel like it's been a while since I've seen you post in the baseball threads. I agree on the RPI. Even with two losses, the needs report say we would stay in the top 16. Looking at the Warren Nolan RPI game values, I don't think we'd fall past 15 if we lose the series.
  8. Yeah, that's a possibility. Right now, I'd guess we would go with Mitchell or Daniel in that Wednesday game depending on who we use out of the bullpen. That sets you up for Tanner on Thursday. And if we get to Friday, Mize would throw or get the week off if we don't get to Friday. There is also the possibility that Mize could throw a short outing early in the week like we did with Keegan last year, but I'd think that possibility is very remote given the way Butch has seemingly protected him these last couple weeks.
  9. I believe Jack Owen is going to start the Tuesday game. If we win, I’m not sure what we will do. Probably will depend on who throws out of the pen in relief of Owen.
  10. boomstick

    Baseball vs LSU Game 1

    I bet Greenhill could throw an inning or two if we had to have it Saturday.
  11. boomstick

    Burns gets the ball Thursday

    Guessing LSU is going to counter with Hess Thursday, Hilliard Friday, and probably TBA Saturday.
  12. boomstick

    Baseball @ Troy

    48 Ks in the last 4 games. 53 in the 7 games before that. Our BABIP in our last four games is .444. When we put the ball in play, we're doing good things. If we were to put half of those 48 strikeouts into play, our BABIP is still .343, assuming none of those 24 Ks-turned-contact went for hits. In the last 4 SEC series where we got the offense going, our BABIP was .348, which is a good number. By comparison, our BABIP in OOC games this year is .354. Gotta put the ball in play. Not too worried about the loss from a hosting/RPI standpoint. It didn't hurt our RPI at all and SEC wins will have much more of a factor on our hosting chances than one midweek game at Troy. The RPI is where it needs to be. The SEC record has to get where it needs to be. Probably 4 more SEC wins total would get us a host spot. But there is something to be said about playing well and being in a good mental state going into this last series and postseason play, neither of which is the case right now. The bullpen has been really hit-or-miss lately. The offense seems to be trending back down. And the starting pitching had a fairly unusual group of outings last week. Seems like a lot of areas to need improvement going into such a crucial SEC series.
  13. Rolison probably is a first round pick. Fiegl isn’t on that level, but his stuff is nasty. And he was named National Pitcher of the Month in February. Ole Miss had 2-3 guys who threw our kryptonite. That hard, low in the zone slider that looks like an outside FB but is never a strike is and has been a problem for this lineup the last two years. And we’re probably going to get a steady dose of them against LSU.
  14. Listening to Butch this morning, it sounds like Mize and Burns might throw Thursday and Friday this week. Butch mentioned Mize’s short outing and Burns’s low pitch count as reasons why they might move them. Nothing set in stone other than Jack Owen is starting tomorrow, but it sounds like something the coaches are considering.
  15. boomstick

    Baseball at Ole Miss Game 3

    It will be close. Our RPI needs report says if we win 1 home and 1 road game or 2 home games, our RPI will stay in the top 16. I think the hosting discussion gets tricky because, while the RPI is strong and the resume is good, I don't believe an SEC team has ever hosted at or below .500. So, even if you include the Bama midweek game, we'd need to sweep LSU or win the LSU series and win two games at Hoover to guarantee an above .500 finish. If we win our first game at Hoover, we're guaranteed two more losses unless we win the tournament. Although, this could be an unusual year where a .500 SEC like Auburn with the good RPI and good record against RPI top 50 is enough to get a regional. We're 27-5 at home and played some really tough road series. We were on really solid ground in the hosting discussion going into last weekend. I'd imagine we're still in the discussion now, but probably on the bubble with a few other teams.