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  1. Purifoy eligibility

    My guess is, if he/his family was given money, it was paid back (probably to some fund or foundation or something since it can't go back to an FBI informant) and his amateur eligibility was reinstated. I do think the NCAA does their best not to completely exile kids from collegiate athletics because, for some, it's their best or only shot at getting a college education.
  2. Purifoy eligibility

    We did appeal. This is the result of the appeal. They ruled Purifoy ineligible, we appealed for his reinstatement, the NCAA reinstated him with an additional suspension. The reason he and Wiley sat out is because Auburn held them out while investigating their situations. When Auburn asked for certification/reinstatement, Auburn also reported additional violations found during their investigation. Schools like USC, Louisville, and Oklahoma St had players sit parts or all of the season for similar alleged violations.
  3. Men's Roster Breakdown Through 2020.

    Well, the guy I felt least confident about returning and being on this list when I made it is actually returning. I'll update the sheet to remove the current year later today, and I'll update it again once we get info on Wiley and Heron.
  4. Purifoy eligibility

    I think the one-game suspension was a Bama offering to appease the NCAA. I don't think the $75 benefit carried a one-game suspension, but it was a smart move by Bama IMO. And all those big money transactions in that report were guys that were gone. Would've been interesting to see what would've happened if a current player like Wendell Carter or Kevin Knox had received a $30,000 loan and how everything would've been handled.
  5. Purifoy eligibility

    That Bama coach was an associate AD/head of basketball operations and had just come back to Tuscaloosa after serving as an assistant director of enforcement with the NCAA. The fact that he arranged an improper meeting was enough to fire him. That's incompetence arrogance on a whole other level. I believe Sexton had to pay back the money for his meal, and the suspension was more than what Miles Bridges received for the same offense. I believe Bridges only paid back the money but missed no time.
  6. Purifoy eligibility

    They cleared him back in November. Alabama did an investigation, submitted their findings to the NCAA, and they ruled he was eligible but had to serve a one-game suspension.
  7. Purifoy eligibility

    I wonder if they push for that if Wiley decides to return. I wonder if we would hold off and let him come with the 2019 class now and maybe take a true transfer to fill that 13th scholarship spot for this upcoming season.
  8. Brown or Purifoy at the 3

    Yeah, I don’t personally see Heron as an NBA guy right now, although I think he has some skills to get to that level. I think he’s an intelligent guy and will make the best decision for himself. With Purifoy returning and Samir coming into the fold, he may see the G-League as his next step rather than another year at Auburn. Just not sure where he is mentally and how he sees his development continuing here. With Wiley, I’m more concerned with the pressures and forces around him. I think, if it were totally his decision, he’d play here at least next year because, like you said, he’s an Auburn guy and loves his teammates and coaches. Don’t know if that wins out over making money playing basketball though.
  9. Brown or Purifoy at the 3

    I didn’t know that was going to get released today. I have a couple of friends that have no connection to each other but have connections to people in the basketball program and boosters. Both told me this afternoon after my first post ITT that he was coming back. That’s when I posted what you quoted.
  10. Brown or Purifoy at the 3

    Changing my confidence level of Purifoy being cleared to very confident.
  11. Brown or Purifoy at the 3

    Agreed. Generally, when you’re 11-12 deep, those last 2 guys off the bench are freshmen who probably need a year to develop. In our case, we’d be 12 deep with upperclassmen and 2 sophomores who played a ton of minutes this year. That’s probably a blessing and a curse. I’d love to see it though. I think every guy we’re talking about can bring value and production to this team. It would have to take an incredible amount of trust and commitment from all 12 to pull it off.
  12. Brown or Purifoy at the 3

    I don't see Bryce playing the 3, but I could see Purifoy playing some SG to spell Bryce since Purifoy was a pretty good spot-up shooter. I have no idea how Bruce will balance out this team if Purifoy, Wiley, and Heron all return. A bunch of players will lose minutes. But the likelihood of this entire roster returning plus Wiley and Purifoy is probably really small. If both Wiley and Purifoy return, it's likely we will see a transfer or two. If they can all somehow come together and understand that group is capable of some amazingly big things, then it might work. But I see too many guys who will want their time and their shots. I don't think we really have any super selfish guys, but I do think we have a lot of guys who have been relied upon to be the guy at some point in their collegiate basketball careers. Having 6-8 guys all take a step back and accept a lesser role seems like an impossibility. IMO that would be a greater challenge to Bruce than just about anything we would encounter on the court. One luxury Bruce would have this year with the competition is use that depth to force the best out of everyone or take away their minutes. He's never really been able to do that, but he'd have the depth next year to sit guys who didn't give max effort defensively. That would be the biggest benefit to that amount of depth. My rotation if we return everyone and sign Akingbola: PG: Harper/Mitchell SG: Brown/Doughty SF: Heron/Purifoy/Dunbar PF: Okeke/Murray C: Wiley/Mac/Spencer/Akingbola (I'd consider RSing him or maybe bringing him in around December if we have everyone else on the roster) So much hangs on the decisions of Heron and Wiley and the clearance and eligibility of Purifoy (which I feel decently confident he will get back). It has impacts on the roster for next year, recruiting for the next 2-3 years, and how we operate in the transfer market.
  13. Heron

    And the foot in his next game back late in the 2nd half against Kentucky.
  14. Heron

    On the timeline, you are correct. Anybody that wants to be considered has to do so by April 22nd. They also cannot sign with an agent. And once they get feedback, they have until June 11th to decide. I'll be curious if we have any other guys that look to go through the draft process like Bryce or someone off the radar like Dunbar. On Purifoy, I've heard some talk that he will be eligible to play next year and that Auburn may already know the decision from the NCAA. Nothing has been officially reported though that I've seen.
  15. Men's Roster Breakdown Through 2020.

    'Twas but a typing error. But if you know where I can find a money wrench, I'll share some of the proceeds. Maybe Danjel could point us in the right direction (I kid, I kid!).