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  1. Secondary

    Right now, I think our two starting CBs (C Davis and Dean), our Nickel (J Davis), and our two starting safeties (Trigga and Roberts) are solid to very good players. And I feel good about Daniel Thomas and Jeremiah Dinson being able to play multiple positions and providing depth at Safety or Nickel. Then, there's Nick Ruffin who has a bunch of experience but lacks some overall talent that others have. That's 8 guys that I think have proven they can be relied upon in the first game. My worry comes after that. Maybe it's a very good sign that Jason Smith can make the move and be in the 2-deep already. I'm not convinced of that though. We're probably going to need some young guys to step up and show they're capable of providing solid depth if needed. Sure would've been nice to have Dirty Mike on the roster.
  2. Can't see any way this was a foolish decision. Definitely a respect and integrity situation for me. Forced Stidham to push himself and compete and gave Sean a chance to outperform the guy everyone expected to win the job.
  3. European Tour

    Gotcha. I knew he'd played in games one and two and today. Didn't realize he didn't play in game three. I thought you were saying he hadn't played at all until today. The Wiley part had me confused.
  4. European Tour

    Wait, when did Heron get held out? I thought he played in all four games in Italy?
  5. So, now that the starter has officially been named, it sounds like Malik might be the backup. If that's the case, how much do we expect him to play?
  6. I thought the tweet was sent out while the team was in the meeting being informed of the decision?
  7. Tray Matthews

    I get that. I wouldn't have expected him to participate either. I just didn't remember seeing him on the sidelines at all. Not dressed out, not in street clothes. Like not in the stadium. I could've missed him though. Marlon was there. Kerryon and Pettway were both dressed out and went through drills. Just wasn't sure if it was ever said if he was there or why he may not have been there.
  8. Tray Matthews

    Anyone have any info on Tray's absence from the scrimmage? I don't remember seeing him at all Saturday, and I'm almost positive I read in some scrimmage notes he was held out of the scrimmage.
  9. scrimmage updates?

    I'd say DT and Safety are pretty close to the top. At DT, it's Brown, Russell, A Williams, and then I guess Cowart. Maybe we could move a bigger DE inside if needed or one of the young guys can be forced into action. At safety, it's Trigga Tray, Stephen Roberts, Nick Ruffin, and Daniel Thomas (who was in a sling with a cast on his lower arm Saturday). IMO there are more options at safety. Jason Smith, the freshmen, maybe a guy playing CB/Nickel right now like Dinson. I don't think we have the same options at DT.
  10. scrimmage updates?

    Broussard got beat inside and the throw was towards the hash. If I remember correctly, we ran something with a single high safety, and he couldn't get to the throw in time. It wasn't a great throw as Slayton had to make a pretty good adjustment to bring it in, but had it been a perfect throw, neither defender would've been in the picture. It happened to Broussard a couple other times where he got beat inside on a deep route.
  11. scrimmage updates?

    I wouldn't read too much into it. By all accounts, he's been great all fall camp, and he caught 3-4 others that were thrown his way in warmups and 7-on-7. He did show some good blocking skills on the edge.
  12. scrimmage updates?

    Cannella dropped a couple during warmups and 7 on 7 but never got anything thrown to him during the scrimmage. Sean hit him right in the hands on a throw that he dropped. But I like his look. I feel like he's going to have a big impact this season.
  13. scrimmage updates?

    I'm friends with some former players. That's normally how I get to go. I believe yesterday Tigers Unlimited or some group was allowed to attend as well.