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  1. This weekend is a big first step. Gotta handle business against a very good but beatable State team.
  2. Here is D1Baseball's projection from earlier today.
  3. Gotta love Butch. He stays positive but definitely gets his point across.
  4. Nah, if we go 3-3 against State and LSU and win the other two series, I still think we host. If we win our last four series, we definitely host.
  5. They're throwing a freshman lefty at us. I'm wondering if he's a junk baller, which seems to give us trouble at the plate. Don't know much about their team other than they beat Bama a few weeks ago, and they have one player hitting over .300 for the season.
  6. Bullpen had a lot to do with it. Early in the season we struggled a bit in the bullpen trying to figure out who to rely on and in what spots. Sprinkle took the losses to GW and Lipscomb, giving up 4 runs and 1 run (respectively) in the 9th inning of both games. Coker took the loss to Presbyterian, giving up 5 in the 9th. Keegan also gave up 4 in that Presbyterian game, but we had a 4-run lead to start the 9th. The bullpen has been more solid during SEC play, but IMO it was all part of figuring out who this team was and what we had. If we played those games now, I don't think we would see the same results, but that's the downside to having to rebuild the way Butch did this year.
  7. It may have been mentioned here in this thread or somewhere on this board, but I think Butch is on record saying we had a little lighter preseason schedule to help build some confidence in this team. When these schedules were made, I don't think anyone thought we'd be competing for a regional host spot. So having RPI considerations when scheduling probably wasn't something they discussed. Going forward, I'm sure it will be. And losing those three games that are hurting us normally wouldn't be a big deal, but this team is now in a position to earn a host spot. So those losses will come up and might have a negative affect. If we come back from Starkville and Baton Rouge with series wins and handle business against Bama and OM, there won't be any question in my mind as to whether or not we will host.
  8. Yep. Six starters are from that class, including our entire starting infield right now, plus our CF and DH. And five pitchers who see regular starts or weekend action are from that class. That's a lot of help from one recruiting class.
  9. It helps when most of the 20+ new guys are the team. There are so many contributors from that signing class. That can help be a bonding point when so many guys coming in are counted on to help turn things around. Of the 20 signees, I count 5 who haven't really played meaningful minutes this year. That's great contributions from one recruiting class.
  10. The first field of 64 projection is out for this week.
  11. I was reading an article from either Perfect Game or D1 Baseball that mentioned Butch and one other as the top candidates for National COY consideration.
  12. According to the Montgomery Advertiser, Mize is throwing a rehab bullpen session Wednesday to see if he can go this weekend.
  13. Yeah, I'm hoping they see those weaker losses as early season losses and that this team is quite different now than then. I can see them hurting us in some eyes though. The RPI top 50 record is really good, and we've been a different team since the UF series, even without two of our aces for different series.
  14. Is the field of 64 set solely on RPI? I was thinking it was a committee-style process where RPI weighed heavily. If that's correct, the human element could help us.
  15. I believe ESPN uses the USA Today Coaches' Poll.