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  1. boomstick

    Auburn Baseball Summer League Update

    Summer League cumulative stats update
  2. boomstick

    Auburn Baseball Summer League Update

    Yep. Ryan Watson also made the All-Star game in the South Florida Collegiate Baseball League. A bit surprised Davis Daniel didn’t make it in the Cape because he’s had a really strong summer, but he’s only had 4 appearances and 16 total innings.
  3. boomstick

    2019 Baseball Recruiting Thread

    And add this player too. Looks to be a utility guy who can play multiple positions including catcher.
  4. boomstick

    2019 Baseball Recruiting Thread

    Add this 2019 signee to the commit list. He’s a corner infielder with a lot of pop.
  5. boomstick

    Jeremy Johnson Transferring

    I think Williams is a big key to the defense next year. There's talk that he's going to get every chance to be the starting C, but bringing in another JUCO catcher who is known mostly for his defense makes me think we're more than prepared for Williams to play RF or 1B. Scheffler also hit .360 in his 2-year career in a wood bat JUCO league and stole 40 bases. 1B is also a toss-up. I think Davis moves there, but him not playing there for 2 seasons worries me defensively. We're bringing in another JUCO guy in Everett Lau who is similar to Julien in his ability to be a utility guy. He's an infielder but will probably get a first look at the OF this fall. Lau and Julien give us a lot of flexibility in the lineup. Ryan Bliss and Devin Warner are going to get a shot in the infield in the fall. Kason Howell and Jarrett Eaton will get looks in the outfield. If I were picking a lineup right now, I think it would look like this: C : Matt Scheffler (JUCO transfer) 1B: Davis 2B: Julien 3B: Woley (JUCO transfer) SS: Holland LF: Everett Lau (JUCO transfer) CF: Ward RF: Williams DH: Who the heck knows? We have a plethora of guys that could fill this role, from some incoming freshmen to possibly Tanner Burns to one of the guys I have listed who isn't starting on a particular day.
  6. boomstick

    Jeremy Johnson Transferring

    Johnson and Rojas were the only two he mentioned/had heard.
  7. boomstick

    Jeremy Johnson Transferring

    Doesn’t sound like Rojas is going to return, according to a friend of mine who know several players.
  8. boomstick

    Jeremy Johnson Transferring

    I think JJ is a really good kid. Just didn’t see things the same way as Butch.
  9. boomstick

    2018 Baseball Recruiting Thread

    Another name to add to the incoming class list.
  10. boomstick

    Jeremy Johnson Transferring

    Good question on Williams. I assume he’s going to get every shot at catcher. We don’t have many options there. Rojas is on the roster, but we brought in a JUCO C last year ahead of him and are bringing in another this offseason. Doesn’t look good for Rojas. And Chase Hall is the only other C on the roster. So, Williams might have to be the guy. If he moves to C, I’d think Ward, Cade Evans, freshmen Kason Howell and Jarrett Eaton, and maybe Julien and Davis are out OF options. Julien might also get a look at 2B. That’s where he’s played all summer. Still not sure what will happen at 1B. Rankin Woley will likely be somewhere in the field because his bat is supposedly that good. Freshmen Ryan Bliss and Devin Warner could also factor at 2B/3B.
  11. boomstick

    Jeremy Johnson Transferring

    I had heard right after the season ended that this might happen. Not surprised about it. His inability to get onto the field late in the season when Davis and Ward were struggling didn’t seem to bode well for his chances going forward.
  12. boomstick

    Auburn Baseball Summer League Update

    At the halfway point of the Cape Cod Summer season, Steven Williams is 4th in batting average (.349), 2nd in OBP (.525), and Top 10 in OPS (.944). HRs having a pretty strong summer to follow up his All-American freshman season.
  13. I agree that would be ideal. I’d want to do everything possible to keep Greenhill as a closer. And even if Wade isn’t ready for the SEC just yet, hopefully a guy like Ryan Watson or one of the JUCO arms can become a starter to keep Greenhill in place.
  14. Davis had a third great appearance for his Cape Cod team (the Chatham Anglers) last night. He got the start and went 4 scoreless, hitless innings with one walk and 4 Ks. So far this summer, he’s made three appearances (2 starts) and thrown 11.2 innings and allowed 0 runs on 2 hits and 2 walks while tallying 14 Ks.
  15. My guess as of today: Fri - Tanner Burns Sat - Davis Daniel Sun - ??? I think that Sunday spot is wide open. Greenhill, Owen, Garrett Wade, Kyle Gray, Bailey Horn, Ryan Watson, Rhett Fetner, Ryan Hoerter, all could factor into that third starting spot and the midweek starting spot.