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  1. Not really. Some guys just don’t respond the same or bounce back all that well. He had similar issues last year, although he only had 2 weekends where he pitched multiple times. Greenhill was also extended out a lot more last year, which limited him too. With Greenhill specifically, I think a bigger issue and cause of the inflated numbers in his second appearances is his lack of an effective arsenal. His FB is great, but teams seeing it a second time aren’t as fooled by it and have an easier time barreling it up. He’s also losing a few MPH off his FB in those second appearances, which makes that FB more hittable. And his secondary pitches haven’t quite come along this year. His slider is ok, and he used it more the last outing. But it isn’t consistent, and he doesn’t throw his CU much either. IMO, he needs to develop a more consistent offspeed offering, but by doing that, it might force him into a starting role next year, which is probably better suited for him.
  2. IMO we’re wasting innings with him. I think he could give 4-5 really strong innings once a weekend as opposed to 1-2 strong innings as a closer in one game and 1-2 decent/average innings in another. We’d almost be better off using him in a long relief appearance, say in the 6th inning Thursday if we have a lead. The difficulty there is you don’t have anyone to close a game out of Greenhill gets into trouble. He’s almost be better suited as a starter for us, but then we have no backend presence in the bullpen. I’d like to see us experiment with moving him to the starting role next year and trying to find another closer.
  3. To me, the two most logical reason are his struggles bouncing back and the fact that he’s the only experienced piece in the bullpen now that Anderson is starting Thursday. Greenhill has a 5.02 ERA and has given up 21 hits in 14.1 IP when he’s already thrown once in a weekend. If we’d have thrown him yesterday, he’s probably out (or considerably less effective) in the Thursday game. And you can’t afford to go into the weekend with your best reliever less than 100%, especially with Anderson now starting instead of being available in relief.
  4. I don’t think talent is an issue. I think getting guys to realize that potential is the thing, which is pretty difficult with young players. Coaches share some of the blame there, but players should have some accountability in that as well. We have two Freshmen All-Americans hitting less than .250 right now. Our preseason All-American SS hit around .200 for most of the season. He’s just now coming out of that slump. We have 18 new players on the roster this year. We rely on one pitcher (two if you count Watson) who isn’t a Sophomore or Freshman. There’s just so much youth and inexperience on this roster. It’s made for a bunch of inconsistencies because we’ve had to put a lot of that youth and inexperience in crucial and key situations. I think we have team leaders. Conor Davis and Tanner Burns and Cody Greenhill are team leaders. I think Holland is too, but he’s a less vocal guy. But we might’ve lost our biggest on-the-field leader in Davis Daniel before the season really ever began. Not excusing the sometimes poor or frustrating play, but IMO we should’ve seen this coming and shouldn’t be surprised this team is struggling to be consistent at anything. I still get frustrated by this group, but I think understanding that the five freshmen arms and the 3 freshmen position players were relying on will pay huge dividends down the road.
  5. Warren Nolan is also projecting us to finish with a 25 RPI, which would mean finishing with a win against UNA and one win at LSU. With that SOS, the record is solid. But I can’t help but think of 3-4 games we coulda/woulda/shoulda won with a timely hit or a shutdown inning or two from the bullpen. The slugfest at Miss St in game 3, the extra inning loss against Arkansas where we stranded runners all night in the late innings with the game tied and Williams tripping over third going in as the winning run, dropping the double play in the second game with Bama, not finding a base hit with bases loaded three times late against Vandy in that game two, maybe a pitching change to preserve a tie against UGA. With a few breaks and a few hits and 3-4 better pitching innings, we could be 16-11 or 17-10. Crazy to think considering the schedule we’ve played.
  6. Somewhat related to this discussion. I charted out the success of SEC teams making regionals at 13-, 14-, and 15-win regular seasons since the start of the current regional format in 1999. 13-win seasons: SEC teams are 11 of 26 in making regionals with a 13-17 or similar regular season record. When those teams have an RPI of 30 or less, those teams qualified for a regional 8 of the 10 times. Above 30 RPI? Just 3 of 16 times. 14-win seasons: These teams made regionals 13 out of 19 times. RPI less than 30 is 12 of 13. The only time a team didn’t qualify for a regional with a 14-win record and a 30 or less RPI was in 2000. But if you’re RPI is over 30, only 1 team with 14 wins qualified in 9 opportunities. 15-win season: Teams have qualified 20 of 26 times, and 15 out of 15 with an RPI less than 30. RPIsbetween 30-40 have gone 4 of 6. Basically, a strong RPI combined with a 14-16 record should get us into the tournament without much issue. 15-15 certainly gets us in because our RPI will likely improve if we get to 15 wins. 13 wins gets dicey because our RPI gets dangerously close to that 30 mark. LSU in 2011 was 13-17 with a 23 RPI and was left out. So, we need to win one in BR to feel safe.
  7. Absolutely. If we lose this midweek game right now to UNA (who is 252 in RPI), it ranks our RPI. We need all the metric help we can get if we don’t win the series at LSU. You cannot lose this midweek game and go 1-2 or 0-3 at LSU and feel good about your chances of getting an at-large bid without some work in the SECT. This midweek game might be the most important we’ve played this season because of the circumstances. A win doesn’t do much but a loss really hurts your metrics. According to the Needs Report, one home win and 2 road wins will keep us in the top 16 of the RPI. So, a home win and a road win probably keeps us in the top 25, which is fine. A loss to UNA could drop us out of the top 30.
  8. Wow. So Butch says Brooks Fuller is starting tomorrow, Anderson on Thursday, Owen Friday, and Burns Saturday. He also said Anderson will likely start Tuesday at the SECT.
  9. I think it would depend on how many Brooks throws. If he has a long outing (praying that he does), then I doubt he bounces back and throws Tuesday. If he has a short outing, I’m sure it would be an option on the table. Another thought I had was going with Anderson and Greenhill on Tuesday. See if those two can combine to go a complete game. Let EA start and Greenhill close it out. Greenhill just went four strong innings against UGA. I think he has 5, maybe 6 in him, especially if we’re in a must-win situation.
  10. I don’t think we have to win the series, but we definitely need to win one. A series win would be fantastic though. I like having Jack and Tanner going Friday and Saturday in those last two games.
  11. I believe it was 2011 and then 2007 before that.
  12. The only logical explanation I can come up with is they factored in the start at LSU on Thursday. I think they had to choose who started game three between Fuller and Fitts, and whoever didn’t start against UGA would start Thursday at LSU. And whichever of the two didn’t start could have a brief outing as a reliever and not jeopardize that LSU start. If you bring Brooks in to throw the 8th and 9th, maybe that burns him for Thursday. I wonder if we would’ve done something differently had we taken the lead in the bottom of the 7th. Heck, they ran Greenhill down to the pen like we were going to use him if we got the chance.
  13. Yeah, Davis and Scheffler are the two guys I'd like all of our hitters to emulate. Judd Ward too. Ward has been really good since SEC play started. If we do nothing else tonight, I hope we cut out the strikeouts. UGA isn't a big strikeout staff, and if we can cut those down or eliminate them like we did in the last game of the Bama series, I think good things will happen this weekend. I'd like to see us make a lineup adjustment. Partly to move Holland's hot bat up in the lineup but also to keep the L/R mix still somewhat balanced so teams can't matchup bullpen pieces against multiple guys in a row. Something like this: Ward Holland Davis Julien Scheffler Woley Williams Bliss Howell
  14. Also, our offense has started clicking these last few weeks, from an average standpoint. We’re doing a much better job of hitting the ball, but the struggle continues to be getting that hit or hits with runners on. Since the start of the Ole Miss series (, this is what the lineup is hitting: Ward 14-43 .326 Bliss 13-43 .302 Julien 10-44 .227 Davis 17-47 .362 Scheffler 13-37 .351 Woley 10-38 .263 Williams 8-32 .250 (8-23 .348 since missing the Jax St game) Howell 6-36 .167 Holland 12-37 .324 (he’s 9 of his last 12, which is hopefully a great sign) As a team over that 11 game span, we’re hitting .289. Ole Miss is currently 4th in the SEC, hitting .290, and Florida is 5th, hitting .289. The hitting we’re seeing right now is what I think most expected from this group all year. Hopefully, this is the kind of hitting we see the rest of the year and that the hits with RISP start to come with this higher average.
  15. Really good stuff here. A few notes about the upcoming series. Owen will start Friday, Burns Saturday, and Fuller Sunday. I’m interested to see how we fare in those first two games. For the first time in 8 weeks, we will have two starters we have great confidence in to get us started well. We desperately need 6+ from each of those guys to help set the tone of each game. UGA is hitting .239 in SEC play, which is almost .20 below us, but UGA has a tremendous pitching staff. Runs will be a premium this weekend. Rain could play a major factor on the weekend. It’s forecasted to rain during the afternoon tomorrow and Saturday and all day Sunday. It’s going to take us catching quite a break with the weather for us to get all three of these games in, which makes each one we actually play even more important. On the LSU series, they’ve had several injuries to their pitching staff as well and don’t have a single LHP on their staff this year. It will be worth watching their series against Arkansas, a team who blisters RHP, to see how they fare and if that can cause some bleed over into our series. On the season, we hit RHP at about .280 and LHP about .255. So there is a bit of an advantage there for us. That Ark/LSU series this weekend is also important for our hosting chances. IMO if Auburn works its way into a hosting spot, it will be because LSU loses the series this weekend and next weekend and Auburn wins it’s remaining two series. We’d still likely be the 6th SEC team in line for a host spot, but I think we’d jump LSU in the pecking order. And if we get 6 teams, I think we’d get that last spot. All of that is contingent on us winning these last two series and being in contention at 16-14.