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  1. boomstick

    2019 Baseball Recruiting Thread

    Yeah, Butch has done a fantastic job of signing highly ranked classes while also getting the top end of the class on campus, especially highly ranked HS players. The only players that I can remember the last 2-3 years that we’re highly touted commits that didn’t get to campus we’re both JUCO guys who were top 3 round picks the last two years (Blake Rivera this year and LHP Evan “Something” last year). Guys like Davis Daniel, Tanner Burns, and Garrett Wade have all passed on good money to come play for him. That’s a big deal.
  2. boomstick

    2019 Baseball Recruiting Thread

    This class's signing day is coming up on November 14th. The class is currently ranked 10th by Perfect Game and has 3 PG Top 100 commits. Hayden Mullins has made the biggest jump. He’s currently their #25 overall prospect for the 2019 HS class. Nate LaRue is also now in the top 100 along with Gunnar Henderson. This is a really strong signing class, and if we can get the top 4-5 guys in this class to campus next fall, we’re going to be really happy about that IMO.
  3. boomstick

    Exhibition vs Western Carolina

    Woley had been dealing with a back injury, but he’s back to practicing now. I think he’s going to factor into the IF race. I’m guessing he ends up at 3B.
  4. boomstick

    Auburn vs Ole Miss Score Prediction

    Carlson is 9/10 from inside 50. Why Gus keeps trotting him out there for these 50+ yarders after he said he wasn’t going to do it anymore is beyond me.
  5. boomstick

    Auburn vs Ole Miss Score Prediction

    OM 27 Auburn 19 An early TD and four FGs by Carlson is all the scoring we muster. OM controls the game in the second half.
  6. boomstick

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    I think, if Gus had earned that patience by ingratiating and endearing himself to the fan base and the powers at Auburn, people would be willing to give him more time. Unfortunately, he's repeatedly made the same mistakes. He sets himself up for failure by being dishonest (maybe mostly with himself) about the potential of the teams and players he's led over the last 4-5 years. From what I see and hear, no one believes in him anymore. No one trusts him to lead this team and this program into consistent prominence. He says and does so many contradictory things that he can't be believed or trusted. He just wants to be a coach that handles Xs and Os and personnel and game plans and not worry about the other parts of the program. And this job requires more. It requires some politicking and glad handing and relationship building. When you don't have those relationships and people skills and when those things you relied on to get you here (Xs and Os and offense) fall apart and aren't successful, he doesn't have anything to fall back on to be in the good graces of the fans and PTB. All he's ever had for that kind of support is important wins and great offenses, and both of those things seem like very distance memories at the moment with little hope of being found again.
  7. boomstick

    Staff Changes

    Would replacing the entire staff count as staff changes? Of the guys on staff right now, I'd want to keep TWill, Kodi, Garner, and Woodson. Don't think Steele would stay through a regime change. Not really sure what to make of Porter. Just don't hear his name come up much. Lindsey, Horton, and Grimes are probably all gone no matter what. And old man Brown is apparently one heck of a game planner and strategist and fundamentals teacher, but I think we can find similar in someone who can have more reach as a recruiter.
  8. boomstick

    Coach Gus

    FWIW, I posted this before a prominent beat writer on another message board posted more elaborate thoughts on this. Didn’t want the mods here to think I paraphrased and stole this info from there.
  9. boomstick

    Coach Gus

    Yep. If some people are to be believed though, Sexton warned Gus of the potential blowback when things didn't go well should he take Auburn for everything he could get. I know Sexton is about the best contract for his clients every time, but I bet Sexton would've also preferred a situation where Gus could survive and get through a setback or two. This contract and the way it played out seems to have eliminated those other options.
  10. boomstick

    Coach Gus

    Steven Leath, with support of a few influential boosters (although other influential boosters were adamant that Leath shouldn't be the one handling this negotiation because of his lack of experience in this particular realm). Honestly, Gus took Auburn Athletics at its absolute most vulnerable time, and that, more than anything, is what gets me heated about this deal.
  11. boomstick

    A competent backup QB

    I think Willis will start. IMO there are only two things Gus can do to show hes making a significant changes to try and fix things: Fire Chip or bench Stidham. Don’t think he’d fire Chip midseason (although if he makes the QB change, he may also take back playcalling fully). Benching Stidham at least gives the appearance he’s trying something new, although it’s an absolutely massive risk to take given how poorly things could go.
  12. boomstick

    Allen Greene comments

    He seems like a savage. Great public smile, ruthless and cutthroat when it comes to getting things done.
  13. boomstick

    An unconventional solution

    Exactly. We've just seen this song and dance enough times already without true change to believe it's actually going change. Give Rhett the play calling, take them away from him, fire Rhett to fix the offense because he was the problem, hire Chip Lindsey to improve the passing game, not let him run his offense, give Chip full play calling duties, interject at every turn. Just over and over and over.
  14. boomstick

    An unconventional solution

    If I thought Gus would truly take the advice and implement it, then maybe. But he's been asked repeatedly to make changes and give up control and to take suggestions, and he's always fallen back to relying on himself and interjecting (some would say undermining) at every turn. So, I don't think Gus would take someone else's advice or mentorship. And I don't think he will change. He might temporarily when he feels like his job is in serious jeopardy and he's operating in desperation mode. But just as soon as he feels like he's cleared trouble, I think he falls right back into his old habits and old ways. IMO it's Gus's biggest issue (one I don't think will go away) and part of why I think we should part ways at the end of the season.
  15. boomstick


    We continued to play Sean White. Does no one remember Sean White doing the exact same thing? He was definitely a chuck-and-duck guy during his time here, always trying to protect himself from hits.