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  1. I need my War Eagle family to click on the link below to vote Shaun Shivers as the athlete of the week. Your support is appreciated #WarEagle
  2. let me try to send it a different way
  3. Hey guys! Its track season for us now. Im happy to report that the 100 meter dash US#1 and US# 2 time belongs to Auburn signees. Schwartz being 1 and Shivers being 2. Shaun ran a little late 10.29 this past Friday at the UM invitational in Coral Cables. Im so very proud of him. Such a major jump from last years 10.47. Shivers holds the US#4 time. Attached are the 2 races Shivers ran on Friday... I hope you enjoy! #WarEagle 7BD715A3-DED4-4BEF-BB4B-2229BA2B9F78.MOV D061B6C6-09DA-4A4E-BA4E-D3C9CED66845.MOV 7BD715A3-DED4-4BEF-BB4B-2229BA2B9F78.MOV
  4. Hey Guys, I appreciate all that support my son on his future endeavors at AU. People are definitely sleeping on him. This will be just the same as he has had to do all his life, which is prove people wrong. People have been confronting us about him being a redshirt, riding the bench and even looking to transfer. If you ask anyone that truly knows my son, they will tell you that he plays like he is 6'2 300 pounds with no fear. Ive seen people attempt to hurt him & with that he has taken some hits that have made me think he was done and he got right back up only to score on the next drive. I say that to say, he isn't coming to AU to lay down. He works tremendously hard and his heart cant be matched. He plays with that chip because he has too and that's why GUS offered him. Ive seen the biggest of the toughest players from our area on top teams that he has played against, come to him after a game & give him props for not backing down and continuing to play tough in any situation. As you learn him, you will know that he has a love for the game itself. His football IQ has been high since a Pee Wee player. He never panics. He remains calm & plays his game. Don't look at his height and assume anything because you will be disappointed. He is a laid back guy, not into the fame just playing the game he loves so much. He makes people a believer because nobody ever believes in him at first glance. There is a story to tell about this kid. He gives others hope that they too can do whatever it is they please. When going to high school nobody really wanted him because they said he was too small, after his sophomore year, he could go where ever he pleased. His 1st high school coach said he would never play D1 ball, and then we played against that coach his senior year. After that game, the coach just hugged him tightly apologizing because he made mistake. At that game he rushed for 235 yards & 3 TD"s. NOBODY tells Shaun Shivers what he cant do, because he will actually do it better. He amazes me all the time. I'm not trying to make you fan, I'm just saying give him a chance before you cross him out. The picture below was captured during the American Heritage game. Pictured is the one of the top DT in the country, Nesta Silvera committed to UM. Worm has a reputation for being tough and standing 10 toes down against anyone and is well respected because of it.
  5. Its too bad these highlights were from his sophomore year instead of a more current highlight.
  6. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    Thanks so much! #WarEagle
  7. 2019 4* LB Lavonta Bentley

    Thank you so much! #WarEagle
  8. 2019 4* LB Lavonta Bentley

    Thank you so much! #WarEagle
  9. 2019 4* LB Lavonta Bentley

    The purpose for Shaun having fewer carries is because he isn't a selfish player. Once we are up on an opponent there was no need for him to continue. He knows how to share the ball. Which resulted in him having fewer carries because he never played in the second half of games because they were blowing out the competition. The is logic reason behind the less carries.
  10. Class superlatives

    Lol... thank you. Again its very interesting to read people's opinion of him. I cant wait until he shows the non believers of the SEC and Auburn what he is really about just like he did here at home. I always appreciate the support!
  11. @AidiAU Yes they are great young men!
  12. @McLoofus I enjoy myself every time I m in Auburn. I love being on the Plains. They are my new family and they are really great people. We have such a good time whenever we meet up.
  13. @WarDamnEagleWDE Thank you. Yes he wasn't chosen for any of those games which is cool. Everybody complained about it. But I look at it at as another reason to show people what you he is about and prove the doubters wrong. It has definitely created an even bigger chip on his shoulder that's why I am so excited to see him get to Auburn. Somethings you have to see in person lol.
  14. @AidiAU Don't kill me but I LOVE them all personality wise and their families are awesome! We have already become friends. I have not watched film on everyone and I don't go off rankings because they really mean nothing. I look at the level of play but as for now I love the all.
  15. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    I am not worried. Worm will be fine. He received his offer from Gus himself, so its apparent that he saw something that he could use. Everything is always on God's timing. Worm had over 30 offers & he saw something in Auburn that stood out, he had every option to change and go wherever he wanted to go. He was committed since the beginning of his Junior year & helped recruit half of the guys in his class. I respect his decision and support him 100% on this journey. WAR EAGLE!