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  1. Thank you so much! He has a lot of things coming under way so I am very very proud❗️ #WarEagle🦅
  2. Happy Birthday 🎂🎁🎈🎉🎊
  3. Hey guys! Just wanted to give fans of Worm the heads up that he has an apparel line that pops off next week. Follow his business page on IG & Facebook @ss8apparel to keep up with the clothing drop dates! Worm has partnered with Zac Blackerby on the podcast Locked On Auburn as well as Yoke gaming systems. So check it out. He will also be participating in 3 camps in the Alabama area at the end of the month & will be selling his apparel on site. If there are any business owners looking to partner with Worm, he can be found on Icon Source or you may DM for inquire
  4. It’s not tough for me at all…. I see ignorance in regards to my son all the time & I don’t say a word lol. It’s others that get in their feelings all the time. What’s funny is why was he the focal point when everybody ran it. Let me say this in the beginning of my next statement so you won’t misconstrue my statement again….. I AGREE WITH YOU THAT I am definitely the epidemy of a momma bear & I WILL THROW hands at any sign of disrespect… see me agreeing with you? That’s what I should have done before telling you what Worm said when he was agreeing with you
  5. I don’t need your respect because if you disrespect me… trust I’m going to check it! Instead of trying to defend something read 1st! We agreed with him, he took it as if we took it as an insult. I hate that Worm even asked me to tell him that he agreed with him. Repeated statements are the the way we speak. Moving forward I will advise him to not speak to fans period since it’s an issue
  6. Sir it’s obvious you only pick & choose what to read & how you read it! WE AGREED WITH YOU for the thousand time❗️Him saying Shivers definitely isn’t slow was agreeing with you❗️Do you understand that? Is it registering yet? You keep going on & on. You definitely came at me saying I’m in my feelings, hurt & always coming at you. You can’t correct me for something that I personally know isn’t true & that I was agreeing with. Geez forget that he agreed with you because comprehension is an issue here & it’s annoying
  7. Let’s be clear it was NEVER an argument…. He just assumed it was… nothing got out of hand until he came at me for relaying a message that agreed with his statement! That’s how we talk in S. Florida! I’m tired of continually clarifying it. It’s Obvious people see things how they want too. I speak up for myself, if I thought it was anything else trust & believe the conversation would have went different
  8. Thank you so much… War Eagle 🦅
  9. You still don’t get it…. You aren’t worth my time to explain it anymore. He was sitting by me when I was reading it…. Once again it was a confirmation. It’s obvious you have another agenda.
  10. I most def will! War Eagle
  11. I didn’t take it that way at all… WED thinks that I was. Anytime a parent says something doesn’t mean they are upset about something said… they could be just clearing up an error. Where we are from that’s the way we speak, as far as confirming a statement. That was all… nothing more or less. All the hurt & in my feelings talk gets out of context concerning me… I will respond back.
  12. WED thinks I’m against him or something lol… it was just a confirmed statement lol. Everything isn’t negative energy all the time
  13. Lol… I wasn’t in my feelings at all! You seem to be the one to be in your feelings because Worm asked me to tell you that message! I don’t know you & I don’t pay attention to name handles on here. I just passed the message sent from him! You can’t get me in my feeling or ever hurt me baby because I’m always blessed. You people just hate to be put in your place! If you & I pass words often that would mean you always mention him negatively in your context. You seem to be hurt… we’re you not allowed to play football or something?
  14. Shivers is definitely not slow, he told me to tell you that personally…. I was also told that the numbers weren’t accurate…. But you know when people get news they run with it & believe whatever
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