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  1. 1st play of the game was a touchdown as well as the next 2 times he touched the ball.
  2. Hey Guys! Its been a while. But I hope everyone is well. I haven't been on in a while but everyone is doing fine on my end. Thank you for your support of Worm, A lot of people watched him play on ESPN Friday night.
  3. Which team does he play for
  4. IMG_0294.mp4 IMG_0294.mp4
  5. Meanwhile Worm was mentioned on ESPN last night. It was a big deal to us being that he is never really recognized for his talent as he should be. I was proud as a mommy to hear them say great things about him & it won't be the last time they will say his name! #WarEagle IMG_0294.mp4
  6. Thank you so much! I'm a heavy prayer & believer in God so I know we will be ok. We are on a curfew now. I have prepared physically & mentally. This is a test of my faith! Thank you for thinking of me & my family #WarEagle
  10. its just the funniest thing ever. I thought he and I were the only ones that realized this lol
  11. Hi Guys! I'm just throwing this out there... I guess you can call it venting. I've watch the blogs and listen to the shows when they speak about my son, never taking offense to anything because people are entitled to their opinions. But here in South Florida where a lot of Powerhouse teams reside, the same guy that everyone says is too small is actually considered a threat. Leading up to each game, I hear the news asking can they stop Shaun Worm Shivers or they say nobody has a RB like the Worm or they say their is no RB that you can put in the same sentence with the Worm. They speak as if he is the only thing our team has, yet people have so much to say about his height. We laughed listening to a live blog yesterday because these were the things they were saying. I guess until you actually see his talent in person, you aren't a believer. Again, It was just a funny confusing thought that I felt like sharing. I hope everyone is having a great day! Its game day for us! Wish us luck !
  12. Absolutely!!! Every game prepares you for the next one!
  13. I used it as caption with this photo
  14. Yes it was a tough long night for the O-line. Coach just has to adjust and make changes. It was the 1st game of the season against a powerhouse team. Every team we play will key in on Worm & stack the box. Central held & made cheap shots all night but I guess they only saw what they wanted to see. At the end of the day, we lost its over now...we adjust & move on to the next 👍🏾
  15. I like that!!!! I must use it and thank you