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  1. Lol... thank you! I was actually pretty chill yesterday but I did do my, “run baby run!” yell during his series.I don’t entertain the negative! He can do all the right things & people will still find something wrong or negative to say. He’s not a fan favorite on the field & we’re cool with that! However, I’m appreciative to the fans that believe & support him... much ❤️! He’s a senior that graduates in December & the sky is the limit for him! It was a bright spot yesterday to see him do his thing.... it looked like him in high school all over again❗️I’m excited for the season
  2. Yes! There was a fumbled football at the snap & Worm recovered it! As he did that a Kentucky player rolled over his ankle during the tackle. He’ll be fine though, nothing major! #WarEagle
  3. You can always try out if your not satisfied with that decision
  4. Thank you to the guys that’s always been supportive! It’s just that comments in this thread is so funny because I read post all the time about who you feel should be the back & their so good & much better😂😂😂But producing and what you want is 2 different things! They hate to hear it: Shaun Shivers! Will be my slogan this year! People hate to hear that he worked hard enough to get to this point! They are waiting on him to fail! It’s cool we love it! We share screenshots all the time! See you all don’t see the guy that you want to be RB1 now it’s everybody has to touch the ball.... Nawl k
  5. Me too! Im yelling like I’m there everytime I see it 🤦🏾‍♀️
  6. Here’s the article... it posted a little backwards but I think you can figure out the order..... sorry
  7. That’s my baby.... so your clear if nobody else grabbed him 😂😂😂😂
  8. I’m sorry, I can’t! I only watched the state game last year & I didn’t know he had an offer until he committed ... I missed regular season games do to travel for AU football. But I will see this year as my younger son will play varsity & is on the defensive part of the ball
  9. Worm ran a 10.29 in high school during his senior year.
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