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  1. I’m sorry, I can’t! I only watched the state game last year & I didn’t know he had an offer until he committed ... I missed regular season games do to travel for AU football. But I will see this year as my younger son will play varsity & is on the defensive part of the ball
  2. Worm ran a 10.29 in high school during his senior year.
  3. Silently working.... this is how & why he is able to make plays like the classic Iron Bowl play.... getting it from the muscle! Dont sleep it’s a lot of pressure in that frame with a huge ❤️ & NO FEAR❗️#HeartOverHeight #UnderDog #WarEagle IMG_6080.MOV IMG_6080.MOV IMG_6080.MOV IMG_6080.MOV IMG_6080.MOV IMG_6080.MOV IMG_6082.MOV IMG_6092.MP4 IMG_6081.MOV
  4. He’s between 5’6/5’7... he is grew an inch since he’s been home so he might be now
  5. He hasn’t said much about it actually... he has just been doing a lot of training between football & track
  6. This made me super excited to see! I’m still in disbelief..... especially since people focus on what they say he can’t do & he did it all in 1 play with 1 touch! No matter what people say negative about him, you will walk in that complex and see that smallest #8 destroying a Alabama top player, placed right next to Cam Newton accepting the Heisman Trophy....FOREVER! I’m a proud mom 😉 #ICouldntStopCrying #Traveled2AUJust2SeeIt #WarEagle #History
  7. I was actually responding to your comment in response to the other poster & his comments.... I just gave you the meaning of the word.... Its normal for people to play the victim when they put their foot in their mouth... but just know for the record when I attack you, there will be NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT.... YOU WILL BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY IT IMMEDIATELY! Right now I’m just talking which is what I thought we were doing from the beginning. #WarEagle
  8. Your opinion 🤷🏾‍♀️ that you have no factual information on🤷🏾‍♀️
  9. Well I’m not going anywhere! Understand the definition of the words you use as well... critique: a detailed analysis and assessment of something, especially a literary, philosophical, or political theory. If you haven’t seen it what are you assessing? Like I said when you speak untrue statements & I feel like addressing it, I WILL! I have a right to speak of for my child that I watch y’all bash on the regular... so again I could careless if you like him or not. Don’t speak ill of him when it’s not a known fact! And it’s also apparent that you can’t be real AU fans when all you do is bash the program in its entirety... it’s ok to get frustrated & vent... but sometimes you all go too far!
  10. Worm is harder on himself than anyone else can be. So the areas of improvement that we have discussed are areas that he has been working on since he’s been at AU.... So I would say just things to be a more versatile back. Like you, Im just waiting to see him attempt these things in a game so that I can see if it is truly an area of concern. Understand that I don’t see my child unless I go to a game because he doesn’t come home.... he stays at AU to work on whatever he feels will make his game better. People forget that he is fast but he is human! He has to get going and the more he goes the stronger & better his runs are. I’m sorry that so many AU fans are disappointed that he is there, but he is there for a reason, not by accident. If he stays at AU he will only have 2 more years there so he’ll be out of everyone’s hair soon enough.
  11. Just to be clear to EVERYONE❗️ Please don’t feel like you have to tip toe around me because Worm is my son... because just like you, I have opinions too! I don’t care if you like him or not, We don’t know you just as you don’t know us. I see a lot of things but I keep my mouth shut sometimes... what I’ve noticed is that if someone really likes a player other than the one you really like then it’s an issue. Like who you like and be opinionated in the form of saying in my opinion before you begin to state what you think is a fact on someone.... Ive seen your fav players make horrible decisions during games & mess up, yet you never come on this blog & say a word about it, yet you yap so much about others! Oh I see EVERYTHING.... just an FYI! I have just as much right to be on this board as you do, as a matter of fact, I’ve been here for years.... other parents are here too & they see everything you say because we talk about it! But just know when you speak untruth about mine, I’m gonna correct you!