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  1. I say that all the time
  2. Ricky Williams mainly...... but he watched everyone! he didn't become a true RB until he turned 10 though he started playing at 4 or 5... he use to play outside LB and some RB. He reads plays very well
  3. Thank you so much! I hope Shaun lives up to the full expectation that you all have for him and I'm confident he will! #WAREAGLE
  4. not yet... I just due a toe touch every time he scores lol... I use to run track and be a cheerleader lol
  5. we have spoke it into existence already! He has the heart and determination of a lion!!!! That's for sure
  6. now this made me laugh lol... I'm going to have to ask him about this story lol j/k.... I am the school bus so he would have to beat me driving and I'm a pretty fast driver lol
  7. I enjoy you guys as well. He is a really good kid, I follow him to make sure that he stays on task and doesn't get caught up in the social media wars lol
  8. I know... don't worry I didn't take offense to it lol
  9. Absolutely!!! Because we will do nothing to jeopardize his eligibility. Besides this is all practice for him, the profession he has chosen is a sports agent, like his dad. At first I was skeptical on what he chose but I see now that he will be GREAT at it! People LOVE him!
  10. Shaun Shivers, track star and football star As you’ve probably heard, Shaun Shivers is lightning fast. The 3-star Auburn running back commit brings track speed to the 2018 recruiting class. And I don’t say that as the common football cliche you hear about fast players. Shivers is actually a track star who plans to be a multi-sport athlete on the Plains.... This summer provided Shivers an opportunity to flaunt his skill set on a national stage. Shivers participated in the 200-meter dash at the Prefontaine Class in Oregon where he qualified for the finals in the event. Speed is 3-star RB commit Shaun Shivers’ biggest weapon on the football field. He placed sixth with a time of 21.08 seconds. For some context, that time would already put Shivers in 20th of the 35 qualifying times posted at the 2017 SEC outdoors, and — in case you forgot — Shivers is going into his senior year of high school. The national track experience set the Auburn commit up nicely for his multi-sport future. “The experience was so nice, running against all the fastest kids in the nation,” Shivers said. “Oh yeah, it was a real good experience.” With the summer track schedule complete, Shiver has turned his full attention to football. That doesn’t involve recruiting unless, of course, he’s the one recruiting other 2018 prospects to Auburn. Kentucky and Utah continue to recruit Shivers, and Kentucky has one of Shivers’ high school teammates Keontra Smith committed in the 2019 class. But Shivers gives all coaches the same message. “I’m 100 percent Auburn, that’s all,” Shivers said.
  12. No, unfortunately I wont be there.
  13. @lkeel75 Hi... I'm sorry for the late response, we were out of town with his high school at a 7v7 tournament at USF. He played both sides of the ball but more defense than offense. He was the Corner Back specialist this weekend, which he enjoys! Shaun is doing great! He is working hard, getting bigger and just training to be better in this upcoming year. I know that people say he is good and doesn't need to go as hard but that's hard to tell a person like him that because he doesn't understand that. He has a goal he is attempting to reach that he is focused on. He will arrive at Auburn this Thursday, July 20 (which is his bday) he will be there for the cookout as well, he wont leave until Sunday. This is the last oohrah so he has to be back in time for practice! He wants that state title!!!!! Also, just so you guys know, we have an ESPN game scheduled for September 22, 2017. I hope you guys are able to watch. Attached are some pics from this weekend: