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  1. Yes I see on Twitter it never stops lol
  2. Thank you, I've heard this from so many.
  3. This was forwarded to me.... it’s quiet hilarious to me that whomever you are feels this way! I know your on this forum because I said what I said on here. He doesn’t have to play here so make no mistake about it! It makes the interest of proving you fake aih fans wrong & explore other options ❗️ Dont ever get it twisted.... if he enters that portal trust he will be picked up ASAP! Watch what you say & who you speak on. & for the record he had 30 plus offers from LSU & Georgia. He could have gone anywhere! You people are crazy but its only right that we make you a believer! Be careful what you ask for because it may come back to haunt you.
  4. Thank you so much! Hopefully things will work out for the best! We really do love being apart of the Auburn family
  5. This year has not been a good one for him & not many opportunities were given to be successful.... so I think you understand
  6. Im here.... still just replaying the play in my mind🤦🏾‍♀️Thanks guys! I saw something fly & thought it was the ball... I was thinking he fumbled & that nobody was trying to recover the ball so I was mad & everybody else was happy. I looked at the jumbo tron & realized he scored... me & my momma cried like babies. Its like Ive been battling all year listening to people doubt him & say what he cant do... all the while trying to make people see that he is beast that was born to do this & I know what he could do...given the opportunity. He got his chance on that one attempt & he has solidified his career for sure! So tonight.... I am proud & if he never plays another down of AU football he will still remain a legend in the history books. His height means nothing to us, only to the non believers! I know what type of heart he has & his mental toughness to fear no one is like! I thank you all for your support & for believing in him.... & to the others that watch doubt him day in & day out... TOLD YOU SO❗️ 😝
  7. Yes they need to be moving. I was a track coach as well and I know for a fact that you just cant get out there and start running. You have to WARM UP! Do run outs and stretch. Shaun has a more muscular build than the other backs and is super built. Even Anthony doesn't have to stretch more than he does. Hell my calf muscle are built just like Worm, sitting in the stands at the game Saturday, I caught a Charlie Horse so bad, I couldn't walk. If you pay attention, you never see Worm on that bike. lol
  8. I actually like the RB by committee approach which is what I thought was the plan going into this year. I am fine with utilizing all the backs and 10 times is fine for me! This is my thing, how do you allow others to get "hot" if we don't give them the opportunity. This is not high school, all of these young men are here because they possess a specific talent. This is not some Joe Blow college team, this is a D1 SEC team! Utilize the potential. Despite what others may think, my son has always been the alpha dog on his team and is a legend from South Florida, where we play hard nose football. Even with him going to a 3A school, we created our own schedule to play against top ranked teams from our area to prepare us for our run to state, we got there twice, with my son headlining the show. My kid has never missed a game, Ive watched him pop his shoulder back in place and go score a touchdown and win a state championship on one leg literally! Watch the youtube video attached..... His team was picking him up after every play! He is prepared for this, he just needs the opportunity! But what I do know is, he wont waste away and Ill put my life on that! Everybody loves their kid and wants their kid to play, but the one thing I am is real and if I felt like he couldn't do it, he would be the 1st to know !
  9. I see it ALL! I just chose not to entertain them! But sometimes people just go to far and when it comes to MY CHILD, I am going to protect him.
  10. I just sit quiet & read until I get tired of it. People forget he has a talent but he is also human! Im simply over this entire season and cant wait until the end. Its too much and I never thought I would feel that way. I don't care about RB1 and nothing else. Its less wear and tear on my son's body. But what I do know is that my son is better than 0-5 touches and he is being devalued on this team.
  11. In the LSU game, when Shivers does get us down the field, we take him out and we don't score, we only collect 3 points, so get out here with that BS! This is no knock to anybody but its common sense, if you give somebody the ball 30 times they better be making something happen at some point. All those guys have the ability to make things happen, but you wont ever see what they can do if you don't allow fair chances across the board. We struggle on offense for not reason at all.
  12. You sound crazy..... DONT WORRY ABOUT SHIVERS! Its obvious we don't all watch the same game. He is a human being just like everyone else. Just because he is fast doesn't mean he instantly just goes, just like everybody else he has to get going and once he gets going he gets pulled out the game. When people are looking to change your game and aren't giving you the same opportunities as everybody else, how can you succeed. Ill be glad when this whole thing is over and at that point I don't care what anybody else's opinion is, you can say what you want about him when he is gone. You can only give loyalty for so long to people and things that aren't giving it back, and you people have ABSOLUTELY NO LOYALTY! You just like who they are making hot for the moment until they stop making them hot, then you will be talking trash about them!
  13. Those are not my thoughts lol but at this point I just support him as a mother should.
  14. Its Im here... Its just been tough so Ive been keeping quiet. Nobody can run me off, I don't scare that easy lol