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  1. #WarEagle!!!! The game was AWESOME
  2. I'm sorry guys... I wasn't trying to bombard you because their are so many articles and videos. I just wanted to update you on a few because I was asked. If you google Shaun Shivers you can see more. Thanks you guys for your constant support.
  3. hhttps:/ /
  4. Hey guys! things have been great.We are in the playoffs as the #1 contender. I will post some things to catch you up on things. We will be in Auburn this weekend for the Georgia game.
  5. 1st play of the game was a touchdown as well as the next 2 times he touched the ball.
  6. Hey Guys! Its been a while. But I hope everyone is well. I haven't been on in a while but everyone is doing fine on my end. Thank you for your support of Worm, A lot of people watched him play on ESPN Friday night.