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  1. Today was AU-Some! It was everything to see my son’s teammates come out to support he & Ant at the War Eagle Invitational today & it meant even more when I saw the Head Football coach, Gus Malzahn at the meet supporting them. It said a lot & it meant a lot. Coach Malzahn is a genuine guy & is holding true to his word that we spoke about during the recruiting process, which was allowing these 2 sport athletes to 💯% participate in track & field as they wished. They are some important pieces to the Auburn Football program but Coach G stood by his word! It says a lot about him as a head coach especially in the SEC & today I couldnt thank him enough! It gave me chills to see him & hang out with him today because he could have been doing something else with his free time today.... It made me feel like these guys are important to him & his program. This is what makes us a family, this is what its all about! Im proud to be an Auburn Mom #WarEagle🦅 5A1DE61C-9063-4708-8A92-38196CD9B62D.MP4
  2. He wasn't there last spring either and was the most talked about during Fall camp lol... Actually nobody that was highly publicized in the Spring was used as much as discussed in the season. But hey what do I know (shrugs)
  3. Hey guys! Just sharing footage from the 4x1 on Saturday.... Auburn is Lane 4.... Schwartz is 2nd leg / Worm is 4th. They won posting a time of 39. 80.... Enjoy #WarEagle 35DFC730-E686-4ABE-AFCF-3E1F4C3D7CCC.mp4
  4. Definitely looks familiar! They really do have similarities. I saw Worm's IG video with a tear emoji while he watched the guys practice yesterday. His drive and determination is amazing! He loves both sports so much. I think he is going to leave an even bigger impression on Auburn than people really realize and I am ready for the show.
  5. Yes I caught the jersey edit lol.... Someone thought the entire picture was edited but it was just the jersey, he is really built like this. I was getting use to 25 (2-5 Get Live, I always have a slogan) his freshman year in high school he was 24 (2-4 gone get his, lol) but I love when he is V8. It just seems like it belongs on him and he turns into a lil action figure when its on his chest. #8 has been his number since his last year of little league.
  6. Ive been around, Ive just been ghost reading and keeping quiet lol.... Thank you so much for your support. He has always played pretty much the same to me but I've watched him play in person since he was 4 lol.... the chip as always been there, especially in high school. but thank you. lololol that's too funny about the letter writing. He isn't playing Spring ball but I am going to Parent Day this weekend and the A game still. I want to see the progression of the team and how the pieces fit. I also want to meet Coach Caddy. I'm excited about the upcoming season. Last year he was a true freshman so it is what is but I am very excited for him this upcoming season!
  7. lololololol I figured....... I don't think they have had the pleasure yet to meet meet, just casually. He has never done Indoor so it was hard for him especially with the extra 12 pounds he acquired during football season lol. So I just motivated him to use that time as a training period to prepare for Outdoor, which starts Friday. They will run at Florida State. He says he feels GREAT! and he is super excited so we will see how this works out.
  8. Hey Guys! War Eagle... I'm just checking in haven't been here in a while. How's it going?
  9. You & me both! Its Fake News to me... if your using track times then their is no excuse he played well enough through year & was a household name always discussed. The list is BS to me
  10. He is possibly 5'6/5'7..... if they are looking for him to grow 6'0 not happening lol.... His mother & biological father are short. Let me just say that I just think people place too much emphasis on height when we clearly see that it means nothing. but maybe I'm speaking for the short people lol
  11. It was 1 & 3rd prelims....they listed it that way because of the top 2 wins per heat. Shaun ran a 6.79 in prelims