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  1. This was in response to the person stating that someone tried to tell him something.... when I quoted it, it took your part instead of what he said.... so the comment was for him. There is no guilt by association on my part.... unless you were directing this to someone else. Again, it wasnt directed towards you, it was for the person you responded too....but when I quoted the statement your name came up. I dont know you all personally to know who’s name is who. My apologies I am so tired of having to say that I mean no harm in what I say.... when nobody gives me the same courtesy when these issues come up. Once I respond then Im the bad guy, pretty much what Worm is going through now. Whats funny is that the person that sought out to destroy Worms character Saturday, is by someone we know personally.... so that support thing isnt in my favor at this time. What I know about life is that every one isnt gonna like you, whether your the good guy or the bad guy. Many pretend! But at the end of the day it is what it is.
  2. No he does not know them. But I was told after the game that they game planned to stop him and players we know provided that information. So maybe it was a ploy to start something for those reasons..... who knows
  3. Again, you don't know what happened prior to that... It was something that made Chad Wilson, Florida DB Marco Wilson dad pull out her camera & start recording. That's all I am saying Worm is not a 1st year college player and this has never happened before, its not even his character unless you take him to that level and I know that 1st hand. But let me keep quiet because Im his mom and I don't want anybody saying I am making excuses for this situation.
  4. Another lie! I didn't not say the reasoning for what happened.... But stop running your mouth if your looking at a video that didn't record the confrontation from the very start until the finish. Who said that your reasoning is accurate. Yall are always looking to have a problem with him for whatever reason or another. Had it been one of your favorites on the team, you wouldn't have opened your mouth! I hate this whole thing happened because, it gives you people more things to bash him about. if he would have just stood there and let them push him around, you would bashed him for that too....Miss me with that BS and keep my name out of your mouth.
  5. For your information I said its more to the story, they captured what they wanted to don't place words in my mouth. Im not Worm, so you wont come for me and think its gonna fly and next time @ me when you discuss me! To be honest, I really don't care what you think.
  6. Yeah for defending himself against 5 guys on his side of the field..... get tf out of here!
  7. Nope its us! His grandfather & my grandfather are brothers.
  8. I think my cousin Harry Adams was even though he transitioned to track
  9. Im here and thank you for your support!😁
  10. A little #TB pic on a Thursday..... Worm & Franko #Family #D5Camp
  11. I am also a Dillard alumni.... My entire family attended Dillard. Its in my bloodline. My family’s homes are in the front and back of Dillard. My father was the 1st 7th grader to play Varsity Football at Dillard as a starter. He went on to be a boxer..... Worm didnt attend Dillard but he grew up in the environment. We never missed a game.... basketball nor football
  12. I want those guys given the opportunity to ball out! It says a lot when some of the top players leave their talent field home state to play miles and miles away. We need the W for sure!
  14. I will most definitely be there. I NEVER miss a game lol
  15. Let me take my time to address you properly on every point as nice as possible: PLEASE DO NOT SPEAK TO ME about throwing rocks and insulting anyone!!!! Its ok for it to be done but not reciprocated? I see it all the time! People continuously bash other athletes including if not more so my son and how he plays. His height, in which he has no control over and a lot of other dumb things that's out of his control. Guess what I take that like a grain of rice and swallow it. Your entitled to your opinion, who cares! Don't like him because I am on the board. Your saying what you feel. I like to know how you really feel so when his time comes, I can comeback and reread you insult, laugh and in my head say...IN YOUR FACE! That's why I reframe from commenting on everything, because some things just don't require my time or attention. I use the likes column to my advantage A LOT! So if you took what I said as an insult, WHO CARES! I responded to someone that assumed I was no longer on the board and I said what I said just like everyone else does. Your entitled to your opinion as I am mine. As far as what is being said, has nothing to do with people liking him as an athlete or a person, again I could careless whether they like him or not! I have this saying, that what you eat doesn't make me $h!T and vice versa. I haven't come this far in life being weak. My comment in regards to the couch coaches was directed to the negativity I see people constantly display toward these athletes because they like another athlete better off of their features. Most have not played a down of football, but they have learned from watching tv. No bash towards that, however, somethings aren't as easy as you may think. So the comment about parents being couch coaches as well but bias... goes the same for you as well! Given real opportunities things change. I see you all talk about who you like & whose better and they have yet to touch the field in A REAL GAME against tough opponents 1st team, ALL AMERICAN Defenses. You like them off of assumptions. as far as parents they are couch coaches as well in the same situation. Parents want this and that for their kids, which you should, but not if they are not good enough at the moment and someone has actually proven to be better. However, if you are suggesting that I am bias, you would have to know me to know that I am not that way at all. I am a mother raising 2 black males in a society that they are often shunned upon because of the color of their skin. I don't have time to be weak! I have taught my sons that they have to work hard for everything they get, because I have NEVER allowed them to accept what they didn't deserve. That goes along with saying that they haven't always gotten everything that they deserved either. Just so you know, I watch film with my sons and we discuss things they could have done better to complete the play. I do not pretend to be a coach, however, I do provide constructive criticism when asked my opinion. More so with Worm than my younger son. What you all care about, I could careless about! All that RB#1 and foolishness is crap to me and I stand strong on that! I just want my son granted the carries that he has earned through hard work and dedication. He doesn't owe anybody anything but himself. It's dumb a$$ comments to me when we win and the athletes are still scrutinized harshly! They are not perfect but they are people too and they work hard for a University that has fans whom never seem to be happy. Not all but some. They are 5-0 and instead of just moving forward with them,. we are stuck on the negative. Sometimes you have to read things with understanding and don't be so quick to respond.