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  1. Its all good👍🏾 As a matter of fact no more commenting for me....I will continue to just read & keep it moving #WarEagle🦅
  2. Its cool no pressure at all... It was just a conversation. My son has been playing football & running track for a long time now as well completing interviews. I was just trying to understand. That type of stuff doesn’t upset me, ive heard worse lol...our swag is just different thats all but I appreciate his opinion, which again, he is entitled too 😉
  3. I understood it completely. I'm just unsure on why you would want him or any player to water down who they really are or why its an issue really. Its S. Florida Swag baby
  4. Its your opinion... we are speaking on 2 different people. I'm feeling like you aren't familiar with Florida Boys... Their swag is different than any other state. Especially in S. Florida. I'm sorry he doesn't fit the bill of what you feel he should be or who he should act like. Hey I'm prepared that everyone isn't going to be a real fan of his and I'm cool with that. Its nothing different than what we as a family as experienced in the past. It was an interview, which was a time to speak. I can see if he is just running around town talking smack. I'm sure he was asked a question and delivered the answer how he saw fit. He was a target in the SEC when he signed his name to AU and has been recognized as a speedster that's hard to stop and cant be caught once out in open space. That's a FACT that has been stated by reporters who have watched him play for years or analyzed his game. so what do you suggest we do about that? There is absolutely nothing that can be done
  5. I understand tho... I read your comments and I can sense the uncertainty in your voice and that's understandable. Your entitled to feel how you feel, but just know this, he isn't as small as you think is for the SEC. He comes with power, strength and speed. The only thing that handicaps him is his height and that still means nothing but I tell you what, Sooner than later you will be a believer in who he is and what he is about not only as an athlete but as a person. Once you start believing, your 1st Shivers jersey is on me 👍
  6. Momma Worm

    2 players among fastest

    Most definitely! Respect is not given in his case, its earned & he most definitely a well respected player around S. Florida.
  7. Of course, since he's been playing a teams game plan is to ALWAYS stop Worm. So its always fun to watch him prove people wrong.
  8. Thank you for your words of encouragement. But He has ALWAYS done his part on and off the field. Its not a put on its real life for him. do your research on him. If he doesn't speak highly of himself who will? He has no fear and that's the way he has been taught to be and how he is. That's who he is and how he always has been. People are going to think what they want anyway, you just formed an opinion right? so it happens. He has ALWAYS been target since he touched the field about his height and everything else. What your worried about is peanuts to us. No disrespect, just giving it to you in real rare form.
  9. Momma Worm

    2019 WR John Dunmore

    Yes... He will be on campus this weekend
  10. Momma Worm

    2 players among fastest

    Thank you so much, you and me both lol. Ive heard that he is already well known around the campus and that the upper classmen, strength coaches and regular coaches love him, he seems to have impressed a lot of folks already. On top of that we speak often but our 2hour FT the other day, further lets me know where his mind set is right now and listening got me even more excited about the season. I appreciate the love and support from everyone that has been positive during this transition. People are doubting him because they feel he is small and this is the SEC.... just know this, that you may see him playing sooner than you may think and he isn't afraid of anything that the SEC has to offer. He is fearless, so I just advise him to play smart and he will be fine. Again, I thank you!
  11. Momma Worm

    2 players among fastest

    I have heard that as well. I'm a proud momma right now!
  12. Momma Worm

    13 new guys- heights, weights & numbers

    Me too... Ive been hearing a lot of great things about him so far. So just be ready to see 2-5 Get Live! lol
  13. Momma Worm

    13 new guys- heights, weights & numbers

    He will not add as much weight as you probably would like for him to weigh for the simple fact that AU is looking to keep all that speed and some. Just know he is solid with 4.5% body fat & extremely strong .
  14. It was a pleasure... anytime! #WarEagle🦅