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  1. Yes Tubs is dead on. We have issues. Lots more than people will ever understand. So if we have such issues, why does a man as paranoid and egotistical as Gus give up control in his hiring ability and reduce what he gets when, not if, but when he is fired. He is becoming basically his own interim coach. He should take $32 million buy half of Arkansas and live like a king. He can coach high school for free or be an analyst for his friend Morris atArkansas. I am lost. This is moronic from every angle
  2. Tigerpaul53

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    I agree. Generally. But Gus is becoming more toxic by the hour and even his strongest supporters would recognize that this “leak” puts him in no win situation for the future. It just appears that Auburn didn’t get its first choice so they kept him ‘til next year. Even the largest ego wouldn’t want to work in that situation. Then again This Is Auburn. So who knows
  3. Tigerpaul53

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    It surely has been a firestorm (no offense to CA). What concerns me is the silence from the AD, president and/or university. If the rumors and stories are NOT true, and they remain silent and don’t defend Gus, the damage to our football program is immeasurable. He becomes a lame duck with any possible remaining support gone. It destroys what was a good, but not great recruiting class. So, if change is not in the works, why are they silent? Hopefully, the silence is telling. It sure better be.
  4. Tigerpaul53

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Everything looks great but collateral damage to the locker room addition is that the AUMB will be prevented from conducting its traditional entrance to the field for pregame. Great loss to pregame experience I believe
  5. Tigerpaul53

    Report: Malzhan staying

    I hope Briles was part of the new deal....hypothetically speaking. Would much rather have Chip
  6. Tigerpaul53

    This is just the beginning

    Provided that Lindsey or Steel don’t get head coaching jobs.
  7. Tigerpaul53

    Report: Malzhan staying

    I was for keeping Gus, but how do we feel if for instance, Chip Lindsey was to get a head coaching job at a smaller school and we are back to square one
  8. Tigerpaul53

    Depressed, Effectiveness at Work Down?

    It will be ok. AUBURN WILL BE AUBURN AGAIN. But I aleaya thought Auburn was better than what I have been seeing .... as a team and a fan base
  9. That’s what a logical university does. But we are likely to JABA the heck out of this.... and given Jacobs’ desperation ....
  10. Any chance Jacobs fires Gus as preemptive strike? It would gain favor with those that want him gone and create situation where he couldn’t be fired because you can’t hire a new coach with vacant AD spot. I guess I’m so beat down I am grasping
  11. Tigerpaul53

    next Head Coach

    Jimbo Fisher was delivered ready to take job by one of those so called “people with hands in everything”. Jacobs said no and hired Gus
  12. Tigerpaul53

    Fire Gus tomorrow. Fire Jay Jacobs today!!

    Shame we have an athletic director tied up with 2 title ix’s, the fbi, the ncaa and his own firing..... he is a bit preoccupied
  13. Tigerpaul53


    In town glad handing to set up run for AD job. He really thinkers he is qualified and his old friends keep telling him he can do it
  14. Tigerpaul53

    Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    May be the Crown Royal talking, but is there any chance it Really is Briles and the entire show has been smokescreen while AU lawyers do Do Diligence at Baylor on investigation documents. I mean we really can't appear to be this incompetent without a concerted effort can we ?
  15. Tigerpaul53

    AU marching band iron bowl practice

    Thank you to all who braved early hour and cold weather. Great show if support for AUMB. War Eagle. BEAT BAMA!