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  1. Tigger1985

    Things I Think I Saw: Auburn vs Ole Miss

    I thought Stidham did better when we were in the hurry up mode. When things slowed down is when he seemed to struggle
  2. Tigger1985


    You missed it, but I think we went three and out when he was in so it wasn't a long period of time.
  3. Tigger1985


    Asa played today.
  4. Tigger1985

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    what I don't understand is the seeming failure to have multiple good dual threat quarterbacks on the team if that is what it takes to make your offense work. And how we seem to be low on quality offensive linemen. The frustration of having a good to great season this year and watch it go down the tubes because of lack of depth at positions that should have been filled by too many busts is killer. Don't expect to beat Bama every year while Saban is there but I expect to be second or third in the west every year.
  5. Tigger1985

    Staff Changes

    And he tried to get us in trouble when he didn't get Cam. We need a Qb coach definitely. How can Alabama State get a better Qb than us?
  6. Tigger1985

    Upon Further Review -Tennessee Game

    I thought we needed to put Sandberg against Tenn. He moved the ball when allowed in against Ala state. Worst he could do is throw an interception or fumble the ball which Stidham and killed us both times. Give anybody a chance!
  7. Tigger1985

    Asa redshirt screwup??

    I don't believe we can look anymore incompetent than we are right now. How we got in this mess is unbelievable.
  8. Tigger1985

    Is Chip actually running HIS O?

    Need an offensive line Coach. I guess it's too late this year though.
  9. Tigger1985

    Need a Qb

    Let's try someone else . Stidham has lost his touch.
  10. Tigger1985

    Mississippi State Post Game Thread

    The annoucers called it about giving our right tackle help, how can coaches not see this? We were getting held big time all night no calls..
  11. Tigger1985

    It's just a game

    Well we knew this was coming but didn't think it would be this game. What is the deal with the officials this year? It's like they keep killing us. The announcers called it though about why don't we give our right tackle help with blocking? Our QB missed too many sure TDs tonight as he has lost his touch. Horrible down field throws, poor footwork etc.
  12. Tigger1985

    people feel like a QB change is the fix

    LSU figured out how to blitz us and now everyone knows also. Southern Miss did the same right up the middle
  13. Tigger1985

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    Thought we should have put Cord in. He moved the ball fairly well when in the game.
  14. Tigger1985

    Stidham's Accuracy

    Stidham waits to the reciever is wide open, there is no anticipation on his part. He is also throwing into the dirt or behind the reciever all the time.
  15. Tigger1985

    Arkansas Game Report Card

    When we can't get a yard on offense, we are truly in trouble.