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  1. Glad to see that someone maybe is taking a more professional approach to this than previously
  2. We are a completely different team when Coop is in
  3. Just push our guy out no call
  4. How is the guard from Ga not fouled out? All he does is foul Cooper constantly
  5. Man what a difference Cooper makes. Speed, passes, fouls
  6. Good luck, thanks for your time at Auburn. Who’s wants to be the next starter?
  7. You never saw Bielema at an all you could eat buffet. I’ll bet he was very energetic there
  8. The way we played the other day, he would have went back to drinking
  9. No reason to rush but I figured that is what Harsin was doing at halftime. Hi I’m Coach Harsin and if you are watching our game, you know we need coaches. My email is...... I wonder what Bicknell could do with the right players
  10. Hate that he didn’t catch that pass in the ending
  11. I think our first hire should be Strength and Conditioning coach and we need a great one
  12. Wonder who the strength and conditioning coach will be? Hopefully this is the first hire so they can get busy
  13. Nix hurt, Cord coming in. Time for history to be made
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