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  1. I don't give dam if it's tiddlywinks , I want Auburn to be the best. If the AD or any other Admin doesn't want this they need to GO and fast. Dye did us wrong on wrestling and should have never AD and Football coach but that was a sign of the times then. From the tuition stand point they all are making money.
  2. Meaning what bigbird?
  3. Keeping fingers crossed we go farther tomorrow.
  4. Hope we are recruiting some really good pitchers
  5. I'm an 1980 AHS graduate myself. Go Black Bears! Hope we get him.
  6. Third strike right down middle no swing
  7. How do you miss a bunt and then take a third strike? Wonder why he hits .188?
  8. Pitiful throw! Stupid mistake.
  9. Thought Davis got hurt in 3rd quarter but he got hurt in first. My bad. But I blame the Bowden for abandoning the running game unless you were calling the plays for him. Morrow and Beasley were filling in nicely when they got the ball but seldom because we had to pass and didn't complete many.
  10. Only knock on Fullwood was that he was prone to fumble but was quick as a cat. Davis would have gotten a lot more yards if Bowden would have used him properly. We would have beat Penn State but Tiny Terry wanted to throw.
  11. Like his hustle and defense