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  1. Tigger1985

    greene discusses changes

    Can see doing the other moves but being impressed by the women's bb record is beyond bizarre.
  2. Tigger1985

    Demographic Curiosity

    56 Male graduated in 1985 lifetime Ag Alumni member
  3. Tigger1985

    Wiley, Brown, Harper, Purifoy -- returning to AU!!!!

    Could be the start of something big in basketball
  4. Tigger1985

    2019 4* LB Trezmen Marshall (UGA 4/27/18)

    Come on down. Dawgs head would explode.
  5. Tigger1985

    National Championships

    You know Kay is an Auburn person. Should we subtract them one at a time or just all at once?
  6. Tigger1985

    National Championships

    I am a Lifetime AG Alumni since 1985. They find me to send in money every year for the Alumni Associaton. Still didn't get polled, did you ? If so how did you vote?
  7. Tigger1985

    National Championships

    Alumni got polled? We never saw one and no one else did that I know of.
  8. Tigger1985

    National Championships

    But they could count their one tooth to get to 21
  9. Tigger1985

    Baseball at FL Game 3

    Just need some upgrading on pitching. Freshmen are going to get more consistent.
  10. Tigger1985

    2019 4* S/WR Jashawn Sheffield

    Come on Down Jashawn ! Help Jaylin recruit for us
  11. I was afraid that University of Auburn would step in but BOOM War Eagle Jaylin!
  12. Tigger1985

    Baseball at FL Game 3

    Lack of bullpen talent goes back to coaching and recruiting. Hopefully we improve on both.
  13. And we kicked their arse here too. 5 time National Champs
  14. Tigger1985

    Baseball vs uat Game 1

    I would want more runs if it was 90 to 0. Hopefully we take all three in similar fashion. WAR Eagle
  15. Tigger1985

    Where are they now - Zeke Pike

    Sad news for all concerned that someone has these troubles they can't overcome.