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  1. CGM Offense

    Not impressed by Herb Hand line blocking, whipped all night
  2. CGM Offense

    Anyone see a tightend pass? No we throw short every **** time so no first down.
  3. Can we go ahead and get a true WR coach?

    Well our wide receivers should learn to push off like Clemson does and how to run a pick play. Said ham didn't throw a 50-50 ball all night. What happened to throwing to tight end, or at least keep one in to help block that DE price had trouble all night. Where's the adjustments?
  4. CGM Offense

    Not impressed at all by offensive line, just like last week. Stidham has a long way to go but no time with this line. Terrible blocking. Not impressed by Lindsey either.
  5. When does Saban Retire

    Saban had 9 recruiting violations in football this year, one by himself. Seems he called a players number instead of the coach's. Everybody that believes that stand on head.
  6. Malzahn wants OL set early

    Then you didn't see Braden get owned by TAM or Clemson? James lazy butt got blown by several times also.
  7. In 2012 did you watch every game until the end?

    Try to watch it all. Makes me mad at times but sometimes just resign myself to losing the ballgame. Hope to see bright spots and didn't understand why if certain players are not getting job done, bring in new ones at whatever position.
  8. Swimming and Diving Update.

    I don't give dam if it's tiddlywinks , I want Auburn to be the best. If the AD or any other Admin doesn't want this they need to GO and fast. Dye did us wrong on wrestling and should have never AD and Football coach but that was a sign of the times then. From the tuition stand point they all are making money.
  9. Keeping fingers crossed we go farther tomorrow.
  10. Hope we are recruiting some really good pitchers
  11. 2018 4* RB Asa Martin Commits to AU!!!

    I'm an 1980 AHS graduate myself. Go Black Bears! Hope we get him.
  12. Third strike right down middle no swing