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  1. Amazing that we can't seem to keep good recruiting up on both sides of the ball.
  2. Unless they got behind and then he would go in immediately
  3. Seems to have great vision on cuts while running
  4. Not saying it means nothing but if you look at the rest of his comments and think that is the Professor that I want or that I want to be teaching my child and representing my university, you have problems. If you go into an interview and you know that little about the college or company that you are going to work for is ridiculous.
  5. I care what he says as he represents OUR university. Can his butt now
  6. And then they hire a professor that won't say War Eagle.
  7. He's playing at some indoor Canadian League. So sad to see someone waste all potential in the world.
  8. I think Hill missed some blocks and ran the wrong routes
  9. My caption was: Paint that Daniel Moore! Boom!