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  1. Loved the Tenn game where Cadillac ran over their star DB then Brown did the same to score
  2. He needs to teach the rest how to hit the ball
  3. Let's go Tigers! we need to get some more offense going
  4. Hurts to be so close, but got to forget about it before Tuesday. Hopefully we get some bats going. Seems like when we get so close , we are worn out from getting there that we can't play our best. Here's to beating Louisville.
  5. Unbelievable, we need some 5 star pitchers badly.
  6. What was the talk from umpire about? Hey I gave you one on the last pitch? Seems like we may be getting screwed early? Hope we get them three up and down also. Is that not a balk on pitchers part? Stopping on motion to plate?
  7. Hopefully picking out his room and jersey