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  1. Why you would think Gus doesn't have his team's best interest at heart is beyond belief. We knew we would take some lumps with a freshman Qb. And Asa Martin has done so well at the other programs.
  2. War Eagle! We pulled it out even with the poor officials.
  3. You would have thought Saban was paying them
  4. Poor little butt hurt Bama fan, bless it's heart. If you want to talk about holding look at your Oline, they hold every play. Or how about your Defensive backs, they put the PI in pass interference. In fact when Seth punched the guy, he was mad because he was being held the whole time down the field. No call. The Db's push, hold, bump and everything else the whole time going down the field. Thirteen penalties is nothing compared to what they should get.
  5. If nothing else bring him on as an advisor to help Jb recruit
  6. It looked good to me. His foot wasn't out and I knew we weren't getting any calls after this one.
  7. With the Missouri and Arkansas programs a shambles now, are there any Oline or Dline commits we might flip or get to transfer?
  8. Gus got flagged for saying Bullcrap. Saban goes off the charts and just like that no flags.
  9. Our punter was moving in position to kick when the penalty was called. Great move by Gus. It has to do with the center being over the ball. Ultimate meltdown by Nick and where were the flags on him for unsportsmanlike conduct as we were called on when Gus said that a call was Bullcrap. 13 penalties wouldn't even be close to the missed PI's and Holding calls they wouldn't call. We got screwed at the first of this game on an incomplete pass call.
  10. Think it should be called The Twelveth Man.
  11. Too many plays were made by different ones. Total team effort here