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  1. My caption was: Paint that Daniel Moore! Boom!
  2. I guess she wants to go back to being below average cause that's where her teams usually are ranked. Very poor coach that can't scheme around the team they have. Pathetic
  3. Know when to hold them, know when to fold them. We should have folded them a long time ago.
  4. Thought we should have there years ago. I hope we are looking at every OL especially OT there.
  5. Can't stand the constant yelling from him.
  6. Who's going to keep Saban off the field now?
  7. Flanagan has not Impressed me at all. Doughty missing another layup
  8. We can't get a foul call and they push off every play.
  9. Cardiac team here. Come on man pull this on out
  10. Our guards are terrible. They rip our jersey off but the foul is on us?
  11. Guess ya'll want a refund from the refs now that YOU Lost! Hahahahaha