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  1. Go Texas Tech . Guy walked three times before it was called.
  2. Watching Texas Tech vs Mich St game. They just showed a picture of the final two and it was TTech vs Auburn. They know we got screwed.
  3. So did Kentucky, when they brought their own officials
  4. Talked to a Bammer student tonight and it's killing them. They are now saying Oates will be the next Bruce Pearl. Couldn't be happier except when we win it all.
  5. Well let's hope Virginia can't bring their officials with them
  6. So our man has to take an elbow to the face before it's a foul? Pure garbage
  7. Our 5 have to beat their 8 on this one. WTH is this with the changing fouls crap after its called?
  8. So the theme is we get ahead and they get fouled.
  9. Bryce is rushing his shot, need to drive in to the lane.
  10. Our inside men have to stay on their player. We are getting sucked over to the ball side leaving open the underneath player for an open shot.
  11. Travis is constantly pushing and holding our man and apparently it's all ok. Steps out into our man on a screen. No call bs
  12. Has the old ref called anything on Ky yet?
  13. I see as USUAL Kentucky brought their Refs with them.
  14. We should be offering them all that Grimes wants.