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  1. Tigger1985

    Do we have a 5* Curse?

    Think we could hire Lolly back?
  2. Tigger1985

    2019 4* DE/DT Charles Moore

    Sounds like some of our rivals are trying to help us out to me. Come on Charles make those grades!
  3. Tigger1985

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    The OT he mentioned whiffed on the speed rushers that he faced all year. I guess Gus likes a patch work OL
  4. Tigger1985

    2019 4* DE/DT Charles Moore

    War Eagle
  5. Tigger1985

    2018 3* C Kamaar Bell

  6. Tigger1985

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    Wish George tha same as he felt about us... Apparently he doesn't know what the word commitment is.
  7. Tigger1985

    Caddy The Recruiter

    There goes Cadillac !! See this as a positive
  8. Tigger1985

    Grad Transfer HB Jay Jay Wilson Commits to AU!

    Played Linebacker also
  9. Tigger1985

    remaining 9 or so slots to fill

    Hope we get him. Are you going to start a thread on him?
  10. Tigger1985

    Derrick Brown returning!

    Someone said Kirby talking to Tampa Bay. Any one else heard this?
  11. Tigger1985

    Derrick Brown returning!

    Woohoo getting them both back.
  12. Tigger1985

    Richt retiring at Miami

    Any OL recruits we can get?
  13. Tigger1985

    Beth Mowins

    Well when I played at Texas blah blah, we did this at Texas blah blah. Does this guy ever shut up about his playing days?
  14. Tigger1985

    Was Chip a bad OC or did he and Gus not gel?

    The defense was waiting on play calls during this game. Stidham had a great game but missed on some throws. Maybe the new OC helped with QB play. Maybe Grimes coaching helped OL do better. I don't think Willis has the IT factor for our QB.