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  1. Like his hustle and defense
  2. He runs that Les Miles 12th man that no one can see on the field.
  3. Just imagine if Muskrat came in and did that.
  4. Had hoped he would have had a chance to help us out but stayed hurt all the time. Hope he does well elsewhere but I'm afraid his career is about over. I thought he was a better Qb than Jackson but you can't foresee injuries.
  5. All coaches are a highly paid disposable commodity. That is part of the coaching life. We just haven't found the right fit yet and should have kept looking.
  6. We were top tier at one time. Jay is an idiot. Glad for the players but this coach has had time to turn it around. She needs to GO
  7. I hope he has Tray Mathews taking good angles for once
  8. Says Larry Porter is recruiter on thread.
  9. 15-13 losses. Mediocre at best. Time to find a new coach Jay not give her a raise. Idiot
  10. I have thought for several years we need to change coaches. We used to be in the top with Tenn.
  11. Lest we forget, in 2013 everybody knew what was coming and still couldn't stop it.
  12. Pat Sullivan came in during this time and our QB production improved a lot.
  13. Thought we should have went for it. They were gaining momentum. Their offensive coordinator changed up, ours didn't. I thought we should have tried Tyler Queen at Qb
  14. Didn't have a problem with it. If they didn't want us to score they should have stopped us. Play calling was horrible all night till then.
  15. I really thought he could cover receivers better than he has. His man seems to be open a lot.