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  1. Several of the coaches mentioned should be a lot cheaper now as they lost today
  2. Welp on to finding us a new head coach Oline coach and a lot of good players that we desperately need
  3. He’s doing what he’s paid to do which is promote Bama
  4. Oh they’ll show all the angles on us but not on them
  5. So their DBs can hook but our players can’t what a crock
  6. No but expect our guys to stay close to their guys not leave them 5 to 7 yards open
  7. We have scored a lot more than I thought we would but can’t stop giving up points
  8. No I’m sure he PId as that’s the only way he can cover. Terrible
  9. So our DBs play 10/12 yards off the receivers to a great Qb
  10. Hope we find some DBs next year as our guys are terrible
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