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  1. The Bama's DB's hold the jersey of the wide recievers all the time. One DB had his hand on the shoulder of his man the whole time, but it's never called on Saban's boys.
  2. That's everyone's schedule, Bama's included. How many other teams play the same schedule as we do? Nobody. What do you think the result would be if any other team played 3 of the top three teams in the country right now?
  3. Off day by Bo. Thought we should have brought Gatewood in at the goal line.
  4. Think Cadillac has had some input on rotating running backs
  5. We use the run to set up other things to keep the defense guessing. And boy were they guessing the Ms State game. I loved it. Gus clicking on all cylinders. Also Bo Nix checking at the line gave us a dimension Stidham was not able to bring to the game at all.
  6. We have had too many busts at key positions like QB. Can't make an offense go without at least a decent one.
  7. Just calling against us as they let Creepy do what he wanted and no call
  8. Said before the season I wasn't scared of Florida and that we would win.
  9. Wonder if it was the same crappy crew that gave MS a TD last year when the review shows the Qb was short?
  10. Props to the Oline as they mashed some Db's and Lb's tonight
  11. Why is it we must beat the officials every year against State? We need a tear away jersey on our Dline.
  12. X1000 and the #%*&& officials let so much of it go.
  13. Him missing two big passes in the Norte Dame game was great