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  1. Been saying this for a few years now. Flo needs to been gone.
  2. Hope we get the chance to see what our new Oline coach can do with a five star
  3. 19 turnovers. We pick a fine time to forget how to play.
  4. Looks like Nick hired the officials tonight
  5. Just hope he is good enough to get Jones to come to Auburn
  6. Glad we won but I have watched this for years. I think the judging is political and that is why we haven't won more.
  7. Watch them give Edwards three steps to the basket
  8. Had the fake punt been run one series earlier, it would have gone for a long gain as there was none one even close to our two guys running down the field. So we are day late dollar short on this one. What to me was dumb was when we run two up the gut for little to no gain then we pass to no one. We had just moved the ball passing on first down. Oline was still terrible.
  9. Good game Gophers. Gus didn’t have a plan when we couldn’t run, still won’t throw over the middle. Our Dbs had a horrible game
  10. Looked like we had a DB zeroed in on that pass waiting on throw. We will never know but it could have been three pick sixes .
  11. Why you would think Gus doesn't have his team's best interest at heart is beyond belief. We knew we would take some lumps with a freshman Qb. And Asa Martin has done so well at the other programs.