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  1. Should it surprise anyone that Gus and crew bungled Asa's redshirt??? I mean Gus handled everything else with competence and diligence right? Looking forward to another promising Auburn football season in 2019 under the guidance of Gus.
  2. i think the 8 step drops and long routes have been VERy effective tonight...nice work gus
  3. Same ole Gus...different OC, different QB...same results
  4. Poor playcalling and inability to adapt to the game situations...feels like the past 2 years
  5. Just checking in...anything going on? Gus learn how to call a game???
  6. it's not like he has looked clueless and inept the past 2 seasons...
  7. Being *new* to this board, I just want to provide some perspective... Think of this as Bama helping us to find a competent HC.