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  1. Mississippi State vs UGA

    Would pull for a North Korea based team before thuga
  2. Offensive line play

    you may be right.With that said , the base problem is the majority of the O line is losing the battle with the man in front of him. Hope that changes this week.
  3. CPD certainly tells it the way he sees it. At this point he is prob accurate. Sad thing is the updykes are the only team with an edge in talent.
  4. Who Do You Want?

    Agree with this list.
  5. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    Willis needs to play Sat if AU can get a comfortable lead.. All backups at every position need playing time.
  6. Roll call Mizzou

    me an 3
  7. When does Malzahn meet with Jacobs

    JJ does not work for the Trustees..He answers to the President..Gouge has never been that engaged in athletics and with his retirement soon he will not do anything