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  1. My son played last year but gave it up this year - band practice takes up a lot of time in the fall. His class load is too much right now for him to sacrifice all that time. I do miss seeing him in that uniform.
  2. Ok here it is from the originator of the Mark My Word thread. Just FYI I have no problems with someone else starting it; in fact it’s nice to see that this tradition would live on even if I no longer posted on this board (I seldom post anyway, more of a lurker). Between family, job, and a kid currently at Auburn, I’m a busy guy and don’t have a lot of time to hang out on the interwebs. All that said, here we go: Mark My Word: This is the year that one of Saban’s disciples finally beats him. Could be Kiffin or Fisher, maybe Kirby in the SECCG; in any case it happens. Mark My Word: Auburn beats Penn State and Georgia this year. LSU too, but that’s too easy of a prediction. Mark My Word: Next year I start the Mark My Word thread right after media days. And I’ll go all Shaun Shivers helmet knocking on any person that beats me to it. 😎
  3. I thought it was too early to start it. I’ll call The Nip instead.
  4. Get a Honda. They run forever, and they are low maintenance. Edit: about $20 more than your budget, but will be worth it in the long run Honda push mower at Lowes
  5. Or until after his conference's championship game...
  6. I agree with you, but if CNS doesn't let off and it's one of our most embarrassing losses would that prompt our boosters to pony up the money to get rid of Gus?
  7. I was going through cancer about the same time. I'm four year out of treatments right now. I was one of the lucky ones in that mine could be treated and I'm not showing any signs of it returning. Yes, **** cancer. Sorry about your mom.
  8. That is true about HT's DB, but Harrell was accurate in his throws when he did see them open. Plus, several times he escaped what should have been a sack and placed the ball on the money to a receiver. (And trust me, it was frustrating for this HT dad, but I really liked that Thompson QB).
  9. The Sal Cannella interview is particularly interesting. His journey from Illinois, CC in Arizona, and finally to Auburn is a good story. Also enjoyed his reflections on his touchdowns in both the Washington and Alabama games.
  10. Mark My Word: This will be my favorite prediction on the thread Mark My Word: Eisenhower obviously doesn't get it. Or get any.
  11. I've waited a bit for this year's Mark My Word as it has been a crazy year, but let's get it going. The rules are simple: Make a bold prediction about the season that you have a gut feeling about, but most people might disagree - and/or think you are crazy for believing. And start those predictions with "Mark My Word" because you are sure about it, no apologies. And don't debate or flame other posters' predictions on this thread, it is just for the predictions. Another rule: Don't make a wimpy prediction that everyone either knows or agrees with because, well, that would suck (and it's the only time flaming is allowed). Predict anything about the season, AU football, AU Family (and the members), and even The Nip. No politics please! Read more of the rules and understand the spirit of the thread in last year's Mark My Word 2019 . I did OK last year: So I'll get this started Mark My Word: Auburn beats Georgia in Athens this year and at least shares the SEC West title. Mark My Word: One of the Mississippi teams beats Alabama this year (more hope than gut feeling) Mark My Word: Vandy will cancel multiple games claiming COVID concerns, but everyone will just assume they were too scared to play. Alright folks, what are your boldest predictions?
  12. @WarTim has put out The Nip watch and I am eagerly waiting for the call. While we're waiting I'll bring out my annual Mark My Word thread. We've done this since 2005, and although I haven't been as active on the board I still like to see these predictions. If you're not familiar with Mark My Word it's basically a crazy prediction that you (and possibly only you) believe will happen - against the odds and/or your better judgement. So here's how it works: Make your boldest college football related prediction. It cannot be a wimpy prediction that you know will likely come true (e.g. "Auburn Beats Kent State!") or one that many people believe anyway (e.g. "Gus is gone at the end of the season"), but a prediction that almost no one else but you expects to happen. Maybe something that you have a gut feeling about, something that may defy logical thinking. It's got to be College Football related and could concern game outcomes, coach issues, final schedules, etc. You can also make AUFamily related predictions (regarding a member, The Nip, Touchdown Auburn Bowl, etc.). After the season, we can revive this thread and see how our predictions turned out. I'm not going to bring up the bold predictions I made last year, or even the year before; they didn't turn out so well . But new folks can look back in the archives for the other Mark My Word threads if you want to get an idea of how this works. Here's a link to last year's thread (which includes links to prior year threads). Mark My Word 2018 In any case, here are the rules: Rule 1: No wimpy predictions. Penalty for a wimpy prediction: 15 yards and you sit out next play. Rule 2: No flaming on the thread. If you don't agree with someone's Mark My Word prediction and want to tell them how crazy they are, take it to another thread. This is just for the bold predictions. Penalty for flaming on the thread: 10 yards from the spot of the foul and loss of down. * One exception: you may flame someone who makes a wimpy prediction. Because they deserve it. Judgement call by the referee. Rule 3 and most important: you must begin each prediction with "Mark My Word". Because you are sure of it. (And it's in the spirit of the thread.) 1st infraction is a sideline warning, 2nd infraction 15 yards. You don't necessarily have to explain why you believe the way you do, but if you want to elaborate, go ahead. No edits once the season begins - although I doubt people would change their predictions to match the season, just want to make it clear. I'll get this started: Mark My Word: Alabama loses two regular season games. One of them is to Auburn. Mark My Word: Florida (currently ranked 8th by ESPN) is out of the top 25 by the end of the season. Mark My Word: Both Gus and Clay Helton (USC) keep their jobs after this season. Yeah, I said it. I believe it whether I like it or not.
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