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  1. That is true about HT's DB, but Harrell was accurate in his throws when he did see them open. Plus, several times he escaped what should have been a sack and placed the ball on the money to a receiver. (And trust me, it was frustrating for this HT dad, but I really liked that Thompson QB).
  2. The Sal Cannella interview is particularly interesting. His journey from Illinois, CC in Arizona, and finally to Auburn is a good story. Also enjoyed his reflections on his touchdowns in both the Washington and Alabama games.
  3. Mark My Word: This will be my favorite prediction on the thread Mark My Word: Eisenhower obviously doesn't get it. Or get any.
  4. I've waited a bit for this year's Mark My Word as it has been a crazy year, but let's get it going. The rules are simple: Make a bold prediction about the season that you have a gut feeling about, but most people might disagree - and/or think you are crazy for believing. And start those predictions with "Mark My Word" because you are sure about it, no apologies. And don't debate or flame other posters' predictions on this thread, it is just for the predictions. Another rule: Don't make a wimpy prediction that everyone either knows or agrees with because, well, that would suck (and it's t
  5. @WarTim has put out The Nip watch and I am eagerly waiting for the call. While we're waiting I'll bring out my annual Mark My Word thread. We've done this since 2005, and although I haven't been as active on the board I still like to see these predictions. If you're not familiar with Mark My Word it's basically a crazy prediction that you (and possibly only you) believe will happen - against the odds and/or your better judgement. So here's how it works: Make your boldest college football related prediction. It cannot be a wimpy prediction that you know will likely come true (e.g. "Aub
  6. Ok, I'll play. I believe we get the 2nd stringers in early. AU 47 ASU 13
  7. Rule violation: No wimpy predictions. Penalty for a wimpy prediction: 15 yards and you sit out next play.
  8. While we are waiting on @WarTim to call The Nip, let's get Mark My Word started for this year. If you're not familiar, see the links below for prior years' threads. Basically, come up with a prediction that you believe will happen, against the odds or your better judgement. So here's how it works: Make your boldest college football related prediction. It cannot be a wimpy prediction that you know will likely come true (e.g. "Auburn Beats Alabama State!") or one that many people believe anyway, but a prediction that almost no one else but you expects to happen. Maybe something that you
  9. Good luck @AUIH1 - sounds like you have the same type of cancer that I did. I'm about a year and a half out of radiation and everything is clear for now. Seeing all the success stories in this thread is heartwarming. I went through three surgeries in a 14 day period, chemo, and about seven weeks of radiation. It killed the taste buds and I dropped down to about 145 pounds, but my taste buds are finally back and my weight is back up. It was a rough journey but I'm better for it.
  10. NCAA all time leader is the Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds with 530. It would be difficult to make that. Carlson is at number 20 overall right now, and it's very possible he could move into the top 10 by the end of the year. Here's a good reference site.
  11. Flag on the field: No wimpy predictions. 15 yards and you sit out next play.
  12. Well, the Touchdown Auburn Bowl has been started, and @WarTim is contemplating The Nip. It's time for Mark My Word, a thread I like to start for those crazy and insane predictions. Most of the rules below are copy/pasted from earlier years, but read over them to refresh yourself, there are penalties associated. College football is getting close and we're all getting excited. There's lots of prognostications by the sportscasters and fellow board members, but you've got a feeling about a team, a coach, or a player. Tell us about it. Make your boldest college football related predic
  13. If you prefer not to do a subscription, check out ShaveMob.com. They'll ship you up to a year's worth of razors (I get the four blade "Average Joe" for $30). The blades are as good as Harry's or Dollar Shave Club, and you don't have to sign up for a recurring cost. Just order more when you're ready.
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