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  1. Alabama was probably the better team last year, but losing Trey Sermon at the start of the game was a big blow to the Buckeyes ability to compete. He had run for over 500 yards in his last two games before going down on the first drive.
  2. Both teams last night were miles ahead of Auburn in talent, some positions more so than others. Bryce Young is really good, but not surprisingly, he struggles against pressure, as he did against Texas A&M and Auburn. He'd struggle with our OL and WRs, for sure. Alabama's third best WR is not nearly as good as Ohio State's third or fourth best WRs.* But their D is much better. *Heck, their second best WR transferred from Ohio State because he may have only been the fourth best receiver on the team. Georgia's D is all Seniors and Juniors. Hope they all leave for the NFL. New DC, too. Muschamp?
  3. Link above to his profile. Yes, he is Brian's brother.
  4. Funny you should mention Sean White. I remember him playing severely injured against Georgia. In both cases, I thought it was really sad that we had not better prepared a backup QB and were forced to keep playing an injured, less effective quarterback. Good luck to Bo, but it's time to move on.
  5. What was that quote about Bear Bryant? That he could take his'n and beat your'n, and then turn around and take your'n and beat his'n? Well, this could be our chance to have Bo Nix at QB and beat Ole Miss 3 years in a row, then turn around and beat Ole Miss with Bo Nix at QB. 🙂 Of course, it could turn out different... 😕
  6. So, back to Daren Bates' YouTube channel. I see they've posted more Iron Bowl clips, including one where he talks about avoiding "Eugene". He said something like "ya'll *** know how I feel about Eugene", and talked about Eugene standing in the middle with his hands on his hips, and other players over by Daren that didn't want to be near Eugene. I didn't realize the players really disliked Chizik so much. Can anybody give insight on what they really feel about him? That he was an idiot? That he took all the credit? That he was phony? I really don't know the scoop. I've kinda gotten to like him okay in half-time shows, but probably because I don't know the dirt.
  7. Sounds like basically his daughter told him "Dad, stop being a p****."
  8. If it was so easy, anyone could do it. I can’t do it.
  9. Well, I’m pretty sure you’re wrong, but at this point I’d sure like to see Georgia lose by 20+.
  10. I don’t see that, even if they lose by 28.
  11. I’d trade Tyler Fromm for Bowers!
  12. Watch Michigan lose, and then Bama gets to destroy ND again in the semifinals.
  13. Yes, Tank was trying to get the first down. I can understand that, but no, I'm not going to go as far as thanking him for fighting until he was thrown out of bounds. It was still a mistake. Battle knew in the moment that his primary goal was to get Tank out of bounds, even if he sacrificed making the tackle in the attempt. That was the right play. Tank's primary goal should have been to get the first down, if possible, without going out of bounds. This should have been drilled into him from the sidelines and from the QB. There absolutely were other plays in the game that cost us first downs or stopped the clock, so I agree that losing the game wasn't Tank's fault. Bama still had to drive 97 against our defense in the final 1:20. 40 less seconds would have made it more difficult, but they would have called different plays, so we can't say we win because they scored with only 24 seconds on the clock. Gary Danielson went overboard in his blaming Tank for that play, and some of our fans have done the same, but that does not discount that it was a mistake--he should have went down.
  14. I freaking hate targeting as it's handled. The intent is good, but when you penalize guys on a play like this, where there was no unnecessary roughness, nor reckless endangerment, no defenseless player, no crown of the head contact, nor lowering of the head to endanger the defensive players neck... and not just penalty yards, but the kid isn't allowed to play for half of the next conference game? Man, it makes my blood boil. Similarly, earlier this year we lost two kids who were just trying to keep the opposing ball carrier from scoring. They were actively reaching/crawling towards the end zone.
  15. Well, I think you bring up a lot of good points, and for many of those reasons, the Braves moved the stadium out of Atlanta, where they got a lot of empty promises from the city for decades. Seemed promising after the Olympics, that the area around the stadium would be developed, but it never happened. I live in Smyrna (Cobb County), and was actually pretty skeptical about the move. Traffic would be terrible, construction would be terrible, etc. It's actually really great. Traffic in the area is actually pretty okay before, during, and after games. And the businesses brought into the battery are nice--nice restaurants, good entertainment, etc. I actually did like a lot of things about the old stadium--the sight lines were all pretty good (there are some slightly obstructed views at Truist), and I loved seeing the City skyline when sitting in the nosebleeds above homeplate. And you didn't have to take the shuttle from Underground Atlanta--you could walk. But I find myself going to more games at Truist than I did in Atlanta. There's some truth to that, but again, that was when they were in Atlanta, and when the fans did get spoiled AND heartbroken (many division titles, only one championship). I was working in San Francisco and came back for playoff games each year, and was struck by the smaller crowds in the late 90's and early 2000's. The crowds have been better in SunTrust/Truist, both in the regular season and the playoffs. Their home attendance has been in the top half of the league since 2017 (#2 this year, despite being below .500 for most of the season). Anyways, I love the Braves, and this year's storybook run. It was really awesome, and already looking forward to 2022.
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