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  1. Yep, I realized a while back that Joseph Goodman is a s***-stirrer. I refuse to knowingly click on any article with his name in the byline.
  2. A few seasons back (maybe 3 years ago?), we struggled to hold onto leads late, no matter how large. We've reversed course the past two seasons, able to overcome large deficits multiple times, and pretty good at holding leads. Last night was a bit different, where for a good part of the first half, it looked like we could beat anybody ("we want Bama" in my head). By the end of the first half, it was clear that we could lose the game. Early into the second half, it became clear that we had lost poise and confidence on the offensive end, while Arkansas had all the confidence in the world. We
  3. Shaun Shivers will always have my admiration for his TD in last year's Iron Bowl, and for a number of other plays he's made the last couple years. He was/is valuable to the team. But if he chooses to leave, best of luck to him, but I (personally) wouldn't think of him as an Auburn man, the way *I* define it. Is Byron Cowart still an Auburn man? Robert McGinty? Matt Geiger? Davion Mitchell? I wish each of them well, but they're no more "Auburn men" than Corey Grant is a Bama man, or Cam Newton is a Gator for life, or Tray Matthews or Nick Marshall are Dawgs. They all have different ba
  4. I’ve been told in no uncertain terms here that, no matter what, Shivers will always be an Auburn man. I was called a weirdo when I disagreed. I graduated from Auburn in 1988, and went to high school in Lee County. Guess I’m old school, too. Or just an old fool.
  5. So a legendary black athlete at Auburn would be thrilled to see Auburn hire their first black coordinator... I just don't see that as a "problem". And every time a black candidate is hired for any position, does it really have to be considered racial intent/influence or coincidence?
  6. Lol, no idea. I can see any of these things happening, including canceling due to Covid and opt-outs. Have we actually heard of any confirmed opt-outs?
  7. Well, sure, if I was confident I had better opportunities in the foreseeable future. I'm sure Napier is not just comparing the current Auburn opportunity to his current employment situation.
  8. I'm not a booster, and my boycotting or supporting Auburn football means nothing to anybody but me. That said, I've taken my family to every A-Day game I can in a show of support to the new HC, the old HC, the new OC, etc for many years. I've got no interest at this point to show that support this coming A-Day for HC Kevin Steele or Neal Brown or Bill Clark... I'll probably still drive down for a game or two in the fall, though... probably... maybe.
  9. So... are we still too good for Hugh Freeze or Bobby Petrino or anybody? Too good for Kiffin or Venables? I'm not equating Bruce Pearl or his transgressions to those guys, but I think we had to get to a pretty desperate point in basketball to consider Bruce Pearl, because Auburn being Auburn, we like to think we're above all that way too often.
  10. Mario C likes to keep it clean Goin' to shine like a sunbeam Keep on rapping, cause that's my dream
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