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  1. 1. Bo Jackson - I was young, but I don't think I've ever seen a running back both so exciting and physically dominant 2. Ronnie Brown - Carnell had better numbers, but I loved how physical a runner Ronnie was. In a time of dancers, he was something of a throwback 3. Rudi Johnson - This guy would not go down. He wasn't the fastest or the quickest or the most athletic, but you really had to tackle the guy. 4. Carnell Williams - Extremely exciting runner who was a legitimate big play threat anytime he touched the ball. 5. Tre Mason - In 2013, this guy was a battering ram. Compared to what he looked like his first season starting, the transformation was amazing. Toward the end of the year, he seemed unstoppable between the tackles. 6. Stephen Davis - It's hard for me to remember much about him except it was clear we had perhaps the most talented back since Bo. He never panned out to his capabilities in college, but was still something to watch. 7. Kerryon Johnson - At some point in 2017, it just clicked for KJ and he became much better than this ranking indicates. If it had clicked earlier in his Auburn career, he might have been as good as we ever had. 8. Ben Tate - Another guy I never felt played up to his potential, but he came on late to be a formidable runner. He was fun to watch in 2009. 9. Lionel James - I have very early memories of watching the little train blow through a hole and surprise everyone. 10. Fred Beasley - This guy is why I can't stand Terry Bowden. He was an absolute monster in high school. Most times he was allowed to touch the ball as a running back for Auburn, he made something happen. He went on to a solid career as an NFL FB, but I always wondered what might have been under someone other than the Tot.
  2. I don't know - at least on offense - it's all that. Relative to our SEC schedule, I'd put our offensive line average at best. Our backfield average at best. Our receivers outside of Seth Williams haven't particularly blown anyone out of the water. I understand the argument for using Gatewood and giving him a shot. I don't understand the argument that his presence in the game equals a win. He has less game experience, is less proven throwing the ball and it's not like an SEC defender can't tackle a big body. We should explore and utilize the weapons we have, but let's stop pretending Gus is knowingly sitting the next Cam Newton. I haven't seen anything in any of Gatewood's appearances to suggest that.
  3. Gus’ offense depended on a substitution advantage the rules have negated. He has recruited OL and backfield poorly. No defense respects his deep threat and just crash the lines. Put Gatewood in all you want. They’ll crash the lines and take their chances and the result yesterday would have been the same.
  4. We're kind of a strange situation. We don't exactly build the traditional blow-you-off-the-ball running attack. Our line is relatively undersized and we heavily rely on misdirection and trickery to open things up. Our passing game has generally been a screen or homerun mix, although the variety we showed against MSU was very nice to see. It's closer to what I expect to see in the non P5 leagues where talent differentials are large and the results have been all over the map. It is not an offense that imposes its will, which whether you're thriving on the run or pass, this is generally something you want. So as to the future, I guess it's as capable of the success it's had going forward. You can always make big gains against gaps in discipline and planning. I suspect that much like with Florida in the 90s, however, defenses will adjust to the speed of the spread offenses. I don't see a strong running game ever becoming as much an afterthought in college as it is in the NFL.
  5. A trickle becomes a flood. Already the parity in college football has become increasingly fleeting. It would be non-existent after. Take the numbers off the fan jerseys and let them go pro out of high school if you want “fairness”. I’d be interested to see how the free tuition, food, facilities, board, etc stand up in value against four years of pay in the baseball minors.
  6. Gus has coached a good season. We’ve won two games I felt we may lose, reacted well and have improved. I still don’t think we’re at a point of being seriously competitive with bama, UGA or LSU and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. He has to be in the conversation in the SEC and I just don’t see that with him.
  7. I just look at what he's built on the offensive side of the ball. He champions a run-first spread, yet he is on the precipice of a major disaster because he won't recruit line. I don't think he's coherently recruited at running back, either. We have an absolute hodge-podge of athletes at the position, but one injury and fumble prone converted QB is our best hope? We have recruited WR probably more heavily than any position on the offensive side of the ball, but our passing philosophy seems to consist of about three routes most of the time. I think Gus has proven he knows how to script plays and series. I think he's proven he knows how to sit in a film room and counter some pretty stout defensive coaching. I don't think he's shown he can consistently build and maintain a team after seven seasons and the cracks are only going to get bigger.
  8. I don't think "we could do worse" is an endorsement. There are positives with Malzahn. If he has the right pieces, he can be formidable but I don't think he has been a very good strategist off the field. To his credit, he's built a defensive staff that knows their business and they have recruited and developed a strong and reasonably deep unit. Offensively, we always seem a bad game or two away from a disaster. His offense is a bit archaic and it really is amazing the success he has basically ignoring half the playing field. He hasn't put a priority on recruiting line and we have yet to see the worst from that. We recruit well at receiver but see very little turnaround in gameplay. Considering how key the running game is in his offense, his recruiting in the backfield has been underwhelming and we still tend to come into games looking soft and unprepared. I'm encouraged at the chemistry I saw late in the Oregon game and the faith Gus showed in his QB, but I still think he needs to get better coaches on the offensive side of the ball who can help him develop a coherent recruiting strategy or we're going to continue to be a roller-coaster in the win-loss column.
  9. It was a great win, no doubt, but I wouldn't say historic. We looked awful for a healthy portion of that game. Seeing Bo Nix recover from that and the way his team responded to him was inspiring and could lead to great things this season. I was also extremely encouraged to see Malzahn adjust over the course of the game. I haven't seen very much of that in his time here and I hope this is a sign of him growing into that next level. Oregon was a good team, but they shot themselves in the foot quite a bit as well. We really were lucky to still be in shooting distance when the second half rolled around. Most facets of the team improved over the course of the game which was good to see, but I'm still amazed how unprepared we looked. If we come out that slow against the tougher half of our schedule, we're going to have a rough go of things. The offensive line is pretty bad. The defense has obvious potential and looked dominant at times, but there's a lot of chinks in that armor. I hope Williams continues to play with the fire he showed on the game winning catch, because he looked almost lackadaisical most of the night. Whitlow is a very smart runner, but we need better run support from the rest of the rotation. Martin looked pretty good in his few touches. Overall, it's the sort of win that can turn into great things. I'm a lot more optimistic after last night than I was coming into the season, so let's see what we can do.
  10. Anything that puts Malzahn into a place where he has to dictate the line of scrimmage is going to be a challenge regardless of who is under center. His offense relies on trickery. When Gatewood comes in, the defense knows where the ball is going and Malzahn rarely options away from the obvious at those times. As for passing in the red zone, we seem to struggle with any sort of intermediate passing.
  11. I commented on the TV show. Sorry it offended you.
  12. The Boys started well but wound up leftist trash taking shots. Tiresome.
  13. It’s awful. Auburn is poorly run in so many areas.
  14. Awful. Life is so terribly fragile. It doesn’t seem real. I didn’t know Mr. Bramblett but I felt like I did. He meant a lot to many. Prayers to his family and friends.