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  1. aucom96

    Mullen opening practice

    I do think his approach hurts. Tuberville didn't have stellar records either, but he was out in front of the fans and media selling the program much like Pearl is now with basketball. From a PR standpoint, we could probably get more out of a mannequin and a tape recorder than we do Gus.
  2. aucom96

    Dye-Gest: Set a Positive Tone

    If we don't, then tickets to games should be A LOT cheaper, coaches a lot cheaper, we should go ahead and garage-sell that jumbotrocity in the end zone and focus on basketball, equestrian and mascot championships.
  3. aucom96

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    It seems about the best hire we could make, under the circumstances. Even if all he is doing is working with QBs and recruiting, it should be a step-up if Gus allows his input. That's a big if, but as others have said...I can't see how Malzahn survives another mediocre season and next season is about as strong a test as you can get.
  4. aucom96

    August 2019

    I’m not sure.I think Gus’ recruiting strategies started to bear ugly fruit this year and next year will be more pronounced. Oregon are hardly world beaters, so I’m not ready to predict a loss there but it’s a tough game on the road and it just gets tougher from there.
  5. aucom96

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    No decent team feared our running game this past season. Whitlow out performed anyone’s expectations but he was injured often, has the same average OL coming back and no Cox blocking ahead. The rest are all smaller backs and projects. Asa leaving doesn’t help, but I didn’t see him making a major impact next season anyway. What it does continue to show is how poorly Run a program we are. Hopefully we just have one more season of this to suffer through.
  6. aucom96


    Gus always seemed like a kind of business gamble. When he came in, the prevailing thought was spread schemes were the future and could negate some degree of talent advantages. When he came in, we had good linemen, decent skill players and a foundation to build on. He took that and overachieved. I think the thought on him with his supporters is "if he just gets this kind of player or that kind of coordinator" he'll magically turn back into that 2010, 2013 anomaly. The thing is there's no shortcut to a good football program. You have to recruit stars, yes, but you have to recruit with need in mind. You need a plan, yes, but you need to be able to adjust and react when it is no longer working. You need to build excitement around your program. You need to sell your program. You need to build a cohesive coaching staff all moving toward a clear goal. After 6 years, it's pretty obvious Gus is wanting in all of these areas and we're a fundamentally bad team because of it. Businessmen looked at what Saban was doing and panicked. They wanted a shortcut scheme to counter his size and depth. They wanted street agents to counter his recruiting dominance. It worked too well at first for them to accept that other programs adjust and we don't have a coach that adjusts.
  7. aucom96

    Get On Board

    If we didn't have ridiculous money backing him, Gus would already be gone. He isn't being kept around because he's a great coach or that he's showing progress toward something better or that he's particularly loved by his coaches, players or the fans. He's still here because our President and one rich booster made one of the stupidest management decisions in Auburn history. Auburn fans are on board with the team, but they're not happy. If the message is repetitive, it's a reflection on how absurd and insulting the entire situation is.
  8. aucom96

    Gus wins (Decison made)

    Leath needs to be fired and Harbert pushed out. We really are in danger of becoming a long-term bad football program.
  9. aucom96

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    I'm not sure why any QB would want to come into a chaotic situation with a lame-duck coach that almost no one likes playing one of the toughest schedules in the toughest conference in the nation next year. Especially with our offensive line and weak backfield.
  10. aucom96

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Ok, but he's making top 5 pay. Plus what he puts on the field - win or lose - tends to be ugly and dysfunctional to watch. With our lack of SEC line and running back level talent, things are only going to get worse too.
  11. aucom96

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Gus is a small time coach and thinks like one. He looks for tricks and shortcuts instead of building a solid foundation. This is what his scheme was all about. He used built-in substitution advantages over the defense with his no huddle offense. Once those advantages were removed, our "Auburn Fast" went the way of the dodo. He wrote a book. He thinks he has the game figured out and he doesn't. So lacking talent and depth on the offensive line? The scheme has an answer, we just don't execute. Have completely predictable and limited passing routes? If it works in theory, it should always execution again. Feeding the ball 30 times between the tackles to a 180 pound RB? It should work, just bad execution. Gus needs to be in the Sunbelt at best. He can't handle the talent and coaching that the SEC has.
  12. aucom96

    A summary of events

    1. Crazy rich people run the football program 2. Our AD has no say over his department's largest sport. 3. Our coach has pitifully few fans among his bosses or fanbase. 4. Our University President was a bad, bad choice. 5. We are now officially a basketball school. (as long as we can hold onto Pearl)
  13. aucom96

    Going Forward

    These lemons are going to leave a bad taste that lingers a LONG time.