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  1. I hope the optimism bears out, but Morris and Malzahn have similar offensive philosophies and are both struggling to make it work in the SEC. We’re going to have to hit rock bottom before we realize the trick isn’t so tricky anymore. We need line, not another OC stand-in.
  2. Don’t hold your breath.
  3. Hope it helps recruiting. The offense is what it is.
  4. If Chad Morris can help us with recruiting, great. I hope we get him. As far as offense, we could name Ernest Borgnine OC for all the change it will make.
  5. I can't see Boobee being an NFL back. He doesn't have big play speed and has been pretty injury prone. If he can learn to hang onto the ball, DJ hits me as our primary back next year. He's more explosive and seems to be a better all-around runner. I'm not sure how his blocking stacks up, so that may be the deciding factor. If Shivers can continue to play with the intensity he showed in the bama game, he could be a real weapon next season. Other than depth, I think we need to focus on these three unless Bigsby really proves to be something special. We definitely need to improve our production out of the run game next season.
  6. I'm not on the bus, but I am resigned that he will be our football coach for another year or four. His style of football is very difficult for me to watch and enjoy, so I'm not thrilled about it and I don't think he's a coach who is going to get us into the playoff picture, but Saturday's game did clearly demonstrate for me how hard his players work for him and that, at least, is something I like to see. I hope it grows and ultimately proves me wrong about him.
  7. It makes us look every bit as little brother as they say we are. I personally wouldn’t, but to each their own.
  8. No different than with Gus, we could count on wins against Alcorn St, Ole Miss, So. Miss, UK, MSU, Arkansas and at least 7 wins. The usual toss-ups with A&M and a decent OOC Tarheel squad at a neutral site. So win one and we're already in Malzahn turf. LSU, Bama and UGA will be an uphill battle with our bargain-bin offensive line, so we may lose all three...but we're used to that, aren't we?
  9. One thing the Gus saga has taught me is that a healthy portion of our fan base is comfortably resigned to being a second tier SEC program that slips up and wins a big game once or twice a decade. I’d be fine with that if Auburn didn’t overpay so much for the privilege.
  10. I think it will be a close game for a while. I expect Saban to try and break his receivers on short passes and let them make big plays. bama will be bringing heavy pressure on Nix and I expect us to struggle to establish a run as we have all season. In the end, I think the defense wears out and the offense won't be able to score enough to offset it. Familiar scenario.
  11. Auburn really will become a basketball school!
  12. I'd be surprised. It would cost a lot and I don't know that Auburn could draw an easy sell as a replacement. The usual "Auburn is an 8 win team and that ain't bad" crowd will be out in force. The only way I see it happening is if a powerful enough booster forces the issue.
  13. aucom96


    Good points. Gus wrote books on hurry up and we went away from it. His offense thrived on substitution advantages and those are gone. What’s left isn’t enough to overcome equal or better talent. He doesn’t evaluate need well, he doesn’t prioritize crucial things like offensive line depth, he doesn’t adapt and he surrounds himself with inexperience. He’s got a good football head, it’s just more suited for the Sunbelt or Conference USA.