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  1. It hasn’t, of course. It just makes things far more difficult for Auburn and schools like us.
  2. What development I saw last year was comparable to the average development year to year on a Malzahn team...nothing to brag about. This year, his coaches, more of his players, his show. We'll see how good of a developer Harsin is because the talent pool is pretty average at best.
  3. It's going to come down to guys like Rane and who has the most of them willing to spend big on sports. I'm not optimistic about where Auburn falls in that landscape. The whole thing is just seedy and unfortunate to me. If you want to pay players, create a salary structure, cut the "student athlete" bunk and form a semi-pro league. NIL is a mess.
  4. I'm not sure the same math really even applies, anymore. Unless something changes with NIL, "recruiting" seems to be more of a fundraising campaign outside of the coaching staff than anything else. That's more or less how it's been for select schools, but now it's going to be the norm for the top talent. So the question is more about if Harsin can maximize the product on the field with the level of talent Auburn can get through NIL. Strictly as an on the field coach, Harsin had his highs and lows last year, but the first year turnover on his staff was concerning. This will be a telling year because we probably have less talent than last season and arguably a tougher schedule. I think he can probably get away with 6 wins and still make getting rid of him a bad PR move. 5 or less, and it's hard for me to see him sticking around. I would have said replacing him would be more based on recruiting than results at this point, but going forward, I'm not sure how much you can hold a head coach accountable for that. It's a new game.
  5. Many are going to stop watching when their team has a fixed ceiling according to the levels of their booster wealth. It's always been around to a degree, but I think fans particularly of teams like Auburn are about to find out how much fixing a pro-model on amateur athletics sucks. We can't compete on a strict money field. I'd much rather watch true amateur athletics. You might actually get into a few games with the family every year without taking out a loan, too.
  6. I wish the NFL would just buy something or partner with the likes of the USFL to be a minor league, give these kids who have zero interest in college a direct path to play pro ball and restore more of an amateur aspect to the college game. This semi-pro thing from the athletics palaces to circus-like recruiting events, recruit press conferences and hat games and now the height of absurdity with NIL has turned college football into an absolute joke.
  7. It's a farce. I grew up with one thing I thought of as college football. It wasn't perfect and in many ways - as the article points out - unfair. But what is beginning to form is really something I'm already growing a distaste for and only a lifelong love of Auburn will keep me tuning in for the immediate future. If this circus gets any sillier, there are better ways to spend a fall Saturday.
  8. It's pretty simple. We couldn't run the ball and we had a weak receiver corps. The ONLY reason we came out of Baton Rouge with a win was from some pretty over the top heroics from Bo Nix. If you are going to be a hardass "culture" coach, you also have to recruit. Harsin can't recruit and unless that dramatically changes, that will be the difference in the Harsin question. It was a different game when we hired Harsin and with NIL, it's a dramatically different game now. The days of coaches lording over their programs with an iron fist are over. We're entering an era that will make college football look a lot more like the NFL and most of the coaches will follow. Roster building IS the game and it appears to be the aspect of the game Harsin was least prepared for. The record this season probably won't be nearly the tell than what Harsin signs out of this year's class.
  9. Get used to it. That's the new reality of "college" athletics.
  10. NIL was the end of college football and the start of semi-pro, so what does it really matter?
  11. The little slam about "the way [Auburn] consumes football coaches" is BS. Minus Alabama and Auburn, the remainder of the SEC has averaged 4 different head football coaches since the Saba era began. 5 different SEC programs have had more program changes than Auburn and 3 have changed coaches the same amount of times. Only four have changed less. Auburn is average with changing coaches. One of our coaching changes came because Chizik had lost control of the program, discord was rampant in the staff and roster and we turned in one of the worst - if not the worst - seasons in history. That coach's replacement should have been let go about 3 years earlier than he was. Harsin was an unpopular hire for a large portion of the Auburn PTB, he recruited poorly, lost a major portion of the roster and turned in a losing season. If Auburn was as bad as everyone makes us out to be, we'd be entering the Hugh Freeze era this season, but we aren't. This argument is just silly.
  12. Bo Nix could turn nothing into something. THAT is what we're losing this year. We have the same OL. We're likely going to have the same frustrations with the run game. What we won't have is a guy who can pick up hard yards and occasionally catch a defense with their pants down throwing on the run. That guy is not on the roster and that guy would make a difference this season. So you are right to say Bo Nix was not a great QB, but you are wrong in saying Calzada is a wash. Calzada - should he actually win the job - is going to be on his rear end a lot this season where Nix could have picked up yards. Nix left, we play the cards we have. But Nix is the reason last season wasn't worse than it actually was.
  13. 4 we should win for certain 6 toss-ups (2 of those on the road) 2 likely losses We have the same line and don't seem to be in position to add anything of note there. We're weaker at QB and WR than last year and missing some playmakers in the secondary. With the MS teams on the road and unknowns with Penn State and LSU, I'm seeing 5-7, 6-6. If Harsin pulls out 7 or more wins with what he has, he should be bullet-proof for a couple of years.
  14. Recruiting - not QB play - is going to decide Harsin's future. Our roster is what it is. We don't have a "weapon" on the roster right now at QB. At best, we've got a smart decision maker who can make high percentage throws quickly and move the ball. Harsin has not to date had any success with our line issues. He has not to date had much success with our receiver deficit. He does seem to be putting more effort into publicly selling the program, but he has to have wins. We need transfers for this season or we risk another losing record. We need recruits to build on. We're behind in both categories. If he can fix that, he'll get the time to rebuild this mess. If he can't, Auburn will find someone who can. Simplifying this to a spring QB battle - which is largely non-existent - is just the sort of blabber al.com typically spews. With Auburn this year, I don't think it's even kind of interesting. Calzada has to be the man. If he isn't, I suspect we've got a dismal year ahead.
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