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  1. Expectations for Kerryon Johnson in 2017

    I've never seen him as an every down, between the tackles kind of back. He does have pretty good hands, so I could see him having a lot more utility in this season's offense.
  2. Pat Dye on finebaum show

    It's like everything else. The further you're willing to go, the more you're willing to do that others won't or can't, the better you will be. Auburn truly can't match Alabama's "tradition". No team in America can anymore. But this says more about the values and makeup of the state of Alabama, the SEC and the NCAA as a whole than anything else. Auburn charges and invests as much money as anyone. There are probably numerous teams that put a lot more money into their football programs...but none can match what Alabama has built. This state has always been a machine engineered to build winning football teams if someone strong enough was holding the reins. But really, only two have come along to succeed at that for any length of time, and they don't coach forever.
  3. Stoops vs. Malzahn

  4. Stoops vs. Malzahn

    Bob Stoops was a top level defensive coordinator that proved he could manage a winning football team consistently. Gus Malzahn was a top level offensive coordinator that has yet to do the same. He's made some steps, but this is a guy with an outsized ego for his years as a SEC head coach. This season will be interesting to watch. Last season injuries cost us, undoubtedly. But it was Gus's staff who recruited undersized QBs and project "dual threats" with known accuracy issues. It was Gus who spent two years thinking he could outscore every team rather than build a solid defense. It was Gus who built a lopsided, one-dimensional offense that became simple to defend once the new wore off. Stoops is a head coach. Gus is still learning to be one. I don't think Auburn should be an "on the job training" program. The money is too big.
  5. Other than Bo Jackson, who is AU's No. 1 RB?

    The numbers don't support it, but I was always a fan of Ronnie Brown. When he was on, he ran with power, speed and finesse...but he was inconsistent. What a backfield we had in 2004, though. As unreal an athlete as Bo Jackson was, it's equally crazy we had the quality of backs in 2004 playing at the same time like that.
  6. Approval of Gus - poll

    I will likely never be a fan of Malzahn. I think he's a bad combination of a high school level coach with an NFL level ego. That said, he's done quite a bit after last year to try and correct the problem. I think this year is pivotal. With an experienced, top level talent at QB, solid returning offensive core, and what should be an above average defense, I think he has to be competitive in every game and win some against the best. If he has another year like is typical for him, I don't think he's gone...but that seat should be blazing hot.
  7. Not much respect for SEC coaches

    A lot of the SEC seems to have invested in scheme as solution in recent years. Saban has drained the talent and encouraged too much of it to locate outside the conference. His recruiting "success" re-tooled staffs from coaches to salesmen and the poor fundamental play and increasing reliance on flavor-of-the-month schemes have created a lot of inconsistency everywhere outside of Tuscaloosa. Only the Big 10 with OSU really has that same big elephant in the room, and I don't think it's nearly on the same yeah, as a conference I think we still have the bulk of football talent on the rosters but pretty spotty coaches.
  8. I really don't like seeing "Air Raid" associated with an coach wearing Auburn colors. The SEC is too quick and athletic to rely on a horizontal passing game, so I hope that's not what we're heading towards. We have to be able to pass, but also attack vertically. Otherwise, teams will continue to stack the line and have a field day in our backfield. Good write-up. It should be a telling season.
  9. Down year for the SEC

    The Sugar Bowl alone tells a similar story. From a quick glance at the game's history, it appears we'll be the lowest ranked SEC participant since 1974 and the first 8 win SEC entry since the 1991 game.
  10. The Gus Bus

  11. Like Gus or not and you know how I feel...

    We had injuries in 2015 as well, but the defenses we played were also a bit stronger on the whole...averaging at around 56 in Total Defense in FBS competition versus 78 this season. Nothing to write home about in either case.