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  1. Tucker Brown moves to Center

    So a tight end might actually get used for something?
  2. Offense in 2018

    I can accept a run-first offense, but I can't accept our propensity to ram our heads into a brick wall. A good defense can counter our tendencies which are pretty obvious, and our passing game still consists primarily of screens and hail mary's. This season we threw the ball more, but still failed to attack half the field which killed us when teams could get consistent pressure. (Not hard with our swiss cheese pass protection)
  3. Jarrett

    He needs another year, but in this offense he's a drop-back passer that checks a lot of NFL boxes exposing his body to very high risk having to constantly run out busted plays. Our highly senior OL gave up more sacks than three quarters of the teams in the nation last year. I can't imagine any drop back QB is going to be excited about waiting for a new line to gel next year.
  4. Woodson New Coach

  5. Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    We hired a high school coach who sold books on a scheme. What do you expect? The scheme is who Malzahn - and anyone who coaches for him - is. If it works, it's the scheme. If it doesn't, it's execution. The idea that a staff prepares and takes away what you're doing is not something a book peddler is going to ever accept.
  6. Hand's contract expires today

    I was looking at stats and since this guy has come to Auburn, we've allowed more than double the sacks on the season as before. I know we've passed quite a bit more this year, but with a talented, senior-heavy's pretty ugly.
  7. Season in review

    This season ended on a higher note than I expected pre-season, but this was possibly the most talent Malzahn will ever compile on one team. I still saw us showing up for some games and then looking completely lost in others. I still saw an offense that has virtually no "plan B" when adjustments or injury change the script. I still saw consistent fundamental breakdown, bafflingly poor playcalling and a passing game that looks more like something from a backyard football game than an SEC level playbook. We're bought in with this guy now, so it feels useless to criticize. I can't say I'm optimistic, but next year's schedule is favorable in some respects. With all of the coaching turnover, we have an opportunity to be in a good position moving forward...but that implies a consistency I've never seen with Gus Malzahn. I don't think I'll ever have any solid idea of what to expect with his teams.
  8. Official Postgame thread

    One man is paid 7 MILLION a year to make sure players are motivated and prepared to compete in a bowl game they don't care about. No player is paid to execute. No fan is paid to show up and cheer. This isn't year one for Malzahn and it's far from the first time his teams have shown up looking unmotivated, unprepared and were ultimately outplayed by teams with far less talent. We're stuck with him now, though...and he and his agent know it well.
  9. This is an example of why Gus will never be WORTH top coaching money. He is consistently unprepared and consistently fails to adjust. He catches lightning in a bottle once in a while, but on average he's average.
  10. Put Stidham's butt on the bench a series.
  11. Kentucky vs. Northwestern

    I agree with you in part, but the spirit of the law is to protect the ref. There was no way the player pushing down a hand can be translated at violent or dangerous. You take the reasonable position. I wish that ref had your wisdom. I hate seeing something that stupid have such a major effect on a game...and I have serious difficulty respecting Stoops for not getting in the ref's ear more passionately on that one.
  12. Kentucky vs. Northwestern

    If you're going to call the rule that ticky-tack, refs need to keep THEIR hands off the players. Total puss call by a puss ref.
  13. 24/7: Holland coming back

    Good depth at running back does not equal Kerryon Johnson sitting in the game clutching his ribs and unable to do anything much more than attempt to block. We have a hodgepodge of scatbacks and power backs for an offense that primarily equals bashing into the middle of the line out of the shotgun 30-40 times a game. We don't recruit for that and we continually see the results with the repetitive injury problems we run into at the position.
  14. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    McKenna-Doyle strikes me as another version of Jacobs. I suspect she'll be the eventual hire with the same smokescreen of other reasonable candidates and Auburn "celebrity" backing.
  15. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    Our running game, with respect to our tailbacks, is fairly primitive and exposes them to heavy levels of punishment with very little "highlight" potential. It's a grind and we have had our starting running backs go down to injury just about every year Gus has been here, get kicked off the team or transfer. I'm sure more pro-offenses like bama or UGA sell NFL-ready over us as well.