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  1. I don’t want it, but you know what this league is, you know Harsin was an underwhelming hire by an AD who could be headed out the door. Looking like we do right now, we’ll be lucky to get out of this season with 6 wins. That’s not going to help recruiting or attitude. But you’re right, we need patience. We shouldn’t be this bad, though.
  2. Not that I entirely disagree, but when does this become Harsin’s team? 2,3,4 years? This sounds like all the Malzahn arguments all over again.
  3. We have bigger problems than just Mason.
  4. This team is softer than a Malzahn team, both sides of the ball.
  5. This defense wasn’t supposed to be this large a liability. We are bottom of the league terrible and a noticeable step DOWN from last season.
  6. QBs have all day long against us. Mason can’t be gone soon enough for me. We have more talent than this.
  7. Mason needs to be coaching somewhere else next year.
  8. For Auburn, I think it is. The reason Saban can sell his "culture" as NFL prep like he does is because he was pulling in #1 classes right at the start. It's a lot easier to convince a kid who has dominated every level of play he's been at to buy into what you're selling if he's competing against two or three more kids just as good in next year's class. UGA, same story. If Harsin can't get top 10 classes, time will become his enemy. It may be better sense to do things the Mike Stoops way and wait 6 or 7 years to build everything up, but I just don't see that happening. There's too much mo
  9. On the "throwing too hard" argument, if Bo had thrown the ball with less velocity on most of the referenced throws, you're looking at a pick six...especially on at least one of the drops by Shivers. These receivers need to be able to catch the ball, especially against a quick, disciplined defense like UGA. If they can't, we need to find some who can.
  10. Ole Miss has enough of a threat in the air to keep Arkansas honest. No one has respected our passing game all season and I don't expect that to change next Saturday. We struggled to run against an LSU team (most of our yards came late and on big plays) that gave up over 300 rushing yards last night to Kentucky. Georgia was a great defense, but we rushed for less than 50 yards against them. That's pathetic and it's due to our sub-par offensive line. Arkansas will stack the box and make Bo Nix beat them. If our wide receivers (and Shivers) drop passes like they did against UGA, we'll strug
  11. It will all come down to recruiting. I like Harsin as a football coach. He certainly doesn't seem reluctant to make tough decisions. But if he can't recruit at a high level, he's going to have a short stay. We can't run the ball against anyone with a pulse, our defense gets lit up by every QB they face, our receivers can't catch a cold and our starting QB - gutsy as he is - is still playing high school ball. Harsin has a tough task ahead of him. Culture is the easy part. Talent is the only thing that will get us where we want to be.
  12. I think we drop Ark, Ole Miss and bama with State being a toss-up. I think we can handle A&M and South Carolina. So 7-5 is probably where I'm feeling right now...which is better than I thought going into the season.
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