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  1. Anything that puts Malzahn into a place where he has to dictate the line of scrimmage is going to be a challenge regardless of who is under center. His offense relies on trickery. When Gatewood comes in, the defense knows where the ball is going and Malzahn rarely options away from the obvious at those times. As for passing in the red zone, we seem to struggle with any sort of intermediate passing.
  2. I commented on the TV show. Sorry it offended you.
  3. The Boys started well but wound up leftist trash taking shots. Tiresome.
  4. It’s awful. Auburn is poorly run in so many areas.
  5. Awful. Life is so terribly fragile. It doesn’t seem real. I didn’t know Mr. Bramblett but I felt like I did. He meant a lot to many. Prayers to his family and friends.
  6. Oregon is not a strong defensive team but with a first time starting QB, average running game and an always predictable passing attack with Malzahn, who knows. If they put some points up quick, we could be in trouble. It will be a good test of where we are, for a certainty.
  7. I loathe Malzahn’s offense, but I don’t agree with this guy. His offense is made to make less into a cohesive weapon that outperforms its parts. The results are not surprising. We have limited success against stronger defenses and rack up numbers against average to bad teams. A quarterback like Stidham isn’t going to thrive in an offense like our’s the same as a more pro-style setup because our’s makes much less use of the total field and asks much more risk to the QB. Short of a generational talent like Cam, it’s hard to see any QB getting much NFL love from a Malzahn offense...but it does put up numbers.
  8. Maybe, but he will never be worth that salary and that buyout was a lesson in insanely bad business.
  9. Cam threw for nearly 3000 yards in the air. That's more than Stidham last season. Marshall was less, but still had 14 TDs in the air. In 2014, it seemed defenses had less respect for Marshall as a passer and crashed the line, attacking the exchange point. Against better defenses, I don't see being a one-dimensional read option team as a winning strategy, but we will see. In either case, I hope Gatewood can make some throws beyond screens if he gets the job.
  10. If Gatewood can't pass, it's going to be a long season if he's our starter. If he can bring an option back to the offense and make the throws to keep defenses from attacking the exchange point without fear, he can be special. I'm interested to see how it plays out, but I would be very surprised if we have any success with a QB who can't throw.
  11. Unless he learns to be an effective passer, we'll be in as bad a shape with Gatewood as with Willis. If we're limited to RPO, screens and hail mary's, Gus will be coaching his last season here.
  12. B minus. I think we recruited well defensively, all things considered. Nix was a huge pickup we'll likely need right away. Williams appears to have nice potential in the backfield. We continue to fail on offensive line recruiting, which will continue to reflect in our record going ahead. As always with Malzahn classes, we racked up stars on projects. We're going to have a tough time competing at the top of the league with that direction.
  13. If we had hired Ladainian Tomlinson out of some FCS school, many of the same ra-ra'ing this would be scratching their heads. At this point, I don't know that it matters. I'm happy Carnell gets the opportunity to add to his resume but all this hire tells me is Gus is truly a lame duck.
  14. I don't see Cord starting. Willis and Gatewood need to be able to throw. Both of those have made themselves with their feet, but if we're just a read-option team next year with no significant passing game...we're toast. Nix will be new. I doubt he starts game one, but given Gus' penchant for taking half a season to figure everything out, I think he'll be the starter by the end of the year.
  15. Gus has done his most important recruiting job for next season. So far, things are looking better than I expected. We have a lot we need to accomplish this spring.