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  1. I guess it's a matter of what we try to run versus how we run it. The plays we run are pure power run. We don't throw the ball around. We don't have a quick strike passing attack. So we're asking under talented linemen to block for an inside running game starting with a 5 yard handicap. There is no 2:1 split. We run everything out of the shotgun formation...and our short yardage conversions show it. It may change nothing, but I've never been a fan.
  2. I'd like to see the QB back under center. I'd love the tight end to exist in our offense again. An offensive line that can run block. A consistent pass rush off the corners. Catches in the middle of the field. An absolute absence of the wildcat from our playbook.
  3. This hire makes sense. We are going to have a very patchwork, bargain-bin unit next year starting out. It will take a strong, veteran teacher to help that unit gel in any way. He's certainly got his work cut out for him. I'm glad Gus passed on another learn-on-the-job hire this time.
  4. Whitlow is slow and injury prone. Hard to see him being drafted.
  5. And yet our running game has gone backwards and our receivers can’t catch a cold. I’d much rather Gus get a top coach at a position so crucial to our sort of offense, but he likes to hire learning on the job coaches so that’s likely what we’ll wind up with.
  6. We have played some of the worst LSU teams under Gus as there has been in a while and still have a miserable record against them so I don't think that will be a factor. Alabama will remain Alabama and I suspect Georgia will actually get stronger. What will be interesting is what happens with State, A&M and Ole Miss. We've caught them in decline for a healthy portion of Gus' tenure. If they can actually all turn things around, we could slide to the back of the division because I don't see us improving under Gus...just staying stagnant. If that happens, I doubt they'll be able to stand idle. Of course, it may take two or three years to reach that point.
  7. We're a power run offense who just had to load up on JUCO patches to limit the damage from terrible line recruiting. We have recruited lackluster in the backfield and are perilously thin at quarterback. The defense has decent depth at most positions but a lot of question marks when it comes to talent relative to what we've lost. I suspect we're a long way from being capable of "re-loading".
  8. I don't understand a power run offense that never leaves shotgun formation. I don't understand a power run offense that puts little to no priority on recruiting top linemen. I don't understand a power run offense that recruits projects in the backfield as much as we do, loads up on wide receiver talent as glorified blockers, sits speed on the bench sticking tight ends in the slot. I don't understand an approach to short yardage that neglects the middle of the field. I don't understand the constant use of wildcat when the ballcarrier is never a threat to throw. I don't understand our hesitancy to test the edges with sweeps. I don't understand the need for stupid high-schoolish trick plays that take an eternity to execute. In short, I don't understand how this offense has even been as successful as it has been. It looks like an amateur mess on the field.
  9. Doesn’t matter. Chad Morris crapped the bed in the SEC and hasn’t done anything notable in nearly a decade. Not sure why anyone feels he’s some major upgrade, even if Gus let him do his job.
  10. Why is anyone advocating for Gus to stay? It’s his offense.
  11. Whitlow lacks big play speed and in this offense that is what it will take for us to be at full effectiveness. He’s been the only back that doesn’t go down at first blow more often than not, but I’d like to see us improve. I think DJ has a higher ceiling.
  12. I hope it turns out for the best, but this guy -much like Gus- hasn’t exactly set the world on fire the latter part of a decade. I would feel a lot better if Gus hired an offensive coordinator outside of his particular box and actually gave them the job. Morris is pretty much out of the same school as Gus offensively and has had an even worse transition to a head SEC job. And I think it’s safe to assume his input will be highly limited. I expect him to be looking over this next year and take another job by next season. This was like most Gus hires... easy and uninspired.
  13. I hope the optimism bears out, but Morris and Malzahn have similar offensive philosophies and are both struggling to make it work in the SEC. We’re going to have to hit rock bottom before we realize the trick isn’t so tricky anymore. We need line, not another OC stand-in.
  14. Don’t hold your breath.
  15. Hope it helps recruiting. The offense is what it is.