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  1. It's kind of the thing to do in media when you have a big corporate backer who couldn't care less about the state its publication purports to represent.
  2. Weak OL, ridiculously thin at RB, lost all of our playmakers at WR, defense is still growing and a pretty tough schedule. Arkansas, Ole Miss and State should all be improved and we barely beat Arkansas. We'll have them on the road this year. If Harsin gets 8 wins, we should all be very happy about the future. I'm thinking 6 or 7. Gus didn't leave us very well stocked and we'll be changing everything. Nevertheless, I'm very happy I won't be watching a Malzahn offense this Fall.
  3. Lord, I remember hearing this a lot during Malzahn's reign. We'll all see just how good Harsin is. I don't see why - after a number of larger names were proposed - being a little caught off guard that a longtime Sunbelt coach few have heard of was named. I haven't seen anyone on here say this guy or anyone else on the staff is going to fail.
  4. Mason is the only wow hire on the staff, but we’ll see.
  5. Thin, breaking in a very new mentality across the board I would presume, fairly tough schedule... I'm thinking 6-6, 7-5 but as others have said, I will be very interested to see how we progress from start to finish. The A&M game could be a toss-up if we grow as a team.
  6. He’s got some years to prove what he can do. Nothing about Harsin or the staff he’s hired suggests either sudden turnaround or failure. We’ve got something at least well thought out offensively it seems and I’ll take that over the schoolyard offense we’ve been stuck with for years.
  7. He liked to run backwards a bit too much.
  8. Give bama just a couple of years like Gus gave us and you’ll see plenty of negativity. It’s easy to be positive when you always win. It wasn’t always that way. Finebaum grew a national audience off the wailing and teeth gnashing of the Fran and Shula eras. Mostly people are positive about Harsin, but he’s got to prove himself. We hired a promising coach, but not a statement coach.
  9. Safe but uninspired hire. We may be in for some lean years starting this thing out. Hope Harsin learns quick. He’ll need to.
  10. I worried this was a truce hire between Green and the money, but I’m more optimistic now. It seems a more well thought out hire than I’ve seen in some time for our football coach. at the very least, I’m glad I won’t have to watch Auburn play like a backyard neighborhood team anymore.
  11. I’m more encouraged by reports that he has program control. While it will be a significant adjustment for a northwestern guy to recruit against a region dominated by “process” recruiting, I don’t doubt the man can coach. Getting a strong staff of recruiters will be key and I hope he’s ready to sell the program. Gus and Chizik were both low energy guys who kept the fan base at arm’s length. I hope our new coach has more of a Bruce Pearl approach. It will be fun to see develop.
  12. If there are zero former Auburn players with very little experience left on the coaching staff, that’s when I’ll believe our new coach is an actual change for the better. Otherwise, get ready for Steele to remain as DC, Kody Burns to coach the offense and another laugher of a coaching search in three years.
  13. If it’s a bunch of ex Auburn players, nothing has changed.
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