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  1. B minus. I think we recruited well defensively, all things considered. Nix was a huge pickup we'll likely need right away. Williams appears to have nice potential in the backfield. We continue to fail on offensive line recruiting, which will continue to reflect in our record going ahead. As always with Malzahn classes, we racked up stars on projects. We're going to have a tough time competing at the top of the league with that direction.
  2. aucom96

    Carnell Williams new RB coach

    If we had hired Ladainian Tomlinson out of some FCS school, many of the same ra-ra'ing this would be scratching their heads. At this point, I don't know that it matters. I'm happy Carnell gets the opportunity to add to his resume but all this hire tells me is Gus is truly a lame duck.
  3. aucom96

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    I don't see Cord starting. Willis and Gatewood need to be able to throw. Both of those have made themselves with their feet, but if we're just a read-option team next year with no significant passing game...we're toast. Nix will be new. I doubt he starts game one, but given Gus' penchant for taking half a season to figure everything out, I think he'll be the starter by the end of the year.
  4. aucom96

    Marlon Davidson announces his return

    Gus has done his most important recruiting job for next season. So far, things are looking better than I expected. We have a lot we need to accomplish this spring.
  5. aucom96

    Way too early top 25.

    ...and four of them on the road. (or far away neutral site)
  6. aucom96

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    If Auburn's high water mark is 6-13 against the top teams in the conference, we need to rethink how much we're sinking into this football program. Two other coaches managed two wins against Saban. Both are no longer coaching in the SEC. bama and Saban couldn't care less about Malzahn. Even when he's beat them, they still find a way to get the upper hand. I don't know who we get that's "better" than Malzahn because people asking that question are usually looking for another Saban situation. There isn't one. But I look at a lot of fundamental problems we have across our program despite good "stars" in the recruiting game and a coach who doesn't seem to adjust. Now he's finally got his sink or swim moment. If we improve against the schedule he's got next season, he'll be earning that check. If we look like this year against that schedule, we'll be fortunate to get bowl eligible.
  7. aucom96

    An underrated game next year

    ...sounds like a healthy portion of our current QB roster.
  8. aucom96

    Gatewood in only

    If running ZR option is all we have next season, we may be replacing a coach before the season is over. The better defenses were starting to blow up even Marshall on that toward the end. We don't have a Marshall on the roster nor any running back or line remotely close to what we had when he was here.
  9. aucom96

    Gatewood in only

    It's hard to tell anything from this game. Neither QB made any throws of consequence. Unless they can keep SEC defenses off the line of scrimmage, we'd better hope Bo Nix is the real deal fast.
  10. aucom96

    Music City Score Prediction

    AU - 38 Purdue - 24 Gus wins big against an overmatched team, everyone starts the "the Gus bus is back!" talk yet again, and yet again we get abused in the SEC for another 5 or 6 loss season next year. Rinse, repeat.
  11. Before the first buy week, either a true freshman straight out of high school, an elder sophomore with virtually no experience, a glorified running back or a pure project are going to have to go on the road to Dallas to play Oregon and then go on the road at College Station and Gainesville...with a returning OL that looked average at best this season. If he can turn those feelings into "very good" results, he might have earned coach of the year.
  12. We lack leadership on and off the field. This isn't just an everyday, la-di-da mistake and we'll likely pay for it on the recruiting trail.
  13. aucom96

    Mullen opening practice

    I do think his approach hurts. Tuberville didn't have stellar records either, but he was out in front of the fans and media selling the program much like Pearl is now with basketball. From a PR standpoint, we could probably get more out of a mannequin and a tape recorder than we do Gus.
  14. aucom96

    Dye-Gest: Set a Positive Tone

    If we don't, then tickets to games should be A LOT cheaper, coaches a lot cheaper, we should go ahead and garage-sell that jumbotrocity in the end zone and focus on basketball, equestrian and mascot championships.