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  1. I really don't like seeing "Air Raid" associated with an coach wearing Auburn colors. The SEC is too quick and athletic to rely on a horizontal passing game, so I hope that's not what we're heading towards. We have to be able to pass, but also attack vertically. Otherwise, teams will continue to stack the line and have a field day in our backfield. Good write-up. It should be a telling season.
  2. The Sugar Bowl alone tells a similar story. From a quick glance at the game's history, it appears we'll be the lowest ranked SEC participant since 1974 and the first 8 win SEC entry since the 1991 game.
  3. We had injuries in 2015 as well, but the defenses we played were also a bit stronger on the whole...averaging at around 56 in Total Defense in FBS competition versus 78 this season. Nothing to write home about in either case.