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  1. It could happen, but we need a line, a QB and some depth. That's some big ifs. Even diminished, Saban still has top 5 talent every year. We need every drop of that NIL.
  2. So who will be Hugh's Lashlee?
  3. 3 of those are not going to happen. 8-4 could, if we really kill it in the portal. The schedule is as favorable as we could ask, but the roster is in very bad shape. I'm not a fan of Auburn's small ball mentality when it comes to the football program, but they seemed determined to stay that course. Freeze is going to have to demonstrate every bit of his supposed recruiting prowess, because he has come into as bad a talent scenario as I've seen since Bowden left town.
  4. aucom96

    Tank ?

    Save the NIL for key need positions. I think we’re in decent shape at RB even if Tank declares. We need the blocking more.
  5. It's still playing out, but so far it's looking very, very familiar.
  6. I'd range between 5-7 wins, depending on what we get in the portal. We are in really bad shape, roster-wise. I don't think Cal on the road will be an easy game. A&M will be presumably better (just like we think every year) and we have them on the road, Arkansas is always a tough place to play and Vanderbilt has been dangerous at times this season. Plus Hugh Freeze might get PTSD when NM State comes to town!
  7. It's his team, but he'll need all the recruiting help he can possibly get. I'm not sure transplanting his Liberty staff is going to be the wisest move, but it's his show.
  8. If we hit the portal and recruit optimally, I’d say top 20-15. We have a very big hole to dig out of. Two years is asking for a lot of stars to align.
  9. Definitely an up and comer sort of name, but what does anyone know about UAB's OL coach Cameron Blankenship? I suspect with the split over Freeze, getting big name coordinators is going to be a priority... like with Mason and Harsin. I'm not sure who's out there they could pull. I doubt Luke is going to retire from a national championship team to come back to work for Auburn unless we throw the bank at him. Is he that good? And I know people scoff at Muschamp, but the man is one hell of a recruiter.
  10. I'm not really concerned about Hugh Freeze, just Auburn. The hire has been made. It's going to take a few years and a lot of wins to convince me this wasn't the dumbest hire Auburn has ever made. And at best, I'm still going to think of it as a dumb hire. When you have a recruiting problem, you don't go and hire a PR problem. The two are a very bad mix. But, it's done and I hope it works out for the best for Auburn.
  11. Will we be having the traditional Tracy Rocker cup of coffee in Auburn hire at DL? Over under on former Auburn player coaches... 4? 5?
  12. That's some incredible portal work, if that comes to pass.
  13. Their definition of "due diligence" may be quite different from the standard, also. We could have hired the guy at any time this past year. I'd hope we've done more than just "due diligence". I'll guarantee you one thing, however. If there is any dirt still to be found, any that comes to pass, any that could be conjured up out of thin air that blur the lines of reasonable doubt, it will be done by those we recruit against. We were recruiting poorly. We have now built a large mountain of negative recruiting that our coaches have to surmount that other coaches will take full advantage of. He's the coach. It's done. Now we live with it.
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