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  1. aucom96

    Coach Gus

    I think he's a guy with a script that has worked for him his entire career. He came into this situation where Auburn and every other SEC school is trying to survive in the recruiting wars with Saban. For some, the easiest measure of that is stars on signing day and we've done as well in that as ever. What we haven't done is recruited to our needs. We haven't built a program. We have a mixed bag of athletic ability that doesn't necessarily fit what we're trying to do. We haven't built our offensive line. We haven't won the recruiting battles we needed in the backfield. But Gus still has his script and it's always worked so he bangs the "execution" drum. This is the SEC. They have players who are big AND fast and they have lots of them. Trying to win with a philosophy meant to succeed off miscues and timing will only take you so far in this league and there's a lot of film on us now. Combine that with a randomly constructed program and here we are.
  2. aucom96

    Don't Fire Gus Malzahn

    How do you humiliate a guy who is contracted for multi-millions? He's got a scheme. He thinks with the right players, execution, amount of opposing coaching, talent, superior preparation or film can defeat his script. Losing games hasn't phased this so far, I don't think it will going forward. Meanwhile, we lose more ground in recruiting and the empty seats will start to increase. If this guy can't turn things around, I don't see how you don't lose more keeping him than you do looking elsewhere.
  3. aucom96

    Allen Greene comments

    I guess we'll be battling it out with Miss State for fourth place in the west for a few years.
  4. aucom96

    Staff Changes

    I'm sure there will be changes just for appearances, but I don't see anything getting substantially better as a result. When you have allowed such a recruiting issue like we currently have at such a fundamental offensive position as the line, when you consistently take 3 to 4 games to figure out what you're even doing, when your offensive success entirely relies on how many points your script can generate early in a game and you can't make adjustments there's bigger problems than just a few assistants. The problem is, we probably won't address the real issue... (Malzahn) so we're just going to have to live with it.
  5. aucom96

    What I would do...

    The problem is structural, overall. We have recruited poorly. (We have stars, but have not at all filled fundamental needs) We have developed talent poorly. We have prepared poorly. We are dealing with issues on the offensive line that could take several seasons to repair. We have an offensive philosophy that is built on pace and misdirection...the speed has definitely caught up and we're no longer fooling anyone. For the sake of a scapegoat, there will be changes but this isn't Lindsey's fault. He should be allowed to finish out the season and take a job more suited to him. Grimes was a stopgap and should be treated as such. I don't see the point in hiring another offensive coordinator, really. Get a QB coach and make Gus own this offense. I seriously doubt things are going to improve very much. I think we have a very average future with Gus at the helm, so we're just going to have to hang around in the middle of the SEC and wait that incredibly foolish contract out. Unless we're willing to can him, I don't see Auburn having all that much leverage in anything Malzahn does.
  6. aucom96

    Cole Cubelic goes off

    He’s right.
  7. aucom96

    Enough Negativity (merged threads)

    It's frustration. The foundation of this program is - to say the least - unstable. We don't recruit to need well, we don't evaluate talent well and we certainly don't develop it well. We have a backlog of QBs who will never see the field, running backs undersized for an offense that lives between the tackles and an offensive line that is weak, inexperienced and losing depth annually. In six years, there's been no serious change to the trajectory of the offense and our coach doesn't seem to be the sort to do so voluntarily. Being that he now has a buyout we can't afford to pay, there's not much leverage to make him change. This is frustrating. No, it doesn't do any good to vent...but that's the bulk of what happens on sports forums.
  8. aucom96

    MSU Post-Game Gif Thread

    via GIPHY
  9. aucom96

    Our Head Coach

    Scanning the rivals recruiting site, by their ratings (not counting 2013) we have recruited as well on both sides of the ball as we ever have since Malzahn arrived. It's notable the difference in production between our offensive and defensive recruits. On defense, we recruit well to need and a reasonable amount of our top recruits make an impact going forward. On offense, we've recruited a mix of undersized running backs and projects for a power running offense that's our centerpiece. We've recruited big-bodied possession receivers for a passing offense that consists primarily of screens and deep routes. We've recruited a strange number of top TE prospects for an offense that doesn't really use one. What OL talent we've brought in largely has proven ineffective. Either we don't evaluate talent well, develop talent well or both on the offensive side of the ball. When your coach was brought in for his offense, that's more than concerning 6 years in. Gus isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but our coaching on that side of the ball is a problem. Lindsey is either hamstrung by Gus or in over his head. I think we need to go out and get a more dynamic line coach. (People seem to remember Grimes a lot kinder in retrospect than results illustrate) All of the project Gus disciples and street agents need to be replaced by football coaches who know how to evaluate and employ talent. We have players, but we have no identity and we are fundamentally poor. To me, that all goes back to the man in charge but unfortunately we gave him a few extra lives to play with so we'll have to find other ways to fix it. Regardless, based on what I've seen the last two games, we're close to being 2012 bad.
  10. aucom96

    Where do you stand with Gus?

    I've never liked Malzahn teams. They always look like they're either running a script or playing backyard football...offensively. He's recruited well and repaired our defensive issues, but talent evaluation and development seems consistently poor, we struggle against our major rivals, we can't win a bowl game and we always seem to be trying to figure things out nearly midway through the season. All that said, his numbers are pretty standard with our past. He get paid far more than our past standard...I think we could get as good (and considerably more measured and easy to watch) for less. But we're stuck with him. I hope he can maintain around 8 or 9 and not fall apart like the last administration.
  11. aucom96

    Post game Arkansas thread

    I really wonder what we do in our pre-season practice because we continually stumble around trying to find anything that works. Arkansas was BAD and we made them look effective, defensively. The offensive line is horrid, Stidham just looks bad, we have one running back worth the name and are still playing musical chairs in the backfield. We have no passing game outside of screens and hail mary’s. This could easily turn into a 5 or 6 loss season.
  12. aucom96

    Jalen, Nate And JM gone now.

    If you're the type of receiver he was, you're going to block in this offensive scheme. Quicker receivers are going to catch screen passes, run sweeps and flail at our constant rain of hail mary's. The question I have is how we recruit these higher rated possession receivers anyway. The middle of the field is a place we very rarely attack.
  13. aucom96

    Nate Craig-Myers

    Just from a quick scan of our recruiting classes in Malzahn's tenure, it doesn't seem many of our higher recruits panned out that wonderfully.
  14. aucom96

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    And this trend may not be unusual, I don't know...but it worries me to have so many upperclassmen consistently be outperformed by players just entering the program. It seems to reflect a notable lack of player development. If these rumors turn out to be true, we may not lose much in immediate numbers but we'll lose depth and have more difficulty recruiting skill positions. We have a lot of coaches on our staff who are known primarily for recruiting. It's hugely important - no doubt - but we need to grow as a team or a couple of off recruiting years will kill us eventually.