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  1. realistic expectations

    If we're an 8 win team, we're paying far too much for it. There is no universal law that sets in stone that "this team is an 8 win team" and "this team is a national champion". FSU was a girls school and football afterthought. Tulane was once a strong football program. Notre Dame used to be the pinnacle of college football. If Auburn wants to get their investment, they have to invest wisely and operate with the same level of professionalism. Instead we get low leverage head coaches that our brain trust of good ol' boys can bullet-point which flavor-of-the-month coordinators, former Auburn greats and general playing philosophy they expect to see on Saturdays...all with a top ten paycheck. If the best we can do is high school coaches and failed coordinator projects, then pay accordingly and stop trying to act like Auburn is elite. If we want to be elite, we've got to act like it.
  2. Something UGA did right

    His script will probably be good enough to convincingly beat the hogs; I expect an outcome similar to the Ole Miss game. A&M is winnable, but far from easy. The only reason Malzahn has his single win over UGA is a miracle in a game where he blew a 20 point lead. I don't see Auburn beating Georgia or the updykes this go around...and it could get ugly.
  3. Stidham not allowed to audible

    We hired a guy with a "scheme". You don't go off script with guys like that. It's why we never can adjust when other teams do.
  4. Personnel Assessment

    I hate it and always have. It's ugly to watch. It completely relies on a script, and we do not adjust. We came out yesterday with a script and put up 20. LSU adjusted...we had no answer. That's too often the case; it even happens against the trash teams in the league, but we scored enough when things were working to cover. We don't seem to read what defenses are doing, we have zero intermediate passing game, our running game looks slow and ponderous between the tackles and we have serious trouble lining up and getting short yardage. These are problems consistent to Malzahn's offenses regardless of who has been the coordinator. The guy is just a bad combo. He has a scheme and sells books on it. He built up a major ego as a guru running a Sunbelt level offensive philosophy, and that's never going to consistently win in this league. He doesn't adjust and seems indifferent at fan exasperation. We've got to stop thinking there's some way to "trick" or shortcut our way to the top in the SEC. We're never going to have bama's talent advantage, but we have as much talent as any team in this league. We should be able to line up and get three yards. We should be able to toss an 8 yard strike to a HB or TE when the defense takes away the deep ball. We should be able to audible and make halftime adjustments and we should get the most out of the talent we have. Malzahn is incapable of this. He just has his script.
  5. The good ol boys would hire another just as bad, because they want their fingers in the pie. You have to hire a professional and let them control their team. That won't happen at Auburn.
  6. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Gus Malzahn is a high school coach, nothing more. We're an 8 win team at best until we commit to letting a pro run his own program.
  7. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    LSU has adjusted, we're still doing the same thing. We have a script, and we'd better hope we score enough with it before the defense adjusts, because we have no answer after that.
  8. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    You have to be able to line up and covert short yardage. We're almost entirely a big play team, and I don't have a lot of faith in that. And our defense is strong and talented, but loses focus too often. Hope they get that focus back for the second half, or we may be waiting a few more years for that win in red stick.
  9. As long as the good ol' boys are running the athletic program, it will just be another cosmetic replacement with "a member of the family". You would think things would be bad enough to bring in professionals to right the ship, but this is and always will be our biggest weakness. We can't let go of the keys.
  10. Score Prediction - Mississippi State

    AU 23 MS 17
  11. Tuberville on SEC Network

    They aren't very good. They have been getting owned by the likes of Georgia Southern and fumbling all over the field against Mercer. Missouri is really the only game I've seen anything resembling a pulse out of them.
  12. Worth Replacing Gus?

    We can get 8 wins a LOT cheaper. Average coaches are a dime a dozen, so if we're conceding 8 wins a season as not that bad, then let's stop paying for top level results.
  13. Bashing Gus

    People like to point out that Saban's primary advantage over other teams isn't his on the field coaching, but more talent to work with. I agree. But he also typically has fundamentally sound teams that don't make a lot of mistakes and he tends to get the most from his best talent. Malzahn is the opposite. We typically look lost until nearly midway through the season, make consistent fundamental mistakes in the same places, we've had a carousel of coordinators in five years and pretty absurd attrition. This program in year five looks like a program still in year one and with as much talent and experience as we've had in many years. I think the bashing is more than warranted.
  14. We're fundamentally bad on offense. Until someone forced Gus to make defensive changes, we were fundamentally bad on defense. We consistently looked surprised and unprepared when other teams make adjustments and we make little to none of our own. Gus is out of his league as a coach, and he's got too large an ego at this point to learn on the job. This team isn't going to be significantly better than we've seen. We're completely succeeding on talent at this point, and we're far from getting the most from that.
  15. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    Twice we hired learning-on-the-job head coaches who immediately put together staffs largely composed of used car salesmen rather than coaches known for development. Our recruiting went way up. Our preparation and fundamentals went way down. Then came the continual "suggestions or else" from...somewhere and we go on the coordinator merry-go-round. It seems to me right now we have the mentality of bringing in coaches that will "do things our (insert PTB) way". We need to find the best we can get, let them hire their coaches and run their program and be accountable accordingly. The problem starts above Malzahn.