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  1. 24/7: Holland coming back

    Good depth at running back does not equal Kerryon Johnson sitting in the game clutching his ribs and unable to do anything much more than attempt to block. We have a hodgepodge of scatbacks and power backs for an offense that primarily equals bashing into the middle of the line out of the shotgun 30-40 times a game. We don't recruit for that and we continually see the results with the repetitive injury problems we run into at the position.
  2. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    McKenna-Doyle strikes me as another version of Jacobs. I suspect she'll be the eventual hire with the same smokescreen of other reasonable candidates and Auburn "celebrity" backing.
  3. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    Our running game, with respect to our tailbacks, is fairly primitive and exposes them to heavy levels of punishment with very little "highlight" potential. It's a grind and we have had our starting running backs go down to injury just about every year Gus has been here, get kicked off the team or transfer. I'm sure more pro-offenses like bama or UGA sell NFL-ready over us as well.
  4. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    College football is a political system. The "playoffs" are a bigger farce than the BCS was. It's all about putting in the name teams and getting the best TV matchups. The conference "championships" are about as meaningful as an Egg Bowl trophy. But oh yeah, we need 8 teams. Right.
  5. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    Gus' offense exposes his playmakers to a lot of punishment, including the QB. The last two years we've been using RBs and QBs being hurt down the stretch as an excuse for poor seasons. Last night, the same thing finally caught up to us both with Johnson, and I suspect to some degree, Stidham. If we can't plan for and build better depth at our skill positions, we will be having this conversation every single season with Malzahn.
  6. 2018

    If we keep early draft losses at a minimum, our defense should still pretty strong next season minus Williams and Matthews who will be missed. Losing Smith and Golson will be big. We're going to struggle early with the o-line. We did this year, and we had a veteran core. We need to diversify our offense. We still have very little that exploits the middle of the field, and if we're playing a defense athletic enough to take away the screens...our pass plays take too long for Stidham to be effective. Special teams needs serious work and Carlson's gone. It's a tough schedule with Washington, MSU, UAT and UGA on the road...and we get Tennessee. With all the coaching changes, though, it's hard to say what the SEC will look like next year but getting a new o-line up to speed will be our biggest hurdle, I think.
  7. SECCG - Postgame Presser

    We had a good season, but top to bottom we had possibly the best combination of depth and talent across the board I may have seen at Auburn. But this loss was why no matter how high the highs are, I have a difficult time taking Gus too seriously. He has a script. Sometimes that script is very successful and we can push it four quarters...but much like with Clemson and LSU, Georgia adjusted and we had no answer. Gus ran an injured running back to the point he literally couldn't go anymore, and then we just no longer had a running game. We were easy to defend and it was pretty much over before the fourth quarter. Gus can't adjust. He can't get off his script. At the end of the year we're always seeing our playmakers going out with injury and we can't recover. I don't want to fire the man. He did a good job this year, on the whole. We recovered from a potentially back-breaking loss in Baton Rouge and had a shot at the SEC championship. But again, this was his peak. It's going to be a while before he has this much talent again, if ever. If he wants to toy with Auburn to get pay on the Saban level and another big buyout, I hope he enjoys Arkansas.
  8. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    If he wants 7 mil range money, let him go.
  9. He isn't worth what it's rumored he wants. This is the best talent he's had. If he wants to hold this season over Aubur's head for top level money...let him go.
  10. Right now is where Malzahn needs to grow as a coach. We came out with a script, they adjusted. If we're going to have a chance we have to adjust. It's not something we've been great at so far...hope that changes.
  11. This is what you get when you allow the Alabama frankenstein monster to exist. Three quarters of the league is now average to mediocre. The top of the league still, most years, consists of Alabama and a distant number two. For some of the most expensive programs in the nation, when it comes to hiring a coach...competing at the top isn't an option. Tennessee has been terrible. They've watched several project hires march in and out the door and their program left repeatedly in shambles. The hearsay attacks on Schiano were ugly and uncalled for, but he was a poor move by that AD and he now has shown he has no control. They needed a hire with at least some splash. Schiano wasn't even a drip.
  12. What is the key to an IB win?

    We are a big play offense and will need to make our shots downfield count. The vertical game has always been a gap in bama's armor. Defensively, we have to contain them at the line and hope our defensive backs can disrupt their receivers. They're going to do what they always do...pound away, take shots off play-action and let their superior depth take over. If we can't play four quarters of focused, intense's going to be tough to come away with a win in this one.
  13. Finebaum: CGM to Arky plausible

    Gus won a last second miracle game as head coach and dropped three by an average 15 point deficit. I don't think he's worrying Alabama very much. Gus has had several "learning moments" and we keep seeing the same things every year. It's not going to change. Gus has a script and he's convinced it will work. It isn't and it won't.
  14. realistic expectations

    If we're an 8 win team, we're paying far too much for it. There is no universal law that sets in stone that "this team is an 8 win team" and "this team is a national champion". FSU was a girls school and football afterthought. Tulane was once a strong football program. Notre Dame used to be the pinnacle of college football. If Auburn wants to get their investment, they have to invest wisely and operate with the same level of professionalism. Instead we get low leverage head coaches that our brain trust of good ol' boys can bullet-point which flavor-of-the-month coordinators, former Auburn greats and general playing philosophy they expect to see on Saturdays...all with a top ten paycheck. If the best we can do is high school coaches and failed coordinator projects, then pay accordingly and stop trying to act like Auburn is elite. If we want to be elite, we've got to act like it.
  15. Something UGA did right

    His script will probably be good enough to convincingly beat the hogs; I expect an outcome similar to the Ole Miss game. A&M is winnable, but far from easy. The only reason Malzahn has his single win over UGA is a miracle in a game where he blew a 20 point lead. I don't see Auburn beating Georgia or the updykes this go around...and it could get ugly.