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  1. auol72

    Butler Grad Transfer OT Tommy Kennedy

    Did you watch his tape. He is not bad. Good feet and quick on kick step
  2. auol72

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Yeah and the class is not done yet either! Say it is three too few on February 10. It is two short at rb as well but by february it may be fine. Regardless a post back up the page talked like no one we had was worth anything and that is not fair to the kids who have committed to us and stuck with us. I suspect that by september 1, 2019 the five ol we run out will be light years better than the five we ran out this year and they will have to be. Experience is worth more than all of us here on this board can ever understand. Now lets get a big OT prospect to get ready for 2020 because right now unless the light comes on for P. Sammons we are in trouble there BIG time.
  3. auol72

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    There is nothing wrong with the two ol recruits we have. Reading here you’d think they were two stars. We just need two more like them. How about we say it like that.
  4. auol72

    2018 3* OG/C Kamaar Bell

    High School DLs generally make excellent college OLs because they were the quickest most agile big guys on the high school team. Tuberville made a living doing this. Ben Grubbs is a prime example. Jimmy Johnson was big on recruiting high school fullbacks and linebackers and making them college d. lineman. Thus guys like Tega and Sammons that you put good weight on are many times better than someone who is 30 or 40 pounds overweight and does not have quick feet. Tega and Sammons may never be all sec but they are still very good risks as compared to someone that is slow and overweight.
  5. Bigbird, please dont try to provide facts or reason with these folks it will never work. As to the OL they will all be back. I admit i missed it when the season started but we only had something like 20 starts between all 5 starting OL guys. If you look at history of good teams that number is generally over 60 if not higher. I missed it. They played like a team with only 20 starts on the OL. Go back and look at the number of starts for the 2010 OL even the 2013 OL. They will be better next year, i think we saw that start in the UAT game. As to the DL if we can keep Coe, big if, we will be fine there as well. Miller, Newkirk and Truesdell will be formidable on the inside, really need one more to step up there, and with Coe and Bryant and Moultry and Jibunor will actually be better rushing the passer from the edge there. We saw Britt play LB against UAT he did pretty good so he will be one inside to replace D. Davis and we started and played all those freshman DB's. If you actually take the time and break things down like this you can see the sky is not falling, but that does not fit the agenda so no one does it. Oh, by the way the kicking game returns completely intac from snapper to kicker to punter so that will be better next year as well.
  6. auol72

    Chances of a new Offensive Game Plan

    Have any of you who are taking a whack at JB been to a real full pad practice? If not don't speculate on how he is coaching or how much piss and vinegar he is coaching with. If you have then i am not sure what you were looking at if you didn't see his fundamental coaching, hand placement, hat placement, steps, etc. Now, i have no idea why this team that played average against Washington has digressed to far below average to downright poor in so many areas but especially those Bird spelled out. Some of it is for sure asking the impossible by running IZ against those defenses he outlined. It just will not work. Maybe that lost their drive because of that. I don't know and it is the 32million dollar question.
  7. You have now placed your finger square on this teams problem, their field general leader is SAWFT! The team takes on the persona of the quarterback. There was no excuse for him to slide on that play. In my mind it was the most clear example of this teams problem was his failure to get that first down so the team could kneel and run out the clock. Heck even Sean White would have tried to get it. Cam and Nick would have ripped off ten yards or scored. Anyway, i am with you and until he shows some intestional fortitude we will keep playing like we are now.
  8. Games go so long because the stripped shirts think people came to see them. If they kept their flag in their pockets it would take 30 minutes off the length of the game. In a boxing match the best ref is the one you never see. These SEC refs never heard that, they want to be seen. The Dean PI is just one of thousands of examples where the game would be better off if they just let guys play, but yet they have to be seen dropping their little hanky. Slows the flow, makes the game boring and generally is not good for the game. But hey they get their picture on TV. In any event don not talk about how lengthening the game is bad, just tuck your flag in your belt and the game will speed up without you.
  9. All i will say to the ones who defend stripped shirts is if this is going to be called PI then there will be 20 or more called every game. This is BS and you know it. Quit defending the defenseless. It was great coverage and i bet you every secondary coach you interview would tell you the same thing. However, as i have said the game is over and nothing is going to change. The SEC officials are going to continue just like now and nothing will change till it moves from BHam and Steve Shaw is gone. Period end of story.
  10. We now know the referee who missed/made the calls is from Jasper, Alabama. I am curious who he and his family cheer for? Not going to waste my time to find out, but if he did graduate or have family graduate from you know who, there is your answer.
  11. I have tried not to say anything about this subject because there is nothing that will change what happened and Steve Shaw and the SEC office will do nothing. However, these refs were either incompetent or worse. If i am not badly mistaken the side judge that failed to call the clear PI on Greedy Williams who grabbed from behind without ever looking for the ball was the same one to call J Dean when he ran for over ten yards with his eyes back on the ball playing the ball, not the wr and then who made a play on the ball and batted it away. Interesting. However, the clearest evidence of incompetence was the first PI call on the last LSU drive. The flag was not thrown untill the ball hit the ground. The call was PI. However, there is no argument by anyone that the defender never made contact with the wr while the ball was in the air. Yes, if you wanted to call what the defender did early in the route you could but by rule that would have to be a five yard penalty for defensive holding. Yet PI, the 15 yard penalty was what was called. That moved the ball forward 15 yards not 5. That is a clear error and the white hat should have known it and corrected it. Would ten more yards on the fg attempt made a difference? We will never know.
  12. auol72

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb (UGA)

    Everybody on here would love to finish with Putnam and Webb. Putnam is probably a better shot than Webb but there is a puncher's chance. Getting both would not solve the need for a real LT prospect. We would have four very good athletic highly sought after OLs but not one of them is a true LT prospect. However, to say that if we get neither then means we are left to taking people who were not on the A or B list is not fair at this point. Certainly Jones and Dubose were on the A list and we will not know who else we may get, if not putnam and/or Webb, untill February. However, we should not on this forum say anything that would be negative or perceived to be negative about Jones or Dubose. They are top notch prospects just not the big 6'6" or so very athletic LT prospect we need in the pipeline right now. It is always possible that Prince Sammons or C. Ashley or A.Troxell will step up and be able to be that LT guy, they have the size and athletic ability, but that has not happened yet.
  13. Everyone should also understand that a very good college RB does not have to be a five star recruit. The leading rusher in the conference Kylin Hill is a MSU soph who was a four star guy from Columbus Mississippi. there are very good backs around that are not at the top of the list. I bet some of the guys down the list we are considering will be one of those. Finding quality RB's is alot less difficult than finding a LT that can handle the speed of the DE's we face.
  14. auol72

    I know it's only been two games but...

    WDE and i dont always see eye to eye and neither of us probably care about that, but he is correct here and i am not sure why. PT and MH practiced with an edge and confidence against their own who are better than any we have played or will play this week, but in the first two games that have as he said just been OK. They have to get better. I am with him on the Troxell being tough, he will get after it. Would not shock me at all to see NB and him in the starting lineup saturday.
  15. auol72

    I know it's only been two games but...

    Just curious since WDE appears to have inside info do we stick with where we are and see if they get better or do we pull a Tuberville at UF years ago and start NB at center and Troxell at right guard? I hope everyone noticed that Troxell has probably moved ahead of CA at that position. Just curious.