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  1. Anderson will start if he comes but Ashley is not the other starter. Tega and Anderson would start with Ashley and Sharp as backups. Tega will be a heck of a player this year especially with coach grimes working with him. Expect the same kind of improvement that Robinson had between Redshirt freshmen and season he left as number two guy in the draft.
  2. 2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    You guys really are amazing. Frankly other than not getting two OT guys to begin preparing for two years down the line we did just fine. If you plug two low level 4 star OT guys we finish in top 10. We could have gotten one J. Goss in December, a very good 3 star guy who would have been ready two years down the line, but the coaches had bigger fish in mind and would not pull the trigger. Then while we are really looking good to get two of those bigger fish guys coach Hand leaves. those things happen. Otherwise we have a class we can compete with you know who and who especially if No. 2 turns out as good as we think he will be.
  3. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    turns out we had room for Cam Taylor and the big OT prospect J. Goss. I bet the coaches wish now they would have taken those two. We did not have to have an OT from this class ready to play i 2018 and Goss had great potential. He was a TE in high school so he played a little high but he had very good athletic ability and was 6'6" and could have put on good weight. Anyway, water under the bridge.
  4. 2018 4* SDE/DT Malik Langham

    if UAT gets the people they they want and believe they will get, they can only sign 23, then they will not have room. However, i dont think they will get the first 8 they want and believe they are getting and as a result they will have room to take him. Hope i am wrong because he would be a super addition to this class with his versaltility.
  5. All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    Please we will have 12 scholarship Ol on the team. That is over two deep. Sign a combo guard center, a guard and two OT's and we will be fine. We have six Jr's i believe, Tega, Harrel, Horton, Carr, Sharp, Kim, so for 2018 and 2019 we are fine. We have Sammons who will be a soph and B. Hamm and Nick Brahms who will be RFr. Then the two signees Irvin and Stutts will be Fr. Thus the numbers are ok right now but it is certainly fair to view next year as very important. Four or even five high quality guys will be necessary or we will in fact be falling behind.
  6. Jacobs had NOTHING to do with this new contract for Gus. He specifically asked not to be involved and it was negotiated, not signed off on, by Leath and one of the BOT members. Leave Jay out of this one. I am sure you can find something else to blame him for. Moreover, your uninformed comments about not being deep at any position shows your lack of knowledge or general insistence to be negative or both.
  7. We competed this year with the same caliber of signees we are signing in this class and have competed with Saban better than anybody else has over the last 9 years. So yes, we can compete with them with these players. The key for anyone to beat UGA or UAT is at QB. We have one coming back who is capable. We have one going to be a sophomore and one coming in that have better tools. We shall see if JG is what we want him to be. If he is even close, then yes the people we have signed or will sign in this class can compete with those two.
  8. 2018 3* SDE/DT Caleb Johnson

    Speaking of his size guys, he weighed 267 at his ov last week. He does not have to put on but 25 pounds to be 290 DT with great quickness and athletic ability. Can you say Spencer Johnson or SenDerrick Marks? Neither were this big when they signed with Auburn.
  9. Woodson doing early work in Mississippi

    He can only take 25 per year and some of those will come from out of state. There are more players in Atlanta than the entire state of Alabama so no way he can lock them all down. We just need to get our share of the ones UGA does not take and not lose those guys to UT, FSU, UF or USCe.
  10. lets hope but there are a couple of wr that could go and i would be very scared of n. coe if he has a superb year. Jamel Dean is also a year behind and elgible. So thinking only three would be unlikely.
  11. Well, it is built in to the system that some are going to leave. Just the math shows you can sign 125 in any five year period and 100 in any four year period but only 85 of those can be on the roster at any given time. Now obviously for a four year period that is in essence only four per year leaving but if you have some stay five years it requires more to leave. In this day and time when you want to keep bringing in high level recruits you are going to have a number of them leave because they are simply going to get beat out. Alabama has won the mythical recruiting nc almost every year but yet they keep brining in 25 or so every year. Why? because the players who are not in the two deep leave so they can play somewhere else. I am sure you cannot blame that staff for being poor at development. It is just the nature of the beast.
  12. All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    That is great info. It would appear that 19 is certainly within reach in this class but probably need a good bit of luck to get there. However, 18 would still be really strong and meet alot of needs.
  13. 2018 4* LB Quay Walker

    We may still be behind on Tannor but if we are there are going to be alot of people who follow and do cb's who are going to be fooled. They are all saying AU right now.
  14. If we can get him and count him on 2019 its win win. We need him so that we dont trot out at right tackle against Washington a top ten team a guy that has never started a single college game in his life. Anderson would be starting his 37th. We also need him because it would give us 4 players at the tackle spots, two deep, with out having to count on Bailey Sharp. Now Bailey may show up on 2/27 and kick every body's butt, hope he does, but he hasnt to this point. With Anderson we have Ashley and Sammons and Prince Tega. All very athletic big physical guys with the talent to play the position. There is no way that is a bad thing. As to 2019 we will be able to sign 25. I dont remember the number but we were nowhere close to the 85 limit this year, gave a number of walkons scholarships. For some reason 78 sticks in my mind. If that is the case and we have 10 seniors, their are at least 3 Juniors who i expect to go early, thats 20 spots. I feel, unfortunately that 5 people will either not take their 5th year or leave between now and then, so we will sign 25.
  15. All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    Johnson is a DT first day he steps on campus. He weighed 267 on his ov. Caleb Tannor will be a Buck. He has better speed and athleticism than Johnson. You of all people should see that in getting Tannor we can keep RJ at LB. But to answer your question, a year from now Tannor cannot do anythng that RJ couldnot but RJ can do this at LB that Tannor cannot do.