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  1. One more thing wde is right he is a heck of a talent and has potential to be a super player if he has matured. I wanted AU to take a chance on him when he graduated from Jackson anyway
  2. Just so everyone knows the entire history he did not live with his dad who coaches in Mobile but rather lived with his mother in Jackson so dad didn’t have a lot of influence either way just so all facts are on table.
  3. He was a really good high school player. St. Paul folks can attest to that from 2016 state 5A semifinals. I suspect AU just does not have a scholarship to give but advised that if he does what he should do they will give him one in a year. Dont know that but would make sense. Anyway a very athletic guy who can help at the safety position. As to why Minnesota there are a number of south alabama area kids up there. Two from Murphy in the last four or five years i know of.
  4. auol72

    Corch’s too early class prediction

    No reason for AU people who only want the best for AU to get nasty with each other. I hope your opinion prooves correct. From someone down in the sludge for the last 20 years it has not been correct down there even as far back as when Joe Whitt was working Mobile. Not much if anything has changed since the T.J. Yeldon fiasco and if you think it has i am sorry. Anyway, i apologize if you think i have been rude to you, just pointing out the way things are in Mobile in the real world. I will keep my thoughts to myself on this topic from now on, the floor is yours.
  5. auol72

    Corch’s too early class prediction

    It never is when we do not get him!
  6. auol72

    Corch’s too early class prediction

    If you say so, but i hope you are not holding your breath. As you saw with Christian Williams if a player is in Mobile/Baldwin and Bama wants that player they will get that player. Will happen 7 out of 10 times. Hope you know of a change coming but it is not here yet.
  7. auol72

    Corch’s too early class prediction

    And the REC is beyond strong in Mobile/Baldwin area. That makes things incredibly difficult. Thinking otherwise is a BAD mistake!
  8. auol72

    2019 4* OG/OT William Putnam

    Taggart is an excellent coach and a super recruiter. In addition he is hard nosed. Go read what happened to the softies at Oregon when he got there. He would have been a great choice at AU if Gus had left and gone to Arkansas. He will be hard to deal with from now on at FSU!
  9. auol72

    2019 Texas A&M GT CB Nick Harvey

    E I must have lost count somewhere because we only signed 23 in February and were not close to the 85 limit. There was also talk that we had a count back slot and could take 26 do to the Safety actually qualifying and being counted by Memphis. Who have we taken after signing date to fill up the 25 other than Driscoll and what happened to that 26th spot?
  10. auol72

    mistakes Willis will be eager to correct

    Everyone should also note the quarterbacks were not live so anytime a defender was close it was a sack and a large part of Willis game is escapability and scrambles and zone read runs and when the quarterback is deemed down anytime someone is close that means the defense does not even worry about that. Really makes it difficult to get a true read of what he can do. But that happens when your quarterbacks are never live until the game. Might be part of why it takes three or four games to see what really works. Unfortunately we do not have that luxury this year.
  11. Anderson will start if he comes but Ashley is not the other starter. Tega and Anderson would start with Ashley and Sharp as backups. Tega will be a heck of a player this year especially with coach grimes working with him. Expect the same kind of improvement that Robinson had between Redshirt freshmen and season he left as number two guy in the draft.
  12. auol72

    2019 5* OG Clay Webb

    You guys really are amazing. Frankly other than not getting two OT guys to begin preparing for two years down the line we did just fine. If you plug two low level 4 star OT guys we finish in top 10. We could have gotten one J. Goss in December, a very good 3 star guy who would have been ready two years down the line, but the coaches had bigger fish in mind and would not pull the trigger. Then while we are really looking good to get two of those bigger fish guys coach Hand leaves. those things happen. Otherwise we have a class we can compete with you know who and who especially if No. 2 turns out as good as we think he will be.
  13. auol72

    ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    turns out we had room for Cam Taylor and the big OT prospect J. Goss. I bet the coaches wish now they would have taken those two. We did not have to have an OT from this class ready to play i 2018 and Goss had great potential. He was a TE in high school so he played a little high but he had very good athletic ability and was 6'6" and could have put on good weight. Anyway, water under the bridge.
  14. auol72

    2018 4* SDE/DT Malik Langham

    if UAT gets the people they they want and believe they will get, they can only sign 23, then they will not have room. However, i dont think they will get the first 8 they want and believe they are getting and as a result they will have room to take him. Hope i am wrong because he would be a super addition to this class with his versaltility.
  15. auol72

    All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    Please we will have 12 scholarship Ol on the team. That is over two deep. Sign a combo guard center, a guard and two OT's and we will be fine. We have six Jr's i believe, Tega, Harrel, Horton, Carr, Sharp, Kim, so for 2018 and 2019 we are fine. We have Sammons who will be a soph and B. Hamm and Nick Brahms who will be RFr. Then the two signees Irvin and Stutts will be Fr. Thus the numbers are ok right now but it is certainly fair to view next year as very important. Four or even five high quality guys will be necessary or we will in fact be falling behind.