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  1. remember you can get six years because the covid year did not count.
  2. Wright has NFL ability at OT. We did not know that four kids would decide to take their extra year. We will need him desperatly in 2023. He can develop completely make sure he is totally ready physically and be in a position to start at a position of desperate need in 2023. Rather than a disservice they are giving him a chance to make it to the League.
  3. And many decisions during those games give grave doubt about his game time decisions. I could list them but i hope you all could objectively consider things like throwing on first down at the opponents 46 with only 1:46 in the game and the opponent only having 2 time outs; going for it on 4th down with your best player on the sideline and you ahead on your own end of the field with 3 minutes left in the half and throwing a low percentage deep throw with a qb that cant throw it downfield in the ocean: going for two when down 9 with 2 minutes to go in the game when every rule in the book says kick the extra point to keep it a one score game because if you dont get the 2pt conversion the game is over there are others these are just the easy ones to point out. These are coaching decisions a high school head coach should always get right, he didnt. This does not even take into account that he let his defensive coordinator rush 3 all night against PSU or stay in a clearly not working defense for over 2 quarters agaisnt MSU. ill stop for now but if the above does not give you grave concerns i dont know what will.
  4. That guy who is so bad won three texas big boy high school football championships and more games in his high school career than any other quarterback in Texas history but he is just no good and cannot function under pressure? Right! We are talking about the wrong person not functioning under pressure.
  5. i told you all back on 12/17 they were not going to play DD! i have no idea why they will not play him but it falls in line with the other coaching decisions that have been made this year.
  6. there is a strong possibility that Zierer and Coffee both return. In addition Wright is coming back to OT. That would be three seasoned OT prospects plus the young Mr. Smith that redshirted. Right now the biggest unknown is a quality SEC center. We will get a preview of what we have on the roster at that spot tomorrow. Things are never as bad as they appear or as good as they seem but the sky is not falling as some constantly want to assert.
  7. One of the many major mistakes harsin made in his first year not playing him and for sure not playing him in the iron bowl, choosing rather to go with a one legged inaccurate qb that he asked to throw on first down with only 1:46 to play and UAT only having 2 time outs. If DD had played the second half and we had run rollouts, bootlegs, power and qb draws and handoffs to tank we would have won the game. That game, especially second half, is how a coach snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. Dont get your hopes up, for whatever reason he is never going to play DD!
  8. It appears that UAT being interested in Shemar James from Faith and his dropping UF may be related to their concern about where they stand with Woodyard.
  9. looks like to me we may finish no. 19 by default if Tennessee loses another player or two. Is the current 247 composite up to date after Gooch left them?
  10. For you guys that know if this was a normal year and those three spots were filled with High School recruits, just say two more high 3* guys and one low 4* guy where would we sit in the composite if we are at no.20 now with our transfers and Chapman not counting at all in our composite score?
  11. Pretty easy to know that the three are Williams, Schwartz and Shivers.
  12. I thought you were connected WDE? You know very well if you are what they get away with in Mobile, no need to say it here.
  13. Posters, look i can tell you coach grimes knows how to coach and the kids do like him and listen to him. I cannot tell you why last year was so bad but just like baseball you have to start with being strong up the middle and we were not. That was not totally his fault since he had not been here for two years in between. As to coaching he understands footwork and hand placement and runs an upbeat get after practice, but yet finds ways, unlike Ricky Trickett, to make learning and getting better fun and competitive for the players. He apparently needs some help recruiting and i say apparently but looks like we are providing that help. Otherwise he is a good coach and unless you have seen him run his practice and you KNOW he does not have a clue about coaching the OL i really wish you would back off. It ONLY hurts Auburn.
  14. Will be interesting to see if he can enroll in January 2020? If so it will make pickup even better
  15. guy moves his feet well. Would be great if he grew taller appears to be a better OT prospect than OG. Gets to next level very well but plays high and would have trouble right now getting movement on a big 2/3 technique DT.
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