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  1. 2018 3* DE Andres Fox

    All the above about family and of course his high school coach is Ronnie Cottrell. This could be one of those that UAT will not take but will do all they can to push him out of state.
  2. I got off the Gus Bus after Mercer.

    Sort of untrue to say the new OC could not hire who he wanted when the wide receiver coach is the one he just hired to coach his wide receivers at ASU dont you think? For all the bashers and please i am not a gus sunshine pumper by any means yall need to get your facts correct or just hush.
  3. 1 good block, 1 bad

    come on guys this one really is easy if KJ had followed the FB like he is supposed to he would have squirted out of there for a nice gain. Instead he tries to pop it outside and not go in the 3gap where play was designed. If he follows Cox he pops out in the secondary.
  4. Remaining 12 Spots

    We are only going to take two (2) dts and D. Newkirk is already in fold and one. Thus if we do not land C. Miller we will need one (1) more. I am also curious of the boards thoughts as to whom that might be.
  5. Congrats Coach Lolley

    i could not agree with RunInRed anymore. Coach Lolley absolutely knows talent and how to coach defense and agressive defense. No one except those close to the program will ever know just how instrumental he was in the 2010 national championship team. I am very pleased with Coach Brown handling DBs now but we would not have gone wrong at all in hiring Coach Lolley to fill that slot if he would have agreed to come back. He can also recruit lights out. I am very happy for him. I know he won at least one Grey Cup Title since he has been in the CFL.
  6. We may have 5 runningbacks ahead of him this year but Pettway will not be back and even though we expect KJ to return for his senior year that is not guaranteed. Even if he does he has been as pointed out elsewhere many times been injury prone as has malik miller. If they are not 100% that would leave you with K. Martin at 185 and Devan Barrett who is 190 or so right now healthy at runningback pending 2018 signing date and whomever else at rb may sign as a bigger back. He has talent and elusiveness and good hands and hand eye coordination. Sounds like a way to use his skills immediately and have some insurance just in case. You have to look at more than the current year when making these decisions.
  7. i have seen him play twice in person in state playoffs and he is a really good rb. I wish i could sit down with coach fountain and see why he does not like him. Will probably be in 190's this year as a senior. I think he will ultimately be as good as michael dyer was. Same kind of back, vision, strength and balance. Hate AU does not think he fits. I am afraid it will be our loss.
  8. Defensive Pass rush

    Not to be a fly in the negative vibe here but Holland, Williams and James, two Jr's and a Sr, can get after the quarterback pretty good. those three plus Davidson and Brown and D. Russell are six guys who are interchangeable for the starting spots. We do really need two or three more guys to step up. I agree with the other posters that Cowart has the ability to be one of those three. I also think that freshman TDM will be another, he will play at 240 or so by first game. Hopefully Nick Coe will be another and it would be a great story if Tashawn Manning was the other and he looked really good early in spring before getting nicked up. Rodney likes to play 10 and that is 10, Big Cat giving us anything would just be icing on the cake and i am not counting on that at this time.
  9. it is just like being offered a job contingent on passing a drug test. You have an offer, you can accept but if the contingency doesn't occur then the offer is withdrawn and you go your way and the employer looks for someone else. Pretty simple to understand actually.
  10. leaping over linemen to block Fg's

    Your interpretation of the rule cannot work and that is why it is not illegal. When a lineman goes to cut a defensive lineman or a linebacker that defender can and does jump over the blocker. That is not illegal and is not hurdling. Saying they cannot jump over but must stand on ground and be blocked makes no sense. Also what about a linebacker leaping to meet a ballcarrier trying to jump over the pile for a first down or touchdown. That is also not illegal. if made illegal all you have to do is tell the ballcarrier to hurdle the line high enough and no defender can leave their feet to tackle him. Not the rule and shouldn't be the rule. We have too many rules. Leave the game alone and let them play. If a player is that athletic have the center raise up. Anyway the play was not illegal before but appears it will be now. Just like the stupid horse collar rule. Basically you cannot tackle somebody who is in front of you unless you can wrap your arms around them.
  11. Chip Lindsey new OC

    Beaker, no offense but the first play we ran against arkansas was the same speed sweep we ran in the first series of downs to a different wide receiver against clemson.
  12. ill just say again and i have seen him live twice and i am not an alum or fan of his HS, I hope he does not go to a team we play! He is a Barry Sanders type runner and the same height, 5-8. Would really love to sit down with Gus and Horton and Lindsey and hear them analyze the kid.
  13. That will be a mistake. They are not the same kind of back at all. Butterbean will end up playing at 195 pounds or so and has no problem running inside. He is strong and quick not just a jet sweep speed guy. He is also incredibly durable. He has another year spring, summer and fall to get bigger and build on his current resume, but to compare him to a 165 pound guy is just not accurate.
  14. 2017 4* DE Ryan Johnson

    Good for you but i would never want my child exposed to the world view that is Stanford when they could be at Auburn. I guess it is just what you believe!
  15. E, can you help me with this 29 number. They took 24 in 2015 and 2016. In order to take 29 this year they have to have 4 count back to last year. I assume that some of the 24 from 2016 did count back but to work they would have had to count 3 back. Gray shirting last year only makes them have to count them this year. So what your saying is they counted 3 back and with only signing 24 they have 4 extra slots for this year? correct.