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  1. looks like to me we may finish no. 19 by default if Tennessee loses another player or two. Is the current 247 composite up to date after Gooch left them?
  2. For you guys that know if this was a normal year and those three spots were filled with High School recruits, just say two more high 3* guys and one low 4* guy where would we sit in the composite if we are at no.20 now with our transfers and Chapman not counting at all in our composite score?
  3. Pretty easy to know that the three are Williams, Schwartz and Shivers.
  4. I thought you were connected WDE? You know very well if you are what they get away with in Mobile, no need to say it here.
  5. Posters, look i can tell you coach grimes knows how to coach and the kids do like him and listen to him. I cannot tell you why last year was so bad but just like baseball you have to start with being strong up the middle and we were not. That was not totally his fault since he had not been here for two years in between. As to coaching he understands footwork and hand placement and runs an upbeat get after practice, but yet finds ways, unlike Ricky Trickett, to make learning and getting better fun and competitive for the players. He apparently needs some help recruiting and i say apparently but
  6. Will be interesting to see if he can enroll in January 2020? If so it will make pickup even better
  7. guy moves his feet well. Would be great if he grew taller appears to be a better OT prospect than OG. Gets to next level very well but plays high and would have trouble right now getting movement on a big 2/3 technique DT.
  8. Looks like you can strike Sammons from that list. I do not see how we cannot look for a transfer who would sit and a GT next spring unless we think we can sign in the 2020 class one of those rare guys who can play OT as a true freshman. Heaven forbid anyone gets hurt.
  9. why does everyone keep saying that for 2020 the starters would have no live reps at Auburn? Troxell and Brahms have already started games and will play alot, maybe even start a game or two based on injuries or performance in 2019. With the new 4 game redshirt rule Osburne, Bell and Jones could all play in four games this year and still be counted as redshirt freshman in 2020. Finally, one would certainly expect that Manning, Stutts and Irvin among others will play some in 2019 maybe even Sammons. Thats 9 guys with some to starting experience. Number would be better if 12 or so with that experi
  10. Guys, nobody thinks our OL recruiting was anything other than adequate. Please consider everything about recruiting and Auburn however when you are being so critical. As a general rule we dont get the 5 star lineman that our main rivals do. We have and always have had to outwork and out hussle and just want it more to compete. We have won in 2010 and 2013 with lots of experienced guys. That has been Auburn for 100 years. Do to the things are work against us we have to do more to get the same situation that others can get for less and we have never been able to push the legal envelope as far a
  11. Wouldn't know it from your post! Is there never any sunshine at all where you live?
  12. Well since year after next has everyone frothing at the mouth what will we have to work with. First a redshirt jr. in A. Troxell. He should be good for sure at Rt maybe Lt. Thats one. Second we will have redshirt Jr. Nick Brahms. He did not play well this year but started 3, i believe, games. Like Troxell he will have been in the system for a long time and will be a fully developed guy in 2020, thats two. Two other guys who have all the talent necessary to be sucessful at Og will be Tashawn Manning and Brodarius Hamm, if Hamm does not move to OT. They will be big strong Rs Jr. guys. Thats four
  13. Just to point out we are not rebuilding anything in 2019 on ol or rb. All five starters on ol return plus two backups that also started during year due to injury. As to rb bookie and shivers return only lost asa due to transfer. When your going to poor mouth and put down Gus get it right it is not hard to find a correct accurate reason to do so.
  14. you miss the part about the last five years?
  15. when you are so down on a coach that winning the sec and playing for natty and playing for another sec title doesnt seem like a good season to you then you need to look in the mirror and think about what you are saying. With the schedule we have in 2019 it could very well be a long season but ridiculous comments like this reveal your true color. Get over the hate.
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