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  1. auol72

    CorchJay's Top 8 RB (available/possible)

    i am not going to look it up but Worm was not a fall back take. He was somebody the staff wanted and when you get to see him play you will know why. Asa was not at the top of the board but he was also not a 3 star fallback guy. Initially they were concerned about his physicall toughness but as his senior season progressed that was dispedlled. He had over 20 d-1 offers so if he was a fallback because we missed it was a heck of a fall back. We will not lose a single rb from this team for next year barring some horrible injury. That makes recruiting some big time guys harder.
  2. If he is the top target at Buck now that means we have determined we will miss on the two guys who were targets ahead of him Hall and the guy from Georgia. I hope that is not the case.
  3. auol72

    CorchJay's Top 8 RB (available/possible)

    i am sorry you think that but we do not have a healthy wr that can run the speed sweep the way Barrett can. We moved him to wr when Eli Stove got hurt. Otherwise Eli would be running it and probably not Barrett.
  4. auol72

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers

    I agree 100% with WDE. Worm will be a part of the offensive gameplan from game one. He is a difference maker with the ball in his hands. He will also get more inside carried than you may think. He is unbelievably quick and shifty and surprisingly strong. Another huge positive is he can hide behind the OL and just pop out making it very hard on the defense to see him and where he is going. He will help us this year.
  5. auol72

    CorchJay's Top 8 RB (available/possible)

    you put that guy at wr to do things nobody else can do because you have three guys at rb that can do that job. We will be fine at rb and importantly all of them will be back next year as well. Rb is not our biggest weakness.
  6. auol72

    JB Grimes- Thoughts?

    There is nothing wrong with our OL recruiting as it stands we just really need a high quality OT prospect to join the group and we are looking as though those chances are slim. Otherwise we have a solid prospect for Center, Clark will ultimately be part of this class, a highly rated and thought of prospect at guard, and a guy that is probably much like Austin Golson who can play tackle but maybe better suited at guard. I for one think Osborne will be fine at right tackle but i will defer to those whose job is on the line based on how he plays. Those are three fine prospects, so no need to say one of the few we have managed to have committed. That group is 2/3 of the total we would be happy to have. The only drawback is no top notch higly rated OT guy and the chances of getting one of those in this class are not good. One more swing guy however, like the Putnam kid from Florida would make this a solid B class, but put tremendous pressure on signing two high quality OT guys next year. However, there is no reason to keep putting these guys down.
  7. auol72

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    You know if the reigning Mr. football in the State of Alabama read all this he would think Auburn fans think he is second rate. Amazing!
  8. auol72

    2019 3* RB Tye Edwards

    good responses and for the record i agree 100% that Gus has appeared to be unable to adjust when plan A does not work. I also cannot possibly understand why we used the same Kerryon game plan in the SEC championship game when we knew he was hurt. If someone knows why we cannot make adjustments i would love to hear it. Just so that is clear i am with you on that. I also think against lesser competition we should work on the passing game and/or give our other guys some carries. But i cannot support what only helps our competition for us internally to keep saying he is running our No. 1 back into the ground. That only helps the other guys.
  9. auol72

    2019 3* RB Tye Edwards

    you guys with this stuff of Gus running his back into the ground need to go back in history and look at Bo's last year, 1985 or Hershel's last year. I only took the time to review Bo's but in 12 games, all that was played then, he carried the ball 278 times or 23.16 carries per game. Kerryon, just for comparison last year in 12 games, SEC championship and bowl game not counted, he carried the ball 285 times or 23.8 carries per game. I can assure you any studd back thinks and should think he can carry the ball 20 to 25 times a game. In fact i bet you they want the ball this much. This theory of Gus running backs in the ground is AU people just playing into the hands of the competitors. Why does no one say that the great Saban ran Trent Richardson into the ground in 2011 when in 13 games he had 283 carries which was 21.8 carries or Derrick henry who in 14 games in 2015 had an amazing 395 carries for 28.2 per game and he is still going strong in the NFL. This is just a hoax and good AU people should not continue its spread.
  10. Spanish Fort is what happened to Daphne. They share all that talent now and are in 6A Region 1, not 7A.
  11. Both these guys, Putnam and Osborne are athletic enough to play either tackle. It would be great if they were taller but they are not and quick feet and athleticism are more important than just being tall. Greg Robinson was only 6"4" and he was pretty good. If we could get these two guys and Jones to go with Clarke we would be ok. If by some hook or crook we take five which i would like but dont know with 15 on scholarship now if we can, depends on how many stay or go after this year, throw Dobbs in and it is an ausome class.
  12. auol72

    2019 3* S/CB Nehemiah Pritchett

    Just to ease your mind our coaches are basing decisions on what they see on film and what they see and hear at their camp. They know what this kid can run, how he back pedals how he breaks on the ball, how he acts when its hot, how respectful he is to coaches and how his teammates look up to him, just to name a few. They are not taking a recruiting services word in a rating for that. They weighed him and measured him themselves. They know if he is 6'0" not having to take somebody else's word for that. If they know all this and know how important it is to win at AU and believe he can play winning SEC football then to heck with all the rating services in the country sign him up. I can assure you they know a whole lot more about these things than we do. So if they say he can play and want him in the class right now then lets please not star gaze and be supportive. Just my two cents.
  13. One more thing wde is right he is a heck of a talent and has potential to be a super player if he has matured. I wanted AU to take a chance on him when he graduated from Jackson anyway
  14. Just so everyone knows the entire history he did not live with his dad who coaches in Mobile but rather lived with his mother in Jackson so dad didn’t have a lot of influence either way just so all facts are on table.
  15. He was a really good high school player. St. Paul folks can attest to that from 2016 state 5A semifinals. I suspect AU just does not have a scholarship to give but advised that if he does what he should do they will give him one in a year. Dont know that but would make sense. Anyway a very athletic guy who can help at the safety position. As to why Minnesota there are a number of south alabama area kids up there. Two from Murphy in the last four or five years i know of.