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  1. Good job Jay. Another bad timing extension. Can't even wait until after the season to see how the team finishes
  2. Why isn't the game on watchespn?
  3. I'd hate to see us waste Cole during the week games. We need him on the weekends for either closing or long relief. Maybe Sprinkle can take over
  4. Any way Klobisits is still considered for a starting spot for the weekends?
  5. I should've clarified. I just don't think JJ should be AD based off all the stuff he's done besides basketball. Yea, he blew the Barbee hire, but he's blown other hires too. I'm all for Bruce and I'll give him more time. I think he should look into some staffing changes but he's done a good job. And yes, the more I think about it I guess we can still use the Barbee excuse, but I do believe this is the last year we can do it.
  6. How much longer can we use the "Barbee took us down" excuse? I was fine with it at first but it's getting annoying. I think if anyone deserves major blame it's Jay Jacobs. How that ass clown is our AD is beyond me. I think this team is frustrating to watch but its been a fun ride. If we can beat either UGA or Arky, and beat Mizzou (who's gotten better and could easily beat us) we could probably make the NIT.
  7. Tonight has me with a sense of true encouragement. Not in the sense that I think we're now going to win the rest of our games and win the sec tournament, but I think tonight showed me that BP still has these guys playing for him. I was getting worried that the team had quit and there was issues in the locker room. I expected our guys to play selfish the rest of the way. Tonight, we played some very unselfish basketball. 17 wins with three games left is awesome. Yes, this team needs major improvement but we'd be fooling ourselves if we didn't at least acknowledge that these freshman can play
  8. Solid. @ShocksMyBrain, just wanted to let u know that I am gonna eat crow for that comment I made in the game thread.😂. Good performance.
  9. Don't see us winning. Played well first half but defense was bad. It's funny cuz we played with good effort. I'm now convinced it's from poor coaching. Guys don't know where to be and when to be there.
  10. Played with more effort the last 3 mins than we've played with the whole year
  11. So sad to see this team collapse. They play hard and tough. To comment on the JJ situation, it is almost criminal that this man has run our athletic department. He's made so many mistakes it's really sad tbh. He should've been fired a long long time ago. Hopefully he retires soon and we can get a qualified AD instead of one of the "boys."
  12. If we can win 3 more and beat Georgia I like our chances. I'm so sick of playing in that game, and I really don't want to have to face LSU or Mizzou for a third time because it's very hard to beat a team 3 times in one season
  13. Gotta win this one not only for NIT but also to help get out of the first round of the sec tournament
  14. Your right. Kids today are soft and don't handle criticism well at all. There have been a ridiculous amount of college basketball transfers over the years. I think AAU is part of the problem because the coaches praise the kids waaaay more than they should and the kids don't learn to play defense or play with fierce effort. I've heard people question the toughness of these guys but I really do think we have good guys from good families. Anfernee, Mustapha, and Austin all seem like really good kids. Don't know as much about Harper but he also seems like a very nice guy. DP and Brown have both whined on twitter some this year but Brown plays harder than anyone on the team and DP should be ok. I don't know. Maybe we lose a guy or two to transfers but it seems like all these guys love BP so I don't think we'd have a bunch of transfers if Bruce toughens up this offseason, which he most likely will.
  15. It seems like one of BP's biggest mistakes this year was not being tougher on these guys. He said they don't respond well whenever he's hard on them but if he's coaching for next year I don't see why he couldn't get the hard part out of the way now and Instill discipline. Thats really what this team needs. If we can toughen these guys up it will be magical. That would help lead to more effort and defensive intensity. It may also lead them to play together more but that should come with time. But I'm surprised and disappointed that he hasn't been harder on these guys. I know they don't take criticism well but they'd get over it and be better