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  1. Duke having a big game for Edmonton

    I wonder if a team like the Jets or Browns would consider taking a chance on Duke. If he's actually gotten his act together like everyone says, then he could be a decent receiver for an NFL team
  2. Duke having a big game for Edmonton

    Good game by Duke. Honestly, it's hard for me to believe that Sammie Coates and Ricardo Louis are both on NFL teams and Duke is not. Shows what being an ass gets you
  3. If it's a close game and we have a shot to win come the 8th or 9th then I say throw Casey in there and ride him for better or worse
  4. You can usually tell if Klobo has his stuff very early. If he walks the first batter or gives up a hit the wheels can come off very fast for him. If not, he can give us some solid innings
  5. Very true. Will be interesting to see if those guys can at least develop into decent options for next year
  6. I agree about getting a new pitching coach outside of Drye. I feel like Tom Holiday was even better than this
  7. We'll be able to see if we're gonna have a shot tomorrow very early in the game. If we can get through a few innings without much damage we have a shot. Sometimes after losing heartbreakers like this it's easy for a team to get blown out the next day imo
  8. Devastating loss. It's gonna be tough to win tomorrow after losing like this. Just couldn't get the third out. Heart breaking
  9. NCAA Baseball Tournament

    I just saw both the horrible baserunning decisions by the FSU and Kentucky players. I've been seeing a lot of bad base running all around in these regionals
  10. May just be me but I feel like Estes has been a huge part of our success this year. When he's swinging the bat well, the team seems to follow. I don't know if he had a slump during the bad stretch, but his ability to get the timely hits is huge
  11. Can't agree more about the base running. Now that we've used our two aces we need every run we can get
  12. NCAA Baseball Tournament

    Awesome. Thanks for the help!
  13. NCAA Baseball Tournament

    Quick question. I'm confused. Does the committee pair regionals together or does everything get shuffled depending on who wins? For example, if we win this regional would we already know which team we'd play or would we find out next week?
  14. Has Sisson forgotten how to coach third base?
  15. Don't underestimate Bryce. Imo the kids outperformed expectations more than anyone while at Auburn. I agree he's not the best option but he'll probably step up.