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  1. Staff's going all over the country for the '23 class on the trail. Harsin supposedly in football love with Geriner, and according to Hoke, told Austin Davis how excited he is to coach him when trying to hire him. I'm in a wait and see with him right now, but there's clearly an agenda by some "insiders" in Auburn, who are very embarrassed that they've been cut off, to spread stupid bs like this and claim he's looking to bolt at first chance. If he bolts he bolts, who cares if he and Bobo made fun of the good ole boys. The horror
  2. Think that's been posted before on the rant maybe? I've seen it from other Bama fans. Not sure if your buddy's on the rant, guessing it wasn't him. Who knows, I also saw a post somewhere that she's glad to be here because she supposedly has a lot of family in Atlanta. I don't care at this point. If he wins next year, he'll probably stay. All the big WC jobs just got filled so if he goes out west he'd probably downgrade. Hard to see him doing that after a winning year in the SEC. If he loses he'll probably get fired or bolt.
  3. I love the stuff that's posted here man. Offseason gets slow so I appreciate the laughs. It's hard for me to the Boise crew thinks Southerners are "inferior or dumb"... These are regular football coaches, not a bunch of Ivy leaguer Phd's. Now, they probably chuckle and get pissed off about boosters trying to run everything, but so do I and I'm southern.
  4. The way I see it, does it really matter? From what's come out about the search, Harsin wasn't the boosters choice at all. They got scorned by university leadership. Even if he was the nicest guy in the world, would they care? Feels like he could kiss a** and stroke egos or do what he (allegedly) did and it wouldn't matter, he's not their guy and is on a short clock to win. It is what it is
  5. This is funny. For months we have called the "potato gang" in reference to the Boise crew. It's pure rumor on what "someone thinks", as y'all put it, but I almost hope it's true. Yes, we need their money, but I've been over the good ole boy system for a while. Glad we're running it like a program and not peoples shiny toy. Probably a stupid move, but gutsy, so props for that
  6. Seems like he's been successful everywhere he's been so far. Hasn't moved down, only up. Maybe he'll surprise some folks for the better
  7. No, saying that since it's been debated on here for a while and none of us know. Very well, even likely, that it was on his own. If so, his mistake. Agree that turnover is not good. We need stability.
  8. While maybe not initially, I think we may be letting Harsin run the program right now without interference. Thoughts on other sites that the General is behind him and giving him basically whatever he wants. I have no insight, am most likely completely off base here. Just my own inferences from reading around. For better or worse, we're too far down the rabbit hole with him overhauling the program and need to stick it out at this point. Gotta stomach it for three years and then see where you're at, barring a 2012 like season next year
  9. No one knows, but my personal guesses... 1. You're probably right. They probably weren't "forced", but maybe encouraged. That could be from a number of sources. Boosters, coaches that know both Harsin/Mason, maybe a common agent? Maybe it was just Harsin. 2. It seems like he may have been desperate to leave Boise. Think he and the admin were arguing pretty badly about moving up in conference, possible season cancellation due to covid in the MWC, etc. Published emails with him clearly pissed off. Think he may have simply felt like he reached his limit there. 3. Why are you comparing position coaches to the old coordinators? Let's assume you meant Schmed and Davis. Schmed is his dude. Supposedly an aggressive coordinator, which fits his mantra more than conservative Mason. Davis seems similar to a typical Harsin OC hire. Young guy that he can mold himself (Hamdan, Drink, Zak Hill). 4. If Derek Mason was actually repulsed by how Harsin runs the program, should we take that as a negative? I mean, I like DM as a person and coordinator, but he was horrible at Vandy, even for their standards. Bobo also failed miserably at Colorado State. Coaches have egos, so maybe hard for two SEC veterans to take criticism from a younger newcomer in Harsin who is a very blunt guy? We'll never know, but hopefully the ship gets steadied.
  10. Yep. It's identity politics. The "culture fit" in the SEC criticism that he gets is comical. Idaho is out west, but people want to group it with LA or Seattle. Not even close. Not that it matters, I don't care where coaches are from. These comments about them not being "our people" or not "Auburn men" is ridiculous. Hell, BP is from Boston
  11. I'm guessing Schmedding will help out with safeties, even if not officially stated. Either that or he'll still work with LB's along with Crob, which seems inefficient since he handled them by himself this past year
  12. Preciate it. I've been told the importance of that writing sample as well. That course has been super beneficial because it has changed the way I write in a matter of months. A ton of work (as expected), but most of it's interesting. Cheers to you on your last semester. Big things ahead. 👈
  13. Absolutely. There are guys out there that still want intensity, just gotta find them. Wooden, Hall, Shenker, King, and Jarquez are a few that instantly come to mind on those types of guys. Jarquez in particular seems like the ultimate type of player Harsin wants. Intense, hard-working, loves to workout and ball. A little overlooked but actually super talented. A product of good evaluation and development from the staff, which Harsin emphasizes. Hopefully a lot of the guys from the incoming class fit this mold as well, we'll see.
  14. I love Trovon. Beast on the trail, especially La. But seriously, has he even coached in HS yet? I think it's premature to get caught up and say he should get an on field spot. Probably 5 years out. Needs to climb the ranks just like Etheridge
  15. Are you trying to say that we can have as many on the roster right now as we want as long as we get under 85 by fall camp? Sorta like how baseball has to cut a bunch after fall ball? I was confused on you're point at first, so think there may be a miscommunication
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