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  1. Hold up. I've heard multiple people state on On3 that they witnessed one of our boosters go over and yell at Tommy Tuberville one time during an Arkansas game. In turn Tubs banned said booster from the sidelines after that. I know we don't do "rumors" around here, but multiple people claim it happened. No clue, but always found that interesting. I would think if you're paying a s*** ton of money you'd get sideline passes, so it doesn't seem far-fetched to me that they could at least be standing there.
  2. If he goes to LSU, he was never seriously considering us. They just offered a week ago, and he won't be able to visit. Hope Hars can pull this. Has turned into a major pull if he does. No longer a hidden 3 star
  3. Cobb has earned a special place with me. No one seems to want to come here with the uncertainty. They all have one foot in and are waiting to see, and I don't blame guys for that. But the fact that Cobb was willing to move up his commitment and go all in to get us some stability is pretty special imo. He's earned a lot of respect from me, and I can't wait to watch him. Dude is a baller guys. Our RB room is getting deeper and deeper each year. War Eagle, Jeremiah. In other news some cryptic tweets from Etheridge towards Trovon, Uscher, and Ruzic. Recruiting is so up and down, lol, and this staff doesn't help by how silently they work on it.
  4. I don't want to see anyone lose their jobs, and I appreciate thoroughness, but we've seen this movie before. I don't know the solution. We have a new President and an AD who is apparently thought highly of by the new President and General Burgess. Let's see what these three men do in the next few months. I have no insight, but if I was a long-time AD employee I wouldn't be overly comfortable with new leadership sniffing around. They may want to send some messages and shake things up a bit, as any new regime does.
  5. Caddy, Zac, CRob, and Bedell. Hoping Ike can join the ranks there soon. Hars as well, as he closed on his QB last year but seems to be struggling this year with closing on his guy. Our issue is that our 3 weakest recruiters seem to be at OL, DL, and EDGE. Can't have that.
  6. Good post. It is straight up delusional that we even want to go the big name route, and even more asinine to think a big fish would bite if we even got organized enough to make a serious run at one. It's not the Auburn way. Dye, Tot, Tubs, Chiz, Gus, and Harsin were not considered "big fish" like a Brian Kelly, Jimbo Fisher, etc. We will likely go for a G5 HC, as usual, or a up and coming coordinator that would be willing to let the PTB control them a bit and is hungry enough to put up with our bs.
  7. These are valid points, but here's what I'd say about those two. You'd much rather them at coordinator than position coaches. They can focus on actual football more and let the position coaches manage the boards and build relationships. Be more of a supplemental recruiter than primary. In essence we really traded Mason for CRob, Bobo for Ike, and Brumbaugh for Eason. That last trade was a huuuuuge loss. Brumbaugh may be the worst recruiter on staff. So yes, Schmed, Kiesau, and Brumbaugh is weak, but in theory moving the two to coordinators and CRob/Ike as new position coaches should better balance things
  8. Lotta chat that Stutts is pushing hard for that LG spot. Anyone can be better than Council. An interesting OL that I'd personally like to see would be Z/Trox/Brahms/Jones/Coffey. Feel like that could be our highest upside OL, but Coffey just can't seem to put it together
  9. This was very enjoyable. I thought ZC was a quiet guy, but damn, he is the funniest QB we've had since Cam. Dude's hilarious. When he said Council is the slowest guy on the team and no way anyone could be slower I lol'd
  10. Again, assess what happens on the field. That is what matters. You got some ammo to use in that 2021 portal class with Dreshun Miller and Ro Torrence flaming out. What makes no sense is to call an entire HS class a bust before they have one practice, but that's jmo.
  11. The theory I buy that I've seen stated is that we are using it for current, established players, but not recruiting. McGlynn and his overly cautious self will probably never let us use it to recruit out of fear of the supposedly coming NCAA punishments (lolol at anyone thinking this will happen).
  12. There is so much ammo against Harsin, so why do you use this when it's not true, at least yet? The '21 class was mostly signed on ENSD by Kevin Steele. The 5 recruits that Harsin himself recruited and signed in that class are Jarquez Hunter, Juwuan Gatson, Colby Smith, Dylan Brooks, and Cayden Bridges. Gatson did not even make it on campus, so bust there, but the rest are too early to tell. And '22 guys haven't even hit fall camp. They literally have not played a game and you are calling their class a bust. Did I just wake up in a coma and it's actually 2024 and half of the '22 class is gone?
  13. Not gonna lie this is one common refrain I've seen a lot lately that irks me a bit. Not aimed at you 24, but I just don't think it's fair to say that the '22 class is a disaster when these men have not even taken the field for a fall camp practice yet. It just seems way too early to say such a thing. Way too early. At the end of the day, play on the field matters more than rankings. Fan's don't have to like Harsin, and I don't blame them, but we should get behind these '22 guys who have signed with us during a time of great adversity and give them every bit as much support as they gave the highly ranked Gus recruits. Jmo
  14. If Avalos doesn't win I bet they would hold their nose and do it. He was still winning about 10 a year on average despite pissing some folks off. A lot of people think he may go to ASU if both he and Herm get canned. I could see him enjoying his family and drag racing for a few years and seeing what happens with Avalos. Maybe become an NFL scout or something, as scouting seems to be one of his strengths. Regardless, he'll be fine. Just hope he's fine here, lol
  15. Some of y'all need to understand that this is a university and not a video game. Well, in fairness, we aren't a normal university with the way our AD runs, lol. But still, this is not fantasy land when you change coaches every other year and pay massive buyout after massive buyout. Roberts and leadership aren't message board die hards. They are in charge of responsibly running an entire university, not just the football program. When you commit to a HC you are committing for a few years barring a Chad Morris level hire where you can't win more than 2 games. If they didn't want to pony up the buyout in February, I wouldn't hold my breath. Not saying they won't, or shouldn't, but again, this is the real practical world, not a video game. So better start hoping for a 4-8 or worse season imo to feel comfortable where they'd have no choice but to fork up and take the PR hit
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