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  1. If what you're saying is true, they should offer him a reduced buyout or fire him for cause. Don't want it to blow up more publicly than necessary, but can't have coaches showing up the head man and getting a full buyout
  2. Agreed. Rebuilding year or not, we should all be embarrassed by what we witnessed. Big time by Finley to step in and save the day, but the effort as a whole was awful
  3. You're correct. We can try to spin it all we want, but at the very least, this interview did him no favors. I get that Bo is not a professional media member, but knowing how Harsin is and his standards I doubt he wants to hear those phrases you mention like "did my best", etc. I said on Saturday that I hoped Bo would find a way out of these interviews this week for his sake. Mostly to save him from more embarrassment than he already endured
  4. Also, I'm probably looking too much into it but I'm surprised he and Harsin haven't talked. Not saying it in a bad way, more so I figured Harsin would sit Bo and TJ down, either one at a time or together, and explain why he made the decision, the plan for practice this week, etc
  5. Seems like we have good character in the QB room. I have dreaded today for Bo since Saturday because I knew he had this interview as well as JBoy coming up. I was hoping that they'd find a way to excuse him out of his interview today. However, it's part of what they sign up for like Bo said. Gotta answer the tough questions. I won't blame him on that, but I am concerned that he was shocked that he was pulled and that he thought he was playing well.
  6. This right here. We have tried to do this, but we have failed miserably with the deep passes so far. Bobo is taking a ton of heat on here, and some of it is deserved. But we have had guys open deep and over the middle of the field and they aren't getting hit. Let's see if that changes
  7. We always complained about Gus's lack of half time adjustments. So far I have read in here that Corn was possibly demoted during half, Mason pulled from the box during half, and some personnel changes in the second half. Guess Harsin really is opposite of Gus lol
  8. Pretty gut wrenching weekend for some folks. The poor Nix's having to sit in the stands as the student section boos their son off the field during homecomin in disgrace and watching TJ lead the team back. And Corn possibly being demoted at half time and being relegated to stand by the coolers in the second half, with his players full well knowing he's been stripped of authority. Pretty crazy stuff
  9. It's all making sense right now. As crazy as the half time demotion was, it would make sense. The rotation was much different, and imo better in the second half
  10. That's what I want to know. Does he pull Corn out of the locker room before half time meetings and tell him to not come back onto the field? Did they tell Kiesau to grab a head set. Would love to hear how that went down
  11. After seeing Kiesau's picture today I think I have seen him on the sidelines near Harsin several times, especially in the second half yesterday. I figured he was a director of player development or some other support staffer. Regardless, the guy is experienced and supposedly thought highly of.
  12. I like melting too but good lord let's all take a collective deep breath. This is a cultural rebuild. It is also a rebuild of the team in several places that we are weak. Not every transition is seamless. There will be bumps in the road. Not ideal, but part of the game. Strap in because I'm sure there will be more transition throughout this year and in the offseason. I'm sure I'll do my share of melting as well, but it's part of rebuilds. Maybe it works maybe it fails
  13. I agree with you that things are not great right now, but goodness, get a grip. As negative as you make it sound, we should just forfeit the season and shut down the program. Why even travel to Baton Rouge this weekend
  14. Both QB and receiver play has flat out sucked. Couldn't get much worse. Bobo wasn't going to get fired mid season for not being able to completely fix a broken QB that didn't even fit his system. Like I said, I like Corn and think he's got a bright future. Hopefully Kiesau can get things organized in that room
  15. For years, we have asked for a coach to be able to run the program the way he sees fit. Well, this is part of what happens. Can't have it both ways. It's not ideal. Let's not try to spin this. Harsin doesn't seem dumb, and I'm sure he realizes how bad this looks. Yet, he still pulled the trigger. Several positions are not performing. Maybe we'll see more changes. But ill give him props for making moves instead of stubbornly not fixing what's broken
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