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  1. I like what your saying but if we are looking to avoid getting swept without Keegan I say we put Mize on Friday to try to get at least one win against their weakest pitcher and then put Daniel on Saturday and pitch Macho, Lipscomb, or Mitchell on Sunday. I do see what your saying though. At this point we need to avoid getting swept at all cost, especially after such a great start. If Mize can get us Friday then we also have a chance to win the series which would be huge without KT
  2. Did he say who will start in place of him?
  3. Huge win. What a catch by Jonah Todd. Wow that was awesome! WE!
  4. It seems like we really struggle with the breaking ball.
  5. Very disappointed. Our offense will cost us games. Besides the Florida one I feel like we haven't been that great offensively. We need Anthony and Robert to take over and start smashing the ball
  6. The Keegan statement by Butch is fishy to me as well. He was cruising and hadn't thrown many pitches so the fact that he got "tired" seems odd. It's possible but I think there's a chance he's out for a while. But lets pray that's not the case because we're screwed without him. I guess we'd have to put Lipscomb in as the Friday starter
  7. Right as I was starting to lose faith in Daniel Robert he comes through clutch. Love it! No we need to find a way to pull this out
  8. Wow, terrible luck. This really sucks
  9. We are getting under the ball and popping it up often, frustrating offensive night so far
  10. I understand and support TJ, good guy with a bad situation. I think we won't miss him too much but I'm a little worried that we will have trouble finding someone who can shoot as well as he can. Guess we already have enough shooters though
  11. I like Camacho as our starting mid-week guy for now, that could easily change if he starts throwing bad. I wish Sprinkle could step up and fill that role but he has pitched pretty poorly so far.
  12. War Eagle!! What a weekend. Now lets go beat Georgia Tech and Georgia this week!
  13. Couldn't agree more. Guys actually looked happy in the dugout and team morale seems to be better than ever. That goes a long way for a team, especially in a sport like baseball
  14. Huge win. Didn't think we'd win this series, and I especially didn't think we would win it on Saturday. A sweep would be awesome! WDE!
  15. Great play, sucks that a run scored, that's on Haecker for the interference. That may be it for Mize, hopefully we get more runs and Lipscomb can pitch well