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  1. Wow Ingram and Anthony are completely different players at the plate. Really good to see them get going. This team is killing the ball right now. Big week coming up. WDE!
  2. Gabe didn't blow up but it's disappointing to see him go from a guy who could handle SEC teams last year (although shaky) to a guy who can barely get out of a mid-week game inning. Not trying to criticize or blame the guy but it sucks to see a guy with a lot of potential not do as well as he can
  3. Sounds like this guy is a tough player who plays his heart out. That right there can be huge for this team
  4. Lipscomb seems more of a long reliever or set up man. I don't think he's a closer. I guess he's our best option for that role though
  5. I think you may be right. I don't think he has. He's come close a few times but I believe your correct
  6. Big win. What a great decision by CBT to go with Mitchell when Lipscomb gave up the home run. That's a tough decision. Speaking of Lipscomb, how does everyone feel with him as closer moving forward? Seems like he's done decent but gives us a heart attack every time
  7. He needs to be benched. Honestly, there's a good portion of our lineup that needs to pick it up. We've leaned on 3 or 4 guys who have really helped. We need Anthony and Ingram to start hitting the ball. I'm not trying to say the rest of the lineup has been bad but we have even more potential, which is great considering we've had such a good year so far. Not a big loss. I think CBT experimented a lot and Klobo's bad outing haunted us. We should've had it but I don't think we should worry about it too much.
  8. I'm watching online and it looked fair on the replay. This replay is not a great angle though so I'm sure y'all had a better view
  9. Poor Gabe. He's underwhelmed to say the least. First sign of adversity and it snowballed. It's ashame because he has potential
  10. I'm assuming we start Camacho, or maybe we throw Mitchell to help him get the confidence he lost back after after his bad outing Sunday. Wouldn't mind that
  11. Wonder why BT decided to take Lipscomb out. He probably could've given us one more at least. Mitchell's been good until today but we don't have many more experienced pitching options
  12. Really refreshing to see Anthony crank a big double to the wall last night. That's the first hit I can remember seeing him be patient and hit it on the sweet spot. Looking forward to seeing if he starts doing this more
  13. Your probably right but I think Duval was behind this, even if SG was committing minor violations. I think SG didn't like Duval and once Duval got upset over being fired from director of the baseball camp he went to Jacobs. Basically, Duval had a lot of reason to want SG out. I've moved on from this because it is what it is and CBT is doing a great job. I wasn't on his train for a bit but he has the guys playing really well
  14. I agree 64. I think he could possibly give us 4-6 solid innings on Sunday if needed. Wouldn't be opposed to seeing him on the mound whatsoever