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  1. Yea your totally right. Bo definitely has that playmaker ability, but the lack of fundamentals and other issues tend to negate it for him at times. Like a lot of us, I went and watched some Boise highlights after learning that we hired Harsin. Their quarterback, I think Bachmeier is his name, seemed to be more of an unspectacular, statue type of quarterback, a "game manager" if you will. But he seemed to have great fundamentals and make a lot of good reads, and their offense was effective. If they can find a way to reel Bo in and make him more of a pocket passer while keeping his playmaking ab
  2. I just hope Harsin and Bobo find someone, whether Bo or someone on the roster, or even a transfer, that will simply be a good, fundamentally sound Quarterback. Bo makes some exciting plays with his legs, but we don't need him to constantly bail the pocket early and play hero ball with our new offense. I still think as of now Bo will be the guy, but I hope the new staff is willing to give DD, Garnett, or a transfer a shot if Bo cannot clean up some of his stuff.
  3. Completely agree. I was never quite sure about him as a starter, and while he's performed admirably in that role, it's clear that we need more experience in the back end of our bullpen. Barnett and Bright have looked really good, and I have confidence Owen will transition back in smoothly, or Fitts figures it out. But ideally, I think we get a rotation of Owen, Barnett, and Bright with Fitts being a long reliever/fourth starter and Bull coming in towards the end. Hopefully the team learns from today's embarrassing ending, and our coaches figure out how to utilize our pitchers to give us the be
  4. Never would have thought of Chad Prewett but that may honestly be a great move. With the success he had at the high school level, in addition to working under Bruce, I would have pretty high confidence in Chad's ability to develop and game plan. Question is would he be able to recruit at the level needed to at least be upper half of the conference. I would think so but who knows, I'm sure Pearl and staff would help as much as possible. Give him a good staff and lets ride.
  5. Thanks @steeleagleI'm glad we all seem to see it the same way, that the coaching staff is to blame for the complete collapse of the program in such a short time. I hope one of the reporters has the guts to ask her in the postgame press conference what she thinks of her future. Will be funny to see what excuses she musters up this time around
  6. Game just ended, so barring anything unexpected I would expect the news of Flo's firing to break sometime tonight or tomorrow. I will say, this was the first game I've watched the majority of, have watched bits and pieces of others. The team did did not quit and fought valiantly to get Unique a win. Was tough to see Unique cry as she walked off the court. I was pretty upset to see that, and it's made me even more angry at Flo for having arguably one of the top players in AU history and not being able to muster a single win, just absolutely disgraceful. I don't know how she can collect her sala
  7. Really hope it's not true and he comes in and kills it this spring. We all want to see him do great things, but I'm hoping he comes in and forces Harsin to give him the job this fall. At the very least make it a really tough decision.
  8. So any chance Sharife decides to suit it up for the second half.... I'm joking, but one can dream.
  9. Just dejecting to watch. I know the guys are trying hard but we look like an intramural team against these guys. Offense has no tempo and guys are moving a million miles an hour looking clumsy. It is what it is, this is what I expect without Cooper
  10. Looks like a pretty dang good support staff. I will say I'm a little surprised at the amount of Gus holdovers though, especially for roles such as player development, personnel, etc. I'm not saying the holdovers did a bad job, as Harsin must see something in them to retain them. Just surprised he wouldn't want to bring in his own people. I'm sure theres a chance theirs more movement before it's all said and done.
  11. Have you looked at our record and roster recently? Yes, the program has good history and tradition, but the painful truth is that this will be a total rebuild. We are staring down at going winless in conference, completely embarrassing. I'm not trying to sound overly negative, as I want the program to get back to winning and believe it can be done. However, the new coach will have their work cut out for them. I'm thinking they will need at least 3 recruiting classes, similar to what Bruce needed. Thus, from that sense, I don't know if I'd consider it a good job right now. However, if we get th
  12. Tough lesson for our pitching staff with the walks in this one. Thought for a second this was a Sean Newcomb or Touki Toussaint start for the Braves. Anyways, our lineup deserves just as much blame, cannot go dead quiet against a good team and expect to win
  13. I agree we need to get Bliss to steal here and try to make something happen
  14. Way to get out of it. With the way things were going there looked like we were surely headed for disaster. Need to find a way to get some runs
  15. They need to get Barnett out. I think I heard on the radio Seb Thomas is warming up
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