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  1. au302

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    I’ve really tried to stay patient with Stidham but I have officially reached my breaking point
  2. au302

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Southern Miss

    Holy cow JS stood in and delivered the damn ball! What’s going on
  3. au302

    Are there solutions with the OL?

    I feel like Horton and Driscoll have to be benched. Troxell and Ashley have to be better than this. We need a spark.
  4. au302

    Post game Arkansas thread

    Anyone think more changes are coming to offensive line? I’ve seen people complaining about Harrell but I thought he may have been banged up but not sure. I’d like to see Trox and Ashley get a shot.
  5. au302

    I know it's only been two games but...

    Best news I’ve heard in a while. Kim and Driscoll seem like good guys and maybe they are older and more experienced but NB and Trox simply seem to have more upside. Also interested to see if Horton gets replaced. Tega and Harrell seem to be playing well
  6. au302

    I know it's only been two games but...

    Have you heard from your sources if Brahms will take over the job this weekend? He played much more physically than Kim this Saturday imo.
  7. au302

    I know it's only been two games but...

    I was impressed with Brahms on Saturday, even though he went against backups. Really curious to see if he takes over the starting job for LSU
  8. au302

    So, the OL..?

    I’m surprised Nick Brahms isn’t starting this week. Not saying he’s the answer over Kim but I thought he’d take the job once he got healthy
  9. Loved those slants and routes. I want to see more of those 5 and in’s for guys like Ryan Davis, Schwartz and Hill as check down options as well
  10. au302

    Season 126 : Episode One

    Cool. So is this the new Auburn football every day? I haven’t been able to find that show yet this year
  11. Does anyone have an assessment of how Kaleb Kim played? Didn’t really pay attention to him specifically
  12. Completely agree. He tried to run KJ style but he’s just no KJ. He needs to hit the hole and get what he can. He gets no pop after contact
  13. Personally I think he just isn’t strong enough to get yards after contact. Now if the offensive line improves with his speed he could be good but I think Boobee and Asa might just be better fit as of now. I’m probably dead wrong tho just my opinion
  14. Next week should allow us to get more freshmen integrated and maybe get he Schwartz and Shivers packages installed. I’m mostly concerned about all the stupid penalties, not characteristic of a Gus team. I believe the o-line and running back situation will improve as the season progresses