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  1. Lol did anyone hear the mic in the stands catch the guy yelling “he’s way behind keep bringing that heat.” I thought Williams might make him pay and he did, let’s keep it going!
  2. Despite all the frustrating and disappointing times throughout the season, this team has heart and guts. For guys like Williams, Woley, and Horn and Fitts to step up this weekend when it matters is a testament to the heart of this team. Hopefully we can keep it going in Chapel Hill. WDE!
  3. What a joke, DP’s last chance to have a breakout year and try to put himself in position for a professional career and she pulls this stunt? Just unbelievably selfish and greedy.
  4. I guess you are correct but if that’s the case that means our other hitters are not buying into Gabe’s message unlike Ward and Bliss, which begs the question why they are not buying in, lack of belief in him and/or respect?
  5. Completely agree 64, while I’m glad we will make a third straight regional the performance has not been acceptable with the talent in the lineup. I wouldn’t mind giving Steve Smith another year but goodness Gabe has not earned his paycheck. Great guy and AU great but has not gotten to these hitters for whatever reason. The costly strikeouts with RISP and the regression of Holland, Williams, and Julien is not acceptable for Gabe to come back unless we go on a rampage in the post season. That’s not to mention other problems with the hitting and bad calls as third base coach, such as holding Ward today. Sucks because he’s a good guy who loves AU but this has been frustrating and unacceptable for an SEC program
  6. Thanks, completely forgot about that but that makes sense, looking forward to getting him back
  7. Great win, awesome effort by the guys in a well played game. Random observation but did anyone notice Karl Nonemaker was not coaching first base today? Wasn’t able to watch the whole game so sorry if this was already addressed but found that interesting
  8. The 0-2 counts and strikeouts at critical times is what has frustrated me the most, especially with key players such as Julien. That is not to be critical of him but he and Williams need to step up big time if this team wants to win another game or two this season. Will be interesting to see how the next few weeks play out and potential changes to the staff in the offseason
  9. Gutsy win. Still not pleased with where this team is but they got the win we desperately needed. Hats off to the guys
  10. Hate to come in while the game is still going on but if we burned both Fuller and Fitts tonight who will be the third starter for this weekend? I’m shocked as I figured Brooks would start Thursday. Will be interesting to see if they move Jack and Tanner up a day
  11. So if Fuller goes Thursday I wonder if he could also start on Tuesday for the first game in Hoover. Will be interesting because we may need to win a game or so in Hoover to seal our spot
  12. Go watch Butch’s interview on AU undercover. Sorta throws Steve Smith under the bus when asked about pitching decisions which is very odd for Butch to do, think he is frustrated. However, Butch is the head coach so I don’t understand why he hasn’t taken more control. I understand he doesn’t like to micromanage but there’s been times I’ve scratched my head as to why he doesn’t step in, specifically with the offense and moving guys over. Our RISP average this weekend was terrible. One situation where we had guys on 1st and 2nd with no outs and couldn’t get anyone in, embarrassing. Offense was actually better today, but am really starting to believe we need a new hitting coach next year, even though that probably isn’t a popular opinion as Gabe Gross is an AU great. I will say I loved the fight and do believe we can make noise in the post season again if Williams and Julien swing better.
  13. Miserable night that I knew wouldn’t turn out well once the rain hit. Absolutely awful on the umpires for not going into a delay with conditions that bad, praying Tanner will come out of this alright. Also glad to see the usually very calm Butch stick up for the guys and show some fire, but agree that he should have gone out there during the top of the third before it was too late. Hopefully we can somehow manage to get one of the next two
  14. Completely agree with this, and I wonder if Butch is considering taking control of the offense. Whether he takes over as 3rd base coach and gives signals to hitters or relays signals from the dugout the approach needs to get better. Miss the old Luke Jarvis choke up on the bat and put it in play