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  1. The thing that was so impressive as mentioned above was the fact that Wiley, Spencer, and McLemore were hitting them almost every time.
  2. I know this team will miss Dunans next year but losing Ronnie will also be tough. The guys not special but he's so solid and really knows the game. He's like a stabilizer when Harper's off. He has that deadly floater and makes everyone around him better. Couldn't be more happy with his play
  3. That was hilarious how they hit the poor girl in the face so we took that last second layup lol
  4. Pardon my stupidity but I have a question that I'm sure y'all have addressed but I'm not good with deep basketball knowledge. I've heard people say that Purifoy at the 4 is a "matchup nightmare". Would he still be a matchup nightmare at the 3? Maybe I heard this wrong but I'm anxious to see how much of an impact this would have not only on Spencer but also on DP
  5. Do either of the Jones sisters bring anything of value to the team?
  6. Agreed. I think it's easy to think that Spencer can only be by the goal and can't really do anything else. Spencer is so athletic that he can handle more movement. He's also capable of creating shots away from the goal even if he doesn't do it often.
  7. I love the way Horace plays. He can be frustrating but the kid brings energy which is huge and can make a few shots. But yes, Lang looks so lost. At best he can hit a couple of threes a game but cant pass or play defense. Bryce is frustrating and streaky but when he's on (like mizzou) he can bail us out. Hit a couple big ones last night. Plus, he's a good defender. I say bench Lang and keep Brown. Looks like Laron and Lang are losing minutes as BP cuts down the rotation.
  8. We need a stop and gotta make free throws going into the last minute. This is scary lol
  9. If we win Ronnie and anfernee should get a lot of praise
  10. Good lord. We're gonna lose this game. No rebounding.
  11. This is the danger zone. We need to make a few shots and we'll be ok but if we don't get anything going they will come all the way back and maybe take the lead
  12. Looks like Laron has lost his spot. Hate it for the guy but I like it from a basketball standpoint
  13. I've noticed we're attaching the zone better lately. That's good but it can be frustrating. I remember one play where Harper drove right through the zone and had a floater but passed it to Dunan's for the three. Not bad but Dunans shouldn't be shooting the three ball unless there's a second left in the shot clock imho
  14. So sick of this streetball junk. We've always played like that, even during the horrible Barbee era. We have too much talent. If we play with the energy we just did we may run away but this will probably be a nail biter unfortunately
  15. Lol your right about that. If he is in fact out that's really huge. I can see him playing but having his minutes reduced as he recovers