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  1. So does anyone think we'll be able to make any noise in a regional?
  2. The funny thing is when we had that good team two years ago they also went into the regional slumping. So frustrating. We need next years pitching class to really come through if we want to fare better
  3. Just unacceptable by Robert not to call Estes off. We really need outfield help for next years recruiting class
  4. I hope we don't get pushed back until tomorrow morning. I say we play this game even if we gotta stay up until 3 in the morning
  5. Klobo's a possibility but personally I think that's a bad idea. He's been pretty bad when starting imo. I'm not CBT though, so maybe Klobo ends up throwing a great game
  6. So do you guys think we throw Daniel tomorrow?
  7. Big win. That last homer had me scared. Good job getting that insurance run in the eighth. I'm assuming we throw Daniel tomorrow and then Johnny wholestaff?
  8. Disappointed to see Keegan struggling so much. If he wants to pitch in the majors he's gonna have to be able to pitch after only 5 days rest
  9. So if we lose tomorrow do you guys think we'll be in still? I think so but I'm always a little worried lol
  10. Very disappointed with what's going on. The guys need to wake up before we play ourselves out the post season
  11. This is a repeat of two years ago. So sick of getting beat by terrible Bama teams
  12. Pretty worried about this weekend for some reason. I remember two years ago when our team was good and we had a slight chance of hosting a regional but got swept at home by a bad Bama team. Their team is terrible but they're actually tough and lose close games. We better take them seriously and not look ahead
  13. I'm sure this has been answered but does anyone know why Jarvis hasn't played? Hope he's not hurt or anything
  14. Wow Ingram and Anthony are completely different players at the plate. Really good to see them get going. This team is killing the ball right now. Big week coming up. WDE!
  15. Gabe didn't blow up but it's disappointing to see him go from a guy who could handle SEC teams last year (although shaky) to a guy who can barely get out of a mid-week game inning. Not trying to criticize or blame the guy but it sucks to see a guy with a lot of potential not do as well as he can