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  1. We are setting a record for the number of smokescreens in a hire
  2. This isn't just fan rumors, the pay sites have said Cohen interviewed him a while ago and he was extremely impressive. He is part of the Moo State tree as well, but has connections with a wide array of coaches. Is he my first, second, or even fifth pick? No, but don't discount his potential just because he's young and has no HC experience. There have been successful teams to hire assistants before.
  3. Brian Johnson and the Eagles play tonight. Make guys like Dabo and Franklin say no today, and then you can fallback to Johnson tomorrow. The Freeze frenzy is feeling more and more like either Sexton leaking him to try and pin us in a corner, or Cohen leaking it to blow up the fan reaction and make it untenable
  4. Whittingham was who I thought of when he made the post. Always had him in the back of my mind. Feel like he'd be a great fit here IF he could recruit. Big if there of course
  5. I think he needs to go cash in while he can. I'd obviously love him back, but I'm starting to think Jarquez is better. And that's no knock against Tank, rather, Jarquez has a special combo of vision and explosiveness that I haven't seen since Tre Mason
  6. I'd like to see how many unread emails Cohen has in his inbox right now, lol. I know several people were blowing him up apparently. Roberts too.
  7. Agreed, but you can limit the divisiveness. I say this because apparently one of Roberts big goals was to bring people together. No coach will get 100% buy in, but the backlash I've seen this morning to this news is crazy. I've never seen it this bad, even when Steele was rumored
  8. It's a divisive hire, at best. I think he'd win, but the "family" will divide once again after Caddy brought us together for the first time in years
  9. I love it too, but enjoy it now because this may be the last time we see it here. Harsin/Bobo/Friend are all stuck in 2005. Lane and Freeze.... they are pretty much exclusively out of the gun. I don't think they even have fullbacks on the roster, or ever really go under center. Jeff Grimes does use it a bit though, lol
  10. Fortunately our new admin is slowly easing the battered fan syndrome out of me. Roberts was really scaring me, but credit to him for what's going on.... unless they hire Grimes after all of this. Just seems like a different AU where the admin is not operating off "fambly" or "emotions." That's for fans to do. Roberts seems to like the big hire, and is apparently not a yes man. And John Cohen, well, go read up on him for yourselves. Dude apparently makes guys like Harsin and Galloway look like choir boys, but unlike them, he has won big. Point being, these guys are very to the point and possibly ruthless, and they don't seem to be the type to get caught up in the emotions of a story like Caddy and then make rash, emotion driven decisions afterwards that they end up regretting.
  11. Look we all want the coach to care about the players personally, and he should, but that's way overblown. It's college. These guys are 18+. Several who are engaged, married, have their own families. This isn't pee wee ball where the HC is a second dad and teaching you how to apply football to life lessons. These guys were raised in their hometowns and prepared for college just like everyone else. It's a business, and they know that. Hell, they embrace it. Sorry to sound harsh, but it's really not. The HC should care and bond with them, but it's just one category of the job, not how you base hires imo
  12. That would suck, but they'll probably just go with Jeff Lebby. Would make a lot of sense for them too
  13. I'm begging y'all. Please do not let emotion get in the way of rational judgement. Caddy is awesome and maybe he'd be great, but this is possibly a once in a lifetime chance. We are the biggest job on the market, new facility opening next month, 10 mil NIL war chest that is just getting underway, and a President and AD who are doing things their own way. Let's go big game hunting. I'm talking poach a P5 coach type big game
  14. The Schmedding story is fascinating. Only Boise guy retained. Suddenly he changes like 50 things personnel wise and schematic wise. Dude disguises coverages, sends exotic blitzes. I mean it's been drastic and it's working. This is also what was said before the year. Boise fans said he was known to be hyper aggressive DC that confuses QB's with the stuff he does. Begs the question on if Harsin wasn't letting him run what he wanted imo
  15. You could see signs of good coaching in Nix last year. Now, was that from Bobo or Harsin I do not know. But, even though it wasn't good enough, he had better footwork and tried to stay in the pocket at times. Most of us knew it would take time. Hard to make an astronomical leap in one offseason, but he did take positive steps last year
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