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  1. Maybe at this point we just need to cut bait with everyone and bring in someone fresh to evaluate the whole program, from coaches to players etc. I’d love to keep this defensive staff but realistically I couldn’t see any of the offensive staff being retained
  2. Hope you are correct. I don’t think I could ever cheer for us to lose but if we do I guess I won’t be too upset then lol
  3. Hate to be negative but I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole situation has completely destroyed the locker room. You’d think guys must be pissed that Joey doesn’t get a shot while Nix continues to suck. If so we could be looking at a major collapse down the final stretch, as I’m worried we could lose to Ole Miss this weekend with this happening. After seeing the clip of Gus pulling Gatewood off the field Saturday I’ve lost all respect for him, and as painful as a collapse down the finish could be maybe it’s necessary to make the boosters finally make a change and move forward before our roster and recruiting is completely destroyed
  4. So frustrating that it’s taken Gus this long to realize Brahms is the better choice, and for all we know he still might trot out Kim for the Ole Miss game! I really do believe with a decent center this line would be adequate. For the last two years I’ve seen Kim get continually blown off the ball into the backfield. I’m really not trying to trash the guy, he seems like a bright young man, but he is simply not strong enough for the SEC. Really hope Gus gives Brahms and Hamm some experience to get ready for next year
  5. Gus is just so damn frustrating. I’ll give him credit for Steele but besides that the guy is either stubborn or stupid, maybe both. It took him until the 4th quarter to replace Kim at center when we’ve all been saying for 2 years how bad he is! That is just one of many things that is so frustrating with him. Our guys played their guts out tonight but were let down by Gus and Nix, completely unacceptable
  6. I think what is most frustrating about tonight and in general is that you can not convince me that we do not have the same caliber of players as the LSU, UGA’s, and Bamas of the world. These guys played their guts out and fight the whole game. Gus should be charged with theft for collecting his game check tomorrow. I’d be surprised if he can even look Brown, Davidson, and Steele in the eyes after this one.
  7. What a pathetic night for this officiating crew and Birmingham. A complete joke and they should all be embarrassed
  8. That was some tremendous play calling, keep it up boys!
  9. Interesting point about the strength and conditioning, and that’s a point I’ve been thinking about. It seems like the rest of our roster is in really good condition and strength. But then you look at our line and see certain guys getting manhandled every week due to lack of lower body strength, etc. I know it has been discussed extensively in this thread and others but our guys have simply not been able to get any push due to these failures of the staff and unfortunately I do not see that improving as we play teams with more talent and depth
  10. au302


    It’s funny how Gus says he makes these adjustments but the whole first half he runs it up the gut right at their stud DT who was going up against our weakest links on the O-line in center and right guard. Why he thinks that is a good plan is beyond me, almost like he doesn’t watch film. I know we all want DJ Williams to come out and tear it up but does anyone realistically see us running effectively up the gut? Would our best bet be to try and get our RB’s running off the tackles and in the flat and letting them use their speed for yards? Asking for an expert, I honestly don’t know and am beyond frustrated with our lack of rushing game
  11. I remember reading articles this summer about how guys like Hamm and a few of the other younger backups were “maulers” and had a mean streak to them. Really cannot understand why Gus and JB won’t give them a shot, can’t be much worse than what we’re putting out there. Without trying to trash individual players it seems like our left side of the line is pretty good but that the center and right guard position is where we are physically overmatched
  12. Year 6 with Gus and we get this effort. Listen I like our team and the guys play hard but when we are getting pushed around at the LOS by Tulane that is pathetic. Nothing against Tulane, they are much better than they usually are but Gus should be embarrassed with the offensive product he’s putting on the field. I think Nix can be a great player but right now we may as well give Joey the start next week to see if he can help spark the run game in the first half. Maybe the team figures it out and miraculously pulls a miracle in college station in two weeks but as of right now I don’t see us winning more than 7 games, really hope I’m wrong
  13. Our the guys on the bench really that awful that they can’t do any better than some of these guys? Will have to rewatch the game but why not replace Horton with Hamm? At least worth a shot. Also want to see Brahms, he must be better after a whole offseason healthy with strength training. Pathetic effort. Yes Tulanes guys are not bad but no excuse for not being able to get push
  14. Lol did anyone hear the mic in the stands catch the guy yelling “he’s way behind keep bringing that heat.” I thought Williams might make him pay and he did, let’s keep it going!