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  1. Lol that was my first thought. If Gus wants to forgive that second half of that buyout in exchange for us taking him up then I'm down
  2. Seems like every time we lose a transfer at a certain position we have one coming in shortly after. Maybe this is a sign that we got an OT on the way soon, or I suppose this could be for that Ole Miss kid's spot.
  3. Oh wow... that would be huge. I'm sure he probably got a lot of good weight room training this past year at Ole Miss, so hopefully he's close to ready to go. If he can start and not even take a scholarship, even more credit to Harsin. Would also let us get another lineman with that scholarship spot if we want it.
  4. I agree with you for the most part. I like what this staff is doing with the portal. I do see what infusions saying about OT though. I understand the need to keep it quiet, but I hope we are talking to multiple guys in case a guy decides to stay at his school and not enter the portal. Totally understand the silence, but I'll admit it's been surprising just how dang quiet it's been. I expected to see movement on that front by now, but I have trust in this staff to get it done.
  5. Thought the same thing when I saw that. Only way I guess I could see it work would be if we put him at RG where he plays, slid Jones to LG, and then put Council at LT maybe? It's tough. I'm more excited/anxious than anyone to see who we bring in on the line. I know the staff is trying to keep it quiet, but I'm surprised we haven't seen any movement at that position group yet.
  6. Not really sure. Funny timing how I post that question and then we get the Jboy prediction, which I usually trust. I would think there's gotta be somebody out there besides TJ that they think could push Bo. I'll have to go scan the portal on the 247 site when I get a chance
  7. So let's say TJ decides not to come here for whatever reason. I'd assume the staff will pivot to another quarterback in the portal? I feel like they seem pretty determined to bring in another guy, regardless of the debated reasons we have been having on here. I suppose the only question would be if they originally weren't planning on bringing in a guy, but then TJ entered the portal and they decided he was too good to pass up. What do you guys think?
  8. You're right on that, light a fire under him might be the wrong phrase there. I just think there's a difference between being a hard worker when it's easy and being "threatened" so to speak. Sure, Bo has worked hard, but I would think if he knows his job is actually very well in danger, it will take him to another level. In terms of Bo being a captain and all that, that's true, but it was also a year ago and under the old regime. A lot has happened and it's a new day for this program, as Finley said in that article. How can we know what the team thinks right now? Maybe they still love the guy.
  9. Look your obviously a big Nix guy and that's cool. I want the dude to succeed as well. But more importantly, I want Auburn to succeed, and I know you do as well. I'll say this. I love that quote by Finley because it shows his confidence and draws the line in the sand so to speak. The QB room has needed a fire lit under it for a few years now. If that does not light a fire under Bo, something is wrong. If Bo is the captain and leader of this team, he will up his game starting right now and others will gravitate to it. And it will make the team better
  10. Love this dudes mindset. That article seems to confirm what a lot of us are thinking. This will be an open competition and the guy that performs best will be named the starter heading into the season. So refreshing to have a staff that is actually looking to put the best players on the field, whoever they may be!
  11. I'm worried because while I do think that Friend and co will bring in some good high school OT prospects this coming signing class, we desperately need two guys that can hold the fort for probably two years while these guys develop. As bad as this year's situation is, what will happen next year? This staff seems very forward thinking. I don't think we have any sophomores or jr's on the roster right now in the wings once Hamm/Jackson/Trox/Coffey are gone next year. Thus, I wonder if the staff is waiting for guys that could come in and start for two years or so while the '22 recruits develop ins
  12. We had a nice win today and overall a good series. I'm hoping that the choke yesterday does not come back to bite us with making Hoover. However, in regards to what you just said, I think your view of Auburn baseball right now is way too optimistic, orange and blue glasses. I agree that we have a decent lineup and pretty good defense. Good on Nonemaker for finding those guys. That makes Butch and Hudson's evaluation and development of pitchers that much more perplexing, and frankly, inexcusable for an SEC program that just went to Omaha with a lot of the same guys in the lineup. You can't have
  13. Did you not read the last two sentences he wrote there? Seems like your reading comprehension is having a bad day. He literally said anyone who thinks TJ is automatically going to come in and start is unrealistic, just like saying he has no shot at starting is unrealistic
  14. You very well may be correct. I think a lot would depend on how quickly Finley learns the playbook over the summer before camp starts. If he can do that it will put him on more equal footing heading into camp. Despite being raw, Finley does a good job of staying in the pocket and delivering the ball, his decision making just needs work. He's just a lot closer to their style of QB than Bo right now. But look, I just want whoever plays composed and steps up in the pocket. Hopefully Bo has improved on those aspects.
  15. I agree that they will not anoint him and promise him the job before he even hits campus. I think that if he comes in and plays close to or beats out Bo he will get the job. Who knows how fall camp will go. This staff seems to have the no favorites, best man win approach. Finely may be raw, but it's not like Bo is a polished quarterback. It may be a more even battle heading into camp than we would think
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