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  1. Baseball vs UAB

    Big game. Really need to get tuned up for Bama. The bama series is a must win and we really need a sweep to get back to .500 before we hit the heart of the schedule
  2. New Assistant named

    Awesome hire. Now lets see what happens with the rest of the staff. Several questions such as which position will Prewitt move to, will Frankie and Jordan return and if not who replaces them. Matt Gatens went to Drake so someone will need to replace him as well as finding grad assistants. Should be interesting to see how the staff shapes out.
  3. Glad the bats woke up, looked completely hopeless early on. Quick question. When Anthony came out due to injury in the ninth, we moved Ward to center, Estes to second, and Jarvis to third to replace Josh. We then inserted Connor Davis to left field. I'm not questioning Butch but any idea why we'd throw Davis in left field over Johnson or Mcguffin when we are up by 3 runs in the ninth inning? If this happened earlier in the game I can understand wanting to have Davis in for his bat, but when all we need is three quick outs to end the game I don't understand that move because Imo Johnson and Mcguffin are better defensive players than Davis.
  4. This is beyond frustrating. These guys want to pull everything and dont work the counts to try and draw walks. So many innings where we don't even threaten. I don't know if Gabe Gross can't connect with the players or if the Juco guys are not as good as we thought they were last year, but this is aggravating
  5. Terrible day so far, but games like these happen. I'm just glad we're at least gonna leave town without getting swept. Also, this team has not come close to peaking yet which is fine because we don't wanna peak too early and fade later like last year.
  6. Didn't follow the team as much this year but I did watch tonight and was proud of the effort. Coach Flo seems like a great person whose put together a nice staff, but her biggest downfall seems to be her lack of ability to recruit dynamic players. Most of the girls that I've watched seem to play very hard and can force turnovers and have tremendous athleticism, but as others have mentioned don't shoot well and run an absolutely pitiful half court offense. Part of me wants to give her another year or two to maybe get more players to fill these scoring gaps but at the end of the day she's had 6 years, 2 of which were decent with short NCAAT appearances.
  7. Men vs. uat

    With all our depth problems that we've had in these recent years this was such a huge win with only 7 scholly guys. This may come across as a stupid idea but Bruce should look into having some of the football players join the team as replacements for the walk on's after football season. Obviously they would still be 100% dedicated to football but heck if it ever comes down to it again I bet some of the guys on the football team were good high school bball players, at least better than the current walk on's we have now. I know this will never happen and is probably a terrible idea but it would be cool to see. I'd much rather see a guy like Ryan Davis play point guard for two minutes while Harper gets a rest than some guy we find in the rec center.
  8. Men vs. Uconn

    If they don't make the trip to Tennessee on January 2 I don't see them playing this season. It seems like Wiley would get half a year suspension since he wasn't personally involved but Danjel will probably have a harder time getting reinstated since he was supposedly at a meeting.
  9. 2019 5* PG Ashton Hagans

    Is our recruiting for the class of 2018 basically dead with all the off court drama? I haven't been able to find any news regarding targets for this class.
  10. Sounds like Leath has been replying to emails sent by concerned fans unprofessionally. Hooks on another site said that the next 24 hours are critical for saving the program.
  11. Very sad what has happened to the program. At first I was hopeful that we'd get our two players back but seeing how power hungry and dysfunctional people our compliance and AD departments are I don't see BP or the program surviving this. Very sad, I was looking forward to a great season.
  12. Pearl's Job in Jeopardy

    As you guys have probably heard, there was a movement on twitter and message boards today to call or email Leath and the AD. I emailed Leath to basically express my sorrow for the mess he's inherited and offer my support for the team. To my surprise, he replied back. Is there a policy that he must respond to fans emails? I just can't see him having the time right now to go through random fans emails and read them, pretty impressive if you ask me.
  13. Pearl's Job in Jeopardy

    At this point, I wish Leath would literally clean house in the AD. We need a culture change and cleaning house may be the safest and only way to ensure no bad apples hang around. In regards to basketball, my heart breaks for these players, including AW and DP. I won't blame anyone who decides to leave the program after the season. It breaks my heart that Auburn has so many people willing to stab the university in the back for personal gain, especially when JJ likes to preach about this being a family. If this is a family, it sure is dysfunctional.
  14. link to listen

    yep. This sucks, I was really hyped about this season but I'm ready to pack it in before we even start
  15. Wiley and Purifoy

    so brian bowen of louisville has been cleared by the FBI. I don't know much about his case specifically but maybe that means our guys will be cleared as well. Gotta have hope