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  1. Some of y'all need to understand that this is a university and not a video game. Well, in fairness, we aren't a normal university with the way our AD runs, lol. But still, this is not fantasy land when you change coaches every other year and pay massive buyout after massive buyout. Roberts and leadership aren't message board die hards. They are in charge of responsibly running an entire university, not just the football program. When you commit to a HC you are committing for a few years barring a Chad Morris level hire where you can't win more than 2 games. If they didn't want to pony up the buyout in February, I wouldn't hold my breath. Not saying they won't, or shouldn't, but again, this is the real practical world, not a video game. So better start hoping for a 4-8 or worse season imo to feel comfortable where they'd have no choice but to fork up and take the PR hit
  2. That's the problem, there is no guy they'll all get behind. These guys probably can't even agree on what to order for lunch during head coaching search meetings. Everyone says they want Freeze. Sure, one group will get behind Freeze, but then it will come out that another faction wants Steele. Oh wait now Jeff Grimes is emerging as a compromise candidate. There is a secret fourth candidate that ADAG/Roberts/Burgess really like. We hire Freeze. One group is happy, but the others are pissed since they didn't get their way (again). They quietly wait for his first wrong move to make their move. It sounds crazy, but just the way it goes. They'd only possibly all get behind a big, big name (Bob Stoops, Urban, maybe Matt Rhule). And those guys ain't happening for several reasons. So the delusion of "they need to get their guy" needs to stop. Not aimed at you, just everyone in general. It's never happened, and with no alpha dog (Lowder) to keep things semi-under control it's even worse. Our best bet is to hope a coach can pull a Tubs and win in spite of them and then possibly win some over and build a firewall to the ones that don't like them.
  3. From what I've been reading Tim Cook and the Nevilles are the perfect types of boosters. They believe in hiring competent people, letting them do their job, and then stepping in when it's clear that they aren't performing to expectation. Apparently the Neville's are just bigger basketball folks. Tim I can't get a read on. But ideally we round up new money boosters and move into a new era. I'd rather have 20 pretty rich people than 2 to 3 super rich people. That dilutes the power and empowers the administration imo. Don't have a few factions (Rane faction, Harbert faction, etc) fighting each other for power, and then the losing party waiting to make their power play when things go wrong.
  4. That's a good question. Probably Harsin I'd guess?
  5. Nick Eason apparently has been negative recruiting the hell out of us and trying to take Brumbaugh to the woodshed. Look at Osborne and now Faulk. Hopefully Roc, Hars, and Brumbaugh can get in Faulks ear this time before its too late
  6. On defense, no, they do not. We have more defensive talent than both of those schools and our defense has carried us for years now. On offense, however, yes they do, at least as of last year. I'm hopeful our better depth we have now at QB and WR will help close that gap
  7. Said it on On3 yesterday, Will Friend needs to be camping out in Connor Lew's living room. Embarrassment of it be damned at this point. Full Harbaugh
  8. https://www.on3.com/news/elite-11-finals-latest-quarterback-intel-on-countrys-top-passers/ New article over on On3 posted tonight by a national guy. It gives me slight hope. If it's truly just us and OSU, and not FSU, maybe we back our way into him if Nousvad goes OSU like they seem to imply is a true possibility.
  9. Very possibly misread, and if so, my bad. I do agree that we need to continue modernizing the program and appealing to the younger generation. That is one thing about this staff as a whole that I like. They seem to get that a little bit more than the former staff.
  10. Deepening our RB room further and continuing to upgrade the talent in the WR room is no small thing. English especially is huge because many seem to believe he is a borderline 5 star talent. Never seen him say personally, so not sure if that's just AU fan bias or what.
  11. Well he said they hate black lives matter, which I was pointing out is not true since they marched for that and put patches on the jerseys. They would never have allowed that if they hated blm and social movements
  12. We've had a lot of chirpers and emotional players on the field recently. Nix, Seth, Smoke, etc. We also have the race relations handshake thing on all of our jerseys. I'm sure a lot of fans wouldn't like that, but they do it. Gus and the team also marched for blm. Again, fans probably didn't like that, but they did it to support the players. Fans will always cheer for the walk-ons because they are the example of the working man finding success. I don't think it's a race thing. I mean I guess everything is nowadays, right, if you look at it that way. But I think people just enjoy seeing guys find success the hard way. People freaking love Sean Jackson. He may have a more vocal fan club than Tank, lol. Auburn has always been a blue collar school, so it makes sense that they identify with walk-ons having to go at it the hard way.
  13. The question is what does Chris Roberts plan to do? No one talks about him. I've wondered for a while if 1. He is a good ole boy pawn President, and 2. His plans with the athletic department. Well I just read a post on On3 saying that he is supposedly not a good ole boy pawn, and he is actually a fan of Harsin and ADAG. Shocking right, how could that be. Harsin aside, the time has come to take action. Ideally you have a President that lets the AD do his thing. We have done that with ADAG, but right now we need a Pres. and AD on the same page who can clean up the athletic administration and booster crisis. We have amazing coaches like Butch, Bruce, and other sports who are making things work in spite of the dysfunction. I don't care whether Roberts decides to clean house of all these athletic department employees who have overstayed their welcome, let them stay until retirement and just run things himself while they make coffee for him, or what. But do something. I'm tired of hearing things about individuals like McGlynn sabotaging our programs, when we all know the NCAA isn't doing anything.
  14. What a joke he is. Does he think the NCAA really gonna do s*** about it? Lol no. His bosses need to tell him to fall in line. Harsin may be above him but he's not gonna do that after what happened. He's gotta watch himself to get his buyout
  15. https://www.si.com/mlb/2022/06/27/lsu-baseball-hires-twins-pitching-coach-report Did y'all see this? This is nuts. They just convinced a big league pitching coach to give up that job and be a college pitching coach. How? Because they doubled his salary to 750k. And they did this for a first year HC who didn't exactly endear himself to their fans by not getting far with their insane lineup. This is what big dog programs do folks, and Butch is trying to take us to big dog status. Scott Woodward will go for it at all costs. Would we do this for Butch if Gabe or Hudson ever left? If not, we have serious issues.
  16. If these sites are right, which they very well could be, we aren't getting anyone. Faulk, Glenn, Ramil, and Cobb. UT thinks they get Ramil, and PSU mod says MSU probably now leading for Ramil. Just depressing
  17. We are one step behind everyone for the past 20 years. FOF was the big deal, and now that we're building it NIL matters way more. In 2040 we'll finally catch up on NIL, but at that point something else will be the fad. Our strategic vision for this century has sucked, besides basketball. We nailed that with the arena timing and hiring BP in the span of a few years, and are now doing the BOF and I'm pretty sure our NIL for bball is good. Now we have Butch who rightfully wants things, comparing our current atmosphere to that of a pac-12 school. We have a new track coach who publicly told it how it is in his first interview, holding the universities feet to the fire from the jump instead of using it as an excuse later. And we have a football program that needs capital both for NIL and stadium renovations. Money doesn't grow on trees. We are just living with the consequences of kicking the can down the road and poor leadership for 20 years. Fortunately we mostly have good coaches who have mostly made it work in spite of this.
  18. Agree with everything except the part about Harsin surprisingly signing Dee Davis. Pretty sure Davis was signed by Steele before Harsin had even been hired. I'm of the opinion that had Harsin been hired before early signing day, or had Davis had pushed his commitment to February, that Harsin would not have allowed him to sign. He'd have brought some no name last minute 3 star with him, which would've been better looking back. Davis is an interesting case. We dropped Mclaughlin, who has also already transferred, for him once Chad took the gig. We just really gave up after signing Nix. Not sure what the hell they were thinking. But it shows the importance of getting a solid QB in this class too, hopefully Glenn.
  19. Some more perspective. We signed Bo Nix in the 2019 class. 5 star QB. That's great. But then look what happens next. We inexplicably stop recruiting QB's. 2020 we signed Chayil Garnett. That summer before the 2020 season we take Grant Loy as a transfer. 2021 Dematrius Davis. That's how you get in the position we were in at the end of last year. That's sad, and I hope that we can get the QB room to the point where we have a semi-reliable backup that can play system football and keep us respectable if a stater goes down.
  20. Certainly possible. But we set off a self-imposed nuclear bomb on ourselves in February. No way around it. If I'm putting myself in a recruits shoes, do I risk committing to Harsin and losing my spot elsewhere after that? Guys commit like crazy to Norvell despite two terrible years. Like worse than Harsin bad. They probably got NIL, and they didn't publicly neuter their staff
  21. Guys Harsin himself may not be a good recruiter but we have good recruiters on staff who are struggling. Y'all think Zac and CRob forgot how to recruit suddenly? Does Zac suck so bad that he can't even get 0 star Hart from Loachapoka on board immediately? Why can't Caddy seem to close on Cobb yet? Ike's sure been quiet, is he awkward around recruits too? Nope. These are good recruiters. It's that we are in a holding pattern because the staff has been put at gunpoint to win now or else. It's not an excuse, they've made mistakes and had their share of misses, but negative recruiting is a b**** and kids want to see if they'll be around before they commit. It sucks, no excuse, but it's reality right now.
  22. I figured this too, but I read the other day that supposedly we liked him a year ago after, hold your breath, Mike Bobo evaluated his film and liked him. Leach was the first to go after him I believe, but we were there from the jump. But went after Vizzina first instead
  23. I created a thread on On3 the other day asking if Auburn is investigating who leaked all this bs. That's a bigger issue than Harsin, if you have a mole actively undermining your university and leaking highly sensitive and confidential info. This was a high stakes investigation. It's not like someone leaked that a janitor was being investigated from stealing a candy bar out the vending machine after hours. It's possible it could have been a high ranking university employee for all we know. Thus, they need to find out who did this for Auburn's sake and hold that individual accountable to the greatest extent allowed (termination) to protect Auburn in the future.
  24. You can love something so much that you kill it. Do boosters intentionally want Auburn to lose? Of course not. But I just can't believe you're saying this is conspiracy. It's happened for decades. Where there's smoke there's fire my man. Heck they admitted Jetgate. Look at the very public consequences from that scandal.
  25. 1. Harsin's hire/tenure has been super divisive since day 1. Just the way it is, and the ups and downs (mostly downs) have caused a lot of childish fighting and lack of civil discourse. Very rare to see "hey, you're right, I like Harsin, but he really didn't do a great job with the game plan for x game" or "I'm not a Harsin fan, but I gotta give him props for x" 2. Lack of insiders. It's not that our "insiders" are unreliable people, just that insiders are not getting info like they used to. AU athletics has seemed to tighten down more and more over the years as the good ole boys get run off slowly and new coaching staffs come in with their own people. This is good for AU athletics, but frustrating for message boards. This also causes the old insiders to get embarrassed/frustrated and push agendas. The pay sites (Phil Marshall) are a prime example. 3. The pay board. I can see how this is causing issues on this site specifically. Personally, while I don't use this site as my pay site (on3), I have zero problem with the pay board. Everyone has the right to join and post where they please. This is a free message board. I'm not going to complain about stuff like that. Just happy to have another place to talk Auburn sports. But, I can see how it's caused less info to get here, and thus, the quality to go down. But again, free message board. Us beggars can't be choosers
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