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  1. No, but it’s been known for a while.
  2. Sad thing is Carosone was not even an option at 2B. Travesty. That girl is clutch and has better numbers than those chosen. No offense to those talented young ladies, but be real.
  3. That is some great news we needed, especially given the circumstances with the asst coaches. She is a solid player.
  4. She committed to CMD while at James Madison, then decommitted to follow him here.
  5. Same common denominator, and hope it works out for her.
  6. That was weird that it was 3 AU players and 3 Miss St players as CO winners for each award.
  7. Fisher is supposedly nursing some injury, but can’t confirm that. Her numbers are not the best so far and has had a rough year by her standards. She is still a good pitcher. Handley threw well enough to win against a good opponent. Maybe she can continue to build on it.
  8. Common denominator. Either CCM or CMD. Your choice.
  9. CCM has always used the philosophy that a HR is just a by-product of a good swing. So true.
  10. Yes, typically in the fall you wear whatever number that is already in the jersey inventory, until the new jerseys arrive for spring.
  11. She was shut down after the last game of the year to try to help resolve ongoing back issues that bothered most of the season.
  12. Good to see Handley throwing again. Great kid.
  13. No, we just redid the netting to create a little more flexibility. It is still outdoors with the roof. It is fine when it is not too cold or too hot or too wet
  14. This was not solely based on wins and losses or data. The timing would be a pretty good indicator.
  15. Don't go soft on me What is understood, doesn't need to be discussed. Obvious common denominator regardless of any spin.