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  1. In general, most new coaches honor the commits for the next 2 incoming years. After that for the next classes, they start to select who is the best fit (or who they want).
  2. No apologies needed You are always great with info and feedback!
  3. Actually Draper was a pinch runner and Veach a pinch hitter in the first game....but very, very limited. None of the others signed and already had jobs lined up.
  4. If transferring within your current conference, then you have to sit a year. The exception is if you have graduated, then you do not have to sit.
  5. I'll try to keep it simple to this scenario, because going into the "rule talk" may create confusion. Note, ALL starters (any position, DP & Flex) are allowed 1 re-entry into the game. CMD left Handley in the Flex spot, entered Swindle into the DP (for Maresette). Then, he put the DP into defense (in this case P). The Flex stays intact (and doesn't have to be on field), so Handley is still available. Now, if he would have put Handley (Flex) into P, then Swindle goes back to DP (or off defense). As long as Swindle stays in to hit (when the DP comes up in the batting order), she is eligible to go back on defense (or P). That is how Swindle stays available to pitch again, even though not a starter. This scenario never played out in the game. Now, in the bottom of the 7th when Maresette made her 1 re-entry back in batting order in DP spot, Swindle was burned and could not have come back in. I hope this makes some sense.
  6. In the case yesterday, the announcers were right in their assessment or provided info. He was keeping the option open to bring both back. Given Swindle doesn’t have an AB all year (and asking the first one to be against a high quality P) and need all qualified batters to take swings at Barnhill, that decision doesn’t quite add up.
  7. Taylon actually got a hit to RF a couple of pitches after the crowd roar, but I did hear she freaked out during the pitch when the crowd went crazy. At least it wasn't during a 3rd strike.
  8. It is the shoulder she aggravated last year. Hoping with some treatment and rest, she can give it a go.
  9. They have a couple of hitters that you can’t let beat you. Tough learning lesson.
  10. Kaylee Carlson also played for him, along with the Romero sisters, and Amanda Lorenz to name a few. He was a good coach and a blast to be around at the fields.
  11. Yes, she has been batting strictly from the left side this whole year. It was a change CEK went with in the fall.
  12. Expect more pitching rotation changes due to circumstances. Hoping Harris and Swindle stay sharp.