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  1. Given the injuries that are still mending and Tissier out for the year, it is another practice body. Probably a runner at best.
  2. It is a great event and an honor to be selected, but the scope of participation is limited due to it being a pay to play event.
  3. 4WDE

    Softball coming events

    I wish we played every year. CCM had a standing offer to Murphy to play every year, even when they didn't have a series. He offered to play at neutral sites across the state to let the fans from all over the state take part in the rivalry.
  4. Don't forget CEK won a PGF and TC championship w/ the Beverly Bandits.
  5. Yes, you are correct. Because most positions are throwing friendly to RH, some parents turn or teach to throw RH (if naturally LH). For girls, some get turned around hitting (especially if faster) to be a slapper.
  6. Godwin and Moseley are due to be released by November, obviously too late for any fall action. Redshirting is certainly not out of the question pending their health and roster management. Greenwood appears to be hoping to be released in time for the spring. Apparently, the injury suffered during her freshman season was more severe than it appeared. A former associate said Dr. Andrews used her as an example, of shoulder joint injuries and problems he has seen trending in baseball/softball for those throwing and hitting from the opposite side, during a sports medicine clinic. She said Andrews said Greenwood's shoulder surgery took 13 staples and had extensive damage. He said even though she tried to work through the pain and separation by wearing a brace with a harness strap, the continual usage only aggravated the joint area. Andrews said only Drew Brees had more staples and was able to comeback. Let's hope she is able to play this spring. After seeing Brees tonight, I would say he made a substantial comeback.
  7. Tannon was not playing due to another illness, not from the slide last week. That was just a superficial scrape. Crocker was a healthy scratch due to discretion of the head coach. It had nothing to do with "improvements" from others, more of a disciplinary reason.
  8. was all a "go" until. Hearing some of the businesses may pursue for lost revenue. Guess we'll see.
  9. With Moseley coming off surgery, let's hope Greenwood or Crocker is ready for fall.
  10. Coaches can put stipulations on transferring when granting a player a release, which usually tries to prevent staying in same conference.
  11. Sorry...I pulled baseball back into a head count sport where it once was . Not sure why her eligibility was ever even used, considering she was not going to be used much. Not sure there are many good relationships between the coaches and players, unfortunately.
  12. 4WDE

    Softball: The Future

    It didn't impact that outcome, but it did get them another AB. That can't be allowed.
  13. Only if in conference and that can go to an arbitrator. Baseball players are on full or nothing. Softball can be partial scholarships.
  14. 4WDE

    Softball: The Future

    Like most college athletes, they all deal with something and try to get to about 85%. She struggled with some hip issues all year. Good to see some of the softball team supporting baseball at the SEC tournament.
  15. 4WDE

    Softball: The Future

    I would not get too hung up on HS numbers. If you watch these girls in summer against top competition, you get a lot better idea of potential.