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  1. Taylon actually got a hit to RF a couple of pitches after the crowd roar, but I did hear she freaked out during the pitch when the crowd went crazy. At least it wasn't during a 3rd strike.
  2. It is the shoulder she aggravated last year. Hoping with some treatment and rest, she can give it a go.
  3. They have a couple of hitters that you can’t let beat you. Tough learning lesson.
  4. Kaylee Carlson also played for him, along with the Romero sisters, and Amanda Lorenz to name a few. He was a good coach and a blast to be around at the fields.
  5. Yes, she has been batting strictly from the left side this whole year. It was a change CEK went with in the fall.
  6. Expect more pitching rotation changes due to circumstances. Hoping Harris and Swindle stay sharp.
  7. Are they running video for field 2? Just curious as AU has 4 of 5 games in that field.
  8. Yep, you just commit to the tourney. Cal State Fullerton is responsible for scheduling. While no guarantees on who you play, there is talk amongst coaches to determine matchups.
  9. Overall, a pretty rough day for everyone. Maybe it is practice fatigue or repetitive routine, but they were not sharp. There were not two distinctive teams. The players just rotated out in shifts. Only Handley and Harris threw. Handley still struggles with control. Way too many walks and WP's. She seems to still be working back from the year off. Harris was more steady than she was in the fall. Looks like they will start the season #4 and #3 respectively. Not sure what site it was (and not to discredit the site or source), but Godwin is not ready to be in the starting lineup. She is too inconsistent day-in, day-out (typical for most FR) at the plate and she is not ready for the field. She definitely has potential and should get some swings though. She did have at least 4 PB's in the same inning, while behind the plate. It looked like she had never caught Handley. Needless to say CMD had several long conversation with her. Both of the FR catchers look raw and were not able to throw out any runners. Let's hope Veach's knee stays healthy, until they have some time to develop. Still not sure why he picked up Cook. She did not hit or play in the field and looked lost at times on the bases. The good, Veach hit a Veach Ball no-doubter and had a really backside slide at home to avoid a tag to score a run. Greenwood made good catch in CF covering Draper-like ground from left center to deep on the right center warning track. Podany had a good throw to nail a runner at home. The bad, as a team, they left too many plays on the field and base-running mistakes. The team had a few hits, but was not barreling the ball like you would hope. Way too many rollovers and mishits. The ugly, Moseley appears to be out (length unknown) after re-injuring her shoulder (same that had surgery) in practice, Perry had to leave the scrimmage after a collision with Martin at first base, and Godwin looked gimpy on her knee and appeared to tweak it on a ball she misplayed in the OF. The team really can't afford any injuries at this point. Don't get me wrong, you still see the ability and potential there, but just wasn't there yesterday. The early part of the schedule will allow them a chance to get dialed in.
  10. Crocker is in the transfer portal, so she will resurface. Would not be surprised to see her playing again with Olszewski. Don’t forget that before CJK went to Oregon, he recruited a lot of these kids, so he is familiar. Travel squad would not be an issue, because with them they only had 20 healthy (or semi-healthy) bodies. With CCM, he liked to keep 26–28 available bodies to be able to run practice and have competition. That always put a priority on making the travel squad. CMD prefers less numbers. Those lower numbers become more critical now, especially with three players coming off surgeries and not playing in the fall. Another loss to an INF and it could be really sticky.
  11. Either the situation with CMD was that bad or plan B was already plausible.
  12. Given she was slotted to start in LF a few weeks ago, playing time should not have been an issue. Dakota Morrow has also left the team. It appears the portal has opened in AU, but anymore? Guess we will see.
  13. Recruiting never stops, regardless of rules.
  14. To paraphrase our general conversation about it, she said there were good hitters on the roster and for AU to go far, those hitters have to come through. Otherwise, you are relying on those whose strength is not hitting, not a direct shot at the pitchers. There is also a reason college coaches don’t care about high school accolades and stats. They prefer to go with what they see in the summer when playing at a high level and what is on tape at the college level. None of the pitchers are not as athletic as Good, they are pitchers. She was an athlete.