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  1. With Moseley coming off surgery, let's hope Greenwood or Crocker is ready for fall.
  2. Coaches can put stipulations on transferring when granting a player a release, which usually tries to prevent staying in same conference.
  3. Sorry...I pulled baseball back into a head count sport where it once was . Not sure why her eligibility was ever even used, considering she was not going to be used much. Not sure there are many good relationships between the coaches and players, unfortunately.
  4. 4WDE

    Softball: The Future

    It didn't impact that outcome, but it did get them another AB. That can't be allowed.
  5. Only if in conference and that can go to an arbitrator. Baseball players are on full or nothing. Softball can be partial scholarships.
  6. 4WDE

    Softball: The Future

    Like most college athletes, they all deal with something and try to get to about 85%. She struggled with some hip issues all year. Good to see some of the softball team supporting baseball at the SEC tournament.
  7. 4WDE

    Softball: The Future

    I would not get too hung up on HS numbers. If you watch these girls in summer against top competition, you get a lot better idea of potential.
  8. She bunted the ball and it bounced up and hit her out of the box.
  9. CMD does call the pitches. Pitch sequences have improved overall., but you can't please all pitchers. Pretty normal.
  10. If CMD doesn't share in the blame for hitting due to late start, then not sure he should get all the credit for pitching. Listening to some of the discussions from the current pitching staff about differences from last year, sounded like the jury was still out from them. Some like his pitch sequence and some do not. Can probably figure out which side each are on given their body language.
  11. Is is easier to see the differences of the two coaching philosophies, styles, and relationships over the course of some time. Pretty solid observations.
  12. OR 1st AND 2nd AND 3rd and less than 2 outs.
  13. 4WDE

    Softball vs. Tennessee

    Draper left the game after her first AB with the hand injury she suffered in the mid week game.
  14. There is a misconception that Meyers taught taking pitches all the time. That is not true. There were a handful of pitchers that had control issues and no longevity where the chance for success was higher as long as you didn't swing at pitches out of the zone where they took until they got a strike. Most of the time they used a split plate approach until two. A byproduct of that is taking more strikes and running pitch counts up, but that was not the original intent.
  15. 4WDE

    Baseball vs Alabama

    It's all good. Cool that you could look back through my profile to see more posts to see more than one thread today. If you look at all the posts, you would see I'm actually pretty laid back and complimentary. In the two instances that caught your eye, each time I was just replying to their barbs defending my point/opinion with facts. They didn't like the facts laid out to them and blasted away. If you look at the context of the conversation, you would notice I only threw some heat their way after receiving it. I never attacked originally. If you throw a punch, you have to be able to take one. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Sports forums are for fun, so don't miss any tongue and cheek mixed in too. Notice that although you called me a jerk with an attitude, I didn't throw high and tight on ya. We all big boys here.