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  1. Thanks for that info from the scrimmage. It sounds like things are moving forward. If Veach keeps swinging the bat, she may have to find a way to get her more AB's. It sounds like Crocker is trying to take an early lead (no pun) at 2B. It's nice to see Draper and Gipson are back out there already. Guessing that means no set backs, so that is good. Did the rest of the roster play? If so, it doesn't sound as good for Greenwood. I know there were several players you didn't mention. Any of those have a strong showing?
  2. Good information from the Plains. Good to hear on Crocker and Draper. How did Rivera look? Was she working INF or OF? Was Gipson or Greenwood practicing? Heard both had been limited or MIA some. Was Perry just working at 1B? How was she swinging? There was no mention of Wallace, so please tell me she was doing her normal good job out there The warmer weather in the south seems like softball/baseball season. Wish it would stay.
  3. Great info. Big thanks!
  4. Just a big softball/baseball fan that also happens to be a big AU fan, so a good combination Fortunate to have ventured around in the softball and baseball world enough and be friends with some of the players/coaches/admins/staffs/etc from where our paths have crossed along the way. I like to try to get around and see everyone at the various schools, organizations, and locations to stay on top of the game and too, because I really enjoy the game and those people. Trying to accumulate more friends than enemies lol!
  5. Thx! Glad to chime in when I can. Ready for the softball season to start
  6. I agree. There is fall pitching, early season pitching (granted a little diff this year w/ who they start with), then SEC and forward pitching. Each progressively better. BUT, you can put stock in an overall improvement from last year to fall. Her approach, selection, and mechanics are definitely better from last year, based on what we saw in fall practices/games. I do like that. Rubber will hit the road pretty soon
  7. Another player that looked really good in practice and games in the fall was Veach. She swung the bat well and pretty consistent. She will be pushing for AB's too.
  8. I think Fagan or Snow is probably the 2nd best hitters. Snow will have the grace period of the SEC teams not having good scouting reports yet. Yes, she played at Washington, but most pitching coaches rely on their own charts. In the fall (yes, just fall pitching), you could already see some adjustments and tweaks Fagan had made to her swing that really allowed her a different approach at the plate. Wallace may not have the numbers on paper as those two, but she has been clutch in her first 2 years here.
  9. Very plausible lineup and thoughts. Perry and Abbott should get chances in the DH. Coach experimented with some odd lineup combinations and untraditional lineups while at Arizona State, like leading off his 4 hole hitter (or 3 hole) to get them more AB's. It was for short periods and he drifted back to more traditional lineup roles, but he is not afraid to mix it up. If Gipson's recovery takes longer than hoped, Greenwood could get some action in RF. Now that Jordan is splitting time in the outfield and infield in practices (worked exclusively in infield during fall), she could slide over to RF with Podany and/or Fornis getting looks in LF. Too early know, but it will start shaking out by the Mexico trip.
  10. While I'm optimistic we have good hitters, none are more proven than the 3 we lost (Howard, Carasone, Rhodes). It would be surprising to see anyone this year put up the numbers and productivity that Howard & Carasone did last year. Snow has the potential to be a more than adequate replacement for Rhodes. Yes, having a healthy and hungry Fagan back in the lineup is a huge plus and helps. Coach has also hinted that he may need a combination of the freshmen/sophomores to collectively try to replace or replenish those numbers from last year. Not sure we'll see an one for one replacement (except maybe Snow). Also, you hope those that hit at the bottom of the lineup improve. All that mixed together could give us "good hitters", but they have work to do to replace those All-Americans.
  11. I think coach will toy with Cooper in the 2 or 3 spot. Got to keep her up top, because you want her getting the AB's. The natural fit is the 3 hole being she is the best hitter. She is not the typical type of 2 hole hitter that is a setup/move person and speed. Even though she is not fast, she runs the bases really good and gets great reads (and anticipation), so the "speed" is not an issue. Other items that may impact it is who leads off, who would be best fit for 2 hole, and who can protect her. Wallace has stayed in 4 spot most her time at AU (once she moved up to it). Even though she may not fit the ideal 4 hole type of hitter, she has had success and coach likes her there. If Fagan and Tannon are hitting, could just shift everyone up (pushing Cooper to 2). Being they start against top 20 competition, may not be much time during that weekend to "experiment" as much as coach is used to at the beginning of the opening week of the season. Another spot to fill is leadoff. The general thought would be to move Draper up to there, if she is ready and healthy. If not her, Crocker or Maresette are the only real natural leadoffs left on the roster, but they have to be able to crack the lineup first to be an option.
  12. Fagan is primed to have a great senior season. She may be able ot protect Cooper, because somebody will have to. Otherwise, Cooper will set a record for walks. Carosone, Howard, and Jade will all be missed. KK and McCrackin will probably alternate until someone takes the reigns. If neither are able to, could be a lot of alternating. Snow will not be Jade, but will be a major contributor (if she stays healthy). Maybe she is able to protect Cooper? Catching and pitching should hopefully continue to develop and build on last year. Wallace is natural leader. Outfield is really where so much is up in the air. With Gipson and Draper coming off surgeries and missing all the fall, it may take some time to get back up to speed. Hopefully neither have lingering problems. Mix in Jordan, who is not a true outfielder, but who will be in the lineup because of her bat. Podany or Greenwood (depending on her shoulder injury) could be in the mix or have to see some time. If Greenwood is limited, then Maresette from that freshmen group could get time. It was encouraging to hear Fagan and Wallace talk about the freshmen starting to step it up. They will be needed to fill some gaps and develop for the future. No cream puffs to start the year, so let's hope these next few weeks help them be ready!
  13. tgr4lfe...were you able to find out how to get tickets to either of the games you mentioned in TN? Thx!