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  1. It's really not a mechanics issues. It is a pitch recognition issue. Her release was very similar for her rise, screw, and low rise (what they were calling it...but really looked more like a 4 seam fastball). Hence, the girls were just struggling to have enough time (w/her throwing 70mph) to adjust quick enough, without just guessing. On a rise ball pitcher you try to think hit the top half of the ball (much like in baseball trying to hit bottom half on a sink/slider/split type). If you watched her throw, there was also very little difference in every pitch in terms of her approach and gripping....to possibly tip them off. She threw well and had us guessing, so it was a bad combination. All you can do is try to learn from it for next time.
  2. Word is Joyner and Gutierrez are planned RS for this year. Tissier is listed as catcher, but can also play 1B/OF. 2 of the MIF's can play OF. Harris is a deadly LHP when she is on. Competition breeds constant improvement. Will get to see exactly where we are in next 4 weeks.
  3. Word is they all can have up to 3 walk out songs. Not sure any of them have 3, but maybe some do. Yes, one of Wallace's is Bad To The Bone. Don't know some of them either Greenwood has Right Now and Abbott has And The Cradle Will Rock.
  4. Not sure Draper is to the level of Howard yet. She still really lacks bat control and the full gambit of slap/hit weapons Tiff possessed. Not even convinced Draper is ready to leadoff. If Crocker was completely healthy, she is a better fit. The fact Draper has been hit for at least 6 times this season tells a lot. Still think she has the ability to add more to her arsenal, which could make her ready for leadoff. Don't think she will ever be allowed to just swing (aka not slapping).
  5. https://www.aufamily.com/forums/topic/155623-softball-injuriesillness/ Looks like Draper (knee), Gipson (foot/toe), Greenwood (shoulder), and Carlson (foot) are as good as they will get for the season, barring any other setbacks. Would think Crocker (knee) and McCrackin (head) will be back this week for practice. May have seen the last of Snow for this year. Good thing Veach has shown improvement and pop. Even with some inconsistent hitting and defense, still getting good pitching and should only improve.
  6. Coming out of that trip at 3-1 is an overall positive. Pitching normally starts ahead of hitting, but our bats were abnormally cold from top to bottom. No one player really got dialed in. Maybe Veach for a few AB's, but then had some dismal other AB's. The good news is we are 3-1, have some talented players, and a great hitting coach. I know we'll see it improve over the next few weeks, yes some in part to the change in quality of pitching, but I still like our chances once SEC play rolls around. Our pitching was consistent, so that is also a positive. Defensively, we will be fine. Cooper's 3 errors are more of an anomaly. She won't let it continue. Although those were the only 3 errors, we still have room to improve and we should. Some other balls were misplayed that should be outs, but no error was given on the play. McCrackin and Crocker both seemed to settle in and make plays at 2B, so that is good. Seeing some of the highlights from the other teams around the country, we seemed in line with them with it looking like it was the first weekend of play. We should be able to compete with anyone.
  7. Was anyone able to make it out to the scrimmage? I was hoping someone got some actual eyes on. I read where Copper and Snow were held out of the scrimmage. While precautionary I'm sure, it does raise some concern too. If anyone is able to make it to the practices, it would be interesting to see if they are back active now. I sure hope so!
  8. No apologies needed Veach has only worked corners and catcher, but she may have the best hands and footwork in the infield. She's not a prototype middle, but could play it. In fact, she could play any position given the ability she has, just only so much time and they have to give her work in areas where she could land. Had hoped to make it to the scrimmage, but not sure. Any observations would be great!
  9. I can't argue that Jordan has the better arm, but Gipson has not worked in LF. Now, there have been a bunch of people moving around to different positions, but just not that one. Coach Myers is usually reluctant to put a player in a position they haven't worked at in practice (when avoidable). Word is Veach is practicing at such a high level, they may have to find a spot for her.
  10. P: Carlson/Martin C: Wallace/Shea 1B: Snow 2B: McCrackin 3B: Cooper SS: Fagan LF: Jordan CF: Draper RF: Gipson DH: <whomever is not catching>/Veach/Abbott If the young ones can continue to improve as the season progresses, it could get interesting.
  11. Thanks for that info from the scrimmage. It sounds like things are moving forward. If Veach keeps swinging the bat, she may have to find a way to get her more AB's. It sounds like Crocker is trying to take an early lead (no pun) at 2B. It's nice to see Draper and Gipson are back out there already. Guessing that means no set backs, so that is good. Did the rest of the roster play? If so, it doesn't sound as good for Greenwood. I know there were several players you didn't mention. Any of those have a strong showing?
  12. Good information from the Plains. Good to hear on Crocker and Draper. How did Rivera look? Was she working INF or OF? Was Gipson or Greenwood practicing? Heard both had been limited or MIA some. Was Perry just working at 1B? How was she swinging? There was no mention of Wallace, so please tell me she was doing her normal good job out there The warmer weather in the south seems like softball/baseball season. Wish it would stay.
  13. Great info. Big thanks!
  14. Just a big softball/baseball fan that also happens to be a big AU fan, so a good combination Fortunate to have ventured around in the softball and baseball world enough and be friends with some of the players/coaches/admins/staffs/etc from where our paths have crossed along the way. I like to try to get around and see everyone at the various schools, organizations, and locations to stay on top of the game and too, because I really enjoy the game and those people. Trying to accumulate more friends than enemies lol!
  15. Thx! Glad to chime in when I can. Ready for the softball season to start