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  1. CCM has always used the philosophy that a HR is just a by-product of a good swing. So true.
  2. Yes, typically in the fall you wear whatever number that is already in the jersey inventory, until the new jerseys arrive for spring.
  3. She was shut down after the last game of the year to try to help resolve ongoing back issues that bothered most of the season.
  4. Good to see Handley throwing again. Great kid.
  5. No, we just redid the netting to create a little more flexibility. It is still outdoors with the roof. It is fine when it is not too cold or too hot or too wet
  6. This was not solely based on wins and losses or data. The timing would be a pretty good indicator.
  7. Don't go soft on me What is understood, doesn't need to be discussed. Obvious common denominator regardless of any spin.
  8. Again, closer proximity is cheaper for family/friends. Driving vs flying makes a big difference. Also, it it were just for family, probably would have landed closer to home.
  9. Think you are running two kids together? Harris is from Illinois, but Perry moved to AL. Any in-state is going to be cheaper than out of state in most comparisons. Closer to home is always cheaper for all involved.
  10. Nope. Just been in college athletics for quite a while.
  11. In general, most new coaches honor the commits for the next 2 incoming years. After that for the next classes, they start to select who is the best fit (or who they want).
  12. No apologies needed You are always great with info and feedback!
  13. Actually Draper was a pinch runner and Veach a pinch hitter in the first game....but very, very limited. None of the others signed and already had jobs lined up.